BLACKMAIL Chapter 12
Originally written by G. H. Lawrence under the title "Extortion",
supersized by Spacer X


I sensed my penis starting to get hard again, as improbable as that was, considering all it had been through recently with her. It certainly helped that she had it in hand and was steadily stroking it back to life.

I boldly declared, "In that case, I'm going to keep fucking and especially face-fucking her. Even right here, in my room or out by the pool."

She smirked knowingly. "Why am I not surprised? Actually, that's probably for the best. With your track record, if you suddenly stopped dating altogether it would look very suspicious to everyone, including your father. Dusty is totally in love with you. I can tell, just from the dreamy look in her eyes whenever she's with you. You need to treat her better, which includes giving her lots of cock. And from what you're saying and everything I know about you and your rampant cock, I'm going to need all the help with your raging tree trunk hat I can get!"

I asked hesitantly, "So… you're not jealous?" I was rolling her stiff nipples between my fingers, even as she continued to slowly fondle my dick back to a half-hard status.

"Oh, I'm totally jealous! I'm turning green just thinking about it! But… it's kind of hot too. Actually, it's really hot, since it puts me in my place even more. I won't even be your only fuck pet. How amazing is that?! Plus, I definitely plan to keep on spying on you two, which will be a blast!" She laughed.

Then she added seriously, "But I do have demands."

"Such as?" I kneaded her tit-flesh rather aggressively.

"I need a peephole for a better view! You already know I've been spying on her with you. But you were always a ways off by the pool. A peephole into your room would give me the best view of all the hot sucking action yet!"

I laughed. "That can be arranged. She really is a great sucker, although she can't deep throat me like you can. It's too bad she knows you're my mom. It would be fun to have you two suck me off together."

She surprised me yet again. "Oh, don't I know it! I've had that very fantasy countless times, ever since I've eavesdropped and spied on you and her so much. Especially since she could practically be my twin. Wouldn't that be a kick, for you to look down and see TWO of me giving your fat cock a tongue bath at once? But you're right, it's too risky."

As I continued to fondle my mother's extraordinary tits, with my dick continuing to slowly stiffen in her fingers, a crazy plan came into my mind. "It's too risky with her. Besides, as great as she is, she has a teenage body. A very nice one, true. But I much prefer your kind of body, the muscular yet voluptuous kind. Which makes me think of Cindy."

"Cindy?!" She frowned.

"Sure. You were all ready to have me fuck her as a substitute earlier, remember? I think we should go ahead with that plan. In fact, as your new owner, I demand it."

She frowned more severely and bit her lip. She let go of my privates too. "No! I refuse!"

"You do?! Why?! Are you offended that I just called myself 'your new owner?'"

"No. Well, yes, that bothers me, but it arouses me many times more. Please don't stop saying that."

I was having another "pinch me, I'm dreaming" moment. "Seriously?!"

She grinned wickedly. "Seriously!"

I furrowed my brow, trying to figure out what upset her. "Then what's the problem? You were just fantasizing about sharing me with Diana."

"Yes, but that's different, and it was just a fantasy. Cindy is too much like me! With Dusty, I'd know that I'm twice as hot as she is, at least until she fills out some more, so I wouldn't feel threatened, even if she and I did share you for real. But Cindy's the only one I know who makes me feel like second best. My jealousy would soar with her. I'd be deathly worried that you might want her more than me."

"Are you kidding me? Mom, you're a teenage wet dream come to life! And you're my mom. I'm living the ultimate incest dream here! Come on! Nobody can hold a candle to you, in my eyes."

She pouted, with her face as cummy and gorgeous as ever. "So you say. And I'd believe you except when it comes to Cindy. I'm willing to share you with anyone else but her. I'm sorry! I don't ask much, but I'm putting my foot down on this one issue!"

I continued to caress her huge tits possessively, figuring that would help drive her to agree with me. I was determined to play hardball, because why not try and see what happens? I felt like I was on an unstoppable winning streak. "Sorry. 'Fuck pet' is an all or nothing thing. There's no 'fuck pet with caveats.' Don't you agree?"

"Well, yes, in theory…" Clearly, she was torn. She longed to live the full "fuck toy" lifestyle, even if she didn't know exactly what that meant yet. She wanted to fully surrender to her sexual desires. But at the same time, the thought of being outdone by Cindy was eating her up.

I realized I need to make a better sell. "Besides, nobody can come close to how I feel about you. Not even her!"

My naked and cummy bombshell mother seemed surprisingly uncertain about herself. Before I could say more, she complained, "Really?! You lie! God, she's so fucking beautiful. Even I get all horny for her. With her long, wavy blonde hair, high cheekbones, and those penetrating blue eyes. And it's outrageous that a natural blonde can have a tan as rich as hers. But what kills me are her breasts! They're even bigger than mine! And it's not just their size. Their shape and firmness is spectacular! The way they only sag a little defies gravity!"

I grinned. "And you're trying to talk me OUT of fucking her?!"

Her eyes widened in surprise as she realized her words weren't helping her cause.

I chuckled. "Don't worry. It's not like I haven't noticed all those things, and more." I looked down at my crotch. My penis had gone flaccid again, since she'd stopped holding and fondling it. "See? Even your hot talk about Cindy isn't affecting me. But watch what happens when I think about you."

I paused dramatically, and stared intently into her eyes. Within seconds, I felt my dick engorging to full size.

She exclaimed, "PETER! Your cock!" She quickly took it in hand. She moaned lustily as her fingers resumed sliding all over it, helping it finish stiffening.

I smiled triumphantly. "See? That's how you get me when I think of you, every single time. Not even Cindy can come close, because there's one thing you have that she doesn't have at all." I was back to playing with her nipples.

"What's that?" She briefly brought her hand to her face to catch a cum gob before it dripped off her chin. She sucked it into her mouth. With her other hand, she jacked me off with increasing vigor.

"I'm your son! Which means I love you with all my heart and you love me with all your heart! It's the ultimate trump card, in my book. Nobody could EVER top you, in my eyes. Period! You've been a pretty shitty wife, but you've also been a pretty great mom. I know it may sound corny, but when I see all of my cum on your face, it's like I'm seeing my liquid love on you."

"Oh, Son! That's so sweet!" She brought her free hand back to her face and ran her fingers through some cum streaks on her left cheek. She seemed to tremble as she marveled at what she was touching. Then she brought those fingers to her mouth and seductively sucked them clean. Her eyes were alight with renewed lust. "Mmmm! 'Love' tastes delicious!"

I smiled at that, then continued, "Whereas with Cindy, yeah, I like her, but it's really all about lust with her. She's kind of a spoiled trophy wife princess type too, like you. No offense."

"None taken. And she is. Like me, at least until today." She grinned as she looked down at her hand starting to slosh up and down my firmly erect pole.

I went on, still freely fondling her giant globes, "I could never love her, at least not like I love you. I think, objectively speaking, you're just as hot as she is. Actually, that's a frequent debate amongst my friends, who is more bangable, you or her."

She grinned wickedly. "Oh, really?! And, pray tell, who wins?!"

I looked down at her tits and squeezed them together, several times. "It's basically a tie. Both of you have incredible tits, but also stunning faces, and firm, round asses, and so much more. That's why it's a frequent, unresolved debate. But you can't say she's MORE sexy than you. Anyway, it doesn't matter. She could be the goddess of love and sex Aphrodite herself and I would still want you more, just because you're my mom!"

"Oh, Peter! That's so sweet!"

We shared another open air kiss. Her free hand also went back to playing with my balls while her other hand kept on steadily jacking me off.

I prodded, "Do you believe me?"

She sighed. "Son! I'm trying. Don't ask me that when your cock is all stiff and hot and throbbing in my hands. I can't think straight. I'm so hot for you right now! Half my mind is occupied with thoughts of wrapping my lips around your thick cock-meat some more. I have dreams of deep throating you even better than before!"

"What about Cindy?"

She cursed petulantly, "Fuck Cindy!"

I had to chuckle at her passion. It was a sign of how drastically her feelings had changed. I tried to take advantage of her new attitude. "I'll let you suck me some more just as soon as you agree to share me with Cindy."

Both of her hands were slipping and sliding up and down my pole. "Oh, Son! Don't be so mean!" She was pouty, but in an adorable way.

I was warming up to this Cindy idea more and more. I tried to think of how to make it more appealing to her. "Look on the plus side. There's one great thing about Cindy that would make me easily want to give up pretty much everyone else but you and her."

"What's that?"

"Threesomes! She's your friend and you two share all your sex secrets. We all get along great. I could have sex with both of you at the same time! Then you'd get more sex with me than if I was off with someone else like Dusty."

She frowned, and thought that over. "Yeah, except that would mean she'd know about the incest. I can't have that!"

"Of course she'd know about the incest. Does she know you fantasize about me?"

She admitted, "She does know some, but not all."

"Good! See? Yes, you can build on that."

She spoke while shyly staring at her hands pumping up and down on my shaft. "Oh, no I can't! True, she's a good friend, but what if she blabs that to someone else?! She could ruin my entire life! You and I might have to run away to who knows where, and start over! Can't you just be happy fucking me and your slutty girlfriend?"

She looked down at my crotch in surprise, because she felt my cock suddenly twitch with even more excitement than before. She muttered, "Ah! The vigor of being a teenager!" She licked her lips and drew her head in closer towards my crotch.

I didn't want to get distracted and let go of the Cindy idea just yet. I said, "True, it's risky. But what's life without a little risk? Boring, I say."

Mom's eyes opened wide with alarm. "OH SHIT!"


"You talking about risk made me remember I'd forgot: you can't fuck Cindy, because she's not willing to commit adultery!"

I went from concerned to chagrined. I gave Mom a very skeptical look. "Sorry, that boat won't float. You already told me in no uncertain terms that she cheats regularly. You said she's a size queen and how she loves doing it and so on. Nice try, but you can't seriously think I forgot all that."

She winced. "No, honestly. I'm really not trying to lie to you now. I swear it! But that's only because I was lying to you earlier. I had panicked at first about your blackmail and I was willing to lie to get out of it. The truth is, she WAS the way I described to you, up until three years ago. She had been repeatedly cheating on her husband until then. But then... she kind of got caught by her husband."

Now it was my turn to exclaim, "Oh shit! What happened?!"

"Luckily, he's kind of a softie, and she had a semi-plausible excuse. But she's been on notice ever since, so she had to stop all her extracurricular fun. The part I told you about us sharing pictures of our lovers' big dicks is true, but in the last three years it's only been a one-way exchange. I send her great photos and she kind of loses her mind over them, because she's been forced to live vicariously through me."

For some reason, I had a hunch that she was telling the truth. She was good at lying when it comes to lies of omission, but sometimes when I directly confronted her about something and got to closely examine her face, I could tell. Still, her new version was so convenient for her that I remained highly skeptical. Giving her a hard look, I said, "Maybe you're right, maybe you're wrong. But given what you said before, I'm gonna need some kind of proof."

She surprised the heck out of me by replying, "I fully understand that. But I'll do you one better: I say what the truth is doesn't really matter, because I'm still willing to let you fuck her. I'm not exactly thrilled about it, but I know how determined you can be, and if you play it tough on this by denying me sex, I know I'm gonna fold. So let's skip to the chase and figure out how we can make this happen. It's not going to be easy, but she IS a size queen, and she's been slowly dying not being able to have REAL sex with a real stud, so I think it can be done."

That answer threw me for a loop. I still wanted to deal with the lying issue. I had to play mental catch trying to switch gears to figuring out how to seduce Cindy. It occurred to me, "If what you're saying is true this time, is it even wise for me to seduce her? If she's a player already, that's one thing. But I don't want to be the one responsible for destroying her marriage."

After a pause, I sternly repeated, "IF what you're saying is true. If this is a clever ploy to get me to give up trying with her due to moral reasons, it's not gonna work, because I'm going to get to the bottom of this."

She waved a hand dismissively. "Don't worry, you'll know I'm telling you the truth now by my answer. You see, I could try to talk you out of this by bringing up moral excuses, but instead, I say: go for it!"

I gave her another very skeptical look.

She explained, "You see, I figure you're not going to let this go until you get to the bottom of it. Once you start talking to Cindy directly, you'll find out the truth regardless, so all I'm doing is speeding things up and trying to get on your good side."

She continued, "Besides, you'll be happy to have her as another fuck pet, and she'll be over the moon to get regularly fucked by you. She's my friend, so I care for her happiness. As for me, I'm kind of warming to the idea of sharing you with her. We could have a lot of fun with that, I think."

I said, "Maybe so. But what about my moral issues? Not to mention possible practical issues. I don't want to get caught by an angry husband who beats me up or even shoots me!"

Mom responded thoughtfully, "Well, nothing in life is risk free. But her husband is a push over. When he pretty much caught her the first time, he didn't even yell, but did the guilt thing and the passive aggressive thing. The main reason she worries about getting caught is financial. Basically, she gets to live the high life without having to work, thanks to her husband's largess. She doesn't want to risk that."

I thought that over for some long moments, before saying, "Well... that sucks! You say you're trying to mollify my concerns, but you're actually making them work. With you, my obsession was and is so all-consuming that I was more or less driven to a kind of desperate insanity. I felt I truly had no choice but to seduce you, because I couldn't stand going on without you."

She ran a hand across my face, and smiled brightly. "Awww! That's so sweet."

I said with wry amusement, "Yeah, in a creepy stalker kind of way." I chuckled. Then I continued more seriously, "But with Cindy, my desire for her is strong, but not nearly 'take insane risks' strong I was talking big earlier about fucking her at will and damn the consequences, but that's not really true, now that it becomes more of an actual possibility. I don't want to totally ruin her life so she ends up working a cash register at Walmart or something."

Mom chuckled dismissively at that. "Don't worry, that'll never happen. She's quite financially well off on her own, so it's not like she's ever going to need to work, period. With her looks, she'll never want for anything anyway."

I asked, "So, why is she so worried?"

"Because one thing about rich people is they like money!" She laughed. "If she has four million, she'll want six. If she has six million, she'll want nine. And so on. People are never satisfied; they always want more. I don't know exactly how much she'd be worth after a divorce, but I'd guess it would be somewhere in that range of about four to six million. Plenty to live on in luxury for the rest of her life."

She had a naughty gleam in her eyes. "The question is, can you seduce her so well that she's willing to give up all that extra money that she doesn't really need anyway? The more I think about it, the more I'm enjoying the prospect of you fucking her so good that she throws caution to the wind and says good-bye to her marriage. She doesn't really love or need that loser anyway."

I had another prolonged think. Then, I said, "Gosh, this is a real tricky situation. Seducing her is going to be a risk and there's no telling how she'll react or what'll happen to her marriage in the long-term."

"That's true," Mom said.

I pondered the issue some more, trying to think of seduction strategies. Then an idea came to me. "Hey, you know what would make it less risky?"

"What's that?" She was less focused on the discussion now that she was staring at my boner from close up with thoughts of more cocksucking clearly dominating her mind.