BLACKMAIL Chapter 28
Originally written by G. H. Lawrence under the title "Extortion",
supersized by Spacer X


Letting go of Mom's hand, I looked back to Cindy. "That said, she's still my mother and I'm still her son. There will be times when we're in a sexual mode and I'll put on my domineering hat and she'll put on her submissive one. And we'll have a hell of a great time, I'm sure! I fully expect for her to spend loads of time on her knees, slurping and choking on my thickness!"

Mom chimed in, while still defiantly staring at Cindy, "I fully expect that too, and I can't wait, because that's what personal sluts do!"

Cindy just huffed and rolled her eyes. She resumed covering her pussy and nipples.

I continued, "But, most of the time we'll just be a normal mother and son, doing normal things, with our clothes on. Nobody can be in a sex-crazed mode all the time, not even us. She'll still be the one to tell me to do the dishes or whatever, and I'll have to obey her in that context, because she's still my mom and I know she wants what's best for me. So we'll wear different hats. These different aspects will all be parts of us, but also kinds of roles we play at the same time. You see what I mean?"

Since Cindy was slow in responding to that, I hastened to add, "Now, about you and me. I plan on taking the same role with you that I do with Mom. I expect you to be my personal slut too."

Cindy looked at me through narrowed eyes. She asked very skeptically, "And what does that mean exactly?!"

I was more than a little bit encouraged that she didn't say something like, "In your dreams!" That gave me a boost of confidence to say more than I had planned.

I explained, "It means that when you and I have sex, and we will, a lot, I'm going to totally dominate you to the best of my ability. You will completely submit to me sexually. We already both know that when that happens, sparks fly. Hell, it's more like a volcano erupting. It's super hot! I'm going to work you hard, just like I'm gonna work Mom hard. That mostly means the two of you will orally serve me, together and alone. I love that."

Cindy was still covering her privates. But I noticed she wasn't just covering her pussy: she slipped a finger into her slit and was furtively fingering herself! It was easy to miss, and I sure she didn't think I'd notice, but I did. I also saw that her face was getting slightly flushed, and her breathing was getting heavier.

That gave me even more encouragement that I was on the right track. I casually dropped my hand covering my penis to fully expose myself as I spoke some more, "But, here's the really key thing: even though I'm going to treat you like that, I still really like you and respect you otherwise. I do NOT think of you as just a mindless sex toy, even though I may sometimes treat you as such. Hell, probably often. Very often. Daily probably, if you can swing it. Blowjobs will be as big a part of your life as it will be a part of Mom's."

Her eyes bugged out, and her breathing quickened.

"We play certain roles because it makes the sex incredible, but that doesn't exclusively define who we are. I really like you as a person. I think you're smart and fun and just an all-around nice person. I've had a crush on you for years not just because you're so very beautiful on the outside, but because you're beautiful on the inside too. If you were a gorgeous but heartless bitch, I would still want to fuck you, but just as a passing fancy. With you being the wonderful way you are, I feel something deeper, more emotionally meaningful."

She seemed moved by that. She stared up into my eyes as if seeing me for the first time.

She may not have realized it, but her hand that had been covering both of her nipples slipped down until she was cupping one of her huge boobs. She began to idly caress herself there, while still secretly fingering her hot slit.

By this time, I think Mom noticed that Cindy was starting to heat up, but she played it cool by acting oblivious, as well as not making any overtly sexual movements herself.

She muttered shyly, "Do you really... do you really think that I'm 'so very beautiful?!'"

"Oh, for sure! But that won't cut you any slack. Not one bit. A personal slut can NEVER say no, no matter how gorgeous she is. And you and Mom are going to compete for my attention and my cock at some level, so you'll always have to be on your toes."

Cindy had no verbal response to that, but she seemed to be very carefully pondering it all. She also kept on fondling and fingering herself, even more blatantly than before.

I continued, "We can have our cake and eat it too. I have to tell you this now because I worry you might misunderstand some things. For instance, earlier, I acted like I had a whole stable of incredibly gorgeous sluts and you were barely worthy of me, so you had to prove yourself before I would even deign to play with you. That's not true. You're very special to me, in multiple ways. I already can tell we have remarkable sexual chemistry. I want you to be a big part of my life, both in and out of bed."

Cindy's mouth dropped open in surprise, before she quickly recovered. She stared up at me in rapt attention, and without the irritated annoyance she'd been displaying earlier.

I further explained, "Dusty is my girlfriend, as you know. She's a sexy young thing, and she's great, but she's not where my heart is at. I plan to keep her, but almost as a 'beard' in order to cover up what's really going on in my life, which is my intimacy with Mom and you. And, like I said, I'm not going to give up Mom for anything! You can complain about the incest all you want, but it is what it is. You two need to learn how to harmoniously share my cock, period. She and I are perfect for each other, and if society at large can't handle that, then we'll just have to keep it secret. I have the feeling from the little you and I have done today that we have that same sort of electric connection. Do you feel it?"

Cindy shyly nodded.

I stared deeply into Cindy's eyes, even though my message was for Mom as well. "The future I want is you two as my personal sluts. I envision dominating you with my big cock sometimes, yes, but also loving you tenderly other times, and then just hanging out and having fun at still other times. The age difference means nothing to me. Like I said, we can have it all, the three of us. In reality, there are no others for me."

There was a prolonged silence, because I'd said my piece and I was all talked out. But clearly, Mom and especially Cindy didn't know what to say in response.

Finally, Cindy said, carefully, "Wow! That's... something! You certainly are full of yourself, expecting me to just accept all of that!"

I said with all the confidence I could muster, "Yes. Yes, I am. And yes, you will."

She shivered lustily, even as she kept on fingerbanging herself.

She paused, then carefully responded, "I'm glad you told me all that. It changes how I think on some things. But you're talking like you want me to make me some kind of long-term lover. Almost like we'd be married or something. Except you'd have two 'wives.'"

I nodded. "Exactly! That's exactly what I want. Although I don't know if 'wife' is the right word, since that implies a level of equality you won't have. And 'slave' may be too strong."

She gasped.

Mom did too.

I continued to muse out loud, "I think 'slut' or 'personal slut' will have to do for now, for lack of a better word. But yeah, it would be a serious commitment of total loyalty and devotion, so in that way comparing it to a marriage is a good fit."

I didn't look Mom's way, but Cindy was astounded, not to mention incredibly aroused. She must have realized by now that I'd noticed how she was fondling herself, especially since she had one hand roaming all over her massive tits, but that didn't stop her at all.

After another long pause, she managed to say, "But that.. that's just not possible!"

I quickly countered, "Why the hell not?! We're all well off. We can do whatever we want. Think how amazing it would be! We could have the kind of sex that's almost beyond imagination, and on a daily basis, for many years to come! But at the same time, we could develop something meaningful and emotionally deep. Like I said, there are times I'm going to treat you like my personal slut. Pretty much whenever we're naked, and I want you naked a hell of a lot!" I winked at her.

Her blush deepened.

She was still fingerbanging herself with two fingers while idly caressing her massive mammaries. It was a wonder that she didn't just up and loudly erupt in orgasm at any moment.

By now, Mom HAD to notice, and I even saw her glancing Cindy's way. But all she did was smirk knowingly.

I was secretly proud of myself for not giving Cindy any clothes, because I'm sure it was her total nudity that made it so easy for her lust to get out of hand again.

I told Cindy, "Even though I plan to work both of you hard, very hard, especially orally, most of the time will be in between times, because nobody can go full-blast sexually for hours non-stop. I really like you as a person. I always have. It's just that I couldn't get closer to you until now, due to our age gap and all the social rules against it. But fuck the rules! I already am head over heels in love with my mom."

Mom broke my concentration by putting her hand on mine. "I love you, Son!"

I beamed in her direction. "I love you too!"

Mom was very emotional when she told me, "I'll be yours in any way you want me for as long as you want me. Including as your personal slut, no matter what that means. I'm all in. You can count on that!"

My heart swelled with joy to hear those words, but I merely nodded in response. I wanted to say more to her, a lot more, but I felt I had to keep the momentum going with Cindy.

So I redirected my attention back to the nude blonde bombshell, staring deeply into her eyes some more. "I could easily come to love you too, and I probably will. You and Mom are great friends already. We really could have something special as a threesome. Mind-blowing sex for years to come, plus fun times and love and everything else that's good. Isn't it worth giving it a shot, to see if it's possible?!"

I paused to give Cindy more of a chance to respond.

Cindy stared at me almost incredulously. She sat back in her seat and exhaled loudly. In doing so, she finally realized what her hands were doing to herself. Amazingly, it seems I was wrong and she somehow had been oblivious up until this point. She sheepishly pulled her hands away and tucked them under her ass, as if she couldn't trust her own hands.

Even though she knew I'd caught her mindlessly masturbating, I didn't say anything or even show a reaction to that. I just patiently waited to find out how she'd react to my emotional plea.

She exhaled loudly, and took a few more moments to gather her thoughts. "Whoa! I did not expect... all that! Wow! I honestly don't know what to say, or what to think. But what you're suggesting just isn't possible, no matter how nice it might sound. First off, there's the incest. There's no getting around that. But even if there was, I'm married! And Kate is married too!"

I spoke with great passion. "So what?! Get a divorce!"

She gave me a withering look,

I conceded, "Okay, maybe that's premature. I haven't even fucked you yet. Let's try this instead. Give my proposal a try. A trial period, if you will, living as my personal slut. A week, or a month, or whatever. See if the vision I'm painting can really come true. Let's see how we fit sexually. But not just that; as lovers and friends too."

Cindy gesticulated in frustration. "But... but... you're so young! You're literally half my age! And ditto with your mom's age! What, are we supposed to just run off and start a new life in a new town, so we can openly live as a threesome?!"

I smiled widely. "Exactly! I know it's kind of insane, but that's how I’m feeling right now. I didn't feel this way at all a few hours ago. But so much has changed. I've discovered that sex with Mom is beyond incredible. I can't live without it. I won't! Why should I? I need it every day. And it's the same with you. We have that same spark, the same fire. I felt it and I know you feel it too. Tell me that wasn't the best sex you've ever had in your life and I'll shut up."

There was a long pause. Then she reluctantly said, "You know I can't say that. You know I'd be a liar. That was... 'beyond incredible,' as you said. Hell, I don't know how I'll be able to live without it either, and all I've experienced so far is two relatively brief blowjobs and some fooling around."

I grinned impishly. "That's good, because that's mostly what it's going to be. Like I said, no matter how much I may fall in love with you, I'm going to work you hard as one of my two wonderful sluts. Especially orally. You're going to have to love sucking cock more than anything else in your entire life, because I will expect you to spend much of your time bobbing on your knees. With Mom by your side, of course. The two of you will become experts at lapping and stroking and sucking as a team."

Cindy broke into a wide smile, like she was on the verge of breaking into laughter. "What, you expect me to become your full-time cocksucking servant?! And one of two?! With MY beauty?! That's your sales pitch, to win me over?"