BLACKMAIL Chapter 18
Originally written by G. H. Lawrence under the title "Extortion",
supersized by Spacer X


I would love to say that Cindy was so close that my erection touched her face or some other part of her, but unfortunately she wasn't that close. Still, she was only about a foot away from that happening, which was fairly remarkable all the same.

She gasped again, and unthinkingly turned more to the side to get a better look. That exposed a good deal of her nearest bare boob, down to the outer edge of her nipple.

Damn, she's stacked! If Mom is an F-cup, Cin has to be a G-cup! Good Lord! And just look at her eyes. They're glazed over with lust, or drunkenness, or probably both. Soon, my cock is going to be tightly nestled in her deep cleavage, I just know it!

I kind of lost my train of thought as I stared down at Cindy while she stared at my fully exposed boner. She was attempted to act unaffected, but apparently she was so tipsy that she wasn't as in control as she thought she was. For one thing, she was constantly licking her lips. For another, she was breathing heavily, very heavily.

Then I remembered I was supposed to take my Speedos all the way off. I bent over to get it down my legs. Since things were going so great, I decided to push my luck by slightly repositioning in hopes that my boner very well might make contact with her face. With the way she was sitting up slightly on one arm, her head was at the ideal level for that kind of mischief.

I waited until my hands were down to my ankles before I made my move and spread my legs in just the right away to move within range. Then I leaned forward more until I could feel my cockhead touching flesh. Bingo! I couldn't see what was happening, but I knew it had to be some part of her face.

Cindy gasped even louder than before. Unfortunately, she reflexively pulled back, breaking the contact.

I pretended cluelessness. I took a long time getting the Speedos off my feet, so my boner could wiggle mere inches from where I knew her face still had to be.

To help stall for time while I was doing that, I asked while in my pretend-clueless mode, "So, Mom, can you better explain what this is all about? If you have some kind of nudity rule going here today, I guess I have to obey that, but it's kind of weird for me, to say the least."

Mom said, "I suppose you have the right to know more. You see, I've met this new guy in just the last 24 hours, and he's completely turned my world upside down. As you found out recently, I had been seeing another guy named Jim to take care of my sexual needs, but he's history. I've fallen hard for Peter instead."

Still pretending to struggle with getting my Speedos off, I asked, "'Peter?'" I couldn't see what Cindy was seeing, but my boner had to be wobbling outrageously mere inches from her face.

Mom said, "I know, I know, it's weird that he has the same name you do, but that can't be helped. It's a very common name, you must admit. Besides, it's very fitting, because Peter's peter is simply amaaaaazing!"

Cindy giggled in a silly way, highlighting that she had to be at least tipsy.

I asked her, "What?"

"Oh, nothing." But then she couldn't resist explaining, "She just said Peter's peter is very fitting!" She giggled some more.

Mom giggled too. "It IS! It's a perfect fit, in fact. He has me drooling nearly all the time from merely thinking about it, and what it can do to me. Son, that's why I felt it's necessary to show Cindy your penis, because not only do you share the same name as my new lover, but your penis size is basically identical! Both the length AND the width!"

Cindy couldn't resist teasing, "Now, Kate, how would you know the exact length and width of your son's penis? Hmmm?"

Mom pretended disgust. "Don't be gross! Of course I'm not interested in my own son in that way, but sometimes accidents happen, like walking into a bathroom when someone else is coming out, and you see things. Besides, as I'm sure you're discovering from close up, he's packing so much heat, it's hard NOT to notice!" She laughed.

Cindy laughed too. "Good point. Guilty as charged!" She was staring at my fully exposed erection, too drunk and turned on to remember she wasn't supposed to be doing that.

I started to stand back up. In so doing, I "accidentally" leaned forward a little more, aiming my boner for where I guessed Cindy's face had to be. I hit paydirt right away!

I was rewarded with another loud gasp from her. Unfortunately, she pulled away a little more, but I suppose that couldn't be helped. It would have been a lot more fun if she grasped my shaft instead, but I had to remind myself that seduction took time.

Once I was standing all the way up, I looked to my mom, pretending to be oblivious as to just how close my fully exposed boner was to Cindy's face. But I glanced down briefly and confirmed that the tip of my cock was just inches from her nose. Plus, she was panting hard and staring in wide-eyed wonder.

Mom said to me, "Really. It is a remarkable thing. Also, he's a hunky teenager, like you. All in all, he's a major improvement over Jim, to say the least. It's like night and day. But maybe even better than sheer size or youthful stamina is that Peter knows how to take charge, and how to treat a woman!"

I knew that normally this sort of conversation would be completely out of bounds between any mother and son, but Cindy was so drunk on lust and/or alcohol that she would accept most anything. But not absolutely anything. I had to pretend some reluctance about certain things, I felt. It was also good to stall for time while my boner was incredibly close to her face.

So I said to Mom, "Well, I guess that's good for you, although I'm still not happy about you cheating on Dad."

Mom replied, "I know you've got issues about that, and understandably so. I doubt you can understand, but there's something special about an extra large and extra thick penis that makes a woman go absolutely crazy. When people say that size doesn't matter but it's the 'motion in the ocean' or some such crap like that, don't believe it! Size matters! Skill can be learned, but size is fixed."

Mom was sitting up just enough to fully expose her incredible breasts to me, while keeping her fine ass on display at the same time.

Since Cindy couldn't see what she was doing, Mom lazily ran a hand over her firm tit-flesh while giving me extremely sultry looks.

My gloriously nude mother went on, "You probably don't believe me, but it's true. Any honest, sexually experienced woman will tell you the same. Size matters! A big cock demands attention and even devotion! Don't you agree, Cin?"

"Uh… what?!" Cindy was deep into a daze, transfixed with the sight of my boner lightly bouncing mere inches from her face. She was repeatedly and hungrily licking her lips.

Mom said, "I'm trying to prove to my son that size matters, to help him understand just how genetically blessed he is. Penis size. Cock size! Don't you agree than an extra large cock is, like, a thousand times better than a normal-sized one?"

"Oh, definitely!" Cindy eagerly agreed.

Then I heard her quietly mutter to herself, "He's VERY genetically blessed!"

Mom added, "Well, tell him, so he doesn't think I'm a freak."

"Tell who?" Cindy was a little out of it.

"My son, of course. What is it about an extra large cock that's so enticing?"

Cindy was panting hard as she kept on staring at my exposed boner and lewdly licking her lips. "Well, uh…"

Mom persisted, "Is it the way a really thick, hot cock feels in your hand? Or in your mouth? I don't know about you, but I just luuuuuuve sucking on a really big, thick one! There's something special about feeling your lips stretch so wide that it hurts! You just know you're gonna have to work your ass off to get him to cum, but it makes the cummy reward that much more delicious! Don't you agree?!"

Cindy's eyes were as wide as saucers, staring right at my exposed cock inches from her face, instead of turning around to look at Mom. She weakly protested, "Is this the sort of thing we should be talking about in front of your son?!"

Mom said, "Maybe not, technically, but we need to be realistic. It's important that he knows the truth, and he can learn more talking to us than what they teach in sex-ed class."

Cindy giggled. "That's true!"

"Let's face it: my son is a big-cocked stud! He has his girlfriend Dusty, as you know, and she's a seriously sexy and stacked girlfriend to boot. Yet, I'll bet Peter probably still doesn't fully understand the sexual power his cock size gives him over women. It's important that we give him the inside scoop, from a woman's perspective, don't you think?"

"Um… uh… I suppose." Cindy was continuing to stare and lick her lips, as her face drew still closer to my cockhead. There wasn't much room for her to get closer in the first place, so it wasn't long before she was in range to stick her tongue out and lap on the very tip! I could sense that her willpower to resist doing exactly that was weakening by the moment.

Mom went on, "Peter, Son, it's important for you to realize that your cock size gives you a natural power over women. Over any woman, really, no matter how beautiful or high-class or happily married she is. I doubt there's any woman out there who would be able to resist you, because your cock is simply THAT huge! Especially the thickness. Don't you agree, Cin? That the thickness is the most important thing?"

"Uh-huh," Cindy muttered. She was totally transfixed by my erection! She couldn't stop hungrily licking her lips from very, very close. She was even taking deep whiffs to smell its manly scent.

Mom went on, seemingly obvious and unable to see what was happening on the other side of her friend, "Now, most women love to get fucked by a really big cock. But, Son, your cock is so extraordinary that just about any woman will find the urge to suck on it totally irresistible too!"

Clearly, Cindy was listening to every word, because she finally broke! She unexpectedly reached out and grasped my shaft with one hand. But apparently that was just to steady it, since it was still lightly bouncing around. Then she leaned in and started licking on the tip!

That was remarkable enough. It was a major turning point for all three of us, to be sure. But just as I was starting to celebrate in my mind, she suddenly let go and pulled her head back.

Distressed and distraught, she clutched at her face with both hands. Her eyes were as wide as saucers, and her facial expression was one of horror. She stood up, or at least tried to. She was so drunk that it took her nearly a minute to fully stand up.

I was upset by her "coming to her senses," but at least I got to see her body in all her naked glory. She was so focused on merely trying to stand that she didn't give a thought to covering up.

I'd noticed from my secret upstairs perch that she had a shaved pussy. That was confirmed in a magnificent close-up as I continued to stand close enough for me to reach out and fondle her almost anywhere. It was all I could do to actually keep my hands to myself, since I didn't want to further freak her out.

In her rush to get away from me, she'd stood up on the other side of her lawn chair. That left her pinned in a gap of less than half a foot between her lawn chair and Mom's.

She shamefully clutched at her privates, covering her pussy mound with one hand while crossing an arm over her erect nipples.

Before she could decide to get to an open area, Mom, who remained lying on her side, reached out and lightly held one of her legs just below the knee. "Cin, what are you doing?!"

Cindy's face, already flushed from arousal and the alcohol, turned redder. "I, uh... I have to go! This isn't a good idea!" There was a small table blocking escape in one direction, towards the tops of the lawn chairs. So she walked the other way, past the bases of the two lawn chairs, getting out of Mom's grasp in the process.

I could see that we were teetering right on the edge of success or disaster. Clearly, Cindy was ashamed of what she'd started to do with my large dick, and probably afraid that she wouldn't be able to control herself in front of Mom. But at the same time, she had to be pretty much insane with sexual need.

Luckily, I was still surging with enough confidence for an entire army. My own great lust was like throwing gasoline onto an already raging fire, making me feel even more cocky and invincible. But I knew I had to do something, and fast, or all would be lost.

Also luckily, the way Cindy had to carefully navigate through the narrow gap between the two lawn chairs gave me time to react. She had to uncover her privates in order to use her hands for balance to help remain standing, due to her drunkenness. By the time she walked free of the chairs, I was standing right next to her, blocking her only escape route.

She looked at me, shocked to see me standing so close.

But before she could say or do anything, I simply wrapped my arms around her and pulled her in for a friendly hug.

It was damn hard for that hug to remain merely friendly, given how we were both completely naked, and both of us had some unusually large and protruding private parts. Since I hugged her from the front, there was no way to avoid feeling her huge tits, and even her stiff nipples, pressing into my bare chest. Yet even more alarming for her, I'm sure, was the way my boner pressed into her skin.

As our bodies drew close, my hard-on could have gone up, down, or sideways, but I used a subtle helping hand to make sure it poked straight up. That left it burning into her pussy mound. Since I was taller than her, and unusually well endowed, my cockhead wound up as high as her belly button.

Her eyes went wide and her mouth gaped open, but all she said in response to my hug was "OH!"

I carefully kept my hands on the middle of her back, and tried to pretend our private parts weren't in contact. I cooed to her, "Please don't leave! I don't want to ruin your fun time. If this is weird for you, maybe I should go."

She shut her eyes tightly, as if in denial of where she was and what was happening. She was trying to keep her own hands in the air, but they soon reflexively wound up on the middle of my back. She sighed heavily. Then she muttered, "Yes. YES! I'm sorry, but that's what has to happen. You should go."

"Of course," I muttered in reply. "I don't want you to feel weird."

Actually, I had no intention of leaving, or letting her leave. I didn't know how to get her to stay, but I figured I had to pretend to agree in order to calm her down and play for time. The problem was, I didn't know what my next move should be.

Luckily, Mom assessed the situation and intervened to help. She got up and gave Cindy a friendly hug from her backside, effectively sandwiching Cindy between us.

I wish I knew what Cindy was thinking when she felt Mom's enormous breasts pressing into her bare back! But I was left in the dark because she didn't say a word.

As Mom stayed there in the hugging pose, she said to Cindy, "What's wrong, girl? You seem out of sorts. Did something spook you?"

Cindy was extremely embarrassed. Still with her eyes shut tight in denial, she admitted, "Yes, as a matter of fact. Peter... your son, I mean... he was standing so close, and, uh... my hand kind of accidentally brushed against his, uh... you know."

That was the understatement of the century! Not only had she willingly grasped my boner, but for a few incredible seconds she'd started to lick it! But I could tell she was feeling freaked out, so I let that slide.

Mom giggled. "Is that all? That's no big deal. In fact, it's a good thing."

"It is?!" Cindy asked with uncertainly and great confusion.

I found the whole conversation bizarre, because Cindy was talking about briefly brushing up against my boner even as it was fully pressing into her lower abdomen, from her pussy mound up to her belly button! There was no way she could avoid feeling it, especially since it was throbbing and burning hotly into her. Yet she was acting like that wasn't happening at all.

Mom responded, "Sure. After all, I brought him out here to demonstrate just how large the other Peter's peter is. So if you touched it, that gives you an even better idea."

Cindy frowned. "I... I... guess so. But he's your son! And I'm married!"

"Oh, posh," Mom said dismissively. "Now, you just gave him a bad scare, making him feel like he did something wrong and needed to leave. You should kiss and make up with him. Apologize."

Cindy opened her eyes, but was still too shy to look me in the face. She muttered, "Sorry, Peter." Then, with her face still burning red with embarrassment, she closed her eyes again.

I knew that Cindy had to be feeling extremely hot to trot, even though she was trying hard to fight it. Mom's talk about a kiss to make up gave me the opening I was looking for. I tilted my head slightly, leaned in, and pressed my lips on hers.

Cindy was surprisingly passive. I'd half expected her to open her eyes wide and break the kiss in alarm. Another part of me expected her to kiss back with a hungry passion. But she did neither. She kept her lips on mine, but she didn't overtly react or move.

However, her lips were slightly parted, so I took advantage and slid my tongue in!

It took a few more seconds, but she finally began to respond and kiss back!