BLACKMAIL Chapter 22
Originally written by G. H. Lawrence under the title "Extortion",
supersized by Spacer X


Mom asked, "What's going on over there?"

I lied, "Oh, we're both cooling down a bit. Actually, I'm getting used to all the nudity, including my own. It's no big deal as long as nobody's touching, right?"


Obviously, Mom knew I was lying. But, like me, she saw the utility of keeping the pretense going a little longer.

Mom then said, "Anyway, back to the other Peter and HIS giant peter. Remember how I was standing there in the supermarket aisle, with his hands on my breasts and his fly brazenly unzipped? I was just starting to explain how he tricked me into holding his fully bared erection!""

Cindy was clearly listening with interest to my mother's story, despite having much of her attention on secretly licking and stroking my boner. "Please tell me more! So, did you let go?"

Mom laughed. "HA! Not hardly! I brought my other hand over, telling myself that I had to completely cover up his outrageous boner before we caused a public scene. But somehow, both of my hands began sliding up and down his incredible thickness in a blatantly sexual manner! I just couldn't help myself! He's so handsome and charming! And when he tells you to do something, it's like you HAVE to do it! So you can imagine how distressed I was when he told me to drop to my knees and blow him!"

Cindy exclaimed, "But you'd just met him! And you were in a supermarket! A public place! That's outrageous! There could be anyone there! Children, even!"

However, despite her protests, she repositioned slightly so that she was able to hold and stroke my cock with both hands. That left her lying on her side with her huge tits and shaved pussy fully exposed to my gaze - as well as my wandering hands. But she either showed herself to me deliberately or she was so far gone that she didn't care.

"I know! I know!" Mom panted. She was getting into her imaginary scenario. "But despite the danger, there wasn't any doubt I was going to keep jacking him off! In fact, even though I'd just met him, I already knew that I'd pleasure his cock anytime he wanted! Don't you think it's possible that if a guy is handsome enough and domineering enough, and especially well-hung enough, that no reasonable woman could ever resist him?! Especially very busty and beautiful women like you and me. Our bodies are so hard-wired for sex that it's not really our fault! We're MADE for sex! It's like blaming a lion for being a carnivore!"

"I can see that," Cindy mumbled.

I wondered if she took a moment to see the ironic parallels between Mom's fake story and her own current and very real behavior.

Cindy asked as she stroked and slurped, "But did it have to be right there?! It's like he was deliberately trying to humiliate you!"

"I KNOW!" Mom panted. "In fact, I'm sure he was deliberately humiliating me. He knew that would break my will even faster. All I could think was, 'This is too reckless!' I couldn't wait to drop to my knees and slide my lips all over his perfect, huge cock, but not THERE! Literally anybody could come by at any time! As I continued to pump on his shaft with both hands, I looked all around with worry. Luckily, there wasn't anyone else in our aisle, but how long could that last?! Everyone loves cereal. So I begged and pleaded that we at least go somewhere private first!"

Cindy was intently lapping, fondling, and even sucking. She usually had the top inch or so of my cockhead in her mouth. But it seemed she wasn't willing to take in more just then, since she often felt inspired to make comments.

I can't even begin to convey how psyched I was. I couldn't even bear to look down, because the sight of her gorgeous face pleasuring my dick was too exciting to take. And as much fun as "applying the lotion" on her curvy body was, I'd become too distracted to keep doing that.

Mom went on, "Peter looked around and grudgingly realized that might be a good idea. So he pushed my hands away from y privates, zipped up, and said, 'Okay. Come with me, slut.' Then he turned and walked away. He didn't even look back to see if I'd follow him, because he knew I would. That's how cocky he is!"

"WOW!" Cindy exclaimed. "He sounds like a dream!"

"Oh, he is! Again, he's so much like my son that it's uncanny. Same age, same hunky, muscular body. Same huge cock. So, as long as you don't look up to Peter's face, it's almost like you're staring right at my new boyfriend!"

I had a hard time not snickering at Mom's boldness there. I'm sure she was very amused with herself, since of course I was her "new boyfriend."

"Wow!" Cindy exclaimed again. "If that's true, I can totally understand your lack of resistance. But… is the fact that they're so similar merely a coincidence?"

I could hear a new tension in Mom's voice as she carefully asked, "What… what do you mean?!"

"I just mean, maybe there's a connection there. What if you have a little crush on your son, but you know you can't act on it? Or maybe even more than a little crush. Your son is such a dreamboat, nobody can blame you. Then, some strange guy comes along who's so very similar. How could you resist him? All those suppressed feelings would come pouring out in an uncontrollable way!"

All the while Cindy was saying this, she was continuing to stroke my boner with two hands, and lick and suck on the tip of my cockhead for good measure!

Meanwhile, somehow, I managed to gather my wits enough to resume applying suntan lotion on her. Although that had become a joke of a fig leaf excuse, since even before I'd stopped, nearly all of my caressing was focused on her fantastic G-cups.

Cindy looked up and gave me an approving smile when my hands got busy again. She even let out a sexy grunt when I pinched one of her stiff nipples.

Mom moaned in apparent distress, although I had to guess that she was secretly pleased that Cindy was already bringing up possible incestuous feelings. She said, "Well, maybe you have a point there, but let's no go into that with my son standing right there with his massive stiff cock practically poking in your face! You might give him inappropriate ideas!"

Cindy giggled. "Like what?" Clearly, she was fairly drunk, and she found it amusing to hear Mom say that even as she lapped on my bulbous knob.

Mom said, "Let's not even go there right now. I'm trying to tell a story. Can I please continue?"

"Sure, sorry," Cindy muttered. Between her cock stroking and licking as well as enjoying my fondling hands, it was a wonder she was able to keep up with the conversation too.

Mom said, "So, like I was saying, Peter, my Peter, walked away after tucking his magnificent cock away and telling me 'Come with me, slut.' And I followed him, like I'd totally lost my mind! Like I had no free will! I had no idea what his name was, or where we were going. But I didn't care. I was hooked!"

Cindy seemed to be paying more attention to the story, despite her sexy multitasking. She asked eagerly, "What happened next?!"

"God, I was so excited, and afraid! He led me to the back of the supermarket, through some unmarked door. I wish I could say he took me to the men's room, or the ladies' room, so at least we could have a locked door behind us, but he didn't! I don't even know where we ended up, except there were lots of boxes stacked up high all around. I guess it was a storage room, but there were open areas in two different directions with no doors whatsoever! Anybody could walk by at any time, including other customers looking for the bathroom!"

Cindy gasped. She was really getting into the story, even as she continued working my boner with her tongue and fingers.

Mom went on, "I was terrified out of my mind! But before I could complain, he stopped and unzipped his fly again. Then he arrogantly said, 'On your knees, bitch. Start sucking, or I'm out of here.'"

Cindy gasped again. "He didn't!"

"He did! He really is a cocky, dominating bastard. But I'm falling in love with him already."

Cindy chided, "Danger, girl! Danger! He's a bad boy, for sure!"

"Oh, he's as bad as it gets! But he's oh-so-good too! All sense and reason left me, and I dropped to my knees right in front of him! I don't even know what happened next. It was like I was in a trance. Somehow, I craned my mouth open wide and took his entire cockhead in with one fell swoop!"

"NO!" Cindy exclaimed. She was even more into the story now, but not enough to stop her licking and stroking. In fact, she was lapping up a storm, continuously coaxing pre-cum out of my piss-hole and slurping it into her mouth.

"Yes!" Mom cried out lustily. "Can you imagine?! Can you imagine seeing this gigantic, thick cock dangling right in front of your face and trying to resist sucking on it?!"

Cindy couldn't resist saying, "Oh, I can imagine! Clearly!" She laughed.

Mom laughed too. "Yeah, I suppose you can. I'm telling you, resistance is impossible! Especially when he put a hand on my head and gently guided me in!"

It didn't take a rocket scientist for me to figure out what Mom secretly wanted me to do. I was having a ball enjoying Cindy's fingers and tongue, but I knew that was child's play compared to how fantastic a full-on blowjob would be. I put my hand on her head and "guided her in."

Cindy looked up at me briefly with a fearful and uncertain look on her face. She closed her lips, despite the fact that she'd just been lapping all over my fat knob, apparently because she was reluctant to take the next step with the supposed danger of Mom lying literally a couple of feet away.

Then her closed lips made contact with my cockhead. She moaned needfully, but still resisted. Apparently, she was starting to realize that we were about to cross a serious line, and that was sobering her up and giving her pause.

I gently but insistently pushed her head towards my cockhead, but she still resisted. Even though she continued to hold and stroke my shaft, she kept her lips tightly shut.

Luckily, just then, Mom asked her, "So, Cin, what do you think about that?"

Cindy was taken by surprise. Probably to bide for time, she started to say, "Well, uh…"

That was the opening I needed… literally. As soon as her lips parted slightly, I thrust my hips forward a couple of inches.

Had Cindy been highly resistant, she could have easily avoided what happened next. But it turned out her resistance was paper-thin. Rather than pull her head back, she opened her mouth wider and wider until all of my fat cockhead was inside it! That was quite a challenging feat for any woman. It was an entirely different experience than how she'd been sucking on the tip here and there. She had to really want it.

Thank God Cindy was drunk and horny already. She really wanted it! Once she got going, I didn't have to push anymore. She started breathing through her nose. As soon as she was comfortable with that, she bravely took another inch into her mouth, until there was no doubt she had my entire cockhead encased her in her warm, wet mouth!

Mom had to know what was happening between Cindy and me. Probably, she sat up for a confirmation peek, although I was too far gone to notice if she did. In fact, I had my head tilted back with my eyes rolled up into my head. It wasn't that Cindy was doing something that incredible to my cock at the moment, but the mere fact that it was Cindy was absolutely shattering my mind! Especially since she was lying buck naked, with Mom in her naked glory right next to her!

I heard Mom ask, "Cat got your tongue, Cin? Well, I can understand that. That's exactly how I felt at the time too. I had no idea what to do or say. Who was this cocky stranger, and what was he doing to me?! I still didn't even know his name! But then… GOOD GOD! Somehow, I crammed all of his big fat cockhead into my mouth and I was a goner! Heaven, I tell you! Pure heaven! Cocksucking BLISS! You know what I mean?!'

By this time, Cindy had managed to slide her lips another inch down my shaft. That was vital, because it meant her lips were sliding back and forth over my frenulum, my most sensitive spot. And she was holding onto my shaft with two hands for good measure.

Needless to say, this made it impossible for Cindy to respond to Mom's question with anything other than a non-verbal moan, so that's exactly what she did. "Mmmm!"

By now, Mom certainly had to know what Cindy was doing to me! She had to be tickled pink, and extremely excited. But somehow she managed to play the clueless role some more. "It's funny you say that, Cin, because that's pretty much all I could say to Peter as I took his cock deeper and deeper into my mouth! GOD! What a hot, thick, throbbing monster! It's good that my son is here so you can have some visual idea of just how thick my boyfriend's cock is. Take another good look at it, up close! Can you just imagine sucking on a hot and pulsing fleshy tree trunk like that?!"

Again, all Cindy could do was let out another "Mmmm!" This time, she did it with a chuckle, apparently because she found it amusing how she was "getting away" with acting out Mom's story. She was generally keeping her eyes closed as she savored my cock, but she briefly glanced up at me with a naughty twinkle in her eyes.

Mom went on, "Now, Peter, and I mean you, my son, I hope you don't mind if my story gets even more graphic, but I feel it's necessary for you to understand what's happened to me and how I feel about my new boyfriend. Plus, it's educational for you, to help you understand just how great your big cock powers can be. I know what I'm going to say will shock you, but the truth is that our relationship largely revolves around his cock, Specifically, my constant oral adoration of his cock!"

I realized that was my cue to say something to pretend I was outraged. "Mom! You can't say that!"

Mom played her role well. "Sorry, Son! You have to know the truth sooner or later. I might as well 'rip the Band-Aid off the wound' all at once. Let's get back to that supermarket storage room, because I'm sure that incident is going to set the tone for the rest of my relationship with him. I found myself taking his cock deeper and deeper into my mouth, even as I was cursing him in my mind for being such an arrogant asshole! How dare he assume he could bend me to his will like that, and in a public place, no less! Cin, you know what I mean?"

Once again, all Cindy could do was let out another approving moan. "Mmmm!"

I couldn't read her mind, but I ardently hoped that she caught on I was "bending her to my will" at that very moment, and "in a public place, no less." Certainly, the way she was sucking on me with increasing enthusiasm suggested that the whole situation was arousing her tremendously.

I could tell she was a great cocksucker, without a doubt! I didn't know how much of it was natural talent, or experience, or just the heat of the moment, but she was already giving my mom some serious competition. Like Mom, she was heads and shoulders above the girls I dated, even the most orally talented ones, like Dusty.

Mom continued, "But the thrill of being treated like that pretty much made me lose my mind! And his cock! Dear Lord, his COCK! So incredibly THICK! Cin, you wouldn't believe how hot and wet I got! Once I had my lips wrapped around it, to the point that I was straining in pain, I was a goner! There was something about being used and humiliated by the best of the best that was simply irresistible! I just had to prove to him that I could suck him better than any other woman he'd ever had in his life! I just had to! Gaawwwd! The need to serve is so great, faced with a superior cock like that! Nothing else matters!"

She remembered to add, "Right, Cindy? You're a size queen like me. You know what it feels like to slobber and slurp all over a superior cock. Can you relate to how I felt in that storage room? Choking and gagging on his thickness in abject humiliation and fear, but loving every second of it?!"

Cindy was caught flat-footed, realizing that she was obliged to say something again. She'd been working up a good and steady sucking rhythm while also keeping her tongue busy on my shaft. She briefly paused in doing that. To vary things up, this time she murmured, "Uh-huh."

Mom was satisfied, and no doubt secretly delighted by what was really going on. "Thanks for saying that. It means a lot to me, to hear that I'm not alone in feeling that way. In fact, as extreme as my actions were, I feel like ANY other woman would have acted the same. Son, you see? This is the power of superior cock that I'm talking about! You have it too! If you learn how to use it, you'll be able to graduate well beyond those coltish teenage girls. Even voluptuous, big-titted bombshells like Cindy or me will eagerly drop to their knees and suck you off, if you know how to play your cards right! They'll love your ten-incher so much, they won't just suck it, they'll serve it!"

She couldn't resist snickering a bit, as she continued, "Cindy, correct me if I'm wrong. Is that language too strong? You don't mind if I talk about a woman like you or me 'serving' superior cock, do you?"

Cindy was pretty deep into her "service" already, so much so that she was increasingly heedless of the fact that although Mom wouldn't be able to see the action if she was lying facing the other way, it would hard for her to avoid hearing it by this point. Cindy was slurping up a storm!

But she paused long enough to mutter out a negative sounding, "Unt-uh."

Mom went on, seemingly clueless, "Good! I'm glad you feel that way. It makes me feel less of a freak. Have you ever longed to serve superior cock? I'm not talking about just sucking it. I'm talking about adoring it with all your heart and soul! Because that's how I was with Peter in the back of the store. I mean putting everything you've got into it! Shamelessly submitting to his power! Putting your own sexually needs aside as irrelevant, because all you can think about it is making him go absolutely crazy with lust and desire, due to the talent of your tongue and your lips! It's a MUST!"

Cindy must have been quite drunk indeed, or too far gone in her lust to notice much, because once Mom stopped talking, the sound of Cindy's fervent slurping on my cock was impossible to miss. As if that wasn't enough, I was panting hard, and so were Mom and Cindy. As tempting as it was for me to play with Cindy's G-cups, I'd been forced to stop that again once she'd started her blowjob, because just "surviving" her cocksucking was taking up all my attention and energy.

Somehow, Cindy apparently remained oblivious. It seemed she really thought she was still getting away with her "secret" blowjob without Mom being the wiser.