BLACKMAIL Chapter 15
Originally written by G. H. Lawrence under the title "Extortion",
supersized by Spacer X


She stood up, and then pulled me up. "Oh, you will, Son. You will! My mind is racing. I have so many ideas about the things we can do together, with her included, or just you and me. I feel like I've been reborn!"

She looked around and saw her red high heels as well as her red bikini top and bottom, all of them lying on the floor nearby. At first, she frowned in annoyance at having to deal with such petty things, but then a wicked grin crossed her face. She bent over dramatically and started putting her high heels back on.

It quickly became clear that she was less putting on the heels and more putting on a sexy display for me. As if it wasn't obvious enough already, she wiggled her bare ass seductively, and moaned sexily, "See anything you like, Son?"

I took a step forward and started caressing her nearest ass cheek. "Oh, yeah! Hell, yeah! Between your huge tits and your stunning face, everyone wants to see your front side, including me. But I think your ass is sadly neglected. It's world class too."

She was clearly thrilled by my words. She actually purred with pleasure. "Well, as my new de facto owner, it's up to you to do something about that neglect, don't you think?"

Finished with putting her high heels on, she spread her legs much wider. Ostensibly, that was to help her reach her bikini top and bottoms, to pick them up, which she did. But mostly it was about displaying her naked ass even more dramatically.

I stepped in still closer and put a hand on each ass cheek. I was close enough to rest my boner up against her ass crack. I moaned needfully, "I could fuck you doggy style so easily right now!"

She laughed with pure delight, but also said, "Son! Please! Watch out! I know you could, and you will! So very often! But not now. Do you want Cindy to catch us like this, with me naked and on all fours, getting fucked like an animal?! Wait! Don't answer that!" She laughed.

I was tempted to throw caution to the wind and fuck her some more, Cindy be damned.

However, that option slipped away when Mom stood all the way back up. She had her bikini scraps in hand. She was smiling from ear to ear. She playfully swiped her bikini top towards my face. "Behave! Let's make it to the shower first. Then you can have your way with my body!"

That sounded like a great idea to me. We started walking briskly to the shower.

I made sure to linger a few steps behind her so I could watch her bare ass cheeks undulate up and down.

However, halfway to the shower, she stopped and waited for me to catch up. She took my hand, and then kept on, "This is what I've been missing since, well, since I got married, at least. Those affairs I had these last couple of years were just a pale shadow of what I was really hungering for: YOU! And now I don't have to feel guilty about cheating!"

We were walking hand in hand from that point onwards. It was still a great joy to see her fully naked body next to mine, especially her enormous tits wobbling on her chest. I had to point out, "Um, you're still cheating on Dad, you know. We both are."

"Not so! Not in my mind. I'm YOUR fuck pet now, not his. YOU own me! If anything, if he tries to kiss me, or more, I'll be cheating on you with him. But don't worry. That's not going to happen, trust me."

"What?! You're going to cut him off, completely?!"

"Son, our sex life has been so bad that it'll take him a few weeks to even notice. You and I will talk about that later and figure out what we can do so I can live the full fuck pet lifestyle indefinitely. In my mind it's a done deal because I naturally belong to you, now and forever. But for now… shower!" She timed that just as we entered the bathroom.

I turned on the overhead water and let it shower down on us.

The first thing she did was stand directly under the falling water with her head tilted up and her eyes closed, letting the water wash all of my remaining cum off her face. She seemed as disappointed about that as I was. She muttered, "It's an unfortunate waste, but it must be done before Cindy gets here."

I wound up standing behind her, fondling her newly soaked ass cheeks. "Never mind. There will be plenty more where that came from. I plan to keep your face and tits splattered with cum more often than not." Since my dick was still hard, I wedged it in between her ass cheeks.

She moaned loudly and passionately. "Oh my God! SON! This is so fucking depraved! I love it!" She began squeezing my cock by flexing and unflexing her ass cheeks as best she could.

It felt surprisingly good, almost like I was getting dry humped just from the power of her ass. I ran my hands over her back. Even her entire back was an erogenous zone, in my book!

She went on, "This is exactly the sort of thing I've been missing in my life. Do you realize your father NEVER had his way with me in the shower?! Not even once. Not a blowjob, or a handjob… nothing."

As I humped her ass crack a little bit, I pointed out, "I hate to say this, but that's almost certainly because you wouldn't let him."

She sighed sadly as she contemplated that. "That's true. I could be a real bitch with him, couldn't I? I got very good at depriving him of sex as a means of control. There's no way I would have given him a sexy shower unless he did something truly extraordinary for me."

She suddenly turned around in place, and wiped the excess water from her face. The cum that had been there was all gone. That was okay, though, because I was stunned all over again by her flawless, symmetrical facial features. She could stop traffic even if she was wearing formless clothes from the neck on down.

She opened her eyes and held me by my shoulders. "I can be a right bitch sometimes. You know it, I know it, everyone knows it, so don't try to deny it. I'm all for female equality in general, but in my case, I can see I need a strong man and a firm spanking hand to guide me. I'm probably all fucked up because of my father. I've told you how he ruled our house like a military boot camp. I hated it at the time, but without someone to tell me what to do, I go astray."

She brought both hands down to my crotch. She started stroking my stiff dick, and folding my balls too. She smiled seductively. "Luckily, whoever takes that role will find himself rewarded with pleasure for all his trouble. Lots and lots of pleasure, every single day! Especially THIS kind!"

She suddenly dropped to her knees and trapped my boner in her cleavage. She'd been standing between me and the shower water coming down, so it began showering down on my chest and her head and back.

It felt great, and doubly so when she began sliding her round tits up and down around my boner, one going up while the other one went down, and vice versa. As she started lapping on my cock for good measure, I teased her, "Hmmm. I wonder who would want to take on that thankless job."

She snorted with amusement. "I'll show you, Mr. Funny Guy!" She started to slide her lips over my cockhead, on top of everything else she was doing to me.

But before she could cram it all the way inside her mouth yet again, I asked, "When you say you want 'female equality' for everyone but you, what about Cindy?"

She pulled her lips back and looked up at me. A wicked sneer crossed her face. "Okay, good point. Everyone but me and her. It won't be half as much fun for me to be your fuck pet if she isn't one too. So you not only need to seduce her, you've gotta do whatever the hell it is you did to me to make me go crazy for you like this."

She wiggled her eyebrows in seeming disbelief as she added, "Not to mention you need to make her as hot for sucking your cock as I'm feeling right now! God knows I used to love fellatio. It was kind of my special thing in college. I was a good date, believe me. But you're making me want to suck your cock all the time so much that I can't stand it!"

With that, she dramatically enveloped my cockhead with her mouth. This time, finally, she wasn't going to be denied. Giving up on the titfuck motion to fully focus on the oral action, she started bobbing a couple of inches below the crown of my fat knob, while using lots of tongue on my most sensitive spots.

I tilted my head back, shut my eyes, and opened my mouth wide as I let out a primal moan. Luckily, my face wasn't in range of the shower water coming down. I put both hands on her head and held tight, because I knew she was going to take me for a wild ride.

It turns out I didn't know the half of it. After just a minute or two of that kind of bobbing, she went deep on me again! Each thrust of her head down went a little further. Inch by inch, she went down until her nose was touching my pubic hair and there wasn't any more cock left to consume.

I howled, "Incredible!" I tilted my head even further back, arching my entire back. I squeezed the sides of her head like I was trying to crush it. I couldn't help myself from doing that because the pleasure was too intense. However, after a few moments I recalled how that had upset her and caused her to pull off, so I managed to let go.

It turned out that "mere" deep throating wasn't the only extraordinary trick up her sleeve. Once she had me that deeply in her mouth, she began doing something with her throat muscles. I'd noticed it before during the first time she'd deep throated me, but I was so very high on lust and life at the point that I hadn't paid much attention to specific sensations.

This time, I could better appreciate just what she was doing. Essentially, she was fucking my entire cock at once! It was a tight squeeze all over, just like fucking her pussy, but her throat was doing things to my shaft that not even her talented pussy walls could do. And then, on top of that, her lips kept sliding back and forth with great suction, and her tongue lapped on whatever part of my shaft was passing by.

The whole thing is too much! Fucking my own mother's cunt was incredible, even if she hadn't been my mother. She's a fantastic fuck, plain and simple! But this is even better! She has more oral talent than ANY of my girlfriends ever were, even Dusty, and she's my new fuck pet mom!

I held on for dear life. I figured we still had fifteen minutes until Cindy got here, at bare minimum, and I didn't want to blow my load the first couple of minutes in the shower and then just hang around until Cindy arrived. I could do better than that.

I knew a trick to squeeze the base of my shaft to stave off my ejaculation if I got really desperate, and boy was I desperate! Unfortunately, I couldn't use that trick this time, because even the base of my shaft was fully inside her mouth!

It was a race against time, and every second counted. I knew she couldn't keep me that deep in her mouth for more than about a minute, not unless she was trained like some kind of free diver (those who dive deep underwater without SCUBA equipment). Would she have to pull up first, or would I cum first?!

Every single second was a journey to heaven and back. Somehow, I still clung on for dear life. All too soon, I was sure a minute had passed, if not longer, and yet she still hadn't pulled up and off. The urge was welling up in me too fast. I had to cry out, "Stop! Please! Too much! Or I'm gonna cum!"

In a flash, she finally pulled all the way off.