Chapter 63
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Vicky came by a few minutes after that to tell them that the plane was beginning its descent to Honolulu.

Since Lisa was the only one awake, she stood up and walked a short distance away from the Douglases to give Vicky another update. There wasn't a whole lot for them to talk about this time, especially since Vicky had peeked on the group a couple of times in the last half hour. Vicky had made a conscious decision not to let her presence be known at those times, for fear that she'd get drawn back in. She was mindful that she was supposed to be spending more time with the other two families.

As it happened, the Douglases didn't get to nap for very long. Lisa buckled each of them in their seats, but as the plane started its descent, the flight got bumpy and their ears popped from the change of altitude, causing each of them to wake up.

They slowly came back to full consciousness as the plane kept going down.

Sandy was the first to speak, after she'd been sitting up awake with her eyes closed for a while. She looked around and saw that Lisa was sitting in the aisle seat, with an apparently still sleeping Darrin in between. She asked, "Where are we? When are we landing?"

Lisa was fully awake and waiting for such questions. "I don't know the 'where' exactly, except to say 'close to Honolulu.' Vicky came by a while ago to give me an update. Based on that, I'd guess we have about ten minutes until we land."

Sandy bolted up in her seat in alarm. "TEN minutes?! Goodness gracious!" She turned to where a window would have been, since she was in the "window" seat. "Where's a damn window?! I want to see outside!"

Lisa said, "Sorry. As I think you know, there isn't a single window outside of the pilot's cockpit. Remember that this is a cargo plane. Why put in windows for the cargo?"

Sandy sighed. "But if it's ten minutes, we're in trouble!" She looked down at her body. "I'm NAKED, for one! And you are too! And my kids!"

Darrin lifted his head somewhat and rubbed his eyes. He looked to Sandy. "Hey, Mom! You ARE naked! Still! And boy, do you look great!" He smiled from ear to ear.

Sandy grumbled, "There's no time for that! We have to get some clothes, fast!" She actually covered her pussy with one hand and her nipples with her other arm, until she remembered all she had been through recently. She blushed profusely as she revealed her private parts again.

Lisa teased her, "Well, you remember that brownie point system we were talking about earlier, don't you? Darrin, how many points would you say she earned by now?"

He rubbed his chin. "Hmmm. That depends. How much are the points actually worth? What clothing options does she have?"

Jane, sitting in the front row, popped her head over to look at everyone in the back row. "Hey, Brother, this is NOT the time for joking around! I'm buck naked too! And our plane is going to be landing in TEN MINUTES?!"

Lisa realized there was a time for sexy teasing, but this wasn't it, at least not without giving mother and daughter some reassurances first. So she said, "First of all, relax. Walking buck naked through the airport was a fun fantasy when we talked about it earlier, but it's totally unrealistic in reality." She looked to Darrin. "Sorry, stud, but that's not gonna happen."

He griped, "Awww, shucks." But he said while grinning, "Come on, Mom and Sis. I knew that."

Sandy and Jane were somewhat mollified, but they were still unsettled and unhappy. Each time either of them woke up from naps, their arousal level was a lot lower than when they'd last been awake. That was true yet again. And while their shock and shame over what they had done lessened each time, there still was a setback.

As a result, it was all Sandy could do to keep her hands off her privates, especially with her son sitting next to her in just his T-shirt. She was glad that his shirt covered his privates, and even was glad that she didn't see a tell-tale bulge showing an erection. She knew that her craving to suck was so strong that she would begin salivating and tingling with lust if she saw him penis engorge, no matter how tired and/or sexually satiated she was feeling.

Jane was similarly glad that she was sitting in the front row, so she could poke her head over the seatback and see the others without any of her naked body being seen. She was sorely wishing she was wearing clothes already, especially knowing that they would be landing soon.

Lisa said, "First off, you'll be glad to find out that you don't have to walk naked or nearly naked through the airport, because you won't have to go through the airport at all. We're a charter flight, and we're not crossing international borders just to get to Honolulu. SI has long had an arrangement where we can drive a car onto the tarmac and whisk you and the others away, just like you were a business mogul or CEO."

Sandy was surprised. "Are you serious?! You can do that?!"

"Sure. Have you ever seen any famous people trudging through the airport? Not the really famous ones at least, because they fly on private planes. Of course, it'll be different at the end of tomorrow's flight. We'll be entering the Marshall Islands, a separate country, so we'll have to go through customs and all that."

Lisa looked back and forth between Sandy and Jane. "That's the good news. The bad news for you two is that you've officially accepted Darrin as your man. That makes you his big-titted mommy-slut and sister-slut, respectively. Are you still okay with that, or do you take that back?"

Sandy took a few moments to think that over. She felt extremely embarrassed about it, but she thought, I know it's beyond bizarre, but this lifestyle fits me like a hand in glove. I know that it's incredibly shameful, and crazy, and probably wrong, maybe even illegal... but I can't help myself! Already, I can't imagine going back to normal. I've never felt so complete, so happy, so right, as when I'm sucking on my son's cock!

She said, "Well, no, not exactly..."

Lisa raised an eyebrow.

Squirming with embarrassment, Sandy said, "No. Okay? There, I said it."

Lisa prodded, "That makes you...?"

Sandy's face turned even redder, and her arousal started to grow. She shut her eyes and bowed her head. "I'm my son's big-titted mommy-slut, okay?"

Darrin had been sitting there silently, but he turned to face Sandy as best he could and grasped her enormous tits from below.

That caused her to open her eyes and jerk her head up in alarm.

He stared deeply into her shining green eyes. "Mom, thank you so much for reaffirming that. I love you more than words can say! I promise you, I won't ever let you down." Then he leaned in and kissed her mouth.

It was a rather tame and short French kiss compared to their previous ones, due to her reluctance and relative lack of existing arousal. But the fact that she shared an open mouth kiss at all was significant.

When it ended, she just shyly muttered, "I love you too, Son." She felt even more embarrassed from having to say anything at all.

To her great relief, Lisa redirected everyone's attention by saying, "And what about you, Jane? Do you want to renounce your declaration from earlier?"

Jane had had time to think while the focus had been on Sandy. Her thought process was similar: she was highly embarrassed at all she'd said and done, but, upon reflection, she didn't want things to go back to how they'd been before. It was upsetting to even consider that.

So she said, as she made eye contact with her brother, "No, I'm not going to renounce anything. Brother, God knows it's friggin' weird to think of myself as your 'sister-slut,' but that's what I am!"

He was still holding and lightly fondling his mother's huge melons. But he turned his body to face Jane and he clutched his hands in the air in her general direction, like he was fondling an invisible pair of huge breasts.

Jane rolled her eyes, but she knelt up much higher in her seat, until her F-cups were up above the top of the seatback in front of her.

He smiled from ear to ear as he reached out and cupped them from below, exactly as he'd just been doing with Sandy's rack. As he lightly caressed them, he made a funny noise like the Cookie Monster from Sesame Street: "Nyum, nyum, nyum, nyum, nyum, nyum!"

That made Jane giggle, and helped to lighten the overall mood.

Then he said sincerely, while still caressing her flawless globes, "Sis, I want to thank you so much as well for reaffirming that. I love you more than words can say! I promise you, I won't ever let you down. I know I just said almost those exact same words to Mom, but they apply exactly equally to you too. I don't want to play favorites."

"Thanks." She puckered her lips.

He had to stand up, since she was up much higher than him. He did so.

He and Jane shared a much longer and more passionate kiss than the one he'd just shared with Sandy. As "merely" his sister, she was less weirded out about committing to him, and she was considerably more aroused after watching what he'd said and done to Sandy.

While that kiss was going on, Lisa leaned behind him, well into his seat space, so she could lean way over towards Sandy. She took one of Sandy's hands and brought it to one of his ass cheeks, only about half covered by his T-shirt. As she did so, she whispered, "You're so lucky!"

Sandy reluctantly fondled his ass cheek, but it felt strange to do so in her more subdued mood. She whispered back, "Lucky?"

"Yes, lucky." Lisa expectantly held her hand out for Sandy's other hand, which was out of reach.

Sandy brought that hand close, until Lisa grabbed it.

Lisa guided that hand until it was touching his penis. She waited until Sandy was tentatively fondling his ass in back and his flaccid penis in front, and then whispered some more, "It feels good, doesn't it? Even when he's flaccid. He's still pretty thick in this state, isn't he? In Napali, all the other big-titted mommies will be green with jealousy that you get to bob on him every day and every night."

Sandy looked up at him, still making out with Jane and playing with Jane's big boobs. It aroused her greatly to see that. She merely muttered, "Mmmm."

But she thought, I call him "my big man," but at this point he's rather thin and undeveloped. He's still growing into his body. So it's startling to see him possessively fondle Janey, with her fully developed hourglass-shaped centerfold body. Much less when he does the same to MY body! Good Lord! The way he possessively kisses me, and runs his hands all over my totally naked and helpless body like he owns it... UNGH! It makes me too hot!

Lisa interrupted Sandy's thoughts to whisper, "I'll bet you're thinking about sucking him, aren't you? Sucking and slurping on his impossibly thick cock! Kneeling naked in just your sucking heels, with Jane hip to hip and shoulder to shoulder next to you, the two of you taking turns bobbing on him, the tears streaming down your faces... Stretching your lips so wide, your tongue dancing on his hot skin, getting blissed out in a rhythmic bobbing groove, feeling his hands running through your hair, hearing his sexy moans of approval... It really is the best, isn't it?"

Sandy moaned lustily, "Mmmm! It is!" She actually hadn't been thinking about cocksucking per se before Lisa's comments, but those words got her licking her lips and almost drooling.

Lisa continued her whispering, "Yes, I'm going to be green with jealousy too. Sure, I'll get to suck him a decent amount these next couple of weeks. At least I hope I will. But then, long after I've had to go back home, you'll be living with him permanently. Every day, you'll be able to wake, put on something sexy, and then take it off mere minutes later after getting him thick and stiff!" She chuckled. "And then you can just... feast! Mmmm! YUM! Lying in his bed with your face in his crotch, totally devoted to serving his cock, bobbing and even choking and gagging on his magnificent thickness for who knows how long! And that's just before breakfast!"

Even though Darrin's penis remained flaccid, Sandy was getting increasingly turned on while playing with it, thanks in large part to Lisa's comments. She found herself salivating and licking her lips. She spent more time fondling his balls, since she knew he enjoyed that even when his penis wasn't responding. Her hand on his ass also explored into his ass crack.

Lisa would have said more, trying to heat Sandy up, except that he abruptly ended his kiss and sat back down in his seat.

That forced Sandy to stop playing with his ass. But she was so worked up that she kept on fondling his balls, even though he overtly looked down at what her hand was doing for the first time. Her lust was battling with her shame, and lust was winning

Lisa then tapped on his shoulder, and asked him, "Do I get a kiss too? After all, I'm not family, but I get to be one of your official sluts for a little while, don't I?"

That made him smile widely. "You sure do!" He leaned in and necked with Lisa while fondling her tits for the next minute or so.

He would have gone on for much longer, except that Lisa broke the kiss. "Oh dear! I almost forgot about the time! Let me finish explaining something. Can I?"

Darrin nodded and withdrew his wandering hands.

Lisa went on, to Sandy and Jane, "Now, I was starting to say that the good news for you is that you don't have to actually do a walk through any crowded airport. But the bad news is that now that Darrin is your man, that effectively makes him your master. What he says goes. For instance, with your clothes. He naturally has final say on what you wear or don't wear, since the whole purpose of how you dress is to delight and arouse him."

Sandy and Jane just silently took that in.

Lisa was secretly relieved that they showed no alarm at her "that effectively makes him your master" comment. She had to work very carefully at removing the "effectively" part.

She continued, "I do have a few things that the two of you can wear off the plane, since I'd guessed that you two would fall for him, big time. They vary from scandalous to, well, even more scandalous." She chuckled. "I assume he'll want you to look your sexy best, with easy access to your tits, pussy, and ass. Right, Stud?"

"Sounds good to me," he happily replied.

Lisa said to him, "Good! Let's go pick some things out then, you and me. I know we're not supposed to get up and walk around with the plane this close to landing, but we don't have much choice with time running out. My fellow sluts, hang on tight. We'll be back in a couple of minutes."

Lisa stood up, and pulled Darrin up too. The two of them walked off. They could tell the plane was descending, but it was a smooth and steady ride.

As soon as they were gone, Jane said to Sandy, "I don't know about you, but I'm feeling pretty damn horny right now. Being forced to admit that I'm his 'sister-slut'... I don't get why, but it makes me all tingly inside."

Sandy shyly admitted, "I know what you mean."

Jane teased, "So you're his 'sister-slut' too?"

Sandy squirmed in her seat. "No! You know... I'm his... his... mommy-slut. His big-titted mommy-slut! HNNG!" She looked down at her enormous bare breasts and felt her pussy tingle even more. "Why does saying that out loud make me so very horny?!"

"I don't know," Jane said, "but I can definitely relate. And then that kind of talk makes me super hungry to suck his cock."

"Oh God YES!" Sandy loudly exclaimed.

Meanwhile, Darrin and Lisa went through the curtains toward the middle of the plane. That put them in Vicky's visual range. She was fully dressed in her flight attendant uniform again - the less revealing one that she'd had on at the start of the flight.

Vicky saw them coming, and waved. "Quick! Come here!" She had something in her lap and picked it up. "Here! Take these! No time for talkin' or dickin' around. Ya need ta get back ta your seats. The plane'll be landin' any time now!"

It turned out she was holding a stack of clothes. She handed it to Lisa and then shooed her away. "Git! Git! And put your seatbelts on already!"

Darrin and Lisa hurried back to their seats a lot faster than they came. As they sat back down, Lisa buckled her own seat belt and double checked that the others did so or were doing so.

Sandy saw the pile of clothes in Lisa's lap, and asked, "What's that?"

Lisa said, "Unfortunately, we didn't have time to be choosey. Vicky just handed these to me and told us to hurry back to our seats. Since there are no windows, there's no telling when the plane is going to land. Plus, once it does, Vicky's going to have her hands full with lots of other stuff to do than dealing with something as trivial as what we're wearing."

Sandy asked, "Can I see what I'll be forced to wear?"

"Um..." Lisa was reluctant to answer.

Jane was still sitting up high, showing off her fantastic tits, which were lightly resting on the seatback. She was within range of the stack of clothes in Lisa's lap, so she reached down and picked up the top item. "Oh my God!" When she held it up, it became clear it was a red top that didn't cover very much at all.

Sandy gasped, and unthinkingly covered her huge breasts again.

Jane brought the top to her chest. Right as she did, the plane bumped and shook a little bit, and it became clear that it had landed. It was a relatively smooth landing that had snuck up on them.

"Here we are," Lisa commented. "We should probably get cleaned up and dress up."

"Not so fast," Jane said, bringing the red top to her chest again. She held it against her skin just as if she was wearing it. Her top technically was a T-shirt, and it had sleeves that covered her shoulders and upper arms, but it also had a dramatically plunging neckline that exposed a generous amount of cleavage until there was barely an inch of shirt left. But what caught everyone's attention was how the shirt was ripped all the way around its bottom edge, leaving just enough fabric to cover her nipples.

Jane complained in indignation, "Hey! I can't wear this! I'll be showing off tons of under-boob!"

Sandy smacked her forehead. "Oh no! Please! Please don't tell me that my top looks like that too!"

Lisa spoke apologetically. "I'm sorry, but yours is exactly the same, except sized for your uniquely busty figure. If it makes you feel any better, I'll be wearing the same thing too."

"It doesn't," Sandy said with a frustrated sigh.

"Let's see..." Lisa held up two other red tops, comparing them to each other and to the one Jane was still holding against her ample chest. She quickly rearranged them so that she, Sandy, and Jane each had one which fitted them best.

The three extremely fit and gorgeous women proceeded to put their tops on.

Sandy sighed, loudly. She repeatedly tried to pull the top further down over her tits, but to no avail. She complained, "Is this all there is?! The damn thing barely covers my nipples, and that's about it!"

Indeed, Sandy's description was largely accurate. Since the shirt was an exact copy of the one Jane had already held to her chest, she was showing off a dramatic amount of cleavage and a dangerous amount of underboob. If she wasn't careful, her nipples could pop out from below.

Jane finished putting her top on, as did Lisa. Jane complained as she looked down at her chest, "This is ridiculous! I could be arrested in this!"

"No, you'll be fine. Besides, keep in mind that we may not be wearing these for long. We have a busy schedule for you in Honolulu, and part of that includes going to a store to buy some sexy clothes."

Sandy said, "Clothes? NOW you want us to buy clothes, after restricting what we could bring so severely? I have to donate or give away so much of my clothes!"

Lisa said, "And good riddance. Remember, you were planning on going to Napali as the old Sandy, the prudish, sexless Sandy. I anticipated that you would soon find yourself your son's big-titted mommy slut, and indeed that's already happened. Do you think the clothes you got rid of, or even the ones you kept, are the kinds of things a big-titted mommy-slut should wear? For crying out loud, do you even have anything that shows off your wonderful cleavage?"

Sandy looked down at her body in alarm, still nude except for her skimpy top. "Oh... crap!"

Lisa turned to Jane. "It's the same for you, but not as bad. I've seen what you've packed, and you have some reasonably sexy stuff in there, but not much that any self-respecting big-titted sister-slut would wear. But don't worry, I've got it all taken care of. My job is to look after you and help you adjust to your new life, so I'm not going to leave you in the lurch when it comes to clothes. But we'll have to make the most of our limited time. Your shopping options in the rest of the Marshall Islands are very limited, so it's basically Honolulu or nothing."

She let that sink in.

Before the prolonged pause could end, they all noticed when the plane made a tell-tale bump indicating it finally landed. The landing was smooth, especially considering the age of the plane.

With the plane continuing to taxi down the runaway, Darrin stared off into space. "Wow. That's it. The end of the flight. The most awesome, pivotal experience of my life! I'll be sad to leave, even with all the heat and hassle."

Sandy sighed and gave him a nudge with her elbow, but it was mostly playful. "YOU would say that. It's been great for you, but a nightmare for the rest of us."

Lisa gave Sandy a sharp look. "'A nightmare?' Really? Think back to all the endless joy you spend kneeling naked on your knees between your son's legs, slurping on him with passion and energy. Recall how he repeatedly French kissed you and played with your remarkable body, especially your huge tits. Or what about the pure bliss you felt when he came all over your face? Remember also the feeling of dancing naked in front-"

Sandy interrupted. "Okay, okay! It definitely had its highlights. In fact, this has been the most intense and incredible day of my life, by far, and it's not even over. But still, there was so much agony and even torture. And all the sweating and humiliation. There are parts I will definitely be happy to forget!"

Lisa was going to argue with her use of the word "torture," but decided to let it go. She merely said, "Let's finish dressing before we get carried away with a discussion. We should be ready to go by the time the plane comes to a stop." She held up the next item of clothing in her lap, which was a black denim miniskirt.

Jane started to tell Sandy, "Mom, I know what you mean. It was the best of times AND the worst of times. Personally, I..." Her voice trailed off as she noticed just how mini the miniskirt was. She asked Lisa, "Is that all there is?! Where's the rest?!"

Lisa chuckled. "I'm afraid this is it." She handed one of the miniskirts to Sandy, another to Jane, and kept a third for herself. Then she handed Darrin a pair of short browns shorts. She said to the group, "Come on. Let's get dressed." She unbuckled her seat belt.

Sandy held up the miniskirt she'd been given and sighed again. "This is crazy! I'm supposed to wear this in public?! Can I at least wear some panties underneath?!"

Lisa stood up to make it easier to pull her miniskirt up her legs. "Do you see any clothes left over? That was all Vicky gave us. But you might as well get used to it. Underwear basically doesn't exist in Napali. We do have a special kind of see-through frame bra to lift your tits up from below and prevent sag while leaving practically everything accessible for your son to play with, but that's about it."

Sandy sighed again. "Oh God! What have I gotten myself into?!" But she unbuckled her seatbelt, stood up, and started pulling her miniskirt up her legs, like Jane and Lisa were already doing.

As they were doing that, Darrin looked down at his shorts. He'd never seen another pair quite like them. They were very loose and light, like Turkish pants, and also very short, only extending an inch or two below his balls. He realized that if he got an erection, he would be in danger of having most of it exposed if he let it hang down either leg. Not only that, but the shorts were held up by a very flexible elastic band. He pulled the shorts on and tested sticking a hand in them. His shorts stretched so much and so easily that it was almost like they weren't there.

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