Originally written by G. H. Lawrence under the title "Extortion",
supersized by Spacer X

BLACKMAIL (Supersized-by-Spacer X version of G. H. Lawrence's EXTORTION)


It was around noon on a Saturday afternoon, and I was sitting in the den with a stiff dick, watching a porno movie.

The picture quality was terrible, but that was expected. It was spy porn, captured by a camera hidden in a motel room. The video, which resembled convenience store surveillance footage, showed a cheap bedspread with a teal fleur-de-lis pattern. Beside the bed, light crept under a set of heavy curtains drawn over the window.

On the bed, a woman was sucking a man's cock. Both were completely nude. He looked about 45 years old, with a big bald spot on the back of his head and a flabby gut that made his legs seem skinny. He was swarthy with body hair. His cock looked decently large, maybe eight or nine inches long.

"Oh, yeah, suck it, Kate," he moaned. The woman looked younger, about 30. She was physically spectacular in every way. Both her coiffure and her trimmed beaver were medium-brown. Her bronzed skin was flawless, and her figure just wouldn't quit. Her legs were long and perfectly tapered. Her hips were full but not overly so for her height and frame--she was about a five-foot-six and relatively lithe. Her stomach was flat and her waist was narrow.

And her tits--oh, man, her tits! They were massive, probably a DD or E bra cup size, if not larger. They were real, too, riding close together like two huge, supple eggs. They shimmied and bounced against each other while she pumped her fist up and down her partner's thick cock.

She sneered at the man and licked her lips like a porn movie actress. One might guess that she was a very expensive prostitute and he was a wealthy businessman.

"You ready for it, baby?" the man asked excitedly.

The woman reached across and took a condom packet from the nightstand. A quick tearing sound cut through the room, then she took the rolled prophylactic in her mouth. She went down on the man once more, methodically this time, unrolling the condom on his shaft.

Even though I was burning with jealousy and disgust, I had to appreciate her talented technique. None of my teenage girlfriends had ever done that to me.

The intercourse that followed was hot, though in a perfunctory way. They started in the missionary position, the beautiful woman's huge, firm-looking breasts widening as she lay back and the man mounted her.

Inside her, he pumped somewhat robotically; I watched his saggy butt hump up and down between her legs and wished the fixed camera angle had captured the penetration. Clearly, this wasn't the first time this couple had fucked.

Soon, the man used up all his moves and the woman was getting bored.

I grew increasingly frustrated that he was so very unworthy for her. But the jealous part of me was relieved that he wasn't doing a good job.

Then the view got a lot better. The man rolled off the woman and she mounted him. For the first time, I could see her entire naked body in all its glory, and the stunning sight truly took my breath away.

Right away, I could tell that this hot babe was seriously good at fucking. Riding cowgirl-style, she flexed her gorgeous figure up and down while the man groped her. This time, I could see the penetration, and I felt my own big tool grow even stiffer in my pants as I watched the hemispheres of her shapely bare ass move up and down on his erection.

"Ooh, yeah, baby, go for it," the man seethed, sweating and panting.

I was getting increasingly worked up by imagining that I was him, and I was fucking her good. Just watching him plow in and out of her nearly made me faint, because my mind was reeling at how incredible it would feel if I was doing that to her.

Even the view of his cock going into her was nothing, however, compared to the sight of her big, bare rack heaving mightily.

The man liked this, too, his eyes widening and fixing on her tanks as they lurched up and down. He reached up and cupped his hands under them.

I cursed, Lucky bastard! My jealousy surged higher.

Then he slid his hands down to her waist.

She arched her back proudly. Those big tits practically exploded off her chest, vaulting out like two huge, soft gourds.

"Oh, fuck!" I whispered with breathless awe. "Oh, Christ, yes!" I was on the brink of cumming, just from watching.

I had seen this woman before, you understand, but never like this. Never even naked. I squeezed my throbbing cock through my pants, desperately wanting to whip it out and jack off right then and there. I had jacked off to her so many times already. But I didn't dare this time. I had better plans for my cock. Much better plans.

The sight and feel of the woman's fantastic breasts were too much for her partner. And probably the way she was gyrating her hips on him was more pleasure than any man could handle. Groaning, he bucked his hips and his eyes rolled back in his head.

"Oh, baby, I'm--ohhhhhhhh. Ungggggh! Yeahhhhhh! Oh!" I obviously couldn't see inside her fiery depths, but he clearly had shot his load into the condom. The session was abruptly over.

The woman stared down at him with pursed lips and then dismounted. She clearly hadn't had an orgasm of her own. She lay beside him, offering another long, unobstructed frontal view of her incredible body.

My heart was racing and my jaw was hanging open from gawking at the sexiest naked body I'd ever seen. Jesus! She's hotter than even what I've imagined!

The man lit a cigarette for himself, then offered her one.

She declined. "You know, Jim," she spoke matter-of-factly, folding her arms behind her head, "You've got a nice big dick, but you don't last long enough."

"Sorry, babe," he said. "You're too damn arousing."

I could heartily agree to that.

While they pillow-talked on the videotape, I heard a car outside in the driveway. I quickly hit the mute button and listened for the front door. It opened a minute later and I heard a pair of heels clicking on the stone floor of the foyer. My mother was home.

Normally, this would have caused a moment of sheer panic. I was 18 years old, an only child, a senior in high school, and here I was watching a sex video in my parents' den. Under normal circumstances, I would have frantically yanked the tape from the VCR and dashed up the back stairs to my bedroom.

Not this time, however. Today was different. Today was far from normal. If things went as planned, today was going to be the greatest day ever.

You see, the hot woman on the hidden-camera sex tape was no porn star or hooker. She was my mother!

I had long suspected her of having affairs, and with this video, which I had made two days prior, I now had her dead to rights. If Dad knew, it would crush him. He adored my mother for reasons I never quite understood (other than her incredible beauty, of course). She was the stereotypical spoiled and stuck-up "trophy wife" who had used her fantastic looks to snag a rich man who could give her everything. I knew she didn't love him, and just put up a good act.

But I was convinced she did love me, a lot. She had been a great mother since I was a baby, and she still was. My love for her was off the charts, simply due to her being such a great mother for me. And then... her body!

Dad wasn't going to find out about this, however, if I got my way. I didn't plan to show him the tape. I planned to show it to Mom, and I was going to blackmail her with it.

What did I want? A new car? Nah, I already had a Mustang convertible. Money? I had plenty of money from the cushy summer office jobs I'd worked. That was ordinary stuff. There in the VCR was the smoking gun from hell, and I wanted something really good in exchange. Something unthinkable. Something I'd remember for the rest of my life.

I wanted what the guy on the tape got. I wanted to fuck Kate, my mother!