Originally written by G. H. Lawrence under the title "Extortion",
supersized by Spacer X


I went to lie on my bed and ponder the situation. Okay, the die is cast. Now, our future is in her hands. Honestly, I have no idea what she'll do. Mom is a conniving gold digger, but she isn't crazy. Having sex with your own son — now, that's crazy! I've probably presented Mom with the most agonizing dilemma of her life.

With a little luck, she'll face it as a true pragmatist. Hopefully, she'll conclude that after just a couple of hours of unthinkable sex, she'll get away with having an affair and go right on with her life. She should even consider herself lucky. Dad is a good man, but a very jealous one. If he catches her in bed with that guy, or someone like him, she'd be out on the street within hours and divorced within days.

Would I do it? Would I really send him the tape?

I asked myself that question more often as the hour wore on and Mom didn't show up at my door.

She isn't going to do it, I mused at one moment of doubt. She'll do anything to keep her privileged life, but she won't resort to incest. She's probably pondering various counter-offers to talk me out of my twisted quest.

She had come up with a pretty good one, it turned out. At one o'clock, with just a couple of minutes left in the hour I'd given her, I heard her slippered feet pad toward my room.

"Peter?" she said softly, standing the doorway, afraid to enter. She was wearing her powder blue bathrobe, which vaulted forward over her huge chest, and her hair was wet.

"Yeah, I'm in here," I said. I spoke calmly even though my heart was about to thump clear out of my chest.

She spoke diplomatically and carefully. "I have an idea. You remember Cindy, I'm sure, my close friend from the tennis club. As you know, she's really gorgeous and is built like me." She brought her hands up to her chest to make her point clear.

I held my breath in awe, especially since her robe opened up somewhat from the top, exposing some of her cleavage.

She went on, "In fact, she's even curvier than I am, and she's got the long blonde hair I know you like. I've seen you scoping her out countless times, so I know you want her. I'll arrange for you and her to, you know... "

I was very tempted. If I wasn't masturbating about my mom, I usually was masturbating about Cindy. She was every bit Mom's sexy equal, with even bigger breasts! It was a wonder the two of them could play tennis at all, with the way their enormous racks dominated their bodies.

However, I didn't want to be deterred from my ultimate prize, not even for Cindy. I figured that I simply had to stay strong and reject all her counteroffers, no matter how great, and Mom would have no choice but to agree to incest!

I said, "You're lying. For starters, she's married."

Mom said with considerable embarrassment, "Yes, well, if you must know... she cheats too. A lot."

That took me by surprise. "Does she? Why?! Her husband seems...." I wanted to say "nice guy," but then I thought about what I knew about him. He was kind of a sleazeball. So all I could finish the sentence with was, "uh... er... he's not evil."

Mom chuckled. "Talk about damning with faint praise. And I don't even know if I agree with the 'not evil.' You know as well as I do that he's a greedy scumbag and she only married him for his money. Furthermore, he doesn't have it where she really needs it, between his legs. She's like me. We're 'size queens.' It makes us do strange things. I've noticed you have a rather sizable… bulge… so I figure you'd probably be able to satisfy her."

I was delighted, because she'd inadvertently given me a lot more confidence in my plan. I knew from the video that I was even more well-endowed than her lover Jim. If her size fetish made her do "strange things," I could use that to my advantage.

I asked, "And how do you know all this about her?"

She grew even more embarrassed, "We talk, okay? Very frank, sexual talk. I know all about her lovers, and she knows about mine."

That was even more interesting, but I still wasn't going to be deterred. "Have you asked her about this yet?"

"Er, no. I don't want to embarrass myself telling someone about this if I don't have to."

I smiled as I fondly pictured Cindy in a bikini, with her long blonde hair framing her brilliant blue eyes and the rest of her gorgeous face. Mostly I gloried in envisioning her enormous tanned globes and the rest of her hourglass-shaped, firm body.

What a temptation! She'd even put Dusty to shame. Dusty is awesome, but she just hasn't physically matured enough to have the mature, MILF, voluptuous body that I crave the most.

Still, even Cindy isn't Mom. I've gotta keep my eyes on the prize. The ultimate dream! There's a reason I have a certain ideal body type, because Mom is physical perfection to me.

I finally spoke, trying to sound casual. "Well, if Cindy wants to join us for a threesome, that would be hot. I think I could satisfy both of you at once. Trust me, I've got a package that size queens like you two love. Otherwise, it'll just be you and me."

Mom, who had taken a hopeful step into the room, leaned back against the wall by the light switch and let out a long, defeated sigh. Her big tits shimmied under her robe. She glanced at my crotch again. She didn't appear surprised this time to see a prominent bulge there.

Then she smiled wryly and shook her head in disbelief. "And you haven't come to your senses about that shiny new BMW?"


She was grasping for straws. "What about Cindy, the BMW, and anything else you want? Anything! A blank check for as long as you like. The sky's the limit!"

"Okay, sure! I'll take all of that, AND you! You know what I want, and you're it."

There was a long pause, maybe ten seconds.

She let out another long, resigned sigh. "Okay, then let's get this over with." She untied the bathrobe, pulled it from her shoulders, and let it fall to the floor behind her.

Underneath it, she was wearing the red bikini, plus shiny red high heels.