Chapter 62
Written by Spacer X <>

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Lisa had been looking at Vicky while she was talking to her. When she looked back to the Douglases, she saw that Jane had ended her kissing and was lying side by side between Darrin's legs, lapping on his cock some more while Sandy kept sucking him.

She walked back to the group, crouched down next to the action around his crotch, and said, "Okay, speaking of official pronouncements, I'm officially calling a time out!"

Sandy and Jane seemed to not even hear her, since they kept right on with their bobbing and licking.

But Darrin asked, "Lisa, what do you mean by that?"

"I mean I'm pulling rank here and telling them to stop! I think my red heels make me an authority when it comes to cocksucking and general cock pleasuring, and what I see are a mother and daughter who are deeply in love with you, Darrin, and who have discovered the joy of expressing that love with their mouths. You got them all excited with your official pronouncements."

She went on, "But what I also see is a mother and daughter who don't know when to take a break! Sandy, Jane, your sucking and licking has gotten very sloppy. No finesse. No artistry. You're just hanging in there through sheer stubbornness and determination. But I can tell you're sore and tired. You've gone from no sucking to this much, and you're simply not physically used to it. There's no shame in that. Don't be so stubborn! Part of being a good slut is knowing when to take a break."

Sandy let out a long, heavy sigh. She pulled her lips off his cockhead and lifted her head enough to make eye contact with Darrin. "Son, you don't mind if we...?"

"No," he said forcefully. "Of course I don't mind! In fact, what I mind is if you push yourself too far and don't listen to Lisa's good advice. Has she led you astray yet?"

"I guess not," Sandy reluctantly said. She sat up and tapped on Jane's back.

Jane sat up too. Like Sandy, she began wiping her face clean of tears and cum. (They were sweating some as well, but not nearly as much as earlier.)

Lisa said to both mother and daughter, "You're lucky you have me here. I've been through this very same thing myself, you know, on the same plane, years ago. I remember when I first discovered the sheer joy of sucking my brother's cock. I couldn't get enough of it! Boy, my jaw hurt really badly by the next morning. But if you pace yourself with restraint and frequent breaks, you can actually suck MORE and with less discomfort."

She continued, "The problem is, when you're serving him with someone else, or even three or more, the feeling is, if you don't go full out, the other ones will, and you'll miss out. That's why teamwork is essential. My mom and I had a rule that worked great for years: if one of you feels like taking a break, give a signal to the other one, and that means BOTH of you stop. What do you think?"

Sandy and Jane looked at each other. After some non-verbal communication was exchanged, Sandy spoke for both of them. "That sounds good. Right, Janey?"

"Right," Jane agreed. "I must admit, I AM feeling run down. We've been at it so much in the last couple of hours. I'm just not used to it, and it's catching up to me. But I've been afraid to stop, because then Mom would have him all to herself, and what if he cums then? I wouldn't even get to take part in the facial!"

Lisa said, "That's why teamwork is essential. Imagine if Darrin got to Napali and decided to pick three sluts out of strangers instead of family. Can you imagine all the infighting and intrigue? Because they won't know or trust each other. But as mother and daughter, you two have a huge advantage, and that's your ability to cooperate and trust each other. And a big, big part of that is taking frequent breaks."

Sandy said to Lisa, "Thanks. We'll try to do better. This is a whole new world for us. If you'd told me even a few hours ago that I would willingly choose to be my son's 'mommy-slut,' I would have said you were crazy!"

Lisa said, "That's another reason for breaks. Things have been moving at a very fast pace, and it's good for everyone to take a mental breather from time to time. For instance, Darrin will better appreciate all your great oral loving if he can have some time to look back and savor what happened before the next wild, great thing comes along. Right, Stud?"

Those comments were ironic coming from Lisa, since she was more responsible than anyone for the deliberately breakneck pace of events. But her proximate goal of getting Sandy and Jane fully hooked on sucking Darrin's cock had been achieved, so she could slow things down. Plus, after the talk she'd just had with Vicky, she was even more mindful of slowing things down.

Darrin said, "Right. Geez, look at me." He stood back up and returned to his chair at the card table. I've been so overwhelmed that I actually ended up lying on the ground, unable to stand. I mean, it's awesome! But we don't have to push things that intently forever. We're committed to each other, aren't we? We're not going anywhere."

Sandy stood up and went to him to give him a hug. Except that she was standing and he was sitting. She deliberately hugged him so that her enormous tits pretty much enveloped his face. "That's right, Son. Your big-titted mommy-slut is right here, ready to love you always."

Jane snickered and giggled. "Geez, Mom! I think each of your tits is bigger than his entire head! Here, let me help." She stood up and also enveloped his head, but from the backside.

Both women did that in a loose way, so he had no trouble breathing. In fact, his nose and mouth had an air pocket of Sandy's deep cleavage right in front of it. But still, it was a dramatic physical gesture, both sexy and funny.

Darrin joked, "Death by boob! My favorite way to go! Lisa, before I'm smothered to death, can you take a photo or two of this?"

"Oooh! Good idea!" Lisa took the camera from the table and snapped some pictures.

Things settled down somewhat after that. There were only the two folding chairs to sit in, and the card table itself was too flimsy for anyone to sit on. Sandy wound up sitting in the chair opposite Darrin, and Jane rather boldly sat in Darrin's lap.

Lisa wandered off to a nearby cooler to get another bottle of water for Darrin. Then she came back and told the others to eat and drink some more. After that, she wound up leaning against some of the boxes, so she could stay high up enough for the others to see her.

The Douglases found themselves surprisingly hungry and thirsty, so the next while was spent in relative silence and calm as they ate and drank. With Jane in Darrin's lap, he playfully fed food into her mouth sometimes while she often did the same to him.

At one point, Jane said as she stared down into Darrin's lap, "Lisa, since you're the expert, here's a question: should we worry about his cock going flaccid? I'm looking at it now, and I'm getting concerned. But maybe it's good for it to go flaccid every now and then. We all know about those commercials with the warning to seek medical help if your erection lasts more than four hours. But then again, I'm worried that if it does go flaccid, it might not get stiff again."

Lisa said, "Excellent question. Actually, yes, it would be good to let it go flaccid for a little while. Also, we should be careful for signs of chafing or soreness. As far as it getting erect again, that could become a problem eventually. But given how super sexy and fun you two are, I highly doubt that'll be a problem now."

Jane was disappointed, because she had just been about to resume jacking him off, with her snack almost finished. She kept her hands free from his crotch.

Sandy said to Lisa, "Don't count yourself out either. Or Vicky, for that matter."

Before Sandy could say more, something triggered a nagging thought for Darrin. "Hey! Wait a sec. Lisa, Jane was just calling you 'the expert,' which I totally get. You had years and years being a full-fledged Napali slut. Which is awesome. But a few minutes ago, when you said you were 'pulling rank,' you also said 'I think my red heels make me an authority when it comes to cocksucking and general cock pleasuring.' That stuck in my mind and I was going to ask you about it, but the conversation kept moving so I didn't get a chance. What on Earth does that mean? Why does the color of your high heels make you an authority?"

Lisa looked to Sandy and Jane. "What do you think girls? Should I tell him?"

Jane said, "You've got no choice, after saying that much. My Brother is a very smart guy." Since she was on his lap already, she leaned in and gave him a peck on the lips, while making sure to rub her bare tits against his chest (which was covered with his T-shirt again).

Lisa was unhappy about it, but she realized that Jane was right. She thought, I was just talking to Vicky about not revealing more secrets, and then I slip up and have to reveal more. It's not that big of a secret in the first place, actually, and he was going to learn something about the heels before long anyway. But maybe I can at least use this as an excuse to explain to all of them the importance of keeping secrets.

She said, "Okay, Stud, since you're curious here's the deal. Napali women are VERY serious about sucking cock, as you know. But even know, I'm sure you don't realize just how true that is. Over the years, a system has developed, a series of rankings to show off just how skilled a woman is with her mouth, much like the black belt and other belt colors for the martial arts. Wearing high heels is a very common thing in Napali, as you may guess already." She looked noticeably down at her own feet, clad in red high heels, then at Sandy's and Jane's in their black high heels.

She went on, "The color of the heels has a special significance in Napali. Certain colors indicate you've been judged to have more sucking skills."

He asked, "So what do red and black mean?"

"Black signifies a total beginner. No offense, but that's what your mom and sister are. Red shows more talent that comes from lots of experience."

Sandy was a bit distressed by the brevity of that answer. "What?! Lisa, is that all you're going to say about the colors?!"

Lisa said, "There's a certain charm in leaving a mystery behind some things. He doesn't need to know all the details I explained you."

"I know that," Sandy complained, "but you're being way too modest! Son, red sucker heels are the ultimate! It takes years and years of sucking to get to that level. If cocksucking were an Olympic sport, Lisa would be on the Olympic team!"

Lisa blushed. "I don't know about that."

Jane chimed in, "It's totally true! Apparently red is the very highest level you can achieve. Then there are different sublevels within that, so there's pretty much no end to the ladder you can climb. Even Vicky, who lived in Napali a long time, only wears blue heels. That's super great too, but not quite as great as red."

Lisa's face turned even redder. She actually covered her face with both hands. "Please! You're embarrassing me! I'm not really all that!"

Sandy delighted in teasing Lisa a bit, since she felt this was something Lisa should be proud about. "Don't listen to her. Clearly, she's one of these people who are so modest they have trouble with compliments. She told us that she's so skilled at the art of fellatio that in all the times she's sucked you, she'd had to hold way back. Apparently, you couldn't handle what she could do going all out."

"Oh God!" That only embarrassed Lisa even more. She covered her face more thoroughly, and shut her eyes tightly for good measure.

Darrin looked up and down Lisa's incredible nude body. "Are you serious?! Lisa, is that true?!"

Lisa groaned. She kept talking with her face covered. "Ugh! I should never have mentioned that to these blabbermouths, but yes. The problem is that you've been close to the cusp of cumming nearly the entire time I've been near your cock today. And with you cumming so many times, I couldn't risk pushing you over the edge. So I've had to hold back, way back. If I could get you after a prolonged break, I could show you more of what I could do."

Sandy noticed that wording. She asked, "But not all?"

Lisa groaned in frustration again. "No, not all." She reluctantly dropped her hands and resumed eye contact. "Darrin, don't be offended, but you're a beginner when it comes to getting your cock sucked too. One could say there's an art to that as well, including being able to handle extreme stimulation. Right now, if I truly went all out on you, you'd cum less than a minute after I wrapped my lips around your shaft. That's too fast; nobody wants that, especially after you came eight times today already, so you'll have to take my word on that. But as you get more experienced, you'll be able to handle almost anything, and only cum if and when you want to."

He was impressed. "Wow! So cool! This keeps getting better and better. By the way, regarding the red heels level, what do you have to do to get that high? Who is the judge? And how many Napali women hold that ranking right now?"

"UUGGGH!" Lisa groaned yet again. "Please don't ask those questions, at least not right now. Okay? Some things lose their mystique after you learn all the background details."

"Okay, fair enough," he replied. "But as far as the last question goes, aren't I going to be able to figure that out in a matter of days? I'll just keep an eye on the heels I see and count what percentage are red."

Lisa grumbled, "That's true. I suppose I won't reveal too much by telling you that, out of the 300 or so women living in Napali right now, I believe 26 are red-heeled suckers."

Jane did the math. "In other words, less than ten percent. Nice! But out of those, how many are over fifty?"

Lisa winced, because that was a very perceptive question. "A majority of them, actually. Because it usually takes decades to get that ranking."

Jane then asked, "And you age is?"

Lisa shut her eyes in embarrassment again. "Twenty-nine."

Jane further pointed out, "Wow! Impressive! And yet you left Napali three years ago, so you must have gained red heel status by the time you were 26. How is that possible?"

Lisa covered her face as her blush grew redder still. "I don't know! I guess I'm just lucky that way. I really, really love a good suck, and maybe I have a natural aptitude at it. Please! You're embarrassing me!"

But Jane wasn't done. "How many other women in their twenties currently wear red heels, that you know of?"

Lisa sighed once more. "Damn, you, Jane! I've never been so embarrassed in my life! One other that I know of, and one more that turned thirty since I left."

Sandy took over for Jane. "So, what we've just figured out is that, for your age, when you're still the epitome of physical perfection, you're well into the top one percent of the very best cocksuckers on the island! And it's an island of cocksucking fanatics! AND you've declared yourself to be my big man's exclusive big-titted cocksucking slut for as long as you can stay with him! Is that about right?"

Lisa nodded while keeping her hands over her blushing face.

Jane asked, "Brother, how do you feel about that? I'll bet you're pretty psyched!"

"I am! Man! My dick is so stiff and hard right now, without being touched at all. But I still have questions. I don't want to pry into the mystery too much, so I'll try to avoid asking certain questions. But just on a practical level, isn't it a bad thing to have practically all the women walking around on high heels all the time? They're bad for the feet."

Lisa took her hands from her face, since that at least didn't further directly embarrass her. Her ruby red face looked adorable. "That's true. However, women don't actually wear them all the time, because of the problem you mention. For instance, Sandy, you'll be working at your secretarial job for seven hours a day, and not seeing your son during that time. So, naturally, you'll take your heels off while you're working and wear another, more comfortable pair of something in your earned color. If you leave to take part in the school lunch suckathon, you'll just slip back into your heels for the duration. There are lots of other cases like that where substitute shoes are worn, such as at the beach, where the sand makes heels impractical. And there's a lot of beach."

Darrin said, "But that just raises even more questions for me. As you point out, there's a lot of beach. It must all be beach, no?"

Lisa replied, "No, the ground is hard enough once you leave the beach proper. And Napali women wear special heels when walking out and about that raise the heel well off the ground without having a stiletto-type spiked heel. Think of them like high-heels clogs, if you will. The ones like I'm wearing now are for indoor use and parties and special occasions. But remember that you three will be living together. So you'll be indoors a lot. Sandy, Jane, you'll be kneeling for hours, slurping on your man's horse cock, so the fact that you have heels on then is a moot point in terms of potentially hurting your feet."

Darrin then asked, "So why wear them at all in those instances?!"

Sandy answered with passion, even leaning towards him, causing her huge tits to sag down onto the car table. "Because of what it means, symbolically! Son, I know I only am wearing black heels. I feel bad that I'm at the very bottom. But, even so, it tells everyone on the island that I'm a dedicated cocksucker! YOUR cocksucker! It means I'm ready to drop to my knees at any time and use this mouth, and this body, to pleasure you and serve you!"

She sat up straight and sensuously caressed her round I-cups with both hands.

Jane said, "Me too! Brother, there have been times today when I was sucking your big fat cock and I got so tired that I felt I couldn't go on. But then I thought about my heels and that gave me a second wind!"

He looked between the three women with confusion on his face. "Okay, I can see that. But why insist on high heels at all then? Why not just make it red shoes, period, for the top level, and then the woman can wear whatever kind of shoes she wants, when she wants?"

Lisa said, "It's sort of that way already, with substitute shows allowed for various circumstances. But consider the heels are both practical AND symbolic. Guys DO notice when you wear them because they DO change your posture to make your entire body look sexier. So that's key right there. But think about the symbolism of a wedding ring. It's not just a band of gold; it means so much more!"

The other two women nodded.

"Well, imagine if you had a cocksucking ring. It would be something only the elite of the elite suckers could wear. But they'd be distinctive, like say red, so that everyone would know what they mean. Imagine that. Any man who sees it is going to get an erection right away, because who doesn't love a good blowjob? Eventually, any time a guy would see any red, he'd get horny. Maybe just the color red would turn him on some, because of the association."

She smiled triumphantly as she spoke to Sandy and Jane specifically. "It's like that for cocksucking and high heels! It IS the red ring! Because they're a submissive and difficult thing to wear, you're basically saying, 'I want sex. I want my man to want me.' But not just that. You're saying 'I want a naturally dominant man to want me.' And if you're really busty and beautiful, like we are, you can be more selective and say, 'I want a WELL-HUNG naturally dominant man to want me, one with a SUPERIOR COCK that can rock my world and stay stiff for ages!"

Sandy was getting more excited. She eagerly asked, "Do you think my son is a 'naturally dominant man?'" She glanced at Darrin and gave him a sultry smile.

Lisa grinned knowingly. She responded to Sandy as if Darrin wasn't there, though of course she knew that he was. "Oh, for sure! Without question! Don't judge a book by its cover. Sure, he looks shy and unassuming at first, but look how quickly he's put me in my place. And this is his FIRST DAY, his first time for everything! In a couple of years, he'll be the cock of the walk, the big cock king! All the women will know of him and long for any chance to suck him!"

Jane was getting worked up too, but a part of her still thought of him as her "geeky, scrawny little brother." She asked skeptically, "Really?! Are you sure?!"

"Mark my words. You only know the non-sexual side of him. The sexual side of a person can practically be a totally different personality. That's the case with him. Think about how differently he's been acting today. His sexual side is coming out! I can already tell that he's got a dominant side that's just itching to assert itself! Just wait until he spanks you for the first time!"

Jane asked, "Who?! Me?!"

"Or me?!" Sandy asked.

"Both of you!" Lisa said triumphantly.

"Why?" Mother and daughter asked at once.

"Who cares why?! If you're one of his sluts, then he has total control of your body! If he wants to spank you, then he's going to spank you!"

Jane hissed, "Oh God! That's so fucking hot!" She reached to his still very erect boner and started stroking it. "Sorry, Mom, for the cursing."

Sandy said, "That's okay. In this one instance I can let it slide because I totally agree!"

The two of them giggled.

Then Jane asked him shyly while looking at him with her big blue eyes, "Brother, is it okay if I resume stroking you? Has it been enough of a break? All this talk has gotten me so hot that it's like I can't NOT stroke you!"

He said, "Sure. I feel like a million bucks. But, if you don't mind, before you and Mom go to town, do you mind if I just get some special attention from Lisa first? I'd like at least a taste of what the special red-heeled treatment is all about. And this is an ideal time, since I've just had a good break."

Jane looked to Sandy, who nodded at her. She groaned, then huffed, "Okay. fine. I suppose I'm kind of curious to see red heeled expertise in action. But only for a few minutes, okay? Otherwise, it's a ripoff that you made us stop and then took over." She was still jacking him off.

Lisa still had been leaning against a wall, but she stood all the way up and struck a subtly sexy pose. "Understood. How 'bout this counterproposal? Just a couple of minutes showing what I can do at 'full speed,' then could I bring a third tongue to bear, like Vicky was doing? From time to time, I can share little tips to help you two get better."

Jane smiled widely. "Now, THAT I have no problem with. And yes to the tips too. I love those."

Lisa sauntered the few steps to Darrin, then leaned over him. Since she was standing and he was sitting, she let her huge orbs dangle lightly in his face. She purred, "Prepare the get your socks knocked off!"

Then she quickly ducked down under the table.

Jane let go of his boner, finally, and got all the way off him. She wanted to observe closely what Lisa could do without any distractions. As Lisa got into position, she said, "Boy! There's something about seeing any naked woman crawl under a table to suck on her man. But when she's a total centerfold knockout type like Lisa, then it just... makes me all tingly!"

Sandy said, "I know what you mean. And speaking about the power of heels, the fact that she's wearing high heels makes me even MORE tingly! Especially since my big man is wearing a T-shirt, which makes him look fully dressed."

"Agreed!" Jane said. "Let's get closer!" She dropped down to her knees. She stayed on the outer side of Darrin's leg that she was closest to. That kept her clear of any direct contact with his crotch, but gave her a great "front row" seat.

Sandy struck the exact same pose on the other side. For some reason, she felt compelled to whisper when she was below the table level, like before. She whispered to Jane, "Now we've got THREE naked hotties on their knees under the table! This is so thrilling that I can't stand it!"

Jane said, "I know! But ssssh! I think Lisa is waiting for us."

Indeed, Lisa was simply holding Darrin's boner while waiting to get the full attention of mother and daughter. Once they settled down, she raised herself up higher so his shaft was trapped between her enormous breasts.

Jane complained, "Hey! Isn't that cheating? That's a titfuck, not a blowjob!"

Lisa tilted her head down and started lapping at his cockhead. But she also said, "Not exactly. As I was telling you earlier, think of a titfuck as kind of a subcategory of blowjobs. Admittedly, when you're sucking him with others, which will be most of the time, using your tits isn't so common, because you'd be hogging most of his cock yourself. But trust me, when you suck him solo, you usually will be doing it with your tits in play. Now, can I start?"

"Sorry," Jane said. "I'm still learning. Please do."

Lisa looked up at Darrin, and gave him friendly smile. "Hold onto your hat, because I'm about to go all out! I suggest you break yourself and try hard not to cum. But just to be on the safe side, I'll be ready to implement the squeezing trick."

Sandy was dying of curiosity. "What are you going to do to him that's so special?!"

"Unfortunately, pretty much the most important stuff takes place inside my mouth, so there isn't much to be seen. I'll try to explain 'blow by blow' later, okay?"

Sandy nodded.

Darrin had felt a lot of great oral action throughout the day. He was skeptical, because he couldn't imagine how things could be much better than the best he'd already experienced. However, he braced himself just to be on the safe side.

Lisa leaned in and engulfed his cockhead. She started to suck straight away.

He didn't understand what it was, but there was something different and intense she was doing that was different than any other blowjob he'd felt all day, even the ones she'd given him earlier.

Partially, he was struck by the way she was looking up at him. Nobody had made eye contact while sucking him before, including her. But she stared at him with an intense, passionate expression that just about bowled him over. With her high cheeked boned, fashion model face, just looking into her eyes was almost too arousing for him to bear.

But that was nothing compared to what she was doing with her mouth. Yes, her tits held his shaft in a tight grip, and she slid her massive orbs up and down in a very delightful manner. But he hardly noticed, because the combined work of her lips and tongue drove him absolutely wild! He wasn't sure what she did, exactly, that was so very arousing. It was true that she sucked him faster and with more suction than she had ever done before, but he suspected it actually was her tongue motion that was more of a killer. Her tongue seemed to be everywhere at once, hitting sensitive spots that he didn't even know he had.

Within half a minute, he was so overwhelmed that he both clutched at her head with both hands and lifted his ass all the way off his chair, like he was trying to flee from too much pleasure. He thought he'd braced himself for anything, but it turned out he wasn't ready. He started panting and gasping, clenching his teeth with his eyes bugged out in shock.

Sandy and Jane looked up at his face and snickered with glee at the strength of his reaction. But as his shock and arousal spiraled higher and higher, they were increasingly shocked too.

Jane soon exclaimed, "Lisa! What the HELL are you doing to him?!"

Of course, Lisa didn't reply. She was fully focused on her titfucking, sucking, and licking.

After a full minute passed, he shouted, "OH MY GOD!" He was clenching his PC muscle and hanging on for dear life. His heart was thumping so hard that he seriously worried he might pass out or have some kind of seizure.

Not many seconds after that, he yelled, "MERCY! MERCY! UNCLE! GONNA CUM!" He lifted his ass up repeatedly and painfully squeezed the sides of Lisa's head with his hands.

Then he did cum - or he would have, had it not been for Lisa's use of the squeezing trick yet again. He rose up off his chair yet again until he was standing up. As he did with previous close calls, he unthinkingly balled his hands into fists, then moaned loudly and shook his fists wildly in the air until the urge to cum passed. Finally, he collapsed back into his chair.

While he slumped in his chair, still panting hard for air, Lisa pulled back, freeing his cock from her mouth and cleavage. She looked to Sandy on one side and then Jane on the other, and smirk-smiled. "And that, ladies, is how it's done."

Then she looked up to Darrin again. "Sorry for using that trick again. I said earlier I wouldn't, but it was kind of a last resort."

"No worries," he somehow mumbled. He was seriously out of sorts once again.

Despite the fact that she was cramped under the table, Jane made a symbolic bowing motion towards Lisa. "Wow! I'm in awe! Now, I'm going to be even MORE envious about your red-heeled ranking."

Sandy said, "Me too! God, I feel so unworthy in mere black heels. Can you please, please, PLEASE teach me what you just did?!"

Lisa sat much further back from Darrin's crotch, so she could see both Sandy and Jane in her field of view. "But of course I'll teach you. As you know, I'm only going to be with you for the next two weeks or so. It'll be my pleasure to teach you absolutely everything I can. Then, even though I won't be physically with you anymore, maybe I can live on in spirit, and you'll think of me from time to time when you're sucking him using some of the special little tricks I teach you."

"For sure!" Sandy said enthusiastically.

"That would be great!" Jane agreed.

Sandy added, "Although it's making me sad, hearing your talk of leaving."

Lisa said, "Let's not talk of that, then. Why don't the three of us work on him as one right now? I can whisper little suggestions as we go along."

Sandy said, "Definitely! But... while we're still waiting for him to recover, what exactly did you DO?! It didn't look like anything special from the outside, except for his reaction, which was off the charts!"

Lisa responded, "That's the problem with teaching how to suck cock: pretty much all of the important stuff happens inside one's mouth, and it's impossible to see. So, as we keep going, you have to tell me from time to time what's happening inside your mouth, so I can make suggestions."

Jane said, "Fine, sure, but like Mom just asked, what exactly did you DO?!"

Lisa responded, "Unfortunately, there's no easy answer. I already know the more sensitive parts of a man's cock. It's not just the sweet spot by any means. And I've spent years learning what my lips and tongue can do and what works best. Then, today, I've been carefully testing Darrin and learning what works especially well for him. Some things I'll be able to teach you that you can pick up on right away, but other things will take you years to master."

Jane moaned, "Awww!"

Lisa grinned and patted her shoulder. "I know, I know. But look at it this way: what if you totally mastered the art of sucking in a matter of days? Wouldn't it get boring after a while? I like how there's always room for improvement. Even me, I'm only near the start of the many different red levels."

Sandy asked, "I know you can't tell us much, but could you at least tell me what the next color is, after black? Then I'll have something in my mind to shoot for."

Jane said, "Yeah! Great idea!"

Lisa smiled knowingly. "The next color is dark blue. Not blue, mind you, but dark blue. Blue is a long, long ways off. Since there aren't that many basic colors, all sorts of light and dark variations are used. Oh, and dark blue may not be that far off. It's easy to make big strides in your first days, and you're making big strides already."

Jane was all excited. "Cool! Let's do it!" She glanced at her brother's erection. "He's practically getting flaccid while we're doing all this gabbing. Well, almost!" She giggled, because his hard-on was so stiff that it was pointing off his body at a jaunty angle.

Lisa directed a repositioning of bodies under the table. She had Jane take the middle position (since Jane was often feeling a bit slighted compared to Sandy), then she had Sandy take one side and she herself took the other.

That put all three of them in between his legs, forcing him to stretch his legs to the sides almost painfully. When he complained, Lisa said, "This is good practice for you too. If you're serious about taming three sluts, get used to having all three of them between your legs."

That shut him up and sent his imagination soaring.

He kicked back and enjoyed himself for a long while as Sandy, Jane, and Lisa worked together to pleasure his boner. He lost track of time, but he figured it was around half an hour, with occasional breaks.

As planned, Lisa used the opportunity to teach while also having fun herself. For instance, she might spend a minute bobbing on his shaft, then another minute or two to explain to Sandy and Jane what she had done, followed by a few more minutes of them practicing some of the things she'd been doing.

Her advice was genuine, but she often timed her explanations to give Darrin a break. The way she arranged things also prevented both Sandy and Jane from bobbing or licking long enough to seriously tire. There were teary faces all around, because each woman had to pull off and back on his thickness much more often than ever before, but that was good practice for them too.

Eventually, the sucking session ended with more of a whimper than a bang, at least from Darrin's point of view. He reached a point where he said he was so exhausted from being stimulated so much for so long that he couldn't take any more and basically cried "uncle."

Sandy and Jane were similarly exhausted, so Lisa directed his climax. When the moment was right, she held his boner and aimed his cum blast onto her own face, as well as Sandy's and Jane's. She was careful to spread the cum around evenly, with her face getting the least.

However, not only was Darrin bone tired, he was running out of cum. He shoot off a decent amount, but it was a lot less than some of his earlier loads, and it seemed to be even less given that it was spread across three faces instead of one.

Happily though, Sandy, Jane, and Lisa were all delighted by the symbolism of the act. While he all but fell asleep in the chair, they had a renewed burst of energy licking each other's faces clean, as well as snowballing the cum back and forth in a series of passionate kisses between all three of them.

After that, the overall energy of the group crashed. Lisa managed to get them up and back to their original seats in the back two rows, because she knew the plane would be landing soon. Once they were in their chairs, all of the Douglases drifted off to sleep again. As usual, the super fit Lisa stayed awake.

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