BLACKMAIL Chapter 23
Originally written by G. H. Lawrence under the title "Extortion",
supersized by Spacer X


One could tell it wasn't an act by Cindy's reaction when Mom prodded her, "Well? What do you think? And please don't give me another one-word answer. I want some actual feedback this time."

Cindy groaned in agony, no doubt because she realized there was no way she could avoid having to pull her lips all the way off my shaft in order to answer that.

Her mouth came free with a loud popping sound. She was panting heavily, so it took nearly a full minute before she could answer. "I think it's super hot, okay?! SO HOT! When I hear you talking like that, I keept wishing it was me!"

Mom responded with apparent surprise in her voice. "Wait! So you mean you'd like to be dominated by a huge, powerful cock? Even if it means humiliation in a public place?!"

Cindy moaned, "God, yes!"

An idea came to me. I realized that Cindy had basically gone crazy for my cock. She'd lost all will to resist, as her "God, yes" answer indicated. So I decided it was time to up the ante. I took a step back, causing my dick to pop free of her mouth. Then another step back.

Frustrated, she reached out to continue to at least hold my boner.

I took yet another step back, forcing her to let go of it altogether.

She was absolutely shocked, and stared up at my face in confusion.

At the same time that was happening, Mom asked her, "But what about the fact that you're married?!"

Cindy growled in irritation, no doubt pissed off because my cock was out of reach. "Well, look. You know I had some affairs a while back. You also know I can't afford to do that again. It would literally cost me more than a million dollars, because of what I'd lose in the divorce."

Mom pointed out, "But that would only be an issue if you got caught."

"That's true." Cindy bit her lip. She sat up on her lawn chair, facing me.

I cocked a finger at the blonde bombshell, indicating she should come closer.

She finally glanced back at Mom, and confirmed that Mom was still lying down while facing the other direction. That was already certainly the first time she'd looked her way in a long while.

She gazed back at me, and bit her lip uncertainly. But then she forcefully shook her head no.

Meanwhile, Mom was saying, "So, what if you had your own young, hung stud who relentlessly fucked you and dominated you at will? Would that be worth the risk of getting caught? Personally, when MY Peter seduced me there in the store, I decided, 'You know, you only live once. Why not live life to its fullest, even if that means taking some daring risks? Why not just go for it?' So that's what I did. And I'm so very glad I did! Gaaaawwwwd! I felt so alive! So liberated! I still do. I'm still riding that high!"

It sounded a lot like Mom was directly speaking to Cindy's current dilemma of wanting more of my cock, but having it frustratingly out of reach. Of course, that was exactly what Mom was doing.

Cindy glanced back at Mom and reconfirmed that she was looking the other way, seemingly oblivious. Her problem was that as long as she'd been playing with my cock while her body was blocking Mom's direct view, she'd felt relatively safe. But if she had to go over to where I was standing, she'd be forced to kneel. Mom then could roll over and see everything at any point in time. It was beyond reckless!

Cindy silently mouthed the words to me, "Come back here! Please!"

But I just grinned and shook my head in the negative. I spread my legs slightly where I stood and pointed down expectantly at my boner, which was poking straight out. I waved my other hand, coaxing her to come closer.

She seemed tempted, but she glanced back towards Mom yet again, and then shook her head no once more. She tried a new approach, striking a sexier pose as she sat there on the lawn chair. That included opening her legs wide, allowing me to get a very good view of her pussy. It was so wet that it, and her inner thighs, glistened like a glazed donut. Flashing me an extremely sultry face, she waved her hands to coax me to return to her. She licked her tongue all the way around her lips to make clear what she'd do to my cock if I complied.

We were in a stalemate. I wanted her to dare to take a big risk, but she was too afraid of Mom finding out.

Mom must have had some kind of sixth sense, or maybe she glanced back at us when I wasn't looking her way, because she said the perfect thing. "Well, Cin, there's so much more I have to tell you about my new lover. Even though we've practically just met, he has all kind of big plans for me that are beyond exciting! But I worry I'm getting a little too overheated, given that my other Peter is with us. My eyes already are closed. I think I'm going to take a little nap for a while to cool things down. Is that okay with you?"

Cindy's face lit up with delight. She couldn't believe her good fortune. She eagerly said, "No, I think that's great!" Realizing she was sounding way too enthusiastic, she added, "Er, what I mean is, I'm getting too worked up too. It's not fair on your son."

I chimed in, "Yeah, a little overheated myself. I think I'm gonna go inside and take a cold shower to calm down."

Mom said, "Okay, babe. Thanks for being so helpful and understanding. We'll see you inside after a while. Okay?"

"Sure. Bye."

However, I didn't move at all.

Cindy also was frozen where she sat. She kept staring at me and my raging erection, with the occasional glance back to Mom.

Finally, after a minute or more, she stood up. She waved at me yet again, trying to indicate that I should follow her into the house. Then, presumably, we could go sexually wild with each other in relative safety.

But I didn't want relative safety. I was having great success, and I wanted to see just how far I could push things. I figured it would pay off later, by making Cindy fall that much harder for me. Essentially, I was trying to replicate Mom's supermarket story, except for real.

I waved at Cindy for her to come to me yet again.

But she did the exact same thing, waving for me to go to her instead. She struck another sexy pose, running her hands up and down the sides of her fabulous nude body.

However, I was determined. I just smiled and shook my head.

She glanced over at Mom one more time and then finally gave in. By this time, Mom had been silent and still for a minute or two, and it seemed like her breathing was calming way down too.

Cindy gambled that the coast was clear. She walked right up to me, which wasn't hard to do since I'd been standing just out of reach. She put her hands on my hips and rested her huge orbs against my bare chest. She started to quietly whisper, "Peter, I don't know what you're thinking, but we need to talk. If you think that you're gonna-"

I whispered back, "Shut up, slut. Kneel!"

Her eyes bugged out and her body visibly shivered all over. I'm sure she couldn't believe that I'd said those words. I'd never behaved anything remotely as rudely as that to her before.

I could scarcely believe I'd said that either. But Mom's supermarket story was on my mind and inspiring me, as well as Mom's enthusiastic response to my "fuck pet" talk. I figured, Why not go for broke?

Since her face was right up to mine, I tilted my head down and roughly kissed her mouth.

She quietly but passionately moaned as we French kissed for a while. Her hands went to my boner and she resumed jacking me off while I alternated between fondling her pussy, tits, and ass.

She wasn't kneeling yet, but this was plenty great for a few minutes. I figured it also helped her think that enough time had quietly passed for Mom to have gone to sleep.

About five minutes after we started, we were going at it hot and heavy when I abruptly broke the necking session. I whispered, "Enough, bitch! Drop to your knees now, and suck! And don't say another word, or I'm outta here!"

Cindy looked desperate to tell me something, but given the last words I'd just said, she thought better about it. She looked to Mom yet one more time and no doubt surmised that Mom was either sleeping already or well on her way there. She kept fondling my raging hard-on all the while.

This was a last off-ramp, a last chance for Cindy to "come to her senses." She bit her lip and stared at Mom's apparently sleeping naked body yet more time. Then she looked back my way, but was unable to make eye contact. Instead, she silently nodded, and started to slide down my body.

Her desire to suck must have been all-consuming, because as soon as her knees hit the ground, she inhaled my cockhead in her mouth like her life depended on it! She slid her lips down another inch, and then another... but suddenly she pulled all the way off.

Coughing and sputtering, she quietly complained, "Jesus H. Fucking Christ! It's too big! I can get it in my mouth, but I can't keep it there!"

Putting my hands on her head, I hissed, "Quiet! Do you want my mom to wake up?! Unless you want this to be a one-time thing, you'd better prove that you're an expert sucker who can take me all the way! Otherwise, you're just wasting my time!"

It went against my natural instincts to act like that, but I had gotten very clear signals that Mom got off on this sort of thing, and that Cindy did too.

Cindy looked up at me with her brilliant blue eyes, hurt and confused. Still holding my boner with both hands, she whispered quieter this time, "When did you get so mean and demanding? Aren't you hot for me?! I've seen how you've looked at me for ages." She got testy. "Don't act like you don't want this just as much as I do!"

I responded, "Sure, but what Mom said earlier is true. A handsome guy with a ten-inch dick CAN get anyone he wants. The only reason I didn't seduce you already is because I thought you were happily married. But I heard what Mom said about how you've cheated already, so now you're fair game."

She protested, even as her fingers resumed sliding up and down my fat pole, "But that was years ago! I almost got caught, so I've had to walk the straight and narrow since then."

I continued to pretend to be an unfeeling bastard, even though I liked Cindy a lot. I figured it was vital to establish my total sexual domination over her first. I growled, "Cry me a river! Once a cheater, always a cheater. Now, it's true that you're gorgeous, but so are my other lovers. If you want me to fuck you, and give you the best fucking of your life, by FAR, you've gotta prove it with your sucking skills. If you can't deep throat me, then forget it. You're just a waste of time, not matter how hot and stacked you are."

She stared up at me, incredulous. She exclaimed, but quietly, "DEEP THROAT you?! Are you INSANE?! I just told you I can't even keep your thick pole in my mouth! You're a little TOO big! TOO thick! It HURTS!"

I shrugged, as if indifferent. "Well, your loss then. But you have one last chance. Let's see if you're worthy. And hurry up about it, before Mom wakes up."

She glared at me almost hatefully. "'Worthy?!' I show you fucking 'worthy!'" She took a deep breath, and then consumed my fat knob all over again.

It seemed that my approach worked. I thought she'd been determined on her first try, but that was nothing compared to how determined she was now! Part of her restraint before was that she'd held back due to trying hard not to make noise that could wake Mom up. (Assuming Mom was asleep, which I was nearly 100% certain wasn't the case.) But apparently either she'd gotten so mad at me that she'd decided to throw caution to the wind in order to prove herself, or she'd decided that enough time had passed so Mom had to be asleep, or both.

She began bobbing with all her might, moaning and slurping without restraint.

Cindy had been almost out of her mind with arousal to begin with. But her angry desire to prove herself to me pushed her over some sort of edge. She bobbed relentlessly, like a devilish succubus trying to kill me by making me cum! If her concern over my thickness was still an issue she certainly didn't show it, because she kept on bobbing and bobbing and bobbing, never once pulling her lips off for a breather. And all the while her tongue danced on my cockhead in her mouth and her finger danced up and down all of my shaft that was left over.

But mostly, she was focused on using her lips to maximum effect, sliding them up and down over and over and over again. Her lip-lock was so tight that it was almost painful, and her suction was so intense that it was on the edge of too much as well.

It couldn't have been easy for her, because tears soon came to her eyes. After a couple of minutes of non-stop frantic sucking action, her cheeks were streaked with tears of struggle. But she didn't give up at all. In fact, she only got more energetic as she adjusted to my size.

The feeling was beyond incredible for me! I especially loved how she'd gone from more or less coating on her extreme beauty to going all out to prove herself to me, practically to the point of it truly being a life and death matter for her.

But the problem with her oral enthusiasm was it became too much for me to handle, or really for anyone to handle. After just a minute, I already felt such an urge to cum that I couldn't control it. It would have started to ejaculate, except I used the trick of squeezing the base of my shaft to essentially have an ejaculation free orgasm.

I'm not sure if she was even aware that I'd deployed that trick. Regardless, she didn't relent or ease up at all after that. However, that trick was only a brief delaying tactic, because she was coming on so strong. Soon, I was forced to clutch at the sides of her head to try to slow her bobbing down.

But frankly, that didn't help much either. The more I stilled her head, the more she concentrated on using her tongue, as well as stimulating me with her lips without all the head-bobbing motion. That allowed her sliding fingers to be more effective too.

In fact, it could be argued that the less her head moved, the better she was able to stimulate me and generally drive me wild.

Sensing this, I eased up on holding her head in place. But that turned out to be a mistake, because soon her head was bobbing so fast that her head bounced up and down on my thickness like a pecking woodpecker. I decided that I probably was wrong, and slower was safer. Although in retrospect I think it didn't matter, because her cocksucking was equally devastating, fast or slow.

Only a minute or two after being forced to use the squeeze-the-base-of-my-shaft trick, I had to use it again! But that didn't change the "crisis" I was in, except that it made my dick feel increasingly sore and strange. I sensed I shouldn't use the trick three times in short order or I might really suffer later.

One would have thought that she would have been forced to slow down after a while, given her intensity level. Even the most fit athletes can't run at a 50-yard dash speed for very long, and she was doing the cocksucking equivalent of that. In retrospect, it's a wonder I even managed to stay standing!

It seemed like years of extreme erotic ecstasy, but in real time it was probably more like three or four minutes. Instead of tiring out, she channeled more and more passion into what she was doing. She sensed that no man could possibly hold out much longer, not even me, so she had to be on the cusp of "victory." She lost all finesse, such as using her tongue. But between her frantically bobbing head and her two hands pumping up and down my shaft, I was a goner.

I'd been desperately holding back, but I finally gave in to the orgasmic urge. Tightly clutching the sides of her head again, I unthinkingly yelled loudly, "I'm gonna fucking CUM, you bitch!"

I don't know why I sounded and felt angry, but I did. I guess it was because I felt like we were in a domination battle, and it would be a victory for her if she got me to cum after just the three or four minutes. Normally, it took me a lot longer than that. I was frustrated with myself more than her, even though there was no possible way I could hold on with her sucking me that intensely.

Maybe it was due to that anger that I wanted to humiliate and frustrate her even more. As I started to cum, she kept on feverishly sucking, determined to swallow my cum load. But after just a couple of seconds, I pulled back, forcing her lips to disengage. Then, still erupting like a volcano, I began cumming all over her face.

It took her a moment or two to register the change. Her face briefly looked very confused and disappointed. But then she caught on. She shut her eyes tightly and tilted her head back, then opened her mouth wide.

If my goal was to punish her by denying her my cum load in her tummy, it didn't work. She seemed to be lost in rapture as my ropes of cum splatted all over her face. I hadn't really realized it, but ever since my orgasm had started, I'd been moaning so loudly it was like I'd been stabbed in the gut. Now that her mouth was free, she did me one better, screaming without restraint.

About halfway through my climax, it dawned on me how loud we were. I immediately looked to Mom. A part of me had bought into the cover story that she was sleeping, and I wondered if we'd woken her up.

My bombshell mother was sitting up in her lawn chair and staring intently at the blowjob action.

Seeing her again in her nude glory after being distracted for a few minutes hit my like a thunder bolt, especially considering what she was doing,

She had a couple of fingers pumping in and out of her cunt while her other hand tugged on one of her nipples. She must have been doing that before our moaning and screaming even began, because even though it seemed like I'd been cumming for several minutes, at least, I knew that in reality it was just that time had greatly slowed down in my mind and it had only been about ten seconds since my orgasm began, if that. That wasn't enough time for me to respond to the noise, sit up, and get busy masturbating.

I remembered that Mom's supposed sleeping had been an act the whole time. No doubt, once Cindy got busy cocksucking me so intently, she'd sat up and watched everything, knowing that it didn't matter what I saw of her and that Cindy wasn't going to pull off and turn around for all the money in the world.

I suppose Mom couldn’t actually see much from her angle, except for Cindy's fabulous bare ass and back, and her blonde mane swaying in time to her bobbing head. There was no way she could see any of the oral action directly, except maybe for the motions of Cindy's arms, if that counted. But perhaps she found it interesting watching the lusty expressions crossing my face as I was overcome by Cindy's talented oral fever.

I kept on cumming and cumming. Again, in real time it was just a matter of a fraction of a minute. But that still was enough time for me to first pull out of Cindy's mouth and then aim my cum blasts here in there to make sure her face was thoroughly spermed. It wasn't long before I'd tagged her forehead, eye sockets, cheeks, nose, chin, open mouth, and even her ears, neck, and some of her hair.