Originally written by G. H. Lawrence under the title "Extortion",
supersized by Spacer X


She rolled to the other side and lay on her hip.

I spooned up behind her and lifted her top leg. This left me with no hands free.

During the break in the action, I just barely heard her quietly make a small prayer. "Dear God, please give me the strength not to cum! Or at least to not cum yet again. It doesn't count unless I have a really big one!"

I already was determined to make her cum until she was screaming her head off, but hearing that redoubled my resolve.

"Guide me in," I said commandingly.

She complained, "We really need to talk about your arrogance when it comes to sex." She reached down and grasped my tool, and gave it a couple of strokes. As she jacked me off, she asked, "Where did you get this sexual confidence?"

"As you've noted, I've fucked my fair share of sexy babes. And yes, they've all been stacked and beautiful. But not like you. I feel like that's all been training to get me ready to fuck you into oblivion from now on."

"Please! Don't say that! This is a one-time thing, I tell you! And take it easy on me! You're going to make me love it too much!"

"That's the basic idea!" I snickered.

"Bastard!" she cursed again. But then she aimed my cockhead back into her slit.

I pushed forward with my hips and drove my thick pole back into paradise, all the way to the hilt.

She craned her neck forward to watch it go into her. "UNNNNGH! HNNNNG! MERCY!"

I grunted in lusty awe at how great she felt. "God, I can't get over how tight your pussy is!"

She spoke with tremendous passion. "Oh, Son! I can't get over how fucking enormous you are! You're so big, every woman must feel tight to you!"

"Mom, I'm telling you, I've fucked sixteen-year-olds whose pussies weren't as snug as yours."

She groaned sexily, "I'm sure you have, you fucking sex machine! Mine won't be tight after much more of this. I'll be like the Lincoln Tunnel! Poor Dusty. You've ruined her for all other cocks, I'm sure. You're going to ruin me as well! Even big ones!"

Reaching around and fondling her right tit, I gave her long, strong strokes. I commented, "That's true. It'll mean you can only get fucking satisfaction from me!"

"UNNNGH!" Her body trembled. She clenched her teeth and shut her eyes tightly as she apparently fought the urge to have a massive orgasm.

Then, after she apparently won that battle, she opened her eyes and stared at me incredulously. "What if… what if you're right?! But… no! I can't cum! I won't! NEVER!"

Soon she shut her eyes again. She gradually changed her breathing, taking slow, deliberate breaths each time. It seemed she realized just how erotic her sexy panting sounded, and she was still valiantly trying to conceal just how very aroused she was.

"Come on, Mom, let it out," I whispered in her ear, pumping in and out of her tight tunnel a little faster. "If it's good, at least give me a little feedback."

Again, she shook her head.

"Okay, don't say anything. Just nod your head if you're truly enjoying this."

She nodded instantly.

"I knew it," I said, kissing her on the cheek, while keeping the fucking motion going. "C'mon, stop holding back! You know how much I love you. That's why I have to fuck you. I need to love you this way too."

Like a human balloon filled to the bursting point, she suddenly couldn't take any more. It seemed that "I love you" were the magic words.

"OH!" she exploded with relief and ecstasy. "OH! OH! OH, GOD, PETER! FUCK ME, SWEETHEART, FUCK ME! SON! I LOVE YOU TOO! SO MUCH! YES! YES, IT'S GOOD! IT'S SO FUCKING GOOD! IT'S THE FUCKING BEST!" She shouted "BEST!" twice as loud as the rest.

"Finally!" I said in triumph. "What took you so long?!"

With her free hand she reached up and brought my face down to hers. Then something I didn't expect happened: we kissed. Since we weren't facing each other, it wasn't a full-on kiss but instead more of a mid-air tongue-tangle. She tasted vaguely sweet, like powdered sugar or a drop of Frangelico.

And all the while, the divine fucking kept going strong.

She moved her lips up to my ear. Her scorn and restraint was long gone.

It seemed that she'd been holding back from cumming for a long time and finally gave in, because we had to stop kissing for her to free her mouth. Then she incoherently screamed her head off for the next minute or two!

It was all I could do not to cum too, given the way her pussy walls quivered and shook around my shaft as she came and came. It felt fantastic!

Finally, she came down from her orgasmic high just enough to cry out intelligible words. "Fuck me, Son! Fuck me so fucking good! Oh, God! I can't fight it any longer! I love it! I need it! I love YOU! I love that you're fucking me! Don't stop for anything!"

I returned the gesture, tonguing her ear for a few minutes while she clawed at my hair and moaned lewdly. And all the while, I kept on sawing in and out of her.

Then we both looked down between her legs again.

She exclaimed, "Look at you! Look at how you fill me up! Oh, yeah, fuck me, Son! Fuck me good! I love that you're my son! I love that you're so hung! Jesus Christ, your cock is so big! It's INCREDIBLE! If I had known it felt like this, I would never have argued with you! I would have dropped to my knees and sucked you off right then and there!"

I gave her deep, slow thrusts and felt her squirm with pleasure. "Good! Because you'll be doing a lot of that from now on! Get used to spending hours on your knees, tears rolling down your cheeks from all your deep throating!"

"OH GOD! AAAAIIIIIEEEE!" She had another big orgasm, apparently triggered by that idea, even though she was just getting over her last big one. Her entire body writhed and trembled.

I never stopped my steady thrusting, which apparently caused this orgasm of hers to last longer and with greater intensity. It looked like she was having one orgasm hit her while she was still reeling from another one.

After a couple of minutes, she seemed to more or less recover from that.

I was still steadily drilling her. It was the perfect amount of wetness, tightness, and friction. It seemed our bodies were built for this, perfectly designed to give pleasure to each other.

"Oooooooh, yeah," she groaned, wrinkling her brows. "That was so fucking INCREDIBLE! Fuck, you're so good, Son! God DAMN! You're the BEST!"

After a long pause, I couldn't resist teasing her by asking, "So, are you still insisting we fuck just this once?"

She blasted me, "You fucking ASSHOLE!" But then she laughed. "You know I'm not insisting that anymore, you son of a bitch! It's too fucking good! I can't resist!"

"Good!" I panted. "Neither can I! Let's do a lot of not resisting together!"

We shared a good laugh at that, even as my thick cock continued to slide in and out of her like a well-oiled piston.

I gloried in running my hands up and down her body. It didn't really matter where; I just loved feeling her silky smooth skin.

After another long pause, she shyly asked, "Are you really going to make me suck you and deep throat you for hours and hours?!"

I nodded vigorously. "Only every chance I get!"

"OH GOD!" Her face was contorted in ecstasy. "What about your girlfriend Dusty though?!"

I honestly told her, "She'll have to make do with less, I guess. I can only cum so many times a day, you know."

"HNNNG!" she wailed lustily. "FUCK! My son is a fucking STUD!"

I reached around and kneaded her right tit again. I was fairly confident I'd won her. To make sure, I asked, "So, what'll happen if I blackmail you with that tape again?"

"You'd better!" She growled. "You'd better fucking blackmail me every fucking day!"

We both laughed at that.

She mewled orgasmically at the way I was groping her huge tit. "Mmmm, yeah, squeeze my breasts, honey! I love that they're so big, so they'll make you stiff and horny all the time! I can't wait until you fuck them!"

"Me either! Speaking of which, want to change position again?"

"Yeah! But not a titfuck yet. I need you in my cunt! I want to ride you!"