BLACKMAIL Chapter 16
Originally written by G. H. Lawrence under the title "Extortion",
supersized by Spacer X


I was so stunned by her oral feat that I staggered back. It was a lucky thing I didn't slip and hurt myself in the wet shower. I wound up plopping my ass on the wet floor underneath me because I didn't trust that I could remain standing after that. My legs seemed to have gone boneless.

My mother Kate seemed extremely proud of herself, and justifiably so. She took some deep breaths and clutched at her throat while she recovered.

I stared at her in sheer disbelief. Whoa! Mom's always looked ridiculously hot to begin with, but seeing her soaking wet and buck naked, with her hair slicked back, she looks even MORE fuckable than usual! I just won the lottery of life! Her love and sexual enthusiasm for me is worth more than all the money in the world!

She tilted her head back, like I had been doing. Except she was under the water's spray, so she luxuriated in the water falling onto her. She ran her hands through her wet brown hair for good measure.

I swear, just looking at her like that, with rivulets of water cascading all over her immense tits, was nearly as mentally arousing for me as her cocksucking, even her deep throating! All I could think was: Fuck pet! MY fuck pet! Fuuuuuck!

She finally moved her head back into place and made eye contact with me, which was easier now that we were both on our knees. She seemed amused by the stunned look on my face. She said with a smile, "Aaaaaah! That's such fun! Son, you inspire me to do things like that! Aside from doing that to you earlier today, I haven't done that since, well, probably since freshman year in college. Good times. It's been way too long since I've properly throat-fucked a big cock!"

I did some family history math. Her freshman year was not long before she met Dad, got accidentally knocked up by him, took part in a shotgun wedding, dropped out of college, and then gave birth to me. Hmmm...

I asked, "So you never did that to Dad?! Never ever?!"

She pondered that. "No, I guess not."

"Why not?!"

"Because I'm a selfish bitch. Or at least I was until today. In my old way of thinking, if I did it to him even once, he'd know I could do it and then he'd nag me about doing it all the time. And frankly, he just wasn't worth it. It's really difficult! I'm surprised I'm not crying tears again."

She wiped her eyes, and realized she had started to shed a few tears from the difficulty of the deep throating, after all. "Well, not more tears than this," she corrected herself.

I pointed out, "Yeah, but Dad's penis is way smaller than mine. It would be much easier doing that with him."

She shrugged. "True. The bottom line is, I just didn't feel like it. Hell, I hardly even blew him, period, and when I did, it was done in an unenthusiastic style to get it over with quickly and to discourage him from wanting it more. That's ironic, because you should have seen some of the suck-fests I had in cars during some of my dates back in college. First dates sometimes, too!"

Her entire demeanor changed, and she went from a frown to a seductive smile. "But playing the denial game was the old me. The new me is entirely different! I think the new me is going to deep throat you daily! You have a worthy cock that makes me eager to choke on until I'm lapping on your balls, and until I'm in danger of passing out! What do you think about that?"

I just stared at her in disbelief. I felt like I'd created a monster, but in the best possible way.

She grinned from my incredulous expression. "I take that's a 'yes!'" She chuckled, causing her wet, round melons to jiggle. "You know, my gag reflex doesn't bother me much at all. But it is there. However, I've heard there are things one can do to get rid of it altogether. Basically, you keep tickling it with a toothbrush every day until it gets desensitized. Once I do that, I'll be able to deep throat you with ease, each and every time I blow you!"

She smirked knowingly. "Can you just imagine that, having a big-titted, horny mother who loves to suck, and has no gag reflex whatsoever?! And living right down the hall from you, no less."

She unexpectedly knelt up stiffly, arching her back and thrusting her huge tits forward. She even pinned her hands behind her back. "As your first fuck pet, it's my duty and responsibility to pleasure your cock about as much as humanly possible! I have this fantasy of sucking you everywhere, all throughout the day! Starting with waking you up in the morning with my mouth! Throw away your alarm clock, because you'll never need it again!"

She was so inspired by her own talking that she suddenly got down on all fours. She rested on her forearms to get her head low enough to my crotch, since I was still kneeling. Just before getting her mouth engaged with my boner again, she said, "I figure if I do a really good job on your cock throughout the day, especially with my mouth, you'll reward me by fucking the hell out of me later on! And if I don't, you'll spank me. What a great lifestyle. It's win-win for me, either way. So simple. So easy. So fun!"

She took my thickness in her mouth again, and resumed her relentless bobbing. She could have just used her head for her bobbing motion, but she took advantage of that all-fours position to put her entire body into it. She didn't simply move her head, but instead swayed herself back and forth.

It was a truly awesome sight! Especially her bare, heart-shaped ass. It was in constant motion, always swaying forward and back in time, but also humping up and down sometimes, or swishing from side to side.

That created a lot of swinging of her gigantic dangling tits. Unfortunately, I couldn't see that due to her upper torso being in the way. But I was able to reach underneath her and fondle them. That slowed their swaying some, and it was just plain fun to do.

She seemed to really like my fondling, judging by her sexy moans and the intensity of her sucking. Her cheeks caved in as she applied more and more suction.

I thought, It looks like I hit the sex jackpot! When I blackmailed Mom, I had visions of getting to fuck her a lot. That's pretty fucking great, but that was about it. I had no idea she'd be THIS enthusiastic! Especially about the oral stuff. She's more into it than Dusty, even. Who used the "fuck pet" term first?! I guess I did, after bringing up "sex pet" once or twice. Boy, did I score with that. It drives her wild! It's kind of been my ultimate fantasy to have her totally under my thumb and loving it. But it was an impossible fantasy, or so I thought!

Look at us now! Look at HER now! I looked down at her remarkable naked body, from her slicked back wet hair moving in time to her sliding lips, then all the way down to her remarkable bubble butt. I gleefully kneaded her dangling tits. She's mine! All mine! I'm so overjoyed I could become delirious and honestly lose my mind! And Cindy's waiting on deck! Fuck me!

Mom was insatiable. She wanted to talk to me about Cindy, and especially how we should approach my seduction of her. But she couldn't get enough of my cock, so after I only managed a couple of unfinished and distracted sentences, she had me stand up.

My legs were still a little weak, so I leaned up against a wall.

Then she trapped my cock between her huge knockers and proceeded to give me another world-class titfuck! Sometimes, she just vigorously smothered my thick shaft with her soft boobs, and other times she craned her head down and effective licked and/or sucked me at the same time!

Presumably, she switched to titfucking so we could both talk about Cindy plans. But it was such a pleasure trip that it took me about five minutes of titfucking ecstasy before I could calm down enough to even think of talking. And the only reason I calmed down was because she slowed her style considerably, apparently to further coax me into talking.

She looked up at me with fire in her eyes. "Now, let's talk about Cindy. But first, do you like this, Son? If this how a fuck pet mother is supposed to behave? Is this why I have tits this size? Because they're perfect for pleasuring huge cocks like yours?!"

I thought, Since she's so eager, I should just go for broke. She seems really into the whole fuck pet thing. Why not let all my fantasies run wild and see if she shares them?

I said, "It is! From now on, I expect showering will be a shared activity. A good fuck pet mother must anticipate her son's sexual needs. If you hear me enter the bathroom to shower, you need to strip fast and rush over with haste to service me. That's if you're not naked already!"

She groaned loudly and lustily.

Seeing I was on the right track, I continued, "Buy some of that bubble bath soap, but the edible kind. Then you'll wash me using your huge tits more than your hands. And of course, plan for it to take a long, long time, every time, because it'll mostly be an excuse for you to suck and titfuck me while we're both slippery and wet!"

Her eyes went wide as saucers. "Oh my God! Dear God!" She suddenly craned her head down, further than before, and swallowed all of my cockhead and then some! That was an incredible physical feat, since she still had most of my shaft trapped deep in her cleavage.

Despite a sudden rush of arousal, I somehow joked, "I take that to mean you like the idea!"

"MMMM!" She bobbed on me with a renewed burst of energy, and revived the titfucking motion too. She was stimulating every last part of my cock all at once. It was much like the deep throating, though admittedly not at that extremely high level of stimulation.

Clearly, this was no easy thing to do! She'd done it to me earlier, and shed tears from the struggle. Despite the fact that her face was wet, we were away from the showering water and I could see fresh tears rolling down her cheeks.

I thought with amusement, So much about talking about Cindy! Fuck it! This is way better!

I patted her head, "Give it a good cry, Mom. A good fuck pet cries a lot from the sheer struggle of serving her son's cock!"

I thought those comments might inspire her even more, but instead she pulled her lips all the way off. She kept my boner enveloped by her immense, sopping wet tits though.

She looked up at me as if seeing me for the first time. "SON! SON!" She was panting and breathless.

"What?!" I asked in confusion.

She seemed emotionally overcome. "When you say things like that, it does things to me! Scary things! It gives me goose bumps all over! Mostly, it makes me want to pleasure you even MORE! I could never completely let myself go with anyone else. Hell, the only people I've ever truly trusted in my life I could count on one hand. But with you, I'd trust you with my life. So I can completely let myself go into the fuck pet lifestyle. Tell me more about how I need to serve your cock! Daily!"

I longed to do nothing more. However, I was growing increasingly concerned, both about cumming too soon and about Cindy arriving shortly. I decided it would be better to talk first, then cum, then get ready in time for our visitor. So I said, "I will, but first, we need to talk about Cindy!"

"UNNNGH!" It looked like Mom nearly had a climax just from me saying that.

"What now?!" I asked, even more confused.

She panted, "Sorry, but you reminded me about how you're going to seduce her, and fuck her, and tame her, and then force me to share you with her! It's all too exciting and embarrassing! I can't take it!" She took some long moments to try to calm her breathing while keeping my erection trapped in her cleavage.

I closed my eyes and tried to calm down too. Shit! Talking is dangerously arousing! I can't bear to look! Seeing her hands squeezing the outer sides of her massive tits around my boner is way too exciting to even think about, much less look at.

After a couple of minutes with the both of us staying relatively still, I managed to open my eyes again.

She took that as a sign to resume talking while also starting up with a slight titfuck squeezing. "Okay. Cindy. She could be here very soon. Five or ten minutes, maybe. So we need to get our asses in gear. I have a plan forming in my mind. Do you want to hear it?"

"Sure." I was totally turned-on by the fact that she was becoming an eager co-conspirator in Cindy's seduction.

"Thanks to the way you forced me to lick and suck you during my phone call to her, I was forced to come up with the idea on the fly of having this OTHER studly young lover to rave about with her. Not you, but someone basically identically like you. I can work with that. My plan is to get her all hot and bothered with sex talk about that supposed guy. Then you can 'accidentally come home early' and join us. I'll talk more about this other guy, and sort of use you for comparison to keep you involved. Then we'll have to wing it from there."

"That's the plan?" I asked, uncertain.

She gave me a dubious look. "Do you have a better one, Peter?"

"Um, no. Good plan! Especially since we don't have time to think up something else. But don't you think me showing up out of the blue might scare her off?! You two are going to be completely naked, you know."

"Not if she and I are horny enough. I want you to watch us from the second floor, using your binoculars."

I grinned from ear to ear. "Done and done!"

She smirked. "I know you've done that a lot with me when I laid out by the pool. Don't think I didn't notice at least some of the time, and even put on a bit of a show for you. From now on, you get to do it with permission!"

I sneered cockily, "Except why would I enjoy just looking at your great tits from afar when I can fondle and fuck them up close instead?"

"Good point! God, I love this new life!" She laughed almost deliriously. "I've got a huge-cocked sex stud living just down the hall from me. We're going to have SO MUCH FUN! Heh! Anyway, when I feel the time is right for you to join us, I'll wave my arm in the air like I'm in a restaurant trying to get a waiter's attention. Obviously, I'll do that when she's not looking. It should be so obvious that I won't need a return signal from you."

"What if I miss it? Because I'm already figuring it's going to be torture having to watch you two non-stop. The anticipation's going to kill me!"

"Then I'll just do it again five minutes later, and I'll keep doing it from time to time until you catch on. Expect it to take half an hour before I can do that, at a minimum, maybe more like an hour. I'm going to try to get her drunk too, and that takes a while to kick in."

"Okay. But what if I come out and she still gets so freaked that she puts her bikini back on?"

"Hmmm." She frowned and licked my cockhead poking up through the top of her cleavage as she considered that. "Okay, here's an idea. After she arrives, I'll confiscate her bikini, and mine, and tell her that I'm doing it so we can have an all-nude, super sexy time together. No clothes allowed, not even a bikini when we're inside the house."

"Have you done that before?" It was a trip having to look down at my crotch to talk to her.

"No, but I've got the excuse of being extra excited about my supposed young lover with the ten-inch long cock to do new things."

I chuckled. "'Supposed.' Such things don't really exist."

She unexpectedly took my cock out of her cleavage, allowing her to lick all the way from base to tip and back again, twice. "Mmmm! Slurping forty inches of hot son-meat! Yum!" Then she looked up to me and smirked. "Is that real enough for you, mister?!"

I laughed. "I stand corrected!"

She continued to hold my boner, while stroking and licking it.

It looked to me like she was gearing up for some more cocksucking action.

But first, she said, "So that's the plan. Otherwise, we'll just have to wing it. Agreed?"

"Agreed." I tried to sound calm, even though I was panting like a mad man.

That sexy fire returned to her eyes, and a knowing smirk to her mouth — at least at the rare times she wasn't lapping all over my cockhead. "Okay, with that out of the way, now we can get to the really important stuff: getting you to empty your balls all over my face! Again! I'm going to deep throat you some more so you'll have no choice but to erupt like a volcano, since we're running out of time. But give me ample warning so I can take it on my face! Okay?"

"Okay!" It occurred to me that she was going to be fairly demanding for a "fuck pet," but I didn't mind her enthusiasm in the slightest.

"Good! Now then, to get me in the mood, tell me more about how you're going to force me to serve your cock every single damn day!" She engulfed my cockhead again.

I could tell she was going to do what she did before, which was going a little deeper with each bob until she got past her gag reflex and then well beyond. So I didn't have much time. I said in a bland, matter-of-face voice, "There's not much to tell. Your new life is going to be extremely boring…"

I paused significantly. Then I went from sounding bored to excited, because I couldn't help myself. "…Unless you like fucking and sucking, that is! In which case, it's going to be a non-stop thrill ride! You won't just be sucking my cock, you'll be serving it with your mouth! Adoring it! Loving it! Worshipping it, even!"

I was going to say more along those lines, but apparently that comment flipped some switch inside her, because she suddenly lunged all the way down until she was out of cock to cram further down her throat! I have no idea how she could take all ten of my thick inches down her throat that fast!

Any additional attempt on my part to talk or even think was thrown out the window. I clutched her head with both hands and moaned and groaned like I'd just been skewered in the chest by a wild boar.

I'd been teetering on the brink of cumming off and on for nearly the entire shower, and I was running out of the willpower to resist. With her deep throating magic hitting me at full blast, resistance was useless anyway! I felt my balls tightening up and knew I was a goner. I managed to cry out, "GONNA CUM!"

She quickly pulled her lips all the way off. Then she shut her eyes tightly and braced for impact.

I was grateful that she was willing to hold and stroke my boner through my orgasm, because it was all I could do to stay upright, even given that I was leaning against a wall. I shouted and wailed as she aimed my cock like a gun, thoroughly coating her entire face with my cum!

I was only dimly aware of what was happening, because my orgasm was so intense that I actually saw stars! I hung on until she coaxed the last dribbles out of me. Then I was forced to slump down the wall until my ass was on the floor.