Originally written by G. H. Lawrence under the title "Extortion",
supersized by Spacer X


"Ready?" I asked her. I was pleasantly surprised that she wasn't protesting more about how "immoral" this was and trying to make more new bargains with me. It was more like she was eager but trying hard to hide her eagerness.

We both looked down and she tensed at the sight of my huge shaft pointing hands-free at her pussy.

"Oh, lord, honey!" she said, drawing a breath. "Wait, wait!" She reached down and started fingering her clit. "Let me make sure. I'm fucking plenty wet already, but I'm going to need to be as wet as Niagara Falls to take YOUR size! That damn thing is inhuman! Sometimes I feel so sorry for your girlfriends, especially when I hear them screaming their heads off."

I must admit that I made an effort to fuck my girlfriends in my bedroom as much as possible, with a hope that Mom would overhear all the sexual excitement from time to time. That plan appears to have worked.

I watched her fingers diddle her pussy for a few seconds, and then decided to join in. I took my cock in one hand and brought the cockhead to where her fingers were.

She looked down again. "Wait, Son, don't screw me yet. Honey, please, you'll hurt me!"

"I'm not putting it in," I reassured her. "I'm just helping you get ready."

"Okay," she said softly. "I have to admit… I'm afraid! I'm a size queen, but you take the cake! I've dealt with this length, though rarely, but not this kind of width. Not ever. And that's the killer! And both... at the same time?! Good Lord! And you're my son, of all people! This is so insane! Please… be gentle!"

I said, "I will. At first. But later, I'll drill you like a jackhammer!"

Her eyes bugged out. "Oh God! Lord, have mercy on me!" She reached out and took my hand. "Promise me one thing!"

"What's that?"

"We'll do it just this one time, and then never again! The other stuff… okay. I'll even admit I enjoy that, and I wouldn't exactly mind doing it again. But fucking is real incest."

I interrupted, "Wait. Just so I'm clear. You're saying you enjoy sucking my cock, and want to do it again? Of your own free will? Sucking your very own son's cock?"

She winced, then briefly closed her eyes altogether. "Do you have to put it like that?! Are you trying to make me die of shame? You saw it and felt it, like you said. I fucking enjoyed it, okay?! There! Are you happy?!"

"Yes, actually. Very!" I smiled warmly and held her hand.

She broke into a smile too, and laughed with some relief. "I'll bet. You lucky son of a bitch!" She laughed some more, and I did too.

But then she grew more serious. "Let's not talk about that right now, okay? This is difficult enough as it is. What we just did… well, I could kind of justify it as not REALLY incest. But fucking… Actual vaginal fucking… I'll have to look at myself in the mirror without crying from shame. It's wrong, and you know it! So please! Tell me this is a one-time thing!"

"Sorry, no promises. We'll see how you feel later." I wanted to tell her that once I started fucking her, I had no plans of ever stopping, but I figured that would only needlessly distress her at this point.

"Oh GOD!" She wailed. She probably realized on some level that she was going to be fucked by me from now on, just as she was already coming to accept that she was going to be my personal cocksucker. Such thoughts must have been daunting for her, given her fear of my size, and especially my thickness.

I pressed the tip of my cockhead against her clit and rubbed it up and down gently, then more firmly.

Her hand stayed there, the index and middle finger continuing to do their thing, even though it seemed her pussy already couldn't get any wetter. Then she took her hand away and drew a long breath.

I kept working my glans against her clit.

"Yeah, just a little more like that," she said, looking down as if inspecting my technique.

I thought, Now, this is progress! My goal is not only to have sex with her, but for her to love it. Then she'll not only be my fuck pet, but my eager fuck pet. And here we are, lying naked on my bed while I rub my head against her clit to get her hot and wet. Wow!

I probably should mention at this point that my ultimate version of my ultimate fantasy was not just fucking my own mother, but turning her into my "fuck pet." That was a term that Dusty first used for herself. At first, as one of the most beautiful girls in school, she was very stuck-up, arrogant, and demanding. But I managed to turn that around to the point that she reveled in being my "fuck pet," which meant obeying my every sexual command.

Of course, why wouldn't I love it if Mom adopted that same attitude? And I had high hopes that I could "fuck her into submission," just as I did with Dusty, thanks mostly to my genetic advantage. Having a huge dick really is winning the sexual lottery of life!

Mom could still claim she wasn't enjoying this, but that claim grew shakier with each heavy breath she drew.

She gripped me around the arms and looked into my eyes with new resolve. "I'm ready as I'll ever be to commit this crime!"

I looked down to guide my big log into her.

She rose up on her elbows to follow my gaze. "Good lord, Peter!" she intoned, her mind evidently reeling once more at the size of my monstrous cock. "Why are you so fucking hung?! You're going to split me in two!"

She suddenly exclaimed, "WAIT! Wait, wait, wait! I'll make you a deal! I'll suck your cock any time you want! Deep throat it! Titfuck it too! Just so long as you agree we can NEVER fuck again after this! It'll make me feel a lot better for committing this… this... evil deed!"

I pointed out, "You already offered that. And you admitted that you're willing and even eager to suck my cock a lot more in the future."

"Yes, but I'm saying I'll do ANYTHING for you, at ANY time! I'll be your willing… whatever."

"Sex pet?" I suggested.

Her eyes widened in alarm upon hearing that term. But she visibly steeled her resolve. "Yes! God help me, even that! Your busty and beautiful sex pet mother, ready to suck your cock or titfuck it anytime you want, at the snap of your fingers. I'll be willing, so very willing and eager!"

I was eager to get on with the fucking, but I had to pause to revel in what she was talking about. "So, wait. What if you come by my room to check on me, as you do, and I order you to strip and drop to your knees?"

She winced, but reluctantly nodded. "That... that could happen. Assuming your father isn't home, of course!"

"SWEET!" I pumped a fist in the air.

She tried to get back on track, with a stern face. "And all I ask in return is that you limit fucking me to just this one time, to satisfy your sick curiosity!"

I shook my head, as if sad at her lack of understanding. "Mom, you still don't get it. You're in no position to negotiate, now or ever. I hold all the cards, and I'm not afraid to lose them."

She looked crestfallen. "So… no deal?!"

I replied firmly, "Sorry, no deal." I was gambling that she'd love getting fucked so much that she'd soon change her tune about the "morality" of fucking. Plus, with my dick literally resting on her sopping wet pussy, I figured it was too late for us to turn back now.

She panted, "You bastard!" Strangely, it appeared that her arousal doubled in an instant, despite the fact that she was extremely horny already. The lusty gaze in her eyes was almost too intense for eye contact.

I pushed my cockhead between her nether lips, which began to stretch taut around it.

"Ooh, go slow, Son! Please go slow at first until I get used to you -- if I even can!"

"That's what all the girls say," I told her smugly.

"Oh, Peter," she said, disgusted. "Must you remind me that you're turning me into just another one of your many busty and beautiful conquests?"

"Yes!" I said with a cheeky smile. "I must!"

She couldn't resist grinning back. But then her face hardened back into resolve, as she sensed I was about to push in deeper.

I slid the first two or three inches into her. God, it felt intense! I was well aware that I was truly living the dream. I couldn't have been any more thrilled.

She bit her lip to stifle a cry and her hands gripped my arms tighter. "Easy, Peter, easy. Oh, God! My son is starting to fuck me! Good Lord! You're HUGE!"

"That's one reason why you're going to enjoy this so much." I couldn't resist being cocky in my moment of triumph.

"Please stop saying that! I'm never going to enjoy this. If you weren't my son, it would be different! I would be totally creaming and screaming my head off already! But you are, and we're doing this strictly for you, to get all of your wicked urges out of your system."

I figured that was a bullshit justification, but I refrained from saying anything to dissuade her.

She raised her head to look down at the penetration again. She was grunting hard. "God fucking dammit! That hurts! Believe me, Peter, considering the situation, I wish you were a little smaller!"

"You'll be singing a different tune in a few minutes," I said, giving her another two inches and watching her nether lips inhale my shaft, from a wonderful point of view between her huge, jiggling tits.

"UNNNRRGH!" she practically screamed. Then, trying to stick to her reluctant role, she complained, "Why do you have to be so cocky and arrogant? A mere teenager like Dusty might get off on that macho act, but not me."

I ignored that, since pushing in was taking up all my attention. "God, your pussy's tight!"

"UGH! This... this is so wrong! Just… have your wicked fun and get it… over with! Cum inside me, already!"

Now that I was fairly deeply impaled inside her, I couldn't resist cheekily telling her, "I have a lot of 'wicked urges!' I'm sure it's going to take me a lot more than one session to squirt them all out of me and onto you! And into you!"

"Oh, Son!" She moaned. "Oh no! Don't say that! You have me... in… in such a compromised position… Buck naked and... and helpless! Skewered on your thick pole! I'm a married woman! You're soooo baaaaad!" Her entire body was writhing with lusty need.

As I expected, her pussy couldn't swallow my entire cock -- few women are dug deep enough to take nearly a foot of man-meat -- but she took a helluva lot of it, about eight inches. With two inches to go and my big nuts clinging tight and horny to the base of my fuckstick, my cockhead came to rest against her cervix.

"Ungh!" she exclaimed softly, biting her lip once again. "Good fucking LORD! Is that all of it already?! Jesus!"

"Never been filled up like this, have you?" I asked arrogantly.

"No," she huffed, still wincing. New sweat was starting to roll down her stunning face, with her cheeks still wet with tears from her earlier deep throating effort. Some of her brown bangs were sticking to her forehead. "Oh God! I HAVE to resist! So full! So full! This feeling... I've never… I've never… OH LORD!"

I was in my element now. Thanks to all my experience with Dusty and my previous girlfriends, I certainly knew how to fuck. I gave her a long, slow first thrust and felt her hot, tight pussy suck at my shaft skin. I pulled my cock all the way out to the head and then drove it gently home again.

She drew her knees up and grasped them in her hands. "UGH! Fuck! How is it possible that you, my son, have your fucking massive dick inside me?! I'm trying not to love this, but you're making that impossible!"

Seeing her in that inviting, open pose caused my lusty desire to soar even higher. I knew that would allow me to plow her even deeper. Sure enough, I was able to push in another inch with my next thrust. I had nine inches inside her!

"DEAR GOD! HAVE MERCY!" She screamed in what seemed to be a mixture of pain and pleasure. "SON! UUUNNNGH! HNNNG! You're so DEEP!"

"Get used to it, Mom! You like that feeling? Get used to it! Now that I started fucking you, why should I ever stop?!"

She wailed in distress, "Oh, Son! Don't say that!"

I kept on thrusting. I ever so gradually picked up the pace, like a mile-long freight train gathering momentum.

Any other woman would have been moaning her head off by now, but Mom just stared up at me with a mix of scorn and defiance, but also unabashed lust.

I stared back into her shimmering brown eyes. We were having an emotional bonding moment, even if she would never admit it. She looked like she was swooning.

Finally, after a long silence, she muttered, "You fucking bastard! You're going to make me love this!"

I just smirked at that. Actions spoke louder than words, and I was steadily pumping in and out of her hot, tight cunt.

After another minute or two of increasingly pleasurable steady thrusting, I laughed out loud.

She panted, "What? What's so funny?"

"Sorry. I'm not laughing at you; I'm just laughing for pure joy! I'm thinking about how great this feels, but also about how great it'll be to have you as my 'busty and beautiful sex toy mother' ready to suck my cock whenever I snap my fingers!"

She wailed in lusty distress, "Oh God! Don't remind me of that! You're going to make me spend half the fucking day on my knees, crying from the struggle as you fuck my throat! Aren't you?!"

"Oh, hell yeah!"

She squealed, and quite possibly climaxed. I couldn't be sure, but her body trembled a lot and I could feel her pussy lips convulsing around my shaft. She yelled, "YOU BASTARD!"

I ignored that, and asked, "Did you just cum?"


"From thinking about how much you're gonna be sucking my cock from now on?"

"NO, already! Shut the fuck up! Stop talking about that! I'm too fucking horny already!" She gasped, as she belatedly realized what she'd admitted to.

I decided to take it easier on her for a while. Besides, we were both so worked up that it was next to impossible to keep a conversation going anyway. I closed my eyes and fully concentrated on the fucking motions. Looking at her naked body, and especially her bouncy huge tits, was far too stimulating anyway.

I didn't feel the need to hold out for ages, like before, but I did at least want to impress her with my stamina before I gave in and let the cum fly. Plus, I didn't want to get into an argument with her over what fucking "just once" consisted of. It was better if I could keep drilling her until her lingering resistance completely broke.

The room was silent for a couple of minutes save for the squeaking bed springs and a lot of heavy breathing from both of us. I was steadily plowing into her.

"I'm fucking you, for real," I finally said to her, opening my eyes and grinning down at her bombshell tanned body. "This isn't just another dream! I never thought you'd let me do it!"

She gave a surprisingly verbose response. "I didn't plan to, even when I put on the bikini. I really thought I could satisfy you with a handjob. That would have been enough for most teenage boys. Or, failing that, the blowjob. I figured nobody could resist my deep throating technique."

"But I did!" I said, while grunting, and plowing deep inside her.

"You did, you fucking… stud! How you did that, I'll never know! Believe me, Son, I never, ever intended to go this far! I didn't want to unleash… certain feelings…" She raised her head and looked down at the action. "Oh, shit!" She sighed at the visual reminder that I really was balls-deep inside her.

"Yeah, look at that," I encouraged. "Look at my big cock servicing your pussy. Although, it's more like your cunt is serving my cock!"

"Peter, please don't say things like that! Even… even if it's true!"

"You know you like it. I heard you talking dirty to Jim on the tape."

"That was different. You're my… my… We need to stay dis… dispassionate… HNNG!"

For all her protests, she was actually coming around quite nicely. She had let go of her knees and put her arms up around my back. She wasn't clawing me or even rubbing, mind you, not yet, at least. But her breathing and facial expression showed that I was getting to her in a profound way.

Every few strokes, I went extra deep into her, and then savored being fully sheathed in her for a few seconds. Each time I did that, I watched her eyes close and her face tense up as if holding back a moan. She bit her lip more and more often.

I looked down at my crotch and started doing her even harder. It was incredible watching my thickness slide in and out, like a piston in motion. This is the woman who birthed me! Who raised me! Who changed my diapers! Fuck!

We were approaching the tempo and intensity of serious fucking. I thought, She's the best fuck ever! And that's with her still trying to resist. I'm going to make this woman scream in orgasm if it's the last thing I ever do!

"It's good, isn't it?" I asked.

She ignored me. But her ample chest was heaving from her heavy breathing, and her face was flushed from shame and arousal.

I persisted, "There's no way you can't be loving this."

"I just want you to enjoy it so you'll get what you want," she said between ragged breaths. "But not so much that you'll be tempted to fuck me again and again and again."

"Sorry. Too late on that one. You're going to be my favorite fuck bunny from now on!"

"Bastard!" Her tone was still detached, but she was now rubbing my back with her hands. "That'll never happen!"

I was testing her with the term "fuck bunny." I liked that she didn't seem to complain about it specifically. "What's going to stop me?!"

She merely tried to give me the evil eye. But even as she did that, she was humping her ass to match my thrusts, helping me penetrate her even deeper.

Bingo! She's starting to give in!

I shifted gears again and began pounding her in earnest, my pelvis whacking loudly against hers as my beef-stick pummeled her tight, wet slit.

Her huge breasts pinwheeled and slammed into each other.

She was still silent, but her lip-biting was now almost constant. She seemed to be trying her damnedest to control her breathing, as if she knew she could no longer exhale without moaning in a very sexy and erotic manner.

"You've gotta be loving this," I said, panting from the exertion. "There's no way you can't."

Scrunching her eyes shut, she shook her head.

I prodded, "So you deny that you're enjoying this?!"

She barked back defiantly, "Whatever enjoyment I'm feeling is irrelevant! I'm doing this under protest, because it's wrong!"

I slowed my thrusting down. "So… maybe I should stop?"

She yelled in sudden distress, "Don't you fucking DARE!" She largely made up for my slowing down by increasing her counter-thrusts with her talented hips.

Soon, I was back to pounding in and out at full speed. I was having too much fun fucking her to keep up teasing her by stopping or even slowing down for long.

She seemed to make a small prayer. "Just this one time, please, God! Then I'll be good and faithful! I swear it!"

The look on her gorgeous face was priceless. One could read the struggle between pleasure and morality like it was an open book.

"You want to change positions?" I asked, after a few more minutes of steady pounding.

"It's up to you, Son." That made her do a double take. "Oh God! You're my SON! And you're fucking me into oblivion! And you're so fucking HUNG!"

"I want to give it to you side-saddle." I pulled my dick out of her and dismounted to the left.