Chapter 60
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Lisa dropped her head until all he could see was a black mane of hair hanging over her face. Then she sat back up straight and brushed the hair out of her face. "Okay. I'm Lisa, the teacher, again, not Lisa, your personal slut. Though if this role-play works out, I kind of may end up both! Here we go."

He nodded again.

She went back into her character, fully this time. "Darrin, you can't deny that you're hot for me. And I don't think you've really been all that strict about your loyalty rules. For instance, when you see me after school. We always greet with a kiss, a French kiss!"

He gave her a naughty grin. "Well, that's just being friendly."

"Oh yeah? I noticed you never fail to feel up my ass. AND you give my tits a good squeeze or two!"

"That's also just being friendly, Napali-style. Besides, you've always had your clothes on, little though they are."

"That's a good point," she replied. She suddenly stood up and shucked her robe all the way off. "That's why I think we need a different kind of test." She picked up her chair and carried it around the table until it was right up to his. She sat in it, but she'd positioned her chair so they could be essentially face to face, with his legs going under the table and her legs going away from the table. She didn't want to get in the way of three heads all moving about over his crotch.

She put her hands on his face, gently caressing him there. "I have a proposal for you. But before we get that far, first I have to see if you have any real interest in me at all. If you don't, I'll leave you alone. And the best way to test is to see how much passion is in your kiss!"

With that, she leaned in and shoved her tongue in his mouth. She made sure her huge knockers were pressing against his chest, though he still had his dark blue T-shirt on. But she leaned in from the side so she would stay clear of the three heads at his crotch.

Needless to say, he was extremely worked up before the kiss even began, thanks to all those busy heads, so he totally let himself go with necking right from the start. He also let his hands freely roam down her body.

Lisa loved both his kissing and his hands, and responded with just as much passion. When she realized he was taking a special interest in fondling her ass, she repositioned, getting off the chair and on one knee so he could freely reach all of it.

He also played a lot with her pussy and tits. She pulled his shirt up to his armpits so she could slip and slide her great G-cups against him. The airplane continued to cool down to more normal levels, but thanks to all the hot sexual activity, she still had a thin sheen of sweat all over her skin, and he did even more so, making for great tit rubbing fun.

After a couple of minutes, Lisa broke the kissing to ask him, "So, what do you think so far?"

He spoke sincerely, "I love it! You're a great kisser, and your body... UNGH! It's super hot, even by Napali standards." (He didn't know if that last part was true, since he hadn't been there yet, but he figured it had to be, since he couldn't imagine how a body could be even more physically perfect and tempting than hers.)

"So what do you say, then? Remember, I'm not saying I want to replace any of your sluts, because I don't. But what if I'm there and they're aren't? For instance, there are times when your sister isn't there to meet you during class breaks. Would you rather stand around doing nothing, or kiss me?"


"I see you're going to need more persuasion!" Lisa hotly kissed him some more.

Between the three heads at his crotch and Lisa's burning hot necking, Darrin was feeling overwhelmed and dangerously aroused. He decided that the best defense was a good offense, so he focused his fondling on stimulating her clit and pussy. He even diddled her clit with one hand while pumping two fingers in and out of her hot, wet slit with his other hand.

That was successful in that Lisa was too distracted to do much to drive him crazy (though of course the incredibly arousing action at his crotch continued). After a couple of minutes, Lisa exploded in orgasm. She had to break the necking and bite down on her hand in an effort not to scream her head off.

He waited until Lisa recovered enough to look back into his eyes. Then he ostentatiously licked his fingers clean of her pussy juice, savoring and sucking each finger into his mouth.

Lisa was secretly delighted at his aggression, but she playfully mocked at being upset. "Hey! It looks like you're feeling damn proud of yourself."

"I am. It's easy to feel that way when you're got a 'three-headed hydra' in your lap and your sexiest teacher practically sitting naked in your lap."

"That's true." She glanced down at his thick boner. She couldn't see any of it directly, with Sandy bobbing on top and Jane and Vicky licking around the middle of his shaft. She smirk-smiled at that.

She reached down and cradled one of his balls, since both of them were currently untouched by the others. "So I'm your sexiest teacher, and you're making me cum like that? Just who is trying to seduce whom here?"

He grinned unrepentantly. "Sorry. I'll try to stop."

"Sure you will." She fondled his balls while resuming rubbing her tits against his chest. "Am I making an impression on you yet? There are a lot of advantages to having your teacher at your beck and call, you know. For instance, what if you do poorly on a test? You could retake it in private after school... while I suck you naked on my knees the entire time!"

He pretended to be morally troubled. "But, but... you're my teacher! Isn't that kind of thing forbidden?" He was genuinely curious as to the answer.

"Technically, that might be frowned upon," she conceded, even as she kept fondling his balls and dragging her slightly sweaty tits across his chest. "But as long as the other students don't know, who's going to complain? And remember, I want to work WITH your sluts, not against them! Imagine, for instance, the next time you meet your sister for a school break and you push her against a wall and start kissing her and stripping her clothes off to fingerbang her and whatnot. Wouldn't that be even MORE pleasurable for you if I'm sucking you off at the same time?"

"Oh my God!" He briefly stepped out of the role-play to whisper to Lisa, "Could that really happen to me?! With a real teacher much like you?!"

Lisa whispered back, "Not only can it, I'm sure it will!" She added in a conspiratorial yet sexy purr into his ear, "Life isn't fair. The rich always get richer and everyone else gets screwed. With your cock size, and stamina, and recuperative powers, you're the one all the Napali babes will want! Just wait until you get to your first parent-teacher conference, for instance. I'll bet you anything that'll just be a thin excuse for your mom and teacher to suck you off together!"

"Holy mother of God!" He stared into space, shocked out of his mind yet again.

Lisa snickered. "'So much cocksucking!' I know. That's why they call it fucking Blowjob Island!" She allowed herself to curse since she was still whispering quietly enough so Sandy couldn't hear.

Immediately after that comment, Lisa crushed his lips with her own again, effectively ending the conversation.

The kissing and fondling went on and on, for another ten minutes or more. Clearly, Lisa wasn't particularly worried about the time or keeping their role-play moving along. The idea of him talking while eating and drinking was forgotten.

Vicky's presence at his crotch was crucial. On a moment by moment basis, it actually was less arousing to have her take part in terms of sheer physical stimulation, because she was a stern task master with the other two. Whenever they started to get over-energetic on his cock, she would silently tap right on their faces in an increasingly annoying way until they got the message and calmed down.

Vicky was also quite restrained with her own licking, since she was constantly battling with the other two not to force him to cum, so more licking was like throwing more fuel to the fire. However, she made sure to at least have her tongue on his shaft nearly all the time, because she knew that he was constantly getting off on the fact that three women were pleasuring his cock at once, and jaw-dropping stunners at that.

After a while, Darrin thought, This is crazy! Totally nuts! If you had asked me yesterday about making out with Lisa, I would have said that would be a dream come true, but no way in hell would that EVER happen! I mean, I sure noticed her, especially since she lived with us over the last week, but she was way out of my league. She still is. If nothing else, I'm only fucking fifteen years old! But now, not only am I making out with her, but she's buck naked and so incredibly HOT! Damn! She's a slut, but in the best sense! She's MY slut!

So that would be off-the-charts great, if it ended there. But that's not even the half of it! That's just the cherry on the top! Mom, Sis, AND Vicky are all lapping and sucking on my cock and balls at the same time! Fucking MIND BLOWN! I mean, MOM! And SIS! And even Vicky! God, she's almost as hot as Lisa is, and that's almost as hot as MOM! All four of them are just basically physically perfect walking dreams. And so fucking stacked! All of 'em! I'm playing with Lisa's ginormous tits some more right now, and I still can't even believe it!

How can it be there are FOUR naked centerfold-worthy knockouts all on me at the same time?! That's a new first even for me on this impossible day. If I were, like, a multimillionaire and I paid some serious cash to four of the best and most expensive prostitutes in the world, maybe this would happen. But they'd be faking it. Mom and Sis and the others are totally into it! They want to be MY SLUTS!

Thank you, SI! Thank you Napali! If this really is the first day of my new Napali life... FUUUUCK! It's all so great I could scream!

Lisa suddenly broke their lip-lock. She pulled her head back and carefully looked him in his eyes. "What?"

"What?" he asked back. He didn't realize how he was working himself into a lather with his thoughts.

She pointed out, "You're kind of shaking all over, but it doesn't seem like an imminent climax kind of shaking. It's more like you're sort of fit to burst."

"I AM! Lisa, I'm just totally tripping out on how great life in Napali is!" For the same of the almost forgotten role-play, he said "is" instead of "will be."

That made Lisa smile widely. "Now you're starting to understand why everyone who lives there loves it so much and never wants to leave."

He frowned, or at least tried to, given his body was constantly awash in waves of great physical pleasure. Dropping the role-play pretense again, he asked her, "I figured out a while back that Napali is kind of a charade. I was talking about it with Jane earlier. I mean, the whole thing about the top secret secretarial work, I'm sure that really exists, but it's just the cover story, isn't it? The REAL purpose of Napali is to create a true sexual paradise!"

Lisa's face lit up. "Yes! Right on! You're not upset?!"

He shook his head in the negative.

Lisa was even more delighted. Having him come to this conclusion on his own and being okay with it was another unexpected bonus for her transformation task. "Good!"

She looked down, to see how Sandy and Jane were taking this. She knew they had to be listening carefully, but Jane was having a turn bobbing over his sweet spot, without any apparent concern at all. Sandy was happily sucking on one of his balls and fondling the other. Vicky was gently lapping on his shaft in between.

Feeling reassured by what she saw, Lisa went on, "Mind you, as you say, the secretarial work is real. People do go to work and get paid and all that. But you're right: most of the jobs are the kind that can be done by practically anybody. The real selection process is picking people who are thought to be ideal for the sexual lifestyle."

He glanced down at his crotch too. He also knew that Sandy and Jane had to be hearing every word, and he found it interesting that they weren't saying a thing, especially Sandy, who had missed out on his earlier conversation between him and Jane. Like Lisa, he was relieved that their continued sucking and/or licking indicated a lack of any sort of big worry on their minds.

He said, "I figured as much. But the reason I'm frowning, or least trying to pretend to frown..." - he broke into a smile again because he couldn't help it - " that I want to be sure there's no hidden catch. Jane came to me with her worry that the whole thing has to be some kind of scam. Like maybe the women will be prostituted out to rich guests or something."

He'd been wanting to bring this topic up with Lisa in private. But it had been nagging him and it kind of slipped out. He figured it probably would be good if they could get some reassurance before getting even more carried away with each other.

Lisa was appalled, and it showed. She stopped her tit rubbing against his chest and stared at him intently. "I want to assure you that would NEVER happen! Never! I can understand why you'd be concerned, because there's no such a thing as a free lunch, right? There has to be some catch, you're thinking."

"Exactly. It's like some old Star Trek episode, where they come to a planet that seems like a perfect paradise, only to find out that everyone is mind controlled or has to make periodic human sacrifices or something. Paradises don't actually exist. There's always a catch!" He was playing devil's advocate, hoping she'd prove him wrong.

Lisa said emphatically, "Well, you're wrong. Napalites are 1000% happy. You'll soon see for yourself, so there's no reason for me to lie. I swear people aren't kept there against their will! If you don't like it, you can just leave!"

She went on, "That said, you're right that money is a big factor, but not in the way you'd think. The colony's founder, Jake Samson, was super rich, as you know. He died a long time ago, but his fortune and company has only grown, and it's in his will to see Napali amply funded for eternity. From his perspective, the island was what you might call a 'vanity project,' something just for him to enjoy, not something to make money from. So having any prostitution is pointless, not to mention an insult to what the island is all about."

She continued, "Napali really is what you think it is: a sexual paradise and especially a blowjob paradise. SI pays crazy money to get the exact people it wants to live there. The kind of money nobody could turn down, unless they're millionaires already. It's not just the high salaries, but also the zero cost of living. Here's the plan: put gorgeous, highly sexual women with a smaller number of well-hung and highly sexual guys, and sit back and enjoy them having incredible sex from now until the end of time. End of story!"

Figuring that basically sorted things out, Lisa resumed her tit-rubbing, and leaned in to neck with him some more. She figured she could tell them a lot more about the truth of Napali life, but later.

But he wasn't done with that topic by a longshot. He had one hand on one of her tits and another on an ass cheek, and he kept fondling her. "Okay, great, but! What's in it for SI? I'm sure with Jake Samson, he put himself right in the middle of the island life and lived it to the fullest, didn't he?"

"Sure he did," Lisa replied. "But probably not like you think. I've been talking to you some about guys who are loyal to their sluts and the ones with 'plus' situations, who play around. Jake was actually one of the loyal types. But he wanted others like him to be around him, so that he could share the joy. And also, he wisely realized that having other people around could make things much more interesting and arousing for him and everyone else, even if he didn't get intimate with them."

She continued, honestly and sincerely, "Take for instance the school lunch blowjob tradition, which started back when he was alive. Is that not super hot, or what? If he lived on an island paradise all by himself with just his personal sluts, things like that couldn't be possible. Basically, it wasn't all about him. He benefited, yeah, but he wanted to share the joy. He was way outnumbered, so it was really done mostly for the others. He was an eccentric billionaire. He could do that."

"I get that," Darrin said. "But that was then. Decades ago. "What happened to his descendants? And do they still control SI? And do THEY live on the island? Is it their personal paradise that everyone else is only living in?"

"You'd be surprised how much that latter point is NOT the case," Lisa said. "I think I told you earlier that for the first bunch of decades of the colony's existence, Right?"


"It was basically impossible to raise children on the island, for all sorts of practical reasons, like no preschool, no child health care, etc... Jake wasn't a fatherly type and didn't want to have kids at all; he just wanted to spend all his time having fun with his sluts. Later in life, he did adopt a couple of teens living on the island to help carry on his traditions, but they didn't have kids either. For the first fifty years or so, vasectomies were standard for any guy going there and it was a totally childless place."

Darrin asked, "Just to confirm, that policy has changed, right?"

Lisa was loathe to bring up fucking, much less pregnancies, since Sandy was listening, but she felt she had no choice. "Right. Most guys still get vasectomies though, so they can fuck without worry. Those actually are much more reversible than people think if they're done right, and they are always done right on Napali. So you can get them temporarily reversed until you have as many kids as you want."

Indeed, Sandy was listening to all that. She happened to be sucking on his sweet spot at the time, which helped keep her too horny to think straight. Good God! Sweet Jesus, it's so easy to forget, but my big man is going to FUCK ME! If I'm his big-titted mommy slut, it's not like I'll have any right to stop him from doing that. He could even knock me up! Or Janey! DEAR GOD! That's so WRONG!

But Gaaaawwwwd! It's so fucking HOT!

Jane was similarly insanely horny, so she was having nearly identical thoughts.

There was more Lisa could have said, such as the fact that births were very rare on Napali, since the island rules prohibited births between close family members, and the vast majority of master-slave relationships were incestuous. But Lisa didn't want to get into that topic, especially since she was still holding back from explaining exactly how incest-centric island life was.

Lisa continued, "Those two adopted kids eventually adopted kids of their own too, but the number of Samson 'descendants' is still small, and there's no genetic trace whatsoever with the actual founder. You'll learn more tonight. In Honolulu, I want you all to meet one of the inheritors of Jake Samson's fortune, who is one of SI's top decision makers. You'll find those top people are just people, even though they're rich people. If any of them choose to live on Napali, they quickly become just like everyone else, because they aren't allowed any special privileges, like an extra big house or something like that. It's very egalitarian. Again, it's not about the money, it's about living out a sexual utopia."

Darrin said, "That all sounds good, and it puts some of my worries to rest." He searched his feelings, especially how much pleasure he was experiencing. He was relieved that things were staying at a reasonable level, to the point that he wasn't even panting hard. Vicky was still being a tough taskmaster. But also, Sandy and Jane were being extra quiet and careful so they could listen to every word.

He decided to continue with more questions to Lisa. "But are you telling me there's no remaining surprise twist at all? You keep hitting us with one surprise after another. There must be more shocks in store."

Lisa stopped all her movements on him and carefully considered what to say next. She wondered just how much she could reveal at this point, given how far advanced the Douglases were in their sexual transition so far.

She decided to drop another bomb. "Okay, you got me. That's true, there still are more surprises to come. But I promise you, good ones! Things that are going to make you even HAPPIER about living on Napali. Agree, Vic?"

Vicky was still "only" lapping around the middle of his thick pole. So it was easy for her to keep doing that as she responded, "Definitely agree! Now, y'all, there are some things ya don't know yet that ya might get puzzled or even upset about, 'cos such a sexual way a life is just so foreign to ya at first. But trust me, it'll all good! You were chosen over lotsa others precisely 'cos you're ideally suited ta love this lifestyle!"

Lisa said, "Exactly. And... let me make one thing clear. You know how we've been talking about a lot of Napali guys who pick their mothers and sisters to be their permanent sluts? You know incest is pretty common there, right?"

"Right," Darrin replied.

Lisa stared intently right into his brown eyes. This was the next big bomb to drop: "Well, incest in Napali isn't a bug, it's a feature! That's kind of THE main reason Jake Samson set up the island society in the first place. You see, the sluts he was so loyal to? They were his sister and his mother!"

That definitely got the attention of all the Douglases. Sandy and Jane pulled their mouths off Darrin's privates and just stared up at Lisa.

Lisa went on, "I've been trying to break the extent of the incest to you kind of gently, over time, once the three of you started to directly enjoy being physically intimate with each other. Mind you, incest isn't the only kind of sex there. Far from it! For instance, Darrin, you'll almost certainly take a third slut, and that's bound to be someone you've never met before. But incest is common and encouraged. It's totally okay!"

Sandy was so interested that she got out from under the table, wiped her face of tears and cum, and stood up so she could look Lisa deeply into her eyes from close up. "Really?! Are you being completely and totally honest here?!"

"I am," Lisa said resolutely. "What happened is that Jake Samson wound up head over heels in love with his mother and his sister. They had a fantastic sex life between them, and they were all about as happy and in love as three people could possibly be. But if they lived in the US, they would always be in danger of being exposed and scandalized. If they lived on Napali with just the three of them, it would be terribly lonely. So his solution was to find other similar incestuous families, usually a boy in love with his mother and sister, and populate the island with them. It worked like gangbusters!"

Sandy asked, "So, you're telling me that many of the new families are combinations just like us?!"

"No, actually, the full truth is ALL the new families are exactly like you! A mother, a teenage son, and a teenage daughter. That's been going on since the island colony was founded. There are occasional exceptions, like maybe a family with twin daughters instead of one, but that's rare."

Sandy was particularly shocked and amazed. "But... but... that means that ALL the sex on the island is incestuous!"

"No, not all. Remember the fifty or so free or unattached women, for instance. There's a three-to-one sex ratio, but only two-to-one if you just count mothers and daughters compared to sons. So it's more accurate to say that about two-thirds of all the sex on the island is incestuous."

That astounded Sandy even more. "But... but... that's absolutely incredible!" She felt chills and thrills racing up and down her spine.

Jane and Darrin were just about as stunned as she was. But none of the Douglases were particularly upset. They immediately understood this meant they would have no trouble from anyone in the society disapproving of their incestuous lust or giving them trouble.

Lisa went on, "I don't know of a single instance where a son didn't take his mother and sister as his first two sluts, with some sons sometimes taking one of the free women as a third slut. That said, it's not like you three HAVE to get together. Everyone has free will. But you've been chosen in the hopes that you will, based on your personality profiles and whatnot. And from what's happened here today, I think you can see how powerful the pull is, how great the pleasure you especially have for each other. It's like the three of you belong together. I hope you can see it, because Vicky and I can!"

Each of the Douglases looked to Vicky.

Vicky nodded and smiled. "Go for it! I did, with my brother and mother. I've never regretted it. Not for a second!"

Lisa continued, "It's beautiful to see, the way you three are bonding in a thrilling new intimate way. This is the main reason why Jake Samson created the island society, so that people like you can find your proper home where you can love each other in every way, including sexual ways, without having to live in secrecy or shame."

Jane also got out from under the table, mostly because Sandy did. Plus, she'd been down there a long time and she wanted to get off her hands and knees. She also stood so that she could look Lisa closely in her eyes.

That left just Vicky under the table. But due to the seriousness of the discussion, she merely idly rubbed his sweet spot some.

Lisa stood all the way up too, disengaging from Darrin in the process. She continued with even more passion, "Everything on the island is meant for YOU! All of you! For you to be happy. Basically, Jake, God rest his soul, knew that he could only live so long. He wanted to 'pay it forward,' like in the movie of that name, and use his wealth to help others in his shoes - boys deeply in love and lust with their mothers and sisters, and the women who love and lust him back - to enjoy the same sort of remarkably happy and loving life he had. So there's no trick or scam, like prostitution. The only sort of trick is that we couldn't be fully honest with you from the start, because chances were you would have never agreed to come in the first place. I hope though, now that you've had a taste of what life there is like, and how good you could be together, you won't change your mind."

With three others standing, Darrin stood up too. He looked back and forth between Sandy and Jane. "What do you say? Mom? Sis? You can guess how I feel. This place is paradise on earth for me! Forget all the other hotties there, or that I'll be able to have sex with so many of them. To me, it's all about you two! As you both must know, I love you way more than boys my age typically love their mothers or sisters. That's because you're such wonderful and loving people. How could I not?!"

He went on, with great emotion, looking back and forth between them, "But also, I've wanted you carnally in a deep way, ever since I hit puberty and started having any sexual desire at all. For me, 99.9% of my masturbation fantasies have starred you two, together or alone! You're all I desire! I know that I don't look magazine-cover fantastic like you two, but I feel lucky that I happen to have a big dick so you might want me too."

"Oh, SON!" Sandy suddenly grabbed his still very erect dick with one hand and pulled him in for a hug with her free arm.

He wrapped both of his arms around her.

Vicky stayed on her knees, but she moved back and out of the way so she wouldn't interfere with this vital emotional moment.

Sandy's fingers slid up and down his soaked shaft as she stared deeply into his eyes and passionately told him, "You know how much I love you too! I guess maybe your penis size is a factor; maybe that helped me get over my hang-ups, for one thing. It certainly feels reassuring in my hand right now and gives me confidence we're not all horribly misguided. But I'm pretty damn sure I wouldn't be interested in a super fat cock like yours if it was attached to someone else. It's the fact that it's YOURS that makes me go wild!"

She kissed him hard on the lips.

Their French kiss didn't last for long though, because Jane exclaimed, "HEY!"

He broke the kiss and turned his focus to his sister.

Jane gave him a pouty look with her hands on her hips. She stamped her foot impatiently a couple of times, sending her huge tits wobbling. "What about me?! Can I at least get in on the hug action, please?!"

He smiled from ear to ear, and Sandy did too. He said, "Of course!"

Then he and Sandy rearranged themselves so they were in a three-way hug. His T-shirt was still up around his armpits, and both mother and daughter delighted in rubbing their massive racks on his bare chest. Their racks pressed against each other as well as him out of necessity, because there wasn't much room for four tits of that size all lined up in a row on his rather undersized chest.

Sandy also made a point of taking one of Jane's hands and bringing it to his erection. She even gave Jane the top spot up around his cockhead to make sure she didn't feel left out. Jane immediately began stroking and rubbing his sweet spot and his cockhead in general, while Sandy slowly slid her fingers up and down the rest of his shaft.

Darrin looked expectantly at Jane, figuring she'd have something to say.

She did. "Brother, I totally agree with Mom. I love your cock size, sure, but it would mean nothing to me if it wasn't YOUR cock! You know how I dated a bunch of guys. Well, some of them were pretty well-hung too. One of 'em even had one a fair deal longer than yours: over ten inches! But that didn't make me go wild for him at all. In fact, it ended up being a negative because it turned him into an entitled asshole."

She looked back and forth between Sandy and Darrin, with the three of them practically forgetting the other two were there. "Mom, Brother, I figure any decision we have to make has to be unanimous. But, Bro, I feel like you do. I trust Lisa and Vicky and the other SI people we've met. Yeah, they weren't honest about some things at first, but they couldn't be. I believe Napali IS really the sexual paradise everyone says it is! I, for one, can't wait to live there! If it turns out it is some kind of scam, we can just leave. So... count me in!"

Brother and sister looked to Sandy with great anticipation.

Darrin had been safely keeping his hands around the middle backs of mother and sister, but he let them slide down to freely fondle their ass cheeks. He hoped getting them even more aroused might help make them be more agreeable.

Sandy sighed heavily. "Gaaaawwwwd! I so much want to say, 'YES! Let's do it!' Because that's how my heart feels! But... are you two really sure?! This is such a big step! I feel like we can't just rush into this because we happen to be super horny." She was keeping her body still for the most part, but her fingers kept on sliding up and down her son's horse cock.

Darrin and Jane nodded eagerly. Darrin commented, "I'm a million percent sure and I'd want to move there even if I was the total opposite of aroused right now."

Sandy rolled her eyes. "Of course YOU would say that. Jake Samson was a man, and it's clear to me the place is even MORE of a paradise for men. The whole place is designed for boys like you to get your sisters and mothers to become your personal cocksucking sluts!"

He boldly joked, "Not that there's anything wrong with that."

She looked at him with chagrin. "There is, but there isn't." She sighed. "It's complicated." She kept right on jacking him off.

She looked at Jane. "But Janey, what about you? You know we're not potentially just agreeing to the incestuous sex here. That would be a jaw-dropping life-changer in and of itself, but we're also agreeing to be his sluts! His big-titted, cocksucking, submissive sluts! If we agree to this, we're going to end up spending a lot of our time naked and kneeling side by side, licking and sucking his big fat cock!"

Jane wailed, "Mom, don't say that! You're making me too horny! Just hearing you talk like that makes me want to drop to my knees and suck him right this instant! And that's with my mouth being completely exhausted from so much licking. The only reason I'm still standing is because at least I have his cock sliding in my fingers!"

Sandy said, "Janey, I know exactly how you feel! My mouth is watering so much that I'm practically drooling! I love how he's fondling our asses and we're rubbing our big tits against him and against each other. Is he groping your ass too?"

"Mmmm! For sure!"

Sandy shook her head, chagrined and aroused. "And through it all, his cock stays so hot and stiff! I'm half inclined to just say 'Screw it!' and show how I feel about all this by dropping to my knees, taking him in my mouth, and showing him how much I want to be his mommy-slut with my mouth!"

Her eyes glazed over and she stared off into space as she very nearly gave in and did exactly that. Her fingers were sliding faster and faster on his raging erection, as were Jane's.

Then she gathered herself together and shook her head. "But... no! We need to talk this out before we do some more of that. A lot more of that!" She gave him a smoldering look, and slid her I-cups up and down his chest. "It's clear that something special and magical is happening between us. Son, there's something special and even magical about incest, I guess. When I have your cock in my hand, or even better, in my mouth, it just feels so good and so right that I know I'll NEVER get enough of it! I know nothing else could possibly compare. If it was just up to me, then I would say 'YES! Yes, let's do it!'"

She stared deeply into Darrin's eyes. "Son, my desire to be your mommy-slut is so strong! I'd even call it a need! I know that means I'll be submitting to your sexual power and fully devoting myself to serving your horse cock, but... that's part of what makes it so appealing! That's what I want!"

His heart was thumping harder and faster. "But... Is there a 'but' there?!"

Sandy looked to Jane, and slightly nudged their massive racks together, right on Darrin's chest. "The only 'but' is with you, Janey. If it's just me having to choose, then, as I said, I'm all for it. But I don't want to influence your decision, and you should still feel free to say no."

Jane was already vigorously nodding her head up and down, indicating that the last thing she wanted to do was say no. She even mouthed the words, "I say 'YES!'"

But Sandy persisted, "Hold your horses! This is serious. I suppose we should even stop playing with his cock while we're talking about this." She said that, but both of them knew those were empty words. "If you do say 'yes' to all this, you may NEVER have a normal life! Have you thought about that? Look at your hand right now."

Jane had to momentarily lean back so she could look below her massive tits sliding on her brother's chest. She stared down at her fingers rubbing on Darrin's sweet spot. Sandy's fingers were making more motion right below, since he had fewer nerve endings there. Jane quickly pressed her tits back against him.

Sandy continued, "You may find yourself sucking and stroking him multiple times a day for years and years to come! When would the incest end? It may literally never end! What we're doing feels so good, and we love it so much, so why would we EVER stop?! We could be sucking our big man's cock together in five years. Ten! Longer! We could die of old age as his personal sluts! Are you SURE you want to make that kind of a commitment?!"

Sandy was panting hard by the time she finished saying that. She was trying to give a cautionary warning, but her words were unwittingly arousing herself as well as Jane.

Jane continued to stroke her brother's shaft as she looked into her mother's eyes. "Mom, I know what you mean. We haven't really talked about the long-term future, but I already feel such a craving, such a powerful craving to suck and serve, that I wouldn't be surprised if that craving NEVER goes away! I hope it never does. You feel it too. Don't you feel the same way?!"

"Well... of course! But this isn't about what I feel. I'm talking about YOUR feelings!"

Jane spoke with heartfelt emotion. "Okay. Good! Your words encourage me more than worry me. If being his slut is even a tenth as great as it's been today, I don't want it to ever end! If I'm still feeling this much passion and love for sucking and serving my brother in five or ten years, or longer, then I say bring it on! That would be a dream come true!"

Sandy thought, GOD! It sure would!

Jane turned her head to Darrin and gave him an overwhelmingly sexual yet loving look. "How could I ever be happier with anyone else?! Mom, can you even IMAGINE being a big-titted cocksucking slut for anyone else?!"

"No way! Of course not!" Sandy said without having to think for a second.

Jane went on, "Exactly. Same here. Brother, I love you so much! Yeah, we are a lot closer than most brothers and sisters. But that was before today! Sucking your cock adds an incredible new dimension! I know our love will only grow and grow, because I've never felt more love and more joy than when I have my lips and tongue moving on your cock, and my fingers slipping and sliding, and just generally kneeling naked below you. Then there's the extra rush I get when I feel your hand patting and stroking my hair!"

Sandy rubbed her I-cups on Darrin's chest more aggressively and licked along his jawline. She had to chime in on that last comment. "I know! Isn't that the best?!"

Jane nodded, then told her brother, "And your moans! Your sexy moans! Sucking you is so much work! As you can probably see from the tears still on our cheeks. But it's totally worth it just hearing you moan and knowing how good I'm making you feel!"

Sandy chimed in, "How good WE'RE making you feel!" She nudged Jane's shoulder with her own. "Because we're a cock-pleasuring team, aren't we?" She started sliding her huge tits up and down more energetically.

Jane nodded again, even more enthusiastically. She began sliding her tits on his chest to the exact same rhythm as her mother. "We are! Gaawwwd! Mom, when I think about how we could suck him off together under the table all through breakfast, or at his school lunch, or at dinner..."

Sandy added, "Or after school! For hours!"

Jane then breathlessly suggested, "Or after dinner, also for hours!"

Darrin stared down in total disbelief at the sight of the four huge tits all sliding up and down in perfect time, in one awesome, moving line.

But just then, Sandy broke the tit line by suddenly starting to slide her entire body down his body. "Or on the weekend! Just imagine the weekend! The tears, the sore jaws, the hot cum on our faces! Sucking him for so many hours, until his balls are completely drained dry!"

Jane also started sliding down him. "YES! The weekend! So much endless nudity! Humiliation! No escape!"

"No escape!" Sandy lustily agreed. Then her knees reached the floor and her mouth craned open wide and engulfed his cockhead.

Jane groaned, "Oh, DAMN!" She'd started sliding down him a crucial few seconds after Sandy did, so she'd just missed out on bringing her mouth to his cock first. She consoled herself by sucking on one of his balls instead.

Sandy felt bad about taking the prime spot on his cock. She tried to make up for it by removing her hands entirely from his privates. Instead, she took advantage of the fact he was standing and brought a hand back around to his ass. She began probing in his ass crack.

Jane used both hands to do all she could with the rest of his balls and his lower shaft.

Darrin was slightly chagrined in that they had been getting close to coming to a mutual family decision to continue on to Napali, but the cock slut comments derailed the conversation. However, he didn't mind much. Their physical action was a pretty definitive answer anyway.

Lisa and Vicky stood next to each other and held hands. They were beaming like proud parents, even though they knew the others had basically forgotten they were even there.

Lisa whispered to Vicky, "So beautiful!"

"I know!" Vicky whispered back. "But, ya know, he's gonna blow in a minute, tops! And that'll change the mood."

Lisa considered getting involved and implementing the squeezing trick. But between Jane's mouth and her two hands, she figured her odds of getting in there in time were small. So she exclaimed, "Jane! He's gonna cum soon! It's up to you! Use the squeezing trick!"

A few more seconds passed without any apparent response from Jane.

So Lisa added, "If he cums, that could be it for the day! And we're arriving in Honolulu at four in the afternoon! So much time left!"

Vicky seconded that, "If you wanna suck him a lot more, don't let him cum!"

Jane groaned in frustration, but she seemed to nod.

It was just in time, too, because about ten seconds after that, his head lurched forward and he grunted, "HNNNG! Use the trick! NOW!" He'd been listening to the warnings, and he didn't want to run out of cum either.

Lisa and Vicky watched with bated breath, hoping against hope that Jane had learned enough, and had enough resolve, to use the trick correctly.

Luckily, it all worked out. Darrin's orgasmic crisis passed, though as usual the near miss was an ordeal for him. He tilted his head back and shook his fists in the air, like he was cursing a vengeful god.

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