BLACKMAIL Chapter 14
Originally written by G. H. Lawrence under the title "Extortion",
supersized by Spacer X


I was shocked to see my mother's cummy face again, even though I'd only briefly left the room. She was licking cum gobs into her mouth while she waited for me to come back. She was devouring them with gusto, but she still had plenty left to consume. Whoa! God, what a rush, seeing her do that! MY cum! MY mom! She's a perfect ten, for sure! But then add the cum, and she's like a twenty! Jesus!

And seeing her completely naked body is another intense rush! Some hotties look better with clothes on, but she's the opposite, probably because her skin is so flawless and she has such an even all-over tan. And she's my MOM! I'm living the life of Riley!

I sat in a chair to get more comfortable… and to put her in a more demeaning position. "Here. Come here. Kneel between my legs, like a good fuck pet mother."

She groaned almost orgasmically. "UNNNGH! This is so fucked up! Every time you say that, it's like you hit me with an electric cattle prod. Except I'm jolted with pure arousal instead of electricity." She got off the bed and knelt down in front of me.

Just seeing her fully naked on her knees like that was a real mind-blower! I could see her huge tits if I leaned forward a little bit, which I did.

I thought, This is a woman who should be on the cover of a magazine! She's a total centerfold knockout! My own super curvy Lauren Bacall. And her tits! Those tits! Not only is she my mom, and I fucked her, but she's looking up at me with pure adoration... and lust. Such hunger in her eyes! Even after all we've done today, she can't wait to get her mouth back on my dick! What a RUSH!

I held the phone up. "I'm going to call her right now."

Mom was alarmed. "NOW?! But don't we need to talk about this some more, and plan things out?"

"Normally, yes. I would want to think through every contingency. But I'm riding on such a high of lust and confidence that I feel totally invincible. I need to strike while the iron's hot, while I still feel this way. I've never felt like this before in my life and... well... I feel invincible! I know I just said that, but I need to emphasize it. I believe sheer chutzpah and confidence will carry the day. That's more important than lots of planning."

I added, "Besides, you're going to do all the talking, for now. Here's the deal. I'll dial the number, then hand the phone to you. I expect you to lick my cock while you're talking as much as possible, and suck it while she's talking."

"Are you serious?! That's risky!" Her face was flushed and her mouth was hanging open.

"True, but that's the fuck pet life you've chosen to live. You'll be doing lots of daring things like that from now on. For instance, if we're riding in the car together and I'm driving, I'll expect you to blow me the whole time."

"OH MY FUCKING GOD! What have I gotten myself into?!" Yet the way her huge tits started heaving on her chest showed she was much more aroused than upset.

She looked down at herself, and seemed to remember what a flawless sex goddess she was. "Son, a woman with my looks shouldn't have to suffer those sorts of indignities!"

I shrugged my shoulders. "Hey, there's still time to back out. I told you I'm going to work you hard, and especially work your mouth hard. Or… we can just be boring old regular incestuous lovers." I chuckled at that, because even that prospect was beyond incredible.

A new fire burned brightly in her eyes. She said emphatically, "No! I want the full deal! I want you to work me hard! Especially my mouth! Work it! I want my jaw constantly sore and my breath to always smell of sperm! God, I want you to fuck my tits so much! And my cunt! And maybe even my ass! We need to talk about if you can even fit back there. I sure hope you can, but it scares me too. But most of all, I want you to fuck my face!"

She dramatically opened her mouth wide, apparently to show off her oral enthusiasm. Then she continued, "I want you to use my mouth as your vessel for pleasure whenever you want it!"

She gesticulated emphatically, causing her incredible tits to swing and even crash into each other. "I want, nay, I NEED you to make me drop to my knees every time you so much as get a twinge of arousal in your cock! And I want Cindy kneeling next to me, lapping on your balls too! So dial that number. God! This new lifestyle is going to be so much fun!" She giggled jubilantly.

Mom had her good friend Cindy on speed dial, so I only needed to hit one button. I checked to make sure the phone was ringing, then I handed it to her down by my crotch.

Mom held my boner with one hand and eagerly lapped on my frenulum, my favorite spot. She used her other hand to hold the phone to her ear.

I heard her say, "Cindy? Hey! I'm so glad to reach you. This is REALLY important. I need you to come over here right away!"

Cindy gave a very short reply (which I couldn't hear), so my mom didn't stop with her lapping.

She switched from just holding my hot pole to actively stroking it. "No, no emergency. Unless you call being super horny an emergency!" She giggled. "I've met a new guy and he's such a HUNK! And oh my God, his cock! So big and perfect! It's the biggest and best I've EVER had! He's changed my life like you wouldn't believe! You just have to come here right away, so I can tell you all about him!"

Again, Cindy's reply was short, which I also couldn't hear.

Mom spoke while lapping around my cockhead during every brief pause. "What? No. My ball-and-chain hubby is gone for the whole three-day weekend. And my hunky son will be gone for hours too! I'm thinking that you and I can do some nude sunbathing. Totally nude! The weather is perfect for it, and I want to try to catch up to you with your perfect all-over tan. And while we're at it, I can tell you some of my latest big cock hunting adventures with this incredible new guy! We'll get hot under the sun in more ways than one!" She giggled again.

I felt shivers run down my spine, because it dawned on me, Even if this Cindy scheme completely fails, I still have Mom all to myself for the entire three day weekend! She's so enthusiastic about our new lifestyle that she'll probably sex me to death! At this point, there's no way I can lose. I chuckled to myself in my mind.

This time, Cindy gave a longer reply on the phone. My mother anticipated that and immediately switched to sucking me! She began bobbing with a fervor! Naturally, she tried to be as quiet as she could, but that conflicted with her desire to bob fast and with a lot of suction.

I closed my eyes to try to imagine what Cindy might be hearing over the phone line. It sure as hell sounded like cocksucking to me!

All too soon, Mom had to pull off to resume talking. She switched back to licking as often as she could. "What's that weird noise, you ask? That's me! I'm so HORNY! So incredibly horny! When I'm not talking, I'm sucking on my fingers because all I can think about is sucking this boy's big fat cock! And yes, he's a boy! A mere teenager! He's half my age, but he has double the cock of a full-grown man!"

That led to more questions by Cindy, obviously. Mom spent the time bobbing on me even louder and more overtly. I had to admire her cleverness in finding something sexually exciting to talk about, and especially the sucking on her fingers excuse, to justify the lewd noises she was making.

However, all too soon, she had to pull back off my thickness to talk some more. "Look, I could tell you a lot more over the phone, but I won't! Because you need to get your sexy ass over here right this minute so I can tell you all the juicy details in person. Break the fucking speed limit the whole way! This is a three-alarm, ten-inch cock fire!"

After just a couple of seconds of Cindy's next reply, Mom said, "YES! I said ten inches! TEN! But that's not even the best part! He's THICK! Like a Coke can, but for real! Well, almost. The truth is, I wouldn't want him any thicker or he wouldn't fit in my mouth. That's all I'll tell you for now."

She giggled, then started to stretch her lips back over my cockhead.

But before she could take it all back in, she muttered, "Okay! See you then! Bye!"

She ended the call. It looked like she was simply going to toss the phone over her shoulder until she remembered how valuable it was. She ended up handing the phone to me, so both of her hands were freed.

Again, she started to slide her lips back over my cockhead. It seemed that call had only aroused her even more.

I carefully put the phone down. I asked, "So what's the score?! Is she coming over?!"

She moaned in frustration at her pleasure denied. She resumed her impassioned lapping while she was forced to talk. "Yes! Right away! Already I fucking LOVE the idea of sharing you with her! I can start to see how having her by my side will magnify our daily excitement many times over. She and I going through every sexual experience together… WOW! Our faces sticky with your cum, our pussies constantly sore! Seeing your fat knob bulging through her neck… Double WOW!"

Her eyes bugged out wildly as she continued, "Or, better, feeling her caress the bulge in MY neck as I take you to the root! DAMN! I want that to happen NOW already! So many great things to do! So much endless sexual humiliation! Just talking to her about you got me too fucking horny to breathe! At least I knew it was you. Wait until she finds out just who my 'secret lover' is! HA!"

Again, she was about to take all of my shaft in her mouth, but then she had a slight change of plans. "Come on, Son! We don't have much time! We need to shower AND coax more cum out of you before she gets here! I say we do both at the same time! So let's move our asses over to the nearest bathroom!"

"Great idea!" I enthused. I muttered more to myself than to her, "Damn! I think I'm going to love having my own fuck pet mother!"