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Part 2: Chapters 5 to 8
(MF, Mf, Ff, ff, mult, cons, reluc, les, het, humor, wife, inc, fath, dau, in-law, D/S, group, orgy, poly, harem, 1st, voy, WC, WM, WF, oral, anal, pett, BBR)
Written by Storysmith and Spacer X (paul_t_22@yahoo.com)


As the days passed, Linda and Nicole became increasingly open with each other about their mutual desire for Jack. Nicole didn't really know what kind of end goal she wanted. She just knew that she loved him, loved touching him or exposing herself to him, and loved it even more when he touched her. Thoughts of sex or anything close to it were still too scary for the fundamentally prudish and shy girl, although that's what she greatly desired on a subconscious level.

Linda understood all that, and generally avoided discussing the "scary" stuff. Instead, for now, she kept the focus on teasing as an end in and of itself. Linda typically spent three to four hours at the Devoux house each school day until she had to go home for dinner, and sometimes she came back for a couple more hours after dinner too, especially if she knew Alison wouldn't be there. She also spent nearly all day there on weekends. A big portion of all that time was spent teaching Nicole how to tease and arouse. At first, it was a bit like the blind leading the blind since Linda didn't have much experience at that either, but she acted like she knew what she was doing, and she learned as she taught (with the Internet and porn films helping her out).

One point Linda stressed about exhibitionism was the need to make the most of opportunities as they came up.

Nicole took that to heart, and since she lived with Jack, she had more opportunities.

On the Wednesday of the next week, a great opportunity fell into Nicole's lap.

Nicole used to wear a lengthy and thoroughly conservative robe whenever going to or from the bathroom, but lately that robe had "mysteriously disappeared," and she just wore a large white towel.

It was the late afternoon. Linda had left, and Alison hadn't come home yet. Nicole had just finished taking a shower to wash off the sweat and suntan lotion from her tanning efforts, and she'd returned to her room to change.

Totally by luck, Jack happened to walk into her room to ask her what they should do for dinner.

Nicole heard him coming from the sound of his footsteps, but she acted like she didn't. With her door partially open (she wasn't just waiting for opportunities, she was trying to make some) and her back turned, she put a foot up high on a chair and bent over, like she was examining one of her toes.

But that was just an excuse to show him her pussy. As Linda had trained her, she was careful to bend over at a severe angle and keep her legs spread. Even though the towel was such a big one that it normally went a good half foot below her pussy while covering her ample chest quite well, in this lewd position her entire pussy and more than half of her ass cheeks were put on display for her dad.

Jack gasped at the sight. In the past week or so, nearly all of "accidental" exposure with the girls' bikinis involved showing off their big breasts. He'd never been seen Nicole's uncovered pussy before, at least not since she was a little girl.

It so happened that Nicole was already whistling a little tune, and that helped provide some plausibility that she didn't hear the gasp less than ten feet away. She continued bent over in her obscene pose, acting like there was something about her toes on her raised foot that fully captivated her attention, although she didn't even know what that was supposed to be.

Jack honestly hadn't timed his visit to see a sexy sight like this, so his penis was flaccid at first. However, that changed in a matter of seconds. Up until now, he'd been enjoying seeing more of Nicole's and Linda's gorgeous bodies, but he innocently thought that was just because they'd bought some sexy clothes recently, especially their new bikini tops seemed to be poorly designed since they came off quite easily. But now that he was literally face to face with his daughter's pussy, seeing it just wiggling back and forth a little bit in the open air, for the first time he seriously considered fucking her as a real possibility and not just a great but impossible fantasy.

Unable to help himself, he took a few quiet steps closer, his hard-as-steel erection leading the way. Shit! Holy crap! There it is! All I'd have to do unzip my fly, take a couple steps forward, put my hands on her ass, and slide in! Like a knife through butter, squeezing into her tight... Christ, what am I thinking?! She's my daughter!

Ashamed at himself, he started to back away.

Nicole was fully able to hear his steps, not to mention his heavy, excited breathing. She knew his heart had to be pounding as heavily as hers was. She didn't want him to go, so she suddenly stood up and looked back at him.

Jack felt like he'd been caught masturbating to some kind of perverted fetish porn, or worse. He was totally mortified, and it showed in his eyes.

Nicole didn't want him to go, and she didn't want him to freak out either. Knowing how embarrassed he'd be, she just briefly glanced his way, just enough to see that he was there but not enough to make eye contact. "Hi, Daddy. What's up?"

She considered going back to examining her toes, but decided that would be too blatant. So she opened a jar of skin moisturizer and started rubbing it on her raised leg. She kept her foot up on a chair, but positioned herself so she wouldn't quite show her pussy again. It was very, very close, but not quite. He still could see all of her bare, tanned legs.

Jack couldn't believe his luck. She thinks I just came in! And I don't think she even realized what she was showing when she was bending over! Phew! Thank God! ... And wow! What legs! What long, silky smooth legs. My daughter is a stone cold fox!

He gathered his wits and said, "Um, hi, Darling. I was just, uh..." There was a long pause, because he completely forgot his reason for wanting to talk to her. It didn't help that she was applying the skin cream in such a tantalizing manner. It looked like she was sensually caressing her legs as some kind of masturbatory foreplay.

Before his silence turned downright embarrassing, he gathered his wits and said, "Oh yes. What a space case I am; I must be getting senile already. I wanted to talk to you about dinner plans. It looks like Alison will be working late again, so it's just you and me. You want to help me cook something?"

She suddenly pivoted his way to make eye contact, bringing her tits into view. They were respectfully covered by the towel, but they were so large that they were an enticing sight just that same. Her jugs kept swinging and swaying long after the rest of her stopped moving, making it obvious that they had no support other than the flimsy towel, which was one small tuck from falling off.

She looked angry, which frightened him greatly at first, but she said, "I'm so mad at her. She's never ever home. She's supposed to be a good cook, but how would we ever know?"

"Yes, I know," he replied. "But she has a very demanding job, with long hours."

Nicole had quickly gone back to caressing her raised leg as soon as he started speaking, mostly so she could pretend not to notice how red and embarrassed his face was. But after hearing his words, she suddenly turned her upper body his way again without moving her lower body at all. She was hoping that contorting her body like that would help the towel fall off, and sure enough she felt the tuck at the top of her rack start to slip open.

She complained indignantly, "Why does she need to work at all? We don't need the money, do we? This house alone has got to be worth at least $2 million, right?" Actually, the last thing she wanted was for Alison to spend more time at home, but she needed to act indignant until the tuck gave way.

It finally did. And then, in just another couple of seconds, the towel fell all the way to the floor. She pretended not to realize what was happening until it was far too late to catch it. "Oh no!" she squealed. "Daddy, please! Help me!" She clutched a hand over her pussy and pinned an arm against her breasts.

But her breasts were so large that a single arm didn't cover them. Recalling Linda's advice on how to act in a situation like this, she kept her arm at an angle so she was only able to cover one nipple. It looked like that was the best she could do, but it wasn't. She even managed to show off a good portion of her dark brown bush with the hand that was supposed to be covering her pussy mound.

Jack natural instinct was to flee, but she said she needed his help, so he couldn't. It dawned on him that she was making no attempt to pick up the towel off the floor, because she was expecting him to do it. It made sense, because how could she pick it up and keep her privates covered at the same time? She couldn't. But that also gave him more time to ogle her totally nude body.

Even though her privates were more or less covered with her hands, he felt dizzy as he thought, I'm standing in my daughter's bedroom while she's right in front of me without wearing even the tiniest stitch of clothing! Holy hell!

He wished he could just stand there and stare, and especially ogle her incredible ass since it wasn't covered whatsoever, and she was giving him a great profile view of her body. But he felt obliged to quickly pick up the towel and give it to her, so he did. He kept his head bowed down in a genuine attempt to avert his eyes, and as he handed it to her, he stammered, "Uh, I, uh... Sorry! Here you, uh, here you go."

She took the towel with both hands, completely exposing her nudity to him again, if only briefly. "Thanks, Daddy! You're the best! But why are you looking all embarrassed? I mean, we're family, right?"

"Uh, right." He tried to look away, but he could still see her body at the edge of his vision.

She wrapped the towel around herself, but pretended to have trouble tucking it back into place. The towel slid down her breasts a couple of times until she asked, "Daddy, can you help me here?" But seeing the aghast look on his face, she decided she was pushing her luck, and she finished doing the tuck correctly. "No wait, got it."

She looked back up at him. "You were saying? No, I was saying something. Oh yeah. We're family, so who cares about a little bit of nudity, right? I'll admit that I was pretty uptight about stuff like that, but recently Linda made me see the light. Like I told you, she said that kids in school think I'm uncool, and the boys are even a bit afraid of me, because of the way I dress. So she's been giving me a make-over, as you know."

"Yes." He wasn't sure if he should look at her face, or still avert his eyes, or what. Even though she had the towel back on and was facing him now, she was showing off a tremendous amount of skin. His boner was still liable to smash through rebar. He decided to try to look her in the eyes, but his gaze kept drifting down. Since she re-tucked the towel it was lower than before, and barely covered her nipples.

She'd already talked to him at length about her new attitude. There was some truth to it, but it was mostly a cover story Linda had come up with to explain the radical change in Nicole's clothing choices (and thus her own as well). She continued, "We've talked about all this before, but I just want to point out that I've been wearing a bikini and some other stuff this last week, and I'm surprised to discover that I'm totally fine with it! At first, I was a little shy, but now I'm good with it. It's boosting my confidence about myself and my body. Isn't that great?"

"Yeah, sure."

She added, "I'd like to get to the point where I'm confident enough to sunbathe in the nude, even if you're there. Well, topless, at least. Then I'll know that I've conquered my body image issues."

Jack nodded, but on the inside he had a sinking feeling. He couldn't exactly tell her not to do that if it was playing such an important psychological role for her. He certainly didn't want to saddle her with "body image issues." He'd heard that it was tough for girls to compare themselves to the skinny models seen in ads and on TV, and all kinds of problems, including eating disorders, could result. But in trying to be a cool and lenient dad on this issue, he certainly was gonna face a lot of painful blue balls.

They talked for a little longer. Nicole promised to change and then come downstairs to help make dinner. Then Jack left.

Nicole was extremely proud of herself. She thought, That was incredible! Not only did I get to show off my body for Daddy, repeatedly, but I came up with a great excuse for even more nudity in the future. Linda's gonna be so proud of me!


It was a Friday evening two days later, and Nicole and Jack were the only ones home. Nicole was sitting on the living room sofa, wearing her overly large and low-necked white tank top. She pretended to read a Cosmo magazine, but really she was just waiting for her father. When he got there, she arched her back to put on a good show, and then she bent forward to give him an even better show.

He was standing above her while she continued to read her magazine (or at least she pretended to), and from that vantage point, he could literally see her entire bouncy boobs. He was stunned that she wasn't wearing a bra, and that he could even see all of her nipples. He wondered why they were erect, but he guessed it could be that some of the windows were open and the room could be getting a bit chilly.

He stood there talking to her for a long time, and he made up all kinds of excuses to keep the conversation going so he could continue to gawk at her creamy jugs. He thought she was so busy with her magazine that she didn't know the show she was giving him, but he was dead wrong.

She made sure to frequently move this way and that to giving him new views of her heavy globes while she generally leaned forward. The tank top billowed out in different places whenever she moved, and oftentimes he could see all the way down to her belly button.

Pretending to look at the magazine instead of his face gave her a good chance to furtively glance at her father's crotch. They was no way should could fail to notice the huge bulge in his pants. Even when he finally sat down on a nearby chair, his boner stuck straight up, creating an obscene tent above his groin.

She absolutely loved it.

Eventually, Jack had to go to the next room to answer the phone.

Flush with success, Nicole hurried to her own room to call up Linda on her cell phone and boast about her latest successful flashing.

With each new incident like this, Nicole's fear faded some and her boldness grew a little more. Linda was often with her when these kinds of things happened, and she often flaunted her body too, but she was careful to let Nicole lead the way. She knew that Nicole was very shy and prudish, and it was Nicole's mental attitude that would be the biggest obstacle to incestuous bliss for all three of them. She didn't want to push too far too fast. It was best when Nicole was able to develop the independence to stage incidents all by herself.

Some days, Jack fled as soon as he saw Nicole (and/or Linda) wearing another especially skimpy outfit. But more often, Nicole found that he was willing to spend a lot more time with her. That gave her more incentive to continue with the flirting, on top of the thrills and arousal she was already getting. It seemed that each time she was able to expose herself to him, she got hornier and wetter. She often had to rush up to her room immediately afterwards and have a nice cum.

Incidentally, the way Nicole and Linda were wearing bikinis and other sexy outfits, and having frequent accidents with them, somewhat improved Jack's sex life with Alison. Although Alison looked like a walking wet dream, she was rarely willing to have sex, and whenever she did give in and allow it, she would just lay there, tense and unhappy. It was a very unpleasant thought, but Jack honestly guessed that sex with Alison wasn't much better than what it must be like to have sex with a freshly deceased corpse. It was that bad.

Lately, he was finding it a chore, and sometimes he had a hard time just staying erect. For instance, even though she had the most fantastic set of breasts he'd ever seen, all their hanky panky had to be done in the dark, and whenever he tried to play with her boobs much, she'd moan unhappily, like they were too sore to be touched.

But the good news was that he got so aroused watching Nicole and Linda that he was feeling increasingly amorous with Alison. He would simply close his eyes and imagine one or both of the girls and he'd be able to fuck Alison hard and long, despite her total lack of participation.

He wasn't sure if Alison was enjoying it any more than before, since getting her to talk about sex was like trying to torture state secrets out of her, but he sure as hell was enjoying it a lot more, and it helped him endure the girls' teasing much better than otherwise.


It just so happened that the time for cheerleader tryouts was coming up. Linda had some interest in joining the squad, but Nicole was far too shy for that sort of thing. She couldn't possibly imagine strutting her stuff in front of hundreds of strangers. But Linda came up with the idea of both of them going through the motions of trying out of the squad. She pointed out that whether they made the squad, or even tried to, was almost irrelevant. The main thing was that they could use the excuse of learning routines and trying out for a lot more sexy teasing in front of Jack.

Nicole loved that idea. She still never allowed herself to contemplate actual sex with Jack, but teasing him had become like a drug and she wanted a fix every day, if she could get it.

So, on another occasion, on the Tuesday after her white tank top exposure, Nicole wore her red halter-top. It was another bold outfit she'd bought on her one big shopping spree, and this was the first time she'd dared to wear it in front of Jack. It had thin straps tied on a bow behind her neck, and went just below her ample mounds. Another thin strap was tied in a bow on her back to keep it in place. She had tied it loosely, so most every movement she made caused the top to come more undone and show more of her full rack (although she had it knotted so it wouldn't come all the way off). She also wore a very short skirt.

Linda wasn't there, but Nicole explained how the two of them wanted to try out for the squad. She invited her father to see how she was practicing to get into the cheerleader squad.

He kicked back on his favorite comfy sofa in the living room and got ready to watch.

She brought in a CD player and plugged it the nearest outlet to where Jack was sitting. She fumbled around with putting in the CD and finding the right song, but that was just an excuse for her to remain bent over and show off her ass. She bent over at such an extreme angle, just like she was touching her toes, that her short skirt fell all the way off her ass and down her back and tummy.

Jack silently gasped as he realized his daughter was wearing only a thin G-string underneath. She might as well not have been wearing anything at all, because he could see her entire ass cheeks, and from only a few feet away, no less. Her top also slid down enough for Jack to confirm his suspicion that she wasn't wearing a bra.

Finally, she put on "Roam" by the B-52's (she would have preferred some recent dance hits, but she wanted to cater to Jack's musical tastes, and he wasn't up on the latest bands and trends). She started to dance to the upbeat tune.

Her maneuvers were very fast, and not only did her braless knockers made a lewd show as they bounced wildly, but her top slowly rode up closer to the middle of her breasts. Before long, all of the undersides of her huge globes were exposed to her father's eyes. Whenever her nipples came into view, she adjusted the top back a bit, but only just enough to cover her nipples back up. She knew they would pop back out as soon as she started gyrating and jumping around again.

The look in his face was a delight to the busty teen fox. She absolutely loved his horny gaze. Such looks only emboldened her.

As she danced, he drew closer and closer to where he sat, until she couldn't get any closer without repeatedly bumping into him and the sofa he sat on. She was so close to him that he could have reached out and touched her anywhere from her knees up to her huge knockers.

And yet she kept dancing. In fact, she had only been practicing this one routine with Linda for a few days, and she wasn't good at it yet. But she knew it didn't matter much: the main thing was that she danced around enthusiastically, and she was very good at that. Eventually, she "forgot" to adjust her top after it slipped up over her nipples yet again. It wasn't long before most of her red top was bunched up uselessly near her collar bone, leaving her effectively totally topless.

And yet she kept right on dancing. Her sexy gyrations were totally obscene, and her large jugs bounced freely right in front of him. She pretended not to notice it as she continued the routine, even when her double D-cups nearly slapped her in her face because they were swinging and swaying so much.

She stopped dancing when the song came to an end. She swiftly pulled her top back down her nipples, still pretending nothing unusual had happened. But that left the lower halves of her melons uncovered, and she acted like she didn't know or didn't care about that.

Then she walked over to where the CD player was, and bent over to turn it off. Just as had happened before the song started, she made sure her ass was pointing directly towards her dad as she bent over and fiddled about for a long time. And like before, she also made sure to bend outrageously at the waist, so her short skirt rose up and exposed literally her entire ass. She spread her legs wide this time while keeping her legs as straight as arrows.

Finally, she ran out of any plausible reason to stay bent over, and she straightened back up. She pulled her top back down her nipples, again acting like she either didn't know what she was exposing or she didn't care, and then turned back around to face him. Her heart was pounding like a hammer, but she loved every second.

She wiped her sweaty forehead. That caused her nipples to peek back into view briefly, thanks to the way her arm movement raised and lowered her tiny top. "What do you think, Dad?"

He was literally speechless. He had a hard time thinking about anything but the view of the undersides of her boobs that she was still showing. He also worried that he wasn't adequately covering up his raging boner - he could only adjust himself so much before it became too obvious. But he finally found words, and exclaimed, "That was... incredible! Absolutely incredible!"

Her eyes lit up. "Really? You liked it?"


"Oh, yeay!" She bounced up and down, and clapped her hands. She was excited by his words, but she exaggerated her physical reaction so she'd have another excuse to bounce around while effectively topless. Her red top quickly wound up back around her collar bone area, and she didn't care.

Still bouncing lightly on her heels, she said, "I wanna make the cheerleading squad so very, very badly! Linda does too! But the competition is gonna be REALLY tough! There are all kinds of sexy girls who are trying out, and they like to wear super sexy outfits. That's why I'm practicing in this." She ran a hand down her body and pretended to only now realize that her big tits were completely exposed. "Oops!" She giggled, and pulled her top back down over her nipples, but only just.

Before he could respond to that, she continued, "It's gonna be really HARD to make the team! Especially if both Linda and I want to make it. But we're determined, and we're not gonna give up!" She raised a clenched fist dramatically, knowing full well that would expose both of her nipples again. Sure enough, it did.

As Jack valiantly tried to look her in the eyes, he asked, "Is that, uh, the outfit you're gonna wear to your official tryout?"

She giggled, causing her jugs to jiggle even more (she was such a fireball of movement after the dance that they never really stayed still). "No, silly! We get to wear official uniforms for that. Isn't that cool? They have all kinds of requirements about what you can wear, even down to your bra and shoes and stuff."

He breathed a sigh of relief. He'd been worried that she'd show off her huge naked melons in front of other students. He wanted to be the only one to get such an erotic free show.

She could tell what he was thinking, and she'd carefully crafted her answers to deal with his worries. She continued as she stood there with her nipples and much more showing, "But what all the girls do is wear super sexy outfits when they practice in private, because the thought is, if you wear something super sexy, you'll FEEL super sexy! And that'll boost your confidence. Isn't that a great idea? That's the same idea Linda and I were already using these last couple of weeks, and my self-confidence HAS soared. But what do you think? Do you think this is TOO sexy?"

He was torn between giving the responsible parent answer, or the horny man answer. Feeling guilty, he kind of split the difference. "Well, maybe it is, a little." He waved his hand towards her breasts. She was standing so close, even leaning over him a bit, that he very nearly touched them. He said, "Uh, you might want to be careful especially about showing too much, uh, there."

She looked down at herself, and pretended to be surprised to see her stiff nipples in plain view again. She giggled. "Oopsies!" She tugged her top down a little again. "I don't worry about that. After all, we're family. You've seen all of me already, right? But I'll try to be more careful when other people are around."

He groaned inwardly after hearing that arousing answer. It meant she'd probably be flashing her "headlights" in front of him a lot more in the future. Still, feeling the need to be a good parent and not a pervert, he said, "That's good, because you are showing your, uh, your bosom off a little too much. Er, when it's uncovered, I mean."

"Oh. But that's not a problem, right? I mean, I'm trying to build up my confidence until I'm able to sunbathe topless in front of you. So I figure any exposure is good."

His mind reeled with that. It's like it's my duty as a good parent to see her topless even MORE! How do I fight that?! Or should I?! Damn!

She continued, "But anyway, in order to make the team, we're gonna have to practice, practice, practice! Every day! Would it be okay if I come to you for feedback and advice from time to time on this routine, and other ones? Oh, and Linda too!"

He felt lightheaded and giddy, he was so incredibly horny. But he just smiled and said, "Sure. Whatever I can do to help, my love."

"Oh, great! Awesome! Daddy, you're the BEST!" She threw herself into his lap and hugged and kissed him. She was still too shy to try to kiss him on the lips, but she kissed pretty much all over the rest of his face. And by bouncing up and down excitedly in his lap, it was very easy for her to make sure that her top rode up yet again, leaving her completely topless yet again. Only this time, she was able to rub her bare boobs all over his chest as she kept on hugging and kissing.

He considered himself lucky, because his throbbing hard-on happened to be pointed down along one of his thighs instead of poking straight up. He was deathly afraid of her bouncing on him, because he worried she'd bounce right into his big boner, and then realize with horror just what it was. He cluelessly thought she had no idea what her showing off her body was doing to him lately, and he wanted to keep it that way. Plus, he was so close to cumming that a little direct bouncing could push him over the edge, and he didn't want to have to try to explain the resulting embarrassing accident.

But she felt unlucky, because she couldn't sit on his bulge. However, that was just a minor disappointment because she was having so much fun otherwise. She especially loved scraping her erect nipples across his chest.

She would have loved to bounce on him all day, but she started to worry that he might smell her aroused pussy. She wanted him to think that all this teasing was totally inadvertent, at least for now. So, after one last "Thank you!" and a kiss on his nose, she abruptly pulled all the way off him.

She went back to the CD player and lewdly bent over again. This time she lingered longer, giving him an even better view of her exposed ass while she made a big production of pulling the cord from the wall, taking the CD out, finding the case, putting the CD in the case, and then finally picking up the CD and the player.

Finally, she gave him a friendly wave and skipped out of the room, her big bouncing boobs leading the way.

Jack was stunned. He muttered to himself, "Holy fucking mother of God!"


Nicole was so happy after this incident that she and Linda talked about it for hours, and then started planning their next "accidental" incident. Linda was disappointed that she hadn't been there, practicing her cheerleader routine (i.e., constantly exposing herself) right next to Nicole, but she knew there would be time for her to join in soon enough. As usual, she figured that if Nicole was bold enough to do this much on her own, that was better, since that would give the still too prudish brunette more confidence for greater adventures later. Plus, she figured Jack was much less likely to try to do the "responsible thing" if it was only Nicole teasing him.

From that day on, Nicole took every opportunity to brush her big teen tits against her father. She made sure to go bra-less inside the house, unless Alison was around.

On Friday, the very next day, she repeated her "cheerleader practice" in front of her dad. He sat in the exact same position, on the same sofa. But this time, she wore her white tank top. She knew it was too low-necked and cut just below her impressive mounds. As a result, her sexy dance was even MORE outrageous than before. Whenever she moved, her ample melons threatened to escape both up and down. It was as if she wasn't wearing any top at all. In fact, more than once, the bottom of the garment rode up above her nipples, and other times, the straps fell on her shoulders and the top ended nearly below her tits.

But that was just for starters. The kicker was that the girls had discovered that the fabric of this tank top became almost see-through when it got wet. Even before she started dancing for her father, she had done a lot of dancing and was quite sweaty, so the top was already starting to become transparent in places. But then she made sure to dance up a storm in front of him, and before long, the sweat from her dancing make it just about completely transparent. This was particularly true where it really mattered: over her fulsome breasts. The sheer fabric clung wetly to her body, leaving her hard and erect nipples particularly visible through the transparent cloth.

She didn't want to give her father the same sex show every day, and she thought (rightly) that this was a very nice alternative to the show she'd put on for him the day before.

Once again, she wore her G-string under a short skirt. She did a lot of spinning moves this time, and her skirt went up her body repeatedly as she spun around and bent. In so doing, she gave him a good view of her behind, and even flashes of her barely covered pussy mound.

In case he didn't get enough of her ass cheeks from her dancing, she repeated her routine of bending over to turn off the CD player. She put a little more wiggle into it this time.

When Nicole finished, she sat on the sofa's arm, right next to him, and asked, "So Daddy, did you like it?"

Nicole and Linda had carefully worked together to set up this arousing situation. They'd even tested out positions on the sofa when Jack wasn't home.

So it was no accident that Nicole's ample double D-cups, visible through the wet top, were level with Jack's eyes, and literally inches from his face. They were firm as only a sixteen-year-old girl's boobs can be. Her erect nipples were practically begging to be sucked. He could have very easily stuck his tongue out and licked them.

"Y-yes, it was... impressive." He was going nearly cross-eyed by staring hard at her large knockers from so very close.

Nicole was tremendously excited. Her panties were wet, and not only from the sweat. It seemed that each time she teased him, it was becoming easier for her, so she was able to get bolder. She was very proud of herself.

She took Jack's hand and said, "But it's a very hard routine! Feel how my heart is racing." She guided his fingers to the top of her right breast, arching her back for him.

He felt her heartbeat while she was still holding his wrists. But then she plopped into his lap. His hand was still pressed to her boob, and it slid all over her firm globe and wound up right over her nipple.

Keeping her hand on top of his to make sure he didn't "do the right thing" and pull away, she started talking up a storm. "Feel that! And look at how sweaty I am! I think I'm out of shape. Don't you think? Linda and I are gonna start working out in a systematic way. We both want to be really HOT and SEXY! We can't let those other girls beat us!"

She felt his hand subtly rubbing her boob. She wished she could feel his erection again, but this time he had deliberately positioned it so it wouldn't be poking up.

She asked, "What do you think? Am I fat? Here, feel my tummy." She wished he could keep his hand over her nipple forever, but she knew that would be too suspicious and she needed to keep up the impression of naive innocence. So she guided his hand down to her belly and then let him run his hand all over it.

In truth, Nicole wasn't fat or out of shape in the slightest. She had a classic firm and tanned "hard body."

Jack knew that too, but he wasn't going to miss out on a chance to caress her tummy. He thought about his own increasing flabbiness, and looked at her incredible centerfold-worthy body. He felt unworthy of her, and even ashamed. He'd been exercising and dieting lately, inspired by all the recent sexual teasing, but he resolved to redouble those efforts.

He pretended to ponder the issue of her "fatness" as he ran his hands down towards her hips, but he finally had to admit, "No, I don't think you're fat at all. I really don't."

"No, you're just saying that because you're my dad."

"No," he insisted, honestly for once. "It's true."

"Really? Wow! You're the greatest!" She kissed him a couple of times on each cheek. Then she asked him more about how he liked the routine, and once he said all the right things, she kissed his face even more, including closed-mouth kisses right on his lips

He was breathing hard and completely flushed. Her sexy feminine smell was overwhelming. He was so horny that he was almost too ashamed even to look at her.

She gave him her best little girl look and coyly said, "Thank you Daddy!" She kissed his forehead like a little lady, and got up off him.

Then, after another big ass wiggling production of taking the CD out and picking up the CD player, she went to her room to masturbate, and then talk to Linda on her phone to report on her latest successful adventure.


The next day was Saturday, and that meant the two girls had even more time to hang out in the house or on the back patio next to the pool. As usual, Alison was going to be off somewhere most of the day while Jack worked on his programming in his first floor office.

It wasn't long after breakfast, and the two busty best friends were sitting next to the pool again, dressed in their now usual bikinis and ready to start on their tanning. But this time Linda had a big surprise for her prudish friend. "Hey, I bought a gift for you. You wanna see it?"

"For me? Sure! But you didn't have to do that."

Linda had squirreled away a bag nearby, and now she pulled it out of hiding and placed it on the table between their lawn chairs. Then she pulled two new bikinis out of it. "Check it out! One for you, and one for me."

Nicole didn't know what to think. One was dark blue and the other was dark red. She selected the red one. "Can I have this one?"

"Of course! Red looks great on you."

Nicole held the bikini top. "I already have a bikini. Why do I need... Wait. Wait a minute! Where's the rest?"

Linda laughed. "There is no rest. That's it! It's a micro-bikini."

Nicole held up both pieces. "Oh my God! This is... it's... NOTHING! Why, this'll barely cover my nipples or my you-know-what! Ohmigod! And where's the backside of the bottoms?! Am I supposed to cover my ass with a thin string?!"

"Yep!" Linda laughed some more.

Nicole continued to examine the micro-bikini in amazement.

Knowing Nicole's natural prudishness, at least when she wasn't horny, she said, "Of course, Alison will never approve of these. We can't ever even let her see it."

Nicole stared at the micro-bikinis in wonder. "These make the bikinis we have on now look positively GIGANTIC in comparison!"

"They are." Linda grinned and held up the top piece of the new bikini next to one of her breasts. The triangle on the new one covered about one-third less as much area.

Nicole shook her head in disbelief.

Linda continued, "That means we'll have to get permission from Jack instead. Do you remember the last time we had to get permission from him to wear bikinis? Wasn't that fun? And think how much MORE fun we'll have this time!"

Nicole's face changed. In fact, her expression glazed over and was replaced by a look of pure lust. She bit her lip, and whispered, "Oh God!"

The foxy brunette was suddenly horny, but she still wasn't horny enough. She usually lacked boldness unless she was totally captured by her incestuous desires.

She didn't understand this about herself, but Linda did. Nicole spent the next minutes protesting. "These bikinis are just too much! Actually, too little! Way too little! I would die of shame to wear them. I mean, they barely even cover the nipples! How can you expect me to wear this?!"

Linda's answer seemed to have nothing to do with the question. "Can you imagine how hot and bothered he'll get seeing you like that? Can you picture his big fat cock, straining hard in his tight shorts? It'll engorge with cum, 'cos he's so hot for you!"

"But can't we wear our other bikinis? They're really boner-popping too."

"Mmmm! What if he gets so aroused that his big cock slips out of his shorts altogether? You might have to help him by holding it in your hand and slipping it back in place!"

Nicole just panted, and her eyes glazed over.

Linda continued to shoot down every argument by basically describing in graphic detail how hot and bothered Jack would get seeing her like that. She spent a long time graphically describing the inevitable reaction of Jack's penis in particular, down to his throbbing veins and the feel of it in their hands.

Nicole had no defense against that. Eventually, her arousal level rose so high that it trounced her fears and shyness. She reluctantly agreed.

Even so, her body shivered with arousal and fear of the act she was just about to perform. Teasing her father was getting her so hot that she literally felt like she was burning up. She could barely breathe, her anticipation was so sky high.


Jack Devoux was at his room, watching some TV and occasionally massaging his own cock through his silk boxers. A sitcom about lifeguards was on, and he just loved watching the big-breasted girls in it, never paying attention to the story. There was one lifeguard in particular who was a dead ringer for Nicole, particularly with her chest, and she was the one that inspired him to watch the show and stroke himself.

He thought, My sex life stinks! I'm getting off on the occasional glimpse of a woman who looks kind of like my daughter, and sometimes is seen in a bikini. Sheesh! Alison is a total knock out, but all that Christian crap makes her a lousy lay, to say the least. Having a bombshell wife who's like a dead fish in bed is actually WORSE than just being single and alone because of all the frustration. I'm not gonna go to a whore or otherwise cheat in any way; that's not the kind of person I am. I just have to use my imagination. Unfortunately, I can't stop fantasizing about my daughter and her friend!

I have to get away from the girls or I'll end up doing something I'll regret later. They're just too cute, and their teen bodies are just perfect. Hell, "cute" doesn't start to describe it. They're fucking tanned and toned sex bombs! I don't consider myself a pervert, but recently, every time I look at them, I pop a boner!

Nicky is so very pretty, and damn, her big beautiful breasts are to die for! I started to notice her curves staring to grow when she was eleven, and they developed so fast. By thirteen she was already a C-cup, and now they're simply huge!

And Linda is just as beautiful. She has the firmest big tits too! Her butt is just inviting a slap, followed by a long fondling. Why does she have to be so hot?!

I've been masturbating far too much when I should be with my gorgeous wife. The problem is, I've started masturbating to thoughts of my own daughter and Linda! Those thoughts are too wrong to even be a fantasy. I'm ashamed to admit that lately my hottest thoughts are all about them!

And what's up with Nicky lately?! She's been wearing all kind of revealing clothes when she's home, and she keeps hugging me and rubbing up against me like I'm supposed to be immune to her charms. I'm only human, dammit! And those cheerleader practices she did in front of me! Good God! It was totally obscene, both practices. I get so aroused watching her young teen body doing all those erotic movements every day. It's practically killing me! And then when Linda joins in... Christ!

Thank God that she's so innocent and naive. I'm pretty sure she hasn't noticed how hot and bothered I get around her. If she knew the things I think about her, her and Linda, I'd never be able to look her in the eye again!

A short time later, he was so zoned out that he barely noticed the girls opening the door and entering his room. He only finally looked up when they were already close to his bed. Luckily, there hadn't been anything particularly arousing on the TV for a while, so he hadn't been caught stroking his boner, although it was still poking up against his silk boxers. He was startled to realize they were wearing their bikinis (their usual ones, not the new micro-bikinis). He crossed his legs, hoping that would cover his erection.

Curious and surprised, he asked, "Hi, girls. Is anything wrong?"

Nicole shyly answered. "No Daddy, everything is okay, it's just that... well... Daddy, we were thinking..."

Linda took over, and spoke more confidently, "Mr. Devoux, you know how you gave us permission to wear these bikinis a while back?"

"Of course." He thought, How could I forget? They make me pop a boner on a daily basis!

Even Linda got a bit shy as she continued, "Well, it's just, they're great and all... But lately, there's this new style, and some of our friends are wearing bikinis that are even sexier and more popular. We don't want to be left out. Plus, we want to tan a little more of our bodies..."

Nicole took over. "Since there's nobody here but us... we thought... if you'd permit... that we, er... that we could use some smaller bikinis..." She was getting moist just by standing next to her father's bed. She would have loved it if he hugged or touched her in any intimate way, even though the young virgin had only a vague idea of what to do with a man. Linda was still focusing on teasing, and rarely discussed the practicalities of actual sex with her.

But even as much as they were doing was wrong; this much Nicole felt she knew with complete certainty. Yet she was eager for more.

She continued to talk. "I know Alison won't like it... But, we thought that maybe we didn't have to tell her. If you approve, and we only wear them in the backyard and around the house, won't that be okay?" The double D-cupped girl stood right in front of Jack. One of her arms was under her rack, pressing her huge boobs together, and making them protrude up and out.

Linda stood next to her, equally close to Jack. She struck an identical pose, not inadvertently because she was shy like Nicole, but deliberately, delighting in the fact that it made her big and firm jugs look a size or two larger.

Nicole turned around, bent over lewdly, and picked up the bag with the micro-bikinis in them. She was getting good at finding excuses to show off her fantastic ass, and she'd put the bag on the floor just so she could bend over some more. She took the micro-bikinis out and held them up. "You see, these are the ones. Linda bought them already, and gave me mine as a gift. We are alone; no one will ever see us in them but you... Pleaaasse, Daddy? Please?!"

He thought, Whoa! They're too skimpy! They're like postage stamps. No, they make postage stamps look big! No way can I approve. He frowned.

Linda stepped forward, pressing her knee against his leg. "Mr. Devoux, what if we make a deal? We'll put them on and show you how they look. If you don't approve, we'll never wear them again. But if you do approve, we'll all agree never to tell Mrs. Devoux. She's way out of fashion, and what she doesn't know won't hurt her, right? And we'll promise to only wear them around the house. Deal?"

He was embarrassed, but also excited, and he thought it could be fun. Certainly, he'd had a lot of interesting adventures lately viewing his buxom daughter and her equally beautiful friend, and no harm had come from it. He nodded slightly.

"DEAL!" both girls yelled at the same time, as soon as they saw his head move. They eagerly ran to the adjoining bathroom with the bag.

Jack thought, What the hell am I doing?! I have to be a responsible father and draw the line. Damn, I really need to get laid! Maybe then I could think clearly. I guess I should consider myself "lucky" that it's only been a week since the last time Alison allowed me to use her like a blow-up doll. If only she wasn't so frigid, I would have some resolve here!

Moments later, the girls were back. Being the bolder girl, Linda walked out first in her blue micro-bikini. But only a few seconds later, Nicole walked out in her red one. They stood next to each other and struck sexy poses for him in their new swimsuits. Nicole turned to the side and cocked a hip, while Linda raised an arm over her head and gave Jack a sultry stare.

Jack was open mouthed. He knew he had to say no to the bathing suits.

In truth, his postage stamp comparison wasn't that far off. The tops were essentially all string, with just one small patch of cloth over each nipple, barely larger than the nipple itself. Down below was even more scandalous. There was no doubt what their natural hair colors were, because pubic hair was sticking out on all sides. Their pussy lips were tightly hugged by the thin material, leaving their shapes clearly showing. Even their erect clits could be easily seen through the fabric.

Then, as if on cue, both girls turned around at the same time. They spread their legs and bent over to touch their toes.

He thought, My God! I'm gonna have a heart attack! They're totally naked for all practical purposes from the back! There's just one thin string running up their ass cracks and then splitting and going over their hips, and that's it. Oh, and another string running across their backs. But that's nothing! Actually, now that I think about it, they're totally naked for all practical purposes from their front sides too! There's no way I can approve these!

The girls turned back around and stood stiffly and proudly.

He stared at his daughter's huge tits. The micro-bikini left no doubt that her nipples were quite erect. She might as well have been completely topless, with the way her luscious mounds jutted out, open to the gaze of her father.

He looked down at his silk boxers. He tried to adjust his position a little bit so his erection wouldn't stick out quite so obviously, but it was so stiff and aroused there was no way to hide it completely. He rued the fact that they happened to catch him at a time when he was wearing nothing but a T-shirt and these skimpy silk boxers. (Little did he know, but Linda had peeked in on him earlier and timed this incident precisely for when he'd be wearing something revealing like that.)

Nicole slowly made a full turn so he could get another look at her bare ass cheeks engulfing the tiny string, and her puffy slit tightly hugged by a tiny patch of red fabric.

Linda made a similar slow turn to fully display all her charms.

He had a nearly unstoppable desire to beat off right then and there. I can't let them wear these obscene bikinis! It would be bad enough if they were average looking, but with them both so hot and perfect all over, they're totally irresistible! They're like a molestation waiting to happen. I seriously won't be able to control my hands!

The girls started walking back and forth, using the area between his bed and the TV like some kind of fashion model catwalk. They'd been practicing their sexy walks, and the way their bare asses undulated would have revived a dead man. He also realized the bikinis were a size or two too large, because the tops provided no support whatsoever to their big globes. Their tits showed just how very bouncy and springy they were with every step. Their ample assets swayed and jiggled with even the smallest movements.

He knew he wanted to see a lot more of that. He gave in to his super horny state, and said, "Okay."

The girls froze and then rushed to him, saying, "Thanks!" and "You're so cool!" and "I love you, Daddy!" and the like. Both of them embraced him and kissed his face at the same time. He felt ripe and luscious teen flesh pressing against him on all sides. He remained sitting, trying to conceal his full erection in his boxers, but it was a hopeless task.

Then, as the girls covered his face in kisses, Linda said, "Nicky, your dad is too cool! He's so great, I think we should both thank him individually!"

"Okay!" Nicole eagerly agreed. She was extremely horny now, but her shyness was so deep rooted, she added, "But you go first, okay?"

So both girls pulled away. Nicole stood a few feet back.

Jack gulped as Linda stepped forward. He thought, She's a busty blonde bombshell, that's for sure. She's got the body of someone five years older. And she's quite sexually liberated. What's she going to do to thank me?!

Linda sat in his lap, letting both her legs hang off the same side. Her arms wrapped around his neck, and her crotch brushed directly against his hard member as she kissed his face. She was so excited about his answer that she playfully bounced up and down on his erection for few moments, as if very happy... or as if getting fucked by him!

She was terribly horny. She had grown to love Jack, and she wanted him to be her next de facto father, as well as her lover. The foxy girl made sure to repeatedly brush her ass against his jutting cock. She had no doubt it was hard, because she was sliding all over it. She was so aroused that she almost came, and that realization only made her even more excited. She bounced on it in delight, feeling his manhood directly hitting her pussy at times as she gyrated all over him.

"Thank you!" she said. Then she kissed him right on his lips!

He barely managed to remember to keep his lips closed. He was incredibly tempted not to, but he figured there was no way he could make out with his Nicole's best friend with Nicole standing right next to them.

Linda moved positions, planting her knees on the bed on either side of him. While she was up on her knees, she held his head and bent down to kiss its bald top. By doing that, she smothered his face with her big firm hooters, barely contained by her tiny bikini top. As she kissed him several times in different places of the top his head, her jugs rubbed their way all over his face. And since her bikini top was a little too loose, the two tiny triangles of fabric easily slid up and out of place.

He was flabbergasted; he hadn't expected anything like this! He could feel her exposed hard nipples brushing against his nose, his mouth, his chin, and his cheeks. He even felt her nipple brush against his mouth for a second or two as she kept on rubbing her hefty mounds all over his face.

She gasped out, "Oh, YES! You're the BEST!" She said this with such passion it sounded like she was having an orgasm, and she very nearly was. She was burning hot for him, and couldn't get enough of his body, even if he was a slightly out of shape middle-aged man. She hadn't meant to be this outrageous this fast, but it was like her body took over.

He was sporting a tremendous hard-on, and as she lowered herself a bit, it bumped into her pubic mound. Had it not been for the tiny blue triangle covering her pussy, he very well might have impaled her pulsing pussy.

That was so exciting for him that he was barely able to control himself. He kept his hands pinned under his thighs for fear what he'd do with them if he let them roam free.

She pulled his head back from the valley of her ample and bare breasts, and kissed his hair and bald spot some more. "Thank you, thank you, thank you!" she gushed, as if he'd just offered to pay for her entire college education and thrown in a new car. Since his boner was sticking straight up, she found a way to rub her pussy against it while smothering his face with luscious tit-flesh.

Encouraged by the lack of any protests from him, she grew bolder still and dropped the pretence of accidental contact. She cupped big her tits with both hands and directed them so first one nipple and then the other went right over his mouth. She even traced his lips all the way around his mouth with one.

Nicole gasped at Linda's boldness. She felt her entire body was on fire, just from watching.

Then Linda lowered herself some more and basically sat on Jack's cock, trapping it between her thighs. True, he was wearing his boxers, but the slippery silk fabric only made all the rubbing together of their private parts that much more arousing to them both. Those boxers were growing wetter by the second because of the copious amounts of pre-cum leaking from his piss-hole, plus the cum from her pussy.

Now that she was lower on him, she resumed kissing her way all over his face. She kept her hands pressing her bare tits together, and eagerly rubbed her nipples all over his T-shirt. In fact, her entire body slid up and down his, and the same motion that moved her nipples also helped her pussy lips churn and grind over his hard cock.

He was so horny he thought that he would cum for sure!

But he wasn't the only one ready to climax. Nicole was watching every last move, and she was simply going out of her mind trying to wait for her turn. Linda had given her no idea anything like this would happen, and Nicole didn't know if she should be afraid or eager for her own turn. As she stood there, she desperately wanted to masturbate herself to climax, but, thanks to her shy nature, she was too afraid that someone would see her. However, she rubbed her thighs together as best she could, like some kind of overexcited cricket. But that only fueled the need in her hot pussy instead of quenching it.

It looked like Linda would be happy to spend all day bouncing on Jack's lap, and that's pretty much what was happening. It was obvious to all that this had gone far beyond any thank you gesture, and was more like a brazen, topless lap dance.

Nicole's eagerness eventually swamped her bashfulness. She coughed loudly.

That reminded Linda to consider the needs of her best friend. She pulled back a little bit, so her big tits were lightly swinging above Jack's chest. Her long nipples just barely grazed his shirt. She said, "Thanks again, Mr. Devoux! I'm sorry if I got a little carried away with my, uh, hugging and thanking, but us girls, we're just so easily excitable!" She bounced up and down on his thinly-covered cock some more, as if the mere mention of being excitable made her too excited to sit still.

She leaned forward for one last kiss, and that turned into a series of kisses across his face. Ending up near one of his ears, she whispered into it, "I think you're a really sexy guy! You're a hunk!" Then she sat back, pressing down on his cock with even more pressure than before.

Just when Jack thought he was gonna erupt for sure, she pulled off him all the way and stood up.

Even now, standing next to Nicole, she didn't bother to adjust her bikini top, despite the fact that it had obviously risen all the way above her jutting tits.

Jack looked back and forth between the two gorgeous girls. Their chests were heaving with excitement in nearly the exact same way, even though Nicole had just been standing there and watching. True, Linda was the only one topless, but Nicole's micro top was so micro that it almost didn't matter. Besides, the way it tented due to her extremely erect nipples made an equally alluring sight.

Linda shifted to the side a little bit and made way for Nicole. She put a hand on Nicole's shoulder, and whispered, "Show him how much you love him!"

Nicole had been watching and learning. She was stunned at how her blonde sexpot friend wantonly rubbed herself all over Jack, not attempting to disguise the erotic nature of her attentions whatsoever. Her heart was ready to pound right out of her chest, but she resolved to try to imitate Linda's moves as best she could.

The sixteen-year-old vixen daughter kneeled on her father's lap, straddling him with one leg to each size of him, just as Linda had done for most of her turn. Her pussy lips immediately came fully in contact with his erect member through the thin material of her micro-bikini panties and his boxers. She was surprised to feel how wet his bulge was.

He was surprised by that very same thing. He knew a big wet spot was forming on his boxers thanks to all his leaking pre-cum, but somehow the contact felt even wetter than that. What he didn't realize was that what little there was of her bikini bottoms was soaked from her pussy juices too.

She put her arms around his neck and hugged him so tightly that her huge tits squashed against his chest. She moved her weight slowly from one leg to the other, while still hugging him. That allowed her to explore the shape and length of his cock with her pussy mound and caused her tits to slide against him in delightful ways. At the same time, she cooed, "Thanks, Daddy... I knew you would understand... I love you so much!"

She'd only just started her "thank you," and she was already totally in thrall to her lusty urges. She was doing things she'd never even fantasized she'd do, and it felt so good that she never wanted to stop. Her prudish mind had very limited thinking, but her sex-starved body had no such restrictions.

Jack's fully erect member felt the exact contours of her slit as her crotch relentlessly moved all over it. He could feel the heat from it too, mixing with the surprising hotness of his own crotch. As if that wasn't arousing enough, the smell of sex and wet pussy in the air made him quite dizzy.

It was all so arousing that he couldn't keep his hands pinned down any longer. His hands went to her ass as if they had a mind of their own, and he started to feel up her full round butt with his fingers. He felt around for any sign of her bikini bottoms and didn't find any. Then he remembered there was nothing to find except for one useless string running down her ass crack. He sighed with happiness as he sank his fingers deeper into her creamy ass-flesh.

Linda scowled with jealousy as she stood back and watched. She approved on an intellectual level, but she couldn't help but wish on an emotional level that he'd grabbed her ass too. Knowing that father and daughter were unlikely to even notice a herd of elephants charging through the room, she slid a hand into her tiny blue bikini bottoms and started fingering her pussy lips.

Nicole knew her pussy was dripping wet, and she was giving off a pungent pussy smell, but she didn't let that worry her. She was completely in the hold of her lusty fantasies, and being this close to her father was just too much for her to resist.

Jack was increasingly terrified that he would cum at any second. He had already been on the verge by the time Linda was done with him, and he'd hardly had a chance to catch his breath before Nicole took over and resumed grinding directly against his cock. The mere fact that it was his gorgeous daughter doing this was enough to make him bust a nut, and only a superhuman effort had allowed him to last this long.

He desperately needed some kind of break from all her pussy gyrations, and fast. Thinking quickly, he panted, "Darling? Could you kiss my bald spot? I love it when you do that."

"Sure, Daddy!"

In truth, he didn't love that any more than anything else she did to him, but he knew that would force her to sit up on her knees and lower legs, and thus at least give his boner some temporary relief.

And sure enough, that's exactly what happened. While he could, he quickly reached in and shifted his hard-on so it was resting down the side of his thigh instead of pointing up. Then he went back to fondling her bare ass cheeks. But his silk boxers were rather short and his stiff pole was rather long, and the result was that his entire cockhead poked out of his boxers.

He didn't notice this yet, and neither did Nicole, but Linda was in a perfect position to see. Her jaw dropped, and she frigged herself with abandon as she stared at his red and angry crown. She'd seen his stiff boner many times over the last year, but always trapped behind one or two layers of clothing. This was her first glimpse of any part of it in the flesh.

Jack breathed a sigh of relief. As long as his penis wasn't being directly stimulated, he could hang on a little longer. He closed his eyes and took his hands off his daughter's ass in a further attempt to cut down on his stimulation so he wouldn't blow his load where his innocent daughter could see or feel what he'd done.

Nicole thought back to when Linda had been kissing Jack's bald spot, and she tried her best to imitate her moves. That meant not much kissing, but lots of rubbing of her hefty tits in his face, since that's what really interested her. And since her tits were even bigger than Linda's, she smothered his face so thoroughly that it was almost comical.

Linda was watching this as well as gawking at Jack's cockhead, and something bothered her. She'd assumed that Nicole's red bikini top would ride up and away from Nicole's firm boobs after a little rubbing, but the top was stubbornly staying in place, mostly because Nicole was less vigorous with her rubbing movements.

Annoyed and mischievous, Linda stepped forward and undid the bow in the middle of Nicole's back. Then she stepped back and resumed playing with herself. But then another naughty idea came to her, and she undid her own bikini top and tossed it to the ground.

Neither Nicole nor Jack noticed at first that the bikini top between them was undone. (Jack was happily drowning in tit-flesh already, and the only real difference was the direct nipple contact.) But, imitating Linda again, Nicole held her tits with both hands and fully focused on gently rubbing her fulsome tits all over her father's face. She completely forgot to keep kissing the top of his head because she was so busy getting off on his happy moans from the tit rubbing.

Slowly but surely, the rubbing pushed the two triangles of her bikini top out of place. Before long, it dropped below the lowers slopes of her huge tit-curves. Only the fact that her hands happened to be on top of the strings that formerly held the top together temporarily prevented it from sliding all the way down her body.

Given how shy she was, she was distraught to completely expose her nipples to her father's face. But as shy as she was, when her shyness battled against her lust for her father, her lust won pretty much every single time. Before long, she was deliberately rubbing one nipple and then the other all over his face, just as Linda had done. There was no doubt that her movements weren't an accident, because she systematically explored his face, using her erect nipples almost like pencils to trace his features.

Jack found all of this incredibly arousing. It was starting to dawn on him that all the accidental exposures and brushes against him lately weren't so accidental after all. My God! My daughter WANTS me! She's hot for me! And Linda is too!

That was such a mind-blowing idea that he surely would have shot off in response, except for the lucky fact that there was no contact with his throbbing dick at the moment. But even so, it was very nearly too much for him to handle.

Then Nicole positioned herself so her left nipple was right in front of Jack's mouth. She simply held it there for some long seconds. She purred, "You are the best father in the world... and I want to be your obedient and good daughter!"

He opened his mouth in surprise, wondering if she meant that with the sexual connotation that he hoped she did.

Seeing his open mouth, she lightly arched her back, thrusting her huge tits forward. She put her protruding nipple right into his mouth.

She wasn't consciously planning anything, but she was so proud to show him her big tits, so happy, and so horny, that her nipples were begging to be sucked and it just seemed right if he started doing that immediately. She was so mad for his tongue that she held her left tit with both hands and more or less fed her breast to him. Then realizing she didn't really need two hands for that, she used her other hand to lovingly run her other nipple against the rough skin of his cheek.

Jack lost control. He closed his lips on the erect nipple and gently suckled it. He knew a good father should never do that, but at the moment, he didn't care.

She moaned lightly. It wasn't quite an orgasm, but it sounded as sexy as one, and it felt as good as one.

But suddenly he stopped as he realized what he was doing and who he was doing it with. He was overcome with a wave of guilt and shame. It was so bad that his iron-hard penis even drooped a little bit. He closed his eyes, afraid to look into his daughter's face.

Nicole never felt so happy than when she felt her father happily suckling on her nipple. Her eyes were closed in utter bliss. But when he pulled his lips away, she opened her eyes in alarm. Seeing him with his eyes closed and looking abashed, she felt a big wave of guilt and shame as well.

Nicole's face immediately blushed very red. She barely whispered, "OOPS! Sorry Daddy! I... I'm so embarrassed! My top rode up and... I'm sorry!"

She pulled back and tried to tuck her nipples away, but now that she'd pulled back and moved her hands, there was nothing holding her bikini top up anymore, and it fell all the way down to Jack's lap.

She looked down for it, and saw one of the triangles was resting right on top of his stiff, covered boner (from her angle, she could only see the covered part near the root). Trying to get a better view of both her top and his boner, she wound up rubbing her nipples against her father's chest, sliding down his T-shirt.

Furthermore, his dick had a mind of its own, and when he saw and felt her absolutely colossal melons rubbing against him some more, his penis immediately engorged back to full hardness. His cockhead had already been sticking out of his boxers, but his erection surged to full hardness so fast that it caused even more of his turgid pole to poke out. Now, a good four inches of his six and a half-inch penis was hanging out.

Before, he'd been too preoccupied with Nicole's tit rubbing to even realize what was sticking out, but now there was no mistaking it. He couldn't see his penis because of the buxom brunette in between, but he could feel the air lightly blowing against his exposed shaft.

He suddenly thought of Linda. He couldn't see much of her, again because of Nicole in the way, but he lifted his head, looked past his daughter, and saw Linda staring with her gaze locked directly on his crotch. She was so transfixed that she didn't realize he was looking at her.

Nicole still wasn't aware that more than half of her father's cock was uncovered, and because her huge tits were pressed against her father's chest, she couldn't see below or past her own curves. However, the knowledge that her bikini top was resting on his cock enflamed her lusts so much that she mostly forgot her guilt and shame.

She realized she had a great opportunity. Pretending to still be distraught, she said, "Sorry, Daddy. Let me just find my top here for a second..." Then she reached down and felt around for it.

He seized up. "Uht! No!" He reached out with his hands, but he didn't know what to do with them, and wound up just clutching air.

Nicole still wasn't in a position to see her father's crotch, because she was pressed too closely against him. But she used that to her advantage. Pretending she didn't know what she was doing or where she was touching, her hands wandered around until her fingers found his hard-on. She'd only intended to tease him a little by brushing against it some before grabbing her bikini top and putting it on, but her fingers had their own agenda. They immediately closed around his thick shaft. She'd never touched a penis with her hands before, much less her father's, and she just couldn't help herself.

Jack groaned erotically, yet also with alarm. He thought, I can't believe what's happening! My precious Darling is holding my COCK! And I'm gonna cum any second now!

Nicole was surprised to feel skin on skin. She experimentally slid her hand back and forth over his long pole, and that caused the silk boxers to slide back even more until her hand was grasping nothing but thick cock.

Jack felt like he'd been on the edge of a climax forever. The only reason he'd been able to hold out this long was because his daughter hadn't been touching his penis in any way. But now she wasn't just sitting on it, or even grinding against it, she was holding his exposed cock in her hot little hand.

That was just too much for him to handle, and he grunted loudly as he started to cum.

His erection was pointing forward, since it had been trapped against his thigh by the boxers earlier. Even now that it was mostly exposed and held by his daughter, it was still in that general position, so his cum fired straight ahead. He was so extremely aroused that it was an extra powerful climax, and his cum shot between his knees and well past them.

It so happened that was exactly where Linda was standing. She'd been busy playing with herself, thinking that no one would ever pay any attention to her (she hadn't noticed when Jack briefly glanced her way, but even then he'd only seen her head). She'd stared in total shock, her jaw gaping open, when she watched Nicole's hand fumble about and finally close around his shaft. So she knew from the very start when Jack started to cum. She witnessed his first rope blast out, fly up in a high arc, and land on her near her knee.

It was like money raining from heaven for her, only better. She couldn't let this opportunity, and this cum, go to waste. She quickly dropped to her knees. She scooted forward as well, to position herself in just the right spot. The result was that most of his cum hit her directly in her chest. She cupped both of her big globes from below, and tilted her head back. She was positively blissed out and even rapturous as the rain of cum doused her panting melons.

Neither Jack nor Nicole had any idea that was happening to Linda. Of course Jack knew that he was cumming. In fact, there were few things in life he was surer of than that, because his orgasm was so intense and all-consuming. But he was so focused on his daughter in his lap, and the way she was gripping his hot dick, that the question of where his cum was going was just about the last thing on his mind. If he'd thought about the issue at all, he would have assumed his ropes had arched up high and then splattered down onto the carpet a few feet away. It never occurred to him that Linda might be standing in that very area.

Nicole was simply stunned to realize that not only was she holding onto her father's stiff cock, but it was cumming in her hand. She could feel it throbbing and pulsing as the cum sped through it and squirted and squirted. She was too overcome to stroke it or do anything else to it - simply holding it was more than enough for a girl totally inexperienced with handling penises.

She was so very excited by this that she had a climax of her own. But that was almost an unimportant detail. It was akin maybe to losing one's glasses while falling to one's death from an airplane. She was feeling so totally aroused and euphoric that her climax meant little more than her body trembled with greater intensity and her pussy became even wetter.

Had Jack noticed he'd just made his daughter cum, it would only have upset him, but in the wake of his great climax he could barely even remember his own name. He continued to remain sitting up, but it was a bit of a miracle because all his bones seemingly turned to jelly.

Nicole's face was a deep crimson, she was utterly ashamed. But at the same time, she'd never been so excited or so aroused. And it occurred to her that she still wasn't done. She let go of Jack's boner, but she was still sitting on her father while wearing nothing but her bikini bottoms. Both she and Jack were panting hard, and her tits heaved wildly.

Thinking about how little she was wearing reminded her that she needed to get her bikini top back. She didn't touch his penis anymore (it was just too exciting!), but she ran her fingers through his pubic hair as she found one of the tiny red triangles of fabric and then held most of her bikini top in her hand.

She brought her hands back up to her chest. She was about to put the top back on, but then she had a better idea. She asked softly, "Daddy? Can you do me a favor? I made a boo-boo. My top fell off. Can you please help put it back on?"

Jack was in a daze. His penis had gone flaccid, and he was starting to hit a post-orgasmic depression. But her words startled him and forced him to focus. "What?" He'd heard her, but her words were so extraordinary, he just wanted to make sure.

"I said, 'My top fell off. Can you please help put it back on?'"

"Sure thing, Darling."


Meanwhile, Linda had also climaxed while Jack unwittingly came all over her big tits, but just like Nicole, she was so aroused and excited already that it almost didn't matter. The fact that Jack's cum had splattered and coated her hefty orbs was the only thing she could think about. Mmmm! I love it! I want more, more, more!

As she sat there on her knees, she thought about what had happened and what it meant. There's no way he could know how he sprayed me, not unless he has X-ray vision and can see right through Nicole! And I think Nicky's so excited about holding her daddy's cock that she can't think of anything else. I know I wouldn't be able to. Gaaawwwwd! I'm so jealous! But anyway, I don't want either of them to feel too guilty. This little party could break up at any moment, and there's gonna be second doubts and worries afterwards. In particular, if he sees all his pearly goo dripping down my skin, that'll probably double his freak out level. It's better if I just sneak out of here and wash up.

So that's what she did. Remembering to pick up her blue bikini top off the floor, she quietly stole away. Nicole had her back to her and Jack had his eyes closed, and both of them were overwhelmed by what had just happened, so she didn't have any problem leaving without being noticed. In fact, she probably could have loudly stomped off and they still wouldn't have noticed.

She didn't want to use the bathroom attached to Jack's bedroom because it was too close, so she crossed the house and used the bathroom near Nicole's bedroom. But when she got there and looked in the mirror, she was too excited to clean up right away. Instead, she ran to Nicole's room, got her digital camera out, and then took some pictures of herself, and her cummy chest in particular, using the automatic timer. Then she hurried back to the bathroom and locked the door, because she wasn't sure when Nicole would get back.

Left all alone, Linda stared in the mirror for a long time. She was still tremendously excited and aroused. She thought, Sure, I've done all kinds of sexual things. I've let boys fuck me. Some of them have cum on me, and I probably looked just like this more than once. But this is HIS cum! My daddy's cum! Yes, he's gonna be my daddy! Oh God! It's so hot! All this CUM! Daddy's cum! He's gonna show his love for Nicky and me by cumming on us every day and every night! It'll be so great! So very, very HOT!

She experimentally ran a finger through a cum gob that had landed directly on her left nipple and looked to be in danger of falling. She slipped her finger into her mouth and licked it clean and tested the taste.

In truth, his taste wasn't that great. She'd tasted better, and she'd tasted worse. If anything, it was surprisingly bland. But because it was Jack's, she decided she liked the taste a lot after all. In fact, the more she thought about it, the more she loved the flavor, because she loved him so much.

When she finished savoring that cum gob, she swiped up another. Soon, she was greedily feasting on the splattered, spermy mess dripping down her big rack.


Back in Jack's bedroom, Jack was dealing with the problem of how to put his daughter's bikini top back on her. He was still a bit dazed, but coming back to full attention very quickly, thanks to his arousing dilemma. He was torn between trying to be a responsible dad and giving in to the temptation of fondling his daughter's big juicy melons. To pass the time until he figured out what he wanted to do, he made some small talk. "See how easily this top fell off? I'm afraid it might be a little too big for you."

Nicole was still straddled over her father's lap. She sat up on her knees and thrust her tits out so her nipples were very nearly grazing against his face again. In fact, they did occasionally graze against him. She loved the excited, horny look on his face, and wanted to do more to keep it there. Her shyness was mostly gone, at least when it came to merely touching.

She played along with the somewhat surreal mundane conversation. "Maybe so, Daddy." She was glad that they were being pretending his orgasm and all the rest hadn't happened.

"Can you return it for the right size?" he asked.

"Linda says no. She bought it as a surprise gift for me, so that's why I wasn't able to try it on first. But don't worry; I'm sure I'll grow into it."

"I don't doubt that!" Jack exclaimed. Then he thought, Oh shit! Did I really just say that out loud? I think I did! Shit. But it's true. She just turned sixteen, and her tits are already this big! It staggers the imagination to consider how much bigger they could get before she's all done growing! And that's not even factoring in how much BIGGER still they could get once she gets pregnant and has babies! Holy Christ!

He mentally pictured his daughter standing naked while nine months pregnant, and with her breasts literally double their current size. In his vision, they were freely leaking milk. Suddenly, the dream vision of his daughter turned to him and blew him a kiss. She said, "What will we name him? We need to think of a name. I like Jack Devoux, Jr., after his daddy! And my daddy!" She winked.

This little fantasy was so arousing to Jack that his penis started to stir back to life, despite the fact that he'd just had the orgasm of his life a couple of minutes ago.

But he didn't have time to think about how to deal with his penis, because he realized his daughter was asking him something. "What?"

She repeated, "Daddy, you kind of spaced out there. Where'd you go?" She giggled gaily.

He was relieved that the mood was light, and she also had apparently decided to pretend his climax hadn't happened. He grinned. "Sorry. I was just thinking about how quickly you're growing up. Soon, you'll be a full grown woman."

She giggled, "Yeah, but I'll bet you were thinking especially about how much my chest has grown up." She cupped her boobs with both hands from underneath. "I'll bet you're thinking about how big these'll get when I'm fully grown." She hefted them enticingly, mere inches from his face.

He chuckled, a bit nervously this time. "Guilty as charged. But I must say, I'm pleasantly surprised at how at ease you are about your body. You used to be so shy."

She suddenly drew close and hugged him tightly, sliding down a bit so she could mush her tits back into his chest. "I still am shy! Painfully shy! You should see me at school. But I don't feel shy around you. I love you so much! I know that I can fully trust you not to take advantage of me. You're right that I am turning into a woman, and suddenly I'm, you know..."

He prodded her, "Know what?" Her erect nipples were poking into his chest again, but he was trying his best to be a responsible dad and ignore that. It was tough though, especially since his penis was suddenly and unexpectedly engorged again.

She continued, hesitantly, "I'm, well, you know... I'm starting to get interested in sexual things. Like boys. And kissing. And flirting. And all that kind of stuff. But I'm still too shy to talk to any real boy, so I guess I'm testing out my flirting and stuff on you."

He joked, "Hey, I'm 'real,' and a male, and you're talking to me."

She pulled back and playfully tickled his underarms.

He laughed and clamped his arms tightly to his sides. "Hey!" He tried not to notice how her huge jugs were bouncing around less than a foot from his face.

She giggled. Then she said, "You know what I mean. Yeah, you're a male, but you're my dad, so that doesn't count. I mean, look at us now. Here I am, basically sitting naked in your lap, and it doesn't matter, because you're just... Daddy! Sure, you might cop a feel or two of my breasts, or my ass, but that doesn't matter. It's just good fun. In fact, I kinda like it! It's not like you're gonna take advantage and totally have your way with me."

"Right," he replied. But thinking about "totally having his way" with her was making his penis even stiffer. He redoubled his resolve to be good, or things could go too far too fast.

But then she sat up higher on her knees and thrust her tits out outrageously. She actually had to sit back a little bit so she wouldn't thwack him in the face with them. She teased, "Speaking of copping a feel, when are you gonna put my top back on already?"

He realized that he still held her red bikini top in his hand. He lifted it up.

She lifted both her arms up and held her elbows above her head.

It was such a provocative pose that he felt a great urge to simply pull her down to the bed and slide his cock into her pussy, and consequences be damned. But instead he reached around her backside and worked on putting her top back on.

But after some moments, while his hands stayed busy, he said, "Wait a minute. Let me get this straight: you WANT me to cop a feel?"

She replied nonchalantly, "Sure, why not? It's like practice kissing with a brother or a girl or something. It doesn't count, like REAL kissing, you know. I'll probably practice kissing and even making out with Linda first, so I won't be totally lame at it with my first boy. And if I can practice with you too, I'll get even better."

Jack felt his brain exploding yet again as he pictured that in his mind. But he just kept on putting her top back on. His hands were shaking a bit, but he was trying his best to be a good father and actually put it back on instead of just stalling for time.

She tilted her head as if pondering, and continued, "I guess... I guess I'm curious what it feels like to have male hands on my breasts. Will I like it? Will it feel somehow different than if it's just my hands, or even Linda's hands? I'm sure it will be different, but I don't know how. Thankfully, I can practice that kind of stuff with you so I won't be all freaked out when a real boy tries to grope me."

Jack was wildly excited by what she was suggesting, but he tried not to show it. He joked, "There you go again. Believe me, I'm real too."

His hands were outstretched, just finishing tying her top in place, and she took advantage of that to tickle his armpits again. "No you're not! You're invisible ghost Daddy! You don't count!"

They both laughed as they had a bit of a tickle fight. With her top more or less back in place and her nipples finally covered again, his hands were freed and he used them to try to tickle her armpits too. But they quickly reached a standoff when both of them pinned their arms tightly to their sides.

"Truce?" he suggested.

"Truce," she agreed.

This was part of the rules of a tickle game they'd been playing since Nicole only reached up to his knee.

But then she looked down at her bikini top, and said, "Thanks!" She leaned forward and kissed him playfully on his nose. Then she sat all the way back.

She tried not to show any surprise or alarm, but it dawned on her, Daddy's penis is fully erect again, and I'm sitting right on it! Wow! This is too exciting for words! Her pussy was still totally soaked and hot, and her tiny triangle down below was even a bit askew and barely covering all of her pussy lips. She could sense that at least half of his dick wasn't covered by his boxers, pretty much just like when she'd been holding it.

She shivered and felt goose bumps all over as she recalled that experience.

Acting like nothing unusual was going on, she pulled her bikini top up to her collar bone, leaving her totally topless yet again. She giggled inwardly as she realized just how little she'd been covered ever since she sat in his lap. Sure, she still wore her bikini bottoms, but those didn't even cover all of her bush, and covered even less of her muscular ass cheeks. She turned her head away, and said shyly, "So, you know, if you want to play with them a little bit..." She didn't finish her sentence, but the need in her voice made her invitation clear.

He reached out and boldly grasped her large breasts with both hands. He started at the undersides, and slowly slid his hands up and then back down again.

He sighed inwardly with great contentment. YES! I've been wanting to do this for months! Months? Ha, that's a joke! Fuckin' YEARS! And it's just as great as I'd imagined! Sure, it's awesome when she rubs her big jugs all over me, but to have control and take charge is an even bigger rush!

However, he suddenly realized he needed to check his enthusiasm. He continued to fondle her fun bags, but he thought, Shit. I must have a wild look in my eyes, like some kind of mad scientist. I've gotta play it cool. I'm supposed to just be showing her what it means to be felt up, or something. I can't show too much enthusiasm.

So he continued his tactile exploration, but at a slower and more relaxed pace. He was surprised that Nicole just sat back on her heels (and his stiff cock!), and kept her back arched, as if presenting her tits to him on a platter. He thought he was just supposed to cop a feel or two, but as long as she was that eager, he was happy to keep going.

And he did much more than just "cop a feel." He fully explored her chest to his heart's content. He was particularly fascinated by her nipples. It wasn't that there was anything that unique about them, but they were his daughter's nipples, so they were very special to him. He tugged and twisted them and explored them in every which way. He was particularly keen to listen to her sweet moans and groans so he could learn what she liked the best.

Soon, he was rewarded by a near non-stop contented mewling and purring from her. It was occasionally punctuated by louder grunts and gasps, when he did something that was especially arousing.

He had quickly gotten used to the fact that she was sitting on his mostly exposed cock. It was trapped just under her hot pussy, and he even got accustomed to the extra hot and wet sensation there. His main focus was on his daughter's luscious rack. But ever so slowly, she started moving on it. It was subtle at first, and he thought she was just shifting positions a little bit. But before long, it became clear she was starting to rhythmically bounce on it.

Naturally, such bouncing felt great to him, but it also presented a problem, because it was TOO arousing. Being allowed to freely fondle his daughter's tits already had him at a fever pitch of excitement, and the bouncing on top of that was already threatening to send him over the edge. He thought about what happened last time, and that just brought him even closer to a climax. He realized his daughter was deliberately trying to stimulate his boner, and that thought alone just about busted his nut.

But he figured that she didn't really know what she was doing. It was like she'd just discovered what sex was last week. He was pretty sure she'd feel he'd betrayed her trust if she saw his cum splattered all over the floor.

His concern finally rose above his desire to fondle, mostly because he knew that he'd cum if he didn't do something in a matter of seconds. He said, "Um, hey Darling? Let's get up for a second, okay?"

"Um... okay, I guess." She was puzzled. She would have loved to bounce on his cock while he played with her tits for hours, literally. But she reluctantly got off his lap.

He helped her up, even as he pulled himself up at the same time. He didn't look, but he figured there had to be streaks of cum all over the floor just behind his sexpot daughter, and he wanted to make sure she didn't see that. So he took her hand and carefully led her to the door, making sure she had no chance to look back. He even managed to tuck his cockhead back into his boxers without her noticing.

As she reached the door, she looked up to his face and asked, "Where are we going?"

It killed him, but he felt he had to be a responsible parent. He said, "Well, I think that's enough for one day, don't you? I had lots of fun, but we both have things to do."

She looked crushed. "But Daddy! Don't you want to play with my tits some more?" Her top was still hanging uselessly way above the upper slopes of her fulsome bust. She took his hands and brought them right back to the undersides of her staggering tit-slopes.

He gave her soft tit-flesh a couple of happy squeezes, but then he found the willpower to pull away. "I'd love to, you know that, but not right now."

She brightened up. "Okay, but later, right?"

"Sure." He found this conversation bizarre to say the least, given how long he'd longed to squeeze and caress her amazing body.

She held his hands with her hands. "Promise me you'll play with my tits a lot more later. And not just once! I need a lot of practice with that."

"Sure. I'll squeeze 'em and fondle 'em just as much as you want."

Her face lit up. "Oh really? Promise? 'Cos I want you to play with them a whole lot!"

He groaned with need after hearing that.

She continued, brightly, "Oh, and Linda's too, okay? Oh, and my ass! You haven't even gotten started on my ass!" Since she had his hands in hers, she guided both of his hands back to her ass cheeks. Then she wrapped he arms around him, causing her massive bare boobs to press into his chest again.

His fingers sank into her naked ass cheeks. "I promise."

"Which part?"

"All of it. I promise to play with your tits and your ass. And Linda's tits and ass too, if she wants it. I'm here for you. If you need my help with anything, to get you ready for boys or whatever, you can count on me."

"Oh, Daddy! You're the BEST!" She pressed into him and kissed him on the lips. At the same time, her hands slid down his back and she clutched his covered ass cheeks tightly.

He would have opened his mouth and French kissed her, except that his penis was still as hard as ever, and still on a hair trigger. Now that she was pressing in so closely, she was pressing her lower abdomen against his raging hard-on, and he knew that wouldn't last for long before he blew a sticky load all over her.

So, with the utmost reluctance, he broke the kiss and gave her a friendly pat on the back. Then he fled back to his room and closed the door.

Nicole frowned. That was odd. Huh. I wonder what his rush to leave was. We could have had so much more fun. But she didn't dwell on that more than a few moments, because so many exciting things had happened in short order.

She remembered Linda, and wondered what happened to her. Already she was bursting with the need to tell her best friend everything that she'd missed. She ran down the hall towards her bedroom, yelling, "Linda, Linda, Linda! Guess what? You'll never believe it!"

Ironically, only now did she bother to pull her bikini top into place, because she disliked running with her huge tits flopping around and crashing into each other. (Not that the micro-top gave any support.)

Back in his room, Jack also belatedly remembered Linda. He'd sensed that she'd been gone for a while, but only now did he really think about it and confirm it.

Even as he was thinking about that, he looked around the room, and specifically on the floor near where he'd been sitting, wondering what had happened to his cum. He walked closer, and took a good look around. There was no cum to be found.

Actually, that wasn't quite true. Upon closer inspection, he did see some dribbles near the bed. There were two especially long streaks. But he looked all over, even far away and on the wall, and that was all he found.

No way! It doesn't seem possible. I came a LOT! I came buckets! That was probably the most intense climax of my life! It went on forever. No way is that all there is.

He didn't dwell on it though, because he was still hard, and still on a delicate trigger. He went to the bathroom, pulled off his T-shirt, and turned on the shower. As soon as he closed his eyes and started stroking his cock, he exploded with orgasmic release.

It felt incredibly great, but it was also a bit of a let-down. It was frustrating doing it alone, and watching his cum wash down the drain, when he considered how much better it could have been with Nicole sitting in his lap, or with Linda doing the same, and cumming all over their creamy and tanned skin.

After he was done and started taking a normal shower, he thought, I wish I could cum with one or both of them licking my dick, but that's just not possible. They trust me. I suppose I'm cursed. I may get to play with them a lot now, and that'll be beyond incredible, but I imagine that's all I'll be allowed to do. Cumming, I think, is where one has to draw the line. I'm just some kind of practice doll or something, until they get started with "real boys." I mean, look at me. Who'd be attracted to me?

After the shower, he stood in front of the bathroom mirror and gave himself a critical look over while he toweled off. Seriously, who'd be attracted to me? True, I've got a smoking hot wife, but let's be realistic: she is only after me for my money. And I use to wonder why she was still single for even five minutes after her last divorce, and now I know! She's a cold fish in bed, and an annoying religious zealot to boot. Boy, I really blew it there. I remarried way too fast.

Let's face it. I'm just an ordinary looking middle-aged guy. I've got a growing bald spot, and I've got love handles and the start of a belly. My vision is going and I'll need glasses. I've got hair growing in all the wrong places, including out of my ears. I'm trying to lose weight and exercise, but it takes time. And those girls! Christ! They're only sixteen and already they could grace the cover of some fashion magazine. Or porn magazine. Shit! They're FOND of me, and they trust me, so they think it's safe to experiment with me, but that's all this is. Well, at least I'm gonna enjoy what I can for as long as I can, but I won't abuse their trust. At least I have that to be proud of.

Later, he thought more about the missing cum mystery, and also considered the mystery of Linda leaving early without saying anything to anyone, and he put the two things together. Last I knew, Linda was standing there, right behind Nicky. She HAD to have seen everything when I came! She KNOWS! Hell, she might even have needed to jump out of the way.

Hey, I know what happened! Bless her heart, she had pity on me. She must have found a towel and cleaned it all up while Nicky and I were still busy with each other. She knows how delicate Nicky can be about these things: one minute, she's eager to explore her sexuality, and the next she goes back into her shy shell. So she was protecting her from my loss of control. What an angel! I should get her a gift or something, except I'd be far too embarrassed to explain why. In fact, I don't even know how I'm going to face her now.

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