BLACKMAIL Chapter 26
Originally written by G. H. Lawrence under the title "Extortion",
supersized by Spacer X


Cindy growled and wailed in exasperation. "Arrraagaragh! You're impossible!" She was still lapping at and stroking my boner. "I'll show you! I’m not just one of your silly teen sluts. I can't believe any of them can deep throat this fucking Coke can-sized monster anyway. I'm gonna be the hottest piece of ass you've ever fucked in your life! Just you see!"

With that, she pulled her head back, whispered a few words to herself, shut her eyes tightly, opened her mouth impossibly wide, and then lunged her lips over my cockhead. Within seconds, she had swallowed the top four inches of so.

That alone was impressive, and I felt such a surge of triumph and erotic stimulation that I could barely keep standing.

But she was just getting started. She forced her head further down, causing her to choke and gag on my thickness. Clearly, she was suffering. But she was determined. Somehow, she pushed down another inch, pushing my bulbous cockhead well into her throat.

I thought about assisting by pressing down with my hands that were still on her head, but I decided it was probably more important for her to feel in full control. I just held on tight as the waves of pleasure washed over and through me again and again.

Once she clearly got past her gag reflex, I began counting the seconds in my mind. I knew every second counted, and I was curious to see how long she'd be able to stay down for her very first time. The act of carefully and evenly counting the time pass also helped me focus on something non-sexual, which was key because she already had my legs quivering from such intense stimulation.

I silently counted 38 seconds before I felt her give up. She pulled her lips all the way off in a flash. Then she sat back, panting desperately for air while holding her neck like she'd just been choked there. Plus, I must admit that I got a thrill out of seeing new tracks of tears from her deep throating struggle.

I couldn't get enough of admiring her naked body, especially since her face and tits were still splattered with my cum. I thought, How awesome is this?! DAMN! An honest to God deep throating from freaking CINDY! It feels great, of course. But what a power rush too! She's working so hard to please me, which is crazy. She's a perfect ten! I swear, she's just as hot as Mom is!

That thought cause me to remember Mom. With Cindy in recovery mode with her eyes closed, I briefly glanced over to the lawn chairs.

I wasn't that surprised to see that Mom was still lying down as if asleep, but she was facing my direction and her eyes were actually open. That was clever, because Cindy would have to turn her head around to see her, and by the time Cindy did that, she'd have plenty of time to close her eyes and pretend to be in dreamland.

With Cindy's first deep throating effort over, I knew I had to be careful since she could turn around to look at Mom at any time. In fact, it was more likely than not that she'd want to check. So I didn't dare do anything obvious like wave or give another thumbs up. But I did flash Mom a knowing smile.

Mom beamed back. She did dare a thumbs up, because she felt safer with Cindy having her back turned to her.

I thought, Does it get any better than this?! There's no need for me to be greedy. Between Mom and Cindy here, and Dusty at school, I'm gonna be living in the perfect sexual paradise. Why would I want or need anyone else?! WOW! Just look!

I looked down to better admire Cindy. She really is a stunner. I can see why even Mom felt intimidated by her looks. And now it turns out that she's an awesome cocksucker too! All we have to do is get her to accept the incest, and I'll be home free!

Once Cindy recovered enough to speak, she looked up at me and sneered with pride. "So, what do you think now, you horse-cocked bastard? Is that good enough for me to 'qualify,' whatever the fuck that means? I've never done that for anybody, much less with someone hung like a fucking elephant! See the tears on my face? If that's not good enough for you, then you really a piece of shit and you can go fuck off!"

I felt so in command of the situation that I could afford to be merely amused at her defiant outburst and not worried. I glared at her with disappointment and even anger in my eyes, though that was faked. I told her in my most authoritative tone, "Get on all fours! NOW!"


"You heard me!"

Her eyes went wide in alarm. She scrambled onto her hands and legs with haste. While she did so, I noticed she briefly glanced Mom's way, but apparently didn't see anything suspicious.

"Like this?" she asked anxiously, once she was in position.

I was having another "pinch me, I'm dreaming" moment. Having a take charge attitude was paying off once more. It really was too incredible for me to fully fathom in the heat of the moment.

I barked, "Quiet, you! If I want you to talk, I'll ask you a question. And don't just rest there like some dumb beast. I want to see sexy!"

She grew more anxious still. She did her best to strike a sexier pose, mostly by arching her back and thrusting her ass up high. Plus, there wasn't enough room as it was for her huge dangling tits between her upper arms. But she subtly squeezed those arms together some, causing her melons to swell forward even more.

For the next minute, I silently walked all the way around her, as if I was carefully examining every inch of her to decide if she was worthy of me or not.

My silence made her only more anxious and eager to please. I could tell she was dying to talk, but dared not say a word.

It was difficult to remain stern and unimpressed looking, because her body was a natural wonder. That was doubly true with the cum dripping down her face and rack. But still, I sensed it was important that I keep the ruse going. It helped that she couldn't see my face, since I was unable to stop grinning like a madman.

I silently circumvented her again. This time, I casually brushed a hand here and there, like a farmer carefully examining livestock.

When I made it around to her face a second time, I stepped in close and dragged my still very erect cock across her face, but never close enough for her to reach it with her tongue or lips.

She whimpered needfully. Finally, the tension grew too much and she whispered, "Please!"

I pulled my boner back and glared down at her. "Excuse me?! I didn't say you could speak!"

She meekly bowed her head. "I'm sorry... sir! But it's just that... I need your cock so bad! I need you to fuck me!"

I laughed heartily. "Fuck you? What makes you think you deserve that yet?"

"But... but... I just deep throated you!"

I stepped back closer, arrogantly rubbing my cockhead across one cheek and then the other, smearing through the cum streaks there. "You did manage a deep throating of sorts, though it was pretty weak. A mere 38 seconds when any good slut lasts at least a minute. And you didn't get far down. A good slut takes me to the root! But your biggest sin was that you didn't milk me with your throat muscles or actively use your lips and tongue. Or hands. You seemed to think that merely getting past your gag reflex and staying there was good enough for the likes of me."

She was aghast. "I'm so sorry! Sir! I'll do better next time, I promise! Much better! I swear it!"

"You'd better!" I was still dragging my cockhead around her spermy face. I finally rested in right on her lips.

She eagerly took advantage. Lunging her entire body forward, she was able to swallow all of my cockhead. She began slurping and sucking like her life depended on it.

As she did that, I spoke in my most authoritative voice again. "Let me get things straight with you. I hear you've had other adulterous lovers, and of course you're married. Forget all that! I'm sure those losers tried to woo you with diamonds and pearls, including your husband. With me, it's the other way around. You've got to prove your worthiness every single time you're with me, mostly with your mouth. I'm in charge here, and your role is to serve me. You got that?"

She nodded emphatically while continuing to suck me over with a feverish passion.

Once again, I was secretly astounded. Once again, it was all I could do to not jump around for joy. But I didn't dare show my euphoria, or that would shatter the illusion.

"Good." I stepped back, forcing my slobber-covered pole to slide out of her mouth and well out of reach.

She mewled with displeasure.

I chuckled tolerantly, as if I was used to that sort of thing.

Then I said, "Now, you have seriously upset me. Acting all high and mighty, instead of the shameless big-titted slut that you really are. Even daring to call me a 'piece of shit' and telling me to 'fuck off!'"

She blanched, or at least blanched as much as someone with her face burning red with humiliation and dripping with cum can blanch. "Oh my God! I'm so sorry! Sir! I didn't mean it!"

I was having the time of my life. I literally couldn't believe my "lying eyes," that a perfect ten babe was naked and on all fours in front of me! Clearly, the more domineering I was with her, the more she got off on it. I especially loved how she'd started calling me 'sir' without me prompting her to do so. I guess she felt so deferential to me that she felt compelled to give me some sort of title like that.

I glared at her with my hands on my hips. "Sorry doesn't cut it. First, I'm going to spank your ass a bit. But I'll go easy on you this time since I hadn't spelled things out to you yet. Then, I'm going to give you a second chance to pleasure me with your mouth. I expect better! Our relationship is mostly going to involve you orally serving me. Can you handle that? If not, you might as well quit now."

She had been staring up at me with a shocked and awed expression. But she steeled her resolve and spoke with a new determination. Her entire body stiffened into an even sexier pose. "SIR! I can handle it, sir! In fact, I crave it. It's exactly what I want. I need a big cock in my life. I've been missing it so much! Clearly, you're the best of the best, and I want the best. The idea of being forced to orally service you whenever you want it literally has me drooling with anticipation! I'll do whatever you say!"

The most amazing thing of all was that I could tell she really meant it. There was a fiery look of desire and determination in her eyes that blew me away.

She looked over to Mom. "But... what about your mother?!"

"What about her?"

"Well... we'll have to keep things secret from her, obviously. And from my husband. If he finds out about us, he'll divorce me for sure!"

I shrugged, as if that didn't matter much to me. "Then we'll just have to be careful. I think you're worth it. You're a pretty damn hot bitch, I must admit."

Her face lit up like I'd just told her parents, thought to be killed in a plane crash, were safe and unharmed after all. 'Thank you, sir!"

I just nodded absent-mindedly, then walked around to her rear.

As I repositioned, I saw Mom give me a furtive thumbs up. She was beaming.

I smiled and waved, since there was no way for Cindy to see my face when I was standing near her ass. It didn't look like Mom had her eyes open, but I surmised she was being extra careful and just looking through narrow slits.

I very quickly gave Cindy a spanking, with five hard smacks on each ass cheek. It was quick because I was in a rush to getting back to enjoying her eager and talented mouth!

I thought the spanking would be a punishment, and I didn't hold back with the power I put into each smack, even if that left her with red ass cheeks. But it seemed to have somewhat backfired, because she began cumming hard right when I got to the ninth and tenth smacks!

I filed that bit of interesting information away for later. But for now I kept with my plan and hurried back to her face. I rubbed my cockhead across her lips and growled, "Okay, slut. Let's see if you can take this to the next level and deep throat the whole damn thing!"

She got busy cocksucking some more. This time, she was so keen on showing her worthiness that she began deep throating me straight away, and not just enough to get past her gag reflex either. After about a minute of steadily lunging deeper with each pass down, she managed to take very nearly all of my shaft! She was only about an inch short of resting her nose in my pubic hair.

I must admit I was extremely impressed. Boy, does this acting like a domineering "bastard" pay off in a big way! I've never been this rough and demanding with anybody, not even Dusty. But I just spanked the hell out of her ass, and she totally got off on it!

I made more mental notes on how to behave in the future.

Cindy took all of my criticism to heart. Not only did she go much deeper, but she stayed down for just over a full minute. She didn't do much with her throat muscles or lips and tongue on top of that, but at least she tried. Clearly, it was a lot to manage all at once.

I figured the important thing was the effort. She would naturally improve with practice. Besides, even if this wasn't as good as she could get, it still felt absolutely incredible to me! It was like the overwhelming rush of an orgasm for the entire minute she had my thickness in her throat.

When she was done, she pulled all the way off again and took even longer to recover.

I figured that I was using a carrot and stick approach, and it was good to use some carrot too. Besides, she was deserving of praise, to say the least. So while she sat up on her heels clutching at her throat again, with tears pouring down her cheeks, I stroked the hair on the top of her head, and said, "Very good. Very good indeed. I'd even call that 'an impressive start.'"

She beamed like a searchlight. She smiled so brightly that I couldn't help but smile too. "Thank you, sir! I didn't even know that I could do it. But now that I did it once, I know I can do it again and again. I'll get better, I promise."

"Yes, impressive."

Cindy gasped, and looked around in confusion, because that was a female voice and definitely not me speaking!