Chapter 64
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Lisa had finished putting her miniskirt on and she sat back down. She saw how he was examining his shorts, and said to him, "How do you like those, Stud? They're very popular in Napali. We'll get you set up with a variety of colors and sizes before we leave Hawaii. As you can see, they're specially designed for easy access for your mother and sister, and your third slut to be, and all the other sexy women who want to stroke you or suck you. See?"

She pulled his hand out of his shorts and put her hand in instead. Since his penis was still flaccid, she started fondling his balls.

Then she looked over to Sandy, and saw the mother was still standing up, trying to figure out how to wear her miniskirt in the least humiliating manner. She said, "Sandy, check out your son's special shorts."

Sandy complained as she attempted to look down past her enormous I-cups at her waist, "I can't deal with that now. I have to figure out what to do with this damn micro-miniskirt. If I pull it down in front, I can cover my pussy, at least, but some of my ass crack gets exposed no matter what I do!"

Lisa said, "That's by design, of course. Darrin, don't you find it inspirational to see your mom in something like that?"

"Oh my God! So much!" he replied enthusiastically.

Lisa prodded him, "Well, don't just sit there! You are effectively the master or the owner of your mother's entire body from now on. She's one of your big-titted sluts, and there's nothing more important to your sluts than keeping you happy and horny all the time, whether your dick is erect or not. So why just look? Why not explore her ass and even her cunt?"

He felt a thrill race down his spine when Lisa mentioned "cunt." He explained, "Good God! This is so great!" He reached up and over to where Sandy was standing and slipped both his hands up under her miniskirt. It easily rose up and out of the way.

Sandy's face was burning red. She complained, "God! So humiliating! And these clothes! They can hardly be called clothes. Where are the pockets, for instance?"

Lisa asked, "What do you need pockets for?"

"To carry vital stuff! My cell phone, for instance. Can I at least get my phone back, please? There's a phone call I want to make soon."

"Who do you want to call?" Lisa asked.

Sandy's embarrassment grew, even as she clenched her ass cheeks as she felt her son start to probe the outer ring of her anus. She muttered, "Er, a friend."

"What's her name?"

"I don't know why I'm telling you, but it's Olivia." Sandy had a strong desire to talk to Olivia, now that her own sexual situation had so radically transformed.

Lisa said, "Ah. I thought as much. You can't have your phone back, unfortunately. No pockets, as you pointed out. But I promise you that you'll get to talk to Olivia later today. And much sooner than you think. I guarantee it."

"I'm going to hold you to that," Sandy muttered unhappily.

Jane had gone back to kneeling up in her seat after putting her miniskirt on, since that was as close as she could get to the action in the back row. She was as far into the middle seat as the boxes there would allow, so she could be directly in front of her brother. She crossed her arms under her ample rack, causing her nipples to pop into view. She complained, "Hey! What about me? It sucks having to sit up here all the time!"

He looked to Lisa while still fondling his mother's ass cheeks. "Can we change the seating arrangements for tomorrow's flight somehow?"

Lisa grinned. "That can be arranged. I'll work on it. Definitely."

"Good," he replied. "In the meantime, Mom, I want you to stand right in front of me, between my legs but still facing away like you're doing now."

Sandy shyly shifted over until she was standing where he wanted. "Like this?"

"Exactly. Now, I only have two hands, and Lisa is having fun playing with my balls, so I don't want to get up just yet. So while I have fun with your ass and cunt, I want you to make out with Sis. Can you do that?"

Sandy stayed where she was, and even thrust her ass back into his hands. But she complained, "Son, you can't expect me to do that! For starters, I am NOT lesbian or even bisexual! And she's my daughter! But besides that, I have to figure out what to do with this damn miniskirt before I die of shame!"

He confidently replied, "That all may be, but I noticed today more than once that you've enjoyed kissing other women, and Sis does too. So I want you two to get used to kissing each other. In fact, while you're at it, pull your shirts up so you can rub your awesome racks together! I may not be able to see all the tit-rubbing directly, but just knowing it's going on will be a big turn-on. Oh, and as for the miniskirt, you'll just have to grin and bear it."

Sandy groaned with frustration.

Lisa leaned over towards him and quietly whispered in his ear, "Great job! Now, tell her that she's your mommy-slut, and if she doesn't like it, she's in a great position for you to smack her sexy ass."

Darrin liked that suggestion so much that he said something similar out loud. "Mom, now, you know the new rules. Don't you want to be my big-titted mommy-slut? Just try kissing Sis and see how it goes. If you don't like it, remember that I'm in great position to smack your ass." He ended that with a light and playful smack on her left ass cheek.

Sandy was going to protest, but when she felt him slap her ass, she felt such a flash of excitement and a spike of arousal that she practically saw stars. She went from somewhat aroused but conflicted to "insanely horny."

She surprised herself by saying, "I'm sorry, but I'm not gonna do it! I'm your mother and you can't order me about! At least if you're not man enough to do something about it!" She reached back and pulled her miniskirt all the way up off her ass, then bent backwards outrageously, practically thrusting her ass into his face. Her invitation to spank her some more was clear.

Darrin also had already been feeling nicely aroused. It certainly helped that Lisa still had a hand in his shorts and was playing with his balls. But he caught on right away that she only said those words to try to provoke him to smack her ass some more. This aroused him so much that he felt his penis start to engorge again. And that was a hell of a feat considering all it had gone through all day long.

He felt his confidence and overall excitement soar too. He said, "Oh yeah? It's true that I may just be a fifteen-year old, and a rather scrawny one at that, not to mention your son. But I'm your de facto master too! Lisa just said so! If you're a disobedient slut, then you're gonna get spanked!"

He was holding her ass cheeks with both hands, if only to stop them from wiggling back into his face. He pulled a hand off and gave her left ass cheek another smack, but a hard one this time.

"OOOOH! SON!" Sandy already felt she was about as aroused as she could get, but that smack sent her lust soaring even higher, way up to the stars. She began panting hard. "Do it again!"

He smacked her other ass cheek. He would have done it much harder, except he couldn't put much force into his motion, due to the way her ass was so close to his face.

"UUUUUNNNNGH!" Sandy had a powerful orgasm on the spot. She was forced to grasp the seatback in front of her just to stay upright, because she suddenly felt weak in the knees. Even so, her ass slid back into her son's face.

He laughed joyously as he unexpectedly found his nose in the middle of her ass crack. That put an end to any further smacks, since both of his hands held and kneaded his mother's ass cheeks.

Jane wasn't unaffected. She hadn't directly seen Darrin's hand hit Sandy's skin. But she did lean to the side to look past her mother, and saw his hand pull back and strike forward. That sent her arousal skyrocketing too. Even though she'd never been spanked before, she was so naturally submissive that seeing that pushed all sorts of buttons deep inside her. She knew that if Sandy was getting spanked, it was just a matter of time until she did too.

She suddenly found herself overwhelmed by sexual desire, and she wanted to express it. Unfortunately, she was physically blocked from getting at her brother due to the seatback and Sandy and Lisa in the way. But Sandy was right in front of her, and looking even more gorgeous than usual as her face contorted in orgasmic ecstasy.

Jane pulled her shirt up to her armpits and then did the same with Sandy's. Then, while Sandy continued to pant and moan in orgasm, she repositioned herself so her tits would likely press against her mother's once she finished her climax and stood up straighter. She wrapped her arms around her back and waited for Sandy's orgasm to end.

Or at least she tried to wait. She was so very aroused that as soon as she saw Sandy's climax starting to weaken, she leaned in and planted her lips on her mother's.

Sandy liked to think she didn't have sexual feelings for other women, and maybe that was true when she was in an unaroused state in general. But in her current hyper aroused condition, she welcomed Jane's lips with a fervor, even though she was still cumming hard enough that it was tough for her to breathe.

Within seconds, the two of them had their lips locked. Sandy even pulled her body back up so her huge tits could make contact her daughter's. She wanted there to be tit rubbing very badly, especially since she was still mindful that her son had called for it.

While all that was happening, Lisa noticed as soon as his penis started to engorge. She yanked his shorts down his legs and brought her face right up to his privates. She waited until she determined he'd stopped his smacking (so she wouldn't possibly hurt him due to sudden, jerky movements), then she eagerly engulfed his dick. It was still growing at only about half size, so she took it into her throat and deep throated for a fraction of a minute until its larger size forced her to switch to regular sucking.

Darrin couldn't believe how great everything was. Where are we?! Oh yeah! We've fucking landed in Hawaii and we're still taxiing to a stop on some runway somewhere. The plane could stop at any moment, and an orgy is breaking out around me! So awesome!

Time and time again, Lisa had been forced to greatly restrain herself while sucking him. Then, last time, she had gone all out and brought him to the edge of climax in less than a minute. This time, she aimed for a happy middle ground. Since his penis had just engorged, she was presented with a "clean slate" of sorts. So she was free to be herself and suck him much like she used to suck her brother-master.

He simply couldn't believe how great her mouth felt. Her earlier attempt to impress him had been way too much at once. This felt perfect. Plus, he had his mother's bare ass in his hands (though no longer in his face), as well as the heady knowledge that she was making out with Jane. Things seemingly couldn't get any better.

Then it occurred to him that he could and should reach between Sandy's legs and play with her pussy. So he did. Sure enough, it was hot and wet. He slipped two fingers into her slit and reveled at just how tight it was too.

Sandy broke the kissing with her daughter and pulled back some, breaking the tit rubbing too. "Oh dear God!" she exclaimed.

Jane couldn't see what was going on behind her mother, so she asked, "What?!"

Sandy all but shouted, "My big man! He's... he's... playing with my pussy!"

Jane gave a big smirk-smile in response to that. "No, Mom. We're his busty, naked sluts. I think it's safe to say we have 'cunts,' not 'pussies.'" As she was talking, some motion caught her attention out of the corner of her eye. She frowned in confusion and leaned way to the side to try to see what was going on with her brother.

Jane gasped out loud as she figured it out. "Mom! Mom!"

"What?!" Sandy tensed up, thinking that some stranger had discovered them or something alarming like that.

Jane pointed. "It's Brother! I think he's... erect again!"

"Impossible!" Sandy tried to turn around to see, but that was difficult with her son being directly behind her and down low.

Jane continued, "It's true! Lisa's totally bobbing on him, and her head's moving so much that it can't just be testicle-sucking or something like that!"

"Let me see!" Sandy looked around to make sure the coast was clear. Then she completely turned around where she stood and bent down to get a clear look. "OH! DEAR LORD! IT'S TRUE!"

Without even thinking about it, Sandy stretched her arms up and pulled her T-shirt up over her head and tossed it aside. She already had been effectively topless, with her shirt pulled up to her armpits, but she planned to suck some son-cock, and she felt a strong compulsion to be completely topless. Then she dropped to her knees. Her kissing and tit rubbing with Jane was utterly forgotten. Nothing was more important than getting her lips back around her son's thickness!

Jane was slightly miffed, but not that much. She knew that if she was in her mother's position, she would have done the exact same thing.

Luckily for Sandy, Lisa was leaning over from her seat into Darrin's lap, so there was nothing in the way of her getting up close to his crotch.

But then things got even better for her, because Lisa pulled her lips off all the way. She continued to stroke his thick shaft as she said to Sandy, "Can you believe it?! I tell you, your son is a natural! He's climaxed NINE TIMES today, and he's stiff again!"

Sandy was going to say something in response, but her son's cockhead was right in front of her face and unoccupied. She simply couldn't help herself: she tilted her head down and engulfed all of him into her mouth!

Darrin shut his eyes and tilted his head back. "OOOOH! MAAAAAN!"

Jane growled, "Dammit! Mom is sucking you off again, isn't she?!"

Lisa said to her, "Of course she is! And I'm still holding his thick shaft and stroking it. We're his sluts. This is what we do. Nothing is more fun or more important than pleasuring his cock. Nothing! Instead of complaining that you've been left out, why not get involved?"

"Can I?" Jane asked with renewed hope.

"Why the hell not? Your his sister-slut! Your mouth belongs at or on his cock! Get your ass over here right now!"

Jane immediately began moving, starting by crawling down off the seat she'd been kneeling up on. As she did so, she said, "Okay! Great! But... it's just that I thought there wasn't room."

Lisa replied, "There's always room for one more mouth on his cock. Remember that! If there isn't room, then we'll just have to reposition to make room. Especially for you. He only has one sister-slut, and that's just as important as his mommy-slut. Remember that too!"

Jane nodded. By that time, she'd come around from the front row into the back row. There was space in the gap between the front row seatbacks and the back row seats, so she knelt there. While she did that, she told Lisa, "I can't believe how excited I am! I've sucked his cock a few times today already, but I'm suddenly so worked up that I can hardly breathe! My heart is racing out of control!"

Lisa said proudly, "That's a good sign. That's proof that you've bonded in a very special way with your brother's cock. Can you see now why I gave up on men back in America? The odds of finding a naturally superior man with a perfect, gigantic cock like his, plus his staying power and recuperative power, is astronomical."

Jane nodded again. She'd brought her face in close to Darrin's crotch, but between Sandy and Lisa and their hands and heads, she couldn't get as close as she wanted.

Lisa saw her frustration. She grasped Jane's wrist and brought it forward. At the same time, she let go of his shaft, giving Jane free reign to at least stroke him. She said, "Now, I know you want to suck him most of all, don't you?"

Jane nodded emphatically. "I need it! It's crazy! My urge to suck is so strong! Even stronger than before. WAY stronger than before!"

Lisa said, "I'm not surprised. That's because you've consciously and openly admitted that you're his big-titted sister-slut. You can put your pride and dignity to the side and love and adore his cock with all your heart and soul. That increases your own arousal and desire at least ten-fold, believe me. But unfortunately, the exact same thing is happening to your mom at the exact same time, and she happened to get her mouth on him first. Why don't we give her a couple more minutes, and then you can have you turn?"

Jane groaned. "Awww!" But then she reconsidered. "Sorry. I don't mean to be ungrateful. A couple of minutes sounds pretty great, actually, even though I want to stretch my lips around him, like, now, already!" She giggled. "But what about you?"

Lisa smiled. "That's so thoughtful to ask. I had a couple of minutes before you two noticed. A good slut knows that sharing is absolutely vital! Your brother's cock is so powerful that it needs at least two mouths on it at once to be properly taken care of. Three is even better. So don't be shy. Force your way in so you can lick him until it's your turn to suck. Then we can take sucking turns in a round robin style."

Jane started to lower herself, so her mouth could get to his balls and shaft without Sandy's head being in the way. As she did that, she said, "Awesome! But what about the plane? Aren't we about to come to a stop?"

"Yep, Fire."

Jane had been close to getting her tongue within range, but she jerked her head up to see who said that, because that voice didn't belong to Lisa or Darrin, and Sandy obviously couldn't talk.

Sandy froze in her bobbing and then turned her head enough to see out of the corner of her eye who was speaking.

It was Vicky. That was no big surprise, after all, so Sandy and Jane calmed down quite a lot. Still, it was startling to see her standing in the aisle looking down at them, especially since she was fully dressed in her original flight attendant attire and looked like a real one, not a porno version of one.

Vicky smiled. "Hey, y'all! Jane, I just called ya 'Fire' 'cos I like nicknames n' ya need a good one, n' 'Red' is already taken by your momma. But your head is even more of a blazin' fire red than hers, since you've got so much more fair. Ya like?"

Jane was still startled, but she managed to reply, "Um, yeah, that's okay. But what about, uh..."

Vicky finished for her, "The plane?" She chuckled. "That's what I came to warn ya about. We're about to come to a stop. And when we do... Oh my! Good timin'!" She interrupted herself, because the plane was already slowing down, and it came to a complete stop right in the middle of her talking.

That prodded Sandy to resume her bobbing, as she was worried she was running out of time.

Vicky was all smiles. "See what I mean? As I was gonna say, when we do, I wanted ta make sure you're all dressed up n' ready ta go. I figured y'all probably were dressed by now. Little did I realize that a full-on orgy would break out instead! GOOD GOD! Lisa, are my eyes deceivin' me, or is he really erect yet again?!"

Lisa beamed with pride. "It's true! We did get dressed, as you can still see, but then he got to fondle his mommy-slut's ass, and started spanking her, and that just drove everyone absolutely wild. He was stiff as a steel crowbar in no time!"

Vicky shook her head in wonder. "My oh my! That'll do it, every time! I swear, there's nothin' like bein' a big-titted slut n' gettin' a good hard spankin' from your man. Boy, that reminds me of some good, good times."

She sighed wistfully as she watched Sandy's head bob up and down. But then she switched back to business mode. She unexpectedly clapped her hands together, loudly. "That said, let's get a move on! Come on! Get the lead out! We've got a schedule to keep. I don't have time to nag here, when I've gotta rush back to see how the other families are comin' along."

Lisa said, "I understand. We will get moving. But I've just had a couple of minutes of sucking since he got hard, and Sandy has to, but Jane hasn't at all."

Vicky made an unhappy face, but said, "Okay, fine. I'm such a softie when it comes ta seein' a big fat cock gettin' properly sucked. Sandy, you pull off n' stand up n' find your top. Lisa, you get up n' help her. Jane, keep your top on n' take your two minutes. But that's it!"

She started to walk away. "Okay, I'm outta here. I expect ta see y'all at the front of the plane in three minutes. No more! We have a car waitin' already!"

Sandy quickly pulled off and stood up, in time for Vicky to look back and see.

Jane immediately scooted over so she was between her brother's legs. She engulfed him and started bobbing on him like she was determined to get him to cum before her two minutes were up.

Lisa also stood up. She found Sandy's top - it has been tossed onto the floor of the front row - and gave it back to Sandy. She waited until Sandy pulled it back on and over her nipples. Then she said to her, "Unfortunately, I've been through this a couple of times before, and we really don't have time to spare. There really will be a car waiting. We don't want to hold up the whole group."

Sandy had been staring at Jane's lips sliding on Darrin's cock, as well as the way he was grasping his sister's head and struggling hard not to cum. But Lisa's words caused her to look down at herself. "A car?! That means a driver, doesn't it?! And 'the whole group?!' I can't be seen in public like this!"

"You can and you will," Lisa said firmly. But don't worry, each family will be getting a separate car and driver. And you'll probably see and talk to the others a little bit before we all drive away, but keep in mind that the women in the other two families will be wearing something very similar to what you have on. I haven't been fully updated on what's been happening to them, but if the mothers and sisters haven't fully committed to being the big-titted sluts to the boy in their families, they soon will. Other than that, there shouldn't be anyone else around."

Sandy said with worry, "I suppose that's marginally better, but I'll be terrified! Remember, I've been dressing like a shy nun for years! This is going to be a total shock! Besides, what about the driver? Or make that drivers, one for each car! Not to mention the pilots of this plane! They're getting off at the same time too, aren't they? I could just DIE!"

Lisa reached over Darrin and Jane and patted one of Sandy's shoulders. "Relax. Remember, this is all part of a usual pattern. SI and its employees are prepared. For starters, you'll be glad to know that there are two pilots on this plane, and both of them are sluts, Napali-style. You know what that means."

Sandy spoke with wide-eyes. "They're... women! Gorgeous, busty, super sexy women!"

"Exactly. As for the drivers..."

Sandy made a guess from Lisa's smile. "They're ALSO former Napali sluts?!"

"Kind of. Almost. Actually, neither them nor the pilots have ever been full Napali sluts, per se. Meaning they never lived full-time on Napali. They all belong in a special category of women who were aaaalmost selected to be Napali sluts but didn't qualify for one reason or another, yet were so beautiful and extraordinary that it seemed a shame not to involve them in the SI organization in some way. Actually, most of the SI staff is made up of women in that category, and a few men like that too."

She looked back down to Jane and tapped her head. "Hey, Fire. You got lucky. I've gotten so carried away talking that it's been over two minutes, for sure. So you need to pull off this very second, and then try to make up for lost time!" She kept on tapping Jane's head in an annoying manner that couldn't be ignored.

Jane reluctantly pulled off and wiped her chin of slobber and pre-cum. "Damn! I was getting so close! Just a couple more minutes, and maybe I could have made him cum. I really had a good groove going."

Lisa said, "All the better that you stopped then. We don't want him to cum for a TENTH time! Now, come on, let's go!"

Jane's head was still close to her brother's cock. She gave it a good-bye kiss. "Take care. I'll see you later. A lot more! ... Oh GOD!" Overtaken by lust, she started to stretch her lips around his cockhead again.

But Lisa rather painfully pulled on Jane's long, flowing red hair, and repeated her annoying tapping on the side of her head until she reluctantly pulled away. She kept holding her head until she stood all the way up.

Jane groaned in frustration. "Dammit! Why is it so hard to stop?! It's like I'm losing my mind! When my face gets near his cock, my urge to suck grows so strong that I can't control myself at all!"

Lisa said, "We'll talk about that later. Come on. Vicky gave us two minutes, and we're late for sure."

She guided the Douglases out into the aisle. Then, even though they were all disoriented and reeling from intense lust, she started them walking down the aisle to the one exit door near the front of the plane.

Darrin trailed slightly behind the others. He had a minor delay as he tried to figure out how to walk with his boner tucked away and not have it drop into view below the bottom edge of his shorts or poke forward lewdly inside his shorts. He had little choice but to hold one hand right in front of his crotch to hide his bulge and also keep his hard-on pointed upwards.

Sandy tightly held Jane's hand as they walked side by side just behind Lisa. Sandy whispered, "I'm so scared! Aren't you? After all we did... I felt safe in the back of the plane, at least. But now..."

Jane nodded. "I know exactly how you feel." Even as they spoke, they passed the private alcove where they'd grown to feel comfortable enough to suck cock in. Then they went through the curtains that effectively marked the end of their private section of the plane, taking them into the "neutral territory" of where Vicky usually sat. Mother and daughter squeezed their hands together even tighter, because they hadn't been this far forward since they'd first gotten on the plane.

However, they had no time to stop and take stock, because Lisa was briskly walking on ahead of them, and Darrin was pressing on them from behind.

The group passed through another set of curtains into another section of the plane. The Douglases didn't know it, but that was where the Sanchez family sat. Nobody was sitting there anymore. However, each of the Douglases sniffed the air and detected the very obvious smell of sex.

They went through yet another set of curtains, where the Brown family sat. The same sequence happened: nobody was there, but the air clearly smelled of sex. The door to the cockpit could be seen, but it was closed.

Again, there was no time to linger, because sunlight could be seen through an open door. The cargo plane wasn't connected to any terminal building. Instead, there was a movable stairway that had rolled right up to the side of the plane. Lisa stood at the open doorway, and looked back to the others to wave them onwards. Then she headed down the stairs.

Sandy squeezed Jane's hand. Her heart was racing fast and her face was beet red. She whispered to Jane, "I'm so scared! I don't feel like the adult here."

Jane whispered back, "It must be especially tough for you, going from head of the family to cocksucking slut. But believe me, I'm totally terrified too." That was true. Her heart was racing and her face was red as well. "But let's just get it over with! Remember, the other moms and daughters are in the exact same boat."

Sandy nodded, then stepped into the open doorway, along with Jane. The two of them shielded their eyes as best as they could, but they were practically blinded by the bright light of a typical sunny Hawaiian day. They would have been struck by how hot it was too, except that the plane they were leaving was just as hot.

Darrin came up behind them and put his hands on their backs. He stared past them into the distance, checking out the full scene of airport runaways, security fences, and the green jungle of the hills and mountains of the Hawaiian island of Oahu in the distance.

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