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Part 4: Chapters 13 to 16
(MF, Mf, Ff, ff, mult, cons, reluc, les, het, humor, wife, inc, fath, dau, in-law, D/S, group, orgy, poly, harem, 1st, voy, WC, WM, WF, oral, anal, pett, BBR)
Written by Storysmith and Spacer X (paul_t_22@yahoo.com)


"This is bullshit!" Nicole griped. "Serious bullshit!" The demure girl hardly ever cursed, so those were quite strong words for her.

It was another sunny Sunday, and the two teenage foxes were at Nicole's pool. There were dressed in matching new bikinis they had recently bought to appeal to Jack, without any success. They weren't quite as revealing as their micro-bikinis, but it was very close.

Linda just nodded. "Yep, it is." She knew that wouldn't stop Nicole from griping more, though. She'd heard the same complaints many times in recent days.

Nicole bitched, "You should have heard them last night. It was even worse than ever before. My evil stepmom screamed like Dad was slowly cutting off all her limbs." She harrumphed, "It was disgusting!"

Linda asked, "Did you spy on them again?" Spying wasn't exactly the right word, since Jack and Alison kept their bedroom door closed and locked. But it was easy for Nicole to listen to them through the door.



"Okay, so what if I did?" Nicole huffed defensively. "Not that I needed to bother. I could have heard her screams from down the block. It's been like this every night for an entire WEEK! I can't sleep! If they get any more lovey dovey, I think I'm gonna go INSANE! We need to DO something!"

Linda pointed out, "That's pretty hard to do when you flee every time your father comes near. He's trying to be so nice to you, and you keep rejecting him."

Nicole grumped, "I don't want nice! I want..."

Linda finished for her, "You want his cock."

Nicole didn't try to deny it, and attempted to shift the discussion. "I want that evil gold digger to get her hands off my father, that's what I want!"

Linda said, "Come on. She's not a gold digger and you know it. If she and he aren't in love, then nobody is. Not before maybe, but lately it's like they're surgically attached to each other."

Nicole didn't deny that either, but said, "It's sickening! They can't even be in the same room together without kissing and fondling each other! They try not to do it around me, but I see right through their pathetic attempts."

"Boy, someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed today!"

Nicole huffed, "Yeah, but you know I'm right! Just this morning, when I came downstairs for breakfast, Daddy had her top pulled down, and his face was buried deep in her cleavage. Worse, she obviously was loving it. She NEVER let him do that kind of thing before. Never! And her breasts were just too big and too perfect. Dammit, he should be doing that kind of thing with ME!"

Linda rolled her eyes, because Nicole had told her about that several times already. Rather than point that out, again, she asked, "Are you just gonna bitch and moan, or are you gonna make things better?"


"I told you how," Linda replied. "You have to get over the silly aversion to incest. I keep telling you the same thing! Your stepmom-"

"Evil stepmom," Nicole cut in. Lately, Nicole disliked Alison much more than Linda did.

Linda rolled her eyes again, but she humored her so she could make her point. "Your evil stepmom is one seriously sexy lady. You can't deny that. Hell, her tits are even bigger than yours! That means they're positively gigantic, and you know how your dad is a tit man. And apparently she got over her frigidness. A little bit of dancing and fondling and kissing can't compete with that. If you want to get your dad's attention back, you need to do more! And you want his cock so bad that you can barely think straight, so take it! Stroke it! Suck it! Love it!"

Nicole folded her arms under her massive melons. "It's a sin," she growled angrily.

"Yeah, a lot of things are a sin," Linda pointed out. "You sin all the time. Masturbation is a sin, for instance, and you're doing that all the time now."

"Only because Daddy's being mean!" Nicole complained. "If I can't play with him, all I can do is dream about it. And now that he's losing weight and exercising, he's getting positively hunky! How can I resist playing with myself? It's HIS fault I'm sinning!"

Jack was looking better, but no one in the world except for Nicole and Linda would think of him as "hunky." Not even Alison wore rose colored glasses to that degree. He was over half way to reaching his ideal weight, but even if he reached it, he still had average looks. Some people were more genetically blessed than others. Nicole, Linda, and Alison were all very, very genetically blessed, and he was not.

Linda rolled her eyes again. "Sheesh. That's just one example. I don't think incest is wrong in the first place. Not if it's between two people of the right ages who love each other. Admittedly, you're a bit on the borderline with the age thing, but you're there. But in any case, even if it IS a sin, God will look at all the good things you've done and all the bad things you've done, and you'll still be okay. Because you're a very good person overall."

Nicole said, "I wish I could see it your way, but incest isn't just any sin. It's one of the most serious ones there is! Heck, it might even be the MOST unforgivable sin of all!"

Linda shook her head. "Now you're just talking crazy talk. Do me a favor, okay? Your dad's gonna come out here soon to offer us something to eat, like he always does. Well, at least lately. So try to be nice to him for once!"

Nicole hadn't really been mean or said anything mean to Jack in the last week, because she pretty much didn't have a mean bone in her body. She hadn't even said anything mean to Alison (although she vented about her to Linda a lot). She'd just been ignoring both her parents as much as she could, and when she had no choice but to see them, she generally only spoke as little as necessary.

Linda continued, "Don't blame him for everything. He's a good guy, and he's trying his best. You don't want to completely alienate him, do you?"

"No, of course not."

"So you'll try to be friendly."

"I guess."

Linda put her hands on her hips. "You guess? Doesn't the Bible say you have to honor and OBEY your father and mother? Obey! Even if you had a crappy dad, it's your duty to serve him. Since you have such a great and sexy dad, it's your duty to serve him with all your heart!"

Nicole dropped her head, feeling abashed. "I'm sorry. You're right. I'll try."

"And that includes serving his cock! Admit it!"

Nicole writhed uncomfortably in her chair, she was so torn between her lust and her religious and moral beliefs. She didn't agree with Linda's statement, but she didn't deny it either.

Ten minutes later, Jack opened the sliding glass door to the backyard. He was wearing a bathing suit and T-shirt and holding a pizza box in his hand. He'd stopped eating pizza himself, now that he was seriously dieting and exercising, but he knew it was Nicole's favorite food, and it was a peace offering of sorts. He hoped against hope that if things went well he could go swimming with the girls. That seemed like a fun yet non-sexual thing to do, and he wasn't averse to enjoying the sight of them in their skimpy bikinis.

An idea came to Linda. She knew that Alison was gone and wouldn't be back anytime soon. She'd been home much more lately in the past week, now that she was drastically cutting her overtime at work and her church activities. But it was a Sunday and she had a deacon's meeting and some other events after church. (It was interesting that she married Jack, because he didn't even go to church at all.)

So Alison's absence created the opportunity, but the pizza box was the chief inspiration for Linda's idea.

"Hi girls," Jack said brightly, although it was forced good humor. "Are you hungry? I brought you something yummy."

To his surprise, Nicole offered him a seat, and he gladly accepted. She was a bit grumpy, but at least she was talking to him, and that was a big step, compared to how it had been since his reconciliation with Alison on Monday night.

They sat around a patio table instead of their lawn chairs so the girls could eat their pizza slices and drink their drinks. Linda sat close to him on one side of his chair, and Nicole sat just as closely on his other side.

They chatted while the girls ate their slices of pizza. They had a nice conversation. Linda told Jack that he was looking good, and he proudly revealed that he'd lost 15 pounds in the weeks since he'd started eating right and exercising. He hadn't been that overweight to begin with, perhaps 30 pounds in all, so a loss of 15 pounds made quite a difference. Even his hair medicine was working, and new hair was growing in his bald spot. He not only looked better, but he felt much better than he had in years, and he proudly said so.

The girls complimented him on his efforts and the results so far.

He was happy about that, but even happier that Nicole was talking to him at all. He knew his revived marriage was very difficult for her, but he hoped she was starting to accept it.

As the girls ate, Jack thought, Man, I wish I could be their age. They eat stuff like pizza all the time, and it actually makes them look BETTER! I swear, it all goes to their tits! And the rest of their bodies are filling out so nicely. Meanwhile, I'm gonna have to make do with more carrots and celery sticks. How did Nicky come from my blah genes? She must have inherited everything from her mother.

Damn, they look so fuckin' good! And tasty! I could seriously lick their... Oh man! I can't even go there.

Soon, he was sporting an obvious hard-on that made his bathing suit tent lewdly. It wasn't because they said or did anything especially flirty. Actually, they were completely behaving themselves (for now). But they had simply amazing buxom hard bodies and gorgeous faces, and their bikinis covered so little they were practically naked. He had to repeatedly adjust his swimsuit so his bulge didn't look too obvious.

They were slowly seducing him simply by being near him, and they knew it.

Eventually, Linda surmised that the time was ripe. She leaned closer to Jack, pretending great interest as he described his progress with his exercise program. But it was just an excuse to get into position. She brought a pizza slice up towards her face, but then she deliberately let it slip right into his lap.

Bulls eye! she thought gleefully, because the slice landed right on the bulge of his crotch. Even better, it landed upside down, which meant the crotch of his bathing suit would be soaked in troublesome cheesy oils.

She pretended dismay. "Oh no! Clumsy me. Here, let me get that for you." She reached out to remove the slice, but thanks to more "clumsiness," she managed to smear it around his crotch a little bit before she pulled it away, so he was guaranteed to have an oily mess there.

Jack was a very trusting guy, and he had no idea what was happening.

As Linda put the dropped slice back on the table, she gave a meaningful look at Nicole.

Nicole did understand what was happening, mostly because Linda had repeatedly suggested to her in recent days that they should stage an incident just like this. But she was still uncertain, and was too shy to join in (at least, not until her horniness overcame her shyness, which it usually did around her father before too long).

Sighing, Linda pulled her chair in closer and brought both her hands back to Jack's crotch. "Boy, you're a mess. Let me clean you off." Then she firmly grasped his boner. His thin swimsuit didn't offer much of a barrier as she began blatantly jacking him off.

"What are you doing?!" he asked with alarm, finally catching on as to what was happening.

It had only been a few seconds so far, but Linda worried she would lose him already. In her eagerness, she'd gone too far too fast. She just couldn't resist jacking off his thick boner.

She looked to Nicole to rescue the situation. She figured that she wasn't tempting enough to make him forget about his revived love with Alison, but he would be helpless to resist his own gorgeous flesh and blood daughter doing the same thing. She flashed Nicole a desperate look. "Nicky, you have a napkin, why don't you help him get all that cheese off his swimsuit?"

The stacked brunette had to make her decision now.

She didn't actually have a napkin, but there were some on the table right in front of her, next to the pizza box. Trembling, she timidly moved her hand and picked up a napkin. Then, all three watched as in slow motion as she brought the napkin to her father's lap.

Linda pulled her hand away, and Nicole immediately replaced it. Time slowed to a crawl as they all watched her fingers close around his shaft.

Suddenly, remorse and shame hit her, and she tried to remove her hand.

But she only loosened her grip (dropping the napkin to the ground in the process) before Linda acted quickly and grasped Nicole's hand and kept it on Jack's stiff member.

Linda said with determination, "No! You have to rub hard to remove all the oil!" She rather forcibly held Nicole's hand in place.

The three of them held their breath and watched the pivotal event. But a few seconds passed, and Nicole was still too shy to do anything.

Linda asserted herself again. "Rub his shorts like this..." she moved Nicole's hand back and forth over his erection, massaging it through his swimsuit. She was effectively jacking him off, but using Nicole's hand as a proxy.

The prudish brunette was wide-eyed and panting. Her heart pounded wildly, and she didn't know what to do. She looked at Linda's face, and saw her hopeful and smiling. Then she looked at Jack's face. His expression was quite hard to read. It looked mostly just confused, but there was pleasure and dismay in there too.

Nicole quietly whispered "No" to Linda, but she didn't really mean it. She was already completely aroused, and her lust was taking over. Her sexual need and desire had been growing for nearly a week now, and it was like a dam bursting.

She started to slide her hand back and forth on her own. Holding his thickness in her hand was so exciting that she felt downright dizzy.

Linda kept her hand there because it was fun and exciting, but she let Nicole take the lead.

"H-hey, n-no problem... I..." Jack tried to say as his daughter's hand moved steadily back and forth along his painfully stiff boner. He loved it, but it felt too wrong. He tried to picture Alison and how wonderful and beautiful she was, hoping that would inspire his fidelity, but he couldn't form her face in his mind. God! What am I allowing here?! I need to say something! I need to put my foot down!

"Stay quiet, Mr. Devoux," Linda said, smiling wickedly at him, guessing his thoughts well enough. "This oil is hard to get out if not cleaned properly."

Nicole continued to masturbate her father with her trembling hand. Feeling his penis pulsating in her hand almost made her cum. Her pussy was soaked already. She simply couldn't resist. The prudish girl was red faced and dying of embarrassment, but she knew she had to do this. She was feeling his cock in her hand, and she thought it was the greatest feeling in the world.

Suddenly, Linda had a devilish idea. "Oh no, Nicky. You dropped the napkin." But instead of simply picking up the napkin off the ground or getting another one from next to the pizza box, she said, "We need to clean it off with SOMEthing." Then she untied her bikini top and brought it towards Jack's crotch, as if she was going to use that like a napkin.

But then she said, "What am I thinking? I don't want to get that all messed up. Nicky, we should use yours." Acting fast, she leaned way over and untied the tie to Nicole's bikini top. But she didn't even pretend to try to use it as a napkin, she just let it fall.

Nicole saw the humor in Linda's absurd bikini-top-as-napkin solution, and she giggled loudly.

Linda giggled too, and even Jack laughed some. All that laughing and giggling helped ease the tension.

Plus, the laughing kept their impressive and now totally exposed racks in constant motion, a fact that Jack certainly couldn't miss. They kept giggling long after the joke, just to keep his visual interest. And when that got old, they rolled their shoulders, bounced in their seats, or pinned an arm or two under their racks to thrust them out even more. Anything to keep his attention, since they knew how much he loved big boobs. There was no subtlety whatsoever.

And all the while, Nicole kept on stroking her father's boner. It was almost like his swimsuit wasn't even there, because it provided little to no impediment to her stroking fingers. In fact, the cheesy oils provided good lubrication and helped speed her fist along. She had gotten used to the situation quite quickly, and was greatly enjoying herself.

Then Linda had another idea. She said, "I think we can clean it better if we get the swimsuit out of the way."

Before Jack knew what had happened, Linda had yanked his bathing suit all the way down past his knees.

Nicole was forced to let go so the suit could slide down, but she was so hot for her father's cock by now that she immediately brought her hand right back without any assistance or prodding from her foxy blonde friend.

Now there was nothing in the way whatsoever. Nicole's still oily hand was fully grasping Jack's completely exposed erection.

She was so excited, she really thought she would pass out. In the heat of the moment she not only didn't worry about incest, she didn't even know the word or concept existed. Her entire world was her hand and her father's thick cock.

Linda was a bit smug that no one apparently noticed the absurdity of her suggestion to remove the swimsuit so they could supposedly clean it by rubbing the spot where it used to be. She was proud of herself for that one.

A wave of guilt suddenly hit Jack, because there was no way to deny that they'd crossed a line. Seeing his daughter's hand moving on his fully exposed cock, he couldn't tell himself that this was just some kind of flirting practice.

Linda saw the alarm cross his face, and knew they had to up the ante, and fast. She put her hand on Nicole's hand to make sure it stayed there and kept stroking. Then she leaned forward and kissed Nicole on the lips.

The two girls hadn't kissed each other since the cheerleader dancing incident. In fact, the idea hadn't even come up, because the plan was to kiss only as a means to get Jack more aroused, and there hadn't been any sexy incidents with him since then. But both girls had talked about it, and were fully willing to kiss to help out in situations like this one.

Jack had been on the verge of getting up and rushing back into the house, but he froze when he saw the girls lock lips right across his chest. They kissed with obviously heartfelt passion. Both girls also had one free hand, and they each used that hand to fondle the bare rack on the other girl.

Between watching that, and feeling his daughter's hand sliding back and forth over his shaft (with Linda's hand assisting), there was no way Jack could leave.

Sensing that the French kissing had served its purpose, Linda pulled her face back from Nicole's so the two girls could fully focus on the handjob for a while. She put her other hand back on Nicole's hand as well. She suggested, "Let's rub it harder... Maybe it'll be better this way... We can clean things faster..." She guided Nicole though an even more arousing corkscrew rubbing technique, and then Nicole started doing it on her own.

But Linda still wasn't done. When Nicole's hand happened to stroke down to the root of Jack's shaft, she seized hold of his cockhead area with a tight grasp. Then, before Nicole could get mad over the loss of this prime real estate, she said, "If you're cleaning him off, the most important thing to clean is this spot here. That's the sweet spot. Remember how I've been telling you about that?"

Then she let Nicole to experiment with rubbing the sweet spot (the frenulum, located just under his cockhead). But Linda never really let go. She slid her hand back and forth down towards his root while conceding the cockhead area to Nicole for now. She also held his balls in her other hand and lightly fondled them as well.

Jack looked in disbelief from one girl to the next. Both of them were bending over right into his lap, which made their exposed boobs dangle enticingly. And all their stroking movements were causing their fulsome orbs to swing and sway in an even more irresistible manner.

Seeing that Nicole literally had Jack's cock well in hand, Linda let out a sexy moan. "Mmmm! Good!" Then she leaned forward and kissed Linda's lips again. This was just a brief kiss, since they were both fully absorbed with the handjob, but before they pulled apart again, they made sure to let their tongues duel while their mouths were wide open, so Jack could see exactly what they were doing to each other.

He thought, My God! Too fucking hot! How did this happen?! I only wanted to feed them and talk to them, and now I'm sitting with a beautiful big-titted teenager on each side of me, and no less than three hands jacking me off! Even if Nicky is my own daughter, it feels great! Alison, forgive me, but no one in the world could resist this level of temptation. GOD, it feels good!

Nicole was so horny by now that she literally couldn't resist. She had a free hand, and she brought it to her own crotch. She slid it under her tiny bikini bottoms and started fingering her pussy. She knew it was a humiliating and slutty thing to do with the other two able to clearly see what she was doing, but she was so desperate to cum that she simply had no option.

Then, in the middle of all this weirdness, Linda started to talk as casually as if the three of them were sitting in a public park and feeding pigeons. She said to Jack, "You know, I was talking to Nicky earlier. I told her that it's the duty of a good daughter to help her daddy, and make him happy. Help him out in every way. Don't you agree?" The way she said "every way" was soaked with sexual suggestion.

Nicole thought, Linda is right! Daddy needs it! Even if he's having sex with Alison, she can't be here for him all the time. What if he pops a boner in the afternoon? Then it's up to me to take care of it!

She felt it pulsating in her hand, and saw his face contorted in pleasure as he groaned in supreme satisfaction. She smiled from ear to ear. She felt like she was being a very good daughter, and she was proud to be stroking his hard-on.

Jack was near his limit already. He was in no shape to answer Linda's leading questions. He wanted this joy to last forever, but three hands working on him at once was too much. He arched his back, and his entire body stiffened and strained as he struggled to hold out, if only for a few more seconds.

Linda saw he was about to cum, and sprang into action again. She grabbed Nicole's hand and made sure it was wrapped around the tip of his cockhead. Then she said, "Brace yourself! He's gonna cum! He's gonna cum on your hand!"

The fact that he was going to cum into his daughter's hand was the final straw for Jack. He groaned and writhed as the cum rocketed out of his cock.

But of course his blast didn't go far, because Nicole's hand was right there to catch it all. She was in such a mindlessly horny state that she didn't know right or wrong, or worry that bodily fluids were "icky." She just enjoyed the pulsing and the squirting. Mostly, she loved the fact that she was making her father feel so good. All of Linda's talk about the need to serve him was only reinforcing a powerful existing desire.

Seeing that that situation was well in hand, so to speak, Linda flew her hand up and down Jack's shaft so fast that it was like a blur. Of course, she knew he was already cumming, but she wanted to help ensure that it was his best cum ever.

Linda wasn't as obvious or as vocal about it as Nicole was, but she loved Jack dearly, and she'd been terribly unhappy that he hadn't wanted to play with their voluptuous bodies these past six days. Her goal was to make him feel so deliriously euphoric that he'd never think of abandoning them again.

Jack appreciated Linda's fast-fingered efforts, even though he knew it was about as useful as flying more ice to Antarctica. His orgasm was already as good as it could possibly get. He was completely mad with lust. It was the best orgasm he had in years, and yet it was just a hand job. Sex with Alison was steadily getting better by the day, but even fucking his perfect ten wife wasn't as intense and wonderful as what was happening to him now.

He came so much that his spend filled Nicole's small hand and threatened to drip down the concrete ground.

Linda swung into action yet again. She remembered a big spoon she'd been using to stir her drink. She picked it up and repeatedly scooped up the cum that was collecting on the bottom edge of Nicole's hand and she filled the spoon with it.

Nicole had been in some sort of sex-mad fugue. Only now did she come back down to Earth and fully realize where she was and what she'd been doing. She let go of her father's penis now that his climax was over and he was starting to go soft, and she brought her hand towards her face to examine it.

Linda leaned over and whispered in her ear, "Remember: sperm is love! That's proof of your daddy's love for you right there! Savor it! Never waste a drop!"

Nicole was blown away, and she looked at his "gross" cum in an entirely new way. Sperm! That's sperm! My hand is covered in my daddy's sperm! No, it's Daddy's love! Oh God! I think I'm gonna pass out! His love is all over me! And I jacked him off, I really did! Well, Linda and me, but mostly me!


She stared at her cummy hand in awe. She brought her hand up near her face and tilted it this way and that, examining the pearly goo from all angle with a rapturous face. So this is what Daddy's love looks like. I love it!

Jack had also been so aroused that his conscious thinking had pretty much shut down. He'd been operating entirely on instinct and primitive drives, like some kind of feral beast. But now the post-orgasmic blues started to hit him and he looked around and realized just what he'd taken part of. He was hit very hard.

Things are just starting to go great with Alison, and now this! Man, I really know how to screw everything up! Look at Nicky, just sitting there topless with her fucking huge tits! No, I don't mean that, I mean look at her HAND! It's covered in cum! MY cum! What a horrible, horrible father I am. And the worst part of all is that I know I wouldn't be able to resist if they start in on me again. Oh, and look at Linda. She's fuckin' stacked, and naked, and hot, and SHE JUST JACKED ME OFF! AND SO DID NICKY! HOLY HELL! I've gotta get out of here before I get another boner!

He was so embarrassed and ashamed that he practically ran back to the house.


Nicole was less upset than simply stunned. The implications of what had just happened had yet to sink in.

Besides, Linda was good at distracting her.

Linda waved her spoon around while being careful not to spill any cum from it.

That got Nicole's attention.

Then Linda winked, and sipped on the tip of the spoon, sucking a little bit of the cum into her mouth. She already knew how Jack's semen tasted from when he'd unwittingly climaxed on her chest, and she'd decided that she loved the taste. (In fact, his cum tasted rather bland, but she loved it because she loved him, and she had come to believe her own words when she repeatedly told Nicole that sperm equaled love.)

"Mmmm! Yummy!" The blonde fox smacked her lips in satisfaction. "Come on, Nicky, taste your daddy's yummy cum!"

Nicole gawked. She felt a strange curiosity to taste the white stuff. But she was also aghast. Seeing Linda do that made her feel that they'd gone too far.  She stared into space, her own cummy hand still held up but temporarily forgotten. "Lin-Linda, what have we done?! What I... Oh my god!"

Linda giggled. "You don't know what you've just done to him, Nicky?"

"Wh-what? What do you mean?"

"You jerked him off! That's how the boys masturbate! And you just did it to your daddy. Congratulations. I'm proud of you!"

Nicole was open mouthed. She remembered her sticky hand and stared at it again, since Linda wasn't doing anything with her spoon. "It's wrong... I shouldn't... He..."

"He enjoyed it soooo much!" Linda interrupted her. "He loved it! You gave him a lot of pleasure. Didn't you like it?"

"I-I don't know..." Nicole lied.

"Don't you lie to me! Nicky, you KNOW you loved to jack him off! I even saw you playing with yourself. Do you remember that? Do you remember when you came hard?"

Bits and pieces were coming back to Nicole now, but that only shocked and dismayed the normally shy girl even further.

Linda knew she had to fight to keep Nicole in her horny state. Now that Jack was gone, it was a tough task. She added, "Think about how it felt when you felt his hard cock moving in your hands. You remember that? You remember how hot and alive his thick and manly cock was? You remember how good that felt?"

"Yeah?" Nicole was too dazed to deny it.

"Now, just imagine licking his cock with your tongue! Or sliding your lips along it! Or feeling him cum straight into your MOUTH! Think how much BETTER that would feel!"

One of her hands clutched at her full rack. "Would it really?"

"Oh yeah! Just taste a little of the cum on your hand. What else are you gonna do with your sticky hand, anyway? Have it bronzed? Come on, clean it off by licking it!"

"No! I can't do that!" She stared at her hand with disgust.

Linda was frustrated that she had to talk Nicole into enjoying Jack's cum, given what she'd done with it during the cheerleader dance incident, but Nicole was in a different mental state at the moment, especially now that Jack had left. "Watch me." She brought her spoon to her mouth, and sucked on it like it was the most delicious food in the entire world. She went over the top with her lusty look and orgasmic moans.

But Nicole totally bought the exaggerations. She felt a shiver of lust as she watched her friend swallow. Curiosity, not to mention incestuous desire, was getting the best of her.

"You love this taste, HIS taste! It's so yummy. Don't you remember?"

Nicole grinned a little as she recalled how Linda had fed her cummy fingers into her mouth last time. But she still wavered over the sinfulness of it all.

The foxy blonde persisted.. "As soon as you sip it, you'll long for it, and even crave it. Sperm is delicious! It's the flavor of your daddy's love!"

Even though Nicole was ashamed of what she had done, she started to get increasingly aroused thinking about licking her hand. Then she pictured herself licking her father's boner directly, and felt tingles all over, especially in her nipples and pussy.

Linda realized that Nicole probably would be bolder if someone wasn't right there watching her. So she said, "I'm gonna go to the bathroom." She stood up.

Nicole asked, "What? Like that?" She was surprised, because Linda was still topless, just like she was. The two girls had been sunbathing in the nude with increasing frequency, so sitting there in just their bikini bottoms was okay, but they had a rule to cover up all their privates when inside the house.

Linda smirked. "Sure, why not? Maybe I'll get lucky and run into him. Then I can get down on my knees and hold his fat cock! I'll stroke and stroke and stroke until he squirts his jizz all over my face and chest! Mmmm... And I won't even have to take my top of first. Oh, and then I can lick myself clean of all his love. Mmmm... His spermy, creamy, delicious love..."

She walked past Nicole, opened the sliding glass door, and went inside.

Nicole's heart was racing fast, and she'd forgotten to breathe, Linda's words had such a powerful effect on her. She exhaled, and then looked around furtively. Seeing that the coast was clear, she lowered her head and experimentally licked one of her fingers. She lolled a big gob of cum around on her tongue and tried to analyze its taste more intently and objectively than ever before. Hmmm... It's strange. Not at all like I expected cum to taste. I thought it was supposed to be bitter and yucky. It's kind of, well, not that flavorful, actually. A bit nutty, maybe...

She took another lick. Hmmm. I don't know. It tastes good I guess, but what I really like is that it's Daddy's! It's Daddy's love! ... No, I have to put aside the fact that it's Daddy's, and be truly objective. Maybe... maybe it's got a little bit of a salty and creamy flavor too. And sweet. Actually, it's quite an intriguing flavorful mix.

She took another lick. It's not half bad, actually. In fact, now that I think about it, it's downright tasty! Now, maybe I'm just saying that because it's Daddy's cum. Other cum would probably be too yucky to even think about. But who cares? The fact is, it IS Daddy's! I really do like it!

Her enthusiasm grew, and she licked her entire index finger clean. Then she started in on her other fingers. Her passion grew as she got to her palm. That part of her hand was soaked, and she happily lapped at it like a contented cat enjoying a nice bowl of milk. Mmmm! Daddy's love! It tastes so GREAT! I could eat this every day. And not just once or twice. I could live on this! MMMM! It's like hazelnut ice cream with big chocolate chunks, only better!

Needless to say, her bias in favor of her father was kicking in in a big way.

The minutes passed. She realized with concern that she was licking her hand clean and was starting to run out. She began building fantasies about tasting more of her father's cum, directly from the source. In the back of her mind she had some vague idea that incest was bad and a sin, but that didn't seem worth thinking about at the moment.

"So what do you think?"

Terrified, Nicole twisted around in her seat to find out who was talking. She breathed a sigh of relief when she saw it was only Linda, but she still felt horribly embarrassed because she'd been caught with her tongue lapping her hand. "You?! What are you doing here?!"

Linda chuckled. "I went to the bathroom, remember? It's only been, like, nearly ten minutes since then? Did you think I'd never come back and see what you're doing?"

"Oops!" Nicole was terribly embarrassed. She was having such a lovely time that she totally lost track of the passing minutes.

Linda said, "Actually, I've gotta be honest. I was only gone for a minute. I was pretty certain what you'd do if you only had some privacy, so I just circled around in the house and came right back here. I caught just about every last lick. I just waited until you were down to your last streak of sperm in case you got all freaked out and decided to stop after you saw me."

"Oh." Nicole had no idea what to say to that. "I'm feeling pretty stupid right now." She put her hand down, since it was licked clean anyway.

Linda sat down next to her. "Stupid? Why? To the victor goes the spoils, and you just got an entire handful of Daddy love! Good for you! I only got a single spoonful. Tastes great, doesn't it?"

Nicole shyly nodded. But she hastened to add, "But it's wrong. It's a sin!"

Linda chose to ignore that. Instead, she said, "Do you remember last time, the way you licked it off my fingers? And then how I smeared it all over your face and tits, and the way we kissed, and passed his cum back and forth?"

"Mmmm," Nicole said blissfully. But then she frowned. "But doing all that is just so wrong!"

The clever blonde tried to figure out a way so she could French kiss Nicole some more, but she couldn't come up with a plausible excuse, since Jack was gone. Instead, she said, "To be a good daughter, you must please your father in any way he wants... You have to suck his cock, let him fuck you, eat his cum, and even be butt banged if it makes him happy. It's all part of being his mistress. You know my dream, where we're both his big-titted mistresses? Living to serve him?"


"Well, we just took a major step in that direction today! This is a cause for celebration! Soon, you and I will practically be LIVING on his cum! We'll be licking our hands and faces and breasts clean every single DAY! Won't that be great?"

Linda still was feeding her confused mind with more incestuous concepts, and the submissive brunette was receptive to her sexy suggestions."Yes, but... Wait! Linda, NO! I want to be a good daughter and have his love, his spermy, yummy love, but..."

"Nicky! Can't you understand? Now you've found the way to his heart... to his love and approval! You have been telling me you needed his love above all else for years! You cried many times when you thought you had failed him... You never wanted to let him down!"

"Yes, I don't want to fail him, but, this is going too far!"

"No, now you know what he truly needs. The way to his heart is through his cock! Plus, the way to his cock is through his cock." She giggled at that. "He longs for a young tight body... like yours! He'll have eyes only for you!" As she said this, Linda noticed her foxy friend reacted with a dreamy look in her face. Nicole bit her lower lip like she usually did whenever she eagerly wanted something. "Well, you and me. That's why you must do whatever he wants. That's why you and I need to serve his cock."

Nicole complained, "Linda, what am I going to do with you? You're slowly corrupting me. Look what you made me do today. It's just terrible!"

In response to Nicole's "slowly corrupting" comment, Linda just proudly thought to herself, Yep! She said, "Stand up."


"You heard me. Stand up. Oh, and take off those damn bikini bottoms."

Nicole stood, and shyly pulled her bikini bottoms down and off her legs. Then she dropped her head and covered her pussy and nipples with her hands. She burned with embarrassment at being totally naked outdoors.

Linda complained, "Did I say cover up? No! Stand straight and tall."

Nicole reluctantly did so.

Linda went on, "But keep your head down and look at yourself. I wish we had a mirror, but you know your body well enough. The fact is, you have a fucking INCREDIBLE body! You're so stacked that it's ridiculous, especially since you're only sixteen. I know I look pretty good, but not as good as you. Just one look at your face will give any man a big fat boner, never mind your body! Do you think it's just coincidence that you look that great, and you have such a great father? No! Face it: you were born and bred to sexually serve him."

"Do you think so?" Nicole asked this in a hopeful but unconfident tone.

"I KNOW so! That's what you do. That's who you are. Be proud! Imagine that he's watching, and strike a sexy pose."

Nicole was feeling all warm and tingly inside. Her pride was surging. She thrust her tits out and ran a hand through her long brown hair.

"That's it!" Linda enthused. "Gaaawwd, you look so hot, it's fucking ridiculous. Remember this day! This was a big day! You've taken your first step in serving Daddy's cock! Congratulations!"

Nicole blushed and sat down. "Well, I don't know about that." But she was beaming with joy at all the praise. Her incest concerns were totally forgotten, thanks to Linda's distracting words.

She looked down at herself. "Can I put my bikini back on now?"

"Definitely not!"

"But Daddy's not even here."

"I know, but it's all about attitude. Remember that, except for school, you're going to be naked most of the time. You need to get used to it. Here, if it makes you feel any better, I'll take my bikini bottoms off too." Linda proceeded to do just that.

Nicole stared off into space with wistful longing. "You've got such a clear, exciting vision of the future. Tell me more what you see."

"Certainly!" Linda warmed up to the subject. "Let's picture a typical day. You wake up, and at first you think everything is the same as always, but then you realize you're in Daddy's bed! You're lying nude and cuddled up to him on one side, and I'm doing the same on his other side."

"Where's Alison?" Nicole asked.

"I don't know, but she's definitely out of the picture. What does he need her for, when he's got us? Two is better than one. But don't worry about that, worry about his cock, because that's your chief duty as one of his mistresses. Of course he's got morning wood-"

"What's that?" Nicole interrupted.

"That's when a guy wakes up with a big fat boner! So that means you and I have to take care of it, first thing! Naturally, you reach out to hold it and stroke it, and I do too! Our hands meet..." Linda reached out and took Nicole's hand.

Nicole was all smiles as she held hands with her best friend while they both sat there in the nude.

Linda lowered her voice to speak more confidentially. "Now, remember that he's still asleep. Our goal is to make sure he wakes up every morning with a big smile on his face, and the way to do that is through his cock! So here's what we'll do..."

Another hour passed. Linda continually filled Nicole's head with her fantasies about their "perfect future," and it got both of them quite horny. Knowing that her best friend still had a strong aversion to the idea of real intercourse, she concentrated on describing handjobs and blowjobs. In describing the rest of her "typical day," it seemed the two girls had their hands or mouths attached to Jack's erection all day long, and their naked bodies were plastered and splattered with an increasingly improbable amount of cum.

Nicole loved it, because she was in an extremely horny mood.

However, Jack never returned. He locked himself in his office, afraid to face the girls alone. He knew Alison would be home from her church meetings soon, and he made sure to be alone until then.

Linda considered her day finished, and went home early. She felt it had been a great breakthrough indeed.

Nicole also was temporarily too afraid and ashamed to be alone with her father. But that didn't stop her from spending much of the remaining time before dinner masturbating in her bedroom. Just when she thought she was done, she'd sniff her hand and detect the lingering smell of her father's cum there, and then get horny all over again. Actual fucking was still way beyond the pale for her. But she had wonderful fantasies involving getting lots of cum out of her father's cock and onto her hot teen body.


"Oh Jack! You make me so very happy! I don't deserve you!"

Jack and Alison were both naked and lying in front of the fire in the living room. It was shortly after dinner on Friday night. Nicole and Linda had left to go to a party held by one of their schoolmates, so Jack and Alison had the house to themselves for the entire evening. Since their pivotal night in front of the fireplace, they'd both developed a special fondness for that locale, and they were excited they could finally use it again. Sweeping classical music was playing on the stereo to help create a romantic mood.

Jack had just spent the last half hour eating Alison's pussy. But now he'd crawled up on her and he was stroking his hands through her long, curly red-brown hair. He said, "Would you stop going on about this, 'I don't deserve you stuff?'"

"But it's true. I don't. You've been so good to me, so patient. You're like a saint!"

Jack thought, If she only knew! It was Friday, and it had been four full days since he had been surprised by the dropped pizza slice trick. Since then, he hadn't had any sexual contact with Nicole or Linda, but that was only because he'd been carefully avoiding them. The guilt was killing him, and the better his relationship with Alison became, the worse he felt.

Luckily, their improved relations meant his wife was spending much more time at home, and he knew the girls wouldn't try anything with him as long as she was in the house. The main thing he had to worry about was afternoons - the girls came home right after three, and Alison rarely got home before six. He'd solved that problem the last four days simply by taking his laptop to a café and working there each afternoon.

But he knew he was just delaying the inevitable. He'd been paralyzed when Nicole and Linda put their hands on his erection during the pizza trick. He'd been fully aware of the need to get away right then, and he'd utterly failed. He knew that he'd fail again the next time they tried a similar stunt. Worse, he knew they knew it too. Lately, both girls had been giving him a hungry "just wait until we get you alone" look pretty much all the time. He couldn't avoid being alone with them forever.

Alison said, "Not only have you brought me out of my shell, sexually, but you've been such a dear about it. Do you realize we've had sex every single night since last Monday? I can hardly wait to come home from work, knowing what'll happen once Nicole has gone to sleep. And you're so selfless! All you do is think about my needs. I swear, you spend so much time licking my pussy every night that I don't know how you find the energy. Your tongue must be about to fall off!" She chuckled.

But she was right; he was going down on her all the time. There was a practical reason: it turned out that Alison was quite sexually responsive, but only after she was fully aroused, and it took a lot of effort to get her to that point. Pussy licking was simply the fastest and easiest way to get her there, although even that took time in her case. But also, he was licking her much more than the minimum to get her sufficiently horny, because he was terribly guilty. He'd been trying to make up for losing control with the girls by giving Alison the best sex of her life every night. He was treating her like a queen. It didn't undo the things he'd done, but it eased his conscience a little bit.

All his pussy licking efforts had left his penis stiff and needy. So he didn't try to fend Alison off when she reached down and grasped his boner.

"Mmmm, interesting. What do I have here?" She smirked triumphantly.

"Hey, you don't have to..." he started to say.

"I don't? Bullshit! I don't know what's with you. You lick and make love to me until my brain melts and I see God, but if I so much as hold your penis, you get all defensive. Are you feeling guilty about something, or something?"

"Guilty? Me? Of what?" He sincerely hoped he didn't look as guilty as he felt.

She started stroking him. "Good! Because tonight is gonna be all about YOU!" She poked him in his chest with her free hand. "My engine is all revved up now, and I'm gonna keep it going by licking you! Down there!" She'd left her prudish ways behind in spirit, but old habits die hard, and she still had difficulty saying words like "cock" and "fuck."

He tensed up. "No! You can't!"

She looked at him suspiciously while she continued to jack him off. "I can't, huh? That sounds serious. Do you have something to confess, perhaps? Something you're feeling guilty about? Are you trying to punish yourself, deny yourself pleasure?"

"No, of course not!" He was sweating bullets, at least in his mind. He was so flummoxed that he couldn't even think of good excuses.

She said smugly, "Well then, make yourself comfy, because it's payback time!" She did want them to get comfy, and she considered guiding him to a nearby couch, but she felt it was more important to strike while the iron was hot. She could tell he was thinking and trying to figure a way out of this.

So she quickly got on all fours and brought her mouth to his crotch. She held his pole with one hand and started licking.

He gasped at the way her massive boobs hung down and dragged on the carpet. They were so firm and round, even when hanging down, that it was hard to believe they weren't fake. However, they most certainly were all real, and he knew just how soft and wonderful they felt.

Even though she'd been married twice before, this was her very first attempt at giving a blowjob. She had been reading up on how to do it in the past few days (as well as reading about sex tips in general), and she had a good idea what she should do. However, it was tough to stay up on one hand and two knees, so she laid down on the carpet.

She decided that was much better. With the way Jack was sitting, his dick was only a couple of inches off the ground, so she could hold it and lick it quite comfortably this way. Plus, it was nice to remain an ideal distance from the fire, leaving them warm but not too warm. Since she was new to this, she started out just licking her way around his cockhead.

Jack was still trying to talk her (and himself) out of this. He said, "Uh, it's not that I don't want this, but I, uh, I have a plan. A step-by-step plan to turn you on to sex. This isn't in the plan yet."

Alison paused in her licking to say, "It is now! Dear, I adore your plan, but sometimes we have to be spontaneous. Like right now." She could have made a more involved argument, but she decided to let her licking do the convincing instead.

Even though she was totally new to this, she'd read about the frenulum, the most sensitive spot just below the cockhead. She stopped exploring and totally devoted her licking attentions to that one spot.

Within seconds, Jack's resistance fell apart. He began moaning lustfully.

Sensing success, Alison redoubled her efforts licking his sweet spot. But she'd read that variety was important too, so she kept coming at it in different ways and different angles, while occasionally licking the other sensitive spots she'd read about.

She had mixed feelings about doing this. On one hand, she still had a deep feeling the very act was wrong and sinful. She now understood that that wasn't true, and it was part of a series of justifications to justify her own formerly frigid nature. Even so, old beliefs die hard. However, she genuinely loved Jack and wanted to make him happy. Besides, he'd gone down on her so many times in the last week that she felt like she owed him in a big way.

She didn't have any strong feelings about the physical act. It didn't seem that different from licking, say, his neck or face. It was just another body part to lick. The act didn't particularly excite her, but knowing how good it made him feel did, and the sheer wrongness of it gave her a really big thrill (even though she knew intellectually it wasn't really wrong). She was less certain about the sucking part, however. She wasn't looking forward to that.

She wasn't surprised that Jack hadn't put up much of an argument trying to discourage her. Once she hinted that he could be feeling guilty about something, she knew he'd cave. She had strong suspicions that something sexual was happening between him and Nicole and Linda. It didn't take a genius to figure that much out. Jack was good at hiding his feelings, but not the girls. They couldn't help but gaze at him in open adoration and lust pretty much all the time. However, she was fairly certain nothing serious had happened yet due to a closer reading of the obvious body language. Linda was raring to go, but Nicole was holding her back.

Alison had no idea what to do about all that. She wanted to be accepted as Nicole's mother, and she knew that if she called Nicole out on her incestuous desires, she would lose whatever slim chance she had with the girl. She also worried about offending Jack if she brought the issue up with him, and she didn't know how to bring up such a taboo topic in the first place, especially since she only had strong suspicions. She figured that she wouldn't be able to tell him much that could help in any case except to be strong in resisting them, and he appeared to be mostly successful with that already, since the girls showed sexual longing instead of sexual satisfaction.

Previously, Alison had no real plan or solution. But since she'd discovered that she actually enjoyed sex, she'd gone all out to have sex with Jack every night and give it her all. She knew she'd left him sexually frustrated before, which is what had allowed the situation with the girls to develop. She hoped to keep him fully sexually satisfied and satiated from now on, so he wouldn't give in to temptation.

So this attempt to give him a blowjob was part of a larger plan. She was determined to commit every sexual act with him, and as soon as possible, in order to save her marriage and prevent incest from happening.

She gladly kept on licking her way around his cockhead and lathered her tongue repeatedly against his sweet spot. Her hand had only been holding his shaft, but now that she was getting accustomed to cock licking, she started jacking him off too.

Jack moaned blissfully. He couldn't believe how lucky he was. Holy hell! She's getting good at this! Just when I thought my marriage was fatally flawed, Alison turns into a sexual animal! God, she's really getting into it!

As if he wasn't aroused enough, Alison took one of his hands and brought it to her fantastic rack. She was lying with her chest on the carpet, but she propped herself up a bit with an elbow, giving him room to play with at least part of her bust.

While he happily ran his fingers over one of his wife's smooth and full globes, he thought, I thought the joke was on me. I'd married this incredibly beautiful woman, but it was a cruel joke since she was completely frigid, and I was the last one to know about that. But now I get the last laugh, because I've awoken her sexual side. And, she's a good, kind, loving, woman, and fun to be with. It's really rare for a woman this gorgeous not to be terribly stuck up and arrogant, but I think her frigidness kept her humble. It's like I bought something for cheap at a garage sale that everyone thought was broken beyond repair, and I fixed it! I'm so lucky!


Nicole and Linda walked through the darkness across the vast front lawn of the Devoux property. The party had been a total bust, and a friend had just dropped them off at the curb.

The two girls were almost to the front door when Linda said, "Hey, wait! Check this out!"

"What?" Nicole asked.

Linda put a finger across her lips, and then whispered, "You see the light coming from the living room? That kind of flickering light means there has to be a fire in the fireplace. Isn't that odd? It's not like it's cold."

That was true. Even though it was seven-thirty at night, the girls were fine wearing just shirts and shorts, plus their underwear (the plan had been for an informal girls-only party, so they were dressed informally).

Nicole shrugged. "Yeah, Dad never uses the fireplace. But so what? Why all the whispering?"

Linda rolled her eyes. "Come on, put two and two together. Your dad and your evil stepmom have been all lovey dovey lately. They think they'll be alone for hours. I'll bet you dollars to donuts they're getting all kissy and touchy-feely in front of the fire! Let's check it out!"

"Check it out?! What do you mean?! You want us to watch?" When Linda nodded, Nicole complained, "Ewww! I don't wanna see that. Daddy and Alison kissing and touching? That's the LAST thing I want to see! I don't care if they ARE married. The thought of him kissing anyone other than you or me makes me physically ill!"

Linda responded, "Ssssh! Keep your voice down, or you'll ruin everything. I'm not keen on watching it either, but we need to know what's going on. All's fair in love and war. We've gotta get the inside edge and find out what's going on between those two. Come on, let's just take a peek. We should sneak in through the garage door unless we want to barge in and ruin everything."

Linda had to quietly cajole Nicole some more, but eventually the busty brunette gave in. The two of them snuck into the house without making any noise. They went down a hall to the kitchen and then came around through the dining room to the living room because that was the obvious route. It would be hard to cross the foyer in front of the front door without being seen, whereas there was some furniture to hide them this more roundabout way.

The two of them wound up plastered against a wall, with just the tops of their heads poking out into the living room. Linda's suspicions were immediately confirmed. Even from across the room, it was obvious that Jack and Alison were naked. Jack was sitting on his ass with his legs splayed out and Alison was lying down between his legs with her face in his crotch.

Linda wasn't too worried about being overheard, mostly thanks to the classical music playing loudly from the stereo only a few feet away from them. So she whispered, "Oh my God! She's giving head! She's sucking his cock!"

"She is?" Nicole asked, although the answer was obvious even to the naïve girl.

"Come on!" Linda pressed. "Let's get a better view!"

Nicole thought her friend was crazy. But the more she thought about it, the less crazy the idea seemed. All the lights were off, and the room was pitch black except for the raging fire. And, as she knew from Girl Scout campfires, when one's eyes were accustomed to the bright light of something like that fire, it was nearly impossible to see anything in the darkness beyond. Because Jack and Alison were so close to the fire, there was no way they'd be able to see anything outside of the circle of firelight they were in. In fact, Nicole couldn't even see her own hand in front of her face. Furthermore, Alison had her face in Jack's crotch and Jack was facing the other way and very absorbed in fondling one of Alison's massive tits.

Nicole was going to complain, but she realized their main concern wasn't being seen, but being heard. Linda had already taken off without her while she was thinking about all this, so it was too late to say something to stop her unless she wanted to talk in something louder than a whisper. Even with the classical music playing, she didn't want to risk that.

Conceding defeat, she snuck after Linda. It was so dark that even though her eyes were acclimated to the darkness by now, she could barely make out where Linda was, or where any of the furniture was. So she crept forward slowly and carefully.

It was a big room, and there was a lot of furniture here and there, including a grand piano in a corner. But mostly there were easy chairs and sofas for relaxing and socializing. There were many places to hide and watch. After checking to make sure Nicole was following, Linda crept past some obvious hiding spots until she found a sofa a mere ten feet away from where Jack and Alison were.

Nicole only followed Linda to such a daring spot so she could whisper in her ear and tell her they had to move back. Once she got there, she knelt down next to her wily friend, and realized the sofa was at an ideal height. They were able to comfortably peek their heads over the top of the sofa, leaving them entirely hidden except for their heads from the eyes on up. Plus, they were able to kneel side by side with their heads next to each other for easy whispering communication. Nicole had to admit it was a pretty good hiding spot, even if it was scarily close to the action.

So instead of complaining, Nicole took a good look at what her parents were doing. To her frustration, she found she couldn't see any of the action at all, because one of Jack's legs was in the way. All she could tell was that Alison's head was moving around a lot, but she couldn't see Alison's face or Jack's penis.

Linda leaned over to her and whispered, "Gaawwwd! He's such a HUNK!"

Nicole sighed longingly. "Yeah. He is," she whispered back. She pretty much forgot about Alison and focused her attention on Jack. This was the first time she'd ever been able to check out his completely nude body.

To most people, it wasn't much of a body to look at. It wasn't like Jack was ugly, but he was a middle-aged computer programmer, not some fit and tanned athlete. Even with all his recent efforts to lose weight and get in shape, he was still pudgy and saggy in places. He was simply average looking.

Whereas Alison was simply smoking hot. Every inch of her body was perfection, and she was amply endowed in all the right places. Even though she had naturally red hair, she had naturally tanned skin too, so there were no tan lines. (Jack, by contrast, had a typical "farmer's tan.")

But to Nicole, and Linda too, Jack was the gorgeous one. They were that blinded by love. Both would have freely admitted that Alison was breathtakingly gorgeous to someone who was attracted to women, but they only had eyes for Jack, and were interested in Alison only insofar as they were curious what she was doing to him.

After a minute or two of blatant gawking, Linda nudged her friend a bit (they were kneeling shoulder to shoulder, so it was very easy for them to bump shoulders). "Check out his buns!" she whispered very quietly. "Those are what I call hot buns!"

Nicole started to giggle, but managed to check herself. They could whisper from just inches away from each other in such a way that would have been impossible for anyone more than a couple feet away to hear, thanks to the classical music playing. There was no serious worry about that. But unrestrained giggling or laughing was another matter altogether. She made a mental note not to do that under any circumstance.

Linda added, "Don't you just want to get your hands on that?"

"Yeah," Nicole sighed longingly. She felt her pussy starting to get moist.

Just then, Jack muttered, "Gotta... Gotta take a break! Or... I'm gonna... gonna cum!"

Alison pulled back and sat up on her elbows. That let her huge breasts droop down to the floor and showed off their size in a way that left even Nicole quite impressed. "Whatever you want, dear. Remember, tonight is your night. This body belongs to you. Do with it whatever you will."

After a long pause, he got his breath back. Then he said, "Crap. So sexy. You're killing me. Who are you and what did you do to my wife?"

She chuckled, even though she felt a bit miffed, since his comment just showed how frigid she'd been until recently. She replied, "It's the same me. It's just that you've freed the animal inside of me." She sat up and then reached out and held his dick with both hands. "Come on, let's find a new position so I can really get the hang of this thing."

Nicole and Linda seized up when they saw Jack and Alison help each other and stand up. There was no telling where the married couple would go next, which meant they might be found out.

But Alison looked at the piano bench in front of the piano and suggested, "Why don't you sit on that? I'm tired of lying on the floor, and I can see some better possibilities doing it sitting up. But pull it into the light."

"Good idea," Jack said as he went to move the bench.

Both girls breathed big sighs of relief. Once their wave of panic passed, they realized they were safer than ever, since the other two obviously didn't want to go far from the heat and light of the fire.

Jack sat on the bench right in front of the fire, and Alison knelt on the carpet between his legs in front of him.

"How do you like your frigid wife now?" Alison purred. She was joking, since she obviously was anything but frigid now. She tilted forward and resumed licking his erection.

Nicole gasped out loud. It wasn't that the action was different than before, but she had a much, much clearer view now. The bench happened to be at an ideal angle for her to see Alison's lips on Jack's cockhead, especially since his legs were splayed out widely.

Jack had his head tilted back and a look of total euphoria on his face. Obviously, he wasn't paying attention to anything except what his wife's tongue was doing.

Alison, however, froze and then tilted her head up. She looked around the room suspiciously, and especially stared in the general direction where the girls were sitting.

The girls were absolutely terrified. They both desperately wanted to duck down below the edge of the sofa, but they both feared that any movement on their part would allow Alison to confirm someone was there.

Alison more stared past them than at them. After only a few seconds, she shrugged and went back to her licking.

Sensing the peak of danger had past, both girls finally ducked down. They both looked in the general direction of the other, even though it was so dark below the sofa edge that they couldn't see anything at all. However, they reached out and soon held each other by their shoulders.

Both of them tried their best to be as quiet as possible. However, they were breathing hard. Their breathing sounded as noticeable as annoyingly loud snoring.

Finally, Linda calmed down enough to whisper, "That was close! Too close!" Her whisper was so careful and quiet that Nicole could barely hear it, even though their faces were nearly touching. They were being ultra-careful now.

Nicole whispered back just as quietly, "Let's get out of here!"

But Linda said, "No. Not now. This is really educational. I want you to watch and learn."

Nicole couldn't believe it. "No way! My heart is about to burst out of my chest! This is too scary! Let's go, or she'll catch us for sure."

"No she won't. Even after you gasped loudly, she couldn't see us at all. It'll be fine so long as you don't gasp like that."

They quietly argued back and forth for a minute or two, but finally Nicole gave in and raised her head back over the sofa's edge. In truth, as the seconds passed, her fear abated and her curiosity grew. She very much wanted to "watch and learn."

She soon discovered she had the same great view as before, since neither Jack nor Alison moved much. This time, she stared wide-eyed, but she was extra careful not to make any noise whatsoever.

Nicole had never seen a blowjob before in real life, or even on film. Until recently, she'd been so prudish that she hadn't even seriously explored Internet porn. In recent days, Linda had talked to her at length about blowjobs, and she found herself constantly thinking about her father's penis, so her interest was sky high. She realized that this indeed could be a good learning experience.

Just when she'd more or less calmed down and focused on the sexy scene in front of her, she felt a tap on her shoulder. She came very close to screaming out in surprise, but she caught herself just in time when she realized it was only Linda after all. She was so fascinated by what she was watching that she'd completely forgotten about Linda being there too.

Linda whispered to her, "Check it out. See how she's totally focusing on his sweet spot? She knows what she's doing, because that's where it's at! Most of his nerve cells are right there. See how her tongue keeps coming at it from different angles and with different styles? She's good!"

Nicole was mortified Linda was whispering at all. "Ssssh! Do you WANT us to get caught?!"

"You shush! We're fine. Between the music playing and the crackling of the fire, plus her slurpy licking, there's no way they can hear us. Not unless you yelp again."

"I didn't yelp," Nicole complained, getting more used to this bizarre situation. "It was more of a... squeak."

"Whatever. Don't squeak. Now look! She must have read up, or practiced with a banana or something, because they're talking like this is her first blowjob, or one of her first, yet she's doing a great job! See how she's jacking him off AND licking him at the same time?"

"Is that hard to do?" Nicole asked with worry.

"Not at all. But many girls don't bother. If there's one thing I'd complain about though, it's how silent she is. Not only is she not saying anything sexy, but she's hardly even moaning. Moans are key to let your partner know what's working well and what isn't, what's turning you on."

"How can she say sexy things if she's busy licking?" Nicole asked.

The two girls continued to quietly talk to each other as they watched. Since their heads were right next to each other, they could speak freely as long as they were careful and the other sounds in the room (especially the music) continued.

Time passed. At one point, Linda said, "You have to admit, your stepmom is extremely endowed."

Nicole silently sighed as she stared at Alison's wobbling orbs. "Yeah. It's true. Sheesh, what are the odds? I have just about the biggest bust in school, and my new stepmom is even MORE stacked!"

Linda pointed out, "It's not coincidence, because your dad is a tit man. That's why you have to suck his cock, and more, or be left behind. Look at her! Look at her busy tongue and the way she's getting into licking his fat cock. Look at her ripe watermelons just swaying and jiggling. Hell, seeing them like that is even turning ME on! You've got to compete with all that, and even best it!"

Nicole sighed again. "How?! It seems impossible!"

Linda said triumphantly, "Remember, we're a team! For instance, no matter how good of a cocksucker she turns out to be, two tongues are always better than one!"

That made Nicole feel a little better, but she still burned with jealousy and worry.

After about five minutes, Jack asked for a break. The girls were ready to make their escape upon hearing that, but Jack and Alison just lay back down and cuddled and kissed in front of the fire some more.

About ten minutes after that, Jack sat back on the bench and Alison resumed licking his erection. But after only a minute or two of that, she took his cockhead all the way in her mouth for the first time.

That resulted in a flurry of new comments and advice from Linda. "Wow! Look, Nicky! She's finally doing it! She's sucking his cock! See the way her cheeks are caved in? That shows she's using a lot of suction?"

"Is that good?" Nicole asked cluelessly.

"Well, it depends on your point of view. For him, yeah, sure. Look how he's loving it! See that expression of total ecstasy on his face? And for her too, it's great. This'll help cement their steadily improving relationship, for sure. But for you and me, it sucks donkey balls, big time! You're going to have to redouble your efforts to serve him and his cock. I don't want to hear any more talk out of you about how you're not willing to suck him. Period! Or do you want to give up and let her win?"

Nicole had nothing to say to that. She frowned with great concern.

Linda kept on talking to Nicole, describing what was happening and giving pointers and encouragement. Even in a situation like this, she never stopped pushing Nicole to give up her religious and moral objections.

Alison had some trouble with actually sucking on Jack, and she had to stop from time to time. Jack gave her comments that encouraged her to keep going.

Nicole and Linda soaked up everything they saw and heard. They even leaned some of the moves Jack liked the most, thanks to the intensity of his moans.

When Jack finally came, he deposited his load all over Alison's impressive chest. He'd already learned from handjobs with her that she didn't like facials, and she'd pulled him out of her mouth when he announced he was going to cum, so it was clear she didn't want to swallow. Alison didn't seem to like getting doused in the chest, but she treated it more like the least bad option.

Linda noticed all that, and whispered to Nicole, "Look at her frown at all the sticky goo on her huge tits. She doesn't understand that sperm is love. That could give you a huge advantage! If you let him cum on your face, your tits, and down your throat, and show him how much you really love it, he'll want to cum all over you again and again and again!"

Nicole just nodded (forgetting that Linda couldn't see that). In the heat of the moment, she was forgetting her resolve that things like blowjobs were way beyond the pale.

Alison at least had thoughts things out in advance, and had brought a towel to wipe the cum off herself.

As Linda watched her wiping her ripe melons clean, she said to Nicole, "And look at that! More good news for you. Which do you think he's gonna like more, seeing her treat his cum like some kind of shitty slime that needs to be removed immediately, or watching you and I smear his cum all over and then kiss and lick each other clean? It's no contest!"

"Yeah," Nicole said nearly inaudibly, her hope rising.

"Remember, cum is love. By wiping herself with the towel like that, it's like she's rejecting his love."

Jack and Alison cuddled and kissed some more. Now that Alison's humongous globes were clean, Jack freely played with them. He was learning that her breasts were not very sensitive at all, but he could get a decent reaction from playing with her nipples, so he concentrated most of his efforts on that.

As he pinched her erect nubs, he said, "That was great, honey. But I feel a stirring, and I think a proper fucking is in order next, no? What do you think?"

Nicole urgently whispered to Linda, "I don't know if I want to see that. It could freak me out!"

As she whispered that, Jack and Alison shared another kiss. Then Alison replied, "Definitely. But first, I've gotta powder my nose."

Linda nudged Nicole's shoulder. "That means she's gotta pee! Flee! But carefully! Don't bump into anything!"

The two girls carefully crawled out of the living room towards the dining room. They knew the layout of the house well, and knew Alison would go the opposite way to go to the bathroom. They also wanted to stay below the height of the sofa and other furniture, just to be safe.

As it so happened, Jack and Alison kissed and fondled some more, so the girls made it all the way to the kitchen before Alison even got up. Then they were in a bit of a fix: they had to hide in the kitchen until Alison went to the bathroom and returned to the living room, because they were still far from the stairs that led to Nicole's room, where they wanted to escape. Had Alison decided to take the long way and swing through the kitchen to pick up something to eat or drink on her way back to the living room, they would have been in a big fix.

But they were able to make it to Nicole's room a few minutes later. They flopped on her bed, mentally exhausted from all the fear and excitement. Even then, they weren't entirely in the clear since they were supposed to be at a party and Linda had to get back to her own home before long.

However, they stayed in Linda's bedroom with the lights out for two hours, and quietly talked about all they'd seen and learned, until it was time for them to come home. Not surprisingly, Linda used the time to further convince Linda that she needed to be more sexually willing to compete with Alison. They both quietly masturbated while lying on the bed in the nude, side by side, as they traded stories about all the things they wanted to do with Jack's cock. However, they were careful not to touch each other beyond incidental contact.

With some amusement, they put their clothes back on, snuck out of the house, and then Nicole came back in while Linda went to her aunt's house. Jack and Alison were in their own bed by then.

The girls were exceedingly happy at how successful all their sneaking around and spying had been. It was scary, yes, but that was a big reason why it had been such a great adventure.


The next morning, Nicole got up late since it was a Saturday. When she came downstairs for breakfast, she was surprised to see Alison was there and Jack wasn't. This was unusual - since Jack worked from home and didn't have a lot of friends, he rarely left the house, whereas Alison always seemed to be off doing something.

Nicole asked her, "Where's Dad?"

Alison replied, "He and I were making breakfast together, and we realized we were running low on some vitals, like eggs. So I'm afraid you're going to have to wait until he comes back from the store before we can feed you.'

Nicole nodded. She was thinking about going back upstairs until Jack got back. Just being around Alison and no one else made her feel a bit uncomfortable.

But Alison said, "Can you sit down at the table for a minute? I have a question or two to ask you."

Nicole sat down, but she tried to look as impatient as she could, to make this go faster.

Alison said, "While you and Linda went to your party last night, Jack and I cuddled in front of the fire. It was very nice." She smiled benignly. But then she got to the kicker. "The funny thing is, though, I heard some very strange noises. I don't think Jack did, but I did. It sounded like they were coming from only a short distance away too."

Nicole blanched. Her heart seemed to stop, and her breathing did too.

In truth, Alison only had some suspicions that Nicole and Linda had been spying on them last night. She hadn't actually seen anything, but she'd heard one curious yelp, and there were a couple of times during some quiet passages in the classical music when she thought she'd heard some quiet whispering. But she couldn't be sure. However, the aghast expression on Nicole's face confirmed her suspicions.

So she continued more confidently, "You wouldn't know what was causing those noises, would you?"

Nicole shook her head negatively back and forth with great force. She wasn't good at hiding her emotions, and her eyes were still wide-eyed, like she'd just seen a ghost.

Alison reached out to take Nicole hand across the table, but Nicole jerked her hand away like a snake was trying to bite it. Still, Alison persisted, and forced a smile. "Nicole, look. I'm not mad at you, or at Linda either. Let's not beat around the bush about who was there, or what you saw."

Nicole was so distraught at being caught that she feared she'd throw up.

Alison continued, "I know that girls your age are curious about sex. That's only natural. But it's not right to spy on-"

Nicole interrupted her with a sudden outburst. "Don't tell Dad! Please! Please! I'll do anything, but just don't tell Dad!" Suddenly, she was panting hard so hard that she seemed to be on the verge of hyperventilating.

Alison saw that, and tried to calm her down. She attempted another smile. "Relax. I'm not going to tell him anything, and you're not in trouble. These things happen as a part of growing up. I get you're curious about sex, and I know you have very special feelings for your father."

She was going to say more, but she stopped because Nicole's eyes went even wider. Nicole took Alison's "you have very special feelings for your father" comment to mean that Alison knew of her incestuous desires. And in fact, she wasn't entirely wrong, although Alison was trying to be vague about it, since she still only had suspicions.

This was about the worst thing Nicole could ever imagine. She was shamed and distraught beyond anything she'd ever thought possible. It was literally too much for her to take. She suddenly stood up and started running back to the stairs so she could hide in her bedroom. As she ran away, she screamed back at Alison, "I'm sorry! I'm so sorry!" And then she was gone.

Alison was left at the table, feeling stunned. Whoa. That was not how I thought things would go at all! I guess I came on too strong too fast. Still, it was probably a good thing, because I learned a lot. I DID hear them! I knew it! Not only that, but she's all but confirmed my suspicion that she has a crush on Jack.

Shit. What am I going to do about that? I know a lot of girls her age have crushes on their fathers. They even have a name for it: the Electra complex. But her feelings are obviously way stronger than some mere passing phase crush. She's totally devoted to him.

I'm in a tricky spot, to say the least. I really want to be a full member of this family, but I'm hanging on by my fingernails. Things are better with Jack, much, much better, but Nicole tolerates me, at best. Now she's gonna be scared of me, because she fears I could reveal her secret and destroy her relationship with her father. What am I supposed to do? If I tell him the girls were spying on us last night, he's bound to get upset and let the girls know. Then Nicole will only hate me even more, and my hopes of her eventually really accepting me as her mother will get that much slimmer. And if I tell him about how she's crushing on him, she'll hate me for life! Besides, what good would it do? He must know already.

No, I think I just need to sit tight and let things settle down for a while. The girls are going to be so freaked out from being caught that they won't try anything with him for a while. Maybe they'll even rethink their unhealthy and hopeless crushes. Eventually, perhaps Nicole will see that I can be trusted with her secrets. I hope she starts to see me as the "cool mom" and not the enemy. I may have to be extra tolerant for a while to get that image, but it's a key part of her accepting me in her life in the long run.


After Nicole had that conversation with Alison, her attitude changed drastically. She went back to her old ways, using conservative baggy clothes and not the revealing garments she had used in the last weeks. She became reserved and shy again. In fact, she often grew flushed when her father got near her.

She stopped her teasing partly because getting caught made her feel tremendously guilty. She remembered all her arguments about the immorality of incest, and doing things like jacking Jack off definitely seemed to have crossed the line. But also, the shy girl was ashamed. She couldn't bear to be around Jack or Alison, and when she was, she couldn't look either of them in the eyes. It was so bad that for several days she and Linda hung out at Linda's house instead, even though it didn't have a pool and it was a much less fun place to be. Also, in part, she was afraid. She kept waiting for the hammer to fall.

But the days passed, and Jack's behavior towards her didn't change, except he was clearly puzzled that she and Linda were suddenly so intent on avoiding him.

The girls took it as a good sign that he was so confused. That strongly implied that he didn't know what was going on because Alison hadn't told him anything.

The next weekend, Alison again found a chance to be alone with Nicole. It wasn't easy, because Nicole had been doing her best to avoid her, but the girl couldn't hide forever.

Again, Alison had Nicole sit across from her at the dining table. Just the locale made Nicole nervous, since it strongly reminded her of their last conversation.

Alison immediately tried to put her at ease. "Nicole, I haven't told Jack anything. He has no idea that you and Linda were spying on him last week. I'm not going to tell him either. I want to be your friend and your mom. I want you to trust me. If you say that you and her aren't going to spy on him again, that's good enough for me. Then we can consider this whole matter closed. Can you do that for me, and promise no more spying?"

Nicole felt incredibly relieved. She eagerly agreed. "YES! Definitely! It was just a freak thing since the party we wanted to go home didn't work out and we came back early. I'll definitely never, never, NEVER do it again! I promise you that! I'm so embarrassed that I just want to die!"

Alison smiled encouragingly. "Don't be. Remember, I was a teenager too once. I know this is a time of great curiosity. Kids play doctor and nurse, and spin the bottle, and all that kind of thing, because they're curious about sex. It's totally natural. If I was in your shoes at your age and I had a chance to see a couple having sex, I probably wouldn't have been able to resist taking a peek. The way I look at it, there was no harm done, as long as you don't do it again."

"Right! Definitely!" Nicole felt like she was sweating bullets, but so far things weren't going so bad.

Alison continued, "I know you love your father very much, and part of loving someone is respecting their privacy. If you want to be treated like an adult, you have to act like an adult."

"Yes, ma'am," Nicole said demurely. She'd started to panic when Alison brought up loving Jack, but she was relieved to find out it was just a mention of normal familial love and not any kind of erotic love.

The rest of the conversation was fairly mundane, with Alison giving out typical parental advice. Although Alison remained almost certain that both Nicole and Linda were in love with Jack, she felt it was unwise to bring that up directly at this time. Instead, she encouraged Nicole to go back to normal instead of trying to hide from Jack and her all the time.

Nicole took that advice to heart. Over the next week, she pushed herself to go back to all her old habits, including tanning by the pool every day with Linda. It was like the entire house breathed a sigh of relief as everything went back to normal.

But it wasn't quite the same as before. For one thing, Nicole was still very spooked. She had a gut feeling that Alison knew about her physical desire for Jack. She knew Alison was clever and very perceptive, and constantly feared that Alison was checking on her or even spying on her with monitoring devices.

Linda sensed all that, and toned down her sexual conversations with Nicole. They rarely directly talked about their desires for Jack anymore. It wasn't that their feelings for him changed any, but the fear of getting caught was always on their minds.


Three more weeks passed.

Some things gradually changed over that time. Most obvious were the physical changes. Jack continued his diligent dieting and exercise. He had a goal of losing thirty pounds, but the closer he got to his target weight, the harder it was to make any more progress. At the end of the three weeks, he was still nearly ten pounds overweight. However, he didn't realize it, but he was looking a lot better. His fat was slowly being replaced with muscle, and his love handles were fading away. Even the balding medication was working, and more new hair was growing in his bald spot.

Unfortunately, Jack just didn't have the genes to ever look like some kind of studly Chippendales dancer, no matter how hard he tried. He was always going to have a certain soft look to him. And he couldn't change his face; it was a nice, attractive face, but he was never going to be mistaken for a male fashion model.

Still, Alison, Nicole, and Linda all appreciated his efforts, and all three of them desired him even more than before. And while he might not have looked radically different, he felt much better and more energetic. More energy meant he was horny more often, and thus more great sex with Alison. Plus, he didn't have to be afraid of taking his shirt off anymore.

The girls were already in great physical shape. They simply couldn't look any better. But their daily tanning efforts were having an effect. They'd taken to tanning in the nude most days, and their pale spots were fading away.

Even Alison was changing a little bit. Her natural hair color was quite a dramatic red. She'd dyed it to more of a reddish-brown, because she already got more attention from guys than she ever wanted, and a less noticeable hair color helped her blend in with the crowd, if only a little bit. But now her goal was to attract Jack and keep his attention, so she'd stopped using the dye and her hair was returning to its stunning natural color. This process hadn't gone unnoticed - Jack had taken to jokingly calling her "Red," and, surprisingly, Nicole and Linda liked the name and sometimes called her that too.

But the most significant change was with Nicole's attitude. Gradually, day by day, Linda worked on her and tried her best to get her back to where she was before they got caught. One could see the change with their tanning efforts: at first Nicole didn't want to tan at all, and spent time at Linda's house instead. Then she tanned in her own backyard, but went back to her most conservative bikini. A few days after that, she switched to her micro-bikini. A few more days after that, they started going topless sometimes. Finally, they tanned in the nude (although mostly when they thought they wouldn't be disturbed, and only when Alison was gone).

Linda took a similar step by step approach when it came to talking about Jack. But by the end of the three weeks, the two girls spent a good deal of their afternoon discussions talking about Jack, his penis, and what they wanted to do with him and his penis. It was almost the same as before, except that Nicole still felt more skittish and shy when Jack was actually around.

Jack still had no clue what was going on with the girls. It wasn't like he could simply ask them "Why can't we fondle and kiss anymore?" since they weren't supposed to be doing that in the first place.

He tried to focus his considerable sexual energies on Alison. Things with her were getting better all the time. She and Jack fucked nearly every single night, often at her insistence. It was like she was trying to make up for all her years of having only unenjoyable sex, or no sex at all. And each time they fucked, she grew a little more uninhibited. Her prudish attitudes were steadily falling away. Handjobs, blowjobs, titfucks, cunnilingus, and sixty-nines became a regular part of their sex life, and she grew increasingly comfortable with all that as the days passed. The only snag was that it still took her a long time, and usually a lot of cunnilingus, before her sexual fires really ignited. But Jack was always willing to do his part with the necessary foreplay and build up.

Yes, she was staying sexually busy partly to keep Jack so satiated that he wouldn't be tempted by the girls, but she was having so much fun that she would have wanted to fuck him daily anyway.

But although his relationship with Alison was developing wonderfully, he still felt unsatisfied. He had enjoyed the taste of forbidden fruit with the girls, and he couldn't put what had happened out of his mind. True, he hadn't gone all the way with Nicole or Linda, or even most of the way with them.

But something changed in his relationship with Nicole in particular. He no longer could look at her without noticing her big tits and voluptuous body. She still was his daughter, but now she was a sex object for him too, someone he desperately wanted to fuck. He was constantly aroused when he saw her, and the more time passed, the more his desire grew. He noticed how she looked at him hungrily, and the sexual tension between them grew and grew. The innocence had left their relationship, and there was no going back.


The situation might have remained like that for a long time. But, on Tuesday night of the fourth week since the girls had been caught spying, everything changed again.

It was late at night, and Alison was asleep in bed. Jack put on his pajamas and went to his daughter's room because he felt he needed to talk to her. He knew he would be tempted by her amazing body from just being alone in the same room with her, but he deliberately chose a time Alison was home, figuring that meant nothing sexual could possibly happen. He felt there was a continued strain in their relationship, and it needed to be addressed.

Nicole was lying awake in bed, reading a school book. She wore a sexy nightgown under the covers, and nothing else.

He knocked on her door and then opened it before she could tell him to go away. He looked at her perfect body as she lay there, and his penis started to swell. Her gown wasn't see-through or specifically erotic, but they left her generous knockers unconstrained. When she sat up, she set them wobbling in a way that nearly drove him mad with desire. Her nipples weren't erect, but they were naturally puffy and made two big points in her nightgown.

Nicole blushed when she saw him. She had just been thinking about him. Her homework book was dreadfully boring, and she'd been about to put it away so she could masturbate to one of her daddy fantasies. She did it every night while thinking about him, and every morning too.

She whispered, "Daddy, what are you doing? Alison may see something and..." She blushed even more, ashamed of her words. "You know, she may think... about us and... I... Please, go away!"

Jack closed and locked the door behind him, and then walked closer. "She's asleep. I'm too anxious to sleep myself. I keep thinking about the problems I've been having with you. I thought it would be good if we talk and clear the air." He looked near her face, but not quite at it. It was a bit like her face was the sun - he was afraid to directly look her way, because he felt her face was that beautiful. But looking down at her body led to a minefield of pleasures too, so he finally looked a bit to the side of her head.

Nicole was very afraid, but also very excited. She was well aware that she was in a revealing garment again in front of her dad. She could see him looking away, but she knew he wouldn't be able to resist gawking at her body, especially given his weakness for big tits. Her pussy got all wet just knowing the situation.

She sighed, pretending to be slightly annoyed by the interruption. "Isn't it kind of late?" She faked a yawn, and then stretched her arms up high, just to strike a sexy pose for him.

He stared blatantly, and felt his penis growing much stiffer. Christ! Look at those perfect globes. I swear, they're as full and round as basketballs! And nearly as big, too! And so tanned and silky smooth... Holy shit! But then he remembered himself and looked slightly away. He muttered, "I know it's a bit late, but I saw your light was on..."

She didn't want him to go, so she quickly said, "Very well. Let's talk."

Then she had a clever idea. She leaned over to put her book on her nightstand, and while she did that, she shifted her shoulders in such a way that one of the straps of her gown slid down her shoulder somewhat. It didn't affect the rest of her nightgown yet, but she knew gravity would gradually have an effect.

He said, "Nicky, we need to talk about... about how things are going lately. For the past few weeks, I've detected a certain distance with you. It's been getting better lately, which is great, but it's still not like before. I've never understood what happened in the first place, and I'm wondering if better communication could help speed things back to the right track."

Nicole let him talk about improving communication for a couple of minutes. But instead of truly engaging with the conversation, she was thinking more about how to seduce him. She let her gown slowly slide down one arm while he spoke. Lacking any support, the gown on that side slowly slid down too, until the hem was caught by her now erect nipple. That also exposed much more of her cleavage. She pretended to be listening closely and thus totally oblivious as to what she was showing.

Blankets covered her from her waist on down, which only drew his eyes to her jutting rack even more.

She saw from the lusty look in his face that he loved what he was seeing. In fact, he found himself stammering and losing his train of thought, because he had to expend so much willpower in a rather futile effort to keep looking her in the eyes.

She thought, Daddy loves it! He's such a tit lover. Teasing and tempting him with my big beasts is child's play, hee-hee! But I'm being a meanie. Here he is, pouring out all his concerns to me, and all I can think about is holding and stroking his big cock! I know I'm doing wrong, and I feel terribly ashamed, but I can't help myself!

When he finally wound down and ran out of words, she pretended to be emotionally overcome and nearly tearful. She held her arms out needfully. "Daddy, please forgive me!"

He'd promised himself not to touch her, but he felt he couldn't refuse he physical request for a hug at what he thought was a key emotional moment. He stepped forward and sat on her bed next to where she was sitting up.

She hugged him tightly. She acted like she was sobbing into his shoulder, but in fact she shed no tears since she wasn't really sad. She made sure the shift in positions caused her gown to slide down past her nipple. That exposed all of one of her huge breasts, and much of her other one. Then she made sure to use the excuse of sobbing to rub her big boobs up and down his chest.

He could feel her hard nipples poking into his pajama top, but he tried to ignore it. He naively thought that they were erect because she was cold, not because she was aroused. He only patted her back a little bit and then let his arms drop to his side. She felt so good in his arms, even if he was only caressing her back, that he knew it would be easy to lose his resolve. The best thing to do was try not to touch her at all.

She held his upper arms and pulled back some. It looked like she pulled back because she wanted to make eye contact as she said something important, but in fact it was so he could get a good close-up view of her partially uncovered jutting tits. She looked at him with a convincingly sad expression. "Daddy, I'm so sorry for my failings. I've been going through a moody phase, acting distant, and I don't even know why. I... I never wanted to hurt you! I love you! I want to be your good and obedient girl, I'm so sorry if I failed you..."

"You didn't fail me," he pointed out. "I just want to clear the air so we can be as close as before."

She gushed, passionately, "I will do everything to make up to you! I want to be close to you, so close! I need it! You mean everything to me! I want to be the perfect daughter for you, to serve you, and fulfill you, and make you happy in every way!"

He was just trying to be a good dad and talk things out, but her submissive words had an unexpected and powerfully erotic effect on him. It was very easy to interpret them in a sexual way (especially since that's how they were intended). Still, he was determined to be strong and resist. Trying to make light of the situation, he joked, "Well, you don't have to be THAT good of a daughter."

"Oh, but I DO!" She was trying to arouse him past his breaking point, but she also was being sincere. That made her emotional appeal much more powerful. "You're not really my dad. What I mean is, yes of course you are my dad, but I don't see you like other daddies because you're so much MORE to me! You're my rock, you're my world! You're the center of my life! I only want to PLEASE you! That's what makes me feel good, making you happy!"

She leaned forward to give him another quick hug. But that was only another pretense, because she knew the other shoulder strap was slipping down, and a little more careful movement on her part would make it fall all the way down her arm.

And sure enough, that's what happened. She sat back and flashed a bright and innocent smile. It was a sincere expression, because merely talking about making him happy made her happy. But her nightgown had slid all the way down and was bunched up just below her belly button. She pretended to be oblivious that every last inch of her perfect breasts were exposed.

Jack couldn't ignore that fact, though. He couldn't even hide his lust from her eyes, since he was unable to stop staring. He thought back to the great time he'd had fondling her huge jugs while she bounced on his cock and he watched Linda's erotic dancing. That pushed him very close to the edge of losing his willpower.

He was regretting the fact that he'd come here wearing his pajamas, because that meant he wasn't wearing any underwear. His penis was desperately hard and needy, and it outrageously tented up, like it was on the verge of ripping a hole right through his pajama bottoms.

He said, "If you're willing to do anything to make me happy, could you please pull your nightie back up?" He was terribly embarrassed to have to say that, but he felt he couldn't continue to talk to her with her huge tits jutting out without being covered.

She looked down at her chest and acted surprised. But she said in a sexy pout, "No!" Then she sat up straighter and arched her back a bit, causing her massive, bare jugs to swell forward even more.

His gaze was locked on her fantastic, slightly jiggling rack. He furrowed his brow. "No? But you just said..."

"I know what I said. I live to make you happy. But I know what you really want better than you do. And I know that you'd be happier looking at my bare tits than if I covered them up." She slid her arms all the way out of the two straps for good measure.

He was extremely flustered. He bravely made another attempt to look up at her face. "That may be true, but sometimes we can't always get what we want. I'm a married man, and..."

His words trailed off, because she picked up both his hands and brought them to her firm globes.

He thought, Oh no! It's happening again! I have to stop this!

Seeing how he was wavering, she kept her hands firmly over his, and said, "We all have to do the responsible thing. I know you're trying to be a good, responsible dad, and I love you for that."

He was confused, now that she appeared to be agreeing with him. That made him hesitate in warning her, to see where she was going with this.

However, she continued, "And I have to do the responsible thing too. I accidentally let my nightgown fall down, and that gave you a big boner. It's my responsibility, and my duty, to take care of it!"

And with that, she reached out and grasped his erection with both hands. Since it was sticking out at an absurd angle already, she was able to fully hold and caress it on all sides, almost like his pajama bottoms weren't there.

He stammered, "N-n-n-n-no! No, you don't! Don't, please! I'll take care of it myself!"

"And what kind of daughter would I be, if I let you do that? A bad one!" She was surprised at her own boldness. Linda wasn't even here to goad her along, like usual. But it had been over three weeks since she'd stroked Jack's boner and licked her hand clean of his cum, and her desire for it and for him had grown to nearly unbearable levels.

Jack tried to bargain with himself. Okay, I'm just gonna... We'll just... Okay, I'm too horny to stop this, but I can't let things get out of hand. No more than this! His hands had been left cradling her big tits, and he started to squeeze them. Oh God! Forgive me Alison, but she's just too stacked and sexy! So squeezable and soft. God, it feels so good!

He started kneading and fondling her soft tit-flesh with total abandon. He wished he had more than two hands so he could do much more to her jutting orbs at once. It was like he was having a feast after going without food or water for three weeks.

For now, the brunette beauty simply held her father's hard-on through his thin pajamas. His tit attack was so aggressive and arousing that she was fully preoccupied with enjoying that for the moment. She moaned loudly in pleasure as he kneaded her large mammaries.

Her loud moan reminded him that his wife was sleeping down the hall. He was sure Alison wouldn't be able to hear, even if she was awake, because her door was closed, this door was closed, and there was a long and bending hallway in between. But just the reminder that he had a wife alarmed him and caused a wave of guilt.

Alison's so lovely and beautiful, inside and out! I know I truly love her now. And she's getting to be pretty good in bed. She's everything I could ever ask for. Hell, her tits are EVEN BIGGER than the ones in my hands! So what am I doing here?! I could and should go back to bed, wake her up, and have HER stroke me. That's what I should do.

But he was hooked now, and he knew it. As he twisted his daughter's nipples, he hoped against hope that she'd be content to just hold his dick through his pajamas and nothing more.

Nicole knew she had seriously compromised her moral and religious beliefs. She felt to even do this much was incest and a serious sin. It made her ashamed, but her loving and lusty urges for her father were too strong to be completely denied. Like Jack, she hoped they wouldn't go too far.

Ironically, they both wanted not to go any further, and yet their strong desires and needy bodily functions drove them onwards. In truth, there was a different with both of them between what they told themselves they wanted and what they really wanted.

She still hadn't done much to his boner so far. Just holding it was so exciting for her that she didn't need to do more. But then she had an idea. She knew many pajama bottoms had open flaps instead of zippers or buttons so the penis could be easily pulled out to use the bathroom. It so happened this one was like that. So, with just a little bit of adjustment, she managed to slip his boner through the flap, and then she grasped it again.

Now she was holding his hot, fleshy cock directly in her hands. It felt so good that she wanted to explore every last part of it, so she started sliding her fingers all over it.

Jack bent forward and groaned like he'd been kicked in the groin, but it was only because what she was doing felt too good to imagine. He soon recovered and resumed playing with her double D-cupped teen boobs.

They stayed this way for some minutes, just stroking and fondling. Both of them were as happy as they could be. Jack's thoughts and worries about cheating on Alison faded from his mind thanks to the onslaught of sheer pleasure, and the same happened to Nicole and her worries about incest.

The foxy girl was absolutely fascinated with her father's erection, and his balls too. Linda had repeatedly told her about the importance of stimulating his sweet spot, and so she made sure to always have at least a couple of fingers rubbing directly on that. But she used her other hand on more of a quest for knowledge. She wanted to explore every last little part of his privates and find out how he responded to her touch.

As a result, he felt a continual strong erotic buzz, but it wasn't so overwhelming that he feared he'd cum too soon. Not all of her experimental moves were pleasurable, and a few times he even had to make some unhappy grunts, especially when she got too aggressive with his sensitive scrotum.

Both of them didn't want to say a word. They each feared something might get said that would force this magical, incredible pleasure to come to an end. Jack's boner grew increasingly wet from leaking pre-cum, and in the absence of any words, the lewd sloshing sound of her fingers sliding all over it became the loudest sound in the room.

More minutes passed. He already was intimately familiar with her sizable rack, but she grew increasingly comfortable with his privates. After all, she had a good "lay of the land," so to speak, and she started to focus more on just steadily stroking his most sensitive spots. That increased his arousal by several notches, especially when she focused intently on his sweet spot.

The rest of their bodies hadn't moved much. Nicole's legs and crotch were still covered by blankets, so her lower half was hardly on Jack's mind at all. But her pussy was happily twitching and gushing beneath the sheets.

It had been a long time since either of them had said anything, but eventually Nicole grew too emotional to stay quiet. She gushed, "Daddy, I'm so happy! Doesn't this feel right? It feels right to me. Linda always says that I need to please you and serve you in every way in order to be the perfect daughter. And she says there's nothing more important than pleasing and serving your big fat COCK! She's so RIGHT! Just stroking it and seeing that look on your face is making me feel like the luckiest girl in the whole wide world!"

He didn't know what to say to that, so he stayed quiet. But he was amused that she felt so lucky, because he was sure that he was the lucky one.

She couldn't tell him why she'd been avoiding him for the last three weeks, since she still didn't want him to know about how she and Linda had been caught. But she came up with an inspired lie. "Daddy, I've been avoiding you lately because of what happened with the pizza slice incident. Ever since I got my hands on your penis, I've needed THIS!" She slid her hands up and down his boner even more ostentatiously to make clear what she was referring to.

She went on, "I thought we could go back to normal if I avoided you, but we can't go back! I'm not saying we have to go further, and I don't even want to go further, but I have this need to make your dick happy. With my hands! Can we keep doing this from time to time? Please? Please?"

Jack considered her plea. Now it makes sense! Now I know why she's been avoiding me. If I don't allow her to do this, she might go into hiding again. I really have no choice!

He smiled and nodded.

She was so excited by that that she bounced up and down a little bit. She smiled from ear to ear.

That reminded him of the last time she'd bounced directly on his cock, and that aroused him terribly, despite the fact that what she was doing to his erection with his hands right now felt even better than the bouncing had.

As time went on, he started doing different things to her fantastic tits. He didn't consciously plan it, but at one point his face was just inches away from her upper tit-slopes, and he found himself licking.

That felt so good that suddenly it became the most important thing. In very short order, he licked down to her nearest nipple, and his lips latched on and wouldn't let go.

The busty brunette didn't have especially sensitive breasts in general, but she had quite sensitive nipples. She felt shivers running down her spine and goose bumps all over when his tongue made contact there. She let out a helpless cry. She raised both her hands to push his head away, because she felt it was just too pleasurable for her to bear for very long.

But he refused to stop (although he did switch nipples), and she slowly grew able to deal with it. Soon, her hands were eagerly guiding his head, encouraging him to stay there and keep it up.

But then she remembered she was neglecting his erection, and she brought her hands back to his crotch. It had been a couple of minutes, and his dick was starting to soften a little bit. She mentally kicked herself, and vowed not to be so neglectful in the future. Keeping her father and his penis happy was the most important thing for the totally devoted daughter.

He kept sucking and licking her jugs for a long time while he enjoyed her handjob. He generally used his lips on one and his fingers on the other, and then switched.

As her fingers flew up and down his throbbing erection, she thought, This is IT! This is joy! This is what I've been missing in my life. To feel such an endless surge, an endless wave of pleasure, coming from my nipples... OH! YES! And it's like there's a direct connection to my clitoris, because my pussy's going wild too! And his COCK! My hands are just stroking and stroking, and I KNOW he loves it! I can feel it! It's all HOT and STIFF and PULSING! And his sexy moaning is music to my ears!

Linda is the greatest! She speaks truth! There's nothing more important a daughter can do than serve her daddy's cock!

But Daddy and I are as happy as we can possibly be right now. We don't need to do any more, right? To actually fuck would make me feel too guilty. I can't handle any more sinning than this. I can just be Daddy's little cock stroker, and we'll both be happy forever!

More minutes passed. Nicole was becoming better with her handjob technique by the minute. As she grew more accustomed to the situation, she was able to clear her head enough to recall some of Linda's advice about how to best handle a penis. She'd mostly just been doing the same thing over and over, but she remembered the suggestion to constantly vary her technique.

Once she started to do that, Jack started rapidly rising up the path that lead to orgasmic climax.

After a couple more minutes of her extremely arousing stroking moves, he had to stop licking and suckling on and around her nipples. For one thing, he was having a hard time just gasping for air, but also, he needed to fully focus on clenching and fighting the urge to cum.

Shortly after he let go of her, she let go of him. She'd been annoyed for some time by her nightgown and the blankets covering her lower body. She felt like she was on fire, and not just metaphorically. Her body had heated up, and she was burning up under the blankets in particular. So she kicked the blankets all the way off her legs, and then she pulled her nightgown the rest of the way off.

With her dad just panting hard and straining not to cum, she raised her arms above her head and stretched this way and that. "Aaaaah! That feels better." It did feel good to stretch, but she was more doing it to strike sexy poses for the man she loved. She purred huskily, "Daddy, I love being nude for you. Totally nude!"

He thought, Oh fuck! What if Alison wakes up and comes looking for me, and then sees us like THIS?! But Nicky looks so fucking HOT! I wanna fuck the shit out of her!

She spread her legs, giving him a good look at her pussy, and her soaked crotch. Like Linda, she had shaved her bush down to a thin landing strip, in order to wear their micro-bikinis without having hair hanging out on all sides. She whispered, "Look how wet you've made me!" She ran one hand down to her slit, and used her other hand to lazily caress one of her hefty melons.

He groaned. Oh God! Oh God! Help me! Help me resist! She's too fuckin' HOT! That is one swollen and wet cunt! But she's my daughter. God, this is sweet torture!

Jack had been licking Alison's pussy quite frequently these past weeks. He'd started to do it out of necessity, since it was so difficult to get her revved up, but he'd come to honestly enjoy it. Plus, he had gotten pretty good at it. Seeing Nicole's wet and juicy pussy on display with her legs splayed out, he couldn't resist. He held her near her knees and bent his head down towards her crotch. He figured licking her would be a lot better than fucking her.

But she was alarmed, and blocked her pussy with both hands. "Daddy! What are you doing?! I don't know what you're thinking, but if it involves my pussy, it's wrong!"

He groaned with great frustration.

It broke her heart to have to disappoint him, so she quickly grasped his boner and resumed stroking it. She cooed, "Don't worry, Daddy, I'll make you feel real good! I want you to cum all over my tits, just like you did all over Linda's! Will you do that for me?"

He scanned his memory. He certainly didn't remember cumming on Linda. He was 100% certain he would have remembered that if it had happened. He decided that Linda must have been telling tall tales. (In fact, she was referring to the cheerleader dance incident when he did cum on Linda's rack without realizing it.)

He'd been a hair's breadth from cumming already, and seeing her pussy on wide open display didn't exactly help his efforts to hold out.

Although this was her first real solo handjob, she could read his tortured face easily enough and knew how close he was. She redoubled her stroking efforts. Her delicate hands flew up and down his stiffness with blazing speed.

As his balls tightened, he felt a great urge to cry out. But then he remembered Alison sleeping down the hall. He was in such a far gone state that this reminder somehow only aroused him further instead of upsetting him. He considered himself the luckiest guy on the planet to have such a beautiful and busty wife AND daughter, not to mention daughter's best friend. And all three wanted him!

His dick started to shoot.

Since Nicole had seen this coming, she was already in position, and mentally ready. She hardly flinched when he let go with his first jet of cum. She ably held and aimed his erection as if she'd been doing this for years.

His first rope of cum landed square in the middle of her chest, right in her valley of cleavage.

From then on, it was nothing but fun for the horny daughter. She aimed his squirting cum this way and that, making sure to paint both her tits and her face before his cum ran out. But more ropes continued to fire, so she added a "second coat of paint" to some areas.

Over the past couple of weeks, Linda had given her lots of little tips that had been coming in handy. For instance, she'd been told cum could sting painfully if it got in one's eyes, so Nicole made sure to close her eyes when he came on her face.

And she also did some sensible things that she figured out on her own. For example, once Jack's cum had all been blasted on her, she reached down and touched her clit, and then exploded with an orgasm of her own. But she was mindful of Alison sleeping down the hall, so she was careful not to scream out loud, even though she very much wanted to. Like Jack had been during his long climax, she was almost eerily quiet.

In truth, either or both of them would have had to be awfully loud to have any chance to wake Alison up. But still, it was better to be safe than sorry. There was always the chance Alison had already woken up and even gotten up to use the bathroom, for instance.

Once Jack finished cumming, guilt hit him like a sledgehammer. He couldn't get out of the room fast enough. He recalled the reason why he'd gone into his daughter's room, and chuckled with black humor. He'd never had a mission that ended with such spectacular failure.

But before he got to the door, Nicole quietly cried out, "Daddy! Don't go!"

He reluctantly stopped, but he kept his back to her. He knew that if he looked at her, his penis could very possibly get hard again, and then lose his willpower all over again. And this was despite the fact that he'd fucked Alison less than an hour earlier. Nicole seemingly never failed to inspire him.

She whispered less urgently, "Daddy, please. Don't be mad at me, okay? I can't stand it if you're mad at me. It breaks my heart."

He whispered back, "I'm not mad at you. I'm the one who screwed up. I shouldn't have come in here at this hour."

She said, "No! That's not true! I've been slowly dying without you. I need you in my life. Please don't let things go back to how they've been! Please!" She ran her finger through a big cum gob at the top of her cleavage and scooped it into her mouth.

Still with his back turned, he said, "But if I'm with you alone, this kind of thing will keep happening. Again and again! And I can't allow that."

"But Daddy, you can't ignore me. I'll just die! Please! Whatever happens, happens. We'll deal with it. If your penis gets hard and needs a little stroking, that's not such a big deal, right? But promise me you won't hide from me tomorrow, and I won't hide from you. I miss you!"

He nodded. He knew he was setting up himself for more handjobs, and who knows what else. But he couldn't bear to keep ignoring her and break her heart. He'd been missing her terribly too. Sure, he still saw her in the mornings and evenings when Alison was there, but they had a special spark when Alison was gone.

If he had been honest with himself, he would have had to admit that sexual desire was a big part of that special spark.

He looked down at his crotch. He was surprised to see there was almost no evidence of what they'd done. His flaccid penis had fallen back through the flap into his pajama bottoms, and there were only a couple of stray splats of cum here and there. But still, he was going to stop by the bathroom and wash and clean up as best he could before returning to bed.

He unlocked the door. Then he turned back to say good night.

He regretted that, because the sight of his daughter with his cum splattered all over her face and big tits was so inspiring that he was sorely tempted to rush back to bed and give her a good hard fucking. He quickly turned away before he started to get another erection. But he knew the sexy sight would stay in his memory forever.

He whispered, "Good night, Darling."

"Good night, Daddy!"

He quietly sighed and closed the door.

As he walked down the hall, he thought, I'm cursed! Why do I have to have a smoking hot fox for a daughter? If she was like 99.9 percent of daughters, I could resist. But she's not, obviously. And don't get me started on Linda. She's just as good. Er, I mean bad. And between the two of them, no man could resist! Nobody! I plead Not Guilty by Reason of Totally Sexy Girls!

If only there was such a plea to make, and Alison could accept it. She's gonna find out before long for sure, and then my life will be one huge clusterfuck! Fuuuuccck!

Well, at least if I'm gonna go down, I might as well go down having the time of my life!

Back in her room, Nicole lay naked on her bed savoring the amazing encounter. But that wasn't all she was eager to savor: she swept up a cum gob that had slid down her graceful neck, and she gobbled it in her mouth. Mmmm! It tastes even better than before! As much fun as I just had, I'm gonna have nearly that much fun eating up this mess! He's covered me in his cummy love!

But then she got an idea of something else she wanted to do sooner rather than later. She licked and ate the better part of one side of her face clean. Then she picked up the phone next to her bed, dialed her favorite phone number (Linda's), and put the receiver up against the cleaned part of her face.

When the line was picked up, she spoke quietly. She knew she couldn't be heard in her bedroom unless she shouted, but she wanted to be careful. She was bursting with excitement as she asked, "Guess what?!"

Linda had answered the phone, and she wasn't happy. She ignored the question. She complained, "Do you know what time it is? It's eleven on a school night. I was asleep already!"

Nicole ignored that. "Guess what? I'm lying on top of my bed sheets, totally naked!"

"La de dah," a grumpy and sleeping Linda replied. "And I'm lying under my sheets totally naked. So what?"

Nicole dropped the bomb. "Oh, and did I mention that my face and tits are totally soaked with my daddy's cum?"

"NO!" Linda shouted, suddenly all ears. "NO!" She shouted again. Then, remembering she shouldn't wake her aunt, she spoke urgently but more quietly, "Tell me! Tell me everything!"

Nicole started to tell the entire story in extremely intimate detail while occasionally pausing to eat some more cum off her body. She was about as happy as she could possibly get. Or, at least she was as happy as she could get when her father wasn't in the same room as her.

NOTE: Thanks to the suggestions and corrections of Wayac, BozotheClone, YamiBoy, and Sam.I.am, and the reformatting of Sam.I.am.

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