BLACKMAIL Chapter 20
Originally written by G. H. Lawrence under the title "Extortion",
supersized by Spacer X


That voice belonged to Mom. More shockingly, it was coming from just a couple of feet away. Not even I had noticed how she'd carefully snuck up on us.

Cindy disengaged from my body with lightning speed. One moment she was staring down at her ten fingers wrapped around my shaft, and the next moment she was standing a few feet away with both hands up in the air like she was being held at gunpoint. She wailed in distress, "KATE! What are you doing here?! I didn't...! It's not what you think!"

Mom was standing by with glasses of water in both hands. She had an easy smile on her face, and just chuckled good-naturedly. "Relax, Cin! We're all friends here. I'm not upset."

"You're not?!" Cindy literally couldn't believe her ears.

"No, I'm not. This is exactly why I had Peter out here as a guinea pig. I wanted you to see just how well-endowed MY Peter is. Now, mind you, I only thought you'd look, but touching gives you an even better indication. Can you see now what I mean, why I've fallen so deeply in lust with my new lover?"

Cindy stood there with her hands still high up in the air, seemingly forgetful that this was totally exposing her curvaceous front side to my eyes. She was too shocked to think straight. She exclaimed to Mom, "How can you SAY that?!"

"What?" Mom looked confused.

"You just caught me holding your son's erection, and you're not mad! I would be going ballistic!"

Mom spoke calmly, while she continued to hold the two glasses of water. "Well, I might be upset if I thought you were trying to seduce him. But all I saw was anatomical curiosity. You were merely holding his erection, not stroking it. If you were stroking it, that would be a different matter. But it looks to me like you were merely in shock about its size, and checking it out. Right?"

Cindy clung to that new excuse like a sailor clinging to a life raft in stormy seas. "RIGHT! I was just, uh, curious! Very curious! How could I not be?! This thing is... is... extreme!" She finally realized what she was showing, and dropped her hands to cover her privates.

Mom wasn't bothering to cover up at all, even though it would have been many times more scandalous for me to look at her fully nude body than at Cindy's, due to the incest factor. She had the excuse of holding the glasses of water. Besides, she probably - and correctly - figured that Cindy was far too out of it to be thinking clearly about that detail.

Mom told her, "I can't blame you for letting your curiosity run wild, because who wouldn't be amazed? Isn't he something else? And MY Peter is exactly like that. They could be identical twins in, uh, that area." She chuckled.

Cindy already was going from the shame of being caught to lusty thoughts about Mom's supposed lover. "Wow! You lucky bitch!"

"Wow, indeed," Mom said happily. "Now, drink up." She handed one of the glasses of water to Cindy and the other one to me.

Cindy took the glass and pretty much downed the entire thing at once, though at a slow pace. I don't think it was so much that she was that thirsty as it was she was grateful for the distraction. As long as the glass was in front of her face, she could focus on the task of drinking instead of having to cope with the boiling cauldron of sex she'd been thrown in.

Or maybe she was that thirsty, because I was. I gladly downed my water at a faster pace, and then put the empty glass on the little table between the two lawn chairs.

With Cindy still busy with her glass, Mom contrived to change the situation. She said in apparent newfound distress, "Oh dear! Would you look at me?! Or, better yet, Son, DON'T look at me. Good thing you're so busy gawking at Cindy, because I'm your mother! Can you please turn away until I'm settled back on the lawn chair?"

"Um, sure. Sorry." I turned away from both Mom and Cindy. I couldn't continue to gawk at one and not the other since they were close together.

My repositioning left me frustrated, because I couldn't see anything important anymore. Being turned all the way around, I couldn't even peek, and there wasn't any mirror or reflection I could peek through either. I could only hear whatever might be happening behind me.

So when Mom next said, "Here, Cin," I didn't know what that was referring to.

Then the situation grew much more frustrating, because all I could hear for the next minute or two was a lot of quiet whispering between the two naked MILFs.

I couldn't stand the waiting. Things had been a non-stop whirlwind pretty much from the moment I'd entered the pool area. That was how I'd had such success with Cindy, by keeping events moving so quickly that she never had time to think and regret.

I thought, God, I hope Mom knows what she's doing with all this whispering. Cindy's bound to cool down in a big way. And I was so close to a breakthrough! Why did Mom have to come back when she did, anyway? Cindy was actually holding my dick! She was right on the verge of giving me a great handjob. I'm sure of it. Now, we'll go back to square one. Fuck!

But still... I guess two steps forward and one step back is okay. Just so long as the general direction stays forward. We have plenty of time today. I'll bet Mom came back because she didn't want to miss out. It must have been beyond frustrating for her having to watch from the kitchen.

I guess I can understand that, even though it'll make everything way more difficult for me. How am I supposed to keep seducing Cindy with Mom right here with us? And Cindy's soooo ripe! Even if she cools down some, she's still so ready that it's driving me bonkers. I certainly can't stop or even slow down now, when I've made so much progress!

After another minute or two of whispering, Mom finally spoke up, indicating to me that it was okay to turn back around and rejoin them at the lawn chairs.

I would later find out that Mom went through the whispered conversation because she deemed it necessary to check how much Cindy was buying the scenario that she was obvious about most everything Cindy and I were doing with each other. Plus, of course, I was right that she grew too frustrated in only getting to see the sexy fun from a distance.

She helped out by asking Cindy clueless questions about what Cindy and I had been doing to each other while she'd been in the house. Naturally, Cindy lied in response, trying to make it seem that we'd only shared a "kiss of apology" or two.

That was laughable in retrospect, but at the time, Cindy was so horny that she wasn't thinking straight, and she was eagerly clinging to any fig leaf excuse she could find.

I walked back near to where I'd been standing before, when my boner had almost been close enough to touch Cindy's face. That wasn't an accident, because I wanted to replicate the situation that caused her to briefly lose control. I certainly didn't have to worry about my dick going flaccid, because my anticipation was sky high.

Already, Mom was lying face down again, making it impossible for her to see anything that might happen between Cindy and me. I was sure that was intentional, to allow more mischief.

Cindy, by contrast, laid mostly face down as well, but partially on her side. Propped up with one arm, she faced away from Mom and towards me. I hoped that also was intentional, to allow even more mischief!

With my erection pointing forward like a divining rod, I asked, "Um, where should I be? There's only two lawn chairs, and you two are using them."

Mom waved a hand dismissively, still not turning her head my way. "Stand where you are. That's fine. After all, the reason you're here is so Cindy can get a good look at your penis size and really get that imprinted in her brain. In fact, you probably should get closer to her, just not close enough to touch."

"Right," I said, secretly thrilled. I moved a couple of steps over, to exactly where I'd been earlier, with my cock only a foot or so away from Cindy's face!

Although my dick was continually erect, it had sagged down slightly due to the relative decline of the sexual heat. But once I was standing so close to the two nude bombshells, it rose up some, trying to get horizontal.

Cindy watched in amazement as it twitched and stiffened, until it could almost touch her nose! It probably wasn’t intentional on her part, but she began breathing heavily in a way that puffed air right to my cockhead.

I asked, "So, what's the plan now?"

Mom replied, "Well, I guess I'll go back to raving how great Peter is. MY Peter, that is. And while I do so, Son, if you could just stand there for a few minutes, that'll help Cin visualize exactly what I'm talking about."

That plan was ridiculous on its face. There was no real need for Cindy to have the help of a continual visualization. Mom never would have agreed to that in a million years, unless she was trying to help me seduce her blonde goddess friend.

Luckily, Cindy had clearly crossed some sort of Rubicon. Mom could have given any flimsy excuse whatsoever, and it would have worked. In fact, I doubted Cindy was even paying close attention to what she was saying, judging by the way she was staring raptly at my boner twitching only a few inches from the tip of her nose.

But she was paying some attention at least, because she managed to mutter, "That sounds like a good plan."

Mom said, "Good. So anyway, back to Peter. What can I say about him? The funny thing is, I don't know much about him. Admittedly, I've only known him for 24 hours. But I don't know what he does for a living. I don't even know his last name! But who cares? We're not going to get together just to talk, that's for sure. He wants me for my hot body, and I want him for his hot body, so that's all we need."

She added more enthusiastically, "Especially his enormous cock! Cindy, if you're looking at Peter's right now, I'm sure you can see what I mean. You might even be tempted to touch it again, just to confirm that it's real."

I wanted to give my Mother a great big kiss on her lips for that comment, because as soon as Cindy heard her, she bit her lip uncertainly, then reached out and took my boner in her hand! Even better, within seconds, she wasn't just holding it, she started actively stroking it!

After a few seconds of that, Cindy looked up at me sheepishly, and with a still blushing red face. She whispered almost noiselessly, "Well, she did suggest it. You don't mind?!" She bit her lip in a cute manner again.

I just smiled from ear to ear and gave her an approving nod. It was all I could do not to laugh out loud, because the question was so absurd. Of course I didn't mind

She saw my euphoric reaction, and broke into a big smile herself.

Mom must have had some kind of sixth sense, because she seemed to pause in her talking until Cindy and I had reached our new understanding. There was no way she could see what was happening, since she was still lying down with her head facing the other direction, but she probably was able to guess what her words would trigger.

She finally continued, "Peter and I have an understanding that I'm sure will guide our relationship moving forward: he has a huge cock that needs lots of pleasuring, and, dammit, I love to pleasure it!" She chuckled. "Cin, you would not believe how good it feels to suck it, or even just to lick it! I swear, right now, I'm thinking about the way he pushes me to my knees and forces me to orally pleasure him, and it's making me as hot as the center of the sun! Although... I can't really say he forces me, because I'd do it gladly and willingly, anytime!"

One again, Mom's targeted words had their intended effect. Still holding and stroking my boner, Cindy tilted it towards her mouth, scooted closer and little bit, and started lapping on the tip of my cockhead!

I felt shivers of joy and great arousal race through my body. What an incredible rush! It wasn't just the intense physical pleasure I was feeling; it was the implication. If she was this eager to go this far, this fast, then the sky was the limit!

I was so overcome that I had to brace myself just to remain standing. I wanted to shout in triumph, but I couldn't do that since Mom would have been obliged to react and ask questions.

Cindy kept right on stroking my boner, and doing so with increasing vigor, while also licking all over my cockhead. Yet she somehow managed to do all of that while hardly making a sound. Clearly, she didn't want Mom to know what she was doing, and she was putting a lot of effort into not moaning loudly and erotically as she started lapping sensuously all over my cockhead.

Even better, Cindy had only been partially on her side, but she repositioned until she was fully on her side, facing me. That enabled her to hold and stroke my hard-on with both hands, and she immediately did so. It also created more of a physical barrier for Mom to have to look over if she wanted to see what was going on. I loved how her new position allowed me to see all of Cindy's enormous G-cups in their fully exposed glory, one stacked on top of the other!

I was blown away by all of this, but I felt obliged to keep the subterfuge going. If I "outed" Cindy too soon, she might get cold feet. Despite feeling a rush of arousal from feeling her fingers and tongue on my needy erection, I gathered all my willpower and avoided making any sort of loud moan or groan. I also managed to keep my hands at my sides, despite a great desire to hold her head in place.

I'd been tense and nervous about seducing Cindy, but I relaxed quite a bit. If she was this eager this fast, then certainly things were bound to go well. If I got her hot enough, not even the incest news would be able to stop the momentum, or so I hoped.

Since Mom was sitting further away, and still mostly lying down, she sensed something unexpected had happened, but she couldn't directly see the action. She looked up into my eyes questioningly and gave me a hopeful thumbs up sign.

I didn't want Cindy to know that Mom was aware about what she was doing to me, so I had to maintain the secrecy for now. I felt that even making a thumbs-up sign in reply would be too obvious and might get noticed. However, I was able to convey a lot with my eyes, and I nodded my head slightly for good measure.

Mom got the message. She smirked gleefully, as she resumed talking after another long pause. "I probably shouldn't be talking so explicitly, but I get so excited! I mean, Cin, is there anything better than kneeling under a hunky, cock guy and tasting the essence of his manhood with your tongue?! Why, I'm thinking about it so vividly that I can practically smell it!"

I thought Mom was pushing her luck, being so explicit about guiding Cindy with her words.

But thankfully, Cindy was already transported to another world, and wasn't thinking clearly, or even thinking at all. Sure enough, she took a big whiff of my boner, with her nose so close that the tip actually touched it. She sighed blissfully, and went back to lapping and stroking.

That whiff was so loud that Mom must have heard it. Apparently, that encouraged her to be even more explicit. "But as great as licking and smelling it is, sucking it is even better! And Peter's made clear to me that sucking him off is going to be a big aspect of our relationship. Maybe even THE main aspect! Gaaawwwd! Isn't that incredible! It's only been one day, but he already assumes that I'm going to suck him off whenever he wants it! That's the kind of guy he is. He's VERY demanding!"

Cindy must have been listening carefully, because I could sense that her passion was soaring. It was channeled into her sliding fingers and searching tongue. It felt fantastic!

Mom went on, "But I don't care! In fact, I kind of get off on it. I mean, I wasn't that big on fellatio before, but his cock is just SO thick and SO long! I can't resist it! It's like I NEEEEED to suck it! Cin, don't you agree? Isn't there something extra special about sucking on a really big, fat one?"

Cindy had just started really getting into licking my cockhead, and she seemed incredulous that she'd have to pause doing that in order to talk. But she had no choice, because she assumed Mom would get very upset if she rose up in her lawn chair and looked around to discover what was really going on.

After a long pause, and while still holding my boner, Cindy said, "Um… for sure! Kate, I can totally relate to how you feel. Peter, you're a lucky guy! All the girls are going to fall for you!" Then she went right back to lapping on my cockhead, and stroking the rest.

Mom said, "That's putting it lightly. Son, it's time you know the full truth. A big cock like yours gives you a special power. Any woman, I don't care how sexy she is, or if she's married or what, if she's given a golden opportunity to suck on your huge cock, there's no way she can resist! The joy of wrapping her lips around your thickness and bobbing endlessly on it is just too great! Why, just think about it is getting me all worked up, and I'm your mother!"

Cindy was in a highly suggestible state, and seemingly had lost all her willpower to resist. As soon as Mom finished saying that, she tilted her head towards my crotch slightly, causing her lips to slide over my cockhead until she had nearly all of the bulbous knob in her mouth. Her lips stretched painfully, but she struggled to get more of it in, not less.

Unfortunately, as far as keep the pretense going, I was so overcome by surprise and pleasure (but especially intense pleasure!) that I couldn't resist yelping.

At the same time, it seemed that Cindy was similarly overcome, because she moaned loudly.

Of course, Mom had to know what was happening, and it went without saying that she fully approved. But it seemed she wanted to play with the situation, perhaps to get Cindy so hot and bothered that she would lose all control, even after the incest secret was revealed. So she sat up higher and asked, "What's happening over there? I can't see!"