BLACKMAIL Chapter 24
Originally written by G. H. Lawrence under the title "Extortion",
supersized by Spacer X


But, after all that, I still wasn't quite done! So I shot off my last spurts towards Cindy's massive tits.

She'd been all about basking in the joy of her facial. But she quickly switched modes, repositioning slightly with her rack thrust forward and up to help me hit the target there. She even clutched at her globes from below. At one point, she tilted her head down as if she wanted to watch the continued cum explosion. But I'd gotten a lot of cum on her eye sockets, as well as the rest of her face, so she probably realized in the nick of time that opening her eyes before cleaning would be a very bad idea.

Meanwhile, she seemed to be cumming hard, despite the fact that she wasn't touching her privates at all, unless one counted hefting her huge tits up.

But then my cum finally ran out and my orgasm came to an end. However, hers was heading for a peak, since a woman's orgasm usually lasts much longer than a man's. Still screaming heedless of the "danger," she finally brought a hand down to her crotch. I couldn't directly see what she was doing there, but it wasn't hard to guess.

The contact sent her orgasm to yet another level. She was so overcome that she actually fell backwards! She caught herself just in time, but the only way was down. She wound up sprawled out on the ground just below my feet. For the next minute or two, her entire body writhed like she was experiencing an epileptic fit. I'd never seen anything like it. It even outdid the big orgasmic reactions I'd gotten out of Mom earlier in the day.

Thinking of Mom again, I looked back in her direction. She seemed to be lost in orgasm, because her eyes were shut tight. However, she was cognizant enough to remember it was prudent to stay quiet if she wanted to continue her clueless pretense with Cindy. So she'd brought a hand to her mouth and was both biting down on it and using it to muffle the panting moans she was making.

It probably didn't matter if Mom screamed her head off with abandon though, because Cindy was so far gone.

The nude blonde goddess continued to twitch and flail around while wailing incoherently. Cindy's arms didn't move that much though, because she had both of her hands at her crotch, probably diddling her clit and slit at the same time. However, her tits, legs, and even her head moved around quite a lot. The titty bouncing on her chest was a truly memorable sight, believe me!

At one point, her entire body arched like a bow about to be fired as her multiple orgasm somehow hit a new high peak. Her mouth opened impossibly wide and she screamed like she was being sawed in half.

Finally, she collapsed. She already was flat on the ground, but I mean her energy level collapsed. She laid there, exhausted, with only her chest still heaving heavily, due to her desperate need for more oxygen. But it wasn't true that her body stayed still, because orgasmic aftershocks continued to hit her, causing her entire hourglass figure to spasmodically twitch and shake.

It probably took her another two more minutes before she finally stopped moving, more or less. She laid there on the concrete ground with her arms and legs akimbo and her long blonde hair strewn everywhere. Her face was soaked with cum and sweat, while her still rising and falling chest was mostly just cummy.

Her eyes stayed shut, and it appeared she'd either passed out, fallen asleep, or was just really out of it.

I finally looked back to Mom. Her quiet orgasm seemed to have ended some time earlier, and it clearly couldn't have been as intense as Cindy's because she didn't look destroyed like Cindy did.

Mom and I shared an amused look, as if we were both saying, "Wow! That really was something!"

I don't know why I'd felt obliged to stay standing for so long. Maybe I was trying to impress Cindy with my dominant physical positioning, even though it was more instinctual than planned. But there was no point to keep doing that since she clearly wasn't aware of her surroundings anymore. So I let myself sink down to the ground.

At first I tried to stay sitting, but I felt a great wave of exhaustion washing over me. It wasn't long before I wound up lying on the ground, right next to Cindy.

At least five minutes passed while I just laid there with my eyes closed. I didn't fall asleep, but my body came down from a prolonged erotic high. I must admit, Cindy's blowjob had been one of the sexual highlights of my life, right up there with the highest peaks I'd experienced with Mom earlier in the day. Even all the fun I'd had with Cindy earlier seemed like a distant dream in comparison.

Eventually, my body told me that I both needed something to drink and that I had to pee. So I got up and dragged myself back to the house.

As I left, I noticed that Mom was still sitting up in her lawn chair and looking alert. But she seemed to understand what was going on, and let me go without saying anything.

I felt a lot better when I came back a few minutes later. I'd downed a big bottle of water in the kitchen, but I'd also brought out three bottles, for Mom, Cindy, and me respectively, and put them on the little table between the lawn chairs. It was a hot day and getting hotter all the time. There still was some wine on the table, but that didn't really quench one's thirst.

I'd already assumed Cindy had fallen asleep after her huge orgasm, but still, it was startling to see her lying there where I'd left her. I'd had great success with Dusty and my previous girlfriends, but still, it wasn't like I found ridiculously curvy, nude, and cum-splattered goddesses lying in my backyard every day! Or ever!

I felt a tremendous mental rush just from looking her over again, and recalling what we'd done together. Or, more accurately, what she'd done to me. I couldn't even look at her and Mom in the same view, for fear that my brain would short circuit and leave me a drooling idiot!

It looked even more like Cindy was napping now, since she had repositioned with an arm under her head and was making the breathing sounds of a sleeper.

But the clear a show-stopper for me was the sight of all of my cum on her face and tits! Even though some of it had come off, especially since at least one side of her face and part of her rack had been mashed against the concrete ground or her arm, she still was drenched with my spermy paint. It literally took my breath away.

Then I thought back to how it reminded me of my cum on Mom's face and tits earlier, and I was almost too overcome to stay standing. I thought, Good God! Am I the luckiest fucker on the planet or what?! Having a big cock totally rocks! Mom AND Cindy, tamed! Together! My two dream women! When I started my blackmail plan with Mom today, this was waaaay beyond my best case scenario.

Mom was still awake, but she'd gone back to lying down on her lawn chair when I'd been in the house.

Putting the water bottles on the table also put me within easy reach of her. She reached to my nearest arm and lightly brushed it. She whispered, "Son? Can we talk?"

"Sure thing," I whispered back. I actually had to steel my nerves just to dare look her way for very long. Seeing her flawless, tanned body sans even the skimpiest bikini was a total rush.

I went to sit on the other lawn chair.

But before I could get comfy there, Mom stood up in the gap between the chairs. She motioned for me to stand up too, so I did.

We wound up face to face. My penis was flaccid after that draining sexual episode with Cindy, but it still was highly arousing merely to be in close proximity with Mom again. She brought her hands to my bare ass, causing her huge knockers to rest on my chest.

I brought my hands to her ass too. My heart was racing with the thrill of recent victory, as well as the promise of the immediate future.

She whispered, "Son, I'm so PROUD of you! The way you handled Cindy there... GOD! So inspirational!"

With that, she kissed my lips.

I could tell that she was tired too, even though she hadn't soared to the dizzying heights of lust that Cindy and I just had. The whole sexual mood had cooled down in general, as everyone slept or at least rested.

Thus, the kiss wasn't another barn-burner. However, it still felt great to do a little tongue dueling while lazily running my hands all over her fantastic firm nude body.

After a minute or two of necking, we pulled our heads apart for a breather. That gave me the opening to quietly ask her, "So, you think she's asleep?"

"Oh, for sure. While you went into the house, I even heard some light snoring from her."

"Good. So... what's next?"

Even though it was clear Cindy was konked out, both of us were careful to whisper quietly, just to be on the safe side.

She smiled at me, while we continued to lovingly hold and fondle each other. "Before I get to that, again, I just want to say: WOW! And 'wow' again! I think it's pretty clear from what happened that you've won her already, even though you still need to seal the deal with a good fucking. Any woman is going to want to come back for more of what you've got. No, make that NEED to come back!"

I was silent, because I didn't know how to respond. But I had a good feeling that she was right.

|How's her mouth? From what I saw, it looks like she wasn't that much of a cocksucker at first, but then you set her straight and turned her into a raving beast! An insatiable animal!"

I modestly replied, "Um, yeah. I guess. I don't know if it was what I said, or what, but something changed, big time. At first, she complained I was too thick and she couldn't even manage to do it. But then that became a non-issue somehow and she just went at it, well, pretty much like an 'insatiable animal.'"

We shared a knowing smile at that.

I added, "She was... intense! Super intense! It was awesome! I actually came three times in about three minutes, but I used the orgasm delay trick the first two times. God! It was so... intense!"

Mom snickered. "You said that already. But I get it. Was she as good as me? Better, even?"

I spoke honestly while being diplomatic. "It's not a matter of better. It was great, for sure, but different. Sure, she's a hell of a cocksucker. But so are you. AND you're my mom and an undisputed sex goddess. So you'll always be number one in my book."

She beamed. "Good answer! I know you're being careful not to hurt my feelings, but that's good too. You're going to need to be very savvy in order to handle owning two busty sluts. And have no doubt: you definitely own her now."

That startled me, since she was so confident. "Are you sure?! You saw how we were fooling around before, I'm sure. That was a blast. But basically, all we're really done so far is have one intense sexual session together. Talking about 'owning' is way premature. I'm sure she doesn't even know what that means yet."

"No, she doesn't, you're right. But she will. And she doesn't KNOW that you own her yet, but she will on that too. Trust me, as a woman, I have a pretty good idea just how you rocked her world. I'm sure that was the best sex of her life, by a mile, and that was from a 'mere blowjob!' Your seduction of her still isn't complete, not by a longshot. Like I said, you need to fuck her, for starters. But it should be all downhill from here."

I nodded. That sounded plausible to me. "So where DO we go from here with her? Is it time we drop our clueless act? I doubt she's given it any thought yet, but once she wakes up she's going to remember how she screamed her head off. It would be impossible for her to think you stayed asleep through all that. She couldn't have been any louder if she'd shouted directly in your ear. So if you woke up, then you know what happened and the little game of cluelessness we've been playing has to be over. Hell, even if you just woke up right now, taking one look at all the cum on her face and breasts would be all you need to know. Clearly, there's been some touching!"

Mom snickered at that last comment. She repeated my words. "Yeah, clearly there was some touching. A lot of touching!" She laughed, though quietly.

I asked, "So how do we play this? The idea you didn't know what was going on earlier was almost laughably absurd. It only worked because she was so desperate to believe any excuse. Plus, she was way too horny to think straight. But that's played out and a whole new strategy is needed, I think."

Mom nodded thoughtfully, while we continued to playfully fondle each other in a low-key manner. "True. Of course, now that you've had so much sexual success with her, we need to start thinking how to get her over the incest taboo. That's got to be our number one challenge. And it's a big one!"

I nodded grimly.

There was a prolonged silence as we both struggled to come up with ideas.

Finally, something came to me. "Well, here's something. On a practical note, you still haven't put any suntan lotion on, and you need it."

Mom winced. "Actually, I did that while you went back into the house a few minutes ago. I wasn't thinking."

"That's okay," I said. "She doesn't know that."

"No, she'll notice. Women are perceptive about these things, way more than men. For instance, you probably don't know when I wear make-up most of the time. Whereas Cindy would figure that out in great detail, almost down to the brands I'm using."

Stymied, I suggested, "Okay. But you could take a little dip in the pool, which would mean it's time for a new application. I think the suntan lotion thing would be the ideal foot in the door that leads us to incest city."

She chuckled. "'Incest city.' I like that. That's my new home." She playfully tugged at my penis, even though it remained flaccid. "Anyhow, I agree about the lotion application being a good next move, and your quick swim idea could help. But before we go there, you need to get her all hot and bothered again. If she wakes up and sees your hands all over my nude body, she's going to freak out, no matter all the crazy things that have happened with her here already. She's not so tamed that she couldn't have a big backlash that'll be a prolonged pain in the ass for us to overcome."

I nodded. "True. Hmmm." I thought some more.

Before I could come up with my next move, Mom did it for me. "I pretty much heard and saw everything between you two. Well, maybe I didn't see everything, due to the angle, but I heard all the good stuff. I heard when you challenged her to deep throat you or go home. Son, that was brilliant! Genius! That whole approach, of acting like she's nothing special and needs to prove herself to you, is exactly how you should handle her."

Mom's eyes sparkled as she eagerly suggested, "Let's see more of that!"

"What do you mean?"

"I mean, when she wakes up, act like her fantastic blowjob was no big deal. Has she deep throated you yet?"


"Good. Remind her that she still hasn't done that, which means she still hasn't proven herself worthy of you. Meanwhile, I'll go back to pretending to be asleep, so the issue of what I know is pushed off until later. I think she really gets off on fully submitting to you and being forced to orally serve you."

I asked, "Is it even remotely plausible that you could have slept through all the yelling and screaming and cumming?"

"Sure. People can sleep through anything. For instance, people regularly die in their sleep when their house burns down. It all depends if you're in a deep or shallow part of your sleep cycle. There's no way for her to know how lightly I was supposedly sleeping, so she'll naturally assume I'm totally zonked out. It wouldn't make any sense to her whatsoever that I'd be faking."

I nodded. That made sense.

Mom further explained, "She may not consciously realize it yet, but you're pushing buttons in her that have never been pushed before. Due to her extreme curves and sheer beauty, her husband and all her previous lovers treated her like she was an angel who deigned to walk amongst us mere mortals. I think she's grown tired of all the ass kissing and worship, even, and wants the exact opposite. Hell, I know it, because I'm in the same boat as her and I feel the exact same way. I love all your talk about turning me into your fuck pet and making me work hard for your cum."

She added with surprising passion, "I hope it's more than just talk. I already think of myself as your fuck pet. I still don't even know what that means, but it sounds... perfect! Like the way it should always be. I want you to totally dominate me and use me while still never losing sight of how you love me!"

That was food for thought, as well as another heady rush. I made a note to carefully remember her words.

She continued, "Use the exact same approach on her. Demand her total obedience, etcetera. Treat her like she's your other fuck pet already." She added with fire in her eyes, "Which she soon will be!"

I worried. Despite my great success so far, now that I'd calmed down some, I couldn't completely shake the feeling that I was way out of my league. I asked, "But couldn't that backfire if I come on too strong?"

Mom carefully considered that. "It could. So, yeah, be careful. Don't go too far down that road just yet. Focus instead of getting another blowjob from her too, so she can prove her deep throating skills. That'll help get her back to 'insanely hot and bothered,' since she clearly was in some kind of sex frenzy last time. Then you can hit her more with the domineering stuff."

"What about you?" I asked.

"I'm going to play it by ear. At some point, I'll pretend to wake up and we can start moving things in the incest revelation direction."

I nodded. That sounded good to me. I trusted my mother's judgment, especially when it came to reading Cindy's moods.

With the Cindy situation sorted out, at least for the time being, Mom and I went back to making out for a while. My penis still stubbornly stayed flaccid, but my lust level generally rose as I reveled in the passionate kisses as well as the wonder of Mom's fantastic Amazonian body.

We kept at it until my penis finally started to stir.

But, to my sad surprise, Mom took that as the signal for us to stop instead of take things further.

She pointed out, "You need to use your cock on her, not me. Not this time, at any rate. This is a key moment. You need to build on your momentum, or you'll take a few steps back. Besides, we can't get carried away with each other because I sense she's starting to stir."

I looked over to Cindy. She was still sprawled out on the ground with her eyes closed, but her arms and legs were getting fidgety.

Mom went back to pretend sleep, since it would have been really bad to have Cindy open her eyes and see us fondling and kissing.