Originally written by G. H. Lawrence under the title "Extortion",
supersized by Spacer X


She looked up at me with even more resentment. But that turned into a strange pride at her sexual skills. "Now you really are going to cum, young man! I'm going to rock your world. Nobody does this as good as I do!"

She closed her eyes and slid her lips over the tip, her jaw stretching wider and wider as my thick cockhead filled her mouth. "Nnnnnn," she moaned plaintively.

I was astounded at how quickly she had done that. I thought she'd complain and try to bargain some first, for starters. But she took it in straight away, almost like she was eager.

Then I realized, She's eager! She's seriously keen on sucking me off! And I highly doubt it's just an eagerness to get this "nightmare" over with quickly. Her lust is taking over, even though she's fighting it.

I glanced down, and almost freaked out. The sight of her lips wrapped around my shaft was simply too much. It blew my mind totally that it's a wonder I didn't forget how to stand and crumple to the floor. I quickly closed my eyes before I came on the spot.

I didn't really mind cumming quickly, since I knew I could go again and again. I'd even abstained the last few days so I'd be as primed for this big event as I could be. But still, I didn't want her to think that she had the upper hand and could manipulate me sexually. I doubled my resolve to hold out as long as possible.

I was amazed she could cram all of my bulbous cockhead into her mouth that quickly and easily. I wondered how much of it she could take. My gorgeous high school girlfriends had never managed more than a helmet polish, plus an inch or two. Dusty was a rare exception, and hardly a day went by when she didn't blow me at least once. But even she could only take my thickness about an inch or two below my helmet.

Mom, however, was a pro, and she was already equaling as far as Dusty could go. Plus, she seemed just as eager and talented as my favorite girlfriend. That said a lot, because Dusty truly loved sucking me off.

Little did I realize though, Mom was just getting warmed up! After industriously smacking her lips up and down the head about a dozen times, sucking harder and harder, she ventured further down the shaft.

I had to open my eyes and gawk in amazement. Three inches, then four. Five! Six! Jesus! Sucking a six-inch needle dick is one thing, but taking a half-foot of my lead pipe is a real accomplishment. Not even Dusty has ever come close to doing that.

It finally dawned on me, She's definitely deep throating me! Shit! THIS is what deep throating is like! Oh, YEAH!

I tilted my head back in ecstasy. "Oh, fuck yeah, baby! Take it! Oh, shit, I've never had a blowjob this good!"

That was the god-honest truth. Dusty had carefully practiced gagging herself until, after about a month, her gag reflex was totally gone. That had allowed her to do more than before, but she simply couldn't fit my thickness down her throat. And yet... Mom was doing that with apparent ease, right from the very start! Already, she was far exceeding my expectations.

Clearly, she was going all out in order to get me to cum before I was able to start fucking her. I hadn't seen her do this to Jim on the video, even though his penis was thinner and shorter than mine.

My eyes were rolled back in my head as I lightly gripped the sides of her head. "Holy fuck! Mom! My very own mother is sucking my cock! I can't believe it's you! For real! MOM!"

She growled unhappily at those words. She apparently tried to say something, but her mouth was far too crammed full of hot cock-meat for any intelligible words to come out. Instead, and probably despite all her resolve, she began sucking with even more passion and energy! I don't even know how that was physically possible, since she was deep throating me already!

Even though I was delirious with lust, it dawned on me that calling her "Mom' at a time like this was a big turn on for her, as it was for me. Testing out that theory, I muttered, "Mom! My cocksucker! Son-sucker!"

She responded by moaning even louder than before. Plus, she began doing something with her throat muscles that sent me into orbit. It felt exactly like I was fucking a tight cunt, only my cock was down her throat and it felt even BETTER than the best fucking I'd ever experienced!

I was flying to the stars. I was feeling more intense pleasure than I'd ever experienced in my life. It made me think, Good GOD! I have to have this in my life! All the time! I'm just going to have to give her the fucking of a lifetime to make sure she'll want to do this over and over again! There's no plan B!

After nearly a full minute, I had to dare to look down at the stunning sight some more. I couldn't believe she was STILL deep throating me! Her face was so startlingly beautiful already, but seeing the strain on her face and her lips stretched out impossibly wide somehow made her even sexier than ever before.

But what I felt was even more staggering than what I saw. She was milking my cock with her throat muscles, and using her tongue and lips on me the same time! It was the greatest sexual pleasure of my life, all the joy of a great vaginal fuck plus an expert blowjob on top of that! No wonder she thought she'd make me cum straight away!

Still going deep on me, she glared up at me with reddened eyes, because she was starting to leak tears from the sheer struggle. Okay, so maybe it wasn't easy for her, but that wasn't stopping her at all. Her lips were stretched freakishly around my shaft, with her cheeks caved in. It looked like she was trying to inhale an entire stick of salami.

I made a mental note to remember that image forever! WOW! Already this scheme is so worth it! Even if everything goes to hell after this, that's gonna be a memory to treasure for a lifetime!

She was determined to make me cum, but I was just as determined to hold out. I couldn't lose this battle and let her make me cum quickly. That could give her the upper hand for the rest of our sexual encounter, and maybe beyond. Luckily, I'd learned how to control my orgasms through squeezing my PC muscle, thanks to my extensive experience with my girlfriends. I was having to use every trick in the book to hold out.

"Mmmm, yeah, just like that!" I encouraged. "I've fantasized so many times about you doing this to me!" It was a wonder I could still talk coherently.

I gave a silent thanks to Dusty. She had essentially trained me to "survive" remarkable blowjobs due to her frequent and prolonged oral efforts.

But even with all my "training," I knew I was reaching a breaking point. Normally, my bag of orgasm-delaying tricks let me hold out pretty much as long as I wanted, so long as I put my all into it. Sometimes Dusty could suck me for an hour or more, pretty much non-stop, and I would only give in to the urge to cum when she was completely exhausted. But Mom was too much! Deep throating was an entirely different level of intensity.

The one thing that saved me was that I knew Mom had to be running out of air. All I had to do was hang on for a few more precious seconds…

She finally drew her lips all the way off my cock and sat back on her heels. A huge line of spit ran down her chin and dripped onto her left tit. Tears were streaming down her face too. She didn't even seem to notice. She had to hold her throat and gasp for air, after that challenging ordeal.

Phew! What a close call! I wasn't about to let her know, but I would have blown my load for sure if she could have lasted just five seconds longer. I was extremely proud of myself, because I maintained the upper hand in our not-so-subtle power struggle. Thankfully, she had completely disengaged from my privates to give herself some time to recover, and that gave me precious time to recover too.

Whether or not she would ever admit it, she was getting into this. I figured there was no way she couldn't be impressed with both my size and my stamina, even if she didn't admit that either.

She looked up at me in seeming amazement. She had to speak between heavy panting. "You've fantasized about me like this?! Sucking your big, fat, hot, and oh-so-delicious cock?!"

Holy shit, I had never heard her talk like that, and she knew it. This was all a ploy to get me off before I could put my cock in her pussy.

I was having to gasp for air too. Luckily, words alone weren't going to push me over the edge, now that her hands and mouth were off my cock and balls. I said, "Of course! I'm not deaf, dumb, and blind! Half the time when Dusty is sucking me off, I'm dreaming that it's you!"

She smiled proudly at that. "I bet it's better than you ever dreamed, isn't it?" she asked, while wiping some tears from her cheeks. "And I'm pretty damn hot, for a mom!" she looked down proudly at her enormous bare rack.

Losing my cool somewhat, I had to admit, "My God, you're way too fucking hot! You made me do this, even though I am a good kid and I know it's wrong. I don't even feel bad because you're that impossibly sexy! I can't resist!"

She smirked with pleasure. "Hrm…" She quietly muttered to herself, "Boy, this is NOT how I expected today was going to go!" She chuckled ruefully at that.

Then she went back to work on me, grasping the base of my shaft and then engulfing my cockhead again.

I would have lost it very quickly if she'd tried deep throating me again. Thankfully, she only ventured about an inch or so beyond the cockhead this time, so her tears stopped falling. But what she lacked in depth of penetration she made up for with sheer enthusiasm, sucking, licking, even rubbing her bottom teeth against the underside of my throbbing shaft.

Jesus, what a feeling! For a woman who's doing this against her wishes, she's certainly going for broke. God, she's a fucking cocksucking demon! So awesome!

This continued for a few more minutes, getting hotter and more arousing all the time. What blew my mind most of all was how much she was getting into it. There was no way for her to hide that she was sucking me with passion, if not even a lusty fever. Her dexterous tongue was very busy inside her mouth, and her lips were constantly sliding with great suction.

She had me right on the edge of cumming the whole time, even though this was just "normal" sucking and not her deep throating special. As a result, it was all I could do to hang on without cumming yet, while gasping and panting for air. But at one point I managed to mutter, "Fuck! Mom! You love it, don't you? You love sucking your son's big cock!"

She responded by opening her eyes as wide as they could go, and letting out her loudest and lustiest moan yet. "MMMMMM!" Then she boldly took me deeper and deeper until she was fully deep throating me again, all the way to the root!

Again, luck was on my side. I already was a hair trigger away from blowing my load, and that was going to push me over the edge, no matter what I did. But apparently she wasn't ready for her to do that, as she didn't have enough oxygen in her lungs. She only stayed down for a few seconds, then pulled all the way off to take another deep breath.

She briefly muttered, "FUCK!" Then she engulfed my cockhead again. Had she resumed her deep throating, I would have been a goner, putty in her hands. But, mercifully, she went back to mere "normal" cocksucking. Compared to the blowjobs I'd enjoyed from my girlfriends, this was something else entirely. She was quantum leaps better even than Dusty, and I believe Dusty when she told me that sucking my cock was her "second favorite thing to do in the entire universe," behind only getting fucked by me.

In fact, her oral work was so fantastic that even as distracted and overwhelmed as I was, I found myself thinking, Holy hell! How am I ever going to enjoy being with a girl again, after this? I can't! I won't! She's ruined me. This had better not being a one-time thing!

Fuuuuuuck! I can't even imagine how great it'll be, if I triumph with my plan and I end up getting to play with her all the time. Forget fucking! I can't even think how great that'll be. It'll literally break my mind! Just thinking of more blowjobs like this one is too much! Too insanely great!

Eventually, she had to pull off again. It seemed my size was getting to her, at least judging by the increasing amount of tears leaking down her cheeks, despite the fact that she'd stopped her deep throating for now. She went right back to licking me, right on my frenulum, the most sensitive spot just below my cockhead.

With her mouth freed, she goaded me, "Come on, honey, shoot your load!" Her fingers were jacking my pole while her tongue kept on with loud slurps. "Do it, Son! Do it all over me! I'll even... Oh, God... I'll even swallow it if you want!"

I exclaimed, "Shit, you'll do anything to get out of this fuck, won't you?"

She looked up at me pleadingly. "I just want this nightmare to be over, honey. I'm your mother. It's not right. Please!"

By this point, I was sure that her use of the word "nightmare" was hollow. Maybe she'd regret what she did later, but in the heat of the moment she was having a great time. In fact, it seemed obvious to me that she was trying to hide her enthusiasm. But she was failing miserably at that, because she was licking, stroking, and sucking with such gusto.

I played it tough. "Sorry. Maybe if you work hard enough, you'll get me to cum with your mouth. But I can get it up lots of times. Even that won't be enough to stop me from fucking you.""

"We'll see about that! UGH!" She tilted her head back down to my crotch and sighed heavily. Then, after taking a deep breath, she engulfed my cockhead again… and then some! She swallowed at least half of my shaft for starters, and kept struggling and straining as she gobbled down more. She choked and gagged and moaned. Fresh tears came to her eyes. She was going all out, yet again!

I thought, OH SHIT! This is it! She's gonna get me this time, for sure! Mom's deep throating me again! MOM!

After about twenty seconds, she had every inch of my thick shaft inside her mouth again. She even stuck her tongue out and briefly lapped on my balls for good measure! It was truly incredible! How on Earth could she get my thickness that far down her throat, or even down her throat at all?!

Then she started milking my shaft with her throat muscles.

I thought I'd felt the most intense sexual pleasure already, but this was another quantum leap more intense and arousing than even her last serious deep throating on me! My mother was throat-fucking me, and it was the greatest joy I'd ever experienced in my life, by far!

Yet, somehow, I still didn't cum! I don't even know how I managed that. But it probably helped that I told myself, Okay, come on! You can do it! You can't let her win! Rise above! If I can just hold out a little longer, she'll have no choice but to willingly fuck me! So worth it! Come on!

Despite all my resolve, I could feel that I was on the cusp of losing control just the same. I would have to let go soon. I unthinkingly grabbed the sides of her head and squeezed tightly as I struggled mightily simply to hold on for a few more seconds.

That head squeeze was a lucky break for me, because it turned out she didn't like that. I'd had my hands on the sides of her head earlier, but the problem was how tightly I was squeezing her head this time.

She pulled all the way off my shaft and glared up at me. "Don't EVER do that! When I'm that far down on you, breathing is a real problem! If you're holding my head like that, I could pass out for lack of oxygen, or even DIE! If you expect me to deep throat you more in the future, you have to let me stay in control of my breathing, so I can feel safe!"

I nodded. I was still far too blown away from the extreme pleasure to talk coherently. But then I did a mental double take. WHOA! Did I just hear that correctly?! She's talking about a future in which she deep throats me more! Hopefully a lot more! How insanely great is that?!

After a long pause, I finally managed to say, "Got it!"

"Good!" Her irate glare softened, and even turned into a wry smile. Tears of struggle were still streaming down her cheeks, making her look even sexier than usual. It was a real rush to see signs of how intensely she'd been pleasuring my thick pole.

She began lapping on my sweet spot under my cockhead while still jacking me off further down my pole. Apparently, she was gathering her energies for another deep throating. "Damn. I was so close, too. I could feel it. The third time'll be the charm."

Indeed, she'd been extremely close. Even with all my Herculean struggling, I'd been mere moments from letting go when she'd been forced to pull off. But now I could get a relative breather again.