BLACKMAIL Chapter 29
Originally written by G. H. Lawrence under the title "Extortion",
supersized by Spacer X


I smiled unrepentantly. "Yep! Hey, I'm putting my cards on the table here with complete honesty. I know it sounds bizarre if you put it that way, but I know it's what you want. You discovered today that you're sexually submissive. Very sexually submissive. Mom discovered that too. I could tell in lots of little ways, but especially by the passion you put into sucking my cock, including your extreme effort at deep throating it. You weren't just trying to get me worked up enough to fuck you, like most women do. You got off on the act itself, didn't you? Every part of it. For instance, I'll bet you love doing it on your knees while I'm standing high above you, don't you? And what about when you sucked me on all fours? You were so passionate! I'll bet the shame of that pose aroused you beyond belief, didn't it?"

Cindy seemed determined not to answer those questions. However, she answered in a different kind of way, because I was secretly pleased to notice that she'd gone back to playing with herself. She diddled her clit with one hand and pinched a nipple with the other. This time, she had to be fully aware, and yet she wasn't even trying to hide it!

That was so inspirational that my penis finally started to engorge. I'm sure both Mom and Cindy noticed right away, since I was standing right in front of them and hadn't been covering up whatsoever for a while now.

I asked Cindy another question. "Tell me: have you ever felt more aroused, more alive, and more overjoyed than when I had you naked and on all fours, covered in cum, your ass red from getting spanked, and I was rubbing my cock all over your face?"

Cindy easily admitted, "Never! Okay? That was the ultimate! It was hot beyond belief! All of it! Gaawwwd, I love it so much! But it also was the most humiliated and distressed I've ever felt too! I still cringe when I think how I was calling you 'sir.'"

I said, "Call me whatever you want. But that's all part of it too. Humiliation is good. Cringing is good. That's part of what makes it so hot. Let's put it this way: would you rather I wine and dine you with a dinner and a movie, or would you like me to rip your clothes off, order you to get down on all fours, and tease you with ass smacks and lewd name-calling before commanding you to deep throat me to the root? And mind you, with Mom naked and on all fours right next to you, waiting for her turn to get brutally throat-fucked? In short, how would you rather spend an evening: with a normal date, or in total oral submission?"

Cindy's eyes were as wide as saucers. "Oh God! Oh GOD!" She stopped fingering her pussy, but only because she brought both hands up to her huge globes and resumed blatantly and wantonly caressing them. Her body began writhing in her seat in a more obvious manner as well. She kept looking between my face and my dick as it dramatically engorged to full size.

Mom also was in awe of what I'd just said, and was more than a little worked up herself. She turned to Cindy. "Girl, if you mess this up, I'm going to KILL you! You KNOW what the answer is! Dinner and a movie?! HA! You KNOW where you belong! On your knees! Bobbing on my son's thick cock while I lick his balls! And then we'd switch, over and over! Is there anywhere else you'd rather be? Anything else you'd rather do?!"

Cindy seemed to have an epiphany. She answered in wide-eyed wonder as she stared at my revived hard-on, "No! And... no! That sounds... perfect! But it's so crazy! It's INSANE!"

Her eyes had been glazed, but she refocused and looked up into my eyes. "That said, I do love it so! In fact, right now I'm having a hard time thinking because I'm salivating like crazy, just imagining my lips stretched wide and all that HOT MEAT plunging down my throat!"

She dropped one of her hands back down to her pussy and resumed fingerbanging herself, two fingers urgently pumping in and out, making lewd squishy noises. "I want to be back on my knees! It IS where I belong! Sir, I want to deep throat you over and over again, and just... suck your incredible cock so damn long! I want that even more than I want you to fuck me, and God knows how much I want THAT! I think sucking you off is just so RIGHT! So symbolically perfect!"

Her eyes widened with surprise at what she was saying and feeling. "I can't believe I'm saying this, but... what better way to prove to you my desire to be one of your personal cocksucking sluts?! It warms my heart how you talk about liking me as a person and all that, but my pussy is gushing now because I'm thinking about the kid who's going to orally work me to utter exhaustion, plunging your cock down my throat over and over until tears are streaming down my cheeks! GAAAWWWD! I really shouldn't be admitting all this to you, but I can't help it! That sounds like fucking paradise to me!"

Cindy had calmed down some when she'd stopped masturbating. But she looked like she already was back on the verge of a big climax and would soon be screaming in ecstasy from her own hands, no matter what I did or said.

I was getting ridiculously aroused, even though I was just standing there. I even felt goose bumps from hearing Cindy call me "Sir," especially since she'd complained about doing that very thing only a minute or two earlier! Things were changing fast as lust overtook us all.

Mom reached forward and patted Cindy's shoulder. "That's the spirit!" No doubt inspired by looking at her friend, she finally gave in and started fingering her slit as well. Her huge tits bounced on her chest as her breathing grew ragged.

Seeing both of them sit there with their enormous boobs bouncing in time to their fingerbanging while they stared with wanton desire at my erection was yet another heady rush.

I came to a rash decision. I had been planning to just talk to Cindy for a couple of minutes to explain how I liked and respected her as well as lusted for her, and how I wanted to have a very serious relationship with her. But things kind of spiraled out of control and I wound up with a raging erection. All three of us were aroused beyond belief.

So I changed plans, and said, "There's no time like the present! Both of you, on your knees, now!" I snapped my fingers expectantly. "No, better yet, get on all fours, shoulder to shoulder! You're going to suck me off together. And you damn well better like it, since you'll be doing a hell of a lot of it from now on!"

Cindy licked her lips hungrily, and started to get out of her chair. But she stopped herself. "Wait! That sounds wonderful! Incredible! I want to so badly, but we can't! Not yet. We have all sorts of unresolved issues. Especially the incest! You've hardly even mentioned that so far. But that's what Kate and I have been arguing about nearly the whole time since you left us. We MUST discuss that first!"

As my arousal soared, so did my confidence. "Argue no more. It is what it is. We can't change it, so we'll have to live with it. Everything else is details that we'll work out later. I love Mom and I'm never going to give her up, sexually or otherwise. Her marriage, if it lasts, is just a fiction. She belongs to me now, body and soul."

Both Mom and Cindy gasped at the audacity of that. They masturbated even more frantically.

I told Cindy, "So you can either live with it or leave. I think we already know that your sexual desire is too strong. Leaving just isn't an option. So, if you want this back in your mouth" - I waved a hand towards my protruding boner - "you have to accept Mom as your sister slut, or whatever you want to call it."

Cindy winced, then sighed. "Can you at least not call her 'Mom' when we're getting it on?! That's like rubbing salt into a wound." Despite her sedate words, her body was bouncing in her seat as her fingerbanging had her teetering on the verge.

I soared in triumph on the inside, because if that was her only objection, I'd won already! My arousal was off the charts despite the fact that my boner remained untouched. As stunning as they both looked, especially together, the main reason I was so hot and bothered was due to my visions of the future and imagining the prominent role of two busty bombshells in it.

I said, "Nope. Sorry. You're going to be a full partner in this. That sets you apart as special. Keep in mind that Mom and I PLANNED for you to learn about the incest all along. It wasn't like it slipped out. It was intentional to get you to know, and right away, so you could go all the way with us from the very beginning. That's how much we want you. It's all or nothing. Incest is part of the package, because we can't change that. Either you join our threesome and join our future, or you walk away. If you're going to walk away, do it now. It'll be less painful."

Mom nagged her, "Come ON, already! You MUST agree! It won't be the same being his personal slut if you're not right there with me too!"

"But.. but..." Cindy was flummoxed, and looked back and forth between Mom and me. "But... what about my husband?!" Her fingers were still pumping in and out of her hot box, and she was tugging on one nipple and then the other. I was increasingly surprised she hadn't climaxed yet.

"Fuck your husband!" I growled. "You don't love him and he doesn't love you. That's obvious. You're only still in the marriage for the money. And what good is money except as a means to make you happy? You're going to be living on easy street no matter what you do. So think about your happiness: would you rather have a couple more million dollars and be sitting home alone with him every night watching TV, or not have that extra money and be taking turns with Mom bobbing on my fat cock all night long, like the naturally submissive slut you truly are?"

Cindy bit her lip. "God! If you put it that way..."

Mom giggled, and finished for her, "It's a no-brainer, isn't it?"

The two of them were huffing and puffing with arousal so much it was a wonder to me they were still able to talk.

Cindy broke into a wide, wicked smile, one that she shared with Mom. "It IS! Fuck! Fuck it all! Fuck the incest!"

She looked up at me with a new fire in her eyes. She paused her fingerbanging and her tit fondling and tried to calm her breathing some, in order to get out some important thoughts. "Peter, you just cut through what would have been hours of emotionally-wrenching arguments about incest, and more. You're right, those are all details to be worked out later. The main thing is that I want to be with YOU! And you!" She briefly turned to Mom and smiled as she said that.

Mom smiled back.

Cindy continued, while gazing back up into my eyes, "And I can't imagine any other path, not after what we've started today! If you were just going to fuck me and use me and toss me aside, that would be one thing. I probably would fight that. But if you're serious about a real long-term commitment, not just mind-blowing sex, but a real emotional bond too..."

I cut in, "I am! You know I am. Can't you see it in my eyes? If all I wanted to do was fuck you for a while and move on, why would I emotionally wind you up like this? Would I set you up with big expectations, only to toss you out like yesterday's trash? Am I that kind of cruel person?"

Cindy said confidently, "No, no you're not. That's one thing I love about this. I know you can dominate me and turn my insides out with your incredible cock. Sex with you is going to be the best I'll ever know, I’m sure. But I also know you're a fundamentally kind person who will care for my feelings. I know way more about you than you probably realize, because your mom talks about you almost incessantly. She's very proud of you. You have no idea!"

I looked to Mom and we shared a loving moment, even as she continued to play with her pussy and tits.

But my cock was throbbing needfully, and that reminded me to say, "So what are we waiting for? Assume the position, you two! Or am I going to have to spank you first?"

Cindy beamed so brightly that it almost outshone the sun. She stood up and quickly scrambled to me. In a flash, she was on her hands and knees before me, with her face right at my crotch. She said excitedly, "Don't tempt me with the spanking! I would want that first, except I'm too hungry for cock!"

Mom seemed surprised at first by Cindy's quick movement. But then she got up and hurried to get into the same position.

My heart soared once more to see these two Amazonian goddesses on all fours, side by side, with their faces right up in my crotch, so close that my hard-on was between their faces. It was just about the most awe-inspiring sight I'd ever seen!

But I didn't have long to savor the moment, because they were eager for action. Even as I stood there with my mouth hanging open, they moved their heads in and started to lap on each side of my shaft.

The only problem was that my hard-on was unsupported by any hands, since their hands were needed on the ground to support their weight. I loved seeing them on all fours, especially since that allowed me to look all the way down their shapely back to their heart-shaped asses. So I held my boner at its base in order to give them a stable target.

As soon as I did that, Cindy engulfed my cockhead and started passionately bobbing on it.

Mom laughed. "Somebody here is hungry for cock! I wonder who?"

Cindy laughed too, but it was muffled due to her mouth being crammed full.

Mom took one hand off the ground so she could fondle my balls. But her main focus was on licking my shaft, just below Cindy's sliding lips.

I thought, I feel like the king of the world! Nah, even that doesn't begin to cut it. It's more like emperor of the galaxy! I feel invincible and totally triumphant. All my wildest dreams are coming true. To win both Mom and Cindy is more than I could have ever hoped for. But to do it this way, on these terms, is literally beyond belief! Even looking down at them, happily lapping and sucking away, I can't believe my own lying eyes!

After I experienced about a minute of sheer bliss, or maybe two, Mom's shoulder nudged Cindy's since they were shoulder to shoulder.

She complained, "Hey, slut! You're not the only one who needs that cock. We have to learn how to share it!"

Cindy pulled off.

Mom immediately took over. She bobbed and slurped with just as much energy and passion.

But instead of working on the rest of my privates, Cindy sat back and just stared at Mom's bobbing head. She spoke, maybe more to herself than to me, "Good Lord! This is so amazing! Incredible! I'm watching incest in action, but I hardly care! Yeah, it bothers me, but mainly I'm thinking, 'You go, girl! Give it to him good!' Hell, a part of me is turned on by the sheer wickedness of it!"

She finally looked up at me, boldly making eye contact. "Who cares what society thinks? What's more important is that this is what we want, and even what we need. What matters is that she and I are good sluts, who are going to endlessly worship and adore your big fat cock! Because it needs lots of adoration!" She giggled.

She broke eye contact with me then, because she turned her attention to lapping on my balls. However, she kept talking to me. "Peter, you're so right. I so much wanted to tell you to go fuck off earlier with all your 'personal slut' talk, but I couldn't because you're making all my deepest desires come true. I AM a submissive slut! I didn't even fully believe that until today, but the way you treated me has set my soul on fire! FUCK my husband and his money! You're right that I've got enough of that as it is. This is way more important. I have to do what brings me the most joy, and if that's being one of your personal cocksucking sluts, then so be it!"

Mom pulled her lips off my shaft. Her eyes were sparkling with delight. "Beautiful, Cin! Beautiful! It's like you're reading my mind and speaking for me too on everything. Just for that, here's a tasty treat!" She'd had both hands on the ground again, but she briefly lifted one up, just long enough to point my boner right at Cindy's face.

"Muchos gracias!" Cindy said, with a gleeful giggle. "Already, I can tell sharing him with you is going to be nothing but fun!" Then she engulfed my cockhead, and then some.

Now it was Mom's turn to sit back and stare at the oral action in wide wonder. She muttered, "Mmmm. That's true. I love the sharing."

She looked up into my eyes. "Master... Oh, Son, can I call you 'master?'"

"Please do, if that's what you want. That's what I am now, right?"

I heard Cindy moan "Master" too. But it was muffled and hard to hear, since she was frantically bobbing away with her lips stretched painfully wide.

However, she was so taken by the moment that she reached up to hold my cock in place, and pulled her lips off. She asked me earnestly, "Master?! Oh, Master! Mmmm, I love saying that! May I please call you 'master' as well?"

I was about to easily agree. But then I had a better idea. "Only if you agree to everything that Mom's agreed to already. Which means full ownership. I will own your sexy body and do with it what I will. You may touch no other man, not even your husband. But I can do what I want with Dusty or Mom or anyone else, because there are no limits to a master's power."

Cindy's eyes lit up. "Ohmygod YES! YES! To all that! That's so fucking wrong, but so fucking RIGHT!" She took a deep breath and the engulfed my cockhead all over again.

I was feeling a rush of power, as well as the rush of sexual stimulation from Cindy's busy lips and tongue. Shit! This can't really be happening, can it? Phew! I'm making a big commitment here with Cindy, but I already know in my heart it's the right thing to do. I had a crush on her before, but now that I've found out that she's submissive AND a great cocksucker...

OH GOD! I had trouble thinking, because I realized she was starting to deep throat me again. And she wasn't pussyfooting about it either. She sat up on her high heels because she wanted both hands free to hold my boner and balls in place. Apparently, that helped her somehow, because she went well past her gag reflex level, and kept on going and going!

Mom didn't seem to mind losing all contact with my privates for a while. Staying on all fours with her face inches from the action, she cheered her gorgeous friend, "You GO, girl! Woo-hoo! That's the spirit!"

I swear, I was able to see Cindy smile in response, even though her mouth was stretched out in a perfect "O" shape. The smiling mostly could be seen in her eyes.

Mom continued to hoot and holler and say encouraging things as Cindy finally swallowed my shaft all the way to the root! Cindy seemed to revel in the moment with especially impassioned moaning as she nuzzled her nose into my pubic hair.

Mom squealed, "OHMYGOD! YES! YESSSS! Cin, you did it! Every last inch!" It was obvious that she was genuinely overjoyed for Cindy's accomplishment.