Originally written by G. H. Lawrence under the title "Extortion",
supersized by Spacer X


I hit the rewind button and casually headed down the long hallway to the kitchen.

En route, I began to have second thoughts about my plan. Will it work? Is it too sick even to try? Is there something seriously wrong with me? Sure, Freud said all men want to bone their mothers, but he never said it was okay to actually do it. This is so fucked up. But my lust is simply unstoppable. God, forgive me!

As I walked into the kitchen, I momentarily gave up on my scheme and resolved to just have a normal evening, not the strangest one of my life. It's funny how sex can scare you that way. The guilt from thinking about blackmailing someone you truly love was too much.

Then I saw Mom, who was putting a six-pack of mineral water in the refrigerator, and my cock stirred again. Lord, what a woman! GOD DAMN! I just can't help myself! Why do I have to be cursed with this obsession for HER, of all people?! Why is she so irresistible?! Even the way she just stands there doing nothing special sets my soul on fire! Her every move is orgasmic!

She was wearing a navy blue cotton skirt that rode snugly down over her hips and thighs and ended a few inches above the knee. From there, her silky legs descended into a pair of blue platform sandals. Her toenails were crimson and perfect.

The top half of her body was even better. Her huge tits were practically pushing the front of her pearl silk blouse into a different zip code. I could see a tantalizing hint of her massive cleavage swelling and jiggling as she closed the fridge. What an hourglass figure! Mom is 36, but she has the figure of a 20-year-old. How can I resist this temptation?! It's so wrong to want her like this, but I can't help it! Nobody knows what it's like to live with a sex goddess close, but so far. Endless torture!

During a moment like this, I usually undressed her in my mind. Now, thanks to that tape, however, I no longer needed to. I knew how incredible she looked naked, how firm and perfect her body was. I had seen everything--her tits, her ass, her beaver, everything, and it was all just as hot as I had always envisioned.

Yes, I wanted to fuck her. Nothing else mattered just then, not even the guilt. The fact that I loved her and she loved me didn't stop me at all. In fact, that was a very big reason why my desire for her was so intense. Somehow, it seemed morally right since we loved each other so very much, we should express that love physically too.

My plan was suddenly back in action, thanks to my unstoppable lust. My father had just left for a business conference that would keep him away for the entire three-day weekend. My mother worked, but the same hours I was at school. She would be home and without much to do for the next three days. So the timing couldn't have been better.

"Hi," I said to her, desperately trying to sound and act normal. I put my hands behind my back, because they were trembling slightly.

She straightened up and looked my way. She flashed me one of her usual brilliant, toothy smiles. "Hi, Son. Did you mow the back yard yet?"

"Not yet." Mowing the back yard was my Friday afternoon chore. It was Saturday and I still hadn't done that. Needless to say, I had other things on my mind.

"Well, you'd better get it done today."

"Yeah, I will," I said. "But first there's something I want to show you."


She was still smiling, thanks to seeing me, and it broke my heart to have to wipe that smile from her face. "Uh, it's a video."

"Oh, Peter, this isn't another tape from football practice, is it? I really don't have time--"

"No, it's not another football practice. It's a surprise."

"Okay, let me get a drink and I'll be there in a minute."

I headed back to the den to wait. After five minutes, which seemed like ten years, her heels came clicking down the hallway. She walked into the den with a Tanqueray tonic in a crystal rock tumbler, the ice tinkling like a tiny xylophone. Her huge breasts were bouncing youthfully inside her blouse.

I let my eyes linger on them a little longer than usual.

She noticed, and frowned. "Peter, what did I tell you about staring at my chest?"


"My big breasts attract enough attention out in public, so the last thing I need is for my own son to gape at them at home."

"I'll control myself."

After today, I thought, I won't ever need to stare again. I'll just glance in her direction and think, "been there, done that." Maybe she'll love getting fucked by me so much that she'll want to do it with me all the time. Hot damn! I'm so fucking psyched! I can't believe I'm really going to do this! How can she turn me down?! She can't!

"Come on, Peter, show me whatever this surprise is. I've got things to do."

"I'm glad you made yourself that drink," I said nervously. "You're gonna need it."

"Why?" she asked with a note of alarm.

This was a big moment, no turning back. I hit the play button and the tape rolled from the beginning. There was a second or two of static fuzz, then the empty motel room appeared.

"What is this?!" she asked with even more concern.

"Oh, it's just something I taped a couple of days ago. You'll see." My heart was racing like mad and I was about to pass out from nervousness and anticipation, but the die was already cast.

"Where did…?!"

Her question trailed off as the motel room door opened and the lunchtime lovers entered.

I glanced at Mom, who had just recognized herself on the screen.

"Oh… my god!" she whispered. "Oh my god!" She put her face in her hands for a few seconds and then looked at the screen again, where she and her pudgy partner were standing beside the bed. He was kissing her neck and cupping his hands under her jugs through her sweater.

I commented, "Man, that guy can't keep his hands off those big tits of yours." I had never said anything crude like that to Mom, and it felt raw and scary coming out.

Still in shock, she apparently didn't really hear me. "Peter, how did you get this tape?!" she asked incredulously, her lower lip quivering.

"I made it myself," I said, with surprising calm. Somehow, I felt the worst was over, even though it almost certainly wasn't. I had finally crossed the Rubicon, though, and that was a tremendous relief. I was so close to my ultimate fantasy that I could barely contain myself. Lust was trumping all my moral qualms.

I told her, "Last week, I followed you to that motel. The desk clerk said you and the guy always come every Thursday around one o'clock. So I skipped some school and went back there a couple of hours early and gave the clerk fifty bucks to let me install the camera in one of the rooms. Then he promised to give you that room. As you can see, he made good on his promise. I've been waiting for Dad to leave on his weekend trip, and he just did, as you know."

On the screen, Mom's sweater was off and her partner was licking the slopes of her tits between the huge cups of her full-coverage bra while she fumbled with his belt buckle.

Mom's eyes were the size of saucers as she stared in horror. "Turn it off, Son, please! I don't want you to see this!"

"Are you crazy? Do you think I haven't watched it already? I've seen the whole thing, Mom. I've seen it all. I've seen your gorgeous naked body while you suck his cock-"

"Peter, stop it!"

"-then I've seen those fantastic tits of yours heaving while you ride the lucky bastard."

"No, no, no!" she moaned, burying her face in her hands again.

"But frankly, Mom, you'd didn't seem satisfied at the end. How long have you been fucking this guy?"

"Son! Don't talk like that!"

"Oh, that doesn't matter now. How long?"

She looked miserable, even with her hands mostly covering her face. "A, uh... a couple of months. I don't think we should discuss this."

"Well, the real question is, what are we going to do about it?"

She groaned in distress. "It's not your concern. I'll stop seeing Jim. It's over."

I asked, "You're not going to tell Dad?"

She seemed aghast at the mere idea. "No, no, no! It would kill him. Do you want to see him hurt?"

I hardened my heart, in order to follow through with this. "No, and you don't want to be divorced and penniless, do you?"

She lowered her hands to her sides and glared at me suspiciously. "Son, what has come over you?! Everyone makes mistakes, young man."

"And people have to pay for their mistakes."

She sighed heavily. "Believe me, just sitting here with you and seeing this is bad enough for me."

"Well, that's not good enough for me."


"Listen, do you want me to give this tape to Dad, or don't you?"

"What are you getting at?" she asked morbidly.

A long silence fell.

Understanding came to her face, at least partial understanding. "Oh, I see, you're blackmailing me. You're blackmailing your own mother! Jesus Christ, you've got some nerve!"


She was pissed and disgusted. "Well, what? I can't believe the good boy I raised is sinking this low."

I decided not to respond.

After letting the silence drag out, she sighed heavily, and asked, "What do you want? A new car? How about a BMW? I'll pay for it from my private account and your father will be none the wiser."

"Nah, I love my Mustang."

"What, then? A trip? You can go anywhere. You can take your girlfriend to Europe for a month and spend as much as you want."

"I don't like French food."

By the way, I did have a girlfriend, which was no surprise because I was a handsome, strong, nice, and personable guy. (At least when I wasn't blackmailing the woman I loved!) Her name was Dusty and she was awesome. But, to be brutally honest, compared to how I felt for Mom, in the words of R.E.M., she was just "a simple prop to occupy my time."

I was so obsessed with my mother that I preferred the girl who looked the most like her. Dusty was gorgeous, and she had unusually large breasts. Even her face was similar to Mom's. I should have been a happy camper, because she was a hot fuck who pretty much thought I walked on water. But pretending in my mind that she was my mother just wasn't the same.

My mother asked testily, "Well, what, then? Are you doing this to punish me?! That's the only thing that makes sense. You're not a bad person. What could you want that would possibly justify trashing how I see you, the good boy that I know you are?! I don't understand. Do you want more freedom? No more chores? No curfew? It's done. I'll work it out with your father somehow."

"You're getting colder, Mom."

She gesticulated in frustration, clutching at air, causing her massive orbs to wobble. "Then what?! Would you please tell me what the hell you want?!"

I was reaching another turning point. This was my last chance to change my mind before altering our relationship forever. I was trembling with fear, but my lust was far too strong. I'd desired her so intensely for so long! It was like someone else was in charge of my mouth and body, forcing me to say and do the unspeakable.

Acting with more calm and confidence than I really possessed, I smiled at her and nodded at the screen, where she, kneeling, was tugging down the man's pants and starting a blowjob. Unfortunately, he had his back to the camera and I couldn't quite see his dick in her mouth.

"Peter, please turn that off."

"No, Mom, you don't understand. That's what I want."



On the TV, Mom's eyes were closed as she bobbed on her partner's knob. The microphone picked up faint smacking sounds.

"You want... from me?! Are you crazy?!" Her eyes got as big as saucers as the truth finally started to sink in.

"That, for starters." I gulped, nearly ready to pass out. My heart felt like it was going to well and truly thump right out of my chest. But I was resolute.

"Oh my god! You want to have sex with me?!" Her tone approached hysteria.

"Yep." I felt surprisingly relieved, now that I'd made it through the toughest part.

She was in a panic. She looked all around the room, as if searching for an escape hatch to leave this nightmare. "Peter! Son! Honey, be reasonable! Think about what you're suggesting!"

"I've thought about it a lot. Hell, I've been thinking about it for years," I said, ogling her huge bust line.

Her eyes followed mine down into her cleavage. She groaned in distress. "Oh, god! I knew this beautiful body would get me into serious trouble one day, but I never dreamed of anything THIS insane! Fantasies are one thing… We all have them… But… this is reality!"

She found new resolve and stared at me with narrow, determined eyes. "Well, it doesn't matter because it's not going to happen! Sorry, but I'm not going to sleep with my own son! When you come to your senses you'll thank me for it."

She was acting as if the issue was settled, and even seemed strangely relieved.

I was feeling increasingly relieved too, even though my body was alive with lust and excitement. I'd fallen into the "bad guy" blackmailer role and there was no undoing that at this point. The worst is over now, for sure. I might as well fully embrace the role and get to enjoy the reward, the ultimate reward. My greatest fantasy coming true!

I simply noted, "Mom, you're forgetting something. The tape."

On the screen, Mom and the guy were naked and on the bed. She was still blowing him, only now the camera was seeing everything. She slowly drew her sensual lips up and down his pole as he moaned and grasped the bedspread.

Her calmness and confidence was shattered again. "Oh my god! Peter, please turn that off! Even seeing me like that will damage you. It's just not natural!"

"It looks like you give great head," I said, ignoring her pleas.

"Peter, for Christ's sake!" she intoned, standing up and facing me, blocking my view of the television and planting her hands on her hips. That was the only way for her to stop me from watching the screen, since I had no intention of relinquishing the remote control to her and there was no power switch on the console.

"I'm offering you a real bargain, Mom. Most kids would want tons of money. You're getting off Scot free, basically. In a few hours, the tape will be yours. And believe me, you'll enjoy earning it."

She knew I had quite the reputation of being a sex stud. There was a good reason why some of the hottest girls in school had dated me, because they knew I could fuck them into oblivion like no one else. I knew my mother was aware of my sexual reputation, because she joked about it with me sometimes.

She pointedly ignored my sexual boast. She was growing frantic. "You're absolutely out of your mind! This isn't you! You're a good kid! A loving, kind guy! What you're suggesting is immoral! Evil, even!"

She had a point about morality. I knew I had no leg to stand up, but I was more or less driven insane by my relentless incestuous obsession. So I ignored her words and tried to shift the topic. "If you think that guy is well-hung, wait until you see my big boy."

She glanced at my crotch, probably without thinking.

The fact that there was a visible bulge there was fairly remarkable, considering how nervous I still felt, overall.

She quickly looked away, and complained, "What about your girlfriend?! She's one of the sexiest girls in school. Surely, she keeps you completely sexually satisfied. The way you treat her almost like your personal sex slave is ridiculous, not to mention scandalous. Don't get greedy!"

She was right. Like I said, I did fantastic with girls my age, and my girlfriend Dusty was great. However, that meant little to nothing compared to my overwhelming obsession for my mother. I honestly told her, "She's great, but she's just that: a girl. You're a woman. It's like night and day. You have the face and body I dream about."

I could have gone on with much passion about the depth of my feelings for her, but I worried that might do more to scare her off than help.

She was breathing hard and looking all around, as if plotting an escape. "Listen, honey, just because you've caught me with someone else doesn't mean I'm some horny slut who will do anything."

"Oooh, yeah, that it's, Jim," came her voice from the TV speaker. "Suck my big tits while you fuck me!"

Mom winced and flushed.

I chuckled and smirked. "You were saying?"

She seemed desperate. "Peter, please don't destroy our relationship. I love you! You love me! Why ruin what we have with this… this… insanity?! We've already had so much trouble!"

"Enough talk," I announced, getting up and facing her. "Unless you want me to mail that tape to Dad at his office, here's what's going to happen. We're going to go upstairs to my room, take off our clothes, then I'm going to slide my big cock into your pussy and fuck your brains-"

I saw the flash of her palm, then felt the neck-twisting whop of her hand against my face. She had struck me as hard as she could.

Frowning in pain, I saw the desperate rage in her beautiful brown eyes. Mom could be a bitch sometimes, but she had never struck me.

I acted undeterred, and I was, because lust was in total control of me now. "I'll give you one hour to think about it. Either you show up in my room within one hour wearing that red bikini you know I love, or Dad gets the tape. And, by the way, I've already made copies of it. The choice is yours. Do the right thing."

She defiantly put her hands on her hips. "I'm calling your bluff! There's no way you'll go through with this. You're too good. You love me too much. You'd never hurt me like this!"

"Mom, that's the thing. I love you so much that it's crossed over into physical desire. Frankly, I'm so deeply in lust for you that I've kind of gone insane. We both try to overlook it, but we know this has been coming for a long, long time. It's like I'm not in control. My teenage hormones have gone haywire for you!"

She frowned intensely. She was even more frantic, perhaps starting to realize that I had her over a barrel and that I really wasn't bluffing. "Peter, please! Son! Let's talk this over! If you force me into this, there's no going back! Everything will be ruined forever!"

I walked out of the room and headed down the hall.

"Go screw yourself!" Mom called after me with anger and frustration in her voice.

I looked back and saw her leaning sexily against the doorframe. I froze in amazement.

She'd switched to a taunting mode. "You're right, Son, I do have a fantastic body. My legs are long, my ass is shapely, my waist is tiny, and my tits… well, look at them!" She cupped her hands around her awesome rack and squeezed, making her cleavage swell and strain against her blouse buttons.

Fuck! I just about fell to my knees.

She smirked. "Huge, round, firm, perfect. All of my lovers have said they're the best, and that I'm the best. Jim couldn't get enough of me. But you, young man, will never, EVER know me that way! We're mother and son. I know you're good and kind. There's no way you'll actually go through with this. Give it up!"

I didn't understand how her teasing me was supposed to make me change my mind. On the contrary, it was redoubling my desire to go through with this. "Alright," I said, shrugging. "I'll pack up a copy of the tape for Dad. He'll have it by Tuesday, for sure."

Her confidence turned to alarm as she reacted to my nonchalant confidence.

I was still nervous as hell, but I truly was confident too. After I'd gone this far, there was no way I was going to back down. I hoped my determination was getting through to her.