BLACKMAIL Chapter 10
Originally written by G. H. Lawrence under the title "Extortion",
supersized by Spacer X


We switched positions for the titfuck: she laid down and I straddled her beautiful naked torso.

"I've been waiting a long time to do this," I said with increasing excitement.

"I'm not surprised, considering how much you stare at my rack every day. Come on, honey," she said, pressing her grapefruit-sized breasts together. "They're pretty sweaty, and your cock is very wet, so we don't need any lube."

I thought, My cock has just been to paradise; now it's time for heaven. Damn! I can't believe this is really happening!

I poked my monstrous helmet between her titty mountains, and shoved my shaft into the tight squeeze.

"Mmmmm," I moaned as I watched and felt my boner achieve the long-dreamed-of titfuck pose. "Oh, my God! I've finally got my cock between your tits! I've fantasized about this a million times!"

She raised her head to look down just as my cockhead emerged from her cleavage. "Jesus, look at that thing!" She held her tits from their outer sides, but just kept them still for the time being. "What a sexy fit! To be honest, I've had a lot of fantasies about this too!"

"Really?!" That genuinely surprised me.

She was deliriously happy, and clearly not censoring her feelings any longer. "Hell, yeah! Sometimes, you'd basically titfuck me with your hungry eyes! There were times I managed to mentally blow it off. But other times, I'd have to hurry back to my room and finger myself to a climax! In fact, I blame YOU for making me cheat on your father! I'd see your big bulge and get so hot that only a really big cock could get me off! Eventually I couldn't take it anymore and I needed a big cock fuck, but I couldn't get fucked by you - or so I thought - so I had to go find someone else."

"No more," I told her decisively. I was so overcome with lust and confidence that I boldly declared, "You belong to me now. Every last inch of you!"

"Oh God, I DO! I'm your 'fuck pet,' for real!" Her eyes bugged out, indicating she considered that a profound, serious realization and not just sex talk. That seemed to hit her like a thunderbolt. She actually jerked her head back in surprise at her own words. It made her nearly delirious with lust.

It shook me to my core too. I couldn't keep still a second longer. I drove my cockhead forward to meet her lips.

She polished it with some loud slurping. She was able to get about half of my cockhead inside her mouth, which allowed her tongue to reach further down.

"Fuck, yeah! Blow me while I fuck your big rack!" I said, snarling down at her.

That encouraged her to try harder. She kept right on lapping at my cockhead, like she was trying to give it a spit-shine. All the while, the fantastic feel of her huge, soft tits sliding against the rest of my shaft continued.

But she really blew my mind a few minutes later when she kept sliding more and more of my fat knob in her mouth until she took all it if in! And she still kept the tight titfucking going all the while! No other lover had ever done that to me before, not even Dusty.

I ran my hand through her hair. "God, you're fucking great! How do you even manage to do that?! It's like your super sexy body was designed by God to pleasure a really big thick dick like mine."

She looked into my eyes with such passion and devotion that it was crazy! If anything, she managed to suck a little more in, though it had to be a serious physical strain on her to do it.

Gone was the self-centered trophy wife, replaced by a devoted cock pleaser. Clearly, the nature of our relationship had changed in ways that would take a long time for us to fully understand.

She hadn't been shedding any tears for a long time, but I noticed there were fresh rivulets of tears rolling down her cheeks.

I asked her, "You're crying again. Why?"

She moaned in frustration. She wasn't about to stop her cocksucking or titfucking long enough to explain.

I asked, "Is it tears of struggle or tears of joy?"

"MMMM!" She moaned with more frustration. She couldn't even gesture with her hands, since she was squeezing her tits together around my shaft all the while.

I clarified, "If it's tears of struggle, moan once."

"MMMM!" She moaned lustily.

"If it's tears of joy, moan twice."

"MMMMMMM! MMMMMM!" She moaned even longer and more passionately that time.

"So it's both at once! One moan for 'yes.'"


"Good." I kept on stroking her lovely brunette hair. "Do you like doing this to me, despite the difficulty?"

"MMMM!" She managed to nod a little bit that time.

"That's very good. Because if you're going to be my fuck pet, I expect you to do a lot of this. Daily! Your mouth will serve my cock whenever I want! With your tits helping out at the same time! And tears! Tears streaming down your face!"

Those words seemed to drive her wild. She let go of her tits, forcing me to take over holding them and sliding them up and down.

With her hands freed, she was able to change positions slightly and cram yet another inch of my thick pole into her mouth! That was a physically impressive feat, considering her F-cups were still tightly wrapped around my shaft.

Freeing her hands also allowed her to bring one hand down to her pussy mound. She diddled her clit, and was rewarded with another big orgasm. She actually screamed into my cock as she kept cumming and cumming. Her tight lip-lock felt still better when her lips quivered and even shook with the intensity of her climax.

It was all I could do not to cum again too.

It got even better when she reached down to her navel and began massaging my nuts. I felt them tighten up and realized I wouldn't last much longer. Now that I'd "broken" her, I no longer needed to fight my urge to cum with all my might.

So I gave up fighting. I exclaimed, "I'm about to do it! I'm gonna shoot my load!" I dug my knees into the mattress for leverage and pumped harder than ever.

She finally pulled her lips off my cockhead. It was remarkable how long she'd managed to keep all of it in her mouth, even through her latest orgasm. "Yeah, do it, baby!" she rasped, watching my cock service her heaving melons. "Fuck 'em good and cum on me! Squirt it all over me if you want to, Son!"

"Get ready," I warned at about T-minus 20 seconds. "There's gonna be a lot!"

"Oh, I don't doubt it, with a dick and balls that big!" she said breathlessly. "I bet you cum in fucking gallons, every time! You're going to drown me in your sticky goo every day, aren't you?!"

I couldn't answer, aside from a slight nod, because I was so overcome with the urge to cum.

With about ten seconds to go, my hips went into those familiar pre-orgasmic convulsions, driving my tingling cock furiously back and forth between her shimmying jugs, the underside rubbing furiously against her sternum and the helmet slamming against her chin.

She leaned her head back to give my cock-meat more room. She also brought her hands back up to the outer sides of her enormous tits, taking over the squeezing and sliding some more.

"Mmmm, yeah, do it, Son!" she said dreamily, lost in a deep erotic daze. "Do it all over me!"

My thrusts slowed and my balls clenched. "Oh, fuck, yeah!" I groaned. "Oh, fuck, Mom! OH, FUCK, HERE IT COMES!"

Then something really cool happened. Just as I pulled my cock from between her tits, she rose up on one elbow and, with her other hand, reached up and grabbed my cock. "Here, I'll jack the cum out," she said, with an almost crazy look of lust in her eyes. Then she deliberately aimed my huge cannon right at her face.

Jesus Christ! Dream come true!

"Ungh!" I groaned. The first blast was a big one, a long stream of cream that poured right onto the bridge of her nose and onto both her closed eyes. "Ohhhh!" An even longer string followed it.

She gave my shaft three quick pumps with her fist as a huge rope sprayed onto her chin. Then one splattered across her left cheek.

"Ungh! HNNNRGH!" I groaned, my life seemingly passing before my eyes. I had never cum that hard. It was like a near-death experience!

"Ooooh, yeah! SON! Soak me with it!" Mom was clearly impressed at the volume of my cum blast. She cooed in wordless delight as she leaned her head back. My geysering tool draped three more thick lines of semen from her chin to her hair and onto the sheet past her head.

"Jesus Christ, you really do cum in gallons!" she said in wonder as I kept on spurting. She raised her head up just in time to get a big blast right into her mouth. "Mmmm!" she moaned, quickly taking my spurting helmet back between her lips.

Luckily, my balls weren't empty yet, and I got to experience the extra joy of her tight, sliding lips coaxing still more cum out of me. "Arggggggh, yeah," I groaned obscenely as another good five or six enormous squirts, each of them taking at least a full second, gushed into her mouth.

She gulped and moaned as it flooded her oral cavity faster than she could gulp it all down.

"Ungh, yeah, swallow it," I ordered. "Swallow it!"

She did! Every drop! Well, almost every drop. As her eyes widened with the shock of how much semen I was squirting into her mouth, gooey white lines ran out of the corners of her mouth. One line dripped down her chin and fell onto her neck.

Yet I still wasn't done! With her mouth clearly too full to take any more, I pulled my cock out and sprayed three more lines across the left side of her face.

Finally, with my last cum shot reduced to a mere dribble, I took my boner out of her skilled hand and stroked it myself, letting the final trickle of my cum load drip on her chin.

She lapped at it eagerly. If she was squeamish about cum, that was forgotten in her overall sex frenzy.

"Oh, my god!" I moaned with utter exhaustion. "Oh, my god, that felt so fucking good!" I scooted back a little and wiped the cum still clinging to my cockhead on her left nipple, then her right.

"Mmmm, yeah, wipe it on my big tits!" she purred, watching. "Use me as your cum dump!"

I thought, Whoa! Did she really just say that?! Fucking hell! Best news ever!

Losing my cool reserve, I exclaimed unabashedly, "Oh, Mom, you're the best! I have never cum that hard in my whole life!"

"Good Lord, I hope not. You would have died of dehydration long ago!" She chuckled.

I got off her, allowing her to sit up. I rolled over onto my back. I laid on the bed as if I was a corpse, totally exhausted yet totally satiated and satisfied. She'd literally drained my cock and balls dry!

She looked down at her huge tits as semen from her cum-drenched face dripped onto them. Then she turned and looked behind her at all the lines and puddles of jism on the sheet. "I've never seen this much cum. Jesus, honey, when was the last time you had an orgasm?!"

"When I came into your cunt."

She still seemed to have a lot of sexual energy, somehow. "You did, didn't you?! Good Lord! Just thinking about it gives me goose bumps all over again. There must be a gallon of your fertile seed sloshing around inside me, if this is any indication. I'll bet you knocked me up!"

"Seriously?!" I found that a powerfully arousing thought, even though I was in no way, shape, or form ready to be a father. Hell, I was wondering if I'd ever be able to even sit up in bed again.

She smirked. "No, not really. I'm on a few different types of birth control all at once. But it's an exciting thought just the same." She mocked being a stern mother. "You'd better never wear a condom with me, and that's an order!"

I dutifully replied in a glum voice, "Yes, ma'am." But I was smiling from ear to ear.

She was beaming too, with her face glazed like a donut. She asked, "When did you cum prior to that, though?"

"A couple of days ago. I normally have to cum a bunch of times every day, but I've been depriving myself so I'd be maximally primed for you today."

"Mmmm. Good idea. Were you jacking off then, or were you with one of your sluts?"

"Jacking off, in the morning before school."

"Were you fantasizing about me?"

"Yep. As always. It's really just you and Cindy in my fantasy world. Even Dusty isn't never really on my mind as fantasies."

She smiled knowingly. "Poor Dusty, again. Hmmm. What do Cindy and I have in common, not to mention Dusty too?" She cupped her enormous cummy tits from below, causing them to mush out of shape.

"Hmmm. I have no idea."

We both laughed.

"Did you shoot this much?"


"Is it because fucking me turned out to be even better than you had hoped?" She was still playing with her tits in enticing ways.

"Yep. Much, MUCH better!"

She smiled from ear to ear. "See, honey, that's why you shouldn't masturbate. Real sex is much better for you, young man. In fact, from now on, if your big cock gets stiff and one of your girlfriend sluts aren't around, you're under orders to always come to me!"

I'm blown away that she's taking it as a given I could still fuck my girlfriend Dusty. Then there's the fact she's ready and willing to get fucked by me at any time! Could this get any better?!

I had to ask, "Really?! What about Dad?!"

"That's why it's good your door has a lock on it, and your room is way far from the master bedroom. Plus, you're always listening to music. Do me a favor, okay?"

"Anything." I was struggling to keep my eyes open, due to the intensity of my post-orgasmic crash. But things were far too interesting and arousing for me to go to sleep.

"Make it a habit of listening to your music louder and more often. That way, I'll be able to suck you with abandon, even when he's sleeping down the hall! We certainly wouldn't want him to hear me gagging when you're throat-fucking me! Of course, he's just gonna think you're fucking Dusty, as usual. But who knows how much you'll make me scream. He might think there's a serious medical emergency and come running in!" She winked.

I gulped and stared at her in awe.

She smirked at my reaction. "Now, are you ready for round two?"