Chapter 65
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Darrin looked down the stairway they were standing at the top of. Lisa had already reached the bottom, and was talking with the Sanchez family and SI minder below. They had their backs to him, so he couldn't see much, but the Sanchez son wore a normal T-shirt and shorts, like he did, while the mother and daughter, as well as the sexy minder, wore matching outfits. They appeared to be clothes very similar to what Sandy, Jane, and Lisa were wearing, except that their tops were blue.

Standing a short distance on the tarmac were the Brown family and their minder. The three women there were wearing the same outfits too, except their tops were yellow. A little way away from them were the two pilots, who were talking to Vicky. The pilots were dressed in typical business suit-type pilot uniforms, and they were mostly facing away from the plane. But even so, based on their long hair and generous curves, it was obvious they were voluptuous women.

Sandy and Jane were looking all around and noticing the same things and people as Darrin was. Sandy whispered to Jane, "God! Look at them! Those other moms and daughters are wearing the exact same things we are. That means that they already are incestuous cocksucking sluts, or they're well on the way there."

Jane whispered back, "Let's not judge. It is pretty freaky though, especially considering that basically ALL the women on Napali are like that, I guess. Just think about that! Even as we speak, there are probably dozens of mothers and daughters kneeling naked on the beach there, all in sight of each other, all happily bobbing away..."

Sandy winced, but, at the same time, she felt a surge of lust. She whispered even more quietly, "Good God! What are we getting into?!"

Darrin was carefully listening to all of that, with his head actually between and just behind their heads. But he was also still looking around, and he saw three black vans driving down a road between runways towards them. He muttered, "Like Lisa was saying, this isn't the time for lots of talks. Look over there. Those vans must be for us. Let's get in one and get out of here!"

With that new goal in mind, the three of them started walking down the stairway. But the Sanchez family was only standing a few feet from the bottom of the stairs with Lisa, and didn't move away. As a result, when they got to the bottom, they had to acknowledge each other.

All the members of each family had been introduced to each other at the Los Angeles airport before getting on the plane, but they had only spoken briefly, and so much had happened since that it was easy to have forgotten each other's names.

Each person naturally paired up with their age and gender peer. Sandy found herself standing in front of the Sanchez mother, Jane in front of the Sanchez daughter, and Darrin in front of the Sanchez son. Each minder also gravitated to the son.

Darrin reached out and shook hands with the son, who looked to be a year or two older than he was. He said, "Hi. My name is Darrin. Darrin Douglas." He surprised himself by being rather forward instead of his usual shy self when it came to strangers. He was still riding on a confidence high, thanks to his incredible sexual success.

The other boy smiled and shook hands. "Hi. I'm Ramon Sanchez."

Darrin looked Ramon over carefully. Like the rest of the Sanchez family, he clearly had Hispanic or Latino ancestry, with significantly darker skin than Darrin, though he didn't show any sign of an accent. He also was more muscular and handsome. There was no doubt that everyone in the Sanchez family hit the jackpot when it came to attractiveness. Darrin even noticed that Ramon was wearing the exact same kind of shorts that he'd been given, and had an erection lewdly tenting his shorts, the same as him. From that bulge, it was obvious that Ramon was impressively endowed, though just how much was hard to tell, due to the shorts.

Despite all that, Darrin didn't feel too intimidated. It helped his confidence that Lisa sidled up to him and draped herself up against him, with an arm around his back and a hand caressing his chest.

Then he saw the minder for Ramon's family do exactly the same to Ramon, almost like they were mirror images of each other.

Both boys laughed as a result.

Darrin broke his handshake and held his hand out for the other minder. "Like I said, I'm Darrin. I met you earlier, but I forget your name?"

She smiled brightly and shook his hand. "Emily. Nice to meet you." She added with a knowing smirk, "I didn't forget your name. In fact, I know all about you."

Then Ramon took Lisa's hand, shook it, and exchanged introductions.

Darrin took a few moments to give Emily a look over. He'd meet her in Los Angeles before getting on the plane, so he knew she was gorgeous, but he'd been too shy to directly stare at her from close up. Now he did. By now, he knew that if she was associated with Napali or SI in any way, she was bound to be not only gorgeous, but also busty and sexy. Sure enough, she was all three. She was very fair, with light blonde hair, baby blue eyes, and almost pale skin. She was uncommonly tall, much taller than himself or Ramon, yet she was still voluptuous, with breasts that looked to be about F-cups, just like Lisa's.

Ramon was similarly checking out Lisa. After a long pause, he asked, "So... you and her...?"

Darrin wasn't entirely over his shyness and social awkwardness. He didn't quite know how to answer that. Plus, he wasn't sure what he should say. For instance, was it okay to say that Lisa was his "girlfriend," or "slut," or what?

Lisa sensed his difficulty, and made it a moot point by lowering her hand on his chest until it slipped into his shorts. She grasped his erection and started jacking him off. Although her hand was in his shorts, she made no attempt to hide her tell-tale stroking motions. At the same time, she told Ramon, "Yes! We are. I consider myself his first official slut. Until we have to part in a couple of weeks, of course."

Ramon's eyes bugged out comically as he watched what Lisa's hand was doing. Then he incredulity doubled, or more, as he felt Emily's hand snake inside his shorts. She began jacking him off too, continuing to act like a mirror image. All he could do was pant hard and silently open his mouth wide.

Emily said to Lisa, "Wow! Official slut? I'm impressed." She whispered into Ramon's ear, but too quiet for Darrin or Lisa to hear. Then she told Lisa, "Unfortunately, nothing's official on my end, although I keep dropping hints." She playfully nudged Ramon.

Darrin looked around anxiously. They were standing in the open. Now that he was off the plane, he had a 360 degree view, with Pearl Harbor bay, Honolulu, the Pacific Ocean, and nearby mountains all in sight. He could see other planes taking off or landing, or just parked in place. But nobody else was nearby except the group, and everyone else in the group was busy talking, so the dual handjobs hadn't been noticed by anyone at all. Even Sandy and Jane didn't have a clue.

However, despite that, he was still freaked out. He muttered quietly to Lisa, "You can't just do that here! Can you?!"

She quietly purred in his ear, "Actually, I can. Don't worry about it. Your old life is over. This is your new life." She lowered her voice even more, to whisper extra carefully, "Oh, and by the way, don't mention anything to these two about what's happening sexually between you and your other two sluts, okay? I still don't know just how far they've progressed."

Instead of replying to Lisa, he exclaimed to Ramon, "My god! This is nuts! Have you EVER been with a woman like Emily?!"

"No way, man!" He looked over to Emily.

She responded by turning her head to him and briefly French kissing him. Then she locked eyes with Lisa, and said, "Ramon is a total stud, and his cock is magnificent! I've stroked him to orgasm twice, titfucked him twice, and blown him twice too!"

Lisa smiled. "Mmmm! Sounds nice! I've done all that to Darrin... and more! My Lord, he's cum so many times that I've almost lost count!"

Darrin looked back and forth between Emily and Lisa, and realized there was a growing sense of competitiveness. Each was trying to gloat over how studly their man was.

Emily said, "I wish I could pull off this silly little top and drop to my knees in front of him right now? Do you think we should dare?"

Lisa looked around, and saw that the three vans Darrin had seen off in the distance had actually arrived and parked. Like the three others in their immediate group, she hadn't noticed because she was so distracted with the handjob action and conversation, but also because they were still at the base of the stairway while all the others had moved off to where the Browns, the pilots, and Vicky were waiting. That's where the vans had come to a stop.

So Lisa said, "Unfortunately, it's a moot point, since our rides are here. We should head over there. Darrin, you might want to say bye to Ramon. You'll be seeing him later tonight, for dinner at least, but we're going in separate vans."

Darrin looked down at Lisa's hand in his shorts, then over to Emily's hand in Ramon's shorts. He laughed and shook his head. He told Ramon, "Hey, man. It's been good talking to you."

Ramon shook his head too. "It's been WEIRD talking to you!" He laughed. "We should get together at dinner with Trevor and try to sort this out."

Darrin frowned in confusion. "'Trevor?'" Then he remembered that was the name of the son in the Brown family. "Oh, right." He looked over to where the Browns were standing, about fifty feet away. He did a double take. "Holy shit!"

The caused all the others in their little group to look to see what he was startled about. It was clear as day that the minder for the Brown family was on her knees in front of Trevor. One could only see her backside from this angle, but the bobbing motions of head made clear what she was doing, and the way her yellow top was pulled up to her armpits was another clue. The other two Browns were standing a couple of feet away, just staring in amazement, while the pilots, Vicky, and all the others were staring from nearby too.

Ramon muttered while he continued to gawk, "Fuck me! No way! Let's go over there!"

Darrin laughed. "Good idea! See you later."

"Yeah, later."

Lisa pulled her hand out of Darrin's shorts, wiped it, and then held his hand. They started walking towards the vans and the other people, while Ramon and Emily did the same.

But to Darrin's disappointment, the group was splitting into three, with each family and their minders moving to the van that they were going to ride in. That meant that Darrin didn't get much closer to Trevor's blowjob. He didn't even get a good look at the other women, since they were generally facing away from him.

Instead, he found himself standing with Sandy and Jane again. The two female pilots had joined their group, but they were standing a few feet away and Lisa went to talk to them.

Sandy stood very close to Darrin and whispered confidentially, "Son, don't look now, but the Brown boy is getting his cock sucked!"

"I know, I just saw," he replied. "I guess we shouldn't be too surprised though. I was just talking to Ramon, you know, the Sanchez son, and Lisa jacked me off the whole while Ramon's family minder Emily jacked him off! It was wild!"

Jane pulled in close too, until the three of them were standing close enough to kiss, with their hands on each other's backs. Jane muttered, "Oh my God! Are you serious?!"

"I am," he replied. "By the way, what were you two doing? Did you talk to the Sanchez mother and daughter?"

Sandy was breathing hard and her face was red. She glanced over to where the Browns were standing, and saw Trevor still getting blown. She shivered lustily. But then she refocused on her son and his question. "We did. I spoke to Maria, the mother. Good grief! That woman is stunningly beautiful! AND stacked! She wears an H-cup bra! Mine did appear to be a little larger, so I guess that confirms I'm an I-cup. But she's significantly shorter than me, so she's just as busty as I am, proportionally."

Darrin was taken aback. "Whoa! That's insane too!" He'd never met another woman as busty as his mother, except maybe for some obese ones.

Jane nodded. "I know! And Rosalita - that's the Sanchez daughter - she's ridiculously stacked and gorgeous too! And nice! I was talking to her some, and I'm so freaking intimidated. If ALL the women on Napali are like them, and the Browns, and the minders, and the pilots, I don't know what! I'm going to have a long cry, for starters!"

He wasn't thinking too clearly, due to his raging lust. "'A long cry?'"

Jane explained, "I'm used to being THE hot one, the most desired girl in school, by far. I know I'm generally pretty modest about it. I don't go around gloating or acting all superior, but I'm starting to realize how much I took it for granted."

She stopped talking, because she realized the pilots and Lisa had stopped talking and joined their group. At the same time, a driver had left the van closest to them and also was standing nearby.

Lisa took charge. "Let me introduce everyone, and explain our plans." She waved a hand at Darrin. "This is Darrin. He's accepted me as his first official slut for the next couple of weeks, I'm proud to say. Darrin, this is Pamela." She looked to one of the pilots.

Pamela stepped forward towards Darrin, so much so that Sandy and Jane broke their loose hug with him and stepped back. Pamela clearly was African-American, with dark skin, black hair in a very short afro, and dark brown eyes. She also was seriously busty and beautiful. She said, "Darrin, nice to meet you. Would it be too forward if I greet you with a kiss?"

He was surprised yet again, but rallied to say, "Um, no. I guess that's fine."

"Good!" But instead of stepping forward to kiss him, she took off her jacket and handed it to the other pilot. Then she started unbuttoning her white blouse.

As she did that, Lisa explained, "Pamela is our main pilot, and Astrid is the co-pilot. They'll be taking us all the way to Napali in the next two days."

Each of the Douglases stared in open-mouthed shock as Pamela silently but seductively unbuttoned her blouse all the way and then pulled it open. That revealed a pair of large, round tits, unencumbered by any bra. They were F-cup-sized on her medium-sized body, which was slightly taller than Darrin's.

Then, without saying anything, she stepped forward, wrapped her arms around Darrin and planted her lips on his. She began kissing him with passion and skill.

Sandy and Jane were upset, especially Sandy. It didn't help that they noticed that Astrid had also removed her own jacket and handed both jackets to Lisa. Then she started unbuttoning her blouse as well.

Seeing Sandy with her hands on her hips and steam practically coming out of her ears, Lisa moved closer to her and spoke to her quietly, but just loud enough for Jane to hear too, since Jane was standing right next to her mother. Lisa said, "Now you two, I know this may be upsetting but you need to get used to it. Your son is going to have his cock sucked by dozens of gorgeous women in the next few weeks. Heck, if he can stay erect, he'll probably experience a variety of talented mouths tonight."

"TONIGHT?!" Sandy exclaimed.

Lisa nodded decisively. "Yes. Of course it's for his pleasure. But it's also important training for you and for him. All three of you are undergoing a crash course in Napali living so you'll be able to get your sea legs not long after arrival. Don't mind a little kissing or tit fondling."

She added "tit fondling" because Pamela had brought Darrin's hands up to her chest not long after the kissing began, encouraging him to play with her body there. He hadn't needed much convincing, so he was happily kneading and caressing.

Lisa continued, "That's nothing. In fact I'm sure that both Pamela and Astrid will want to suck him, and soon. The question is, can you handle it?"

Sandy clenched her teeth and folded her arms under her tremendous bust.

Jane muttered to her, "Mom, I'm not any more happy about this than you are. This is our new life! We need to get used to it. Remember, we've been told that women suck cock on Napali practically like how people in the US say hello."

Sandy closed her eyes and ran a hand through her hair as she let out a heavy sigh. "UGH! I'll try. I promise, I'll try."

Lisa patted Sandy's shoulder. "Good." She was within easy reach of Pamela and Darrin, so she tapped Pamela on the shoulder. "You should give Astrid a turn."

Pamela broke the lip-lock. "Right!" With her bare tits still pressing against Darrin's chest, she held a hand out for Sandy. "Hi there. I know you're Sandy. I'm Pamela."

Sandy sighed again, but she unfolded her arms and reluctantly took Pamela's hand. She didn't even try to break her frown, but she muttered, "Hi."

Pamela smiled at her. "Don't worry, sharing him will get easier." She turned her head to Jane. "And you're Jane."

Jane at least forced a smile, but it looked forced. She also shook Pamela's hand. She spoke glumly, "Yeah. Hi."

Pamela moved to the side, but only slightly. She kept her big bare tits pressed against part of Darrin's chest and one of his arms.

Astrid's white blouse was wide open by this time. She stood in front of Darrin, giving him a chance to look her over.

She was quite a sight. She looked much like the Sanchez minder Emily, except she was both lighter and larger everywhere. She had blue eyes and blonde hair, but her hair was platinum blonde. Her skin was quite pale too, but she had rosy cheeks. She was clearly of Scandinavian ancestry, as her name indicated. She had a large, tall body, like an Amazonian Viking, and impressively large breasts to match. They were H-cups, though they seemed more like G-cups in a proportional sense.

She moved in and pressed her big tits against the free space remaining on Darrin's chest. Pamela had spread her legs wide to get low enough to kiss Darrin's lips. But Astrid was so tall that that wasn't enough; she had to bend over with her ass sticking way out. As a result, her tits were just about the only part of her body pressing against Darrin as she moved in for a kiss.

Darrin was on cloud nine as he locked lips with Astrid. Her huge tits were dangling down due to the way she was bending over. He didn't need any guidance this time, and started fondling them straight away.

Sandy let out a long sigh, then covered her eyes with a hand.

But Lisa muttered to her. "Don't do that. Force yourself to look. Trust me, you need to get used to this, and the sooner the better."

Sandy reluctantly took her hand away and kept her eyes open. But she was suffering.

Jane was too.

While Darrin and Astrid made out, Lisa said, "Now, assuming that everyone is paying attention, let me explain our plans a little bit. Pamela and Astrid want to go to the local SI office, since that's where they keep their cars. We need to go there too, since Sandy, as you may remember, I said we could stop there to print out some of the pictures that we took. So it makes sense for them to ride with us."

Lisa went on, "We arrived on time, which means it's only four in the afternoon. Some other people will take your personal luggage off the plane and you'll be reunited with that later. In the meantime, we'll have some stops to make that I'm sure you'll enjoy, including shopping and dinner. Does that sound good?"

Astrid broke her kiss with Darrin, since it seemed Lisa was mainly asking that question to him.

He looked around in a daze, trying to recover his bearings. Neither Pamela nor Astrid had put their hands in his shorts, but he was extremely aroused and his cock with throbbing with need.

Lisa smirked as she asked him, "Did you get all that?"

"Um, yeah. Good."

Astrid pulled herself from Darrin, and then Pamela did too. Astrid moved closer to Sandy and Jane, while keeping her blouse wide open. She said, "I know your names and you know mine, I'm sure. But it's nice to meet you just the same."

Sandy and Jane were polite enough to shake hands, though they were clearly unhappy about it.

Then Darrin's eyes bugged out, because another raving beauty stepped forward, and she was effectively topless too.

Lisa saw that, and said, "Ah. Darrin, it's time for you to meet Leia. She's our driver."

If anything, his eyes grew wider and wider, and his jaw dropped, as he checked Leia out from head to toe. She apparently had been wearing a short white sleeveless top, but she'd pulled it up above her impressive rack. She had an exotic look, with rich brown skin, black hair, and almond-shaped dark green eyes. She showed no signs of any tan lines. She also wore a short black miniskirt, not much larger than the ones Sandy, Jane, and Lisa were wearing. His gaze went all the way down her muscular legs to notice light green high heels.

She stepped right in front of him and stood with her bare chest outrageously thrust forward, with her body stiff and straight, like a porno version of a solider on parade. She said, "Darrin! It's my pleasure to meet you. I'm at your service, in every possible way!"

Sandy smacked her own forehead in frustration.

Jane just let out another unhappy sigh.

Darrin struggled for something to say. "Um... Leia? As in... Princess Leia?"

Leia chuckled. "Yeah. I get asked that all the time. My real name is Leilani. I'm hapa, which means half-Hawaiian. But I'm kind of a Star Wars geek, so I like to go by Leia. Is it okay if I kiss you too?"

"Sure!" He smiled brightly.

Leis stepped forward, wrapped her arms around him, and kissed him. She was shorter than Pamela and Astrid, but due to her high heels she had to spread her legs like Pamela did in order to get her mouth at the right height.

After a relatively short kiss, she broke it to ask him, "I'm going to have to drive you a lot, so I may not get as much cock time with you as I'd like. I can feel it poking against me, hot and stiff! Do you mind if I hold it and stroke it a little bit as we kiss?"

"Um, no! No problem!"

She resumed making out with him. She brought his hands to her ass and slid them inside her black miniskirt. She wore no panties, so his hands found themselves fondling her bare ass cheeks. Then one of her hands went to the tight space between their bodies while the other started fondling his ass cheeks. She slid that first hand into his shorts and started jacking him off.

Lisa stood directly behind Sandy and Jane, putting one hand on each of their backs. She whispered to them, "How do you feel?"

Sandy whispered back, "Jealous! So jealous! And upset! How am I supposed to compete?! Pamela, Astrid, AND Leia! They're all too sexy and beautiful!"

Jane whispered, "You said it, Mom! Not to mention the Brown women and Sanchez women, and the minders, and Vicky. Including you, Lisa. I've seen more stunning and busty women standing around here on this tarmac than all the other women I've met in my entire life!"

Sandy added, "Ditto! And the way we're all dressed. We're gonna cause a riot!"

Lisa said, "You would, actually, except we're very careful. Note the vans have heavily-tinted windows, for instance. As for the busty beauties, you're having a crash course in getting used to that too. SI only takes the best of the best. Keep in mind that Pamela, Astrid, and Leia didn't quite qualify to live the Napali life. You may be in awe of their beauty now, but remember they would give practically anything to be in your place instead."

With Darrin and Leia closely pressed together, not much could be seen of the handjob action except for the obvious motion in Leia's arm movement. However, just knowing he was getting stroked was making Sandy and Jane increasingly hot and bothered, despite their jealousy and general aggravation.

Jane quietly asked Lisa, "How is it possible they didn't qualify?! They literally couldn't be any more physically perfect!"

Lisa said, "That's true, but remember there's a lot more than appearance that matters. Remember all those tests you took, for instance? Don't be afraid to ask them about it. They'll tell you."

Lisa looked around and saw the other two groups had gotten in their vans. One van was already driving away. She clapped her hands, and said loudly, "Hey! It's time to go. We're the slowpokes bringing up the rear again. Leia, you WILL have time to play with his cock more later, I'm sure of it. Let's get a move on!"

Leia broke the kiss, then purred sexily to Darrin, "I can't wait! It's going to be such TORTURE for me, having to drive the van, and all the while thinking about sucking your cock! Is it okay if I suck your cock later? Will you please let me?"

He was staggered yet again. "Um... yeah. Sure!"

Leia beamed with pure joy. But she stepped back and pulled her shirt back down over her tits. It was a white and extremely tight shirt. The shape of her erect nipples could easily be seen. It barely made it down to the bottom edges of her tits, leaving her sexy, fit, tanned tummy showing.

Darrin looked from that to Pamela and Astrid, standing side by side, partially in their pilot uniforms but also with their blouses wide open. Pamela's dark skin was a startling contrast to Astrid's light skin. He felt woozy from too much lust.

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