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Part 3: Chapters 9 to 12
(MF, Mf, Ff, ff, mult, cons, reluc, les, het, humor, wife, inc, fath, dau, in-law, D/S, group, orgy, poly, harem, 1st, voy, WC, WM, WF, oral, anal, pett, BBR)
Written by Storysmith and Spacer X (paul_t_22@yahoo.com)


By chance, Jack had to leave the next day for a weekend trip with Alison. They planned to have an idyllic beach vacation in yet another attempt to get their marriage back on track. He wasn't eager to go, but he went.

He left Nicole home alone. She didn't need a babysitter anymore, especially since she told her father she'd be spending virtually the entire weekend hanging out with Linda.

It was just as well, because the two girls needed time to mentally come to grips with what had just happened. And they did that by talking to each other about it for hours on end. It took them literally hours for them just to explain every last detail of what had happened to each other, even though both of them had been there most of the time. They shared absolutely everything. Linda even explained how Jack had cum all over her chest (although unwittingly), and how she'd eaten all the cum in the bathroom later.

Linda was delighted to see the results of the sexual encounter with Jack. She knew it had been a dramatic breakthrough, and one that exceeded all her expectations. She especially loved how Nicole had framed the whole event as Jack just helping her grow accustomed to getting sexual with "real boys," and how she even got him to agree to fondle them both some more in the future. Linda planned to run with that excuse in the future and see just how many sexual barriers they could overcome.

Linda knew that Jack was trying his best to be a good and responsible father, and breaking down his resolve and getting over his guilt was an obstacle. But she hadn't seen that as the main obstacle. She'd always figured the main problem would be Nicole's shy and prudish nature, not to mention her near total sexual innocence. Now, she was encouraged, because Nicole's attitude was changing rapidly since she was finally discovering the joys of sexual contact. But still, Nicole only allowed herself to think of their activities in terms of flirting and teasing, and she remained unwilling to even imagine actually having sex with Jack. Her aversion to the incest taboo was strong indeed.

Wisely, Linda let Nicole revel in what had happened for a while before pushing her to go further. All weekend, it was hard to get Nicole to talk of anything but the feel of Jack's dick rubbing against her pussy, or how it had felt when she held it in her hand. Shame and excitement mixed as she tried to get hold of herself after the hot episode.

Nicole was riding such a buzz of sexual excitement that it wasn't that difficult for Linda to talk her into sunbathing in the nude. She simply made the argument that a good daughter was one with a deep overall tan, because that would please her father immensely. Besides, no one else was there to see them.

They spent much time in the sun, using strong tan lotion everywhere but on their pale parts so those parts could "catch up." But they used a weaker lotion there too, as they were careful not to go overboard and get sunburned.

And all the while, as they lay in their usual lawn chairs near the pool, they talked and talked and talked about Jack.

Linda had been holding back her true motives for some time now, but late on Saturday afternoon, she decided the time was ripe to be more honest. Once they'd talked what had happened into the ground, she said, "You see, teasing your dad is so cool! You loved it! Just be careful so your evil stepmom won't notice it."

Nicole rolled her eyes. "Alison's not evil. She's just a little Bible crazy, that's all."

"Yeah, well, she's a bad wife in any case. She obviously doesn't take care of his sexual needs, and that's an essential duty of any good wife. Think about your poor, suffering dad. He may go weeks or even months without any sex at all, for all we know. We have to help him!"

Nicole grinned. "Don't worry, that's not a problem. I can't wait for him to get back so he can fondle my breasts and ass some more. I'm even gonna try to get him to practicing kissing me! I've got it all worked out."

"That's good," Linda replied, "But you know that's just for starters, don't you? If you do only just that, it could be worse than doing nothing."

Nicole's smile faded. "How do you figure? He loved it! I know he did!"

"Yes, but you know about guys and blue balls?" Seeing a blank look, Linda explained, "When a man's penis gets stiff and aroused, he craves release. Orgasm."

Nicole said proudly, "I know all about that! Like when I held his thick cock and he shot all over you. Right?"

"Exactly." Linda was amazed at times about Nicole's lack of sexual knowledge, but she tried not to show it. "Anyway, if he stays hard but he doesn't get that release, he gets blue balls. His balls don't actually turn blue, not at all, but they start to hurt really badly. And the longer it lasts, the more it hurts. I understand it can get extremely painful."

"Oh no! That's terrible! That means... if we tease him and rub our tits all over him for a long time, we're almost obliged to give him release, or he'll suffer horribly!"

Linda smiled. "Exactly. And we're not 'almost obliged,' we ARE obliged. You know what they call a girl who teases a guy relentlessly, but doesn't let him cum?"


"A cocktease. And that's just the absolutely worst thing to be. Nobody likes a cocktease. But that's what you are."

Nicole sat up in her chair, setting her uncovered tits bouncing. She knew that word and knew it was considered a bad thing to be. "What?! When?!"

"Think about how abruptly he left you at the end. Remember that?"

"Oh course! After all, it happened to me, not you. I remember it like it was yesterday."

Linda laughed. "It WAS yesterday, you goof!"

Nicole giggled. "I know. I was making a joke." Her face turned dreamy. "That was soooo good! The way he held me... His strong, manly hands clutching my breasts.... Mmmm... And my ass... I could feel his big dick rubbing up against my tummy too..." She closed her eyes. She was too shy to masturbate in front of her friend, but she writhed around on her ass some, trying to stimulate her pussy a little bit without touching it with her hands.

But then Linda interrupted her reverie by saying, "Yeah, great, but then he abruptly up and walked away. Remember how you told me that part too?"

Nicole opened her eyes. "Yeah. That was a real puzzler." She frowned and scrunched her face in confusion.

Linda said patiently, "No it isn't. I'm absolutely positively he had blue balls. He had to cum real bad! Think about it. You were bouncing on his cock non-stop and letting him play with your tits for a long time. He's not superhuman; any man would need to cum after all that. But he was afraid to do it with you there. So he was probably smiling on the outside, but suffering horribly on the inside."

Nicole gasped. "Oh no! That's terrible! But, but... I can't make him cum on purpose! It would be wrong!"

"But you did already," Linda pointed out incredulously. "You held his cock as he came!"

"I know, but that was an accident. God can forgive that. But to do it on purpose, that's incest! It's a sin!"

Linda sighed and shook her head in frustration. She'd been sitting up in her lawn chair, but she laid her nude body all the way back and tried to think. She had lost her aversion to incest after her years of sexual contact with her father up until his death. So she had a hard time understanding her friend's mindset.

Nicole's face lit up. "Hey! I've got an idea! What if I tease him and then YOU help him cum? You're not related, so it's okay. I could rub my tits all over him and let him squeeze my ass, and then you can hold his cock next time when he cums, and even stroke it. It'll be great! I know he'll love that, won't he?"

Linda said, "Well, that would be an improvement, but that's not good enough. Nicky, you don't get it! You belong to him now. He loves you, and you love him. He wants you, and you want him. Sexually! You have to learn to do EVERYTHING to him and for him, so you can be the perfect daughter that he needs. Think about it. Most daddies are happily married and sexually satisfied, but not him. He needs you sexually most of all. Your evil stepmom just isn't getting the job done there. It's up to you! You MUST let him fuck you!"

Nicole blanched. She was so appalled by the mention of fucking that she reflexively covered her pussy mound, as if her father was standing there and staring at it. She nervously asked Linda, "What about you?"

"Well, me too, but we're a team! Aren't we? I can't do it alone. If only one of us were getting fucked by him, it would eventually divide us and hurt our friendship. That's why I'm waiting. I could try to fully seduce him, but I'm waiting for you. We're best friends! I just couldn't enjoy it if I got to do everything with him, and all you could do is rub against him and kiss him a little bit."

Nicole smiled briefly. "Awww, that's sweet. Thanks." But she still felt terribly worried. There was nothing in the Bible against rubbing and kissing him, but she felt fucking him was as a terrible sin. She thought her best friend was deluded with crazy and impossible ideas.

Linda went on, "We both need to become his lovers at the same time! His mistresses. His sluts! Stroke his cock! Suck his cock! Love his cock! Let him fuck us whenever he wants!"

"NO!" Nicole said firmly, defiantly crossing her arms under her huge bare tits. "I don't know about your situation, but I can't do it. It would be incest! It's a sin and a crime!" She looked down at her bald pussy, and her puffy pussy lips, and tried to imagine her father's penis sliding into it. It made her shiver, but with fear, not arousal.

Linda persisted, "Come on! Think about how much he loved to see your tits and play with them. Don't you remember the look on his face? Don't you remember how happy you made him?"

Nicole's nipples tingled and engorged as she recalled what his hands had done. "Of course I do. And it means so much to me. Nothing makes me happier than to see him happy. He means so much to me!"

Linda said, "And that's good! But that's only the tip of the iceberg. You can't stop there. You have to stroke and suck his cock, at least. Think how much happier you'll make him. How is that wrong, to make your father happy?"

"It just... is! That's what the Bible says." Nicole's eyes narrowed with determination.

Linda pointed out, "The Bible says a lot of things that you choose to ignore. You eat pork, don't you? But the Old Testament clearly prohibits that. We have to use common sense, and figure out which rules apply for current day society and which ones don't. This is a special situation, for a lot of reasons, like the way your evil stepmom is ignoring his sexual needs."

"I keep telling you, she's not evil." But then the foxy brunette grinned a little, and added, "Okay, maybe she's a little evil."

They both giggled at that.

Linda didn't let the topic drop though. "Think about it. Think about how great it felt when you held his cock in your hand. Today, you've told me over and over how great it was to squeeze it and feel the cum rushing through it and squirting out. Were those all lies?"

"No. Of course not!"

"Well, then, why don't you want to do that again?"

Nicole looked at her nude blonde friend with desperation. She was on the verge of tears. "I DO! I DO! It's all I can think about! I want to do it so much! I want to hold his big thick cock all day, and stroke it and love it until my hands fall off! But I CAN'T! It's wrong!" She turned away and sadly stared at the pool.

Linda boldly suggested, "I think you're just scared."

Surprisingly, Nicole conceded the point. "Well, that's a part of it, I'll admit. What you're suggesting is risky! Let's put aside the sinfulness of it all for a minute. I don't have the courage to do this, even then. What if we do everything you say, and then Alison catches us? It would be the end! They'd probably take Daddy away, and I'd never get to see him again!" Tears started to form in her eyes.

Linda knew she had to do something quickly or Nicole would soon be bawling like a baby. "Don't think about that! We'll figure that out! Think about how happy you made him. Remember how he held your tits and just couldn't let go? Remember how he played with your nipples? Remember the look of rapturous joy on his face? Oh, and remember when he grasped your ass cheeks in the hall and lovingly caressed them?"

Nicole's attention had been successfully diverted. "Yeah." Her voice was mellow and content. She smiled blissfully. It was like she was back there, with him touching her again. She hefted up her boobs and ran her hands all over them. It helped a little bit as she fondly recalled Jack doing that to her, but it wasn't nearly the same.

Linda continued, "You want to know something? You want to know the greatest thing that ever happened to me?"

"What?" Nicole's eyes were still glazed over as she daydreamed about her father fondling her.

"It was when he came all over my tits! When his daddy cum splattered all over me! True, he didn't actually know he was doing it, but I don't care. And yeah, I've had sex with boys, but that doesn't matter. Because I didn't love those boys. That was just masturbation with extra hands. But your father... I love him!"

Nicole was startled. "You do?!"

Linda growled with irritation. "Are you BLIND?! He's the only thing we've been talking about for weeks now! And even before that, can't you see how much I've adored him?"

Nicole was abashed. "Sorry. Yeah, I totally see that. Especially since your own dad died, he's obviously become the center of your life, just like he is for mine. And yeah, I kind of assumed it too. I mean, you were just telling me about how you want him to fuck you. But it's different to hear you actually say that you love him. You've never said that point blank before."

"Well... good point. But I do, okay? I'm saying it now. I guess I don't always express my feelings to you because I worry you think I'll try to steal him away from you."

"Will you?" She frowned and held her breath.

"NO! Duh! Come on! You're my best friend! You're more than that. We're better than best friends, aren't we?"

"Sure," Nicole honestly agreed, as she exhaled with great relief. "I think of you as the sister I never had."

"Exactly! Me too. That's why it'll be so perfect if we can share him together. We're a natural team. Just think about it. He's only just turned forty. We can be his mistresses for a long time to come. Decades, even! Wouldn't that be great? Can't you picture being his lover and his mistress, serving his cock every single day? Making him happy? And with the two of us serving him together, he'd be the happiest father in town!"

"Yeah," Nicole said. All dreamy and blissful again, she envisioned being her father's mistress along with her best friend. "The three of us, together forever! It would be a dream come true." She lazily caressed one of her jutting globes. But then a startling thought came to her. "But what about Alison? She could ruin everything!"

Linda griped, "Yeah. Why is he even married to her?" Then she abruptly answered her own question. "I'll tell you why! Because he has sexual needs! Think. Why did he marry her? Was it because he loved her? No. They had such a rushed engagement that he barely knew her. Was it because of her great personality? No. Her good humor? No. Her money? No. There's only one reason: her body. You have to admit that she's seriously hot! He missed having sex, and he took a gamble on her, that she'd satisfy his sexual needs. But he gambled and lost to a gold digger! So, if you and I could totally satisfy his sexual needs, then why would he stay married to her? He wouldn't! It's what we have to do! Then it'll just be the three of us, together forever."

Nicole sighed. "You're really convincing, I'll give you that. I can't even begin to tell you how much I'd love to be one of his mistresses, with you. But it's STILL incest. All that doesn't make it less wrong!"

"Yes, it DOES"! Linda said passionately. "It's about LOVE! And God's greatest commandment is to love one another. I'm not religious, and even I know that. Love conquers all! Isn't loving his cock just another way of showing your love for him?"

Nicole felt terribly torn. She could feel that Linda was sincere, and she wanted to believe Linda so very, very much. "I know, but it still is incest! A good thing to do is not always the right thing to do."

"Arrgh!" Linda clenched the air in front of her in frustration, sending her big boobs wobbling wildly. "Listen to what you just said! It doesn't even make sense! Arrgh!" Frustrated, she tried another tack. "Let me tell you more about the greatest experience in my life so far. Like I said, it was when Jack came all over my tits. Why was that so great? I'll tell you why. Because cum is love!"

"What?!" Nicole had never heard that startling claim before.

Linda qualified that. "Okay, not all the time. With sex between two strangers, it's obviously different. But between two people who love each other, just about the most important way they can express their love is through sex. That's the glue that holds marriages together, and so much more. And there are all kinds of ways to express your love during sex, like kissing and caressing and fucking and the like. But you can't HOLD a kiss or a hug and keep it and look at it later."

"You can with a photograph," Nicole pointed out.

"Yeah, but it's not the same, and you know it. A picture of a kiss won't curl your toes like a real kiss can. But anyway, all those things are important, but they're fleeting. But cum! It's a physical thing! It's proof! It's the physical proof of love! Believe me, you think your dad loves you now? Just wait until he cums on your face! And then he follows up by cumming more on your big tits! And then, if you think that's great, hold onto your hat, girl, because when he cums deep in your pussy, you'll be so overcome with love and joy that you'll just about DIE! You'll practically be able to see God's face! It's the ultimate!"

Nicole stared at her friend, awed. She ran her hands longingly over her rack and her face. Finally, she said, "You're not making that up, are you? I can see in your passion that you really mean it."

"Of course I do! Okay, admittedly, there's some guesswork there. I've had sex with people I don't love, and I know that felt great. I can only try to imagine how much BETTER it'll be with your father, someone I love so very much. And I've talked to people and seen things, and everyone agrees that it's just about the greatest thing in the entire world, to be fucked by the man you love! Certainly you're not so sheltered that you've missed people talking about that, have you?"

"No," Nicole admitted. "I know what you mean. It's what every romance novel goes on and on about." She'd read some of those kinds of novels.

"Exactly! It's the happy ending to every story. Usually, it's after the picture fades to black, but it's implied, at least. Don't you want to have a happy ending? Don't we both deserve happy endings? I'm telling you: you! Me! Us, together! Both of us serving him as his mistresses. It'll be the ultimate! And think about how lucky we'll be. Most people don't find happiness until much later in life, or not at all. But we're on the verge of getting our happy endings when we're only sixteen! Think of DECADES of serving and sucking and stroking his cock, every single day!"

Nicole let out a long groan of frustration. "That sounds soooo good!" She stamped her foot repeatedly in frustration, causing her massive globes to sway. "But I'm his daughter! I'm his daughter! I can never change that fact. I'm his daughter!"

Linda lovingly stroked Nicole's long dark brown hair as her friend started to cry. Suddenly, she thought up a way to stop the crying. "Hey, speaking of photographs, check this out!" She got up and walked away. Then she quickly came back holding a photograph.

Nicole snatched it away and stared at it. Her sadness gave way to complete shock. "Oh... my... God! This was taken yesterday, wasn't it? It's of you, with... with Daddy's cum... all over you! OHMIGOD!" She squealed and shrieked.

Shock gave way to excitement and joy. For the next few minutes, they hugged and kissed, and raved about the photo.

Eventually, Nicole asked, "Why didn't you show this to me earlier?!"

"I guess I forgot. But the main thing is, imagine the picture is of YOU! Imagine that's Daddy's cum dripping down YOUR face and tits! Because you held and stroked his fat cock until he came, hard!"

That idea was so thrilling to Nicole that she had trouble breathing. Her eyes bugged out as she stared longingly at the photo.

Linda didn't totally convince Nicole of her position in that conversation, or in any other conversation that weekend (although she certainly kept on trying). Nicole's resistance to incest was just too strong. Nicole felt incest was a black and white issue. She said she could no more decide incest was okay than she could decide murder was okay.

But Linda felt she'd made some progress, at least. And now that she'd revealed her true motives, she kept at it incessantly, trying to chip away at her friend's resistance. Since Nicole was already sexually involved with Jack to some extent, Linda hoped to encourage their physical contact and slowly let Nicole's lusty needs erode her moral definitions.


The two girls spent much of the weekend discussing what would happen on Monday afternoon. Nicole's parents would be back from their short trip, and Alison would be at work until after dark, as usual, while Jack would be working at home, as usual. It was the ideal time for them to arrange more sexual fun with him.

Nicole steadfastly refused to take part in anything she considered incest, but Linda seized on Nicole's earlier comment that it didn't count as a sin if Jack was accidentally stimulated to orgasm. She resolved to put them all into a very sexual situation, and keep it going until an "accident" was bound to happen. She even got Nicole to agree that there was nothing sinful if an accident happened.

They considered their options, and came up with plan.

Unfortunately, they had to spend the entire day at school, but that turned out to be a good thing. Nicole was so full of anticipation that she couldn't think of anything else. She had little to no idea what her teachers were saying. By the time the school day was done, she had her heart set on helping her father have an "accident." Her boldness had grown much more than if they'd been able to implement their plan immediately.

Jack was feeling terribly guilty over what had happened on Friday. The main reason for his guilt was that he'd spent the entire weekend with Alison, and they'd had a great time for once. He realized she really was a nice person when he got to spend time with her. The problem was she spent most of her time at work, and what little free time she had was spent on church related activities. By going to a beach resort, she'd had no option but to spend all of her time with him, and they both had lots of fun. She even let him have sex with her - twice!

And the sex wasn't even that bad. True, she just laid there, in the dark, of course. But she had exactly the kind of buxom, voluptuous body that he most desired, and even though he couldn't see her face in the darkness, just knowing how beautiful she was helped excite him. Even if she was as lifeless as a corpse during sex (which actually wasn't too far from the truth), it was impossible not to get aroused fucking a body that perfectly formed.

It had been the best sex of their marriage, by far. Even Alison commented afterwards that she's really enjoyed it, and she strongly hinted she'd be willing to do it some more soon. But Jack had a guilty secret as to why it had been so good. It hadn't slipped his attention how similar Alison's voluptuous body was to Nicole's and Linda's. In fact, Nicole and Alison in particular could have easily shared their clothes if they'd been closer with each other (although Alison's boobs were a little larger). So, given all the sexually exciting adventures Jack had been having with the two girls lately, it was inevitable that he often fantasized he was fucking one of them instead of Alison. That made him so enthusiastic and energetic that even Alison couldn't help but have a good time.

Overall, despite the fact that Jack fantasized about Nicole and Linda while having sex, the weekend strongly reminded him that he was a married man, after all. And now that he'd had decent sex for the first time in ages, and two times at that, he wasn't feeling quite so regretful about his marriage.

Later, he thought, If only I could find some way to sexually excite Alison enough for her to actually MOVE during sex! I swear, it was like she was paralyzed. I know she feels it's somehow wrong and sinful to enjoy getting fucked, so she actually does all she can to resist feeling good. But I was so horny, thanks to my incestuous fantasies, that I know I made her cum anyway! That's a first!

Perhaps if I can keep doing that, she'll slowly loosen up and enjoy it more. I know a big reason she works overtime all the time and goes to every church activity there is is because she's trying to avoid me, knowing I'll want to have sex with her again. If she enjoys it, she won't try to avoid me, and we'll be able to spend more time together and grow closer. A positive feedback loop will start, and before long, I just might have myself a real marriage, and with a total hottie too! So what if she married me for my money? She'd still be a great catch for an average looking Joe like me, if we could only make our marriage work. After this weekend, I feel she's sincere in at least wanting to try.

But it all goes back to sex. That's the stumbling block. We're ultimately doomed if she's determined to just lie there like a stiff board. My secret fantasies can only take me so far.

As a result of all these developments, he didn't know what to do about Nicole and Linda and their sexual games. He wanted to focus his energies on saving his marriage, but at the same time, what they'd done to him on Friday and on times before was so incredibly arousing that he couldn't resist them. He felt terribly conflicted.

In the end, he convinced himself that the girls were only interested in using him as a practice dummy of sorts, so they could develop the sexual confidence to be with boys (he was unaware that Linda was already quite sexually experienced). He decided he could "tolerate" some fondling and kissing and such, if that was all it was. Technically, that wasn't really cheating on Alison, he figured.

He told himself that it was just a phase the girls were going through, and besides, they were making him so horny all the time that he was managing to put some spark back into his marriage. Not only that, but for the first time in years, he'd been exercising and dieting daily, and with a fierce determination. He'd even started taking some medicine to deal with his bald spot. It was a new and expensive medicine that had been clinically proven to actually work. It was just too embarrassing for him to look at and feel Nicole's and Linda's perfect hard bodies, and then have him feel his soft belly and love handles. Plus, he secretly hoped that if he could recapture more of his youthful good looks, they might want to use him as a "practice dummy" for a lot longer.

With that as motivation, he was suddenly exercising and dieting so much that, if anything, he was in danger of overdoing it.


Nicole and Linda laid on their usual lawn chairs, wearing their micro-bikinis. They'd spent a little too much time in the sun over the weekend, so they'd moved their chairs into the shade. They'd been home from school over an hour, and there had been no sign of Jack.

Both of them were so full of anticipation, they felt like they were losing their minds. Nicole looked at the clock she'd brought out with her yet again. She was staring at it constantly, trying to will it to go faster. "It's almost five o'clock!" she whined. "At this rate, Alison will be home soon!" She didn't have to explain what a disaster that would be.

Linda said, "I still say we should just go in there and talk to him. That way, he can't avoid us."

"We shouldn't," Nicole replied, but without much resolve. "You know his rules about not being disturbed."

"Yes, but I'm sure he's avoiding us. He's probably freaking out over what happened on Friday. Plus, I think he and your evil stepmom had a good time over the weekend. Did you see the way they were looking at each other all googly-eyed last night? I've never seen them look at each other like that. It was like they were really in love." Linda had still been there when Jack and Alison came home from their weekend vacation.

"Nooooo!" Nicole whined in great distress. "Don't say that!"

But Linda persisted, "I wouldn't be surprised if they even had sex in their beach cabana."

"Noooooooo!" The foxy daughter moaned helplessly. Her jealousy was getting the best of her.

"I'm afraid it's true," Linda said. "We can't be passive. We have a great plan, and we need to put it into action! Not tomorrow, but today! The last thing we want to see is..." Her voice trailed off. "Sssh! Did you hear that?"

"Heard what?" Nicole sat up and perked up her ears, like an alert rodent.

Linda whispered, "The door! I heard a door opening somewhere!" They'd left the glass screen door open in the hopes of hearing some sounds of activity inside the house. She sprang to her feet. "I'm gonna go check it out!"

It turned out that Linda was right: Jack had been avoiding them. In fact, he'd been avoiding them like the plague. He'd heard when they came home from school, and his goal was to not come out of his locked office until after Alison came home that evening, so he wouldn't have to be tempted. It wasn't that he was against any more sexy adventures with them (as long as things didn't go too far), but he just wasn't mentally ready so soon after his successful weekend vacation with his wife.

But his bladder eventually betrayed him, and he had no choice to go to the bathroom. It was next door to his office, but he had to go out into the hallway to get to it.

By the time Linda got there, he was already peeing in the bathroom. She bounced up and down on her bare heels as she waited for him to finish, because she knew she had him right where she wanted him. She wiped her smile away and tried to get into an angry mood, because that was part of the plan she and Nicole had worked out.

After washing his hands, Jack opened the bathroom door and stepped into the hall.

Linda stood there, completely blocking his path. She had her arms crossed under her nice rack, thrusting her tits up and out. She wore a very convincing angry scowl on her face. "I'm upset with you, Mr. Devoux! Very upset!"

"What?! Why?!" His heart sunk as he suddenly recalled the mystery of the missing cum on Friday. He figured she was going to lay into him for losing control and forcing her to clean up his cummy mess. He slumped in defeat, feeling like he deserved her wrath.

But that wasn't on her mind at all. Instead, she said, "I heard what you said and did to Nicky on Friday, after I left. You fondled her breasts for, like, ten minutes! You played with her ass too!" Her tone lightened some, and she started walking down the hall, away from his office and towards the front of the house.

He had no choice but to follow, to find out what she was so upset about.

She waited until they were in the living room, and then continued, "And that's great. You should see how happy you made her. She was walking on air all weekend long." Then her voice turned harsh and hurt again. "But what about me? Do you know how left out I feel right now? I could just cry!"

He was still thinking she was going to bring up the missing cum, so he wasn't following her well. "Wait. What did I do wrong exactly?"

She continued walking as she explained, "You played with her tits and ass, for, like, ever, but not mine! Don't you like me? Don't you think I'm attractive?"

"Well, of course I do. Lately, you've practically become like a second daughter to me."

She was so happy to hear that, she departed from her planned script. "Oh! Mr. Devoux! That's the best thing I've ever heard!" She launched herself at him, and squeezed him tightly. Her face beamed brightly.

He smiled, happy to make her happy, but he was still confused. He was waiting for his chance to say that he had important things to do and needed to get back to his office. But first he needed to make sure she wouldn't holding the cleaning of the cum over him. "Well, uh, sure," he said uncertainly. "You know you practically live here. Our house is your house. I know a lot of people say that, but I truly mean it."

"Oh! Oh! Jack!" It was the first time she'd directly called him that in ages. She was so overcome with love for him that she temporarily forgot all about her formal last-name-only habit. Inspired, she kissed him hard on his lips.

Taken by surprise, he didn't think to keep his lips shut, and he discovered her tongue probing deep into his mouth. He wanted to break away and tell her this wasn't really appropriate, but she had one hand on the back of his head, keeping it firmly in place, and her other hand wrapped around his back, so he wasn't going anywhere. And she was effectively nude, except for three tiny triangles of blue fabric, and she was rubbing her big tits aggressively into his chest.

His resistance crumbled. He began kissing back. He'd been holding his hands in the air, uncertain where to put them, but he put them on her bare back. At least, that was the plan. Within seconds, they somehow slid down to her ass, and he firmly squeezed her firm, tanned ass cheeks as the kiss went on and on and on.

The plan that Linda and Nicole had worked out started with Linda pretending outrage, in order to confuse Jack and leave him only reacting defensively. It was a bonus for Linda to actually catch him alone, so he wouldn't be worried about what his daughter thought. Linda had managed to get Jack all the way into the living room before the kissing stopped their progress. She hadn't quite gotten him to the easy chair she'd been aiming for, but she was close enough.

Nicole didn't want to be totally left out. She peeked in from an adjacent room and gawked at what she saw. She didn't mind that Linda was necking with Jack, in general, but she was nonetheless frustrated that it wasn't her at that very moment instead.

Suddenly, the kiss came to an end. "Good!" Linda said hotly, her lips only an inch or two from his. "Maybe you don't hate me after all. But if you really like me, don't leave me behind! Please play with my tits and ass too!" She dramatically ripped her bikini top off and tossed it away. It wasn't hard to do, since it had only been loosely tied on in the first place.

He briefly considered trying to excuse himself back to his office, but the kiss had made him so horny that he couldn't resist. Besides, Linda raised her arms above her head and arched her back, thrusting her big tits out, and he couldn't have been a straight male and not held them. He squeezed them from below and resumed the French kissing too.

He alternated between fondling her ass and tits for the most part, but his hands sometimes wandered elsewhere. She had such a heavenly body that he wanted to explore every last inch of it. The only area he considered off limits was her pussy. That also happened to be the only area left covered, so he just made sure to avoid that one triangle of blue fabric. As a result, he came very close to touching her pussy lips at times, because that triangle covered so very little.

Linda was even bolder. Jack had been wearing just a T-shirt and pair of shorts with boxers underneath, since it was a hot sunny day and nobody cared what he wore when he worked at home. The foxy blonde freely slid her hands under his shirt as she caressed him. If she was disappointed at his out of shape physique, she certainly didn't show it. In fact, she ran his hands over him adoringly like he was some kind of Greek god.

But she didn't stop there. She slid her hands right inside the back of his shorts to caress his ass cheeks too. But the boxers were still in the way. She didn't feel it was fair that he could play with her totally bare ass cheeks while she had his boxers in the way, so before long she slid her hands inside his boxers too. She moaned erotically as she repeatedly squeezed and kneaded his ass.

While all this was happening, his penis was erect, naturally, and it poked stiffly through his clothes and rubbed against her lower abdomen. She knew how to take advantage of this, and gyrated her hips constantly so she could relentlessly grind against his raging boner.

Jack loved it. It was a wonderful level of stimulation, but it wasn't so overwhelming that he had to worry about cumming soon.

This went on for about five minutes, while they kept on kissing too.

Nicole had been watching with just her head poking into the room, which left her free to play with her pussy without worrying if anyone could see what her hand was doing. But eventually she couldn't take just watching anymore. She'd been longing for him all weekend long, and then through an agonizingly long school day, and she couldn't wait another second.

She overcame her shyness, put her bikini bottoms back into place, and walked into room. She coughed, and said, "That looks nice." It wasn't quite part of the plan, but she didn't care.

Jack was startled. He looked up and around, and finally laid his eyes on his daughter. His dick twitched and seemingly grew another inch as he saw her standing there in her micro-bikini, looking totally delicious. He relaxed, realizing it was only her after all. He knew she wasn't upset from the way she was smiling. Plus, he noticed a distinct wet spot right over her camel toe. He went back to pinching one of Linda's nipples with one hand and caressing her hips and ass with his other one.

He said to his busty sexpot of a daughter, "Hi, Darling. How are you doing?"

She replied jovially, "Good, but obviously not as good as you or Linda."

Everyone laughed.

She tilted her head shyly. "Daddy... Could I have my turn now?" She pouted sexily, "You promised! Remember on Friday? You promised you'd play with my tits and ass a lot from now on." She walked closer, so she was standing within arm's length of the other two

He was so tremendously aroused, all thoughts of going back to his office were completely forgotten. His plans to focus more of his energies on his marriage were temporarily mislaid too. He said, "Yes, that's true. But I also promised that I'd play with Linda's tits and ass a lot too. Do you remember that part? And she's feeling like I've been neglecting her." He kept on fondling the gorgeous blonde pressed against him while she continued to churn her hips against his cock.

Nicole continued in her sexy pout, "Yeah, but my tits... They need you!" She dramatically pulled her bikini top off and tossed it aside, knowing that would boost her chances of getting her turn faster. She hefted up her full melons with both hands, as if offering them to him on a platter.

That was a pretty convincing offer. Even with Linda all but dry humping him, he looked at the writhing blonde in his grasp, and asked, "Linda, is it okay if I let Nicky have a turn for a while? I'll get back to you soon, I promise."

Linda looked at Nicole in confusion, and asked her, "What about our plan?" She belatedly realized she shouldn't have said that, but luckily the word "plan" was so vague that it didn't imply that they had an entire series of events worked out in advance.

"What plan?" Jack immediately asked them both.

Linda clarified, "We've been working on a new cheerleader routine. We want to get your feedback."

"Oh," Jack said, unable to hide his disappointment. Normally, he would have loved that, especially since he hadn't seen both girls practice their routine for him yet, but taking turns fondling and kissing his girls sounded much better than just watching them dance. But he said politely, "That would be nice."

Nicole said, as an idea came to her, "I know! Daddy, what if one of us dances, and the other one sits on your lap and watches with you? Then we could switch. It'll be fun!"

Jack and Linda both agreed that was a very good idea.

When Linda and Nicole had originally come up with their plan, they'd assumed Jack would be more resistant. So they'd figured they would need to do some dancing before he was warmed up enough for the kissing and fondling. They actually had been working hard on a new cheerleader routine, and it was just about the only thing they did all weekend aside from eat, sleep, and talk about Jack. Neither of them had any serious intentions to actually try to make the squad; they were doing it at home only, just to please the man they loved.

"I'll go first," Linda volunteered. "Nicky, you keep him warmed up while I go get changed, okay?"

Nicole giggled gaily. "Okay!"

But Linda wasn't quite done. She teased, "Wait a sec. Mr. Devoux is terribly overdressed." Smirking, she yanked his shorts down (but not his boxers), and then pulled them all the way off. Then she twirled them around her finger and let them fly off. Before they'd even landed, she started to pull his T-shirt up.

However, he held her hands and stopped her. He actually would have loved to have his shirt off so he could have more skin-to-skin contact. He figured they would be safe from going too far as long as he still had his boxers on, and he did. But he felt embarrassed. He figured it was bad enough that he was a balding middle aged average Joe, fooling around with two scorching hot buxom teen sex bombs. With a shirt on, he didn't look too bad. But if his flabby belly and love handles were exposed for all to see, he would be too embarrassed to look them in their eyes.

Linda relented, and left him in just his boxers and shirt. Happily, the boxers were an expensive silky pair, with a nice paisley pattern. They were fun to caress.

Jack mentally resolved to try even harder to exercise and eat right, so he would be at least somewhat worthy for these two. But there wasn't much more he could do. In the last week, he'd practically been fasting. Even at the ritzy beach resort, he'd mostly eaten salads and drank nothing but juice or water.

As soon as Linda slid out of his arms, Nicole slid right in. Linda rushed off to get their dancing outfits and the CD player.

He sighed with contentment, as his hands immediately went to her big breasts.

She giggled, feeling even giddier than he was. "Oh, Daddy! You really love those things, don't you?"

"I do," he replied, pulling playfully on her nipples. "But I love every part of you. Yes, I love your body because you're sexy and stacked and beautiful. As your father, I can't tell you how proud of you I am that you stay in such great shape. But more than that, Darling, I love you because you're you."

Her entire body tingled in response to those loving words. She felt a heady rush that made her dizzy. "Oh, Daddy! You're the greatest! I love you so much!" She threw her body against his and squeezed him tightly.

The hug was so close that Jack didn't have room to play with her big globes. So he brought his hands to her luscious ass cheeks instead. That was a pretty great consolation prize.

She felt so ecstatic from his compliments and declaration of love that she wanted to reward him in a big way. She was a naturally submissive girl, and she desired to serve him as some kind of sex servant so strongly that she could practically taste it. It was only her strong aversion to incest that held her back.

But she was determined to make him feel as good as she could, given the circumstances. Recalling what Linda had been doing to him, she slid her hands inside the backside of his boxers and firmly clutched his ass cheeks. Then, feeling his turgid dick pressing against her lower abdomen, she started grinding all over it.

True, it was pretty much exactly what Linda had been doing, but that didn't make Jack love it any less. The fact that his silky boxers were the only effective barrier between them made it that much more pleasurable. Besides, Nicole had even more ample charms. And the fact that she was his flesh and blood daughter took his lusty desire to an even higher level.

Soon, she pulled back a bit and said, "Daddy, please! Play with my tits some more!" He immediately complied, but she continued to moan erotically, "I love you so much! I love to use my body to make you feel good." But then, remembering the cover story, she added, "This will be a big help for me when I start dating boys."

After only a few minutes, Linda returned. She'd already dressed into her cheerleader uniform.

When Linda and Nicole had been working on their seduction plan, they'd debated the issue of what to wear while doing their cheerleading routine. It was tempting to simply dress in their micro-bikini, or even while totally nude. However, both of them were so endowed up top that it was downright painful for them to dance without any support at all.

So, after much deliberation, they'd come up with a good solution. They'd already purchased real cheerleader uniforms when they'd started trying out of the school's squad. They were an unusual tangerine color, but it looked good against their nicely tanned, firm teen bodies. However, with things progressing so nicely with Jack, they felt the uniforms weren't nearly sexy enough. So, using scissors and needle and thread, they'd made some adjustments. Severe adjustments.

Most of their cheerleader tops had been cut away. The top used to go down enough to cover their belly buttons, but now it was smaller than a typical bra! One could see much of the undersides of their boobs even when they were standing straight and still. They were tempted to cut off even more, but they needed enough fabric tightly hugging their outrageous curves to provide sufficient breast support for their dancing, since they weren't going to wear a bra underneath. Their pleated skirts were now hanging much lower on their hips, and the length had been seriously slashed. The skirts were so short that if they actually wore them up on their hips like they were supposed to, most of their pussies would have been exposed.

Linda reluctantly wore her micro-bikini bottoms underneath. She was unhappy about that, but she felt obliged to maintain the pretence that they were only "practicing" with Jack, and didn't intend to go too far. Plus, Nicole had insisted.

Jack retired to the easy chair that Linda had originally been angling to get him to sit in. It was a wide and comfy chair, and Nicole was able to sit in his lap quite comfortably. She sat facing forward, just like he did, because their supposed purpose was to watch and critique the dance routine.

Linda turned on the music. The song was "Wake Me Up Before you Go-Go" by Wham. True, the song was quite an old one, but Jack liked it, and it had the right kind of beat to dance to. The girls had created their cheerleading routine specifically to please and arouse Jack and Jack alone. They knew he wasn't up on the latest dance hits, so they danced to older songs that they knew he liked.

The blonde beauty started to dance.

Jack and Nicole got much more comfortable. After what happened on Friday, they both wanted much the same thing, so it hadn't really been an accident when Jack arranged for his cock to rest mostly over one of his thighs.

That was the very same thigh where Nicole chose to center her weight. Once she felt his boner nestled snugly just underneath her pussy lips, she immediately started to subtly grind down on it.

That let Jack free to explore his daughter's effectively nude body. He reached around and filled both his hands with her soft and inviting tit-flesh. His fingers sank in deeply, and he started to knead. He knew he'd take the time to explore much more of her supple teen body as the dancing went on, but he naturally wanted to start there.

He leaned down and kissed her shoulder. Then he kissed his way up the back of her neck to her ear. He whispered, "I love you, Darling. So very much!" And he nibbled on her earlobe.

Inevitably, whenever Jack told Nicole he loved her, she got extremely hot and horny. Suddenly excited beyond all reason, she gyrated on his thick dick as best she could, newly resolved and totally determined to make him cum. Her resolve that it was only morally acceptable to make him cum "accidentally" went right out the window, at least as long as she was this horny.

Meanwhile, Linda danced to the song while standing so close to the easy chair that she was nearly in danger of kicking them. Since the two foxy girls had no real intention of making the cheerleading squad, they were free to make up any routine they wanted. Not surprisingly, the one they had come up with was far too obscene to ever perform in public. It was full of lots of pelvic thrusts, hands caressing tits, ass bends, high steps, leg stretches, and even hands caressing asses and pussy mounds. Since Linda knew what sex was all about, she was particularly good at making the routine all about the kinds of thrusting motions and gyrations used in sex.

Her tiny tangerine top stayed on, and even kept her nipples covered, because it was on tightly to give some support. But there was still enough give for her big boobs to bounce around wildly. It was only near the end of the song when she caressed her globes in such a way as to make the top slide up and leave her tits totally exposed.

Linda liked to lift her skirt up and caress her body underneath (even though the skirt covered very little to begin with). Towards the end of the song, she blatantly ran her hands over her pussy mound, looking like she was having an orgasm on the spot. She exposed a good portion of her blonde bush in the process, even though it had been shaved to a strip recently.

Nicole was scandalized; they'd never agreed to go that far. She was afraid of pussy contact, because she saw it as a gateway to fucking. She was going to say something, but between the way Jack was kissing the back of her neck and gently twisting her nipples, she kind of forgot what she wanted to say. Somehow, she found herself sliding back and forth over her father's boner instead.

When the song ended, Linda bent over and turned off the music. Then she stepped forward and took a long low bow, making her big knockers dangle down.

Jack could have easily reached out and caressed them, and he might have thought to do that if he wasn't already quite satisfied with the even bigger teen tits already filling his hands.

Nicole clapped and cheered. "Yeay! Yeay! Great job, girl!" She was genuinely excited for her blonde friend, but she greatly exaggerated her excitement so she'd have a good excuse to bounce outrageously on her daddy's cock, and that's just what she did.

So far, she'd only been grinding and sliding on it, but the bouncing was so much fun that she simply decided to keep on doing it. At the same time, she hooted, "A kiss for the dancer!"

Jack loved that idea. Between enjoying and exploring his daughter's bountiful body and watching the X-rated cheerleader routine, he was extremely distracted, and at first he forget to say anything at all. But Nicole's suggestion inspired him to speak. "Yes, great idea. And great dance, Linda! Come here and accept your victory kiss."

Linda took a couple of steps forward, bent over, and kissed Jack on the lips.

As far as kisses went, it wasn't the greatest because of her rather awkward position. Linda was bent in two at a sharp angle, and she had to do so in a way without bumping into Nicole, who was still lightly bouncing on Jack's erection. Linda was forced to hold his chin to help ensure their mouths wouldn't accidentally break contact.

But for Jack, the blonde vixen's stance had one great benefit: he was able to reach out and play with her dangling tits. In fact, just for kicks, he let his hands wander freely over all four of the extra large breasts within his easy reach. Of course his two hands couldn't really touch all four at once, but his fingers roamed freely, eventually touching every last inch of their ample endowments.

When the kissing between Jack and Linda ended, Linda turned her head to Nicole, and asked, "Did you like my dancing too?"

"Sure! It was great, and really sexy!"

"So, do I get a kiss from you too?"

Nicole pondered that. She knew it was her turn to dance, but she was having too much fun where she was. She especially loved the powerful surges of pleasure emanating from her pussy as she continually slid and bounced on her father's boner. She'd never intimately kissed a girl before, and she knew that was the kind of kiss Linda was talking about. But Linda had warned her over the weekend that there would be times they might have to kiss each other to help arouse Jack. The stacked daughter decided to bite the bullet and do it, so long as she could keep her spot on her father's lap a little longer.

Too embarrassed to give her verbal agreement, she just closed her eyes and opened her mouth.

Linda moved in, and her lips met Nicole's.

Jack loved what he was seeing, almost too much. He had to struggle mightily not to cum as he watched the two girls make out. He even had to stop fondling the four tits within reach for a while, because it was all too arousing.

Nicole didn't put much into the kiss, but just patiently endured it for Jack's sake. She was glad that Linda kept the kissing short, but relief quickly turned to distress when she realized she had no excuse to stay where she was anymore. But then an idea came to her ,and she said, "Encore! Encore!"

Linda pulled back a bit so she could make eye contact with the other two, but she remained lewdly bent over since Jack had just resumed playing with her nipples. "Encore? Really? What do you think, Mr. Devoux?"

He pondered his situation, checking to see how close he was to cumming. He decided he could make it through another song (although he was being extremely optimistic). "That sounds great to me," he said. "Both of you can do two dances then, right?"

"Right!" both girls said at once. They liked that idea.

But, in the middle of all this insanely euphoric stimulation, a worry crossed Jack's mind. As he twisted Linda's nipples, he asked her, "Um, but... uh... I have one concern. The dance you just did is really sexy. Too sexy! I mean, to do that in public? In front of a large crowd?"

Both girls laughed heartily. Linda even had to pull free of Jack's wandering hands because she doubled over in laughter.

Jack was very confused, but Nicole finally recovered enough to explain, "Daddy, you're too funny! We would never dance like THAT in front of other people! What, did you think we'd wear those uniforms too?"

"Um, I didn't think..." he admitted. And now that he did think about it, it seemed absurd. They'd be arrested or gang raped. He pulled on Nicole's nipples while he pondered this.

Linda added, "Mr. Devoux, that routine was designed just for YOU! Ditto with the special uniforms. We may or may not make the squad, but we don't care much about that. We're mostly interested in making YOU happy!"

Nicole gaily added, "Isn't that a fun idea? Don't you like the idea of having your own personal little cheerleading squad?"

Linda picked up on that, and continued, "And not just any cheerleading squad. Your own sexy, big-titted cheerleaders!" She took his hands and brought them back to her bare rack to make her point. Then she realized that she was being selfish, and she returned one of his hands to Nicole's busty chest.

She purred in an extra sultry voice as she kept her hands over his. "I know there's only two of us, but we try to make up for our lack of numbers with our willingness to please. Imagine having your own personally designed, private cheerleading show, whenever you want! And we can wear whatever you like too, or nothing at all! We're here to serve you."

"Yes," Nicole agreed, her voice slurred with erotic desire. "We're here to serve you!"

This conversation was all so arousing to Jack, not to mention all the tits to play with, that it was a near miracle he managed not to cum yet. As if that wasn't enough, Nicole was alternating between bouncing up and down on his cock and gyrating all over it. Each move she made seemed more stimulating than the last, and she was soaking his boner with her copious pussy juices. He realized his estimate that he could last through another song was way off.


Jack started to get up, but he didn't get very far with Nicole still in his lap. He said, "Uh, girls! I have to go to the bathroom, like, really fast! Right now!"

The girls made way.

He stood up and sort of walked like a crab, because he was trying his damnedest to move forward while also not cumming in his boxers.

When he was almost to the bathroom, an idea occurred to Linda. Clutching her bare boobs so they wouldn't bounce too much, she rushed to catch up with him.

Nicole was left behind, wondering what her friend was up to. But she was too overcome with lust to go and find out. Her entire body was trembling and tingling, and it seemed her skin was hot to the touch. She decided to wait until the other two were out of sight and then she'd finger herself to a secret climax.

Linda reached Jack, let go of her boobs, put a hand on his shoulder. "Um, Mr. Devoux?"

"Yes, Linda?" He paused at the door to the bathroom, but still had his back turned to her.

"I have one favor to ask you. We're trying to make you happy. Hard and happy. It's fun! We're learning so much about how please boys. Thanks for letting us do this!"

"Uh, my pleasure." He thought, I've never spoken a truer statement than that! Christ Almighty! They're thanking ME?!

She said, more hesitantly, "But, uh, the one thing that would kind of ruin it for us is if you go in there feeling hard and happy, and come out only feeling happy, if you catch my drift."

"Um..." Even after all they'd done with each other, they had certain pretenses to maintain. He was astounded she was referring to his erection and his need to orgasm, if only indirectly. He was very glad he had his back to her, because this would be a horribly awkward moment for eye contact.

She continued, "We're trying to learn about boys, you know, and part of that is learning about how much it takes to get them to... you know. You'll kind of ruin our experiment if you rush off and take care of it when we're not looking. So please don't do that, okay?"

"Um, okay."

"Accidents will happen, if you know what I mean." She giggled knowingly. "And if they don't happen soon enough for you, let me know. Nicky feels like she can only go so far, you know, because she's your daughter and everything. But that's not a problem for me. So just let me know, and I'll take care of it. We just need a secret code. Hmmm. What could it be? ... I know! You can tell me, 'Linda, I love you like a second daughter.' Okay?"

Her "randomly chosen" code phrase wasn't exactly randomly chosen. That was the phrase she wanted to hear him say more than any other.

He nodded.

"Thanks. Nicky's right. You ARE the best!" She patted him on the back and rushed back to the living room.

Jack really didn't need to pee; he'd been going to the bathroom to jack off. He was so aroused that he knew all he had to do was stop resisting and a huge load of cum would blast into the toilet. But now he couldn't do that. If he came back to the living room with his penis flaccid, Linda would know he'd broken the promise he'd just made.

He didn't even bother with the pretense of using the bathroom. However, he did need a break to get away from the overwhelmingly arousing girls. His penis desperately needed a respite, if he wasn't going to cum immediately. So he walked down another hall to get a snack from the kitchen. Then he remembered his diet, and realized he couldn't even do that. He ended up just getting a glass of water for himself and a snack for the girls while his urge to cum slowly passed.

Back in the living room, Linda sat on a chair next to Nicole in the easy chair. Both of them were happy to rest and recover a little while too.

Nicole had just touched her clit and quietly climaxed. She asked, "I heard you talking with Dad. What were you talking about?" She was trying to distract Linda so her friend wouldn't notice her climax, but she was also quite curious about the answer.

Knowing that Nicole had been too far away to hear the actual words, Linda replied, "Oh, I was just reassuring him. You know, he worries. He wants to be sure he's a responsible father. He's a good man."

"That he is," Nicole agreed. After a pause, she asked, "But... do you think we're taking things too far?"

"Oh no, definitely not," Linda replied confidently, as if there was no doubt about it. "Everything is just right. Isn't this fun? Not only have we made him hard and happy, but he's so very proud of you! He's bursting with pride!"

"Really?" The naive girl was quite gullible. She stiffened up proudly.

"Really. You know what he just told me?"

"What?" Nicole asked eagerly.

"No, I shouldn't tell you. He was probably assuming we were speaking in confidence."

"Oh, come on, don't leave me hanging like that!" Nicole pleaded. "What did he say?"

The clever blonde pretended uncertainty for a few seconds. Then she eagerly lied, "Okay, I suppose it won't do any harm to tell you. He told me, 'I'm so very happy today! Sure, it's fun and arousing for me, but that's not what makes me so happy. I'm getting to see Nicky bloom! I've been concerned. Here she is, sixteen years old already, the most beautiful girl I've ever seen, and yet she's shown little to no interest in boys. But now her interest in sex is starting to blossom. It almost makes me cry, I'm so happy to help her start to become a woman."

Nicole was floored. She totally bought the fabricated comment. "Wow? He said all that?!"

Linda nodded, and replied, "But don't tell him I told you okay? That's just between you and me. And play it cool when he comes back. Otherwise, he'll catch on I told you something."

Nicole was fit to be tied. "Play it cool?! How can I?! He's made me so very happy that I just want to bounce and grind on his cock for hours and hours and hours!"

Linda chuckled, mostly to herself. She was pleased as punch that her scheming was working. She said, "Don't worry, there will be plenty of time for that. Plenty! I loved what we said to him, how we're his private cheerleading squad, ready to dance and perform for him at any time. Even nude, if he wants it. We're both glad to serve him, like good daughters should."

She belatedly realized she'd just implied that she thought of herself as one of Jack's daughters. But she correctly figured Nicole was too horny to notice.

Nicole squirmed in her chair. She pouted, "Don't say that! You're only making me even MORE excited!"

Linda chuckled some more. "Okay, slight change of plan then. Since you're so energetic, why don't you dance next then? Then I'll take a turn, and you take a turn. And hey, why stop there? I love this arrangement of one of us dancing while the other one bounces on his cock. Er, I mean, sits on his lap."

Nicole squirmed and writhed her nearly naked body even more urgently. Suddenly, she stood up and shouted, "Daddy, what's taking you so long? I'm ready to dance for you! Both Linda and I agreed I should go next!"

Jack shouted back from the kitchen, "Okay! Just a minute though. I'm getting a snack for us all!"

"Hurry!" Nicole yelled pleadingly. I need to feel Daddy's cock! God, I need it so bad!

With a mind to his new healthier way of living, he was fixing sliced carrots and celery with almond butter on them. That way, he could eat a little too and not feel bad about it. As he finished making them, he thought, Holy Christ! She sounds so enthusiastic, I'm almost afraid to go back in there! Oh man, what am I getting myself into?!

Alison. Alison. She's my wife! My very beautiful wife. The girls are just as lovely and beautiful, but they're my daughters! Er, I mean Nicky's my daughter. I have a chance to get my marriage back on track. I can't get too sidetracked with their nubile, luscious, and oh-so-perfect bodies! Okay, we can have fun, but I just have to make sure we don't go too far or I don't get too obsessed.

Feeling better, and with his penis doing better too, he walked back to the living room while holding a tray of the carrots and celery. He still wore just the silk boxers and the T-shirt. There was a massive wet spot in the front of his boxers, thanks to his pre-cum continually leaking, not to mention Nicole's juices leaking down, but he didn't care.

They continued as before, only with Nicole and Linda switching positions. Nicole danced to the song "All Star" by Smash Mouth.

The three of them assumed pretty much the exact same positions as before too, except that the girls were switched. Jack positioned his boner in the exact same position, and Linda took the same position on it so she could rub her pussy lips all over it. The only difference was that "accidentally" pulled her tiny blue triangle of fabric to the side so it wouldn't get in the way of the fun.

Then, seeing that Nicole had already started dancing and wasn't in a position to see, she wrapped her fingers around Jack's boner and gave it a good squeeze. Then she pulled his boxers back so his thickness was resting on his thigh essentially totally uncovered. Still seeing that Nicole didn't know what she was doing, she gave his throbbing erection a few loving strokes. But she could only pretend to be adjusting her position for so long, so she finally withdrew her hand and rested her bare pussy lips right on top of his bare erection.

She'd made a vow to herself not to get ahead of what Nicole was doing with Jack. For some reason that she couldn't quite explain to herself, she felt strongly that Nicole should lead the way. She only allowed herself to do with Jack what Nicole was already doing. But sometimes, such as this time, her lust got the best of her and she broke her rule a little bit.

Jack thought, SHIT! Linda's got her fingers around my dick and she's practically jacking me off! Hell, she is jacking me off! This goes way beyond any acceptable boundaries. But she's not my daughter, so isn't it okay? Dammit, it feels so good that I can't tell her to stop if I tried! I just hope Nicky doesn't see!

He happily watched Nicole dance while he mostly kept busy by fondling Linda's nice tits. He particularly loved playing with her nipples, and of course with Nicole's too. Not only was it fun to do in and of itself, but he knew nipple play made both girls so horny that they couldn't think straight. He was rewarded with a continual stream of erotic moans and purrs, plus, he could feel their Linda's pussy gushing and flooding down onto his boner, just as Nicole's had done during the previous song.

Linda was less subtle about her bouncing and grinding, and she was better at it too, due to her sexual experience. Plus, there was the fact that her hot pussy was making direct skin-to-skin contact with his hard-on.

On top of that, Nicole channeled her enthusiasm at the things Jack had supposedly told Linda into her dance moves. She felt like there was nothing more important in the world than dancing her very best so that Jack would have a long and hard cock for Linda to bounce on. Her tangerine colored cheerleading outfit was cut in the exact same way as Linda's, but since her tits were bigger, they bounced around even more outrageously.

Plus, there was just something about seeing his own flesh and blood daughter making lewd pelvic thrusts in his direction that stirred him in a way that seeing Linda make the same moves did not.

He'd been a hair trigger away from cumming after the last song, and while he'd recovered some since then, he really hadn't recovered that much. Everything was just too arousing.

As a result, before the song was halfway over, he was already desperately fighting the need to climax. Still, he valiantly held on, as if for dear life, trying to last until the song was over. He wasn't sure what the end game was, since he wasn't allowed to cum in the bathroom, but he didn't want this constant erotic thrill to come to an end in any case.

Somehow, he made it through the song, but it was much like holding one's breath: he knew he'd have to let go, and soon. There was just no way around it.

Nicole was constantly learning from Linda. Like Linda, near the end of the song, she'd managed to move what was left of the cheerleader top off her nipples. But that wasn't good enough. As the song faded out, she dramatically pulled it all the way off and tossed it away.

Then she took her bow. Her huge melons hung down, like cow udders.

"Yeay! Yeay! Bravo!" Linda clapped and cheered. Like Nicole, she used the end of the song as an excuse to bounce and grind on Jack's cock even more outrageously than before. "A kiss for the dancer!"

Nicole more or less stayed in her bowed position, but she took a couple of steps forward until her face was butting against her father's. Then she opened her mouth and let him take over.

Jack had never had a true open-mouthed kiss with his daughter yet, so this was quite an exciting moment for the both of them. It was made all the better by the way that he held and fondled her dangling jugs as their lips met.

True, the angle and position was a bit awkward, but the kiss was nonetheless very electric. Nicole didn't know what she was doing, but she was happy to just leave her mouth open and let her father explore it with his tongue. She knew there would be plenty of time for her to practice kissing with him later.

Linda could tell that Jack was right on the cusp of a great climax. His entire body was trembling with need. Feeling naughty and inspired, she lifted one leg up some, allowing one of her hands to snake down to Jack's painfully pulsing erection. She started quickly pumping her fist up and down it.

Jack was going to cum anyway. Just the fact that he was French kissing and fondling his naked daughter while another scorching hot teen bounced in his lap was certain to do the trick. But the way Linda jacked him off made his climax even more pleasurable and intense.

Only after he started to shoot off did Linda realize they had a problem about where his cum was going to go. Since she was pretty much still sitting on top of it, it wasn't going to go far, and unless she moved, it would wind up splattered in the narrow space between their legs. She thought she could do better. So, quickly readjusting, she brought her other hand down to it. One hand kept jacking him off while she held his cockhead with the other one. His cum rocketed right into the palm of her hand.

Somehow, Jack managed to more or less keep kissing Nicole through his orgasm, although he more firmly grasped her big tits instead of caressed them.

Nicole had no clue what was happening. When she felt him repeatedly gasp, she assumed he was as overwhelmed by the kiss as she was.

But when the kiss came to an end, Linda couldn't resist showing off a little bit. She was back in her usual position on his lap, but she raised a hand up to her busty brunette friend. "Here, smell this!"

Nicole looked at the pearly goo coating Linda's hand and recoiled in dismay. "Ewww! What's that?!"

Linda joked, "Let's say that Mr. Devoux was hard and happy all through your dance, and now he's just happy."

It dawned on Nicole what Linda meant by that. She gawked at Linda's cummy hand with wide eyes and new understanding. "Oh my GOD! You didn't!"

Linda put her hand back down, knowing the sight of it was freaking her friend out a bit. "Actually, he did. When you excite a guy this much, this is what can accidentally happen sometimes." She decided not to tell Nicole how she'd helped along his "accident" with her hands. She resolved to not even mention it later, because she knew it was important for Nicole to believe such incidents actually were accidents, at least for now.

Even though Jack had just climaxed, the girls were still incredibly aroused, and didn't want the fun to stop. Linda said to Nicole, "Okay, my turn for a kiss."

Nicole remembered the "tradition" established a few minutes earlier, so she rather reluctantly opened her mouth.

However, she was so worked up that she couldn't help but get into the kissing this time. Plus, since she'd just shared a scorching kiss with Jack, it was natural for her to employ her brand new kissing skills with Linda too.

But what really enflamed Nicole's desire was the fact that Linda's hand was covered in Jack's cum, and Linda wasn't afraid to use it. After about half a minute of necking, Linda pulled back, leaving Nicole to think the kissing was over.

But then Linda plunged two of her cummy fingers into Nicole's mouth, and let her suck on them. Then she pulled her hand away, only to suck two more fingers clean with her own mouth. She followed this by kissing Nicole again. This time, both their mouths were cummy with Jack's seed.

Nicole ravenously attacked the insides of Linda's mouth with her tongue, attempting to find every last spermatozoa so she could savor the cummy taste and swallow it all.

Linda was very glad, and upped the ante even further by casually running her still-cummy hand all over Nicole's face and tits.

Normally, Nicole was squeamish about "bodily fluids," but at the moment, she was so insanely aroused that those concerns were completely forgotten. She reveled in all this stickiness, and kissed Linda so hard and so deep that it was like she was trying to stick her tongue all the way down to Linda's stomach to lick up the cum there too.

Jack watched all of this, whimpering with frustration that he couldn't enjoy the sexy sight to the fullest, since he'd climaxed already.

The three of them took a break shortly after both girls kissed and fondled their way to mutual climaxes.

Linda washed her hands and other parts of herself off in the bathroom sink, but there wasn't much cum to clean, since most of Jack's spend wound up on or in Nicole.

Nicole felt a great stab of guilt after she disengaged and came down from her climax. She worried that she might be turning bisexual, and she considered that a great sin too. She also remembered her aversion to bodily fluids, and thoroughly washed her hands, chest, and face

Luckily, Linda knew her and her worries well. She stayed with her in the bathroom, talking to her until she was reassured that they were just putting on a good girl-to-girl kiss for Jack's sake.

Jack also washed himself off, although, still feeling randy and devilish, he chose to keep the same boxer shorts on. By now, the wet spot was so large it was comical. The entire front side of his boxers was wet and cummy, and it had quite a pungent sex smell.

But even though Nicole had trouble dealing with what had happened to Linda's cum-soaked hand, she had no trouble sitting her bare ass right back onto Jack's drenched boxers when it was time for the next song. She remembered Linda's words that cum was a sign of love, and wiggled down onto Jack's newly revived and very sticky erection quite contentedly. Mmmm! I'm sitting in Daddy's love! It feels nice and warm, not gross at all. And it's hard to deny just how YUMMY it tasted!

Actually, Jack's cum wasn't that delicious, but Nicole wore the same rose-colored glasses that Linda did, only even more so.

The three of them continued their newly developed ritual of dancing, fondling, and grinding. Linda danced to "I Love Rock and Roll" by Joan Jett, while Nicole got to bounce and churn on Jack's lap.

Somehow, Jack made it through the song without cumming, but Nicole didn't. She was terribly embarrassed, because she shook and cried out in an obvious way. But everything continued just like before; nobody said or did anything in response, since they knew that would only embarrass her more. The only lasting difference was Jack's boxers were somehow even wetter after Nicole's pussy gushed all over them.

At first, Nicole felt wiped out and just wanted to rest, especially since this was her third orgasm in a short time. But Jack kept on fiddling with her nipples, and her spirit and energy revived with astounding speed. In less than a minute, she was happily bouncing and grinding again. She even had another climax when the song ended and Linda was bending over and enjoying her post-dance kiss and tit fondle.

Once again, Linda and Nicole French kissed each other too, but this kiss wasn't nearly as intense or long-lasting as the last one they'd shared, since they didn't have Jack's cum to play with.

After that, Nicole danced to "All Right Now" by Free while Linda did the bouncing. It was a longer song. Jack had hoped to make it through the song without cumming again, but Linda made it nearly impossible for him. She pulled her same trick and secretly arranged so her exposed pussy would rub directly on his exposed penis. Then Linda had a nice cum, and she felt so good about that, she furtively brought a hand down and stroked Jack's boner for about a minute before it got too much for him. It was pretty much unnecessary, because she knew he was going to cum momentarily anyway.

Sure enough, halfway through the song, he whispered in the stroking blonde's ear, "Linda, I love you like a second daughter!" He even honestly added for good measure, "I really do!"

That excited Linda so much that she had another, more powerful climax, even though she was just recovering from her first one. This time, she lost control just like Nicole had, and she cried out in a way that left no doubt what was happening to her.

Nicole briefly paused in her dancing. She remembered how wonderful her recent orgasms had felt, and she smiled for her friend. Then went right back to her near naked erotic dancing.

Jack climaxed into Linda's hand again. In fact, everything continued very much like before. When the song ended, Jack and Nicole shared another French kiss, although it was a bit more mellow this time since Jack was utterly wiped out from having just climaxed again.

Once again, Linda and Nicole kissed each other after that. Before the kiss, Linda dared Nicole to smell her cummy hand, and Nicole refused to smell it. However, less then a minute later, Linda was happily feeding her cummy fingers into Nicole's mouth, and Nicole greedily licked them clean.

Nicole loved Jack's cum, but she made sure Nicole got the lion's share of it, since she was still trying to "corrupt" the sexually naive girl. They had another intense make-out session, thanks to the cum, while Jack could only watch and lazily play with the four tits in front of him. Even doing that much almost took up too much energy for him, since he felt near dead thanks to his great climaxes.

By the time this last girl-to-girl kiss ended, his cum was on both girls' faces and chest. It was spread so thin that it made little more than a shiny sheen, but it provided lubrication to help the girls rub their great racks together.

Jack felt like he would have sold his soul to the Devil to be able to get hard again at that moment, and maybe stick his erection in between all those sticky, sliding boobs.

It turned out that each of them had cum twice. Jack was fairly certain he would be able to get hard again before long. It wasn't that he was some kind of super stud, and he'd never had three erections in such quick succession that he could recall, but the girls were just that arousing. Each girl remained sitting on one of his thighs, and they kept on French kissing each other and rubbing their tits together right in front of him. Although both of them were enjoying the kissing and touching, they kept at it mostly in hopes of getting him hard again.

In fact, as he kept watching, he decided that he was willing to bet they could get him hard a fourth time, if it came to that.


But they had no chance to find out if any of that was true, because he realized to his dismay that Alison was due to come home soon. There was really no telling just when she'd arrive, unless he called her specifically to find out. Some days she stayed at work much later than others. But if she came home now, they'd be in big trouble. Even though they'd be able to hear the sound of the garage door opening, that wouldn't help matters, because the living room smelled like one giant sex romp.

He ordered an end to the fun, and made them stop kissing and get off his legs. He even had them put on more than just their micro-bikinis so he wouldn't get too horny all over again. Then the three of them set to cleaning themselves more thoroughly, and trying to air out the room.

Unfortunately, Jack hadn't anticipated this problem. He didn't even know where any air freshener was. Luckily, an idea came to him: there was a large fireplace in the living room, and he started a raging fire in it. The smoky, burning smell soon effectively masked the sex smell.

Linda had never really gotten along with the aunt that she lived with. That was one reason why she was so keen on becoming one of Jack's mistresses, because she dreamed about the day she could live with the Devoux family instead. But she was expected "home" for dinner, just like every night, so she had no choice to go back to her aunt. She was able to get one last long and sloppy kiss from Jack before she left, though, plus another equally energetic one from Nicole. That helped her leave in a very happy mood.

Then Jack decided to cook dinner. He was in no mental state to go back to his boring work, and it would give him something to do so he wouldn't be so tempted to play with and kiss his daughter some more instead.

Nicole just loved being near him in any situation, so she volunteered to help. With her clothes back on and Linda gone, she reverted back to her usual shy ways and didn't even flirt as they cooked.

Some of this post-orgasmic activity had an unexpected reaction on Alison when she came home around seven o'clock. She was surprised to see the fire in the living room, as well as the freshly cooked healthy meal coming out of the oven. Jack had made stuffed bell peppers, one of Alison's favorite dishes. He and Nicole had gone all out cleaning the kitchen and dining room too, and they chose to use the best dishes and silverware.

After a perfunctory kiss on Jack's cheek, Alison put her purse down, and asked, "Jack! Nicole! What's all this?"

Nicole was fully dressed in her old, conservative clothes. She was sitting at the table and smiling like an angel. But on the inside she was quite smug, knowing the sexy fun she'd had with her father and her best friend.

Jack was puttering about in the kitchen, working on some finishing touches. "Let me answer that." Mostly to make an excuse for the nice meal and the fire, he said, "I've been thinking. I had such a good time with you this weekend. I feel like we really connected in a new way. I don't want the magic to stop. I'm thinking that the three of us can have a special candlelight dinner, and then afterwards, you and I can sit in front of the fire. We can just talk and cuddle."

Alison was pleasantly surprised. "Jack, dear! What a wonderful idea! Let me just slip into something more comfortable first." Unlike Jack, who could lounge around in his underwear all day if he wanted to, Alison was obliged to wear a power suit when she went to work in her office.

She soon came back in a fancy maroon skirt, and a nice purple blouse that showed a surprising amount of cleavage. At least, it was a surprising amount by her usual standards. Plus, she'd put on subtle amounts of make-up and perfume as well.

During dinner, Jack and Alison made googly-eyes at each other.

Nicole was not happy about that at all. However, being a submissive and moral girl, she couldn't really get mad at her parents for being affectionate with each other. She knew it was how things were supposed to be. So she tried her best to suppress her jealousy and resentment. But as soon as dinner was over, she rushed off to her bedroom. Then she spent the rest of the evening working on her homework and talking to Linda on the phone.

Naturally, they spoke at great length about what had happened with Jack earlier. Linda spent a long time reassuring Nicole that their kissing each other didn't mean anything. Nicole took a lot of convincing, because she confessed that she'd liked the kissing quite a lot. However, Linda said that women kissed each other on the lips all the time, and enjoyed it, but that hardly made them bisexual or lesbian. Once Nicole was sufficiently reassured, the two of them masturbated as they recounted all the extremely arousing things that had happened.

Jack and Alison took a little longer to finish eating, and then they went straight to the fire. (They decided not to worry about immediately cleaning the dishes and such, for once.) They held hands and stared into the fire as they sat right in front of it.

Alison was in a very thoughtful mood. After a while, she said, "I really appreciate all this. You put in a lot of effort, and I love it. This is such a joy to come home to. But I've been thinking all day today, and even if you hadn't done this, I'd still say the same thing."

"Uh-oh," Jack said. He had a bad feeling that she was about to give a difficult "we have to talk" speech.

But she quickly said, "No, don't worry. This is good. At least, I hope you'll see it that way. You see, I really did have a great time this weekend, and I know you did too. This is how our marriage should have been from the start. I've been doing some soul searching, and I've realized that I'm really the one to blame. I haven't been giving our marriage a chance. I spend far too much time at the office and at church, and I hardly ever get to see you! It's not right."

Jack just held her hand and looked very attentive. He figured saying how much he agreed wouldn't help matters.

Alison sighed. She said, "You're too much of a gentleman to say 'damn right,' but I know that's what you're thinking. Anyway, I'm going to try to turn over a new leaf. I'm going to try harder to come home earlier. I don't have to work so late if I can just do a better job of delegating. I'm not good at that, but I'm going to try. And I don't have to go to quite so many church meetings. I'm sure they can get by without me sometimes. My marriage is more important." She looked down at the floor nervously. "What I'm trying to say is, this marriage hasn't started off well, but I feel optimistic now. Can we start over?"

Jack replied, "Of course, honey! I'd love that."

He leaned forward, and the two of them kissed on the lips.

Jack acted happy and kissed with passion, but on the inside he wasn't so sure. Fuuuck! Am I lucky? Unlucky? I don't even know what I should think now. After what happened on Friday with the girls, I would have thought I was headed for a divorce. I could easily see a future where I'm single, and living with Nicky and Linda. Wow, what a future that would be!

Even if Nicky is only going play around with me for a limited time, which is probably true since I know she has strong feelings on 'sins' like incest, what about Linda? She seems to really love me! God, what if she becomes my full time lover? Heck, I might even marry her! Maybe Nicky would be willing to join us with a certain level of playing around, just short of her definition of incest. Or maybe she could even be persuaded to put aside that worry. Then I'd have two teen hotties, all for my own!

But on the other hand, it could all come to a sudden end. For all I know, next week, they could come bouncing into the house, proudly announcing they have boyfriends. And then all the fun will be over. Hell, that's not just what might happen, that's what WILL happen! Look at me. I'm a balding, chubby old guy. Whatever physical desires they have for me is just temporarily misplaced love as a father, or a father figure, as the case may be. I can't abuse that, just to get off.

Although... Damn! I sure did get off today! I think my penis is still gonna be recovering next week from those climaxes! Phew!

By this time, the kiss between Jack and Alison had ended, although they were still holding hands.

Alison could see he was thinking intently, so she asked, "What are you thinking about, dear?"

He smiled, and lied, "Oh, just about you and me. I feel like this could be the start of something good. Something really good."

Her face lit up. "I do too! Kiss me!"

They kissed again.

He continued his ruminations. I'm such a cad! Here I am, making out with my wife, and thinking about my daughter and her friend taking turns dancing and bouncing on my dick! I have to focus on Alison. God knows she's beautiful. In fact, some people would say she's even more beautiful than the girls. I truly am blessed. I'm just an ordinary, nerdy computer programmer, and I'm married to this total smoking hot and seriously stacked babe! He punctuated that point by cupping Alison's huge rack as they continued to neck. However, he knew she didn't like tit play, so he had to content himself with just holding them, briefly.

Okay, so she married me for my money. So what? That's what happens in life. It's a perk of doing well and being wealthy. You look at the wives of millionaires, and they usually are stunningly gorgeous. The thing is, some of them have happy, loving marriages, and some don't. I've got a strong pre-nup and she knows that, so it's not like she's planning to marry me and dump me. Besides, she does pretty well in her job too. It's not like she's poor. Maybe she really does want to make a go of this fucked up marriage? What have I got to lose, if I give it a shot? I love her, in my own way, and not just for her incredible body. I can't throw this marriage away on the off chance some wild fantasy with my own daughter and her best friend will work out. That would be madness, especially when there's a chance things could work out amazingly well with my actual wife!

He and Alison stared into the fire for some time. They just cuddled and held hands.

Finally, Alison spoke. "This weekend made me realize something. I have a problem."

"What's that, honey?" He kissed her ear, and caressed her long curly red-brown hair.

She sighed. "I have a problem about sex. I know it, and you know it. I've always had it. To be truthful, I always thought there was a problem with my body. I figured that God had played a cruel joke on me. Everyone says I look like I'm built for sex, but I have a body that's incapable of feeling sexual pleasure." She turned to him, and looked in his eyes. "At least, that's what I secretly thought. I must admit, I married you on false pretenses. I pretended like I was the same as other people, but I knew I was just this... cold, dead... fish!"

He started to speak, but she said, "No, please! It's important I get this all out. I'm terribly sorry about that. I'll understand if you want to divorce me. And with the prenuptial agreement we have, it'll be easy for us to walk away with what we came into this marriage with. But something happened to me this weekend. You... you... made love to me. Twice! And I enjoyed it! I really did! I even had an orgasm! Both nights, in fact. Did you know those were the first real orgasms I've ever had?"

Seeing the look on his face, she said sadly, "Yes, I tricked you on that too. All those other times, I was faking it. I'm surprised you didn't see right through me, because I'm probably a bad faker to boot. But you have to understand: I feel like I was living with this terrible burden, this awful secret, that I was a hopelessly frigid woman! The only thing I could think to do was to try to hide it!"

He felt hurt, although he wasn't too surprised about the part about the fake orgasms. He asked, "How do you square that with your Christian values?"

She leaned into him and started to cry on his shoulder. "I know, I know! I'm a terrible hypocrite!"

He held her and let her cry for a while.

He pondered what she'd said while she continued to cry. He was glad that she was coming clean now, at least. But at the same time, he couldn't help but think about Nicole and Linda, and all the sexy fun they'd been having. They'd had such powerful, incredible experiences that those memories were never far from his thoughts.

Eventually, she cried herself out. She started to wipe her face of her tears, and looked back up at him with red eyes. She said, "I've done some terrible things. I don't feel good about myself. But let me try to make it better. Set your terms, any terms, and I'll do it! Do you want me to see a marriage counselor? A sex therapist, even? Do you want me to do... things to you?"

"Things?" he asked. "What do you mean?"

She turned away. "Sexual things. Whatever you want, I'll try it. I know I've been a terrible lover, and even this weekend I was probably pretty bad. You did everything, and I just lay there. But you were so persistent and excited that something sparked in me just the same."

He thought, How ironic is it that the only reason I got so "persistent and excited" was because I was thinking about sex with Nicole and Linda? My own daughter! I was using my wife like a blow-up doll, but I was so damn horny about it that it might just turn our entire marriage around! That is seriously bizarre.

She looked intently into his eyes. "The thing is, I don't think I'd be so bad, if you give me another chance or two. Try to understand how I felt. I HATED sex! I wasn't a virgin when I met you, obviously since this is my third marriage, but sex has always been a nightmare for me, no matter who it was with. It was the thing I had to put up with to have the rest of the relationship I wanted. Each time I had a man lay on me in bed, it was like going to the dentist. No, worse! I felt so inadequate. I just closed my eyes, braced myself, and waited for it to be over with."

She added with a new fiery look in her eyes, "But since what happened this weekend, I've been thinking: what if it can be good? Maybe the problem isn't my body, but my mental hang-ups. Maybe I can overcome those. I'm ready to try." She started to unbutton her blouse.

He was shocked. "W-w-what are you doing?"

"What do you think?" She leaned forward and kissed his lips again as she continued to undo the buttons.

The kiss was electric, and better than before, probably because he was more focused on it. But when it ended, he asked, "Here? Now? What about Nicky?"

Finished with her buttons, she undid her bra while still keeping her blouse mostly closed up.

Fuuuuck! Jack thought, since he got to see most of her breasts before her blouse hid them again. She is so fuckin' stacked that it's not even funny. Perfect breasts! But I never get to see them. For once, I can see them in all their glory! It was true that he rarely got to see them, since she wore a nightgown to bed, and insisted on keeping the lights off during any hanky panky.

She smiled, seeing his awed reaction. She waited until she had some of his attention, and then said, "I'm sure she'll stay in her room. I could see how she looked at you and me during dinner. She's very needy for you, you know. She resents when you spend time with me instead. I'm sure the very last thing she'll want to see is you and I cuddling and kissing before the fire."

Jack had to agree with that assessment. In fact, he knew it was much more accurate than Alison realized. But still, his wife's behavior was so out of character that he couldn't get his head around it. "We're going to make love right here? In the living room?!" He remembered what else he'd done in the living room not that long earlier, and that excited him.

She responded, "No. We're going to FUCK in the living room! I know I never use that word. My goodness! I don't know if I've even said it out loud before! But this is like shock therapy. I'm trying to shock myself out of my old ways, and maybe I can shock you into something good too."

She paused, holding her hands over the front of her blouse. But then, with a wild look in her eye, she dramatically opened her blouse all the way.

Jack's eyes bugged out, almost like he was a cartoon character. Holy, holy FUCK! Unreal! She even puts Nicky to shame! He knew his wife was seriously stacked. In fact, it he was brutally honest with himself, he would have to admit that was a major reason why he married her. He was a tit man, and she had a rack that fit his definition of perfection. When they'd been dating, she'd worn lots of nice, sexy outfits. Nothing shockingly revealing, but he often was able to enjoy the top half of her cleavage. However, since they'd been married, she'd dressed practically like a nun.

So seeing all of her magnificent breasts suddenly bared was a true jaw-dropper. And it was only fitting, because she had a jaw-dropping figure. One perk of being married to her was that he got to stop in her closet when she wasn't home, and he'd learned she wore an E-cup bra. That meant his guess was right, and she was even more stacked than Nicole with her huge knockers.

As she took her blouse all the way off, she said, "I know you're a breast man. And I know these are one of the main reasons you were attracted to me." She joked, "Actually, two of the main reasons." She continued more seriously, "And I know I've been denying these to you. It's probably not much fun to play with them when I'm lying there in the darkness like I'm comatose, and usually wearing a thick nightie. But no more!" She thrust her chest out.

Entranced, he reached out and cupped them with both hands. Feeling like a kid just given a shiny new toy, he excitedly ran his hands all over them. True, he'd cupped them a few minutes before, but it was a very different thing now that she was topless and he could sink his fingers into her spongy flesh.

She sighed. "It's sad. Look at you. You're acting like you've never seen or touched them before. And that's my fault. I've been a bad wife. But not anymore. Do with me what you will! Play with them all night. I don't care! I'm yours!"

Suddenly, he let go. "No."

"No?" She had a terrible sinking feeling that he was rejecting her. She worried that maybe their marriage was beyond saving, and she'd hurt him too much with her lies and deceptions.

But he continued, "Some other time, definitely! But not right now. It's not just what I need, it's what you need. And I've explored your body enough to know that you don't feel a lot of pleasure there. I've heard that the larger a woman's breasts are, the less sensitive they are per square inch, and yours are very large indeed. I don't want you to just close your eyes and endure it, or pretend to enjoy it. I want to make you really cum again. And again and again and again! And this isn't going to get us there."

She felt relieved that he wasn't rejecting her, but she asked, "Then what? Do you want me to lay down here so you can... enter me? I'll do it! I'll even try to put your... thing... in my mouth! I may hate it, but I'm willing. I'll try anything. I don't want to be a frigid bitch anymore!"

"No, wait. That's not what you need right now either. I want to try something else. And for this you will have to get naked and lie down. Can you do that?"

"Of course." She smiled, although she was quite frightened on the inside.

A minute later, Alison was lying down totally naked. She was so close to the fire that it warmed her body, but not overwhelmingly so.

Jack held his breath, awed by the beauty of his wife illuminated by the fire's flickering flames. Her family was from southern Spain originally, and she had a natural all-over tan that even Nicole and Linda would have envied.

But Jack was upset too. He said, "This is the problem. You look so beautiful there, but you're stiff as a board. Relax! Imagine I'm a masseuse and I'm going to give you a massage. In fact, that's exactly what I want to do to you later. But first, I want to try something. Spread your legs wide, please."

She obligingly spread her legs, but she was still extremely tense and nervous. It was all she could do not to cover her red bush.

Jack had also taken off all his clothes, and he had a raging hard-on from seeing illuminated by the firelight just what an extraordinarily beautiful woman he'd married. He crawled up her legs, and then stopped with his head over her crotch. He said, "Now, don't be alarmed. I'm going to go down on you. That means I'm going to lick your pussy. Just relax your body."

"Oh God!" she gasped with worry. "I don't know if I can do this!"

He pointed out, "You don't have to do anything. Lie there with your eyes closed if you want. Just enjoy it."

Then he bent down and started to lick.

Unfortunately, her pussy lips were still totally dry, so he avoided that area at first. Instead, he licked all around it. He spent several minutes just finding out where she was more or less sensitive, and what got a good reaction. Before long, her clit unhooded and engorged, and he fiddled with his fingers there while still licking and kissing her elsewhere.

He couldn't help but compare her with Nicole and Linda. He'd never gone down on either of them, at least not yet, but he was convinced that they would have been wildly gushing and bucking by now if it had been either of them instead. And he knew for sure that both of their racks were much more sensitive. Alison might not have been totally frigid, but she certainly was harder to arouse than most. However, he kept at it. He was determined.

Over time, he felt her body relax some and her pussy moisten. But instead of lapping at her slit, he still went elsewhere. He explored other parts of her body with his hands and lips and tongue for a while. He even licked her feet and belly button and armpits.

At first, this alarmed her and she tensed up some, but he kept cooing encouraging things, and he eventually lulled her back into an even more relaxed state than before.

It was a good ten minutes before he began to return to her pussy at all. And another ten minutes of playing there as well as exploring elsewhere passed before he tackled her pussy directly. By that time, her pussy lips could actually be described as wet.

He suddenly intensified his approach, fingering her slit while licking at and even sucking on her clit.

"Oh!" she cried out. "What are you doing to me?!" She was feeling things she'd never felt before, and she loved it.

"I'm making you feel good."

"That you are! I love what you're doing, dear, and some other time I'd want you to do a lot more of it. But right now, I need to be fucked! Put your thing in me now! I've never been so ready! So... so horny! I'm downright horny! Oh, this is so exciting! Please, hurry, before the mood passes!"

But he replied, "No. Have patience. I know what I'm doing. Don't worry, it only gets better." He finally started licking directly at her pussy lips.

"Oh! Oh!" she gasped. "Jack! No! It's... it's... too good!"

He chuckled at that. He looked up and saw her huge breasts rolling on her chest, sagging to each side. He thought about getting his hands back up there when she was in a truly excited state. But he reluctantly decided the time wasn't ripe yet. He dropped his head and went back to his task.

Before long, he started doing the famous alphabet trick, licking the shapes of the letters of the alphabet.

After a couple of minutes, Alison started to scream.

She screamed so loudly that she worried Nicole would hear it and go investigate, but Nicole happened to be listening to a P!nk album on her headphones as she did her homework. Thus, Nicole was oblivious as to the momentous events taking place downstairs, events that were fundamentally changing Jack and Alison's marriage. It helped that it was a big house and Nicole's bedroom was some ways away from the stairs.

Even after half an hour of Jack's tiring work, Alison still had not climaxed. But then again, she had been tense and resistant for most of the time. He knew it would be much easier next time.

He pulled his head from her crotch and crawled up her body. Then he lifted her legs. He was pleased to see that she was so relaxed, it was like her legs were boneless. He spread them out widely so he'd be able to achieve a deeper penetration.

He lightly caressed her huge globes, and said, "Okay, NOW I'm gonna fuck you. Are you ready?"

"Yes! YES! Do it!"

Her normally tensed up and dry pussy was so hot and eager that he was able to push all the way in with one great thrust.

"Arrrrraaarrrggh!" she screamed. She suddenly lifted up and grasped his arms. Her face was sweaty and contorted with lust. Her eyes met his, and she shot him a wild, animalistic look. She grunted, "DO IT!" Then she fell back, her head hitting the pillow he'd placed underneath before they'd started this.

He started to slowly thrust in and out.

She continued to just lie there for the most part, but he didn't mind this time. He knew he couldn't change everything overnight. But he was happy because there was no doubt that her body was responding much more than even before. She was grunting and moaning in a very unladylike manner, and she was sweating and twitching all over.

Then, to his surprise, she had an orgasm. He was very surprised indeed, because he'd only started to fuck her. He was encouraged. He hoped it meant she might not be as insensitive as he'd feared.

But he didn't let up. She begged for mercy, for a chance to recover, but he didn't listen.

In fact, right then, he brought out his secret weapon of sorts. He knew that the only reason he'd managed to make her climax over the weekend was because he got so insanely horny thinking about Nicole and Linda, so he attempted to see if that would work again. He pictured their firm, tan, and ripe teenage bodies in his mind. He suddenly had a clear image of them standing there in nothing but the bottoms of their micro-bikinis.

And just like that, it was like his penis was a jet fighter, and he'd just turned on the afterburner (that was like a car going into turbo mode, only even more so). He started pounding his wife's pussy with an almost violent force. He would have liked to hold her boobs, but he held her hips for his most powerful thrusting.

Alison went wild. After less than a minute, she came again. She screamed incoherently with total abandon. That alone was a big step, because she'd hardly even made noise during sex on previous occasions.

He nailed her much faster than ever before. It was great. He felt as excited as he'd been with his teen girls earlier in the day. At one point, he thought back on that and realized all that bouncing and dancing had taken place literally on a couple of feet away from where he was now. He thought with some amusement, I'm starting to really like this room! To say the least!

The only problem with fucking that fast and hard was that he couldn't keep it up for long. He wasn't a sexual superman after all, and in fact he was more out of shape than he cared to admit. He wanted to keep going at least until she came a third time, but he didn't quite get there. The urge to cum snuck up on him, and found himself bellowing "Gonna cum!" before he had a chance to brace himself and possibly hold out longer.

But that was okay. He still considered his efforts an unqualified success. When his orgasm peaked and then passed, he collapsed on top of her, sweating like a pig. He used one of her huge breasts like a very comfy pillow.

Time passed. They panted and recovered.

Finally, Alison said, "That was... I'm speechless! ... Incredible! Oh, Jack! You've made me so very happy!"

To his surprise, she started to quietly cry.

He crawled up higher so his face was even with hers. He tried to kiss her tears away, but she was crying too much. "What's wrong?"

She said, "I'm just so... emotionally overcome! I'm so happy! I've never been so happy. Never! But I'm so sad too!"

He caressed her long red-brown hair, trying to comfort her. "Sad? Why?"

She cried, "Because I missed out on so much! My goodness, look at me! I'm thirty-three years old already, and I've only just discovered what sex is!" After more tears, she explained more, "So much wasted time! So much needless pain! I didn't need to be the frigid bitch, avoiding anything sexual like the plague. I just needed the right man to love me!"

Suddenly, she sat up, causing Jack to sit up too. She wrapped her arms around him and pressed her huge tits against his chest. "I'm a terrible, terrible person! So selfish! You should have never married me. I've been a FRIGID BITCH! Why, even here tonight, all I did was lie there. I'm no better than before. You did all the work, and I got all the benefit!" She buried her face in his shoulder and kept on crying.

"Look at me." He held her chin and pulled her head back some, so he could make eye contact again. "You did great! Tonight was about YOU! That was my plan. I wanted to learn about your body, now that you're actually responding, and give you an idea how good it can be. It can be even better, you know."

Her eyes went wide. "It CAN?!"


She wailed, "Oh! In a way, that makes me feel even WORSE! I missed out on so much! Such a stupid, stupid bitch!"

He stroked her back and her curly hair hanging down. "Relax! Okay, you can't change the past, but you've got a long future ahead of you. And you've got me, and I have you. We've got so much to look forward to, together!"

"Yes! That's true! Kiss me!" She looked achingly beautiful, and the tears rolling down her face made her look vulnerable too. He wanted to hold and protect her forever.

They kissed.

This kiss was different, and even better, than the ones earlier had been. Alison knew the mechanics of kissing, and she'd always been a decent kisser. But now she put her entire body into it for the first time ever. She ran her hands up and down Jack's back, and over the back of his head, and generally acted like she wanted her hands to be everywhere at once and she just couldn't get enough of him. At the same time, she rubbed her huge tits into his chest and found that felt pretty good. Before long, she was especially keen on dragging her erect nipples all over him. It was true her breasts weren't very sensitive, but that contact gave her nipples a nice tingle. She tilted her head this way and that too, constantly finding new angles to kiss him.

It was a world away from her decent but mostly motionless kisses she'd made all her life, because her entire body was on fire with desire.

Finally, an idea came to her that excited her so much she had to break the kissing. "Jack! Listen. You say tonight has been all about me. Now, I want to make it all about you. Let me pleasure you! Let me, let me..." she closed her eyes, mustering her courage. "I want to take it in my mouth! I want to do that for you! I need to show you how much I love you!"

He just smiled as he caressed the underside of one of her massive globes. "That sounds great, but not now. Not tonight. You're not ready for that. You have a LOT of crazy social conditioning to overcome, and we need to do this step by step. Please, let me lead the way."

That was all sincere, but it was also true that he'd climaxed twice when he was with Nicole and Linda, and he was doubtful he could get it up again. Alison was an extremely gorgeous woman, but he was also in the habit of thinking of her as a cold fish, and she just didn't mentally inspire him like the girls did. Not even her exceptionally large and perfectly formed breasts made his heart pound as wildly as when he thought of Nicole in particular.

She pondered what he said, and then replied, "Okay. I trust you. But soon, okay? Soon! I'm so glad I married a man who's so sexually talented and wants to take charge! Tell me: why didn't you do what you did to me tonight on our wedding night?" They hadn't had sex before marriage, something he'd been sincerely regretting up until this very evening, since it meant he'd only learned how bad she was in bed after he made his commitment.

He said, "I tried! You probably don't remember because you were just lying there all tensed up with your eyes closed, like I was going to rape you. Boy, was that a disappointing night for me. And ever since, it's been like that. You weren't mentally open to it. I even tried going down on you, several times as a matter of fact, and you pushed me away! You said it was indecent and disgusting and an affront to God."

She groaned in dismay. "'An affront to God?!' I really said that? Oh dear, how embarrassing. And I ruined your wedding night, and so much more! I'm such a terrible person!" She resumed her crying spell.

"No, you're not. Please stop saying that. I love you, and things'll get better."

She sniffled, "Oh, Jack! I love you too! I don't deserve you."

They continued to hold each other for some time. It was a strange time for Jack though, because one minute Alison would be kissing him with a passionate desperation, and the next minute she'd be crying again. She obviously had a lot of issues to work through. But they talked a lot, and both of them felt much better before the night was through.

Meanwhile, Nicole continued working on her homework in her bedroom, totally clueless as to how drastically her family had just changed.


The next morning, Nicole strolled into the kitchen and dining room, ready for breakfast before school. "Hey," she said to her parents in a bored teen voice. "Nice outfit." She said that because she could see Alison working in the kitchen with Jack, wearing a blouse that exposed her back almost all the way down to her bra strap. Her curly hair covered most of the exposed skin, but Nicole still wanted to be encouraging if Alison wore something even slightly revealing. It wasn't that she was rooting for Alison to be more attractive for Jack, but she found it embarrassing how prudishly her stepmother dressed all the time. That said a lot, since Nicole wore conservative outfits most of the time too (except when she was home and Alison was not).

Alison turned around, and said pleasantly, "Hey, you! Good morning, Nicole!"

Nicole narrowed her eyes and frowned. She stopped in her tracks and examined her mother closely from across the room.

Seeing Nicole look at her strangely, Alison asked, "What?"

Nicole still frowned suspiciously. "I dunno. Something's weird. For one thing, you're so... happy. And for another, you look seriously sexy! Ohmigod! You're showing off, like, cleavage! Good for you." She suddenly felt conflicted about the wisdom of encouraging Alison to dress better.

Sure enough, Alison was wearing her most revealing top. It did show off a breathtaking amount of cleavage. It was nearly as daring as a bikini, although only with cleavage, since her shoulders were still covered.

Jack had been preparing something, but he finished and turned to greet his daughter from across the kitchen counter. He draped an arm around Alison and smiled. "Hey, Nicky. What's up?"

Nicole was even more amazed. "You guys! That's what's up! What's with you? It's like, total Stepford wife and husband phenomenon going on here."

"I don't understand," Alison said, her brow wrinkled. She didn't know the "Stepford Wives" movie reference.

Nicole narrowed her eyes suspiciously even more. "Did something happen to you two last night?"

Alison beamed at that topic. "YES! Something wonderful! This weekend was great, but last night was ten times better! Tell her, dear!"

Jack coughed nervously, and then explained, "Yes, well, uh... You see, Nicky, Alison and I, well, we haven't really been too, uh... sexually compatible. We've been having some troubles in that area, you could say. You know. In the bedroom. But last night, we took a big step towards fixing that."

Nicole glared. "Did you two... do it?" She looked merely annoyed on the outside, but on the inside her heart was breaking.

Alison didn't hesitate, she was so happy. "Yes! You could say that again. We most certainly did it! And it was GREAT!"

"UGH!" Nicole groaned. "I think I'm gonna ill!" To everyone's surprise, including her own, she suddenly ran out of the room, and didn't stop until she was all the way back in her bedroom. She fell to the bed and cried.

Jack pulled away from his wife. "Uh, I think I'd better go talk to her."

But Alison said, "No, I think she needs some space and time to adjust. Let her have a good cry first."

"You think she's gonna cry?!"

"Think it? I know it. Heck, I could hear her starting to cry when she reached the stairs."

"But why?"

Alison put a hand on her hips. "Jack Devoux, you may know a lot about computers, but sometimes you have no clue about women. You should see how she looks at you. She ADORES you! She worships the ground you walk on. In fact, I think she's got a bit of a crush on you."

He worried just how accurate of a guess that was. "But why? I'm just a guy. I'm no one special."

Alison gave him an unhappy look. "Not true! I think you're special! You may think I just married you for your money, but you're wrong. You've got all kinds of really great qualities, starting with the fact that you're just about the most loving, kind, and all around GOOD guy I've ever met. Nicole knows how much you love her, and that's like the rock she bases her entire life on. Plus, I think she's one of those kinds of people who love nothing more than helping others, and she's more than a little bit submissive. She loves nothing more than to make you happy."

He was even more alarmed at her accurate assessments about Nicole. He said, "Well, I am happy now, very happy indeed, thanks to you. So she should be happy for me."

Alison said, "That's just the problem. I didn't say 'she loves nothing more than to see you happy,' I said, 'she loves nothing more than to MAKE you happy.' If I'm making you happy, then that's a total disaster for her, because then what is there for her to do?"

He ventured, "I dunno, make someone else happy?"

Alison shook her head. "No, it has to be you. You're the center of her world."

"Hmmm." He thought, This is bad! My wife is far too astute. At this rate, she's gonna tell me how Nicky bounced me to orgasm yesterday! But he just asked, "So what should I do?"

"Spend time with her. Lots of time. She still hasn't accepted me into the family, and rightfully so. Until recently, I didn't deserve to be in this family. In fact, I still don't. I have to earn my way in, and I haven't done that yet. I can see that now. But in any case, she needs to know that she's still your little darling. Once she sees there's room for both her and me in your life, it'll be okay. But until then, please be extra attentive to her needs and spend LOTS of time with her, okay?"

"Okay. I'll try," he said blandly. However, he thought, This is bad! This is really bad! I'm sure Alison's advice is correct. But how do I spend lots of time with Nicky when every time I see her, I want to fuck her? Or at the very least, kiss and fondle her, like no father should. And she lets me! My marriage is at a critical stage. I need to make it work, and I can't do that and play with her and Linda all the time. Oh man!


That afternoon, Nicole and Linda came home from school and went looking for Jack, but all their joy had been sucked out of them. It was like they were waiting for the hangman's noose. Nicole had explained to Linda the mysterious change in the relationship between Jack and Alison, and the sense of dread and doom she felt.

And sure enough, their worst fears were realized.

Jack met them out by the pool, and even though they were wearing their micro-bikinis, he didn't allow any hanky panky at all. He talked to them a long while. In short, he explained that his troubled marriage had taken a wonderful new turn, and it was something he needed to concentrate his efforts on for a while. As much as he was enjoying helping them learn about sexual things, he couldn't help them in that way anymore. But he vowed he'd be happy to redouble his time with them, just so long as they steered clear from kissing and touching for a while.

It was the most difficult thing he'd ever had to say, and the fact that they were wearing their micro-bikinis certainly didn't help matters. They were just so busty and beautiful that he was barely able to control himself, even after his little speech.

Nicole and Linda cried and cried, and nothing he said could console them.

He felt obliged to hug them, and he did so. In fact, both girls clung to him like he was a rescue buoy in a stormy sea.

But that only tested his resolve much, much more. Both girls were quite crafty even as they cried genuine tears. They rubbed their nearly naked bodies all over him until their bikini tops slid off, and then they kept on rubbing. And they kissed his face and neck all over. It was up to him to keep his lips closed, even as they took turns kissing his mouth.

He was confused, because he knew they were sincerely distraught, and yet they were making him so hot and horny that he thought he was losing his grip on reality. He found that his hands were "consoling" their tits and asses quite a lot in particular.

Eventually, Linda managed to reposition herself so one of her legs was between his. She managed to rub her knee up and down his crotch in an increasingly blatant way while she and Nicole kept on kissing his face.

The gentle but insistent knee work had Jack on the verge of cumming before long. But the orgasmic urge forced him to realize just how out of hand all this "consoling" had become. He managed to pry himself off of them (although it wasn't easy!) and he stood up. As he walked away, all he said was, "Sorry, girls. That's how it has to be."

He wanted to try to at least partially make up for the disappointment by spending much more time with them, but after that, they were the ones who avoided him.

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