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Part 1: Chapters 1 to 4
(MF, Mf, Ff, ff, mult, cons, reluc, les, het, humor, wife, inc, fath, dau, in-law, D/S, group, orgy, poly, harem, 1st, voy, WC, WM, WF, oral, anal, pett, BBR)
Written by Storysmith and Spacer X (

A note by Spacer X:

I've had a lot of stories in various stages of completion for years now. Recently, I've been making an attempt to finish some of them off. "Becoming the Perfect Daughter" is a story by Storysmith that I got a big kick out of over five years ago. Eventually, I started elaborating it and changing it, and in the process I made it much, much longer, with many new scenes. So I'm calling this the "Supersized Edition." (Basically, it's the same thing I did to "The Black Halloween Party Dress.") I had been in contact with original author Storysmith way back when, and we'd talked about collaborating, but we lost contact, and I haven't been able to reach him since. Still, based on what we'd discussed then, I have a good feeling he'd approve if he sees this.

One reason I reworked this story was that Storysmith could write very arousing scenes, but English obviously was not his mother tongue, so there were a lot of typos and grammatical errors. Hopefully, I've cleaned most of those up. I've also taken some major liberties with the plot, in particular changing the role of the wife, Alison.

The original story was meant to be an arousing "stroke story," and the supersized version is basically a longer stroke story. Shakespeare it's not! So please take the story in that spirit, and don't have big expectations about plot or characterization. I wrote it almost entirely for my own amusement, so, frankly, I haven't polished it that much as I have for some other stories I've written. It rambles on too long in places, indulges in erotic story cliches at times, and has other flaws, but I figured it's better to share it warts and all than not share it.

Also, if you're familiar with my stories Six Times a Day and Reasonable Bounds, you may find a lot of similarities to this one, including incest as a major theme (father-daughter, this time). That's not entirely accidental. I was aware of this story well before I started writing either of those, and I did most of the rewrite a long time ago, so this can be seen as sort of a trial run for some of the things I've explored in greater depth in later stories.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the story! And thanks again to Storysmith for being an inspiration. If you like this, you might want to check out his other stories too.


"No Linda! I don't think so." Linda and Nicole were talking about sex again. The two best friends were lazily lying on Nicole's large bed.

Linda was sixteen years old and very beautiful. Her pretty face had bright blue eyes, a cute upturned nose, and was crowned with shoulder-length blonde hair. The girl was very slim and petite, standing 5'2", but long-legged for her size. She already wore a D-cup bra and her breasts were very firm, looking incredibly large on her petite frame.

"Oh, come on, Nicky! Don't you want to touch a boy's penis? You have been curious about it for years!" Linda tried to make it sound very natural. "Lots of boys would just love to show their dicks to you. All of them are hot for your beautiful face and your big boobs!" The easy-going girl encouraged her prudish friend, "You just have to let it happen... I can even help you get a date to-"

"NO! I-I don't want you to he-help me with that!" Shy Nicole was blushing, as usual. "I don't think I could handle the situation. I-I... I would panic again!"

Nicole Devoux was a good girl from a very religious family. She was as beautiful as her friend, but her body was fuller, having all the curves of a woman in her 5' 5'' tall frame. She was a very pretty brunette, with full hips, a firm round butt, shapely legs, a cute little nose, shining dark brown eyes, and straight dark brown hair that reached down to the bottom of her shoulder blades. But her best assets were her huge breasts. She already wore a double D-cup bra, even though she also had just turned sixteen. Her big fat tits were the wet dream of many of her classmates, and some of her teachers too.

Nicole's family was well off. She lived in a big two-story house with a pool in the backyard. She and Linda had been spending many days by the pool developing an evenly toned tan without any tan lines. They had been managing to do this to some success so far by wearing a wide variety of bathing suits and moving the fabrics and straps around. The house was on such a large, tree-filled property that they didn't have to worry about neighbors seeing.

They were just about to change into their one-pieces and go to from the bedroom to the pool, but their conversation about sex was taking longer than normal.

"Maybe he wasn't the right guy... Isn't there a boy you would like to kiss, to have a little fun with?" Linda asked.

"No... I don't feel attracted to any one of them," Nicole answered. Her face showed a lot of consternation at her lack of interest in boys. It would have been relatively easy for her to hide this from her inquiring friend, but she just wasn't able to do so.

The two girls have been best friends for years, since they were around seven years old. They had been attending the same classes in school ever since then. To call them "best friends" didn't fully convey how close they were to each other. They were closer than best friends or sisters or both things combined.

Nicole was the only person who knew Linda's great secret.

Linda absolutely loved her father Bruce. In fact, by the time she turned thirteen and began to have an interest in sex, she fell in lust with him too. However, such feelings were just too taboo for her to act upon (plus, she didn't know if he'd be willing). She didn't even give Bruce a clue as to how she really felt about him.

But Linda couldn't resist telling at least one person, and soon she told her best friend Nicole all about her secret. She even shared her incestuous sexual fantasies in great detail.

Nicole knew what incest meant. She knew that society said it was a sin and a very immoral act, but she also knew that her friend greatly desired it. Nicole also had a secret crush on her own father Jack, so she found herself living vicariously through hearing Linda's fantasies, and she only put up token protests of moral disapproval.

Time passed. Linda became sexually active with boys her age, but this only increased her desire for her father. Nicole had heard the description of her friend's incestuous fantasies for a couple years, but she'd kept her wish to have a similar relationship with her father a deep secret, even from Linda.

Linda's parents died in a car crash one year earlier, and she lived with her aunt now. The deaths had been a very traumatic experience for Linda, but she had managed to recover well. However, her attitude about sex remained warped from her unusual circumstances, due to her unfulfilled desire to have sex with her father.

Nicole still had yet to even so much as kiss a boy. She knew Linda had a very active sex life in the past year and certainly wasn't a virgin anymore, but even so, they stayed the best of friends. In fact, their difficulties got them even closer, as the double D-cupped Nicole also had her share of family problems.

Nicole loved her father Jack and mother Gabrielle dearly, so she was taken aback when Gabrielle abruptly left them. Nicole was thirteen when it happened, and it had been a very hard blow. She had always been a sweet and docile child, and very attached to her parents. When her mother left without any warning, Nicole became utterly afraid that her father would do the same. She developed a huge dependence on Jack. She was desperate for his attention and became very submissive to him, trying hard to do everything she thought he would like her to do.

Jack tried very hard to compensate for the lack of a mother, and he doted on her. Soon, she had all the attention she wanted from him, and she loved that. She felt secure and loved in his company. He was the only person in the world, aside from Linda, whom she loved and trusted.

Then Jack married again, six months ago, after a very abrupt courtship. Nicole's new stepmother Alison was an exceptionally beautiful red head. But the new marriage created big problems for Nicole, because suddenly her father Jack was spending a great deal of time with Alison, and she felt like she didn't belong in the family anymore.

Nicole treasured the rare moments she had Jack's undivided attention. She felt desperate to have his attention back, but it seemed she never quite managed to succeed. As a result, she was becoming increasingly introverted and shy. Her lust for her father only grew stronger as her body developed and her sexual desire increased. Even though she kept her feelings a deep secret from everyone and knew she was far too shy to ever act on them anyway, Jack's sudden remarriage had been a particularly painful blow.

Jack and Alison had already started to face a lot of difficulties in their new marriage, mostly because Alison turned out to be much more religious than Jack had realized. She had seemed to have a normal interest in sex while Jack courted her. But after the wedding, she told him that sex should be for procreation only. She left him extremely sexually frustrated most of the time.

But he grew even more distant with Nicole as a result, because she was rapidly growing into an exceptionally beautiful and curvaceous body, and he found himself increasingly aroused by her. He tried to avoid her so he wouldn't be too tempted. He continued to show signs of his paternal love to her, but she was very insecure about him because she noticed how he frequently avoided her, and she didn't understand why.

Alison was friendly towards Nicole at times, but between her job and her church activities, it seemed to Nicole that her new stepmother was avoiding her too. So Nicole felt very alone. She was far too shy to speak to any boys, and most of the other girls were too jealous of her outstanding looks to be friendly. She only had Linda now. The fact that she and Linda were both remarkably beautiful as well as lonely only children helped bind them closely together, even though Linda was much more outgoing and liberated.

Linda had long known just how introverted and repressed her best friend was, and she knew that Nicole had a serious psychological dependence on her and on her father. She saw how Nicole was very submissive to her father and wanted to please him in every little thing, craving his approval, and needing his attention.

Linda loved the prudish brunette and wanted to help her get out of her self-made shell, but it was a very difficult task. She also longed for the kind of incestuous relationship she'd desired with her own father. But since he was deceased, she increasingly turned her sexual interest to Nicole's father Jack instead.


It was a typical Tuesday in Southern California. The two teen friends were enjoying the sun, trying to get their much-wanted golden tan.

Nicole was wearing a one-piece swimsuit. Her slim yet very curvy body was mostly hidden by its heavy fabric. Only her full breasts drew attention, as they were simply too big to be contained in any bathing suit, and practically threatened to burst out of the top of the garment.

Linda also wore a one-piece. She didn't want to, but she was used to it, since Nicole was too scandalized if she wore a bikini.

They were sitting near the pool. There were several lawn chairs there, the kind that can move into three positions: normal, inclined, and couch-like. There was a table with some glasses and dishes next to them.

Jack always brought them drinks and food. He liked the company of the girls, and he was very nice to them sometimes.

But Linda had noticed a strange pattern: sometimes he seemed to seek them out when they were wearing their bathing suits, and she thought he eagerly ogled her big breasts, or even his own daughter's even more well developed bust. But other times, he seemed to go out of his way to avoid them when they were dressed like that. And for the past couple of months they had been working on their tans nearly every day after school, and even more on the weekends.

"Today's a beautiful sunny day. This will be great for our tans," Nicole said happily.

"Yeah!" Linda agreed. "We'll get the best tans in the world. Maybe then Peter will notice us." She was referring to the best looking boy in their classes, Peter Krinston. "UGH! He's such a hunk!"

Nicole started to complain, "LINDA! Don't be so..."

"Oh, come on, Nicky! Wouldn't you like him to notice your big breasts?" Linda giggled. "I would even undo some buttons to get his attention!" She said this while letting her boobs jiggle lightly, showing how she would make him notice her.

"You're so nasty, Linda. I really don't care to catch him peeking at my chest," Nicole replied, while her friend laughed.

"I saw him ogling your boobs more than once!" the blonde said enthusiastically.

"Yeah, but I'm not interested in him."

"Oh, come on! Not even him? You're not interested in any boy! Who is the one that gets you hot? There must be someone. You can't live like that... you're too prudish!" Linda was really concerned about her friend. She couldn't understand her lack of sexual interest.

"Please, Linda... Don't speak so loud, my dad might come here any time and... I... I don't want him to... hear us talk about this kind of thing!" She blushed as she spoke.

"Why? He's an adult, he knows about all this. I know dads are protective of their daughters, but I think even he would want you to be less repressed!"

"LINDA! Don't talk like that about him! He's a very..." Nicole seemed annoyed by the notion that her father would want her to meet boys.

"PLEASE, Nicky! He's a man! Don't you think he likes sex?" Linda was curious about her friend's emotional reaction. "God, look at your new stepmother. She's sexy and stacked. That's your answer right there. He obviously married her so he could have sex every night with a total bombshell."

"I don't think it's proper to speak about... about this subject with him." Nicole was a little shaken.

Linda couldn't understand why. "Look here, girl, he's not dead... In fact, I've noticed he's very interested in girls' bodies."

"WHAT! Wh-what do you mean?" Nicole was suddenly wide eyed and breathing hard.

Linda realized that wasn't a normal response. Hmmm. Curious! Is it possible that my super prudish friend is jealous of her father, or even getting hot for him? She decided to test that. "Can't you see how he looks at my breasts when he thinks no one is paying attention?"

Nicole's face was flushed as she heard this. She bit her lower lip. More tellingly, her nipples suddenly grew erect.

Linda continued, "Remember when we had to study all the weekend, and Stacy was here with us?" Stacy was a beautiful girl from their classes who was very well endowed in bust size too. In fact, she had about the same double D-cups as Nicole did. "He ogled all of us as we studied, and I mean all of us! He looked at your tits too!"

It was true. Linda had noticed him staring intensely at them when he brought them appetizers and soft drinks. Even Nicole had seen it.

The big-titted brunette was red faced as she heard this, but she had a weird look on her face as well as a look of excitement.

Linda pressed, "Did you see the way he looked at Stacy's tits? And I think your boobs are even bigger, Nicky!" The clever blonde could see her talk was hitting the target as Nicole started to bite her lower lips again, obviously reacting to the information.

Suddenly, Nicole was shifting this way and that in her lawn chair, unable to find a comfortable position. All the while, she brushed her wet crotch against its arm rest, getting herself even more aroused without realizing it.

Linda saw it though, and she was amazed. A-ha! For months, I've struggled to see any signs of sexual interest from Nicky. Nada. But this talk about her father is making her so horny that she can't even keep still! Bingo! It all makes sense now.

"Do you realize that he gave us a lot of attention just to stay near us?" Linda asked. "You say his new marriage is not going too well. Maybe he's sexually unsatisfied..."

"LINDA! PLEASE!" Nicole gasped at shouting so loud, and belatedly covered her mouth with both hands.

But Linda kept on. "YEAH! That would explain why he's so distant lately! He has unfulfilled needs... You know how much time Alison has been spending with her work and church stuff lately. Jack must be quite depressed. He needs someone to give him excitement in his life, a little pleasure and love... just like I wanted to do with my dad!"

Linda thought, Ohmigod! Nicole is totally horny now! Her nipples are seriously poking out. And look how wet her crotch is. That ain't because of the pool water!

"No Linda! I don't think he would think about me in... in any sexual way..." Her voice trembled with sadness and arousal.

"You mean you think he won't get the hots for you? HA! You must be kidding! He would go crazy about your big knockers, for starters!" Linda said this with a new hope for her friend. "Get real, Nicky. You look great all over. Would you show a little more skin... maybe a peek of your breast... if it got him looking at you? I would!"

"NO! NO... I... I don't know... It doesn't seem pr-proper..." The stacked brunette was stuttering in confusion, horny and afraid at the same time.

"Come on. I'm not talking about walking to him naked... just teasing him a little..." Linda was getting the conversation headed in the direction she wanted. "So we would know for sure if he was capable of seeing you as a woman, that's all. Aren't you curious?"

Nicole was in deep thought. For some reason, she imagined herself walking to her father while completely naked, her huge melons freely bouncing and swinging with every step. The idea was so arousing to her that her pussy started to throb almost painfully.

"Why don't we make a pact?" Linda continued. "We just tease him a little and... and we'll see his reaction." She laughed aloud. "I think he'll start to spend a lot more time with you, after that!"

Nicole bit her lip. "I don't know... What if he really gets turned on staring at us? I would be so embarrassed!" But she was seriously considering the idea, because she had such a huge crush on him.

Delighted at the turn of the conversation, Linda reasoned, "So what? It means the trick is working... He's turned on by your body. He wants to caress your breasts, suck on your nipples, finger your juicy pussy..."

"LINDA! Don't be so nasty! My dad would never do such things!" Nicole said those words in indignant protest, but then she giggled nervously. She felt her nipples tingle as she thought about her blonde friend's suggestions.

"OH, pleeeaase... If you had the courage, wouldn't you like to see his penis, completely uncovered? You know what I think? I think he has a really big one!"

"H-h-how... W-w-why do you think that?"

Linda replied, "Are you blind?! He gets a big boner most every time he comes out to talk to us when we're sunbathing. He tries his best to hide it, but there's just too much penis to hide!"

The beautiful blonde was being a bit generous. Jack's penis was six and a half inches long when fully erect, which made it a bit above average. It also was above average in width, and actually a bit impressive in that dimension, but to hear Linda talk about it, he was hung like a porn star.

But perception is reality, and both girls really did think he was exceptionally well-hung. Linda had experience with a handful of other penises in the last year, but what she really wanted was a father figure to replace her deceased father, and Jack fit the bill perfectly. Since she'd developed a powerful crush on him in recent months, she looked at things like his penis size through rose-colored glasses. Nicole, by contrast, was totally sexually inexperienced, and even avoided pornography. Jack's penis was the only penis she cared about or thought about, and when she furtively stole looks at his erection, she thought it looked positively gigantic.

To Linda's surprise, Nicole whispered breathlessly, "It is big, isn't it?"

"It is!" Linda thought, WOW! We really are crushing on the same guy! This will be so great, if we can share him!

Jack Devoux wasn't particularly handsome. In fact, his looks were downright ordinary. But she'd always liked him a lot. Since her father Bruce had died a year ago, her feelings towards Jack had turned to lust and love, as a sort of replacement figure for the sexual feelings she had towards Bruce. She'd been holding back on any kind of flirting with Jack for fear of upsetting and scandalizing her very best friend, but now that she knew Nicole lusted after him, the gloves were off.

Linda continued, "Wouldn't it be a hoot to see him get all hard and erect? If I was in your position, I would tease him, and then ask to see it when he was too hot to say no."

"No!" Nicole gasped in scandalized disbelief. She found herself uncomfortably moving her hips even more. She unthinkingly rubbed her crotch against the arm of her lawn chair, trying to fight the image of her father's erect penis in her mind. She didn't realize how obviously aroused she looked to her best friend.

Linda continued, "Can you imagine? Seeing his cock in front of you? Could you imagine even touching it, if you had the courage, to see it and even FEEL it getting hard? Imagine his grown man's big dick in your hands... You just know he's got a really big one. A big, thick cock!"

Nicole was so carried away that she forgot to protest Linda's words, even though the girl was normally so prudish that she would have been outraged by such language. She drifted off into an erotic fantasy land.

Even Linda found herself fantasizing about Nicole's father. She found herself imagining how happy she could make him by giving him blowjobs every day.

The two girls stopped talking altogether. They were totally lost in their erotic daydreams when Jack opened the sliding glass door that led to the patio, some ten feet away. He was bringing them soft drinks.

The girls snapped out of their fantasies. They both looked at Jack in an entirely new way as they saw him approaching.

Nicole blushed profusely because of her impure thoughts. She turned away, because she had no good excuse to blush. She hoped against hope the other two wouldn't notice.

"Hi girls, is everything okay?" said the middle-aged father. He was a short man, with black hair, complete with a bald spot. He was a little bit overweight, although he wasn't bad looking in overall. He'd been more handsome when he was younger, but his job left him chained to computers all day and he'd let himself go in recent years. But he was also very charming to the girls. Plus, he was funny, kind, and he knew when to leave them to their gossip.

"Hi, Mr. Devoux, how are you?" Linda said as she reached for one of the glasses he'd brought. Even though she'd known him since she was riding a tricycle, she always called him "Mr. Devoux" and never just "Jack." It was a habit she'd developed early on, and she'd never broken it. She helped him put the glasses on the table. She was sure he was discretely ogling at her and Nicole's breasts and butts, as always, but it had new significance now.

"I'm fine Linda. I'll be back in a minute, I brought you some lunch, and it's in the kitchen." He turned and left.

Nicole was relieved he hadn't seemed to notice her red face. Her arousal grew as she realized that was probably because of how his gaze had been mostly directed to her huge rack, and Linda's. Even though their bathing suits were conservatively cut, they were sleek and skin-tight.

Linda started to smile in a wicked way as soon as he was gone. "Nicky... You say your Daddy wouldn't notice you as a woman, right? Only as his little girl. Isn't it so?"

"Of course! How could he lust after me? I'm his daughter... you perverted girl!" She giggled, but she was a little unsure of her words.

"Let's make a test, then!"

"Wh-what!?" Nicole's heart started to pound.

"Let's see if you are right... or if I'm the one who's right. I bet he will get hot for you. You just have to show him a little more of your body."

"LINDA! No! I can't do this! It's not right..." But she looked eager, even as she still looked very worried.

"Come on! If you are right, he won't even notice! It's just a test, after all. Let's make it seem like an accident." The blonde grabbed the top of her friend's dark blue swimsuit and adjusted it so that her breasts were nearly bursting through it. "You just have to raise your arms and your tits will pop out! Accidents do happen! 'Oops! Sorry Daddy, my big fat tits are showing!'" Linda laughed.

Nicole blushed an even deeper shade of red. "I would never use my swimsuit like that. It would be too obvious it's not an accident!"

"Hey, I've got an idea. Get in the pool! It will look like it rode down your chest when you got into the water!" she smiled to her friend. "And when you get out of the pool, be sure to give him a good show with your big knockers!"

Without knowing why she was doing it, Nicole got in the pool. She stood in the water red faced while she waited for her father. She thought, What's wrong with me?! I'm so horny that I can't believe it. I've never been this aroused in my entire life! But what am I doing? Not only is this immoral, it's stupid! It's obvious that Daddy's just gonna tell me to adjust my swimsuit. He would never peek at his own daughter's boobies! He's a good and moral man!

Even so, she kept thinking about her boobs bursting completely free, and the rapturous look on his face that would result. As she waited, she even adjusted the garment to show the top of her areolas, blushing again as she did it.

Jack soon returned to the back patio. As he stood just in front of the pool, laying two sandwiches on the patio table where Linda still sat, he noticed his daughter leaving the pool. His eyes went directly to her ample jugs, only about ten feet directly in front of him. Linda had her back to him, pretending to be looking at the sandwiches, but she was discretely watching everything that was happening.

Nicole was forcing her body up from the water, bending to leave from the side of the pool, and her large hooters were nearly bursting out of her swimsuit!

Jack was transfixed. The sight of his daughter's deep cleavage was enticing, and he just couldn't take his eyes away. He rarely saw more than a hint of cleavage from her, due to her choice of clothes and swimsuits.

Nicole tried not to look directly to her father, but she couldn't help but notice all of the attention he was giving her ample breasts. She pretended to be oblivious, even though her heart was pounding wildly, and she kept lifting her wet body out of the pool. Her mind was in turmoil and she was trembling all over. But she managed to use all her courage to raise her arms to her hair. She adjusted and twisted her beautiful brunette mane, squeezing and stroking the excess water out of it, while looking away so her father would be free to gawk.

Jack was totally blown away. Seeing the water slide down her skin, and her slicked-back hair, her chin tilted up and exposing her long neck, her huge tits jutting out dramatically... It was all too much for him to take! He had a boner to end all boners. He could even see a little bit of her nipples peeking out. That was totally unprecedented.

But then his jaw nearly hit the floor, because Nicole stretched to the sky, and suddenly her firm double D-cups escaped from her swimsuit! And not just a little bit: both boobs sprung completely free! The fabric of the blue suit slid down, framing her huge melons on all sides but the top side, but covering nothing.

Nicole hadn't meant to go that far, even though Linda had been talking about doing so. She had been hoping just to expose her nipples, and was shocked when the fabric of her swimsuit just kept slipping down. Her boobs were so firm and round that once the fabric reached a certain point, they sped the rest of the way out of her suit and there wasn't much that could stop them until they were done. She gasped, but her father was so focused on her exposed jugs that he paid no notice to her facial expression.

The brunette bombshell just froze in that position, which happened to be a lucky thing for her horny father. Her elbows stayed high above her head, and her nipples stayed hard, pointing right at her father. She was a vision of youthful feminine beauty. The fact that everything below and to the sides of her boobs remained covered with dark blue fabric just drew even more attention to her erotic exposure.

Even Linda found herself incredibly aroused as she watched her friend preen and pose. She was aroused because she was picturing herself in Nicole's position, with Jack slobbering over her boobs. She found it ironic that she considered herself far bolder than her best friend, yet Nicole was the one who had made this dramatically bold move.

Finally, Nicole twisted her hair some more, making her body shake lightly and her impressive jugs jiggle. She stood in this pose even longer, basking in her father's attention, and, discretely savoring his wide-eyed expression.

A minute passed, maybe more. Somehow, as long as she didn't make eye contact, she wasn't that afraid. Then she lowered her arms and feigned to have just noticed what happened. Looking directly at her dad, she started to feel shame, and she blushed anew. She looked down at herself and seemed to notice her "wardrobe malfunction" for the first time. "OOPS! So-sorry, Dad! I-it must..." Nicole's voice stammered as she tried to adjust her swimsuit.

"No problem, Dear. Accidents do happen." He also was blushing. He had a raging boner now, and he didn't even think to try to hide it.

However, Nicole's dark blue swimsuit was quite tight, and now that she wanted to pull it back up, she found she was having great trouble doing so. She repeatedly tried to yank it up, but that only repeatedly set her huge knockers jiggling in the most arousing ways. She grew increasingly flustered with each passing second, which only made it more difficult for her to fix her suit. She was growing more humiliated and aroused too. By now, she was staring right at her father even while he stared back at her. However, he was staring exclusively at her bouncing boobs, so he had no idea where she was looking.

Her gaze went down, and she saw the large bulge in his shorts. It was all too much for the overwhelmed girl, and she really felt like she was going to pass out. She'd never seen such undeniable evidence that he desired her physically.

Finally, she gave up the attempt to fix her swimsuit altogether and simply crossed both arms directly over her nipples. She turned her head away in shame.

But even this presented an incredibly arousing sight, because tit-flesh spilled over above and below her arms, leaving very little covered except for her actual nipples.

Jack suddenly remembered he wasn't supposed to look at his daughter like that, and he started to turn around to rush back into the house.

However, Linda immediately stood up and grasped his hand. Cleverly, she tried to start a conversation while holding him from escaping and also forcing him to continue to face Nicole's direction. "Look what happened to Nicky! Can you believe it?" she said, giggling. She held his other hand too, just to be sure he wasn't going anywhere.

Nicole remained frozen in place with her arms crossed over her exposed globes. Her eyes were glued on the bulge in her father's shorts. She slowly walked closer, drawn like a moth to flame by her desire to get a closer look at that bulge. She thought it was the most intoxicatingly erotic sight she'd ever seen.

Linda said gaily, "I told her to be careful. Her breasts are just too big! I warned her that her swimsuit might not stay in place. Oh my gosh! Look! She still can't get her suit back in place! She needs help! Mr. Devoux, can you help her?"

He gulped, and stammered, "Um, no. I shouldn't! I'm her father! You... you do it!"

Linda saw the potential for more mischief. "Good idea! Hey, Nicky! Come here!"

Nicole's eyes went wide with fear. "There?!" She could see that Linda was standing right next to Jack.

"Yeah, don't be shy. Let's figure out how to fix this."

At this point, Linda had let go and Jack could have staged a retreat, but all the blood had fled from his brain to his penis, and he wasn't thinking at all. He just stood there as Nicole walked right up next to him, still (barely) covering her nipples with her arms.

Linda gently but firmly pulled Nicole's arms down, leaving her best friend completely topless while standing within arm's reach of her father.

This was a much, much better view for him than before. Not only was his daughter topless and simply incredibly stacked, her body was dripping wet and that increased her already sky high sexual appeal. He was so aroused that a wet spot started to grow on his shorts.

Nicole also was so excited and horny that her rack heaved up and down even as she tried to simply stand still. Her massive melons couldn't have bounced around more if she'd deliberately tried.

Linda pretended to ponder how to fix her friend's predicament for some long seconds. She even chewed on a finger in her mouth. The sexual tension was thick in the air, and her pussy was getting quite wet too. But she knew she couldn't drag things out too much or Jack would get suspicious, so she suddenly yanked the swimsuit up.

Or at least she pretended to. She deliberately failed, and only managed to set Nicole's huge knockers bouncing wildly all over again, just when they'd finally started to settle back in place.

"Hmmm." She spent more time pondering, and then yanked the top again. But the same thing resulted. It was hard to tell if Linda was attempting to fix Nicole's top, or keep Nicole's huge, bare orbs bouncing as much as possible.

As this went on, a funny thing was happening to Nicole. Her fear and humiliation was still there, but her arousal grew and grew and grew. It grew so very much that it effectively swamped those other feelings. She found herself actually enjoying what was happening! And not just a little - she was flying high! She went from feeling totally mortified to wishing the magic moment would never end. She could see how stiff her father's penis was, and that was like the greatest drug for her.

Linda was helping to make sure the moment would never end, or at least that it wouldn't end soon. In fact, she could have pulled the swimsuit back into place in seconds if that's what she wanted to do, but she kept fiddling around. With Nicole's arms still pinned at her sides, Linda boldly grabbed her friend's boobs with both hands and mashed them down, flattening them some.

Jack thought he'd bust a nut on the spot. And it only got better, because Linda not only held Nicole's boobs, she slid her fingers around them as if trying to get a good hold.

Linda said to Nicole, "Hmmm, this isn't working. Your top is just too tight. But I've got an idea. I'll push your big tits in like this, and then you pull the fabric up."

"Like this?" Nicole used both hands, and gave the fabric a good yank.

To her surprise, and Linda's as well, it actually worked. The swimsuit slid right back into place. It even covered most of her nipples (although not all).

Nicole was secretly crushed. She really wished she hadn't done that, but it was too late to take back. She was totally hooked on exposing herself to her father now.

Linda was very disappointed too, but she wasn't entirely out of tricks. She announced, "There! That's better." As Nicole's hands dropped back to her sides, Linda made a big show of straightening the swimsuit back into place, but it was more like she freely fondled every inch of her brunette friend's amazing chest, including running her fingers over the puffy and erect nipples.

Nicole beamed. She figured out that Linda was still trying to put on a good titty show for Jack, and she was still so terribly aroused that she fully approved. Her eyes remained firmly locked on the bulge in her father's shorts. He stood so close, and his boner stuck out so lewdly, that she could actually see the shape of his cockhead poking through the fabric. That excited her so much that she felt weak in the knees and feared she would buckle to the ground.

As Linda finished caressing Nicole's suit back into place, she pretended to gripe. "I'm so sorry, Mr. Devoux. Nicky's boobs are nothing but trouble, if you ask me. I think they're getting too big! They're outgrowing all her clothes. Don't you think her breasts too big?"

"Well..." he looked at his only daughter and saw her pleading eyes. He wasn't quite sure what she was pleading about, and then it occurred to him she wanted him to praise her body. He knew how shy and uncertain of herself she was.

Nicole arched her back lightly and pinned her arms behind her back, causing her big melons to dramatically stick out for his inspection. It almost didn't matter that they were covered now because they were still an extremely erotic sight from this close, especially soaking wet and with erect nipples poking out. Plus, her globes were still heaving up and down, since her breathing remained ragged and heavy.

He could have easily reached out and held them in his hands. He was sorely tempted to do just that! Forgetting his manners, he continued to wantonly ogle them. He had a hard time talking, since his chest was heaving as well. "I think she's... she's well developed, but not too big. Big, but not too big..." He was sweating bullets, and his arousal seemed to just grow and grow, leaving him seriously worried about spontaneously cumming in his shorts.

Linda suddenly grabbed his attention by holding up her D-cup jugs with both hands to show them off for him. "Oh come on, Mr. Devoux! My breasts are big... THIS is what people call big. But hers? They're way bigger! I think hers are so big it's kind of strange..." She ran all of her fingers across the top of Linda's still heaving rack, caressing them in an erotic manner.

Nicole got the idea and started to play the game too. "NO! It's true, they are really big..." She cupped the undersides of her boobs too, raising them up for her father's inspection. Her nipples popped completely free again, but the swimsuit valiantly struggled not to slide all the way off again. It was a very close call.

She continued, "...But they are not strange. Tell her, Daddy! Aren't my boobies nice? Don't say they're deformed or something!" She acted like she didn't realize that all of her erect nipples are showing, a mere inch or so below where Linda's fingers were still wandering.

He stammered, "Th-they are nice, Darling. V-v-very nice!" He knew he had to get away, and fast, or he would cum in his shorts for sure, and it would be such a powerful climax that he would be forced to double over and moan loudly, making perfectly clear just what was happening to him. He quickly walked away from them and excused himself back to the house. It was only when he started walking that he realized just how outrageously his dick was tenting his shorts. Realizing that, he quickly rushed into the house, making sure to keep his back turned all the way.

Finally, he was gone. (In fact, he rushed all the way to his bedroom to have a masturbation session to end all masturbation sessions!)

Linda and Nicole were both so excited that they needed to sit back down at the table and compose themselves.

"Phew!" Nicole finally exclaimed. "That was scary!" Her heart was still racing like she was in the middle of wild rollercoaster ride.

Linda gave her a superior look, and said, "Boy, did THAT plan work! I told you he would get hot just looking at your body! Do you believe me now? He's a tit man, and yours are the best!"

The foxy brunette gasped. "LINDA! I don't..."

But Linda crowed, "Did you see how hard his cock got? It was huge! He must be masturbating right now! I'm sure he's up in his bedroom this very second, beating his meat, dreaming about YOUR big tits!"

Nicole kind of zoned out for a little bit, because she was fully involved in imagining her father doing just that. She pictured his fist sliding up and down his shaft as he whispered, "Nicky! Nicky!"

Linda giggled a little at her friend's glazed expression, but she let her have her fun, and didn't bother her for a minute or so. From the way Nicole's hips wiggled around, she could see her friend was having some very good fantasies indeed.

Finally, she saw Nicole come to and look at her, so she continued, "I think you would get a lot more attention from him if you dressed in a more... more revealing way sometimes. He would love it!"

"D-do you think so?" asked the insecure brunette sexpot.

"Of course! He would love to see more of your big knockers! It would make him soooo happy!"

"I don't know," Nicole complained, but that pretty much was as far as her complaints got. She knew many reasons she could have given not to do this kind of thing, but she wanted Linda to talk her into doing it more, not talk her out of it.

The day ended up with Linda filling her bashful friend's mind with impure thoughts about her dad.

Nicole was ashamed and aroused by these thoughts, but she loved hearing her blonde friend talk and suggest all kinds of nasty things.

Linda never said anything obvious like, "I know you want to have sex with your dad," but it was clear now that Nicole did, and Linda knew it. Furthermore, Linda made it clear enough that she also wanted to have sex with him. She tacitly offered a sort of "partners in crime" position on this, and Nicole tacitly agreed by only making token protests.

Nicole was very quiet and thoughtful when Linda finally went home, but in bed that night, she masturbated until she dropped off to sleep through sheer exhaustion.


From that point on, the relationship between the two best friends completely changed. Linda decided that she wanted Nicole to have sex with her father, and she would do all she could to help make that happen. She knew Nicole was far too shy and prudish to do it on her own. Linda looked forward to essentially piggybacking on that effort so she could have sex with Jack as well. She knew that even though she was bolder, she also was too shy to seduce him alone. Besides, if she tried and succeeded, but on her own, it would almost certainly destroy her irreplaceable friendship with Nicole. But working together, they would make an absolutely unstoppable team.

Linda's ultimate goal was a new family of sorts. She wanted to see Alison out of the picture, Jack replacing her deceased father Bruce as her new incestuous father figure, and Nicole not just her best friend, but essentially her sister too. And the three of them would be bonded together by sex with Jack.

Linda wasn't ready to reveal this ultimate vision to Nicole just yet, knowing her friend wasn't ready to think in such big picture terms. Nicole couldn't think much beyond how happy she'd feel to expose herself to Jack again, and in fact, thinking about real intercourse was still far too scary for her. But starting the next day, Linda took every opportunity to speak about incest to her when she was able to do so in private.

Nicole was always terribly embarrassed during such discussions, but she listened with her undivided attention. At first, they just talked and talked about the "wardrobe malfunction," and how exciting it had been. But soon, Linda fed Nicole lots of suggestions on how to tease and flirt with her father.

Still, days passed, and Nicole hadn't tried anything yet. She was afraid and ashamed of her own interest in the sinful idea. She needed Linda's support and even participation, but it seemed all Linda wanted to do was talk. She was frustrated, because the increasingly frank sex talks were making Nicole so horny that she barely knew up from down (she didn't know that was Linda's exact intention).

However, at night, the prudish and very naive girl had her fantasies and erotic dreams, and they all starred her father. He may not have been that handsome, but in her mind, he was an Adonis. However, she felt very guilty about her incestuous thoughts, and especially about the fact that she had powerful masturbation sessions thinking about him. She kept it all secret from her best friend, even though she knew Linda would have loved to hear about it.

It's true that Linda would have loved to hear all the masturbatory fantasy details, but she didn't really need to because she could fill in the blanks well enough. Especially after their afternoon poolside hang-outs, she left Nicole so horny that it would have been simply inhuman for her not to masturbate immediately afterwards.

Linda kept talking about the need to stage another incident, but only in general terms. They hadn't planned the exact logistics.

It also didn't help that Jack started avoiding them like the plague. He'd almost always stopped by with drinks and sometimes a snack for the girls when they were tanning or just hanging out after school, but now he stayed locked in his office until Alison came home.


When Tuesday morning rolled around again, Nicole was sitting on her bed in her second-story bedroom, getting ready for school. She was in the middle of dressing, and her blouse was completely open in front because she hadn't started buttoning it yet.

To her great surprise, her father suddenly entered her room to offer her a ride. (She lived close enough to the private Catholic high school she attended that she sometimes walked, and sometimes he gave her a ride. She didn't have a driver's license of her own yet.)

He was shocked at what he saw when he came in, since she had a rigid morning routine and she was always dressed by this time. That's why he hadn't even bothered to knock.

He was disappointed to find that she already had her bra on, as well as her pleated and plaid skirt, which was part of her school uniform along with her white long-sleeved blouse. But still, nearly the entirety of the front of her upper torso was exposed. It seemed like she was showing off miles of creamy cleavage.

He knew that he'd seen her in bathing suits that showed off just as much of her boobs as this (although only rarely), but there was a forbidden naughtiness of seeing her this way that was much more exciting. It reminded him of how she'd completely exposed her boobs to him one week earlier, and that fact alone instantly made his dick as hard as steel.

At first, Nicole was alarmed, but she played it cool and didn't say anything. She realized she could pretend she didn't know what she was showing, and she could have fun with that. She said "Hey, Dad," but kept her head turned away so he wouldn't be able to see her excited face.

The two continued to act as if everything was normal, but there was an electric sexual tension in the air.

While Jack talked to her about his offer to drive her to school, she bent way over and put her shoes and socks on. She actually really did need to do that at some point, but she made sure to bend at a great angle for him to gawk at her dangling boobs.

Jack's eyes practically popped out of his head. He was convinced her fantastic breasts were going to burst her bra open at any moment, because they were swelling forward so much.

Through her peripheral vision, she noticed his eyes going straight to her ample cleavage and staying there as he talked to her. She pretended to be busy donning her shoes while he freely ogled her tits. She felt flushed because of her own daring, but was also very excited about successfully doing this tease, and without Linda's help, no less. She knew Jack was staring intently at her big breasts, and in fact he couldn't stop staring at her body, no matter how hard he tried.

He rambled and spoke in tangents, just to prolong the moment.

She realized that too, and she loved it. The more awkward he got, the more sexual power she felt.

She accepted his offer of a ride to school, of course. She was sad when he finally ran out of excuses and left the room. She realized that flirting with him was like an addictive drug. She wanted more, a lot more!

On the way to school, she sat in the front seat while he drove, and she tried to get him to notice her again. She repeatedly crossed and uncrossed her legs to draw his attention. She'd adjusted her skirt to drift up higher as she sat inside the car, so her firm, muscular, and nicely tanned teen legs were very well displayed.

There was no doubt that Jack had noticed it, and in fact he had a hard time at times keeping his eyes on the road. It made her feel very good.

But once he dropped her off and she walked the school halls alone, the prudish girl became ashamed. She thought back with regret at her actions, but at the same time, the moisture in her panties showed how horny the situation got her.

Later, at lunch, when she could talk to Linda in total privacy, she told her about both incidents.

Naturally, Linda got very excited, and endlessly complimented her for her daring.

Nicole rode an erotic buzz that lasted well after school got out. Sensing that mood, the foxy blonde nearly dragged her bashful friend to a nearby mall to buy some new clothes. She correctly figured she'd be able to talk Nicole into buying clothes that were much more revealing than any the shy brunette currently owned.

Linda pushed Nicole into buying cut off halter tops and very large tank tops, and she bought some for herself too. (Linda didn't lack sexy clothes of her own, but she wanted to be encouraging, and she also thought it would be hot if they had matching outfits.) They also both bought some skimpy panties, daring bikinis, and tight shorts. Linda even got Nicole to buy a nearly see-through white cut off tank top that was very low necked. It was almost like lingerie.

Luckily, money was no object since Jack was very rich and most of the clothes were for Nicole. Jack trusted his obedient daughter so much that he gave her a credit card just for such occasions. They knew he would approve of the purchases because Nicole was so modest she never bought any clothes for herself.

Both girls remained moist and horny through the entire shopping adventure. Each of them gleefully imagined how happy and horny Jack would be to see their new outfits, once they could catch him alone and in a receptive mood.


By the time they were done shopping, it was already dark. Nicole went home with her shopping bags and Linda went back to her aunt's house with her bags (she spent most of her free time at Nicole's house, but she almost always came home for dinner).

When Nicole walked into the house, still wearing her school uniform so as not to raise suspicions, she was disturbed to see that Alison was already home. Alison worked as a secretary in an office building, and had been keeping long hours lately, but today it was more of a case of Nicole coming home late than Alison coming home early. The busty daughter dropped her bags off in the hallway and walked into the kitchen area where Alison and Jack were preparing dinner together. Her goal was to say hello quickly and then get to her bedroom before her stepmother could find out what was in the bags. She would never wear any of the clothes she'd bought when Alison was home; they were for her father's eyes only.

Nicole entered the kitchen, went straight to Jack, and gave him a hug and a kiss on the cheek. She was all smiles as she said, "Hi, Daddy!"

"Hi, Darling," he replied. He was feeling a bit abashed, thinking about the all-too-sexual incidents he'd had with his daughter lately. The hug made sure he couldn't help but think of that. It wasn't a deliberately arousing hug, but there was simply no way for him to hug her without making contact with her huge boobs.

Nicole turned to Alison and immediately assumed a neutral poker face. "Hello, Alison," she said blandly.

"Hi, Nicole." Alison smiled. She very much wanted to call her stepdaughter by the more familiar "Nicky," but Nicole had made her displeasure at that obvious. Trying to engage her, Alison asked, "Did you have a nice day? I see you had a big shopping trip."

Nicole got panicky on the inside. She thought, How does she know that? She can't see the shopping bags from the kitchen! Maybe she heard me setting them down? She's far too perceptive! She shrugged like a typical bored teen. "It was okay. Later." She turned and ran back down the hallway to get her shopping bags and hide her clothes in her room.

Jack shouted at her back, "Dinner will be ready in fifteen minutes!"

Alison watched Nicole rush off, and sighed sadly. She went back to chopping carrots. She muttered, "Where does she find the energy to rush around like that?"

Jack said, as he also chopped vegetables, "That's kids for you. I wish I was that age again, bursting with more energy than I knew what to do with." He looked down at his growing belly and thought, Ain't that the truth? At that age, I was actually handsome. Now, I'm just... settling... everywhere.

It didn't help that he was short too. He was only five foot six, although at least he could console himself that that made him a bit taller than Alison, Nicole, and Linda. (The fact that all three women were rather short made their big breasts seem even bigger. For instance, Nicole's double-D cups would have seemed like E-cups on a taller girl.)

He silently sighed at his decaying body. He'd started a new diet in the wake of his sexual encounters with Nicole, if only because he realized he felt too embarrassed to take his shirt off around her. But he doubted he'd have the resolve to stick with it for long.

Alison sighed, and not silently. She said, "It's been six months since our wedding, and I'm not reaching her. She still treats me like a stranger."

Jack said a bit harshly, "Well, if you were home more, she might have more of a chance to get to know you."

Alison winced at that. She knew she wasn't home enough. But there were things she was running from, including her failing relationship with Nicole. She didn't say anything, because she knew she had no defense.

Jack immediately felt bad about snapping at her. He continued more sympathetically, "Keep in mind how hard it is for her, after Gabrielle."

He was referring to his first wife. Jack had thought he had a great marriage, but one day three years ago, Gabrielle announced that she was divorcing him to marry her "true love," and she immediately up and left. There had been no warning signs, not even any arguing. The divorce process had been worked out through lawyers, and Jack hadn't seen her a single time since.

His heart had been crushed, especially since it was obvious she'd been having an affair for some time to reach that certainty to start over with someone new.

But, if anything, Nicole had felt even more crushed. She thought Gabrielle was a great mother who loved her unconditionally, and then one day she was gone. Gabrielle hadn't even said good-bye in person, because she thought it would be too painful.

The man Gabrielle left them for already had two children from a previous marriage, and Gabrielle gave birth to his third child about a year after the divorce. She essentially decided to put Nicole out of her life so she would be able to fully devote all her love to the children in her new marriage. She only saw Nicole a couple of times a year, usually just for big holidays.

It would have been much better for Nicole if Gabrielle had died in some quick accident. She felt totally abandoned, and with good reason.

But luckily, Jack had been there for Nicole through thick and thin, and Nicole had been there for Jack too, helping him get through the pain of betrayal. They'd already been exceptionally close, but in the wake of Gabrielle's disappearance they forged an unbreakable bond. Nicole felt that if anything happened to Jack, she'd simply die.

Needless to say, it was hard for Alison to compete with that as a parent. To make matters worse, Alison was thirty-three years old, seven years younger than Jack, and totally gorgeous. She'd been married twice before. It was easy for Nicole to conclude that Alison was a stereotypical gold digging trophy wife. Even Jack couldn't really understand why a woman as beautiful as Alison would want to be with him unless it was for his big house and high salary. He knew he was a nice and pleasant guy, but he was also an average looking "nerd." Alison dressed conservatively and tried to downplay her beauty, but she was an undeniable knockout. He basically saw his new marriage as a stereotypical money-for-beauty deal, and hoped that true love between them would come later. The beauty had simply been too overwhelming for him to resist.

Nicole was convinced Alison would stick around only long enough so she'd qualify to take half of Jack's fortune, and then she'd disappear just like Gabrielle did. (Jack had tried to tell his daughter that the prenuptial agreement didn't allow for that kind of thing - he'd been guided by lust, but he wasn't a total fool. He'd even shown her the document, but her deep fears couldn't be eased by facts or rational arguments.)

Alison sighed heavily at the mention of Gabrielle. She said to Jack, "Yes, that's a whole nasty can of worms. I fear that by the time I convince her I'm not Gabrielle, she'll be gone to college already."

Jack suggested, "Well, why don't you do more things with her? Take her shopping, maybe. Buy her lots of clothes."

Alison said, "No. She'll think I'm trying to buy her love, and that'll just backfire. Besides, clothes shopping would be the worst thing."


"Can't you see how jealous she is of my looks? Shopping would be like pointing a spotlight at that problem. I try to dress like some kind of kept Muslim woman wearing a full bodied burqa, and she STILL scowls at me if I so much as show off a bare ankle."

"I hadn't realized that," Jack said, noting that Alison was pretty much covered from her neck on down. This certainly helped explain why she'd been dressing even more conservatively since the wedding than she had before (although he wondered why she dressed like that even when Nicole wasn't around). "But I think you're right, now do you mention it. Do you have any idea why that is?"

Alison did, but she felt it wasn't something she could say out loud. She'd seen the way Nicole looked at Jack for months now. It wasn't just the look of a girl who dearly loved her father; it was the look of a girl who was totally in lust and love with her father. Nicole hated the fact that Alison was every much her physical equal. In fact, Alison's boobs were even BIGGER than Nicole's huge knockers, although it was usually hard to tell since Alison kept them bound and completely covered up at all times.

Alison had even dyed her flaming red hair so it was more of a dull reddish-brown. She was trying to disguise her exceptionally captivating looks so Nicole wouldn't feel so threatened, but there wasn't much she could do to hide her stunning face and sparkling green eyes, or the basic shape of her voluptuous body.

Alison had no clue how to deal with her stepdaughter's incestuous lust towards Jack. She just sighed again, and replied to his question, "I have no idea." She stared out the window at the pool in the backyard, and then went back to chopping carrots.

Jack didn't have any good answers either.


The rest of the week passed with Nicole repeatedly fighting, and repeatedly losing to, the temptation to flaunt her body in front of her father. She didn't do anything outrageous like the topless "accident," at least not at first, but she started to dress in an entirely new way when Jack was home.

Luckily, her stepmother Alison was very rarely around, seeming to always be either working overtime or in church meetings. And since Alison was never around in the afternoons, that's when Nicole could wear her most daring outfits by using the excuse of trying to get a tan or just enjoying the warm sunny day. Linda did the same, but was even more daring.

The two buxom teens had come up with a good excuse for the sudden change in clothing styles. Nicole announced to Jack that she was getting a lot of teasing from other girls in school that her outfits were too conservative and old fashioned (even though everyone wore the same uniforms at their strict Catholic school, there were many after school occasions to make a fashion reputation). So Linda was helping her redo her wardrobe from top to bottom so she could be stylish, cool, and sexy.

Once he swallowed that story, the teen sexpot used every opportunity to show her sixteen-year-old hard body to her father. She found excuses to bend over to show him her round butt, she pressed her arms against the side of her tits to make them bulge out invitingly, and she used pretty much every other form of teasing she or Linda could think of.

Jack was a computer programmer, but he had an office in his house and he was able to do nearly all of his work there. As a result, he was there nearly every single day when Nicole and Linda hung out and tanned themselves by the pool. The problem was, sometimes he would come out and be friendly with them, and other times he would remained holed up in his office. He had made clear that he wasn't to be disturbed while he was working, unless it was an emergency. It had been over a week since the topless incident, but he still rarely came out of his office until Alison came home.

Now that Linda knew about Nicole's hidden desire for her father, some of the afternoon discussions centered on if and when he'd come out to talk to them that day, and how they should look and act if they did. They also discussed schemes on how to coax him out of his office.

Nicole was such a naturally shy and innocent girl that the topless "wardrobe malfunction" was far out of character for her, and it took a few days for her to recover. She blew hot and cold, and even after the second round of incidents exposing herself to Jack, she still was reluctant and bashful most of the time. She really needed Linda there to give her courage.

Jack was very confused, because one day he'd see Nicole in one of her sexy new outfits, and the next day she'd wear one of her old, conservative ones. She often even flipped back and forth between sexy and non-sexy looks on the same day (mostly because she was especially careful about what she wore around Alison). Swimming in the pool was a good excuse to change, and then change again afterwards.

When she did wear something sexy, it was almost always only after Linda talked her into it.

So far, Nicole was still wearing her old one-piece bathing suits while hanging out in or near the pool, even though she and Linda had bought some sexy bikinis as part of their shopping spree. Linda reluctantly followed Nicole's lead and still wore one-piece suits too, until the time was ripe to make a move.

Things had been all too calm for a few days, and the foxy blonde decided today was the day. She knew now that Nicole had tasted the thrill of teasing and exhibitionism, her curvaceous friend was ripe for a new thrill. Furthermore, it was Monday afternoon. Alison had been around much of the weekend, to Nicole's great frustration, and as a result Nicole's exhibitionist urge absolutely needed to be expressed somehow.

The girls entered the pool and joyfully splashed around inside it for more than twenty minutes, until Linda said, "I think we'd better lay on the pool chairs, or we may end up losing our chance to get a tan."

Nicole agreed.

They laid in the sun for a good half hour, drying off and chatting about school events.

Finally, Linda deemed the time was ripe. It seemed Jack wasn't going to come out of his office on his own today, and if they waited much longer they would increasingly face the danger of Alison coming home early, Linda suggested, "You know... I know that we've been clever about tanning so we avoid getting tan lines, but still, there's a problem. Parts of us are just too pale, tan line or not. We have to fix that. After all, we want to get a beautiful, all-over golden tan, right?"

"Right," Nicole agreed.

"But this just won't do!" Linda complained, looking down at her fuddy duddy bathing suit. "Let's say... I try to show a little more cleavage, like this..." she grasped the top of her swimsuit and pulled it down, nearly baring her breasts. "People will see this ugly patch of pale skin below the nicely tanned parts. So what if it fades into the pale area instead of having a sharp line? It's still too pale!"

"Yeah, I have to admit that doesn't look so good," Nicole nodded. She looked down at her voluptuous body, all too aware of her own pale areas. "Maybe you're right, but what can we do?"

"Well, we DID buy some pretty great bikinis the other day, but they just sit in drawers unused. I say" - she paused dramatically - "It's time to break them out!" She'd been hiding bikinis for herself and her friend behind her back, and she suddenly pulled them out and helped them up. "Voila!"

Nicole frowned. "Those are kind of skimpy, aren't they? I don't know what I was thinking when I let you talk me into buying that." She nodded at the orange one. "Is it too late to return it for something a little more... dignified?"

"Yes, it is!" Linda exclaimed, even though that wasn't true. "Sorry. Besides, you're probably the only girl your age for miles around who doesn't wear a bikini." She looked down at herself. "You know the only reason I wear this thing is because you insist, and I wear a normal bikini everywhere else."

"Well, that may be," Nicole said defensively, "but that's because I was raised with proper Christian values, and was taught how to be a lady."

Linda sighed inwardly. She knew that Nicole wasn't particularly religious deep down, and definitely wasn't a hardcore "Bible thumper" like Alison, but she used religion as an excuse for her bashful nature. In fact, Nicole didn't even like to go to church on Sundays very much. But Linda also knew that trying to argue with her on religious or moral grounds was a losing battle. But luckily, she now knew Nicole's secret weakness: her lust for her father.

She shrugged, and said, "Very well. But lately we've been becoming better friends with Stacy, right?"

"Yeah, so?"

"Don't you think we should invite her here sometime soon, so we can have a great time tanning and hanging out?"

"Sure. That sounds great. I could use more friends."

Linda grinned, knowing her pal had just fallen into her trap. "I agree. In fact, I'll call her later. But think about it! She's not as tolerant of your quirks as I am. She's gonna insist on wearing a bikini, if she's working on a tan. And think about how she looks. She's totally hot! Most people say she's the sexiest girl in school. I think that's only because you hide all bundled up in your layers of clothes and act like an ice queen to all the boys, but that's what people say just the same. And she's serious stacked! She's got double D's, just like you."

Nicole frowned, and bit her lip. Her jealousy was starting to surge. She didn't mind at all if Jack ogled Linda, but if it was someone else, that was an entirely different matter.

Linda went for the kill. "Imagine what'll happen when your dad comes out here, and sees you and Stacy sitting side by side. You, wearing some frumpy one-piece that would make Queen Victoria proud, and her, wearing a smoking hot bikini! Who is he going to gawk at? Who is he going to get all hard and stiff over? Why, I don't think he'll even notice you're sitting there."

Burning with jealousy, even though it was only an imaginary situation, Nicole reached out and snatched the orange bikini from Linda's hands. "Let's do this!"

A couple of minutes later, they returned to their favorite outside table near the pool after changing in separate bathrooms.

Nicole was frowning even more than before, and she had her arms crossed over her tremendous rack. She looked down at her body with dismay. "How did I EVER let you talk me into buying this?! I must have been crazy!"

Their bikinis had identical designs and shapes. But Nicole's was larger due to her larger bust, plus Linda's was yellow while Nicole's was orange.

Linda looked down at her yellow bikini. "What's the problem? I think we look great!"

Nicole sighed. "My evil stepmom would never agree to me wearing this." The two girls had developed a habit of calling Alison the "evil stepmom" when talking in private. It wasn't that Alison was evil or even close to it, but the two girls were terribly jealous of her looks and her sexual relationship with Jack.

Nicole waved her hands over her body in dismay. "Look! These are NOT ordinary bikinis! Okay, I suppose the bottoms have a pretty typical cut, but the tops are just two triangles held together with some thin string!"

Linda grinned wolfishly. "I know! Isn't it great? Besides, you have your other bathing suits if you go somewhere else. Nobody else will see this one. Nobody except for you, me... and your father..."

Nicole felt a shiver of lust down her spine as she thought of showing this much of her body to her father. "Well, if you say so... Then it must be okay," she agreed in her submissive way. She didn't want to have an argument with her friend, even though the idea of wearing the bikini in front of her father made her blush and her heart race.

Linda could tell that Nicole was getting quite horny, thanks to the bikinis and thoughts of wearing them in front of Jack. She decided to strike while the iron was hot.

She went into the house without explaining herself. She knew Nicole would assume she was going to get a drink or use the bathroom. But in fact she went further into the house and knocked on the door to Jack's office.

She spoke through the door. "Hello? Mr. Devoux? I know you don't want us to bother you except in case of emergencies, but... Well, it's not really an emergency, but we need your permission for something sooner rather than later. Can you help us? It'll only take a minute."

He spoke back through the door. "Very well. But I'm in the middle of something. Just let me finish this. I'll be there in a minute or two, okay?"

"Thanks! Sounds great!"

Linda rushed back to the backyard patio. She was actually pleased he was slightly delayed, so he could be surprised by the sight of two bikinis instead of just one.

Nicole noticed the lack of any drink or snack in Linda's hands, so as they sat on their lawn chairs, she asked, "That was fast. Where'd you go?"

Linda grinned impishly. "I realized you're right. Alison's not gonna approve of these bikinis. That means you should at least get permission from Jack. He'll be here in a minute to check us out."

Nicole bolted up in her chair, setting her huge knockers bouncing. Panic was on her face. "Ohmigodohmigodohmigod! You didn't! Ohmigod! He's coming here?! Now?!"

Linda giggled. "Chill out, girl. You see him every single day."

"I know, but not like this!" She looked down at herself and saw her nipples pointing out lewdly through the thin orange top. She pinched them, as if trying to hold them back from growing even more erect. "Oh shit! Linda, help! How do I make these things go down? And fast?!"

Linda giggled some more. "You don't. And don't pinch them! That'll just make the problem worse!" She laughed, amused at Nicole's innocence on such matters. Her foxy friend had been so sexually repressed that it was like she was discovering how her body worked at sixteen.

Just as Nicole stopped pinching her erect nipples, she looked up and gasped. Her father was opening the sliding glass door already.

"Ohshit, ohshit, ohshit, ohshit!" Nicole rapidly muttered under her breath. "What should I do?!

Linda quietly muttered back, "Just be cool and follow my lead!"

Jack was feeling like shit. Between feeling inadequate compared to his hot new wife and his hot daughter and her best friend, he was trying hard to diet and exercise. But maybe he was overdoing it, because all he felt lately was tired and hungry. He was somewhat out of focus as he went to the girls. It wasn't until he was already outside and less than five feet away from where they sat that it fully dawned on him that they were wearing sexy and skimpy bikinis instead of their usual one-piece bathing suits.

Even so, his mind was still elsewhere, with his computer programming dominating his thoughts. He said, "Hi girls, what's up?" in a casual tone. His jaw didn't drop, and his penis didn't surge to full erection, at least not yet. He hadn't noticed Nicole's blushing face or her stiff and protruding nipples.

Linda read his mood, and knew they still had to catch his full attention before they tried anything outrageous. She stood up with her hands behind her back, and said, "Hi, Mr. Devoux. Sorry to bother you, but we don't want to do anything naughty. Well, not without your permission." She giggled as she swayed back and forth a little bit.

The sexy tone in her voice was demanding his attention and making him take a closer look at her scantily clad and nicely tanned body. Her swaying was keeping her firm globes in constant motion.

She continued, "As you can see, we've bought these new bikinis. They're pretty ordinary bikinis, but we thought we should get your permission before we started to wear them."

Jack's brain was still trying to catch up and figure out the situation. He commented, "Well, they are pretty, uh, different from the suits you girls have been wearing."

Linda replied, "Not really, when you think about it. Sure, those covered up a lot more skin, but mostly unexciting stuff. For instance, check this out." She turned around and bent over at an outrageous angle. She was so close to Jack that she practically backed up into his rapidly engorging penis. Then she brought her hands to her ass and ran her fingers back and forth along the bottom line of her suit. "See? Check it out. Isn't the cut here pretty much the same as with one-piece bikinis?"

Jack gulped. His penis was painfully hard now, as he watched Linda essentially fondle the bottom edge of her fine ass. He looked over with worry towards Nicole.

Nicole was watching closely, but she was glad not to be the center of attraction. At least, she felt that way now. Her exhibitionist desires would grow along with her arousal level.

Linda turned around and continued to point out the differences in bathing suits, using that as an excuse to show off various parts of her body. She tugged on her bikini top, nearly exposing a nipple. "Look here. Sure, I'm showing a lot of skin, but is it really that different from a one-piece? I mean, I'm showing just as much cleavage as before, aren't I?"

There was a thin string connecting the two triangles of her bikini top. She pulled on that with two fingers, causing it to stretch out many inches in front of her chest. That move exposed so much of her rack that it was practically like she was topless, although her nipples did just manage to stay covered (from Jack's point of view). This move undercut her argument that these bikinis weren't too revealing, but she was more interested in getting Jack horny than presenting a logical case.

Still, she continued to talk as she alternately ran her fingers under her bikini top and pulled it away from her body. "When you think about it, a bikini isn't really that different from a one-piece. The main difference is the one-piece covers so much more of the tummy and back. But who cares about the tummy?"

Leaving her bikini top askew, she ran her fingers enticingly down her taut tummy, showing it to be a very erotic area indeed. "The important thing is covering up these areas, and they're just as covered with either kind of bathing suit, right?" She brazenly cupped one full tit with one hand and her pussy mound with her other.

By this time, she knew she had Jack hooked. He'd totally forgotten about his computer work, and he looked like a panting and starving dog staring at a raw steak.

Sensing the time was right, Linda looked up at the sunny sky with some alarm. "Oh my! I keep forgetting about how hot it is, and my suntan lotion has worn off." She pulled out a bottle of suntan lotion that she'd cleverly kept near with this moment in mind, and handed it to Jack. "Could you be a dear and help me out here?"

Jack didn't know what to do. He loved to look at Linda and Nicole, but they were totally forbidden fruit. He had no intention of ever doing anything sexual with them, especially since he was trying hard to make his marriage work with his gorgeous yet frustratingly frigid wife. He wasn't even sure if he should apply lotion to either girl. But he finally decided that was harmless enough, and he began putting the lotion on Linda's back while they both stood there. The back seemed safe.

But before he could finish with the back, Linda moved to a lawn chair and laid down on it, face first. She even untied her bikini top (but kept it in place under her body) so he wouldn't have the strap of fabric across her back hindering him. He had no choice but to follow her and straddle himself over her upper legs to finish off her back area.

Nicole followed and laid face down on the adjacent lawn chair. She started to feel extremely excited, hoping that he would do her next. She even made a terribly bold move by her standards, and untied her bikini top too, leaving her back completely bare.

When Jack finished Linda's back, he was at a loss over what to do. All the other body parts seemed too sexual, even the legs. Both girls had fantastic legs - long, sleek and well-tanned.

Nicole was so eager that she rescued him (sort of) by suggesting, "Daddy? Could you do my back too? I'm about to burn!"

So Jack switched lawn chairs and sat on Nicole's legs instead. Except his forbidden lust towards Nicole was much greater, so he felt much more aroused and nervous. He worried that if he leaned too far forward to reach the top of her back, his raging and protruding boner would graze her ass, and even possibly slide right along her ass crack. He got to work on the lotion application, but he had a hard time keeping his hands from trembling.

Linda casually asked, "So, Mr. Devoux, what's been keeping you so busy lately? It seems like you never visit us anymore, or bring us snacks."

"I know, I'm sorry about that," Jack started to reply. Then he looked in Linda's direction and saw that she'd rolled onto her side to face him while remaining flat on her lawn chair. The only problem there was that it seemed she'd forgotten that she'd untied her bikini top, and it remained lying in place, leaving Linda's big boobs on total display.

Jack was faced with a moral dilemma, because he honestly thought that Linda had no idea what she was showing. It would be easy for him to simply fail to remind her to cover up, especially since Nicole had her head turned the other way, and her eyes closed too. But he couldn't do that in good conscience. "Um, Linda?" He nodded at her chest, and then looked away in embarrassment.

She played dumb. "Oh! Oh goodness! Sorry 'bout that." She sat up and held the top over her boobs, but she just held it there and didn't try to put it back on.

Jack was puzzled about this, but in his innocence he decided she couldn't both cover up and use her hands to tie the top on her backside. He wanted to do the chivalrous thing, but he didn't know what that was. Should he try to help her put the top back on (and thus draw more attention to her predicament), or just look the other way so she'd hopefully turn her back and do it on her own?

In the end, he took the easy way out and kept on applying lotion to Nicole's back while talking to Linda. Linda was suddenly a chatterbox, using the opening comment about how busy he was to ask him all kinds of questions about his work.

In truth, Jack's computer programming job was terribly boring to anyone other than a programmer, and almost impossible to describe in layman's terms. (It paid a great six-figure salary though.) But with Linda asking him all these questions, he found himself increasingly forgetting that he shouldn't look at her barely-covered tits. Before long, he was pretty much talking to her chest and not her face.

He also thoroughly covered Nicole's back with the lotion, but the conversation was involved and he didn't know what he was expected to do next, so he found his lotion application morphing into a back massage.

Naturally, Nicole loved that, and soon she started moaning appreciatively. Her moans sounded quite erotic, and there was nothing about that that was faked or exaggerated. This was like a living erotic dream to her, to have her father touching her firm teen body in such an intimate and prolonged way.

He looked back at Linda's chest and saw her still holding up her bikini top, but just barely. He could see a hint of pink from the top edges of her nipples. In a way, it was even more arousing than if she was totally topless.

Between the complicated explanation he gave about his work, his endless ogling of Linda's boobs, and the lovely feel of Nicole's bare skin in his hands, he forgot to keep his penis in check. Finally, he felt some strange pressure there and looked down to see to his horror that his barely concealed boner was all but wedged in Nicole's ass crack, just as he'd feared.

That disturbed him so much that he shot up like his ass was on fire. "Um, I think I'll get you girls some drinks and snacks. I'll be back in a minute." Then he rushed back to the house.

Unfortunately for Linda's scheming, Jack's departure gave him a chance to regain his composure. Linda didn't want to push her luck and make him too suspicious, so she had to tie her bikini top back on. And he was so spooked that he just dropped off the drinks and snack, and left a minute later.

However, Linda considered the episode a big success. She was particularly glad that during their talk she had pretty much gotten him to promise to resume his daily drink and snack visits, so she could see the potential for much more mischief in the future.


True to his word, Jack no longer hid in his office in the days after that, but came out shortly after the girls came back from school. He always brought some drinks and snacks for them, but he also usually stayed and talked. And the girls inevitably asked him to apply suntan lotion on them. Since it was springtime in Southern California, every day was sunny, and since he visited them just after they'd put their skimpy bikinis on, they were always in "dire need" for the sun screen.

That first day he'd only done their backs, but within a few days they managed to get him to rub the lotion over every part of their bodies except for the few areas covered by the bikinis. He also modestly avoided touching the parts of their breasts not covered by their bikinis, which was more than half. They gave him a lot of teasing about that, trying to use peer pressure to get him to go further. They could tell they were wearing down his resistance, but it was a slow process because he earnestly wanted to be a good, non-pervy father.

Jack loved this daily ritual, and he inevitably got so aroused that he rushed back to his office and secretly masturbated to climax. It helped that some sort of "accident" happened nearly every day. The favorite was that they would untie their bikini tops but remain lying face down, and then "forget" they were untied and sit up or roll over. But also, sometimes the straps would slide off their shoulders, or the tie would accidentally come off all by itself.

He grew to love those bikinis, and especially the way the tops came off seemingly if he so much as breathed heavily at them.

And he was breathing heavily a lot lately!

The only problem he had was that he felt so self-conscious about his own looks that he refused all the girls' requests to apply suntan lotion on him as well. Even though they were careful to only compliment him and never even playfully tease him about his out of shape appearance, he was terribly afraid they would pity him at the very least if they slid lotion over his flabby belly. He wouldn't even let them touch his legs, despite the fact that they were in reasonably good shape.

But the positive was that he was already exercising and dieting quite seriously, and his fear of humiliation drove him to redouble his efforts. He'd lost five pounds the first week. Considering he was about thirty pounds overweight, he was confident he could lose the rest quickly and easily. But then he found out the initial weight loss was mostly water weight, and losing the rest would be much, much more difficult.

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