BLACKMAIL Chapter 25
Originally written by G. H. Lawrence under the title "Extortion",
supersized by Spacer X


I laid down in the empty lawn chair and waited for Cindy to wake.

Happily, I didn't have to wait long. After just a couple of minutes, I saw Cindy's fantastic naked body twitching and moving some more. Then she stretched her arms out and opened her eyes.

Her reaction was almost laugh-out-loud funny as memories of her recent past came flooding back into her mind. She sat up with a start and looked all around in confusion. Her eyes met mine and she looked away in shame. Then she looked down at herself, causing her to gasp loudly and even jerk in shock. Her amazement upon being naked on the ground in some strange location was trumped by even more shock from seeing the copious cum on her huge boobs.

Then she put a hand to her face and got yet another shock from feeling the sticky cum there. She shut her eyes tightly and even held a hand over her fact, as if that would help make the real world around her disappear.

I stood up. I stayed in place until I was sure she'd noticed that Mom was still asleep - or at least it looked that way.

I thought that seeing Mom apparently sleeping would help calm her fears, but it actually seemed to embarrass her more. She started blushing profusely, again, and even covered her eyes with her hands, as if that would make the situation go away.

I walked over to where she was sitting. I brought a bottle of water with me. I squatted down right next to her. I spoke calmly and quietly. "Here, I think you could use this."

She peeked through her hands to see what "this" was. When she realized it was just a bottle of water, she reluctantly took it from me and opened it. She mumbled, "Thanks." She seemed to be trying hard to pretend I wasn't completely naked.

As she chugged the water down, she glanced over at Mom again. Between gulps, she muttered, "Is your mom still asleep, for sure?! Please tell me she's been sleeping this whole time!"

I said wryly, "Hi to you too." Then I answered, "Yeah, she's sleeping now, for sure. As for before, I don't know. You were pretty loud! I was too. It's hard to see how anyone could have slept through that. But I guess she must have. I mean, if she didn't, she'd be up and ranting and raving in total freak out mode, right?"

"Oh God!" Cindy put the bottle of water on the ground and covered her face even more thoroughly with both hands. "Oh God, please! Have mercy! Tell me this isn't happening!"

"Sorry, can't help you there. I'm pretty sure this is all real."

She seemed on the verge of weeping. "Oh no! What have I done?! I'm a total slut, covered in cum! YOUR cum! That's forbidden cum! I just gave the son of one of my best friends a shameful blowjob!"

"What did you do? Nothing bad that I can see," I said, still radiating calm. "Mom must be oblivious. Either she slept through everything, or she woke up, saw what was going on, and was so unperturbed that she went back to sleep. Either way, you're okay, at least for now."

That analysis hit home. Cindy opened her eyes and carefully scrutinized Mom where she was pretending to sleep.

But then she looked back to me, daring to make eye contact.

I dared, and asked her, "How are you doing? Did you enjoy yourself?"

That embarrassed her even more, causing her to turn her head away. "Don't ask me that!"

"Why not?"

"Because I enjoyed it! Way too much! But that doesn't matter, because this can't happen. It didn't happen. Period!" She definiately stared into my eyes some more. "What about my husband?! I just cheated on him for the first time in three years!"

I shrugged. "Yeah, well, that sucks, but what can you do? There's no going back now. You'll just have to be careful not to get caught."

She looked at me suspiciously.

The way I'd been squatting, my legs had been blocking her view of my crotch. My penis had grown fully erect, first from making out with Mom and then from watching Cindy wake up. Sure, she was a mess. Her hair was tussled, and her face was wet from a mixture of cum, sweat, and tears. Mostly my cum. She was in serious need of a shower, especially since much of the cum on her had been smeared into the ground.

However, her disheveled state just make her look even sexier in my eyes. I couldn't wait to fuck her face!

She bit her lip nervously, which was becoming a habit for her. Looking down, she shyly asked, "So... did you enjoy it? Was I good enough?! I know you have an amazing girlfriend."

I was secretly blown away that she seemed eager to confirm that she'd made a good impression on me.

I rose up from my squatting position until I was standing tall above her. I was careful to stand close, so my erection would practically be in her face. Referring to my jutting cock, I said with confidence, "What do you think? What does this tell you?"

She winced and turned her head. "Put that damn thing away! It's caused enough trouble!"

I chuckled, as if amused with her attitude. "Put it away? Hardly. We have some unfinished business. Cindy, you know I like you a lot. I hope we'll develop a closer friendship, now that I’m becoming an adult. But as for sex, you're right that I do have VERY high standards."

She'd still been shyly looking at the ground, but she jerked her head to stare up at me with renewed worry.

"What you did was pretty good, I must admit. But all my lovers are avid deep throaters. I told you that you need to prove your worthiness by deep throating me, and you still haven't done that yet."

That set her off. She stood up and went nose to nose with me, trying to intimidate me by violating my personal space. She was livid, and growled, "You've gotta be fucking KIDDING me! That was the god damn best blowjob I've ever given, by a mile! It was the greatest sexual high of my entire fucking LIFE! If it wasn't the best blowjob you ever had too, then... then... I don't know what! I'll call you a liar!"

She was getting very emotionally worked up. It seemed she didn't realize just how much she'd revealed when she'd let slip that that had been the greatest sexual high of her entire life.

That slip gave me confidence that my demanding approach was on the right track. So I said, "I'm glad it was so great for you. But 'fast' and 'frenzied' doesn't equal 'great' in my book. Part of a great blowjob is making it last, and you forced me to cum in less than five minutes. That's nothing. For Dusty, she'd call that getting warmed up."

Cindy was incredulous. "You've gotta be fucking KIDDING me! You should count yourself lucky that I'm doing anything with you at all, much less a blowjob!"

She belatedly realized that she was raising her voice. She looked over at Mom, and decided that she had to still be sleeping. But she seemed chastened.

Sensing that shift, I lowered my voice. "You seem to forget your place. I'm not like any guy you've ever been with before. I'm like that other Peter guy Mom was talking about. Either you prove your oral skills, or we're done here." I stepped closer, until my cockhead actually brushed against one of her cheeks.

She tilted her head back enough to break contact. "What?! Are you...?! What chutzpah!"

I stepped in again. Holding my boner, I started rubbing the tip of my fat knob against her face, especially right on her lips.

At first she kept her lips shut tight, then she leaned her head even further back to break contact again. That freed her to talk, and she hotly complained, "Now, listen, YOU! If you think I'm going to blow you again, you're NUTS! Much less deep throat you! HA! That'll be the day!"

Midway through that rant, she stood up and started poking her finger at my face.

Instead of trying to change her mind with words, I realized there was a much more enjoyable and direct way. I took advantage of her standing up right next to me by wrapping my arms around her and pulling her in for a hug.

"HEY!" she complained.

But she couldn't say anything after that, because I planted my lips on hers.

This was a pivotal moment. I hoped and assumed that she was still feeling residual effects of what we'd been doing earlier, and her resistance would crumble fast. But I also figured there was an outside chance she'd pull away and slap my face.

I held her body tightly with an arm around her back to prevent that from happening. I also was careful to make sure my erect cock pointed straight up and pressed into her lower abdomen, like it had done when we'd kissed earlier. I also kept a hand on the back of her head so she wouldn't be able to completely break free from the necking.

She squirmed angrily in my embrace, but not enough to actually break free. She even slapped and pounded on my back.

I'd never forced myself on a female before, and I was normally morally dead set against it. But I figured it was crucial that I do it for a few moments. If she continued to resist, then I'd let go and deal with the resulting shitstorm.

Thankfully, the damage control proved to be unnecessary. Even as she continued to hit or slap my back, her mouth was responding in a very different way to my aggressive kissing. Within seconds, she began kissing back, with lots of tongue!

As our tongue-duel grew more heated, her abuse of my back weakened. After a few last light slaps, she clung tightly to me instead. Then, mere seconds later, her hands slid down to my ass and she firmly clutched my bare ass cheeks.

I responded in kind, letting my hands wander to her huge tits so I could play with them. That meant I had no hands left to keep her in place, but that wasn't necessary any longer. Not only did we keep necking, but her entire body began writhing against mine.

I continued to make out with her for a few minutes. I knew we'd crossed a key tipping point when one of her hands found my erection and her fingers began sliding all over it.

Not long thereafter, she finally broke the kiss and hotly complained, "BASTARD! Look at what you're making me do!"

I smirked. "You could let go and walk away at any time. I won't stop you."

She snorted angrily. "Right! Like that's going to happen! We both know I can't!" Even as she said that, she brought her other hand to my crotch to help stroke my boner.

Amused and in control, I asked, "Why not?"

She growled, "Don't make me say, you, you... piece of shit!"

I chuckled. "Hmmm. You're going to have to pay for saying that. I think I might give you a firm spanking." I still had been playing with her massive, soft tits almost exclusively, but I brought a hand down to her ass and gave a cheek a hard smack.

She hissed, "BASTARD!"

I could tell she wouldn't be too upset, given the way her fingers were practically flying up and down my long shaft.

I just laughed and then kissed her mouth again.

We were off to the races. She kissed me with a truly desperate passion, so much so that I struggled to keep up with her intensity level.

I sensed she got off on my ass slap, so I did it a few more times, alternating ass cheeks as we continued to swap spit.

Each time I smacked her, she moaned loudly into my mouth and somehow snuggled even closer into me. Before long, her entire voluptuous nude body was wriggling and writhing against me.

Encouraged, I brought one hand to her crotch and began aggressively fingerbanging her. Two fingers pumped in and out.

That went on for a few minutes. I definitely made her cum at least once. Not only did I feel her body tremble, she squealed into my mouth. All the while, her two hands caressed my cock and balls. It was as if she couldn't get enough of it.

At one point, we both needed a breather from our aggressive kissing. During the pause, I asked, "So, now the truth can be told. How much did you enjoy sucking me off?"

She got cross with me, and growled, "Don't even ask me that!"

"Why not?"

"Just don't! Especially with your mother right over there." She peeked over my shoulder to confirm that Mom was still sleeping, or so she thought. That sight was a reminder that shook her up. She whispered extra quietly, "Dear God! She's right over there! I swear, she must be able to sleep through a nuclear explosion!"

Happily, either my blowjob question or the reminder of the danger sent her arousal soaring even higher. I didn't get an answer to the question because she resumed the necking, while still vigorously jacking me off.

I was content to keep going like that. She had a fantastic body, so I could play with it indefinitely, especially since she was an excellent kisser and her two-handed handjob felt great.

But, after a while, she had other ideas. She abruptly broke away and gave me a nasty look. "Don't even say a word!" she hissed.

I was confused, to say the least. "What?!"

She started sliding down my body. Within seconds her face was even with my hard-on. She resumed her two-handed stroking, and also hungrily licked on the bulbous head. She spoke more to herself than to me. "Gaawwwd! I'm so humiliated! A few minutes ago, I pretty much said I would do this again over my dead body, but look at me! I'm about to do it! I'm so hot! It's like I have to have it in my mouth! Like I have no choice!"

I snickered with glee. "You are 'so hot,' that's for sure!"

She tilted her head up and gave me a withering look. She complained, "I'm not talking about that kind of hot. I mean that I'm so horny I can't control myself!"

I casually put my hands on her head and stroked her long blonde hair. "Well, while you're down there, this is your chance to prove that you can deep throat me. If you want to be one of my regulars, that's a must. You'll be spending a lot of time on your knees, with my cockhead in your neck. I work my sluts hard, especially orally."

Again, I surprised myself with my sheer chutzpah. But this approach clearly was working. In fact, every time I doubled down with more audacity, it worked better.