BLACKMAIL Chapter 30
Originally written by G. H. Lawrence under the title "Extortion",
supersized by Spacer X


I didn't keep track of the time, but I'm sure Cindy stayed that far down for a full minute. But even better was that she must have remembered my earlier demands to massage my shaft with her throat muscles. That's exactly what she did. The only way to describe it was "throat-fucking," even though my cock stayed in place and she did all the "fucking." Plus, near the end she remembered to lick another portion of my shaft and slide her lips back and forth a little too.

While that was going on, Mom got up on her knees too, allowing her to gasp the bulge in Cindy's neck caused by my extra thick cockhead.

Mom exclaimed as she touched it, "This is so EXTRAORDINARY! Oh, Cindy! Look how deep Master is down your throat! I can feel the throbbing right through your neck! It's so thrilling that I think I'll just DIE!"

She kept on holding and rubbing that bulge in wide-eyed wonder until Cindy finally had to pull off.

Cindy needed a prolonged rest after that extreme effort, but Mom certainly did not. In fact, just as soon as Cindy pulled off and Mom was able to check with her that she was okay, Mom engulfed my cockhead and began deep throating me from the get-go! Mere seconds after she started, she also had her nose tickling my pubic hair!

Cindy was just as euphoric about Mom's accomplishment as Mom had been about hers. She cheered, "Oh, Kate! Kate! This is totally brilliant! You did it too! We both did it! We're going to be the best sluts ever! He's going to fuck our throats raw every single day! I'm so happy that I just might pass out! I can see what you mean about the bulge in your neck! It's so incredible that I'm afraid to touch it or I really WILL pass out!"

I could definitely sympathize about her feeling that she was going to pass out at any moment, because that's exactly how I felt too. The extreme pleasure was too much for me to take! I might have been able to endure if there had been a longer pause between them, but it was such a fast one-two punch that I had no chance. Hell, the simple realization that my mother was fully deep throating me while Cindy was watching and waiting for her next turn to do the same was enough to push me over the edge.

About half a minute through Mom's deep throating, complete with even more talented "throat fucking" on her part, I cried out frantically, "I just... I just... GONNA CUM!"

Mom didn't want to "waste" my cum in the sense that if I came while that far in her throat, she wouldn't be able to taste it. So she pulled back until my cockhead was just inside her lips.

But right as I started to fire off my first ropes of cum, Cindy recovered enough to tap her on her shoulder. "Wait! Kate, save some for me!"

Acting fast, Mom pulled the rest of the way off, causing me to squirt onto her face.

I was too out of it to control anything. I'm sure my eyes rolled into the back of my head right around then as I wailed like I'd been stabbed in the gut.

But Mom was on top of things. She held and stroked my shaft, making sure to "paint" every part of her face. Then, with Cindy whining needfully, she redirected her aim at Cindy, who plastered her face literally cheek to cheek.

Happily, I had just enough cum left in me to give Cindy a thorough dousing.

The two were as blissed out as they could be, oohing and aahing over each other's "paint job" while I dropped to my knees and then slid the rest of the way down to take a serious rest.

I didn't quite pass out, but I had to just lie there on the concrete with my eyes closed for a while.

A jubilant Mom told Cindy, "Would you just look at him? The poor thing!" She laughed. "You know, we're going to have to be careful with our new powers."

Cindy asked her, "What do you mean?"

"I mean that I blew it! I was just so excited to see you deep throat him so well, especially with that massive bulge in your neck, that I kind of lost my mind with my desire to do the same. We gave him a great cum, for sure, but we should be more careful to pace ourselves."

I heard Cindy reply, "I see what you mean. I want to spend the next HOUR licking, stroking, and sucking his fat pole with you, at the very least! Then, after my mouth is utterly exhausted, I want him to fuck me! But we can't go nearly that long if we're making him cum every five minutes!" She laughed too.

After they laughed together some more, Mom asked her, "Oh my God, Cindy, how did it FEEL for you?! I'm talking about you properly deep throating him for the first time! Not only did you take him all the way, and stay down, but I could literally see from the outside that you were working him good with your throat muscles! I could see and even feel the movement right through your neck!"

Cindy sounded almost deliriously overjoyed. "Oh, Kate! Kate! It was the BEST! I think about sex with my so-called husband, and my previous lovers, and I just have to laugh! This is HOME! Do you know what I mean?! Everything he told me a few minutes ago is spot on. I AM submissive, and this is the kind of sex I love the most! I still can't get over what's happened today, and how fast it all changed. But that's okay. Already, I know I made the right decision in ignoring the incest, blowing off my marriage, and listening to my cunt!" She laughed.

Mom laughed more too. "I think that's good advice in general: 'listen to your cunt.' But you say you feel that way now. Let's see how you feel after another FULL HOUR of non-stop sucking!"

"Be still my beating heart! I can't even imagine how divine that would be!"

I still wasn't looking, but apparently Mom took one look at me lying there and said, "Well, let's at least give him a few more minutes to recover before we try it out. The poor guy. He might just have bitten off more than he can chew!"

The two of them cackled gleefully about that.

I did manage to revive myself after a few minutes. I didn't know if my penis would be able to revive any time soon as well, but looking at my cum splattered all over their gorgeous faces was about all it took.

Knowing that we were going for endurance this time, I sat on one of the lawn chairs, because I knew if I didn't, they would literally and repeatedly bring me to my knees.

I have to say I was damn impressed, because the two of them did manage to keep my boner throbbing with great pleasure for a full hour. The only breaks they took were the ones I demanded, because sometimes they could get a little over-enthusiastic. They went on so long that they each actually had to take brief dips in the pool (while the other kept bobbing on me) because the cum I'd deposited on their faces started to dry and get unpleasant.

Even more remarkably, both of them managed to deep throat me a couple more times each. But they were careful to pace themselves with that, knowing that it was a kind of "kill shot" that could tip me over the orgasmic edge. Plus, their throats simply weren't accustomed for a lot of action yet. They would have to build up their endurance over time.

By the time I just plain ran out of energy and splattered another cum load equally on their faces, I swear I died and went to Heaven several times! The two of them working as one on my cock was such a pleasure that it pretty much rendered the whole idea of a male orgasm moot. It felt just like one endless climax, for real!

I had to take a more prolonged rest after that. I was so wiped out that I went into the house and took a nap.

But my two new sluts apparently were too excited to even think of resting, even though they felt exhausted too. They stayed near the pool, sitting at the patio table we'd been talking at earlier. Arguments about incest were forgotten, at least for now, and they chattered away like mockingbirds about their new lives as personal sluts and what the implications of that were.

Before they moved out of range, I heard Mom ask Cindy, "So, now that you've had an hour or so of sucking my cock, what do you think? Is it something that you think you could grow to love, or do you think you might get bored of it, or what?"

Cindy replied, "'Grow to love?' I can't grow to love it, because I love it already! And I'll never get bored of it, I can guarantee you that! The physical pleasure is incredible! I swear, I was on the cusp of cumming pretty much the whole time, and that as without even touching my privates. Just knowing that I have my tongue on my Master's cock is enough to send me to the moon! And when it's my turn, and I have his thick pole all the way inside my mouth, and I get to slide my lips on it, and dance my tongue all over it... Oooh! Shivers! I'm getting goose bumps right now just from thinking about it! And don't get me started on deep throating him! That's the ultimate!"

Mom asked, "So I take it you're enjoying yourself then?" She laughed.

Cindy laughed too. "Hell yeah! That's the understatement of the year!" Then she asked, "What about you? How do YOU feel?"

Mom replied, "Again, it's like you must be reading my mind before you speak. That keeps happening. I think it's because we're both in the exact same boat. We're both naturally submissive, yet never fully realized it today. Certainly, I'd never let any man dominate me before. But when Peter does, it just feels soooo, soooo right! So perfect!"

My eyes were still closed, but I could hear the enthusiasm in Cindy's voice. "You said it! You're reading my mind too. And oral servitude is absolutely perfect too! It's the ideal symbol of the way he's going to sexually dominate and use us. GOD!"

"What?" Mom asked, since Cindy seemed suddenly surprised by something.

"It just hit me that I actually DISLIKED blowjobs before today! How crazy is that?!"

They shared a big laugh over that.

Then Mom asked, "So, I take it you're okay with being his personal slut?"

Cindy paused before replying, "Well, I don't know if I'm okay with it. I mean, I've got a ton of issues about that, starting with the fact that I don't even fully know what that means yet. It's going to take me some time to adjust to my new life. But, that said, I wouldn't have it any other way. It would break my heart if you got to be his personal slut and I didn't. I want to 'go all in,' just like you said earlier. I can already tell that the deeper I go into submitting to him, the better it feels."

"Amen to that," Mom agreed. "I felt like I was in 'the zone' for most of this last hour. I completely cleared my mind of any thought but serving his cock to the utmost, and the more I did that, the great my pleasure was."

Cindy sounded ecstatic. "Oh my God, YES! I felt like I was in 'the zone' too! Now I know what all those sports stars talk about when they talk about being 'in the zone.' It was like I was in a trance, off on some distant planet, but totally there in the moment at the same. It's funny. I've played tennis for years and never felt that way even once, but I've been like that each time I've sucked him off today. It makes me want to suck him until I drop from exhaustion."

Mom chuckled. "Watch out, because I think you're going to get your wish on that. We both will!"

I wouldn't find out about it until later, because they did move out of hearing range shortly after that, but it turned out that both of them vowed during their discussion to divorce their husbands. For Cindy, it was a no-brainer. She realized she'd only been staying with him out of inertia. For Mom, it was a slightly more difficult decision. There were more complications. But she decided she couldn't live the full slut live that she desired if she had to sneak around much of the time.

She told Cindy, "I want a life where I sleep with my new master in bed every night, preferably cuddled up on one side of him with you cuddled up on the other. And it's a must that he wakes up every day with either my mouth bobbing up and down his shat, or yours. Hopefully, we'll wake him up with both of our mouths working his cock together. As it should be. Anything that stands in the way of that has to go, including my marriage."

Cindy told her, "I support you 100 percent. Especially about the waking him up with a blowjob thing. I just love how clear he's made it that we're going to be his personal COCKSUCKING sluts! So of course it's so symbolic to start each day that way. It's a must! Already, it makes me upset to imagine he could wake up tomorrow all alone, without even one hot mouth pleasuring his delicious cock-meat to help him greet the day. Starting tonight, we should move into a hotel room together so we can properly take care of him until our marriages are sorted out and we can all live together in a more permanent way."

"Agreed!" Mom said. "I like how you think. You know, I must admit I was reluctant when he insisted on seducing you and letting you in on the incest. But now I’m so glad he did. We'll be able to serve his cock so much better as a team. Two mouths on one hot cock, forever!"

"Right on, sister!"

Later that day, I revived enough to finally give Cindy the thorough fucking she deserved. But it was strangely anticlimactic. Mind you, it felt fantastic! It was every bit as pleasurable as fucking Mom, and Cindy climaxed over and over again. But the problem was I could only fuck one woman at a time, and Cindy told me that she felt bad that Mom was left out of the action. I felt bad about that too.

Afterwards, we were all sexually exhausted, yet we were still riding emotional highs. So we stayed together, hanging out naked around the pool or inside the house. We'd all made extremely important long-term commitments to each other. Mom and I knew each other very well, of course, but Cindy and I had a lot of catching up to do. So we talked and talked. We bonded deeply in a short time, because we were all honest and open with each other.

Eventually though, I got another erection. Suddenly everything changed, and my two sluts sprang into action. They all but begged me that they share another blowjob.

Mom explained the reasoning for both of them. "Son, it's good that you and Cin are bonding through talking, but she and I are already close friends and know most every secret. That said, it's important that she and I bond in another way, as one personal slut to another. It's hard for me to put into words, but sharing your cock with her is so much more than a physical act. It's an emotional bonding thing between her and me, tying us together even closer than the best of friends." She looked shyly to Cindy. "Or am I off with that?"

Cindy hastened to reply, "Definitely not! You're spot on!" She looked into my eyes. "Master, I love sucking you off. I'm already fully addicted. I'd gladly blow you any time you so much as give me a look. But sharing the experience with Kate takes it to a whole new level. When the two of us are working seamlessly as team, for instance, both of us holding and stroking your shaft while lapping on your sensitive spots so closely that our tongues touch, well... I can't even explain it! I feel such joy, like I'm part of a team, part of something bigger that's doing something great. I thought I'd get jealous. But not only do I not mind sharing, I much prefer sucking you off with her!"

Mom nodded emphatically. "Me too! I second everything she said. On top of that, it's like I feel I have two mouths and four hands. Like she and I are one! It's a great feeling. So can we please do some more of that right now?"

I had to chuckle. "Well, if you insist." Once again, I couldn't believe my luck.

The two of them spent another full hour jointly orally pleasuring me. They managed to keep me near the cusp of cumming without actually tipping over for pretty much the entire time. I couldn't fathom the depths of their passion, because I knew their mouths had to be physically exhausted from everything else that had happened in the day.

I also started to grasp what they meant about being "in the zone," because that clearly was happening some more to both of them. They were so blissed out that it was like they were in a trance, and yet their fingers, lips, and tongues were in constant motion, continually coming up with new things to pleasantly surprise me.

Eventually I had to cum again, and my dick needed another prolonged rest. But Cindy was in no rush to go home, or even put on any clothes. She and Mom cooked me a dinner that was fitting for a king.

Later that evening, when we all got aroused again, I insisted on giving fucking Cindy another try. I tried something new, which was having Mom lie on top of Cindy in such a way that their pussies were almost touching while they were face to face. Then I'd fuck one of them for a few strokes, pull out, fuck the other one, and repeat. I figured it was about as close as one could get to fucking two women at the same time.

That worked out better for all of us. I could tell right away that we'd do a lot of that from now on. It turned fucking into a shared experience, and clearly, that was very important for both of them.

Mom and Cindy had never sexually kissed each other before, but with their faces close together during the fucking, it was almost inevitable that the got so hot and bothered they wound up French kissing quite a lot, at least when they weren't desperately gasping for air.

I was surprised that they both took that in stride. But I guess it was relatively small potatoes compared to all the other things that had happened to them in one highly eventful day.

Like I said, the fucking was great, especially when we were able to turn it into a threesome activity. But for the rest of the day and well into the night, nearly all of their remaining sexual energies were spent on sucking me off. They simply couldn't get enough of it and, of course, I loved every second.

Of course that was a natural emphasis, because I'd told them that I was going to work them hard, especially orally. But I think they got off on it anyway because it symbolized their new way of life as my personal sluts more than any other act. Plus, it was something they could share together.

I got the sense that they were all about the sharing. From the very start, it was almost seen as rude and unnatural for one of them to suck me off alone, because two mouths WERE always better than one.

I can't even tell you how many times I climaxed that day. We all lost track. And of course both of them orgasmed many, many more times than I did. Let's just say we kept sucking, titfucking, fucking, and even deep throating until all three of us collapsed due to sheer exhaustion.

So ends the account of the most remarkable day of my life! In one day, I won the two women who I plan to spend the rest of my life with.

There's so very much that has happened since. I can't even begin to tell of all of the great adventures we've had. But the most important thing is that it wasn't long before I fell head over heels in love with Cindy, and she did with me. (I already felt that way about Mom, so there was no issue there.)

Mom and Cindy managed to extricate themselves from their marriages without any awful incidents, although it did take longer than we wished. Once they were both freed, I "married" them in a very private ceremony that was legally unofficial but binding in our minds. Naturally, I was dressed in a tuxedo while they spent the ceremony kneeling and wearing just a few wisps of a bridal outfit, such as white high heels and transparent white veils over their hair. Also naturally, they took turns deep throating my cock through the entire ceremony before the event "climaxed" with me spanking and fucking them.

The nature of that ceremony really tells you the gist of how our relationship has worked out. They took to calling me "Master," and treating me as such, like ducks to water. They spoil me rotten every single day! It turned out that I was right that we spend much more non-sexual time together than sexual, and we all get along great that way too. For instance, Cindy's issues with the incest taboo have been totally forgotten.

It still surprises me how much sex we have on a daily basis, and how much of that is fellatio. Naturally, cocksucking really is the heart of our relationship, symbolizing my domination and their loving submission. Sometimes, it shocks me adding up just how much time the two of them spend bobbing on my shaft every day, almost always doing it together.

Anyway, that's my story. I've gotta go because we live in a big house together and I can hear them downstairs calling for me. By their tone of voice, I'm got a good feeling they're both dressed in just high heels and ready for another prolonged suck session.

I don't know what my story says about the morality of blackmail. In retrospect, I regret that I ever blackmailed my mom, and I'm grateful that I didn't have to blackmail Cindy. I should have been brave to try to seduce my mother without that. Knowing what I know now, I'm confident I would have won her over without resorting to dirty tricks. But, if that hadn't worked? That's a much more difficult situation. Let's just say that I'm living the high life and sometimes the ends are so fantastic that some moral slips can be overlooked!

Oh, and as for my all too neglected girlfriend Dusty? She's neglected no more. To make a long story very short, she's the one I'm going to officially marry someday soon, for outward appearances. She also calls me "Master, and she, Mom, and Cindy have all become best friends. You should see what the THREE of them look like naked and on all fours, begging for me to come closer so they can service my big dick together.

Speak of the devil, I can hear her calling from downstairs too! So now I really need to go.

Life is good!