Originally written by G. H. Lawrence under the title "Extortion",
supersized by Spacer X


It seemed her throat needed a breather too, because she soon engulfed my bulbous knob again, but resorted to regular cocksucking for a while. And "a while" tuned out to be a very long time indeed. It seemed she forgot all about trying to get me to cum right away and just luxuriated in the arousing task of sucking my cock.

I noticed she fingered her privates sometimes. In fact, she eventually untied her red bikini bottom and let it fall to the floor because it kept getting in the way of her self-pleasuring. Judging by her moans and the way her lips would tremble around my shaft, she climaxed every few minutes.

Time lost all meaning for me, and probably for her too. I don't know how long she was at it, but I tried to keep track of how often she came, and based on that, I'd guess she sucked me non-stop for twenty minutes or more!

She never did get back to full deep throating, but she acted like her gag reflex was no impediment, frequently bobbing about halfway down my shaft with ease. She stopped leaking tears once she stopped the deep throating, but I could clearly see the continuing strain and struggle on her face from mere "normal" cocksucking. Yet she seemed to relish the challenge.

My arousal level stayed permanently stuck on "high," or even "extreme." But somehow, after a while, I managed to conduct a conversation of sorts. That was tricky, since her mouth was joyously crammed full of cock-meat, but we soon worked out a system where one "mmmm" from her meant "yes," and two meant "no."

I asked her, "How do you do it? The deep throating, I mean. It seems like you don't have a gag reflex at all."

There was no reply, unless one counted the continued lusty slurping coming from her mouth.

I realized I needed to rephrase the question. "Is that true, that you don't have a gag reflex?"

"Mmmm!" she responded. She looked up at me briefly with a triumphant smirk.

I lovingly ran my hands through her hair on the top of her head. "That's so cool. What a lucky kid her son is, to get to enjoy your talented mouth every day of the week."

She looked up again and tried her best to roll her eyes and let out a muffled murmur of disapproval. To make sure she got her point across, she raised a hand from fondling my balls to briefly wag a finger back and forth where I could see it.

I deliberately played dumb. "What, you don't agree? Oh, I get it. You're trying to say that a mere one blowjob per day won't be enough for you. Well, if that's how you feel, who am I to complain?"

She chuckled at that, and rolled her eyes again. Luckily, by now she was in a very good mood and so she took that sort of joking in the spirit it was intended.

Most importantly, she kept right on relentlessly sucking, no matter what I said. I had some fun with the situation. For instance, at one point, I commented, "You know, I've never really had an extended look at you from this angle. But I'm going to be seeing a lot more of the top of your head from now on, aren't I?"

She moaned unhappily at that, and then said something through her tight lip-lock that sounded a lot like "You wish!"

But despite her protests, it was clear that that sort of talk was arousing to her. In fact, whenever her energy started to flag, all I would have to do was say something like "I wonder how many times a day you're going to spend kneeling naked with your mouth choking on my thick cock," and she would get a renewed burst of energy.

It was great! I felt just like I did during the long suck sessions Dusty gave me, where I could ride the joy pretty much forever. Except Mom was consistently even more talented and energetic, but still somehow managed to keep me just shy of cumming. Plus, the mere fact that she was "Mom" kept me flying higher than a kite!

At one point, I looked down at her, and had an epiphany of sorts. Her eyes were closed, and there was a blissed out look on her face, so she had no idea I was closely examining her. Clearly, she was having a great time. I stared intently at her sliding puffy red lips, her high cheekbones, her shapely eyebrows, her brown bangs hanging down her forehead, her tears dried on her cheeks, the blush on her face, and more. I was overcome by her sheer beauty, not to mention the off-the-charts sexual pleasure!

Then, as my epiphany, I thought, I don't care what it takes. I'll lie, cheat, steal. Murder. Kill. Anything! I'll stop at nothing to make Mom my own so I can enjoy this on a daily basis! She's so far beyond the girls I've been dating. They're the little leagues. She's a major league super star! Fuck! She's so naturally talented at this, but what really gets me is her passion! She just loves to suck my cock! Period!

And… come on! She talks like she just wants to get this over with, but her body betrays her. Her MOUTH betrays her! Good God, what a mouth! Between what her lips and tongue are doing to me, not to mention her busy fingers… UGH! There's no way in hell she isn't loving this just as much as I am! She has GOT to want to do this again and again! Even if she says otherwise with words, I'll know the truth from absolutely everything else, especially that sultry and even needy look on her face!

My constant joy was somewhat blemished by my endless fight to delay orgasm. But I kept telling myself that I had to win the upper hand. It wasn't just that if she couldn't get me off with her mouth it would be a hell of a lot easier talking her into fucking, although that was a big factor. Even more important, I felt, was that I took control from the very start. If she felt she could play me like a fiddle with her lips and tongue, our entire sexual relationship would evolve in a different way than if she was under the impression that I only climaxed when I wanted to.

I told myself that this first time was the key, to show her what I was capable of, and that I was the undisputed boss in our new sexual world. Once she knew that, I wouldn't have to prove myself anymore and I'd be able to cum whenever I felt like it. That worked like a charm with Dusty and my previous girlfriends, so why wouldn't it work with Mom?

More time passed. I sensed that she was getting desperate. She'd given me her best "oral attack," even two serious deep throating efforts early on, but I'd managed to hold out through it all. Thanks to my cock size, her hand, tongue, lips, and jaw were all getting tired.

She finally pulled her lips all the way off. She looked up at me with near disbelief in her eyes. "UGH! Peter, don't you EVER cum?! What do I have to do to bring this to an end?!"

I asked, "Do you really want this to end?"

She looked indignant. "OF COURSE! What do you take me for?! I'm doing this under protest."

I didn't believe that anymore, but I decided to let it slide for now. I told her, firmly, "Well, Mom, the sooner we start fucking, the sooner it will be."

Exasperated, she stood up, without even her red bikini bottoms. She was a true vision, naked from head to toe, except for the high heels still on her feet.

I got a good look at the fact that her bush was shaved off. Of course I knew that from the hotel room video, but it was quite a sensory overload to see it up close, as well as smell her arousal.

She made no effort to cover her privates, and actually seemed to be standing proud of her total nudity. She griped, "Do you really have to call me 'Mom?' Now, of all times?!"

I smirked. "I do…" After a dramatic pause, I added, "Mom."

She rolled her eyes. Apparently, she was forgetting how she kept calling me "Son."

Wrapping one hand casually around my raging pole, and yanking it a few more times, she gave me that bitter, smoldering look again. "Are you really determined to fuck me?"

"Yes." It was a no-brainer at this point. Why not have it all?

She knelt back down until her head was level with my crotch. She leaned back in and lapped her talented tongue all over my wet cockhead, even as she asked me, "Don't you realize how wrong it is?"

"Yes, I do."

"It's incest!"

"I know."

She rolled her eyes at my confident, quick answers, even as she kept on lapping around my cockhead. Her eyes narrowed as she thought intently, trying to figure out some new deal. "Okay. How about this? What if I agree to suck your cock in the future? Not just this one time today, but as much as you want!"

I gave her an impatient look. "Mom, you don't understand. You're going to do that anyway. You know as well as I do that after what's just happened, there's no going back. You love it too much."

"I do not!"

I said gleefully, "So she says, even as she keeps licking my shaft like a lollipop."

I sensed she was going to pull her head away as soon as I said that, because nobody likes being exposed as a hypocrite. But I'd already put my hands on her head, and before she had time to react, I pulled her head in until my cockhead was back inside the welcoming wet heat of her mouth.

She was miffed, and let out a mewl of protest, but she couldn't stop herself from sucking and bobbing with what had become her usual enthusiasm.

I let her do that for a couple of minutes. The room was dead silent except for her loud and lusty slurping.

Finally, I asked her, "So... you were saying? Something about how you're resolved never to suck my cock again after today? How everything's going to go back to 'normal?'"

She reluctantly pulled off, but kept holding and stroking my boner, even as she remained bent over in a lewd pose. She sighed heavily. "Everything SHOULD go back to normal. But that's impossible, isn't it? This is so fucked up! I didn't expect THIS to happen!"

I admitted, "I didn't either, but it is what it is. Let's face it: both of us are having too much fun not to want to do it again. And again."

She looked up into my eyes questioningly.

I smiled back down at her with all the confidence and dominance I could muster.

She shook her head and sighed again. "Ugh! Maybe... maybe you're right. I don't know. I'm feeling very confused and conflicted right now." She finally dropped all the way down and resumed licking my shaft. "But... but... even if you're right, there's blowjobs and there's blowjobs. I don't have to be so enthusiastic, you know. For instance, deep throating. That's a really tough ordeal!"

"I can imagine!" I commented with undisguised awe at her talent. "Actually, I can't imagine, but I have some vague glimmer. What's the story with you having no gag reflex, by the way, now that you can talk?"

She took a hand off my balls to briefly wave it dismissively. "Let's talk about that later. I'm trying to come up with a good offer that'll stop you from fucking me. What if we get back to that 'blank check' idea? You can have EVERYTHING you want. Absolutely EVERYTHING! The BMW, Cindy - if she'll agree to it, that is - and more. Even unlimited deep throating. Plus, you can fuck my tits as much as you like, and whatever other depraved things you want to do to me. You'd be living in paradise, a sexual paradise. Especially since I don't see you giving up Dusty."

I smirked. "No. Why should I?"

Mom groaned. "God. You really are a fucking bastard. A lucky bastard too! Just because you have this huge cock, you think you can rule the world." Even as she complained, she kept on licking and stroking said cock.

"Well, it's working pretty well for me so far," I pointed out.

"I can't deny that." She sighed yet again. "But anyway, you can have all that. And all you have to agree to is to not go over that one sacred line of fucking."

I was secretly triumphant, but I maintained a hard line. "Mom, you still don't understand. You're not in a position to negotiate. I've got to fuck you today. I just have to. At least once. I won't be able to study or work, or even think or breathe, until I do this. It's my personal obsession. There's no way I can resist! Afterwards, we can talk about the future, but for now, this HAS to happen!"

She frowned as she thought that over (while still lapping on my cockhead). She seemed to come to a conclusion that there simply was no way to deny me from my ultimate fantasy.

While she was thinking, I pondered my heart, searching for any last minute regrets. There were none. I would have felt differently if she seemed miserable, or even unwilling, but I could tell that her lust had turned into a raging fire. She was still trying to do the "right thing" by protesting, but I was confident that on some deeper level she was eager to get fucked by her own son.

She looked so incredibly fucking hot kneeling there in nothing but high heels. Even as she pondered her situation while staring off into space, her tongue and fingers continued to lazily stimulate my thick pole with surprisingly talented moves. It seemed that even her "auto-pilot" licking was quite pleasurable.

She finally looked back up into my eyes, gave a slight nod, and grumbled, "Fine! I guess there's just no way to get out of this. So we might as well get on the bed and get it over with."

She disengaged from my privates and stood all the way up. Curiously, she picked up her bikini bottoms and tied them back on, even though she had to know they'd be coming off again shortly.

"Yes, ma'am." I cupped my hands under her huge tits and leaned forward and down to give each of them another quick suck.

She closed her eyes and winced, trying to resist the pleasure. "God damn you! Why do you have to have such a fucking huge dick?! You're making this so difficult for me."

I just chuckled at that, after giving each of her nipples a brief taste. I took "so difficult" to mean that she was frustrated at how much she was enjoying herself when she was "supposed" to be hating the experience. "Be honest. Don't you enjoy sucking it?"

She gave me her best incredulous look. "Enjoy it? Don't make me laugh! Do you realize what a terrible ORDEAL sucking you off is?! You're way too thick! It's downright painful for me. Did you see the tears rolling down my face?" She brought her hands to her cheeks and wiped them clean to emphasize her point.

I responded, "Yeah, but those were tears of struggle, or even tears of joy."

"HA!" She snorted and chuckled derisively. "'Tears of joy?' Don't flatter yourself. I'll admit that it, er, it wasn't exactly unpleasant…" It seemed that she was making more of an effort to appear reluctant, now that she wasn’t' actively in contact with my cock.

Now it was my turn to chuckle derisively. "Come on, Mom. You can try to downplay it all you want, but I saw you and felt you. You totally loved it! You were so into it that it took my breath away. You put all the girls I've ever been with to shame. You blew them out of the water! Even Dusty!"

She couldn't resist smirking and smiling a little bit at that. "I did, didn't I? Hmmm…" Her resistance failed and she broke into a wide smile. "Really? Even Dusty? I have to admit... sometimes, I check on your door when you and her are in your bedroom, supposedly working on homework. I hear the most interesting slurping and feminine moaning sounds. And they go on and on forever. And the way I hear you bark out orders to her. You really have her under your heel. She must be one hot slut!"

Those words were a pleasant surprise. "Oh, she is. But look at you. She'd turn green with jealousy if she could see you right now, with your stunning face and your outrageous curves."

Mom seemed pleased with that. She looked jaw-droppingly gorgeous already just standing there, but she was inspired to strike an even more provocative pose, with a cocked hip and a hand on that hip for good measure. "Do you think? But I'm twice her age. And her breasts are pretty big too."

"Mom, you've literally driven me to insanity with my desire for you, so you know how I feel. But I love the idea of you eavesdropping on Dusty and me. I had no idea. I can totally picture you getting all hot and bothered from listening in, and then rushing back to your bedroom to take care of your overheated pussy."

I must have hit a bull's eye, because she blushed profusely, and tried to change the subject. "Enough talking! I still say I'm doing all this under protest. Now, are you going to fuck me or what?!"

I felt shivers of excitement race up and down my spine as I realized how tantalizingly close I was to realizing my ultimate dream. I took her by the hand and led her to the bed.

Holy shit, I'm really going to do it! My plan has worked. I'm going to bang my own stacked and stunning mother! Today! Right here, right now!

She struck another sexy pose while standing by the bed, with both of her hands on her hips this time. "What position do you want to start in?" she asked matter-of-factly.

I looked up and down her perfect nude body but, for once, my attention was on her shaved pussy mound instead of her great tits. I could see her pussy lips were sopping wet and swollen with excitement.

After a pause, I managed to reply, "Missionary." In a few minutes, my dick is going to be inside there. Inside her. Mom! Squeezed tight, just like how it felt inside her mouth, but probably even better. Holy fucking fuck!

"Good," she said, gazing down at my still erect cock as we stood beside the bed. "I need to get used to that thing at first."

I knelt in front of her. "You won't be needing these anymore," I said, sliding her high-cut bikini bottoms down over her shapely thighs.

It fell to her ankles and she stepped out of it. Her bald beaver was now in my face.

I reveled in the pleasure of exposing my mother like this. And to think, I'm about to slide my cock into that thing. Oh, man, this is going to be good! I planted a quick kiss on her mound.

A shudder coursed up her frame.

She said in a pissed off voice, "I hope you're happy! You have me completely naked and under your power. Just like how you treat all your girlfriends, you cocky fuck! You're going to fuck the hell of out me with your huge cock, and there's not a damn thing I can do to stop you!" At least her voice started off pissed off, but it ended dripping with lust and desire.

She started to move towards the bed, but then she had second thoughts. "Wait! Before we do this, let me go freshen up. I'm a sweaty mess."

I looked her over curvy naked body again, which was always a pleasure. I realized that she almost certainly didn't care about being a "sweaty mess," and just wanted to get away from me for a few minutes to give herself a chance to calm down.

To counter that, I said, "All the better! I love the 'sweaty mess' look. I wouldn't have it any other way. It makes you look even more beautiful, extra wild and wanton. Come here."

She frowned, since she didn't know how to leave the room to cool off after I said that. Instead, she hesitantly stepped forward. "We're just going to do this one time, right? That's the agreement. One and done."

I replied carefully, "Unless you want more, of course."

She laid across the bed on a diagonal and spread her legs. She finally kicked her high heels off, sending them flying across the room.

I got between her luscious, muscular thighs, with my nearly foot-long cock loitering thick and stiff above her beaver. I looked down at her enormous tits, which were quivering slightly even when she wasn't moving, since she was panting with desire.

I could see that her entire body was trembling slightly. Her eyes opened wide in alarm as she saw me get into position. She muttered half-heartedly, "We really shouldn't be doing this. I made a mistake sucking you off like that. I don't know what got into me, but I got too carried away. There's something about the wrongness of it that kind of makes me crazy. Shouldn't we take a little rest first, and make sure this is what we want to do?!"

I ignored her comments, except to say, "I'm sure. Believe me. I've never been more sure about anything in my life!"

Despite the momentous nature of what we were about to, I felt surprisingly calm. The hard part for me had been having to blackmail someone I love. This was the heavenly payoff for going through and sticking with my plan.

She looked into my eyes and sighed with resignation. "I should have known it would come to this eventually, one way or another. Between my body, and especially my breast size, and then your cock size, not to mention your notorious sexual talent and insatiable lust, I suppose it was kind of inevitable. I tried so hard to hold out and resist my urges! I really did! And it was all for nothing!"

I was very interested to hear her admit that she'd had urges for me, strong urges, well before the blackmail began. That gave me more enthusiasm to give her the fucking of her life.