Originally written by G. H. Lawrence under the title "Extortion",
supersized by Spacer X


I pulled out of her and laid on my back. "It's all yours, babe," I announced. "Climb aboard!"

"Jesus Christ!" she swore, gazing at my ten-inch long cock, which was sticking straight up like a lighthouse. Her eyes bugged out. "Dammit! Just look at that monster! I want to suck the hell out it, especially with it looking all wet and swollen and angry like that. No wonder Dusty calls herself your 'fuck pet!'"

I was pleasantly surprised that she was familiar with Dusty using that term. But then again, considering the news that she'd been eavesdropping through my bedroom door, I shouldn't have been surprised, since Dusty and I used that term a lot when we were in private.

On her knees, Mom swung her left leg over me and centered herself. To get my massive flagpole inside her, she was going to need to lean way forward, with her flat stomach against my face, and then reach behind her to guide the sailor into port.

She did just as required, first putting her soft tits in my face. She playfully let them dangle, lightly draping them against me. She muttered, "Gaawwwd! I'm so bad. Look at what you're making me do!" She giggled almost deliriously.

"Farther, Mom," I said between smothered licks of her nipples, which were now very erect.

She panted, "Good God! I'm your mother and you're my son! Keep calling me 'Mom!' It's so fucking wrong, but so fucking HOT!"

"Sure thing, MOM! You realize this makes me an official motherfucker, don't you?"

"HNNNG! Oh God! Oh, WOW! It DOES! Incest IS best! It really is!" She scooted forward.

I felt the bristly scruff of her beaver on my chest.

She reached around and grasped my cock. "God almighty, Son! I hope you don't get any bigger before you stop growing. You might not fit in me at all!"

"I just want to be big enough to please you every night."

"Honey, you've got plenty for that job. In fact, you're hired!"

We both laughed.

She laughed almost deliriously as she marveled, "Can you believe this?! Any of it?! You're talking about fucking me every night, and not only am I agreeing, but in the heat of the moment it sounds like the best thing I've ever heard!"

I was overjoyed too. I gleefully added, "And let's not forget about you sucking me off every day."

"Oh God! Fucking hell! You're blowing my mind! That is so going to happen, whether you like it or not!"

I laughed. "Believe me, I'm gonna like it!"

She laughed too.

I felt her guide my glans between her nether lips. She eased herself onto my pipe.

"Ungh," she groaned. "Ungh. Oh. Oh, Son!" She suddenly yelled louder, apparently hitting another climax from the renewed full feeling. "OH, FUCK, SON! YOUR COCK IS STRETCHING MY PUSSY OPEN! NNNGH! OH, MY GOD, IT'S LIKE GIVING BIRTH! HNNNG! OH, FUCK, YES!"

"You can take it," I encouraged. "Take it all!"

"I'm trying! Dear God, I'm trying!"

As if our bodies were made for doing it like this, my cock found the end of her pussy just as her tits were in my face again.

As I licked and sucked those huge, firm globes, Mom gingerly began impaling herself on my shaft with short, dainty strokes that quickly became bolder.

It wasn't long before I had to stop my licking and sucking, because her great tits were moving around too much. I could still hold and fondle them though, and I certainly did.

Soon, she was screaming and slamming herself down on my baseball bat each and every time, riding me as if I were a wild bronco and sliding her soaked pussy lips all the way to my helmet on each stroke.

"Fantastic!" I yelled. YES! YESSSSS! This was exactly what I've dreamed off all these years! Just look at her flawless, tanned body riding me like that. What a priceless picture!

As her massive tits bounced around in my hands, practically slapping my face at times, I occasionally looked down to see her beaver churning frantically up and down on my dick.

"Oh, SON! Yes! Yes! Yes! Jesus, this the best sex I've ever had! BY FAR! Yes! Ungh! HNNNG! SO GOOD! TOO GOOD!"

"You're glad we did this now, aren't you?" I asked, nearly speaking into her deep cleavage.

"Oh, God! YES! So overjoyed! You're fantastic, honey! I knew you cock was big, huge even, but I had no idea it could feel like THIS! We've got some issues to work out, especially with me being married, but you know I don't really love him. I sure do love YOU, though. And now we can love each other in this wonderful way. You can fuck me any fucking time you want! I'm yours!"

I felt a thrill race up and down my spine. Those were the words I'd been longing to hear. YESSSSS! Triumph! Things will never be the same! From now on, I'll be living the dream!

I asked, "What about Jim and your other lovers?"

"HA! Are you kidding me?! So done! The only reason I fucked losers like him was because of this big cock craving of mine. But you're the biggest and the best! I would never fuck anyone else after this!"

I felt more shivers, and goose bumps. Whoa! Did she really just say that?! My every dream is coming true!

I started giving her slight up-thrusts to meet her strokes. At the same time, I growled possessively, "You're mine! Your body belongs to ME!"

That sent her over the edge. She began cumming again, and even more intensely and vocally than before. "Oh! Son! Deeper! UNH! Just like that! Oh, yes! I'm yours! Yes! Yes! Yes! Oh, Peter! Yes! Yes! Yes! I'm cumming! I'm cumming! Yes! YES! YES! OH, GOD, YES! YES! YES! YES! YOURS! JESUS CHRIST! MY SON! MY BABY! UNNNNNGH. OHHHHH. YES! YES! YES! YES!"


At that moment, I finally began cumming too! So intense! UHNGGH! This is the greatest feeling in my life!

Since I wasn't wearing a condom, I flooded the deepest depths of her vagina.

She could feel me squirting my cum into her, making her yell even louder, "YES! OH! OH! OH! OH! YES! IT IS! NOW! I'M CUMMING! FUCKING FILL ME WITH YOUR HOT SEED! YES! YES! YES! OH! OHHHHHHHH! OHHHHHHHHHHH! AIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!"

After another minute or two, with my orgasm done and hers finally petering out, her sexy hip churning ground to a halt.

I licked a swath of perspiration from her cleavage.

She dismounted and kissed me. This time, it was a full-on, vacuum-sealed, tonsil inspection. While probing her soft palate with my tongue, I felt her hand wrap around my still very erect cock.

"Don't you ever go flaccid?!" she asked with a smile when she came up for air.

"Nah. Not with you. I love you, Mom. You inspire me like you wouldn't believe!"

"I love you too, Son. But prove the depths of your desire for me by fucking my big tits like you promised! We need to complete the trifecta!"

"Done. I'm so there!"

We laughed like school kids performing a hilarious prank. We were both completely overjoyed that we'd found each other in this way. Any moral qualms were totally forgotten, at least for the time being.

She pushed her tits together from the outer sides, creating a dramatic line of deep cleavage.

There was a blazing fire in her eyes as she said, "Here's a sneak preview of what you'll be fucking in a minute. Son, know that my body belongs to you now! These tits belong to you, for your pleasure!"

She rubbed her massive knockers together, seemingly on the verge of another climax just from doing that.

I was in awe by her words. This was the best case scenario, to say the least! "Do you... do you really mean that?!"

She responded passionately, "Of course I do. I've never felt anything so sincerely, so deeply, in my life! What you were saying before, about making me your 'sex pet,' making me drop to your knees every time you snap your fingers… I want that! I NEED that! I don't know what it is, but I've never felt such joy, such pleasure, such love, as I'm feeling right now! Gaawwwd! Just thinking about you taking total control and fucking me every single day… UNNNGH! I could cum hard again just from the mere thought!"

I felt tingles and shivers all over. I was hoping she'd come on board with the fucking after we did it once, but this was beyond my best hopes. I dared to ask, "What about Dad?!"

Even mentioning him hardly seemed to faze her. "I don't know what we're going to do about your father, but we'll find a way! I want you to never stop fucking me. That's an order!" She laughed at that, but she meant it.

I felt even more triumphant. I'm the king of the world!

I was feeling so triumphant and reckless that I asked her, "Does that make you my 'fuck pet?'"

Her mouth opened in shock. "That's so WRONG, Son! To call me that, your own mother. So wrong! Poor Dusty. Totally in love with you, in thrall to your cock. Is that what you want?! For me to be just like her?!"

I nodded eagerly.

She asked, "And even have to share you with her, and God knows who else in the future?"

I nodded again.

"Fuck me! This is so fucked up! I'm so far gone that the more wanton and depraved it sounds, the more I like it."

She took a deep breath and closed her eyes. It seemed she was on the cusp of a very important decision.

I tried to be quiet and give her some space.

She finally opened her eyes back up and stared intently at me. "So... yes, that makes me your 'fuck pet.'" She added with growing enthusiasm, "Yes, it does!" She smiled from ear to ear.

For once, I was truly struck speechless. I swear, at that moment, if I tried, I'd have been able to walk on air!

"'Fuck pet.'" She seemed to mull that phrase over in her mind, as if savoring a fine wine. "I like the sound of that. Even better than 'sex pet,' though that sounds great too in my current fucked-up, sex-mad state. It's so right that you're making me into your pet or your toy. You've broken me, so you get me as your prize! Your booby prize!"

We laughed at that. She rubbed her tanned F-cup tits together enticingly, as if I needed any more inspiration.

I felt incredible relief. I was worried that I'd gone too far with that question, but no! She seems to welcome it and be turned on by it! Fuck, yeah!