BLACKMAIL Chapter 19
Originally written by G. H. Lawrence under the title "Extortion",
supersized by Spacer X


I was in heaven! I could tell that was another critical moment. She didn't want to kiss me, and I could feel her reluctance in the tensed up posture of her body, but she couldn't wiggle out of my grasp with Mom hugging her from behind. As the seconds passed, I could feel her tongue getting more active against mine.

Then I heard her moan lustily into my mouth. She seemed to forget who she was with, or maybe she was just too horny to care, but she finally started to "tongue-duel" with real passion! Also, she'd been keeping her hands in the air, careful not to hold me at all, but she finally gave up on that and wrapped her arms around my back.

I must admit that I was so aroused and encouraged by that development that I stopped thinking and let my lust take over. I wanted to bring my hands down to fondle Cindy's fantastic ass, but that was hard to do with my mother plastered up against her backside. So instead, I brought my hands around to Cindy's front and started fondling her great globes!

I was limited in what I could do there since her G-cups were pressed tightly against my chest, but they were so large that there was plenty for me to fondle and caress from their sides or below.

That went on for a few blissful moments until she "woke up" from her lusty stupor enough to realize what was going on. Her eyes finally opened in shock and she broke the kiss. Tilting her head back away from me, she complained, "PETER!"

I played the innocent. "What?" I continued to hold and caress her tits because it felt too good to let go. They were so damn enormous, full, and round. It continually astounded me that they were even slightly larger than Mom's.

Mom was good at pretending cluelessness too. "Yeah, what?"

Cindy seemed conflicted about what to say. I guessed she wanted to say something to discourage me from taking further liberties with her, but at the same time she didn't want Mom to know what was going on, for fear that she would get mad at the both of us. So she just muttered, "Uh, er... your son... his kiss was a little overly friendly."

Mom chuckled good-naturedly. "Oh, is that all? You're lucky. He's a horny and handsome teen in his sexual prime with a beautiful naked woman in his arms, and you owe him, big time, for your rude words. Son, try again. Kiss her properly this time."

I grinned from ear to ear. "Okay, Mom. If you insist!"

Cindy was probably about to object, but all she managed to say was "Um," before my lips met hers again.

I could tell that a part of her wanted to resist. In fact, her entire body tensed up all over again when our lips met. But her tongue began dueling just as fast as mine did. Within seconds, she was moaning needfully into my mouth as the two of us made out with even more passion than the first time. As the seconds passed, I could even feel her body relaxing. And, of course, all the while, I continued to joyfully fondle her massive globes while my hot boner pressed into her lower belly.

I was overjoyed that Cindy's resistance was cracking. One sign of that was how her hands on the middle of my back slide down and firmly grasped my bare ass cheeks.

But the sheer heat of our necking created a big problem for Mom. It was advantageous for her to continue to pretend to be clueless, but how could she do that while we kissed in such a blatant manner, with both of us literally within arm's reach of her?

Unfortunately, Mom's solution was to end the kissing. She said, "I can't see, but that sounds better. Now, Cindy, I want you to properly apologize."

Cindy reluctantly broke the burning hot necking to ask, "Apologize?"

I was continuing to play with Cindy's great tits. I'd even wormed my hands between our bodies so I could tweak her nipples for the first time.

That's what caused Cindy to let out a loud gasp. She belatedly remembered to bring her hands back up from my ass to the safety of the middle of my back.

Mom pretended not to hear that gasp. Instead, she explained, "Yes, apologize. I've put Peter in a very awkward situation here, having to come out here and strip naked in front of us two old broads to help me explain my new lover to you. And what did you do? You made him feel bad and even suggested he should leave. That's not nice, is it?"

"No," Cindy quietly muttered. "I'm sorry." She tilted her head down, as if in shame.

Mom patted Cindy on the back. "That's better. Now, I'm going to go inside for a minute to powder my nose and also get some sunscreen for us all. While I'm gone, I want you to give him a PROPER apology and not just a half-mumbled, 'I'm sorry.' Okay?"

Cindy nodded. But she apparently realized that Mom hadn't noticed that nod, because she turned her head and saw that Mom had already disengaged and started walking back towards the house. She spoke to Mom's back, "Okay."

Then Cindy turned back to face me. She gave me a stern look, and spoke quietly, for fear of Mom hearing. "Peter! What are you doing to me?! We can't!"

"Can't what?" I asked with deliberate obtuseness.

With Mom out of the picture, and Cindy obviously hot to trot despite herself, my hands were free to roam. I brought a hand to the back of her head and held her head in place while I planted my lips on her again.

The third time was the charm. Our first two kisses were like a smoldering fire, but the third one was like flowing lava! Cindy couldn't get enough of me. Within seconds, it seemed she was trying to touch my tonsils with her tongue, she kissed me so deeply!

And that wasn't all. It seemed that she'd been holding back, or at least trying to, in large part because Mom had literally been on her back. But now Mom was out of sight and thus out of mind. She slid both of her hands down to my bare ass again. But this was even better than previously, because started wantonly squeezing my muscular ass cheeks.

I responded in kind. I'd been enjoying her immense orbs for the last couple of minutes, but I was dying to check out her ass too. I brought both hands there and began fondling and even caressing her there.

One minute passed, and then another. Mom was totally forgotten. Hell, I didn't even take a moment to peek over Cindy's shoulder to see if Mom was nearby or otherwise spying on us. I was totally consumed by Cindy and her overwhelming sexuality.

As great as the kissing was, and the mutual ass fondling was, the way my big dick rubbed against her skin felt even better. I'm sure she found the skin-to-skin contact there just as electrifying as I did.

She was too reluctant to try to touch it with her hands, but she mostly made up for that by the way she began grinding against me. I don't think she meant to do that to stimulate my boner, at least not at first. She was simply too hot and bothered to keep still. But there was no way she could fail to notice my thick pole hotly pressing into her, and I'm sure it had to dominate her thoughts. Soon, she was humping up and down my body in a more deliberate manner, while managing to keep her head relatively still, so our mad necking could continue.

We were still going at it like that, hot and heavy, when we heard Mom yell from afar, "Yoo-hoo! Son? Cindy?"

We immediately broke our lip-lock, but remained in a tight embrace. As it so happened, I was facing the house, so I was easily able to look over Cindy's shoulder and see Mom standing a ways off, by the screen door.

Cindy could have turned her head around to look as well, but she was clearly too embarrassed to do so, judging by the way she immediately blushed redder, opened her eyes wide, and then shut them tightly. She stopped all her sexy writhing and held me fast.

Knowing that I could see and Cindy couldn't, Mom gave me a big thumb's up sign. I had no doubt she was heartily approving my seduction progress.

And by the way, seeing my gorgeous mother stand there naked took my breath away. I literally couldn't believe my luck that I was gawking at one naked buxom beauty while holding another!

Now that she had our attention, Mom shouted to us, "Hey kids, I just had a glass of water. Do you want me to get you some?"

I shouted back, "Yeah, sure."

Mom's reappearance had put fear and doubt back into Cindy's mind. She kept her eyes tightly shut, as if she could will away what was happening.

So, seeing she wasn't going to talk, I shouted some more, "Cindy wants a glass too."

"Okay! Two glasses, coming right up!" Mom opened and closed the screen door as she went back inside.

It occurred to me that Mom did that with exaggerated loudness so Cindy would assume she'd left, and apparently without seeing anything. By contrast, there hadn't been any such sounds when Mom must have passed the screen door a minute or two earlier.

Cindy didn't dare look back to check on Mom. However, she opened her eyes and began rapidly speaking to me with great distress. "Peter! What the hell is happening here?! We can't! I don't know how this got started, but I’m a married woman, and you're just a boy!"

I shut her up by kissing her lips again.

She moaned needfully, and kissed back with just as much passion as before. Soon, she even resumed her subtle grinding against my cock, as well as fondling my ass.

But then, just when it seemed as if she'd totally succumbed to her sexual desire for me, she forcefully broke the kiss again. "Wait! Wait! We can't do this! We need to talk! First off, we can't let your mother see us like this! OH SHIT! What has she seen already?! How could she NOT see?! I'm doomed! I don't want to lose her friendship!"

Despite her distress, I was confident that Cindy's body was like putty in my hands. So I brought a hand back to fondle her huge tits some more while exploring her ass crack with my other hand. As I did that, I told her, "Relax! She can't see anything from all the way over there."

"How is that possible?! She has to see EVERYTHING!"

"No, she doesn't!" I said forcefully. "By luck, we're positioned so that all she can see is my backside, and your hands on my ass."

As soon as I said that, she took her hands off my ass like it had turned into a hot oven. She reluctantly settled them on the middle of my back.

I let that slide, and continued, "Sure, she saw from close up that we kissed once or twice, but she asked for that, as part of your apology. For all she knows, we're just standing close and talking."

"I don't know..." Cindy was highly doubtful. "I suppose it's possible..."

"Very possible," I asserted. "She trust me completely. You know that. If I said that's all we did, she'll believe it."

Cindy was frowning in doubt, but she still didn't attempt to disengage. She asked anxiously, "Is she looking now?!"

"No," I replied with endless confidence. "I don't even see her in the kitchen. I think I heard her phone ring, so she's probably on the phone."

"Oh, thank GOD!" Cindy exhaled with tremendous relief.

In fact, I was lying through my teeth. I could see Mom through the kitchen window, and there was no phone in sight. We weren't that far from the house, so I could easily see her in all her topless glory, as well as her big smile. In fact, she and I made eye contact and I gave her a furtive thumb's up, to let her know all was going well.

She gave me another thumbs' up in return. Clearly, she was giving me as much time as I needed to handle Cindy.

And I needed time, because Cindy was beside herself with worry, even though she was too hot to trot to actually pull away from me. She panted, "Maybe you're right, but we still have to disengage! NOW! Before she comes back and it's too late! What must she think?! I'm practically her best friend, and you're her SON! This is so fucked up!"

I spoke with unusual calm yet again. "Relax! I swear, it's cool. If she knew, wouldn't she be freaking out right now? She hasn't said or done anything."

Cindy wailed, "But she HAS to know! We've been making out like crazy! How could she not see that?!" Her eyes went wider as she realized, "Hell, when we started kissing, she was hugging me from behind! Right there, as close as two coats of paint! I'm FUCKED!"

I thought gleefully, You will be! You will be, soon! By me!

I kept those thoughts to myself, and said, "Don't worry. We'll just tell her that, as part of your apology to me, you've granted me some free hugs and kisses. Which is true. She knows that much and totally approves. That's all we're really doing anyway." I started to lean in for another scorching kiss.

But she turned her head, foiling me. "No! Wait! Let me think! Things are getting out of hand! How can she approve when we're both buck naked?!" She looked down between our bodies. She couldn't actually see anything, due to her massive tits enveloping my chest. But, to my great pleasure and shock, she finally brought a hand to my boner. It was still tightly pressed against her lower abdomen, but she was able to brush a couple of fingers against one of its sides.

As she did that, she said, "Especially considering THIS damn thing! The cause of all my trouble. It's... it's... GIGANTIC!" She looked into my eyes with wide, almost terrified eyes. "And I'm married! If my husband were to see us like this, I'd be ruined!"

I still was brimming with so much confidence that I felt invincible. "Too bad for him, because you can't resist this, can you?"

The fact that her fingertips were actually still lightly grazing my shaft made things easy for me. As I said "resist this," I brought one of my hands over Cindy's hand there, and forced her to wrap her fingers around my thickness. Actually, "forced" isn't the right word, because she did most of it on her own, once my hand gave her the initial prodding.

There was a prolonged silence, except for our mutual heavy breathing. I was certain she had to be pondering my question and testing her willpower. But the answer came in the form of her not removing her hand. In fact, curiosity got the best of her and she started running her fingers up and down my shaft, not to arouse but just to explore.

More time passed, maybe a minute or even two. She pulled away from me enough so she could look down and see what her fingers were doing. That meant she had to pull away almost entirely, since her boobs were so very large that it was difficult for her to look past them while they were mashed against my chest. But the lessened contact was worth it to me because of her growing fascination with "exploring" my dick.

She finally whispered in breathless awe, "It's just... so BIG! The biggest, longest, thickest one I've ever seen! And I've seen a LOT!"

I still had the feeling that she was putty in my hands, since she was simply too horny to resist me. The main thing holding her back was the worry that Mom could return at any time, which of course didn't worry me at all. So, taking advantage of her passiveness, I took her other hand, which was still resting on my ass, and brought it to my crotch.

She was even more amazed, because she wrapped the fingers of that hand around the lower part of my shaft and then the fingers of her other hand around the upper part. She said aloud what both of us could see: "Holy SHIT! It's so big that my fingers can't even wrap all the way around it! AND despite the fact that I'm holding it with two hands, there's STILL room left over!"

A third voice cut through the air: "Ah. You see what I mean?"