BLACKMAIL Chapter 17
Originally written by G. H. Lawrence under the title "Extortion",
supersized by Spacer X


I rested there for two or three minutes with my eyes closed. I was totally destroyed, after an orgasm THAT intense! I couldn't even speak.

Eventually, I felt a tap on my head. "Come on, big boy. If you want to tame and own Cindy's sexy ass, not to mention the rest of her spectacular MILF body, you need to get up."

I reluctantly opened my eyes. My mother was standing up and toweled off. It was like my cum shower onto her face didn't happen, because she was looking spic and span, including a totally clean face.

My heart leapt to my throat, because she was still buck naked, and her massive tits were dangling down towards my head! She was heart-stoppingly gorgeous, with a cummy face or without. Even just seeing her sexy eyes knocked me over.

I muttered, "Good fucking Lord!"

"What is it?" She asked. She held out a hand to pull me up.

I stayed there, gawking. "I'm just getting used to seeing you like this."

"Like what?"

"Like this!" I waved a hand at her nudity. "No clothes! Damn, Mom! You look much better naked than clothed, and there aren't a lot of women who can say that. Your body is so flawless that if you were a fashion model, you'd put the airbrush artists out of work!"

She beamed. "You! Shut your mouth! Son, I love you so much!" She struck a sexy, cheesecake pose. "I'm proud that my body pleases you. But what about me getting used to seeing YOU like this?" She reached out and fondled my penis, even though it was flaccid. "Jesus Christ! You're bigger like this than when your dad is fully erect!"

We ended up doing a little more kissing and fondling. That certainly would have led to a lot more, because we were so hot for each other that we were pretty much incapable of stopping. But the fun came to a crashing halt when we heard the doorbell ring.

Mom froze. "Oh shit! That's gotta be Cindy! And I haven't had time to dress or put on make-up, or anything!"

A thought came to me. "Good! Greet her at the front door buck naked. Completely starkers! Then get her to strip right there in the foyer. Tell her it's the house rules today, no exceptions. That'll set the tone for the day. And it'll ensure that her bikini is nowhere near the backyard, assuming she brought one. In fact, once she's naked, hide all her clothes and anything else she can wear, for extra measure."

She considered that. "Good idea. Except I'm only going to open the door a crack. I don't want the whole neighborhood to see me like this!"

"Neither do I," I replied. "I'm not the sharing kind. You're mine and mine alone!"

She visibly shivered. "God! Just hearing you say that gives me goose bumps and tingles all over!" She leaned in to kiss my lips again.

I must admit I felt goose bumps too, from seeing her passionate reaction. "There's no time for that. Let's hurry! I'll quietly sneak upstairs first." I gave her ass a hard smack as I hurried out of the bathroom.

She moaned orgasmically. "Damn! Why did we wait so long to start this?! Why did you have to blackmail me first, before I could wake up on my own?!"

But I didn't reply, because I was already jogging through the house and up the stairs.

I didn't get to see or hear my mother open the front door buck naked, which was a shame. But I certainly could imagine it, as well as Cindy's reaction! I would have loved to see the actual expression on Cindy's face.

I hurried to my room and laid down on my bed. I tried to calm myself, but just thinking about Mom and Cindy being naked downstairs - and very probably becoming my two "fuck pets" from now on - there was no way I could get calm. I tried to close my eyes and take deep, slow breaths, but that didn't help much. In fact, I stayed panting hard, nearly non-stop. I couldn't even keep my eyes closed for long, because I was so wired with energy.

After about five minutes, I got up and went to the window that looked to the backyard. As I had hoped, I could see both Mom and Cindy there, lying on adjacent lawn chairs fully naked! I was tempted to watch, but I knew that would inevitably lead to masturbation, and I didn't want to use up my sexual energy and my cum. As a result, I only took a brief look before heading to the bathroom for a cold shower.

I swear, that was the longest and coldest shower I've ever had! Damn, it was cold! It served its purpose though, because it allowed my penis to go flaccid after a few minutes. But I was so very worked up that eventually I got accustomed to the cold and started to get erect again just the same. I couldn't stop thinking about what waited for me in the backyard!

I'd never felt so mentally tortured in my entire life! Every second seemed like an hour.

I realized that there was no way I was going to last half an hour stewing around the house, much less a full hour, without going crazy with anticipation and desire. I got out of the shower, quickly threw on some jogging clothes, and took a jog around the neighborhood. Actually, it was more like an all-out run. I burned off so much energy that my body couldn't do that and stay insanely aroused at the same time.

By the time I got back, I felt thoroughly exhausted. I worried that I'd been gone so long that Mom had already given me the secret signal and I'd missed it. I knew she would keep making the signal from time to time until I caught on, but I would be missing out in the meanwhile. I hurried back up to my room, only to discover that a mere forty minutes passed since Cindy had arrived. Agony!

I peeked out the window to the backyard again - big mistake! Mom and Cindy were lying naked side by side, and even from a distance they looked so remarkably hot and sexy that I just about had a spontaneous orgasm. I was impossible to say which one had the more flawless and voluptuous body. And both of them were nicely tanned, with no tan lines whatsoever. Had it not been for the fact that Mom was a brunette and Cindy was blonde, they practically could have been twins.

I was forced to take another cold shower, both to get clean after running and to cool my engines as much as possible.

Unfortunately, the shower only took so long. Afterwards, I had nothing left to do but pace around my room while occasionally peeking through the window for Mom's signal. It was even more of an exquisite torture than before! I was raring to go, dying to get my hands on Cindy's incredible body especially, but I knew I had to be patient or I could ruin everything. My dick stayed stiffly erect and throbbing, but I dared not masturbate for fear of getting carried away.

Finally - FINALLY! - after almost exactly one hour since Cindy arrived, I got the signal of Mom waving a hand above her head. Man, did I move like lightning! I was so excited that I didn't worry what I'd say or do once I was there, since I was just so overjoyed to be there in the first place.

I rushed downstairs dressed in nothing but my tight Speedos. They certainly didn't hide much. Given that my dick is ten inches long, it's a constant challenge just to keep it in the Speedos when erect. I hoped that would be a moot point before long in any case.

As I got to the screen door leading to the backyard, I slowed way down and tried to think fast what I'd say to justify barging in on them while they were fully nude.

Luckily, I didn't need an excuse, since I wasn't exactly at my best and brightest right then. Mom had been anticipating my arrival, and when she saw me through the screen door, she sat up higher and shouted my way, "HEY! PETER! You're just what I'm looking for. Can you come here for a minute, please?"

My hand was trembling as I opened the screen door and went outside. For some reason, I was even more nervous trying to seduce Cindy than when I'd tried to seduce my own mother, at least initially.

However, despite my nervous condition, it was easy for me to play the clueless rube. "What is it, Mom?"

Seeing that I was still standing by the screen door into the house, she said peevishly, "Don't speak from over there. Come here, please."

Even with the lawn chairs mostly blocking the view of two perfect, tanned bodies from where I stood, it was obvious that the two of them were completely naked. So, pretending to be clueless, I had to ask, "Um, are you sure? I can't help but see from here that you both look, um…"

"Naked," Mom said matter-of-factly. "Yes, we are. But don't worry, we've worked that out. We'll lie face down so you can hardly see anything you wouldn't see in a bikini. Hurry up, already. We need your help!"

"Um, okay." I walked over to where they are, until I stood right next to Cindy's lawn chair, with Mom's just past hers.

My jaw just about hit the floor as I checked out their nude bodies, side by side, with both of them face down. It was impossible to choose which one looked better, since they were both essentially perfect: such fit, curvaceous bodies! Such flawless, all over tans! I could scarcely breathe, especially getting to see their fully bare asses.

But I didn't have much time to think, because Cindy squirmed in place sexily and complained, "Kate, I can't believe you're allowing him here! This is so embarrassing!"

Mom replied, "Hey! You agreed already, so it's too late to back down now." With Cindy's face down against the lawn chair underneath her, and her eyes shut for good measure, Mom was able to look at me without Cindy seeing. She gazed wantonly at the bulge in my Speedos, and hungrily licked her lips in a very knowing way.

Cindy squealed, "Peter, please! Please promise me you won't look!"

"Um..." I didn't know what to say. I didn't want to make such a promise, because there was no way I could stick to it even for a moment. Hell, while I stood there I was continuing to blatantly gawk, since Cindy couldn't see my face.

Mom chided her friend, "Hush! You agreed to this already. You're safe lying face down. He can't see any of your private parts."

Cindy complained, "Are you kidding?! He can see all of my ass! My bare ass! And I'm sure he's staring at it right now!"

That was true. I was woozy with lust, because it was a flawless, nicely tanned ass. And Mom's equally fine ass was right next to it.

Mom said to her, "I told you that it's no different than if we're lying face down with G-strings on, and that's still true. Those strings go into your ass crack anyway, so the only difference is mental. Your problem is you feel completely naked."

"BECAUSE I AM!" Cindy cried out in distress.

Mom sounded unbothered. "Well, it's too late now. I put your bikini and all the rest away somewhere in the house, and we don't even have a hand towel to cover up. You're just going to have to grin and bear it."

Cindy whimpered helplessly and unhappily. She also writhed around slightly in discomfort. That made her naked body look even more tempting.

Mom asked me, "Son, you're not bothered to see us like this, are you? Like I was telling her, I figure it's basically the same as if we were wearing G-strings. And you have your own bombshell of a sexy girlfriend, so it's all old hat to you anyway."

"Um… NO! Er, it's fine!" I didn't have to pretend to be nervous, since I was trembling with lust and anticipation.

Mom asked in a stern voice, "You're mature, right? You can handle it, can't you?"

"Of course!"

Mom turned to her side slightly, allowing me to see all of one of her breasts to her stiff nipple. She smiled at me as she said, "See, Cin? I told you it would be fine. Now, Son, the reason I asked you here is a delicate one, but I'm sure you can be trusted to keep your lips shut, can't you?"

"Um, sure." I tore my gaze from their voluptuous nude figures just long enough to check out the rest of the scene. I saw two bottles of wine between the two MILFs, plus two partially filled wine glasses. One bottle had been completely emptied, and they'd made good progress on the second one.

Even that sight secretly thrilled me, because it suggested Cindy (and Mom) had to be at least tipsy, and thus not fully in control.

Mom smiled at me again, while Cindy continued to keep her eyes shut and her face pressed up against the lawn chair. My gorgeous mother twisted in place some more, allowing me to secretly gawk at even more of her fantastic tits, while I got to continue to enjoy ogling her bare ass as well, not to mention Cindy's entire naked backside too.

Mom said, "Peter, as you know, your father hasn't been able to sexually satisfy me for quite some time now. I told Cindy today how you recently revealed to me that you've learned about my… extracurricular activities. It's embarrassing, but I think that it's best in the long run if we're fully honest with each other. Don't you agree?"

"Um… yeah." My heart was racing fast as I continued to stand there, gawking at all the luscious bare flesh.

While I was looking mostly at Mom, I suspected Cindy was secretly checking out the bulge in my swimsuit. It didn't leave much to the imagination. She appeared to have her eyes closed, but she could easily peek through narrow slits without me knowing.

"Good," Mom agreed. "That honesty is a fortunate thing for us today, because I happened to be telling Cin about my latest lover, and, well, we could use you as a visual aid."

"Um… what do you mean?!" Actually, I had a good idea what she meant, but it was easy to still play dumb.

"As I told you, the reason I have to cheat on your father is that his penis size just doesn't do it for me. I need a certain minimum size to feel much sexual pleasure, and, frankly, the larger the better! I was telling Cin just how thick and big my new lover is, er, in that area, and she's had a hard time believing me, and thus visualizing just what I'm talking about. It occurred to me that my new lover is pretty much exactly as endowed as you are, which is thicker and all around larger than any penis she's ever seen. So, if we could see the size of your penis when it's engorged, that would allow her to finally fully understand what I've been talking about."

I pretended more surprise. "You… you want me to pull my Speedos down and show you my penis size?!"

"That's exactly what I want," Mom said, while she seductively licked her lips. "Though it's really for Cindy and I won't be looking, so it's not a weird, well… you know... Incest thing. Also, before you protest, consider that you're exposing a good deal of it already."

That got Cindy's immediate attention, because it gave her a good excuse to overtly check out my package. She opened her eyes and looked up at me. Since I was standing right next to her lawn chair, she didn't have to look far to see my crotch.

I glanced down and realized that Mom was right: my fully erect ten-inch cock couldn't be contained for long in my skimpy Speedos unless I made a concerted effort to keep it tucked away, and I'd forgotten all about doing that. As a result, the entire cockhead and then some was poking out already!

Cindy gasped in wide-eyed wonder at what I was exposing.

I guessed that Cindy had to be fairly drunk to agree to this much. Plus, Mom and her must have been talking about highly arousing topics for the last hour. Her sexual restraint had to be in tatters already. The smell of wet pussy was heavy in the air, even though we were outside with a light breeze.

So rather than act highly reluctant and draw things out, I said, "Uh… good point. Ooops! I guess if I'm showing this much, I might as well show the rest. That is, unless you mind, Cin?"

Before Cindy could reply, Mom said, "She doesn't mind, trust me. After all, she and I are completely naked. It's only fair that you get the same. We actually have a clothes-free zone rule out here today, so I want you to take your Speedos all the way off."

She added with a tipsy giggle, "That's an order! Do it, Son, or you're grounded!" She giggled even more.

I pretended a little more reluctance. "Um… are you sure?! Cindy, is that really okay?!" To help make sure she wouldn't object, I started pulling my Speedos down slightly already, exposing more of my rampant erection.

Cindy gasped as she watched more of my thick inches come into view. It took some long seconds before she managed to reply. "Uh, er… I think it's kind of nuts, but your mother seems to be very insistent about it. So, uh… don't mind me."

"Okay!" I happily pulled my Speedos the rest of the way off my boner. I was so aroused that as soon as I had my erection completely freed, it surged forward and stuck out like a flagpole.