BLACKMAIL Chapter 11
Originally written by G. H. Lawrence under the title "Extortion",
supersized by Spacer X


I couldn't resist teasing her. I pretended to be sad. "Yeah, it's too bad that won't happen. I'd love so much if you could be my daily cocksucker and much more, but you can drop the act, as if you're really willing and eager to do all that. I promised that I'd only fuck you the one time and then give you back the videotape. As much as I'd love to fuck you every day, a promise is a promise. You're free to go now."

She looked at me with consternation. "'Free?!' Are you fucking insane?! There's no 'act!" I AM ready and willing! VERY willing!"

I stared at her cummy face with slight confusion, and furrowed my brow.

That only made her more upset. "Son! I'm giving myself to you! Don't you understand?! All of myself! To you! This body, this fabulous naked body, to do whatever you want with it, at any time! Forever!"

I blinked in even more confusion.

She was starting to get distressed. "Your 'fuck pet,' remember?! What about all that 'fuck pet' talk?!"

I pretended still more confusion and surprise. "That was just sex talk, to further arouse us. Right?"

"HELL NO!" She was getting concerned and sad. "I thought… I thought you really meant it!"

I realized the joke was going on too long. I'd been teasing her like this in part to play for time, until my body recovered. I still felt destroyed, but somehow I managed to sit up and take her into my arms.

That caused her massive tits to press against my chest.

I didn't mind at all, even though they had some of my cum on them that had dripped down to their upper slopes from her thoroughly cum-splattered face.

I ran my hand through her silky brown hair, and said, "Relax! I'm just kidding! Now that I've started fucking you, I'm never going to stop!"

Her eyes bugged out, then she breathed a big sigh of relief. "Oh, thank God! You scared the hell out of me!" Her eyes narrowed with irritation, and she playfully smacked my upper arm. "Don't you EVER do that again! Bastard!"

I wanted to give her a reassuring kiss, but I must admit I didn't want to mess up the splattered work of art all over her face, including on her lips. I cupped her huge knockers from below, where they were much less cummy. "Don't worry, Mom! It's been my great dream to fuck you. I would have to be truly insane to stop now. Especially since you've exceeded even my wildest dreams with your sheer sexiness, enthusiasm, and fuckability."

"Same here, baby. Same here." She breathed another sigh of relief. Apparently, I'd seriously scared her.

She looked at me with wide, wild eyes. "Can you believe this?! Any of it?! I still can't believe it. Our entire lives have changed in an hour or two. So much has changed so dramatically in such a short time!"

I gave her a reassuring hug, while carefully angling her F-cups upwards so her cum-covered upper slopes wouldn't mash against my chest. "I know what you mean. This is all non-stop 'pinch me, I'm dreaming' time. I honestly can't believe how great it all is, and yet this IS for real. Isn't it?"

"I sure hope so!" She hugged me back and briefly pecked my face. "If it's not and we're dreaming, I'll just have to seduce you as soon as we're both awake."

We shared a good laugh over that.

Then we simply rested for a while in each other's arms, reveling in the joy of being naked together. I wanted to make out with her, except I still didn't want to mess up her cummy face. It was like a work of art to me, and also the sexiest sight imaginable.

Eventually, I broke the hug and sat back slightly. I was still riding high on lust and confidence, so I told her, "Now, as for this 'fuck pet' talk, if you want me to take total control of your body, I can do that."

She asked shyly, "Is that what you want? I love you so much, Son. How does it work with your girlfriend?"

I honestly explained, "Well, Dusty is about as eager as can be. About the only thing she doesn't do is let me play with any of her sexy friends. Other than that, she's hooked on my cock and she knows it."

Mom nodded, taking that in carefully. "I definitely get where's she's coming from now. How would you describe her sucking style, in just one word?"

"Enthusiasm," I said without having to think. "My previous girlfriends tried their best, but they were held back by feeling ashamed. I didn't want to push them if it made them unhappy. We had lots of fun, but the sex was pretty vanilla. Whereas Dusty, once I broke her, she's taken to being submissive like a duck to water. The more I push her, the more she seems to get off on it. And then it inspires me too."

"Mmmm," Mom commented thoughtfully. "I know just how she feels. I love how you casually said that: 'once I broke her.'" Her eyes flashed dangerously at me, full of promise and naughtiness.

Then she turned more thoughtful. "I think you've brought a submissive side of me to light that I didn't even really know existed. It kind of scares me, to be honest."

I didn't say anything because I could see she needed time to think things through for herself.

After a long pause, she added, "If we go there, with the whole 'fuck toy' thing, I don't know if I'll be able to maintain any boundaries whatsoever. Right now, I'm feeling so very horny that I could slide pretty far down a slippery slope. This feels really thrilling for me, but also very scary. Do you want me to essentially be a slave to your every carnal desire, 24 hours a day?!"

I possessively ran my hands all over her flawless naked body. Mostly, I carefully cupped her massive globes from below while again not touching the cummy upper slopes. "Of course! I'd love to have you as my personal slut."

"One of," she pointed out. She added with smirky chagrin, "Since you're not about to give Dusty up, I'm sure."

"Yeah, but as my mother, and living here with me, you'd obviously have pride of place."

She actually beamed. "I like the sound of that! And living here with you, I'm gonna get way more of your cock. Mmmm!" She licked her lips temptingly, and asked, "Son, be honest. You know how much I love you and how much you love me. If I go through with this, all the way, will you look out for me? My goal is to have loads of mind-blowing sex with you, but I don't want things to change too much between us otherwise and I don't want to lose myself in the process, meaning fundamentally change who I am."

I spoke confidently. "Mom, you can fully trust me. I don't want you to change in a bad way, and I won't let that happen. But I think you can change for the better. You need someone to guide you, someone who you trust and love. I think that's why you're so open to this idea so quickly, because you sense it's the right thing to do."

She just bit her lip and nodded in a distracted manner. Then she seemed to resolve her contemplation and looked at me with new eyes. She gave me an encouraging smile.

I smiled back. I couldn't believe how great this was going. I had to kick myself for not blackmailing her a couple of years ago.

I said, "But I warn you, if we go that route, it won't be easy for you. Not at all. You're going to have to spend a lot of time on your knees, with your lips stretched out around my thick pole, your face all cum-splattered like it is now, and your jaw aching in pain. Cocksucking is going to be your new favorite pastime."

I was deliberately bold and graphic. It was an experiment to see how she really felt, especially now that we were coming down from our dizzying orgasmic highs.

Happily, she appeared totally unfazed, and even seemed to relish that prospect. She smiled from ear to ear. "Oh, woe is me! I'll just have to 'suffer' through that as much as you want!"


She nodded firmly. "Really! It sounds totally wicked and depraved. I love it!" She licked her lips seductively, with her tongue going all the way around them. Then she visibly gulped, as if she was swallowing my cum load.

I had to gulp too, in amazement, though I tried to at least pretend to keep my cool. I resumed mostly just fondling her tits from below. "What happened to the woman who was so reluctant and calculating when we started?"

"Oh, she's still there, just not for you. I promise I'll still be a bitch to my husband as much as possible."

We both laughed. I continued to caress her huge round boobs from below. It was extra fun holding them while I felt them shaking with laughter.

She added, "I wasn't nearly as reluctant as I seemed, you know. Now, the full truth can come out. God, I've wanted you so much, ever since you've grown up and filled out so nicely. All my girl friends go on and on about what a hunky and handsome young man you're turning into. It's true that you did drive me to cheat. I'm convinced I only started because of our damn pool."

"Excuse me?" I didn't follow that logic.

"Thanks to our backyard pool, I saw you many days in your skimpy bathing suit. You really are a handsome, hunky, and nicely tanned young man. But that damn swimsuit revealed everything! I could see the exact size and shape of your cockhead, for starters. And any time I'd show up in my bikini, you'd get stiff in a flash."

"Well, duh!" I laughed. "My dick has good taste."

"You!" She laughed too. Then she ostentatiously swiped a finger through a particularly large cummy streak on her left cheek, and sensuously sucked that finger into her mouth. "Speaking of dicks and good taste… Mmmm! But OF COURSE your cum tastes delicious!"

"Does it really?"

She nodded earnestly. "It does. I could easily get addicted to this stuff. And, dammit, why not? I think I will!" She laughed some more.

She reached down to play with my penis and balls, even though I was still flaccid. She playfully shook my limp dick. "Hey! Wake up, little fellow! I want a refill!"

After laughing some more, she resumed eye contact with me. "But seriously, I was faithful to your father until then, about two years ago. When I saw you big fat cock most every day, it reignited 'size queen' desires in me I thought I'd suppressed since I was a single college girl. But guys like Jim were such poor substitutes. Looking back, I'm kicking myself I didn't just go for it and directly seduce you. So much time lost. So much cum wasted that belonged on me or in me! I was a stubborn fool. As it was, I'm sure we would never have gotten together had it not been for your little blackmail scheme."

I said, "Well then, let's thank our lucky stars for Jim."

"Yes. Let's."

I was continually and secretly astounded that any of this was happening. Yes, I've had lots of sexual success with Dusty and my previous girlfriends, but this is my MOTHER! It's insane enough that I'm hanging out in bed with her, both of us buck naked, not to mention the fact that she has my cum splattered all over her face down to her tits.

But on top of all that, she said, "So much cum wasted that belonged on me or in me!" with such intensity, as if she was truly heartbroken over all that lost cum.

It was hard to wrap my head around how drastically our relationship had changed. I was pretty confident she wouldn't regret it all tomorrow, because her feelings were too strong.

I truly was in non-stop "pinch me, I'm dreaming" mode, just as I'd told her.

I continued to fondle her huge orbs while she continued to play with my privates. We weren't that aroused, at least not compared to before, but it was like we couldn't let go of our favorite body parts. I asked, "So, do you really want to be my 'fuck pet' and not just my lover?"

She pondered that intently, then sincerely replied, "I do. I don't even know what that means exactly, and I don't want you to fully explain it yet either. The bottom line is, whatever it means, I'm sure it'll result in more hot sex with you, so I'm all for it!" She chuckled.

She added, "Besides, the way you fucked me was an epiphany in more ways than one. I'm realizing that I actually liked how you forced me to do it. That made everything twice as hot. And the way you took control and told me what to do… God! So very hot!"

She said more thoughtfully, "You know how I can be difficult and even bitchy. I feel like a completely different person now that I'm under your thumb. And I like it!" She suddenly looked stunned. "GOD!"

"What?" I was puzzled, especially because she started staring off into space.

She recovered, and resumed eye contact. "Oh, nothing. It's just that it hit me the mere act of saying 'I'm under you thumb' sends shivers down my spine, because I know I well and truly mean it. Maybe I just need a strong man to control me. It's too bad your dad never treated me like that; things might have been very different. But then again, I wouldn't want any other reality if it didn't result in me sitting naked with you right now, with my face soaked in your cum! I love you so much, Son!"

"I love you too, Mom." Despite the cum all over her face, I just had to kiss her after that. I leaned in to lock lips with her.

But apparently she didn't want me to mess with her cummy mask, so we did an air kiss of sorts, with our tongues playing in a small gap between our open mouths.

After I pulled back from that, I said decisively, "So. 'Fuck pet' it is. I'm gonna warn you though, I certainly will work you hard. I have a very big sexual appetite."

She said lustily, "Don't think I haven't noticed your parade of girlfriends leading up to Dusty, and how you keep them all so sexually satisfied! That's another thing that's made me want you so badly. I've seen how your girlfriends got all moony over you. You know what I said about listening to your door at times, and hearing all the grunting, moaning, and screaming?"


"Well, what you guessed at earlier is true. Sometimes, I'd get so hot that I'd finger myself right there. Especially when you've been with Dusty. Not only is she the hottest, but don't think I haven't noticed how much she looks like a younger version of me. The similarity is almost embarrassing, actually. So it was easy as pie for me to imagine that I was in her place! Then I'd rush back to my room and have the biggest climaxes!"

"No way!" I said with genuine surprise. "I never knew!" Even with my earlier guess, it was a stunner to hear her actually confirm that.

"I was very careful," she admitted. "But it became an increasingly nasty habit. God! Some of your girlfriends have been so vocal. Especially Dusty. That girl can suck a space shuttle through a straw!"

I laughed at the random "space shuttle" reference, but I understood her sentiment. "She can. She's my favorite cocksucker, at least until you came along."

Mom added, "And the way she stares up into your eyes adoringly as she slurps and bobs... dammit! Too hot!"

I did a double take. "Wait! How did you know that about her?!"

Mom moaned in distress as she realized what she'd admitted. "Damn. I guess there's no point in any secrets anymore. I have another confession: I wouldn't always just listen through your door."

"Really?! Wow!" I was genuinely blown away.

"Yeah, really. It started with Dusty. The fact that she looked so much like me sent my curiosity past some kind of breaking point. Sometimes, when I got lucky, I'd come home early and you two would be by the side of the pool. I'd be able to see and hear everything, from a secret viewing spot. She looks unbelievably hot, naked and kneeling between your legs. What a great all-over tan. What a body!"

"That is true," I muttered. I undoubtedly took Dusty for granted, due to my mother obsession.

She said with wonder, "I got to watch her just slurping and slurping, for half an hour or more, while I pretty much fingered myself to death. Sometimes she'd be at it for a full hour! She seriously needs to win some kind of oral endurance prize."

I nodded in silent agreement. I had to ask, "Just how many times did you spy on us like that?!"

Mom seemed fairly unrepentant. "Enough. Too much. Now you know the truth. I was acting like the ideal mother... but it was just an act. I'd even chastise you for giving me a lusty look. Heck, now that I think of it, I did that to you earlier today, just before you started to seduce me. But even as that was happening on the surface, on another level, a whole different thing was going on in my mind!"

She added as an afterthought, "What did I tell you? It's that damn pool that caused me to cheat! How could I not get some serious big cock relief, after seeing you like that, day after day? And then seeing Dusty bobbing naked by the pool was a million times worse!"

I playfully tweaked my mother's erect nipples. "Well, that's going to be you from now on. Like I said, now that you're my fuck pet, I'm going to work you hard."

"Mmmm! Say that again!"


"That you're going to work me hard. I love the sound of that and all it implies. I also love the idea of being one of your 'girls,' even if it's just Dusty and me. Both of those things mean I'm going to have to give it my absolute all to keep you and your delicious big fat cock coming back for more, or I'll lose my 'pride of place!'"

I sat there silently and probably looking fairly normal on the outside, but on the inside I was freaking out and doing backflips because it was all too amazing. Mom's attitude is too awesome! It's like she's trying to break my mind by being too sexy and all-around incredible! And it's working! Especially with all of that cum slowly dripping down her face. Fuuuuuck!

I did my best to gather my wits and try to appear and sound calm. I figured it was essential for me to project the image of the dominant kind of guy she wanted me to be. That sort of thing came easy for me with Dusty, but it was an entirely different thing with my own mother. I'd always been an obedient and "good" son.

I somehow managed to rise to the occasion and tell her, "I think you'll find your pussy can only handle getting drilled a couple of times a day, and I cum a lot more than that. So you're going to spend a lot of time naked and kneeling and bobbing on my big boy!"

It looked like a hit a bull's eye with those words, judging from her excited reaction. She clapped her hands together a single time and bounced in place, causing her immense tits to jiggle and sway. "Oh my Lord! That sounds seriously hot! You know, I have a saying: it isn't really a blowjob until I shed tears from my deep throating struggles."


She laughed. "No, not really. Today was the first time I cried during sex. But maybe it can be the start of a new tradition where we make that saying come true. I must say, as much as I loved it when you fucked my cunt, I loved it even more when you fucked my throat! Honest! I hope there's going to be a hell of a lot more of that from now on. When I think of our future, I think about you snapping your fingers, making me drop to my knees and strip naked so you can roughly fuck my face until your fat knob makes an outrageous visible bulge in my neck! "

"WOW!" was all I could say to that. I was utterly blown away, again.

She looked at me anew, even as she kept on fondling my balls. "Everything has changed, hasn't it? Not just between us, but everything in our lives will be different from now on. I love you SO MUCH, Son, and I know how much you love me. You were so right to force me to get off my duff so we could share our love in a more physical way. I'm not mad at your blackmail at all. In fact, I rejoice that you did that."

I was still in shock, because this was all too good to be true. "Really?! Are you sure?!"

"Really." She smiled warmly and lovingly. "I know we've just started, and I'll probably have SOME regrets later, but this feels so natural and right to me. You know how I've never really loved your dad, and yet I love you so very much. Why can't I make love with the man I love?"

I said, "That's how I feel exactly. That's why I couldn't resist you, even if I had to resort to something immoral to get here."

She nodded in understanding.

It was hard for me to square her loving, motherly ways with the fact that she was buck naked, complete with a cummy face and chest, while also idly playing with my balls. I felt like the whole discussion was making me slowly lose my mind.

I dared to ask, "What about that future vision you just laid out? Do you really mean that?"

Her face lit up like she'd just won a prize. "Oh boy! Do I ever! It gives me tingles and shivers just from thinking about it. When I think of the future, I picture myself mainly naked and kneeling, and taking more and more inches of your hot cock down my throat! Over and over again. I want to take ALL your loads on me or in me, even though I know that I'm going to have to share you with Dusty. A guess a fuck toy just has to suffer with jealousy sometimes."

I'm surprised I didn't pass out on the spot!

She exclaimed, with an almost overwhelming amount of passion, "I don't want to be normal! FUCK normal! I want to take the magic we've discovered today and go all the way with it! I've never felt so fantastic in my life! So ALIVE! So loved! Sex with you is like the secret ingredient, the missing piece. Of course I've got my job, but besides that, my life is going to be oriented mainly around having fun with you and your big cock from today forward. Don't you think?"

I felt a great surge of pleasure just from thinking about that. She blew my mind all over again!

"That depends," I said carefully, trying to stay relatively calm. "What are we going to do about Dusty? Are you REALLY okay with sharing me with her? Or is that just sex talk, from the heat of the moment?"

"Who cares?!" She gave me a flippant, almost defiant look.

That answer threw me for a loop. "What do you mean?!"

She broke into a naughty smile. "What I mean is that whatever I think doesn't matter. I'm just your fuck pet. You tell me what to do, and I must obey!" The fire in her eyes was so intense that it was a wonder any wood near us didn't spontaneously burst into flames.

I felt shivers and tingles all over. Seriously?! WOW! Her attitude is way better than my best possible scenario!