Chapter 61
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That would have been just fine if things had continued onwards after that, but, unfortunately, the almost-cum left him as weak as a kitten. A few seconds after he thought he was out of the woods, he realized with alarm that his legs had turned to noodles. His eyes opened wide. "Oh no! Can't stand up!"

Lisa and Vicky were standing by, still holding hands. They leapt into action. They got on either side of him and prevented him from falling. However, he was so out of it that he gave up trying to stand altogether once he was safely in their combined grasp. He was a deadweight, and slumped further down.

The two SI babes were uncommonly strong, due to their intensive fitness regimens, but they couldn't hold him up like that for long. Lisa exclaimed, "Sandy! Jane! Break off, please! We've gotta guide him to the floor!"

Sandy and Jane disengaged and sat back. They watched as Darrin was slowly and carefully brought all the way down. The pillows that had been used earlier were still nearby, so Vicky got one and put it under his head while Lisa helped him until he was lying flat on his back next to the card table.

Mother and daughter weren't upset by this development. In fact, Jane gave Sandy a friendly nudge and teased, "I think we killed him!"

Sandy smirk-smiled. "It does seem that way, doesn't it?" But then she asked the others with motherly concern, "He is fine, right?"

Vicky and Lisa were kneeling next to him, their big tits almost dangling right in his face. He couldn't appreciate that fact though, since his eyes were closed. Both of them were stroking his short brown hair and generally pampering him, including finally pulling his T-shirt back down into place (but not so much that it covered his erection).

Vicky replied, "Oh, sure. He'll be just peachy. This is a very common sorta thing that happens at Napali. The human body is an amazin'ly resilient thing. But we all should give him a few minutes ta chill out. That squeezin' trick is a lifesaver, but ya can't just keep usin' it n' usin' it forever. The poor guy really needs ta cum sometimes."

Jane clutched at her ample chest and asked with worry, "So, did we screw up?! You told me to use it!"

Lisa fielded that before Vicky could. "Oh, no, not at all. You did great! I'm sure what Vicky is saying, and I agree, is that that should be the last time that trick is used for a good while. The next time he reaches the crisis point, we should just let him cum."

Jane sighed with relief. "Oh. Phew! No problem. In fact, that sounds great!" She got down on her knees right in front of him, to closely check on his condition.

Sandy got down on her knees next to Jane and took her hand. "It sure does. When he cums next time, you have to promise me something: I want him to cum on both of our faces at once! It'll be symbolic."

Jane looked to Sandy with renewed fire in her eyes. "Ohmigod, YES! We HAVE to do that! In fact, we need to do that, like, NOW!"

Sandy giggled with glee, completely agreeing, though she knew the "now" part was hyperbole. They excitedly shook their held hands up and down.

Vicky chuckled. "Sluts, that sounds great, but it's a problem too. I'm just pointin' out that we have over an hour left on this plane flight. I've kinda lost track-a the time, but I figger that's in the ballpark. If you carry on with that attitude, he'll be spurtin' like a geyser less than five minutes after ya start in on him again!"

"She has a good point, you know," Lisa added. "I know this is a very, very thrilling and pivotal time for you as you discover all the thrills of serving your man, and fully submitting to him, but you have learn to pace yourself! Try to calm down some while he's resting, so you don't go totally ape on him as soon as he's recovered."

"That's easy for YOU to say," Jane complained. "You didn't just effectively pledge to be your brother's big-titted sister-slut, possibly forever!" She looked to Sandy. "Hey! That reminds me. We were trying to come to an agreement there, that we'd keep going to Napali. It never really was in doubt in the first place, was it? And we kept on agreeing more and more, finally sort of sealing the deal, as it were, by you making a tight lip-lock around his thickness."

Sandy said happily, "And you making a nice seal around one of his balls. AND taking good care of his other one and the rest of his throbbing, hot shaft too. Don't think I didn't notice what a good sister-slut you're becoming. I'm sorry I got there first and cut you off, though. I wish there was a way we could both suck him at once. But next time we start up, I promise, you should get first dibs on his fat knob."

"Thanks, Mom," Jane replied brightly. "Actually, now that we know how much he loves to have his balls sucked, it's almost like he has THREE cocks to suck on!"

"That is true," Sandy replied, although she knew sucking his balls wasn't nearly as much fun as sucking his cock.

Lisa, who was listening and observing closely, along with Vicky, thought, I'm glad they've learned that much, but they still have so many more exciting discoveries to make. For instance, I'll bet they don't even know what analingus is yet! And just wait until he FUCKS them, cunt AND ass! How I wish I could go back to their state of innocence, just taking their precious first steps into willing sexual slavery!

Jane went on, "That said, can we cut to the chase and please all agree that we're still gung-ho on going there? I don't want there to be even a lingering hint that we might not."

Sandy said, "I think it's safe to say we're all in agreement on that one. It was a shock at first to hear that the island is even more incestuous than we'd previously believed, but it's actually a relief, don't you think? That means we'll be safe!"

"Definitely! Right, Brother?" Jane looked to Darrin, who was still lying with his eyes closed right in front of where she and Sandy were kneeling.

He opened his eyes and made eye contact with his sister. "Right."

She leaned over him excitedly, setting her huge tits dangling over his body. "You're fully with us and everything?!"

He chuckled. "Sure. I'm not in bad shape, actually. I don't know why I couldn't stand. I think it was more mental than physical. I guess everything just got to be too much." He started to sit up.

But Lisa put her hands on his chest, and said, "Hold on, there, Stud! A longer rest will do you good."

"Well... if you insist." He reluctantly rested his head back on the pillow. "But I think I'm fine now. I'm sure I can stand again. My penis feels great too. It's just that I kind of got a little dizzy there or something."

Sandy and Jane both honed in on his mention that his penis felt great. They leaned in over him even more, with their heads getting closer to his crotch.

Seeing their movement, as well as their awesome, full breasts dangling down, he said, "But Sis, what you're saying about us all being in agreement, I think it's clear that we are, but we should make it official, just to be sure."

"Let's!" Jane said, bouncing with enthusiasm.

Sandy nodded her head just as eagerly, which did amazing things to her I-cup breasts.

He smiled from ear to ear. "Mom, I love your enthusiasm. It's like you grew ten years younger in one day. But anyway..." he brought a hand to his groin and held his boner. He stroked it once or twice, and angled it to point straight up. Then he said, "But I've got an idea on how to do this. Why don't I say the words, while you two lick me together? Won't that be fitting?"

Lisa and Vicky immediately locked gazes with each other. They were both thinking the same thing, that such a comment was another indication of what a great master Darrin was bound to be. He didn't know it yet, but sex slaves loved ceremonies where their master made some official pronouncement while they sucked and licked his cock. For Darrin to stumble onto that on his own seemed almost too good to be true.

Sandy and Jane didn't answer him directly, because they were already leaning in to get to his cock. But they were both kneeling towards his crotch from the same side of his body. Even before their tongues made contact, they realized that would be a physically awkward way to do it. They immediately scrambled over his closer leg. They didn't stop until they had his legs spread out and were lying down side by side between his thighs.

Sandy took his cock in hand first. "Aaaah! It's strange to me that this DOESN'T feel strange to me. I knew we just started a couple of hours ago, but it's like we've been doing this for ages."

"Totally!" Jane agreed as she began lapping up to his sweet spot, going right past Sandy's fingers. "It's kind of like love at first sight. Except I already loved Brother, but in a family way, and I'd tried cocksucking and it didn't do anything for me. But put the two things together, and WHOA!"

"MMMM!" Sandy was starting to lick too. Since Jane beat her to the sweet spot, she decided to concentrate on slathering his balls for a while.

Lisa felt compelled to speak up. "You know that sort of 'love at first sight' thing that you speak of? There's a good reason for that."

"Mmmm?" Jane asked, tilting her head to catch sight of Lisa out of the corner of her eye.

"Yeah. You see, the three of you were carefully selected not only for your looks, but for your personalities, and how you fit together. For instance, Sandy, I don't know if you know it, but you have a very strong oral fetish. You're always sucking on one thing or another, usually one of your fingers."

Jane gleefully told Sandy, "Now, you can love sucking your son's cock instead!"

Sandy definitely knew about it, and, normally, she felt embarrassed about it. But now she realized it could turn out to be a very good thing.

"Mmmm!" Sandy licked all the way up to Darrin's sweet spot, where Jane's tongue already was, and made tongue-to-tongue contact. That turned into a brief French kiss.

Lisa felt a shiver of delight seeing mother and daughter having such a joyous time. She said, "Exactly. What Jane said. I just want to point that out before Darrin says his official words, so you'll feel that much better that you made the right decision. Oh, and by the way, Jane, you have a powerful oral fetish too. It's just that SI found out that you got teased about sucking on pens and things at school all the time, so you forced yourself to stop putting things in your mouth all the time. But the urge is still there, just repressed."

Darrin was watching and basking in the licking joy. It was relatively restrained compared to what was happening prior to his last almost-orgasm, with "only" two tongues, but he liked that mood for now. He said to Lisa, "Wow, you guys did a lot of research on us, if you figured even that out, didn't you?"

"We did," Lisa admitted, though she didn't want to reveal just how true that was. "All those psychological tests you took? That wasn't really necessary to get you a security clearance. Well, maybe it was, but that was like one percent of all your testing. The rest was to pick just the right people for just the right place."

"Ah," he responded. "There's a lot more I'd want to ask you about that, but let's take care of this official business first. Mom, Sis, I'm speaking here for our family as a whole. I hereby declare that we're Napali-bound, come hell or high water! Unless we find out some deal-breaker. Agreed?"

Both Sandy and Jane said as one, "Agreed!" They joyously affirmed his comment by lapping together right on his sweet spot. Their tongues were in constant contact, but they considered that a playful plus.

Then, to everyone's surprise, he said, "But that's not all. As long as I'm speaking in this official capacity, I want to get something else off my chest. Lisa, you keep saying 'if' I make Mom and Sis my sluts, as if there was some doubt about it. Now, it's true I haven't seen any Napali women yet, other than the ones on this plane, but I don't need to. My two favorite choices there could ever possibly be in the whole wide world are already licking my dick as we speak!"

Sandy and Jane suddenly lifted their heads up, wanting to make eye contact with him.

He sat up, to help with the eye contact. Then he went on, "So why should I wait around? Mom, since you're our mom and all, I figure I should ask you first: will you be my official mommy-slut!"

Sandy's face was euphoric, if not rapturous. "YES! Oh, SON! Yes! Forever and ever!" She leaned forward to plant a sizzling kiss on his face, but as she did so, she exclaimed, "Janey! Suck his cock! Please!" Then her lips met her son's, and they began necking like there was no tomorrow.

Jane giggled. "With pleasure!" She brought her head down to his boner again and engulfed it. She wanted to give him maximum pleasure during this "historic" kiss, so she bobbed on him fast and with power.

Darrin only made out with his mother for about a minute, in part because he didn't want to leave Jane hanging, but also because he doubted he could get through such intense kissing plus cocksucking for long.

So he rather forcefully separated his face from Sandy's. "Mom! Mom, Mom, Mom! Wait! What about Sis? She's just as important to me. I need to tell her how I feel about her too! You can suck my cock while I do it!"

That last comment made her stopping the kissing easy. "Okay!" She quickly took Jane's place. In fact, they switched so seamlessly that he almost didn't notice when one mouth replaced another. Sandy bobbed on him with the exact same speed and sucking power Jane had just been using.

Jane sat up. She had to wait for him to say his piece before they could kiss. She waited with bated breath.

He spoke solemnly as he stared into her teary eyes. "Sis, you know how much I love you. I don't want to get all choked up, so I'll just come right out and say it: will you be my sister-slut?"

"YESSSS! Yes, yes, YES! Like Mom said, forever and ever!" She was so overjoyed that she essentially tackled him to the ground as she threw her arms around him. Luckily, he was able to drop his head back to where the pillow still was.

The three of them continued like that for the next few minutes, with Darrin and Jane kissing and generally fondling each other while Sandy bobbed on his cock. Sandy loved kissing him, but she considered herself lucky that Jane went second, leaving her in sole possession of his cock for a while.

Lisa and Vicky were so impressed by what they saw that after all the talking was over, they stood up, took a couple of steps back, and then whispered quietly to each other.

Lisa was incredulous. "Can you believe it?! It's like Darrin KNOWS already! We hardly have to do anything. Hell, it's almost like they all know everything!"

Vicky whispered back, "I know! It's crazy! I'll tell ya what though, there have been a few other cases like this that I've heard of, where one family zooms way ahead with their transformation."

"Really?!" Lisa searched her memory. "Yeah, I guess I remember hearing about that too. It sure hasn't been in my last two years though, so I don't know much about it. And all my thinking this time was that Sandy would be a prudish obstacle."

Vicky quietly snickered. "Boy! How wrong THAT was. But anyway, we have ta be careful. You know that as the journey goes on, there's gonna be more interaction between the families. 'Specially once we get to Hawaii. I'd almost say they're ready to hear some serious sex slave talk, ta warm 'em up to the idea. But if we do that, what if they talk to the other families about that? We're already kinda in trouble if they start talkin' about the whole school lunch blowjob thing or some-a the other things we've been tellin' em."

"Good point. So what should we do?"

Vicky suggested, "For starters, I think it's great they've reached this pivotal point, officially confirmin' the slut status. As you know, bein' a mommy-slut or sister-slut is like trainin' wheels for full-on willin' sex slavery. But still, it's a big, big leap."

"Big," Lisa agreed. "Even Sandy and Jane are going to have serious issues with that. Nobody likes the word 'slave.' So many bad connotations."

"True, but that's part-a what gives it such taboo power for them. But anyway, let's let 'em lick n' suck for as long as they want. As long as they're doin' that, they won't be learnin' more stuff before they should."

Lisa asked, "So, ditch the rest of the role-play?"

"Unfortunately, yes. It was kinda sputterin' along anyway. Did he finish drinking his juice? You know how important that is." Vicky was referring to the aphrodisiac they had secretly put in his drink.

Lisa replied, "Pretty much. I'd say 90 percent. His snack is only half finished though. And the others haven't even touched theirs yet."

"Okay, here's what we should do. Unfortunately, I've love ta stick around n' be the third tongue some more, but the truth is, I've been selfish. I really need to check in on the other families, n' spend more time with them. I should go do that now. Meanwhile, you just kick back and watch, and keep a look out. Encourage 'em ta prolong the joy, a course. And get all-a 'em ta drink more, includin' another bottle-a somethin' for Darrin. I know the plane ain't so hot anymore, but it's still warm. Finally, if he cums n' things switch ta a talky mood, either talk about minor stuff or make an excuse ta leave for a while."

"Right. I got all that," Lisa responded. "And when we do talk some, I'll tell them how the other families aren't so far along and they need to be careful what they say to them."

"True." Vicky furrowed her brow. "That's gonna be tricky, 'specially tonight in Hawaii. We got a bit carried away revealin' stuff. But I'd say it was worth it, because it's great we've reached a bunch-a key milestones. Now we just have ta do a little damage control, is all."

Lisa said, "Agreed. And if you work with the other two families to push them along faster and learn more, that will be a big help in evening things up a little more."

Vicky nodded. "Yeah. I guess I'll go do that now." She started to go.

But Lisa grabbed her arm, and whispered, "Wait! Do you think I'd be selfish if, instead of just watching, I lend a hand or mouth from time to time?"

Vicky smiled wickedly. "Well, it's a bit selfish if that's gonna make Darrin cum sooner. But if you do it to keep remindin' our favorite two future sex slaves that they have to pace themselves, then I say you're helpin'. Plus, just gettin' all of 'em more used to three tongues at once is helpin'."

Lisa smiled from ear to ear. "Okay, good. You know what I'm gonna do."

"Lucky slut!" Vicky blew her a kiss, because she was already starting to walk away.

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