BLACKMAIL Chapter 27
Originally written by G. H. Lawrence under the title "Extortion",
supersized by Spacer X


Within seconds, Cindy found Mom standing there, close enough to reach out and touch. She gasped in horror, and visibly jerked and flinched. She nearly tipped over. "KATE?! KATE?! What are you doing awake?!"

Mom just chuckled. "The better question is, 'how is it possible that I was supposed to be asleep?' You two have been carrying on like a herd of elephants, from only about ten feet away."

"OH SHIT!" Cindy sat up higher and covered her wide-open mouth with both hands. Her face was blushing from overall embarrassment already, but it suddenly got much redder.

I wondered if she remembered how cummy her face was. That was a not-so-subtle clue, in case Mom somehow missed all the other clues as to what we'd been up to.

Mom chuckled some more good-naturedly and put a hand on Cindy's head. "Don't worry about it. Do I look upset?"

Cindy reluctantly removed her hands to speak. "But... but... he's your son!"

"Yeah, but he's my lover too."

"WHAT?! WHAT?!" Cindy went from shocked, to stunned, to several leagues beyond "stunned." She looked up and down Mom's nude body in a new light.

I was pretty blown away myself. But for once today, it was in a bad way instead of a great way. I stood there with my jaw hanging open, barely able to breathe.

Mom got a bit nervous, perhaps belatedly doubting the wisdom of that confession. But it was too late to take back, so she pressed on. "It's true. It just happened today. You know that new lover I talked about?"

Cindy was panting and gawking in disbelief. She didn't even have the mind to ask "Yeah?"

Mom pressed on anyway. "Well, it's pretty much all true except for the supermarket story. But he is an amazing young man named Peter and he is rocking my world. It's just that he's this Peter. My son!" She said this with surprising calm, but also defiance.

Cindy went from humiliated to indignant in a hurry. She stood up and got in Mom's personal space. She pointed a finger accusingly right at her nose. "That's incest! INCEST! Do you realize how awful that is?! I'll never..." She looked to me, and then back to Mom. "GOD! You've ruined everything! EVERYTHING!"

She was so agitated that she started pacing around. Apparently she rediscovered her shame at being naked, and tried to cover her pussy mound with one and her nipples with the other while she kept pacing.

Mom looked at me apologetically while Cindy was stomping off. She winced in an exaggerated fashion and mouthed the words, "Oh shit!"

We had a potential disaster on our hands, but I couldn't really get upset about how Mom caused it. Clearly, she'd calculated that Cindy had fallen so hard for me with her "sir" talk and the deep throating and all the rest that she'd gone well past the point of no return and was fully sexually committed to me. Thus, there was no point in taking the slow and careful route to acclimating her to the incest.

It also occurred to me that we were almost certainly going to face this crisis, no matter how slow and careful we were. One might redefine what incest was, for instance by convincing someone that a son putting suntan lotion on a naked mother is okay. But at some point there has to be a line that gets crossed and one can't wave the issue away.

Cindy stopped pacing and turned accusingly at Mom. "Are you telling me that you two have been FUCKING?! Have you gone all the way?!"

"We have," Mom admitted. Apparently, she decided there was no point in pussyfooting around anymore. "Like I said, it just happened today, not long before you came here, in fact. It completely transformed my life. The best sex ever, by a mile! I was so overcome that I conspired to have you come over so he could seduce you and you could share in the joy."

Cindy sighed heavily and smacked herself on her forehead. In doing the smacking, she wound up with a hand full of sticky cum. She cursed, "Jesus fucking Christ! Look at me, standing here buck naked with a face full of cum! I've never felt so humiliated and outraged in my entire life! But you! You should feel worse! This... this whole situation is ridiculous! I need to get clean and clothed for starters. We all have to put on clothes. Then we can talk about this like responsible adults!"

I thought, Oh shit! Keeping Cindy naked has been THE key to my seduction success. I'm sure the whole situation will change for the worse if she gets her clothes back on.

Before Mom could answer, Cindy balled her hands into fists and indignantly put those fists on her hips. "Kate, how could you?! How COULD you?! He's your SON! And why the hell did you have to TELL ME?! I could have been blissfully ignorant. UGH!"

Mom also defiantly put her hands on her hips. "How could I? How could I NOT?! Have you SEEN the size of his cock? Have you felt it stretching your lips and sliding deep inside your mouth? You KNOW the incredible joy it is to serve him on your knees, so don't try to deny it!"

Cindy didn't say anything, but her lack of a denial spoke volumes.

Mom adoringly gazed up and down my body as she went on, "Just look at what a handsome young man he is. Gaawwwd! And he knows just how to treat a woman." She stared intently back at Cindy. "I don't want to be somebody's princess; I want to be a wanton slut for someone who knows how to take charge! I want a man who not only expects me to blow him whenever he gets aroused, but demands that I repeatedly deep throat him until tears are streaming down my face! He gets that. The wonder is that it took us this long before we started sucking and fucking! But now that we have, I'm not going to stop for anything! So there!"

Cindy shook her head and sighed. "God dammit! I can totally see all that. I'm sure you can tell I've experienced that same joy. But what's okay for ME doesn't make it okay for YOU! He's your SON, for crying out loud! It doesn't matter how irresistible he is, or how irresistible you are. It's still incest, and it's wrong!"

Mom shot back, "It DOES matter! 'Irresistible' means just that: it's literally impossible for me to resist him! I'm only human, you know. Look at you, acting all holier than thou. Can you give him up, after you've started? Are you so morally outraged that you'll have nothing to do with a couple of incestuous perverts?"

Cindy shyly looked away. In a flash, all of her righteous outrage blew away. She glanced over to me, and then down at my crotch.

Unfortunately, my dick had just gone flaccid, due to the crisis. But even flaccid, my penis is pretty large.

Cindy looked back at Mom. "It's not fair to ask me that."

Mom persisted, "It's a simple yes or no question."

"I... I don't know! Okay?! I'm all confused!" Cindy looked to me. "YOU! This is all your fault, corrupting your mother. Why couldn't you be satisfied with the likes of me?! Am I not good enough for you?! You need to leave the two of us for a while, so we can sort this out. And put on some clothes! I can't think as long as that... thing... is flopping around!" She put a hand up to her face, shielding the view of me in almost comical fashion.

Mom looked my way. "She's right. This is something she and I need to work out. Why don't you go inside for a while? But don't worry, things are going to be okay."

Cindy hotly complained, 'No, they're NOT going to be okay! There's no way around this. You can't just make incest go away!"

Mom waved a hand at me. "Go. We'll sort it out."

"No, we won't!" Cindy put her fists back on her hips. She looked even more sexy when she was angry, somehow.

I said, "Okay, I'll go. But first I'll get you some water and towels to clean up with."

Cindy nodded at that, and said, "And some clothes, too!"

I nodded back and sadly walked away.

I returned to them as quickly as I could. But it took me a few minutes, because I'd brought a bucket filled with water, and a few small towels. I'd been very careful in my selection of the towels, because I didn't want to bring any that could be used to effectively cover up. These were hand towels, definitely not big enough to wrap around one's body.

Mom and Cindy were heatedly arguing when I came back out. I didn't know the details though, because they went silent as soon as they saw me walk into the backyard. They waited until I brought them the water and towels. I'd also brought more bottles of drinking water and another bottle of wine. I put those on the nearest table, and handed them the rest.

Cindy grudgingly said "Thanks" to me, but then she asked with irritation, "Hey, where are my clothes? And where are yours?!"

I grinned impishly. "Sorry, I'm willing to help with a lot of things, but not that. You look too gorgeous naked, and Mom does too."

Cindy groaned. "UGH!" She briefly glanced at my flaccid penis, which was still quite sizable. Then she waved me away. "Go! Before I... Just... go!" She turned her head away and waved dismissively some more.

I reluctantly started to walk away.

But before I turned, I saw Mom give me a wink, while Cindy still had her head turned. Clearly, she approved on my plan to try to keep Cindy and her naked, as well as staying naked myself.

It wasn't until I got back to the house when I heard them resume their argument. I could have tried to eavesdrop, but I decided that would just be too frustrating. I closed the screen door and went back inside.

I went up to my room and tried to settle my mind. But it was impossible. The way I looked at it, my entire life was hanging on the line. I could either wind up in the heaven of having Mom and Cindy as my lovers, or the hell of being denied one or both of them. After being so close to the peak of the mountain, it would be unbearable to see that snatched away at the last minute.

I couldn't stop thinking about what they had to be discussing.

I also mulled over different ways we could have done a better job of breaking the news to Cindy, even though that was a pointless exercise since it was impossible to change the past. I was bummed that I never got to apply suntan lotion on Mom's fabulous naked body while Cindy was there and watching, because that alone sounded like a hell of a lot of fun.

It was nice to think that I could have gotten Cindy so extremely hot and bothered that she would have accepted Mom joining the sexual fun without complaint, for instance, turning a solo Cindy blowjob into a dual one with Mom helping out. But I decided that almost certainly wouldn't have happened. At some point, Cindy would have had her "A-ha!" incest moment, and we would have gone into crisis mode regardless.

I did regret though that Mom sprung the news on her so soon, before I even had a chance to fuck her. That made bringing her on board a lot more difficult. But then, again, it was too late to change the past.

I also considered going the blackmail route that Mom and I had talked about. Certainly, we had incriminating evidence in the form of photos and videos of her previous affairs. But that didn't seem right to me. With Mom, I'd blackmailed her because I felt I truly had no other option and I was so desperate with desire that I was willing to do anything. In Cindy's case, that also seemed like a desperate last resort, and I was pretty sure we hadn't gotten there yet. If we did do that, it would color all of her future interactions with us and almost inevitably make her less enthusiastic. So we needed to exhaust all other options before even considering that.

I spent about ten minutes restlessly pacing around in my room, still nude.

I was tempted to peek on them through one of the upstairs windows, and I did so, several times. But all I could see was two stunningly beautiful naked women sitting at a patio table and talking intently to each other. I was too far away to hear anything, since they were keeping their voices down. But the peeks were encouraging in that I at least was able to see that they weren't yelling at each other. I was certain that was a positive sign.

I thought a lot about how I'd treated Cindy since she'd arrived. I had some strong thoughts and feelings that I felt were important to get off my chest, even though I wasn't supposed to be a part of the discussion yet. I decided to break that rule and let the chips fall where they may.

I strode back outside, right to where they were sitting. (They'd moved to a nearby patio table so they could face each other in seats, and also because it was shaded by an umbrella.)

When they saw me coming, in the buff, they stopped talking and waited to see why I was interrupting them.

Mom said, "Peter, it's best if you-"

I interrupted, "I know. Stay away and let you two sort it out."

Both of them nodded.

I said, "Don't worry, that's my plan. But there's just one thing I have to get off my chest first, because I'm probably the only person who's in a position to say this. Can I just say this one thing?"

Mom looked to Cindy. (By the way, both of them had cleaned up nicely, thanks to my water and towels.)

Cindy reluctantly nodded. "Okay. But keep it brief. Very brief. And at least keep a hand over your privates." She was covering her pussy and nipples, thanks to my arrival, though Mom wasn't.

I nodded back, and I even used a hand to shield my flaccid penis. "Cindy, I just wanted to address how I've sexually treated you today. From the word 'go,' I've been kind of a domineering and demanding jerk."

She huffed in indignant agreement.

"That's intentional, but it has nothing to do with disrespecting you. I learned through my girlfriend Dusty that some kind of women really go for that kind of thing. Earlier today, I found out to my great joy that it works like gangbusters with my mom. I hoped it would work on you too, and it did."

Cindy started to protest that.

But I held my free hand up in a halting gesture and kept talking before she could get started. "It's loads of fun, isn't it? I mean, if a guy gets off on being dominant, and a gal gets off on being submissive to him, then it's win-win for everybody. It can be super hot. Whether you're willing to admit it or not, I'll bet what you and I did today was some of the best sex you've ever had. And we were just getting started. That said, this is the important point I want to make: it's all kind of an elaborate role-play. On some level it's real, but on another level it's not. Do you know what I mean?"

Cindy seemed to be listening carefully and thoughtfully. She frowned, and said, "Not really."

I was secretly relieved that she tacitly agreed with everything else I'd said by not contesting it.

I said, "Well, it's like what's happened between Mom and me today. This may be painful for you to hear, but I told her I'm gonna make her my 'personal slut,' and she readily agreed. And we WILL do that! It's already happening!"

Cindy gave Mom a withering look, as if she was completely disgusted and disappointed in her.

But Mom silently and proudly stood her ground. She even defiantly said to her, "It is. And I love it!"

Cindy put her hands on her hips, exposing her privates again by doing so. She glared at her, and complained, "Really?! Really?! Kate, you? A 'personal slut?' To anyone, much less your own son?! I can't believe it!"

Mom got even more defiant. She proudly replied, "Believe it!"

I told Cindy, "Regardless of what you do or say about it, the love and lust between her and me is too strong. There's no way we're going to stop being intimate with each other, now that we've started. Even if we get in trouble with the law, I don't care! We'll move, or flee, or do whatever we have to do. I can't live without her in my life, as MY woman!"

Mom was moved. She reached out and held my hand.

I gave her hand a squeeze and also gave her a loving smile.

Although Mom didn't say anything, probably for fear of further upsetting Cindy, I took the way she was looking into my eyes and holding my hand as an agreement.