Originally written by G. H. Lawrence under the title "Extortion",
supersized by Spacer X


My heart seemed to stop beating for a minute or longer. I simply couldn't believe what I was seeing. Her body was a jaw-dropping sight in and of itself, but the fact that she was showing off signaled that she was agreeing to my blackmail!

HOLY FUCK! My plan is working! The impossible is coming true!

"Oh, yeah!" I said wolfishly, getting up quickly and walking over to her. "Oh, fuck, yeah!"

There her tits were, rising huge and firm above the stiff French cups of the bikini top.

I put my hands on the cups and pressed my thumbs against her cleavage. Mom's forbidden tits! Warm and springy. Perfect!

"Oh, God!" she gasped, looking down at her tits, and my hands on them. She was normally cool and in control, but her face was burning red with embarrassment.

The fact that she was actually allowing this contact and not slapping my face was another total mind-blower.

My penis had been erect pretty much non-stop for the last hour while I'd waited in agony for her decision. But as much as I was already aroused, my lust soared way higher.

I leaned down and gave each huge mound a long lick - the left tit, then the right.

She grasped my head as if to push me away, then let her hands fall to my shoulders.

Nearly berserk with lust, I had to get those melons out and suck them. "Get your top off," I commanded.

On the surface, her disgust seemed to be mounting, but I knew how proud she was of those gorgeous jugs.

She growled, "God, you really are a bastard! This can't be happening!" Looking me calmly in the eye, she reached behind her and unhooked the fasteners. Then she pulled the straps from her shoulders and tossed the red top down to one side.

I muttered "Holy shit!"

She smirked proudly at that.

As awesome as her naked tits were on the videotape, you can imagine how they were in person at point-blank range. No, actually, you can't imagine. Practically leaping out of the bikini cups, they bounced against each other and quivered maddeningly before coming to rest. They were even bigger naked than they were under clothes, and I realized I had been underestimating Mom's bra size all along.

Holy shit! This woman is no DD or E cup. She is, in all likelihood, an F cup, at least! WHOA!

What I'm trying to impart here is that her tits were enormous--round and firm, launching off her slim, curvy frame like two supple grapefruit. Her aureoles were small and pink. They were flawlessly tanned, with no visible tan lines at all.

Curiously, her nipples were very erect, and she was panting. That didn't fit with her general reluctance.

"God!" I said, panting even harder and louder than she was. I was like a kid in a candy store who realized he'd just been granted ownership to the entire store!

"Like 'em?" she asked dryly. Even though she was simmering with anger and irritation, she couldn't resist proudly showing off.

"I've never had my hands on a rack this big," I said honestly.

I was very sexually experienced for my age. Having an enormous penis helped more than a little with that. I've only fucked the sexiest, most endowed girls in school. But Mom's on a different plane entirely than all my other lovers! Hell, her tits are even bigger and firmer than Dusty's, and that says a lot.

And she's going to be my next lover! That's such a heady thought!

Greedily, I cupped my hands under her great globes. Jesus, they're firm and heavy! I craned down and went to work on her nipples, rolling my tongue around each areolae.

I was sucking my beautiful mother's huge bare breasts and nothing else really mattered. I knew that my blackmail was immoral, but already I felt fully vindicated that I'd made the right choice in doing this. And this was just the very start!

Apparently, Mom was thinking about my girlfriend too. "What about your little harem? Don't you feel bad for cheating on them with me?! Especially poor Dusty. That girl is totally in love with you, even though you treat her badly. She'd forgive anything you do."

I briefly glanced up, and smirked. "I think you just answered your own question there."

Mom groaned in frustration.

After that first helping, I straightened up and looked at her, my hands still squeezing her rack. "I can't wait to get my big cock between these," I said, looking down at her perfect orbs.

"Good, let's do that first," she said testily. "Since you like them so much, you'll last about ten seconds and we'll be done."

"Oh, no, babe," I countered. "I'm going to finish off between them, alright, but only after I give your pussy a good, long fuck!" I was surging with confidence the more I got to freely play with my mother's incredible, huge tits.

Her face contorted in worry. "Son, you're not going to do anything weird to me, are you? You just want straight sex, right?"

I smirked. "What do you mean by 'weird?'"

"Well, you're not going to tie me to the bed or pee on me or anything like that?"

"No, I won't tie you to the bed if you behave yourself. And no, I'm not going to pee on you, but I am going to cum on you. And in you. No condoms!"

"Oh, Peter," she said, her face sour.

"And I cum in quarts."

"Wonderful," she said sarcastically, rolling her eyes.

"If you only knew how much you're going to enjoy this, you'd stop bitching," I told her. "You know about my sexual reputation. I've worked my way up to dating probably the hottest girl in school. I promise you, I'm gonna rock your world!"

She gave me a stern look while standing there in just her bikini bottoms, letting me fondle her awesome rack. "Son, I am not going to enjoy this. It's a living nightmare! I love you dearly, but only as my son. This is going to ruin our relationship forever. It's breaking my heart!"

I knew she did love me a lot. She's got a point there. Although she's been a bad wife, she's always been a great mom, putting raising me first. However, that isn't going to stop me. I have big plans, and they involve making her way happier and more loved in the long run. We'll be loving each other in a new way from now on!

I commanded her, "Pull my big cock out of my pants and you'll change your mind. Do it!" One reason I'd been so successful with girls my age was that I'd found that they got off on a guy who knows how to take charge. I hoped that would be the case with my mother too.

My rigid tool was bulging obscenely down the right leg of my jeans.

Mom pretended not to notice as she calmly knelt down before me and undid my belt buckle. Then she unzipped my fly with about as much sensuality as a jaded trauma nurse.

Despite her effort to remain passionless, just the sight of my topless mother kneeling before my crotch made me dizzy with desire.

I barked impatiently, "Come on, get it out and stroke it before I rip my pants."

I was secretly pleased and encouraged that she didn't push back with my bossy talk. Normally, she would never have allowed me to talk to her like that.

She muttered in complaint, "Dear God! I can't believe this is happening! It's a living nightmare!"

I didn't believe she really meant those words. Maybe a part of her felt that way, but I could also see a lusty fire in her eyes. She was eager to fully expose my cock.

With my fly open, she tugged my jeans and boxers down to my thighs with a couple of firm, clinical yanks.

She'd seen my bulge countless times, as she'd mentioned. But I was sure she truly had no idea just how big I was. She was about to find out.

Freed, my rock-hard cock sprang up and hit her on the chin.

"JESUS H. CHRIST!" she unthinkingly exclaimed, recoiling slightly from the blow. Then she got a good look at my thick dick. It was pointing right at her face, and it was nearly a foot long. That's right: over ten inches, and very thick. The thickness was even more extraordinary than the length.

"Oh, my lord, Peter!" she said, her eyes widening. "Good fucking God! I knew you were big, but I didn't know you were THAT big!"

Just like that, her face suddenly started blushing, and her breathing turned ragged and heavy.

I beamed, proudly of the newly wondrous and lusty look in her eyes. "Nice, eh? I can't wait to see your lips wrapped around it."

"SON!" she gasped in shock. "Don't even say that! That's obscene! It's totally obscene! There's NO WAY I'm going to do that! It's too big! Way too THICK!"

My confidence was rising, especially the more I saw that fire of lust burning in her eyes. I simply told her, "Stroke it."

Tentatively, she reached up and wrapped her right hand around my shaft, just below the cockhead.

She couldn't resist noting, "My fingers don't quite meet. That's incredible! I've never seen THAT before!"

"Ohhhh!" I moaned, feeling her warm, strong hand squeeze my shaft. I was having trouble already keeping cool and in control. Not to mention that I was also already dangerously close to cumming.

With incredible pleasure surging within me, I couldn't resist moaning loudly, "Oh, GOD! Come on, jack it!"

She did as I ordered, sliding her fist up and down in short, fast strokes. Her earlier annoyance and sadness was gone, replaced by curiosity and desire.

"Ungh, yeah, that feels great," I said as we both watched her hand stroke my huge pole. "Ever had your hand on one this big?" I asked.

"No! And I've had some damn big ones!" Her blush turned redder as she realized what she'd just said.

My confidence was surging even more, along with my lust. It helped that I could feel her huge bare tits lightly bouncing against my thighs. "Ever had a cock as big as mine in your mouth or your pussy?"

She seemed to remember her resolve to limit the "damage" of our encounter. She scowled at my cock. "No, Peter, I haven't, and this one isn't going either place. I'm going to get you off with my hand. This insanity has to end before things get even crazier!"

She gripped me harder and picked up the pace. She suddenly was totally focused on pleasuring my cock with her hand. Her gaze narrowed as she stared intently at her sliding fingers.

I thought, I have to admit, she knows how to give a handjob. Boy, does this bode well! My great fear is that she won't be as hot as she looks. But I know damn well what a passionate and emotional person she is. And she's incredibly fit. She's going to be a great fuck, for sure!

"Forget it. I last forever," I said cockily. "Remember about all those girlfriends I've had over the years. I've built up a LOT of stamina, with lots of sexual practice. Ask Dusty. She'll tell you the deal. Even with you, I bet I'll have good endurance."

She seemed to relish the challenge. "We'll see about that!"

I watched her massive bare rack jiggle youthfully against my thighs while I wondered if she was right. But then I remembered, I hold all the cards. She must be delusional. Who says this ends when I cum? There's no way in hell I'm going to cum just once with her, for starters. I get to make all the rules. And if things go like I hope, this isn't going to be our only sex session. No way! I'm gonna fuck her about as much as humanly possible, from now on!

I'm not going to keep forcing her if she well and truly doesn't want to do it, but I'm pretty damn confident that I'm going to get her not to just like incestuous fucking, but downright love it. It's like I've been training for the past few years to be the best fucker I can be, just so I can win her! All the fun I've had with Dusty and my previous girlfriends has just been warming up for the main event.

I groaned with great pleasure as her fingers continued to slosh over my increasingly wet shaft. Even as she kept her talented stroking going strong, she was using her other hand to fondle my balls. "Ooooh, yeah, jack it, Mom, jack it!"

She asked incredulously, "What do you think I'm doing?! Cum already, so we can get this over with! Cum on my face, if you must, if that helps drain you that much faster." She sighed heavily.

"You still don't understand. This session isn't over until I say it's over. If I shoot my load now, I'll be ready for round two before you can wipe all the cum off you."

"Bullshit! I'm going to drain you dry the very first time," she said, sneering up at me. "Come on, honey, cum! Don't hold back, Son. Just let it squirt out! You can do it all over me if you want. I'll even lick it off my tits, I promise. Anything to make you cum and get this over with."

As insanely hot as that sounded, I held back somehow. "Too late," I said, pulling her hand off it and guiding the cockhead toward her mouth. "Suck it!"

Her eyes widened with alarm. "Son! Please don't make me do this!" she protested.

I was determined. "Suck it!"