Chapter 66
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The whole group finished piling into the van about a minute later. Leia sat in the driver's seat, naturally. There was a dark barrier separating the driver's front row from the passengers' area in the back, but she lowered that down all the way.

The back area was mostly open, with a padded bench stretching continuously all around except where the side door was. That left a large empty floor in the middle. There were windows almost continuously all the way around the van, as if it was an exceptionally large SUV. The windows were all darkly tinted though, except for the front windshield.

Darrin was motioned where to sit, which was in the middle of the back part of the bench, so he was facing forward like Leia. The van was wide enough for Sandy and Jane to take spots on either side of him, squeezing in tightly. Lisa sat to the side. There were belt buckles in just the right places for each of them, so they buckled in.

That left Pamela and Astrid. Instead of covering up like Leia did, once they got inside the van they knelt down in the open space in the middle of the back area and stripped off the rest of their clothes!

Pamela explained to Darrin as she did a sexy striptease of sorts, "Darrin, if you don't mind, we have a strict rule about not mixing piloting a plane and cocksucking. So we suffered in the cockpit for the entire ten-hour flight, knowing all sorts of thrilling things were taking place on our plane but not being able to do a thing about it!"

Since Astrid was also sexily stripping off her clothes, she added, "So do you mind if we suck you off from here to the office? We really need it!"

Pamela said, "We've heard so much about your huge cock!" She already was down to just her wide-open blouse, having saved that for last.

Astrid similarly was in a hurry to undress, also keeping her blouse for last. As she seductively pulled it down her shoulders, she said, "We'd like to suck you together. We're a good cock-pleasuring team. It's true we're not Napalites, but you can see from our heels that we know what we're doing."

All eyes went to Astrid's heels, which were turquoise in color, and then to Pamela's, which were burgundy. The blouses kept coming off, until those heels were all that the two pilots still had on.

Lisa chuckled. "Astrid, Pamela, I'm impressed, but they don't know what all the different shoe colors mean yet." She looked to Darrin. "Trust me, those are good colors. I have no doubt their rankings make them better cocksuckers than any woman in Hawaii who doesn't work for SI."

Darrin was too gobsmacked to actually make any sort of reply, but the two pilots took his silence for approval. They pulled his shorts all the way off his legs and then crowded in between his thighs.

Astrid was the first to take his cock in hand. "Good LORD! He's big, even by Napali standards!" She didn't say more, because she immediately dove down on him and engulfed his cockhead. She began bobbing on him straight away.

Pamela moved in close and got busy lapping on his balls while stroking the rest of his shaft.

Darrin clutched his hands in the air and tilted his head back while shutting his eyes tight. "HOLY FUCK! Sorry for my language, Mom, but HOLY FUCK! Holy fucking, fucking, fucking FUCK!"

Leia giggled from the front seat. She had a rearview mirror angled to check out the action in the back of the van. "Are you all settled in back there? Good! Here we go!" She started the engine and began to drive.

Sandy and Jane would have been burning with jealousy, except they were so very, very aroused. Seeing two total strangers sucking Darrin off together within minutes of meeting him was astounding. The fact that they were both ridiculously beautiful was even more astounding. Seeing Pamela's dark brown body on all fours tightly pressed against Astrid's white body was still more incredible, with Pamela's short afro further contrasting with Astrid's long, straight, platinum blonde hair flowing down her back.

Lisa was deliberately sitting nearest to Sandy, having figured that Sandy would probably need more hand-holding, both literally and figuratively. Mothers typically had a much more difficult time coping with the dramatic role reversals in the family. She took Sandy's hand and quietly asked her, "How are you holding up? Does seeing that make you upset?"

Sandy stared at the oral action with eyes as wide as saucers. Since she was sitting shoulder-to-shoulder with her son, she had a good view of Astrid's lips sliding up and down his boner. She couldn't see much of Pamela sucking on his balls, since Pamela was coming up from below, but she could see all of Pamela's startlingly black hand sliding up and down his thick shaft.

She gasped for breath because it was such a jaw-droppingly arousing sight. She tried to answer, "It's so very, very, very, very... very..."

Lisa chuckled. She pulled Sandy's top up above her huge breasts, getting no resistance from Sandy. Then she started fondling Sandy's tits with both hands, especially playing with her stiff nipples, and said, "'Hot' is the word you're looking for, I think. It's so very hot, isn't it? Seeing two perfect-ten women like that, so eagerly sucking him, it does something to you, doesn't it?"

Sandy was in a lusty daze. She nodded while continuing to gawk. At that very moment she started to see tears leak from Astrid's eyes, which thrilled her even more. She muttered, "I'm still burning hot with jealousy, but it's kind of mixing in with my sexual heat, and even amplifying it! My entire body is on fire!"

Lisa said, "It really gets you right here, doesn't it?" As she spoke she used a hand to reach under Sandy's miniskirt. When she said "right here," she ran her fingers up and down Sandy's sopping wet pussy lips.

Sandy moaned lustily, squirming in her seat. She'd all but forgotten they were in a van, but a bump in the road jostled the whole van and reminded her they were on the move. She glanced through the windows, which weren't nearly as dark from the inside as they were from the outside. She realized that they had left the airport entirely and were traveling on a major road with houses on either side.

She felt a bit panicky, though reminding herself of the tinted windows helped a bit. She urgently asked Lisa, "Where are we?! Where are we going?!"

Lisa said calmly, "We're on the outskirts of Honolulu, headed into the heart of the city. As you know, SI has two main offices outside of Napali, one back on the mainland and one here in Honolulu, since it's 'halfway to paradise.'"

Darrin was listening to the discussion. The comments made him open his eyes and look through the windows. Man oh man! What a trip! I can see people in other cars, doing their typical boring things. If only they knew what was happening in here! GOD! I'm so fucking AROUSED! I don't mean to seem ungrateful, but these two suck like Vicky, or even Lisa. They're really damn great! Mom and Sis have loads of passion, for sure, but they don't have the technical skill yet.

Sandy was panting hard while still staring at Astrid's sliding lips so intently that she hardly noticed Lisa's hands playing with her nipple and pussy lips. "We're going to drive right through the middle of a busy city like this?!"

Lisa said in her same calm and reassuring voice, "Yes, we are. Trust me, nobody can see in."

Jane was shoulder-to-shoulder with Darrin on his other side, which also gave her a great view of all the action on Darrin's cock, except for what Pamela was doing to his balls. But she was listening to Lisa and Sandy talk too. She looked out through the windows, then asked, "What about through the front windshield?"

Jane was extremely hot and bothered, just like everyone else in the back of the van. After seeing that Lisa was playing with Sandy's body, she'd started playing with her own nipples and pussy, though she was doing both under the clothes.

Lisa asked Leia, "Can you see what's happening back here?"

Leia laughed. "For sure!" She brought a hand to the rear view mirror in the middle of the front seats. "To be honest, I'm looking more through this mirror than at the road! I can't see much more than those black and white, sexy, wiggling asses, plus some head bobbing, but just knowing what's going on is making me hotter than a raging forest fire! I can't wait until I can have MY turn. I really want to choke and gag on him, for ages! Has anyone done that to him yet?"

"No," Lisa replied. "And don't you try it yet." She tapped on Astrid's head, then Pamela's, to make clear who she was talking to. "I think it's only fair that his mommy-slut and sister-slut have as many firsts as possible."

"Amen to that," Leia said. "Is he still a virgin?"

"He is, I'm sure," Lisa said. She didn't like bringing up the fucking topic if at all possible, but since Leia had, she figured it was time to drop another bomb. "Sandy, you lucky slut! In Napali we have a tradition for virgin boys his age. He gets to fuck his mother first. But to make sure his sister won't feel left out, she'll be his first ass fuck."

Sandy and Jane just about passed out. Their jaws dropped. Lisa (and Vicky and Olivia) and others had been so careful about not mentioning fucking that both of them had almost entirely forgotten about it. They'd been obsessing about blowjobs to the exclusion of nearly everything else, except for related titfucking and handjobs. So that casual comment was like a bolt out of the blue, even though fucking had been mentioned a little bit here and there.

Sandy's heart hammered so much, and her panting increased just as much, that she felt like she might hyperventilate. "He's going to fuck me?! AND my ass?!"

"Of course," Lisa said matter-of-factly. "I've told you before the cocksucking is the primary Napali sex act, by far, but there's lots of fucking too. With Darrin's unusually powerful libido it's an easy bet that he'll fuck you almost every day. Being a mommy-slut means totally committing yourself to serving him with all your heart and soul, and all of your body."

Sandy was left speechless. Her arousal was rising like a rocket blasting off into space. She had fallen so deeply into her mommy-slut lifestyle already that she didn't have even a fleeting thought about somehow trying to get out of being fucked by him. She had already known it was going to happen from earlier conversations. She was more shocked about the idea of getting her ass fucked. Olivia had almost never talked about that, and there were no videos of Olivia getting fucked in her ass, so that sex act had been almost entirely off Sandy's radar screen.

Darrin was blown away yet again. I'm gonna get to fuck Mom and Sis in every hole?! I guess I kind of knew that already. I mean, they're my official sluts now! But still, hearing Lisa talk about it like it's an established fact makes it so much more real! It's gonna happen! Fucking Mom for the first time! And fucking Sis's ass! It's all too much to even think about!

He felt a great lusty rush. That forced him to frantically squeeze his PC muscle to stop him from cumming. But Pamela and Astrid were true pros. They knew that sort of talk would greatly arouse him,

Jane was similarly gobsmacked, especially about the anal sex part. But she had a different method of coping: she decided to act like she hadn't heard any of that and would try to deal with it later. She attempted to quickly change the discussion back to what they'd previously been talking about. "Um, Leia... I know you can see with that mirror, but what about some stranger looking in?"

Leia saw how Jane was trying to get fucking off her mind, and she was fine with playing along. "Oh, I wouldn't worry too much about that. This special van rides higher than almost all other cars, and deliberately so. I suppose if some guy or lady stood up on a ladder right in front of the van while it was parked and looked down into the backseat area at just the right angle from just the right height, he or she would get the surprise of their life. But what are the odds of that happening?"

Indeed, even though the barrier between the front and back areas of the van had been lowered, the front seats were very high, up to headrest level, and were continuous from one side of the van to the other, instead of having a gap between the two front seats as many cars did. So it would be very difficult for anyone to see what was happening in the back, even if they were trying their best to peer in.

Sandy remained concerned, so interjected. "But still! It could happen!"

Lisa continued to caress and fondle Sandy's outrageously sexy body. "True, but that adds a little extra thrill, doesn't it? But don't worry, this van is used by SI all the time. Trust me, superior cocks gets sucked in the back here a lot! It's designed for that."

Sandy still protested, while continually licking her lips, "But... just look at them go! Their entire bodies are swaying back and forth and rubbing against each other in time to their bobbing and sucking! It's so sexy, the way their round, perfect asses keep moving. Their entire bodies... naked! And we're stuck in traffic, with just the tinted windows protecting us!"

Lisa grinned widely. "It's really hot, isn't it?" She reached out and ran her hand up and down Astrid's bare back, since Astrid was the one closer to her. "Don't be afraid to touch them, by the way. They're unabashed sluts and fully bisexual. I'm sure they'll like it." Lisa took one of Sandy's hands and brought it to Astrid's back.

Sandy began tentatively stroking Astrid's smooth, fair skin, up near her shoulder, since that's what she could easily reach.

Since Lisa was sitting further to the side, she reached down and caressed Astrid's nearer ass cheek.

Jane saw that and felt inspired to tentatively stroke Pamela's ebony skin. She looked to her brother's face, which looked contorted in pain, and asked him, "Bro, how are you feeling?"

He still had his eyes closed and was breathing heavily, but he managed to reply, "Oh my God! It's so great! They're both, like, experts! The pleasure is non-stop and so INTENSE! It's like an endless rush, and yet I don't need to cum!"

Just then, Astrid finally stopped sucking his cock, only to be replaced by Pamela. They switched positions expertly, with Astrid immediately taking over sucking on his saliva-soaked balls while also stroking his shaft.

Sandy squirmed in excitement. "Oh, WOW! Look at that! They just switched!"

Darrin tilted his head back and let out a long, lusty moan as he tried to cope with the new sensation of Pamela's lip-lock.

Lisa started pumping two fingers in and out of Sandy's cunt, while using her other hand to play with Sandy's tits. "It's really exciting to watch, isn't it? Jane, you and your mom should pay close attention, because this is what you two should strive for: being a flawless cocksucking team."

Jane asked, "Should we worry about him cumming? Maybe we should tell them to take a break. I don't want him to cum!"

"It's good for you to worry about that," Lisa said. "These two are true sucking experts. I told them how he's cum nine times today, and they're very mindful of that, believe me. Plus they know the squeezing trick, and other tricks you haven't even heard of yet."

That was true. Darrin was flying high. They were keeping him at the exact ideal level of arousal. He felt great, but he wasn't in danger of cumming and he didn't need to squeeze his PC muscle. It was endless bliss.

Lisa added, "It helps that they're used to working together as a team. You see, Pamela and Astrid aren't just co-pilots on this one flight; they regularly work and pilot together, AND they're lovers."

Jane said, "They sound like ideal Napali sluts. Why the heck weren't they chosen?! Can I ask them?"

Lisa answered, "You can, but I'll bet they would rather I answer that so that they don't have to stop their sucking. Right, ladies?"

Both Pamela and Astrid briefly lifted a hand to give a visible thumbs-up gesture.

Lisa then explained, while still fondling Sandy with two hands, even as Sandy continued to caress Astrid's back. "Clearly, as you can see, they pass the physical qualifications with flying colors. But the psychological element is just as important. As it happened, Astrid was considered as part of a family triad, and she and her daughter passed all the tests, but her son had temper issues and jealousy issues. The SI team tried to help with counseling, but it was determined that it wasn't an easily fixable thing."

She went on, "In fact, things went from bad to worse and he started to develop a drug problem. Luckily we were able to get him into the military when he turned eighteen, and the strict military discipline helped straighten him out. He's still in the military now, but he missed the boat of starting an incestuous relationship with his sister or mother. It's sad."

Sandy did a double take. She whispered to Lisa, "They know about the incest?!"

Lisa repeated that so everyone could hear. "Sandy just asked me if they know about the incest. Of course they do; they work for SI, after all. While we were milling about, waiting to get into the van, I quietly told them how you two have started sucking Darrin's cock and have pledged to be his big-titted sister and mommy sluts, respectively."

Sandy gasped and clutched at Lisa with both hands. "OH NO! They know all that?!"

Lisa said patiently, "Sandy, relax. SI is all about helping families like yours achieve all of their greatest incestuous fantasies. You're going to meet a bunch of SI people today and tonight, and they'll all know about your incest. And they approve, wholeheartedly! The only ones who may not know are the Sanchez and Brown families. We'll have to have an SI powwow later, before dinner, and figure out just what can be said to whom."

She went on, "But anyway, as for Pamela, she also was considered as part of a family triad. She passed all the tests, as did her daughter. But again, the son was the problem. He passed nearly all the tests, but he had a curious lack of sexual energy. He has a handsome, muscular body and a large penis, but he only needs to cum once or twice a day. We tried to fix that too, with aphrodisiacs and counseling, but without much affect. Some people are just that way. Not everyone can be hyper-sexual, like your family is becoming."

Jane was still listening closely, even as she kept watching the cocksucking while masturbating. She asked, "So what happened to him?!"

"Oh, that worked out better. Pamela and her family didn't qualify for Napali, but in close cases like that we at SI tend to get emotionally involved and want to see things to a good end. With her piloting skills, it was a natural for Pamela to get a job flying for SI. Astrid came along a couple of years later and made a perfect co-pilot fit. Now both of them live in Majuro and pilot the supply plane that goes to Napali about twice a month. So you'll actually be seeing a fair amount of them. They're about as close as any SI people can be to living in Napali who don't actually live there, since they visit all the time."

She went on, "They also do some other flying for SI, enough for them to have an apartment here in Honolulu, even though it's hardly ever used. And they do some other odd jobs in Majuro, like buying all the needed supplies, since the flights aren't very often. All in all, they have a pretty cushy work schedule, if you ask me."

Jane asked, "But what about their kids?!"

"Ah, yes. That's had a good but curious solution. Pamela's son Wesley eventually got sexually intimate with her and Astrid, as well as their daughters. But due to his low libido, he didn't have nearly enough sexual energy to maintain a harem of four women. So their daughters moved to Napali as 'free women' and found good situations there. You'll meet them before long and like them, I'm sure. So now Pamela, Astrid, and Wesley live together in Majuro most of the time, with Wesley under an assumed name to keep the incest a secret. But even then, his sexual energy isn't enough to keep two total hotties like Pamela and Astrid fully satisfied, so they have other lovers. Mostly they go to Napali every few weeks, stay there for a couple of days, and have all sorts of wild sex there. So it's out of sight and out of mind from Wesley's point of view. They also have a lot of sex with each other. It's unusual for the SI world, but they make it work."

Pamela and Astrid continued their cocksucking and ball sucking without pause. But, sensing that Lisa had reached the end of her story, Pamela gave another thumbs-up signal to show that she approved of that account.

Lisa then tapped Darrin's nearer arm. "Stud, are you listening to all this?"

His eyes were still shut tight, and his face looked strained, but he grunted in response. Then, sensing that wasn't clear enough, he said, "Un-uh. For sure."

"Good," Lisa said. "Because it affects you. Pamela and Astrid don't get to suck nearly as much cock as they'd like, since they mostly have lesbian sex in Majuro. Now that they've been introduced to you and your cock, I'm sure they're going to want to suck it a lot for the rest of the journey. And when they stop by the island on their supply runs, I bet they'll want to suck it more. And both of their daughters are still free women. I'll bet they'll be sucking you before long too."

Sandy was aghast, "But! B-b-b-but... what about US?! Janey and me! We're his main sluts!"

Lisa kept right on pumping two fingers in and out of Sandy's cunt, but she took her hand off Sandy's huge tits to supportingly pat her shoulder. "That's true. That's very important. It means you'll have pride of place. You two will be sucking him the most, by far, together with whoever gets to be his permanent third slut. Trust me, with his libido, you'll be sucking him every day until you come near to your natural physical limits. But with the sheer size of his cock, plus his stamina and recuperative power, he's going to be in high demand. You'll have to get used to sharing, more so than most."

She went on, "As I said, you're getting a crash course in the Napali lifestyle. Pamela and Astrid didn't actually have to ride in the van with us, but I knew Darrin's cock was still stiff. I was thinking about sucking him all the way to the office, or handing him off to either or both of you if you dared to join me. But I figured it would be better in the long run if you two started getting used to sharing him with others from the very start."

"UGH!" Jane exclaimed.

"What does that mean?" Lisa leaned forward so she could get a good look past Darrin to Jane's face.

Jane complained, "I don't even know! I'm so damn HORNY! I can't think straight! I'm totally pissed that I'm gonna have to share Brother's cock with so many others. Seeing Pamela and Astrid going at it right in front of me really brings that home. God! They're so damn TALENTED! It really makes me want do better!"

Lisa said, "That's a good thing. As a sister-slut, there really is nothing more important than serving your brother's cock. You'll be sucking him many times a day, starting today and quite possibly for the rest of your life! So it's a very healthy thing for you to strive to be the best. And you will be, if you keep at it. If you truly keep at it, in the years to come, you'll have purple, orange, blue, or even red sucker heels!"

Sandy asked, "Are those the four highest levels?"

"Not counting all the red sub-levels," Lisa replied. "There actually are ten of those. I've only made it to the third one. No one has actually made it all the way to the top."

Jane groaned lustily. She was close to masturbating herself to orgasm, and was only holding back due to the fact that she was in a van with two near-total strangers on all fours in front of her, plus Leia driving the car. "UNNNNGH! God, I want to be the BEST cocksucker for my brother! I want that so badly! I want to suck him so great that he'll want to squirt every single cum load on my face, or Mom's face, or on our tits or down our throats! I want to wear red sucker heels, dammit!"

Lisa smiled widely. "That's what every good sister-slut wants. And mommy-sluts too." She turned back to look at Sandy.

Sandy had long since stopped caressing Astrid's back. She had her head tilted up and back against the tinted window behind her, with her eyes shut tight. One of her hands was in her mouth and she was biting down on it as she struggled with all her might not to cum.

Lisa leaned in and purred near Sandy's ear, "I can tell you are dying to cum. So cum!"

Sandy briefly paused in biting on her hand to mutter, "But it's so humiliating! To scream out loud!"

"So scream out loud!" Lisa prodded. "The windows are rolled up and we've got the air conditioning on. It's sound-proofed.

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