BLACKMAIL Chapter 21
Originally written by G. H. Lawrence under the title "Extortion",
supersized by Spacer X


Cindy froze, with her lips locked around most of my cockhead, just shy of taking all of my fat knob in.

That left me to reply, if I were to continue the pretense and not "out" Cindy too soon, "Um, sorry, Mom. It's just that, while you're talking about all that arousing stuff, my stiff dick is almost right in Cindy's face! In fact, I just accidentally bumped it against her nose. That's what made us both react in surprise."

Mom chuckled. "Oops! Sorry for putting you in that situation, Son. That's kind of funny though, don't you think?"

"Um, yeah," I replied, trying not to pant too hard, or somehow make obvious the fact that Cindy had her lips still tightly wrapped around my shaft!

Mom added, "Speaking of tempting big cocks, I just realized I probably put Cindy in a highly tempting situation, what with your cock so close to her face and all. We should change things up before she's tempted to do something naughty."

Mom quietly chuckled to herself, knowing full well that Cindy was doing something "naughty" at that very moment, though perhaps not being aware of the exact details.

She went on, "We should shake things up a little bit. Son, there's another reason I asked you to join us out here: the danger of sunburn! Cin and I have been lying here for an hour, but I remembered to bring back the suntan lotion as well as the waters. I think it would be a good time for us to put more suntan lotion on. Since Cin and I are both feeling tipsy and lazy, can you do the honors?"

I looked down at Cindy.

She looked up at me with a miserable, frustrated expression. Clearly, she was dying to secretly suck my cock a lot more, but she hadn't really gotten started. Pretty much all she'd managed to do was fit it in her mouth and keep it there. But now she'd have to pull out and change positions!

I was extremely frustrated too. I stared daggers at my mother, and tried to communicate telepathically, though of course to no effect. Mom, what the hell?! Why are you cockblocking me like this?! Argh!

However, there was nothing to be done unless I wanted to end the pretense, and I still worried Cindy might freak out if we did that. At the very least, that could be a major setback. Besides, getting to put my hands all over her body sounded pretty great in its own way. So I said, "Um, sure, I can help. That is, if you don't mind, Cindy?"

To her continued frustration, she was forced to pull my cock all the way out of her mouth in order to reply. "Um, no. That's fine." Then she seemed to warm up to the idea or she was great at faking her enthusiasm, because she added, "In fact, it sounds great!"

She repositioned, lying face down again, but with her head still tilted in my direction. As far as I could tell, she hadn't looked Mom's way pretty much since we'd gone back to the lawn chairs. Probably, she was embarrassed to make eye contact. Her face was cherry red from blushing, in any case.

Somehow, seeing her face that red and embarrassed made her twice as sexy in my eyes.

Although Cindy was too ashamed to look Mom's way, she must have been dying of curiosity about how Mom was positioned, and how much danger she might be in. So, after taking a big breath and gathering her courage, she asked, "Hey. Uh, Kate... You're not, uh, looking over here, are you? Because for you to look at your son's penis would be... weird. To say the least. You probably shouldn't be looking at his nudity at all."

Mom was glad to put her friend at ease. "Absolutely not! I wouldn't even think of it. As you said, it would be inappropriate to even look his way. So I'm turned the other way, just to be on the safe side. Besides, I like to keep my eyes close, so I can envision Peter's manhood in my mind. Mmmm! I can picture it so clearly that I can almost taste it!"

Cindy seemed relieved, but asked, just to be sure, "You mean your Peter, right? Your new lover?"

"Of course! Who else could I mean? Oh. Right." She laughed. "Not him!"

While this discussion was going on, I repositioned too, sitting down on Cindy's lawn chair. I made sure to sit right next to her face, so my cockhead was only a few inches from her sweet lips. Then I picked up a bottle of suntan lotion on the table that had the two wine bottles on it, and poured some of it into my hands.

Mom sat up in her lawn chair, showing off her fantastic upper body, especially her fulsome bare chest. Knowing that Cindy couldn't see her, she gave me the "okay" sign and a big smile.

I okayed her back, while probably grinning like an idiot.

Mom then gave me a quizzical look, and mimed a handjob motion in the air.

I gave that a thumbs up, letting her know that Cindy had been secretly holding and stroking my boner. (I was in no danger of having Cin see my signal this time.)

Then Mom mined a blowjob motion right in front of her face.

I proudly gave that a thumbs up too.

Her eyes went wide with surprise. Then a wicked grin crossed her face. She asked, "Since I can't see, Son, are you starting to apply the lotion on Cindy? She's fair-skinned, you know, and it's a very sunny day."

"Don't worry, Mom, I'm taking care of it."

Okay, good. Son, be sure to cover her thoroughly. Cin, you don't mind if he touches your ass, do you? That needs even more sun protection than the rest of you. It's probably best if his fingers cover every last inch of your ass, even in your ass crack."

Cindy replied, "I don't mind at all. I trust Peter will be a complete gentleman. He'd NEVER take advantage of my naked body!" Somehow, the breathless way she said that made it seem more like she was eagerly saying that I would take advantage of her naked body.

Mom said, "Good. While you two are doing that, there's more I want to share about my life-changing last 24 hours. That is, Son, if you don't mind hearing me rave all about my new boyfriend?"

"Sure," I said. "Knock yourself out."

Cindy still didn't look back over to Mom, since that would require her to roll over on the lawn chair. But she figured from the conversation that she was safe and free to play around again! She immediately took my boner back in hand and resumed stroking it.

I figured that as long as that was happening, there was no reason I couldn't enjoy putting the suntan lotion on Cindy at the same time. So I did. She wasn't actually that "fair-skinned." She had a nice all-over tan, including on her private parts, suggesting she did a lot of nude sunbathing on her own. But even so, I didn't want her to actually get a sunburn or an uneven tan, and we were in the direct sun. Besides, I knew it would be great fun to explore her firm yet feminine body.

I started actually applying the lotion to her skin, starting with the back of her neck and moving downwards.

My goal was to work fast, to get to her "naughty bits" sooner rather than later.

I also scooted forward slightly where I sat. The difference was only a few inches, but it put the tip of my cockhead up against Cindy's lips!

Unfortunately, she wasn't in a good position to suck, since she was lying face down with her head to the side and thus not easily able to move her head for bobbing or the like. So, at least for now, she was content to just lick the tip while holding and stroking the rest.

Mom started to talk. "Okay, Son, I'm going to tell you some of the same things I've been telling Cin, since you need to get up to speed on this big change in my life. Even though I haven't known Peter for long, my Peter, I already know that I'm going to have a deep and long relationship with him."

Cindy couldn't resist teasing, "Girl, that's not the only thing that's been going deep and long around here lately!" She kept right on licking and stroking my boner as she said that.

"Hush!" Mom said, even though she snickered in amusement at that. "Son, I'm telling you this because it's important to me. But also so you'll learn by example from the other Peter on how naturally dominant young, handsome studs like you and him should treat their women!"

While running my hands over Cindy's flawless and shapely bare back, I gleefully asked, "Is this going to get racy?"

Mom said, "VERY racy, kid. But I figure you're an adult and you can handle it. Right?"

"Right," I replied.

"I'm sure you've got a raging erection already from looking at Cin's body, and you're probably taking advantage of putting lotion all over her, aren't you?"

I smirked. I briefly reached down and cupped both of Cindy's huge tits. I considered playing with her pussy, but it was more difficult to reach. "A little."

Cindy also smirked and smiled.

Mom asked, "Cin, do you mind?"

Cindy kept right on smiling widely as she responded, "Well, boys will be boys. You can't really blame him. He is going to have to cover my breasts with the lotion before too long, so I guess there's no harm if he gets an early start there." She giggled.

Mom giggled too. "That's so like him. Ugh! But you're right, it can't really be helped. Anyway, Son, what I say may make matters worse, in terms of the overall tempting situation. But you can just grin and bear it for a while, can't you?"

I looked down at Cindy's gorgeous face, and how she was raptly lapping as much cock as her tongue could reach. It helped that she had an extra long tongue. I also marveled at her hand slowly stroking the rest of my shaft. Incredible! This isn't just one of my sexy teen girlfriends, this is the MILF goddess Cindy! A local legend! If she's willing to do this much already, the sky's the limit!

I commented, "I'll try my best to hold out."

Cindy quietly snickered, catching my double meaning of wanting to hold out from cumming.

Then, to my surprise, Cindy asked Mom, "Is it okay if I continue to look at your son's cock while you talk, and imagine that it's your lover Peter's cock instead?"

Mom said, "Not only is that okay, I'm all in favor. After all, that's a big reason he's here, so you can truly appreciate what a 'super cock' looks like. However, you WILL restrain yourself, won't you? Like I said before, just look and don't touch. He is my son, after all, and you're happily married."

"Right," Cindy said. "Trust me, I'll be a good girl." Even as she said this, she continued to slide her fingers up and down my hard-on while licking around the cockhead!

Mom went on, "Good, good. Now, listen, Son. Peter, the other Peter I mean, he doesn't have the same lack-of-confidence issue that you do. He knows he's the best of the best, and he deserves the best of the best when it comes to hot, voluptuous, willing women. When he saw me in the supermarket, he decided he was going to make me his, and that he wouldn't take no for an answer. There's a fine line between great confidence and sexual harassment."

Cindy paused in her licking again to comment, "And, to be bluntly honest, often the key difference is how handsome the guy is!"

Mom chuckled at that. "Sad, but true. Peter is extremely well-built and handsome, so he gets a lot of leeway! Again, look up and down my son's hunky body, since he's right there in front of you, and you'll have a good idea what I mean."

Cindy couldn't resist letting out an erotic moan of approval. "Mmmm!"

Mom went on, "Anyway, he and I flirted for a while right there in the middle of the store. He made clear that he'd felt 'lust at first sight,' and that he was going to make me his. That's exactly what he said, 'I'm going to make you mine!' I swear, that's an exact quote. Can you believe how bold that is?! I asked him, 'his what?' And he told me, 'my possession. My sex toy, even!' Can you imagine that?! What cheek! What audacity! Just thinking about it makes me steaming mad!"

I was having a fun time visualizing the scene, even though I knew it never happened. I asked, "Did you slap his face or tell him off?"

"I thought about it, but by that point, he'd already brazenly started fondling my breasts through my clothes, right there in the store, in the middle of the cereal aisle! I figured since I didn't stop him doing that, I couldn't exactly blame him for getting the wrong idea about how willing I was, even though he had to have seen my shining gold wedding ring."

I asked, "How the heck did he get his hands on your breasts in the first place?! And in a public location, no less!"

Mom sighed longingly. "His eyes! There was a powerful look in his eyes, a glint, or a gleam. It's something I can't explain. So much cocky confidence! It was like he was visually fucking me, right there. I tried to engage in a defiant staring contest with him, but I quickly lost. That actually made my pussy wet! When I bowed my head in defeat, it was like we both knew I'd submitted to him in that moment, without either of us saying a word. The feeling was electric!"

Cindy moaned loudly. "Gaawwwd! That sounds really hot!"

"It was!" Mom agreed.

I asked, "So, what happened next?" I continued to have a hell of a good time exploring Cindy's naked body under the guise of applying the suntan lotion. Already, I was spending a lot of time covering her flawless ass cheeks, even though that meant having to bend and stretch a bit to reach her there. Of course, the things she was doing to my cock were magnifying my enjoyment several times over.

Mom responded, "Surprisingly, he told me he was 'sexist,' at least when it comes to the bedroom. He said a 'real man' gives the orders and it's the woman's duty to always obey, no matter what. As he was shocking me with this, he was freely playing with my big breasts right there in the middle of the store!"

"Through your clothes?!" Cindy asked excitedly.

"So far! Just you wait until this story really heats up!" Mom laughed. "Then he brought a hand to my crotch and brazenly fondled my pussy through my clothes too! I tried to tell him that he was wrong and that I wasn't going to put up with his 'sexist crap.' But I was undercut by the way I was writhing and squirming as I let him have his way with me!"

Cindy groaned erotically again. She stroked and licked my pole with even more fervor.

"Wow, that's pretty hot," I admitted. I was getting jealous. I had to remind myself that the story had to be made up.

Mom went on, "You don't know the half of it! I still hadn't touched him much, but he was wearing jeans, and he simply unzipped his fly, whipped out his cock, and brought one of my hands to it! It all happened so fast that I couldn't believe it! Right there in the cereal aisle! And his cock was so enormous! Cindy, like I keep saying, it's exactly the same size as my son's. Have you gotten your fill of looking at that yet?"

Cindy smirked. She had to pause in licking my cockhead again to reply, "Well, I'm having a very good close look. But I can't say I've gotten my fill yet. I must admit, I've been tempted to touch it." Even as she said that, her fingers were adoringly sliding all over it.

"Well, hold out," Mom said. "He's my son, you know. By the way, what do you think?"

Cindy was confused. "About what?"

"About Peter's big cock. And when I say 'Peter,' I mean Peter my new boyfriend, though technically you're looking at Peter, my son's. Just imagine it's the other Peter's. When you look at it up close and see all the throbbing veins and the fat purplish head, and all the rest, what kind of feelings does it give you? I know you love a really big and thick one, but you've never enjoyed one THAT big! What do you think?!"

Cindy broke away from her licking, tilting her head back a few inches to get a good look at my erection, from tip to base. Her eyes were glassy from the alcohol, but she was able to stare at it intently.

She finally said, "It's… it's… magnificent! I'm in awe! It's the most inspirational thing I've ever seen in my life!"

Mom prodded her, "But how does it make you feel?!"

Cindy exclaimed, "So wet! So hot!"

"Does it make your mouth water?!"

"God, yes! Hell, yeah! I'm on FIRE!" She furtively held my shaft and adoringly slid her fingers up and down the surface. Her fingers slipped around with ease, thanks to the way it was already soaked with pre-cum.

Then she apparently remembered that I was Kate's son and we were supposed to be talking about "Peter's" penis. She backtracked, "Um, Peter, no offense. I know this is weird for you. Even though I'm looking at your erection, I'm really trying to imagine the other Peter and what your mother must be feeling about him."

I shrugged. "That's okay. This is weird, but a good weird. I'm flattered, believe me!" I chuckled nervously.

"Mmmm!" Cindy moaned erotically as she continued to explore my thick pole with her fingers. "Thanks for being so understanding. The truth is, if you weren't Kate's son, I'd be tempted to touch yours a little." She said this with a wicked smirk, because both she and me could knew damn well that she was doing more than just a little bit of touching already!

Mom complained, still without moving to look, "Cin, don't you dare! Remember, he's just here as a visual demonstration. He's still my son. And you know how mad your husband would get if you did something inappropriate." Clearly, she knew what was really going on, but she still had to pretend otherwise.

"Of course," Cindy said. She pulled her hand away. But then she thought better of it, probably after deciding that there was no way Mom could see what was happening unless she rolled over and then sat up for good measure. No doubt, she calculated that she'd be able to disengage before that happened.

Not only did she resume touching my shaft, which quickly turned into a handjob, she also got back to licking on and around the tip! She looked up at me and gave me a naughty wink.