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Part 5: Chapters 17 to 20
(MF, Mf, Ff, ff, mult, cons, reluc, les, het, humor, wife, inc, fath, dau, in-law, D/S, group, orgy, poly, harem, 1st, voy, WC, WM, WF, oral, anal, pett, BBR)
Written by Storysmith and Spacer X (paul_t_22@yahoo.com)


Nicole and Linda stood in front of their school the next morning. They were a bit sleepy, because they'd talked to each other on the phone until very late in the night, after Jack's visit to Nicole's room. They still had five minutes before the bell to their first class rang, and they were in no hurry to go inside.

They stood apart from everyone else. They looked just like any other teen girls (well, any other extremely sexy, stacked, and nicely tanned teen girls), but the thoughts on their minds were far from ordinary.

As Linda stared at the wide set of stairs leading up to the school doors, she muttered, "Girl, you've GOT to calm down! You're so bouncy and jubilant that it seems like you could fly to the moon on your own. If you don't calm down, people are gonna talk."

Nicole also stared at the school front instead of her friend. "I know, I know! I'm trying! But how can I be normal? How can I ever be normal again? My Daddy loves me, and his big, thick-"

Linda cut her off. "Ssssh! Not here. We're gonna need a cover story." The clever blonde brainstormed quickly. "Okay, here's one. Yesterday, you and I went to the 7-Eleven, and you bought a lottery ticket just for kicks. It was the first one you bought in your life, and you won a thousand dollars, just like that!" She snapped her fingers as she finished that sentence. "Got it?"

"I've got it." The brunette stone fox tried not to smile, but that only lasted a second or two. "But I've gotta warn you, I'm gonna be this happy tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow, and every other day until the end of time!" She bounced with joy, sending her massive tits swinging and swaying under her conservative top. (She still dressed the same as always at school - the last thing she wanted was attention from boys now that she was making headway in becoming one of her father's mistresses.)

Linda frowned. "Hmmm. You probably will too. We'll have to work on a more prolonged cover story or later. But today, we'll just deal with today. Do you think that you can more or less hold your shit together until school is over?"

Nicole's eyes went wide. It looked like she was going to simply burst from too much joy. "Don't say that!"

"Say what?"

"The words 'school is over!' Because you know what'll happen then? We'll go straight home, and Daddy promised-"

"Ssssh!" Linda chided. She figured any mention of "Daddy" was likely to get them in trouble.

Nicole skipped the rest of that comment, but continued, "This is too exciting! My God! In a matter of hours, my hands are going to be wrapped around-"

Even though no one was around, Linda silenced her bouncy, bosomy friend again. "Shut up! You can't talk like that here!" She put a hand on her friend's shoulder to still her titty bouncing.

But Nicole hardly noticed. She said, "I want you to be there! You will be there, right? We can make it happy together! Then he'll be twice as happy!"

Linda grinned widely. "I wouldn't miss it for the world! Now, remember, act normal. We're in school!"

As they started quickly walking to the school doors, Linda thought, I've been holding back and biding my time. I figured it was challenging enough just to get her used to handling his cock. But now that she's passed that milestone with flying colors, I need to push for more, much more! Hell, given the mood she's in right now, maybe today will be the day she goes all the way with him! And then once that happens, we'll BOTH be his mistresses forever! Who knows? Maybe I'll even get to feel his big cock sliding in my cunt before Alison comes home.

The reminder of the "evil stepmom" made her frown. I don't care how much he thinks he loves Alison, or if he stays with her or not. The path is set now, and there's simply no stopping us!


Several hours later, Nicole and Linda lay in their usual lawn chairs, working on their tans. They were wearing their micro-bikini bottoms and nothing else. It was a typical afternoon for them, except for one thing: they were on pins and needles waiting for Jack to come visit them. But they had been home an hour now and there had been no sign of him. To say they were feeling anxious was a severe understatement.

They had gotten quite used to sunbathing in the nude, and their pale spots were mostly gone already. Their great tans made them look even more like perfect teen goddesses than ever before. But they wore the bikini bottoms because they worried about scaring Jack off if they were totally nude.

Nicole had been bubbly and giddy all day, but now she was anxious. Partly it was because she was nervous Jack wouldn't show up, but it was also partly because Linda was trying to push her into doing things she found very morally questionable. Linda had been making the same points over and over for the past hour in slightly different way, and she just wouldn't relent.

Linda said, "Nicky, don't you love your father?"

"Yes Linda, of COURSE I love him! I love him more than anyone else in the world, even you!" Nicole replied, exasperated. "But that doesn't mean I have to, you know..."

"Fuck him."

"Yes. Why do you have to keep talking about that? It would be incest! Last night was like a living dream. I know jacking him off is a sin, but I figure it's not a mortal sin. I can do that much and make him really, really happy. But to do full-on..."

"Fucking," Linda helped. Nicole not only usually refused to say that word, but she and had trouble even using euphemisms for it. Linda found it easier and faster to just say the missing words herself each time.

Nicole nodded. "That. To do that is too much! Linda, why do you have this give an inch, take a mile attitude? You push and push and push me, and I don't like it. Why can't you be happy if I'm willing to do what I did last night, and help me with that? You just know he's gonna love it when BOTH of us stroke his fat cock, all afternoon long!" She looked to the sliding glass door for what seemed the millionth time in the last hour, but he still wasn't there.

Linda replied, "Certainly we'll do that much, and it'll be great. I can't wait to get my hands wrapped around his fat cock! Assuming he ever comes out here." She also looked anxiously at the door. In truth, she was every bit as eager to see him as her extra busty friend was, but she was better at hiding her emotions.

Nicole could picture her father's penis in her mind's eye. She idly slid a hand back and forth over a thin metal armrest to her lawn chair, wishing it was fleshy and warm and attached to her father.

Linda continued, "But now that you've done that much, you can't stop there! It's kind of like being half-pregnant. You're either all the way in or you're not."

"Untrue!" Nicole replied, as she kept on absent-mindedly stroking the arm rest like it was an erect penis. "I know for a fact there's lots of cases where a girlfriend is willing to do so much and no more. And if her boyfriend is a good guy, he respects that. Maybe even for years!"

Linda's heart sank. The last thing in the world she wanted was to just give Jack nothing more than handjobs for years on end. Yes, she'd do it and love it, but she'd also just about go crazy knowing what she was missing out on by not going further. She wasn't going to let that happen. She absolutely had to convince Nicole to go further. If that failed, she'd even be willing to trick her somehow. Linda had sworn off all other lovers but Jack for months now, and her fuck need had risen to extreme heights.

She said, "Maybe so, but those girls are dumb. They're missing out! For instance, what's the big difference between putting his cock in your hand versus in your mouth? He's gonna cum either way, but you'll both have much more fun if you use your mouth. And boy, will he love it! He'll think you're a perfect, obedient, little girl."

"It's different," Nicole proclaimed, although she felt increasingly uncertain.

"How? Is it qualitatively morally different? Is it a bigger sin?"

"It is!"

"How? Where in the Bible does it say that? Point to the scripture!"

Nicole defiantly folded her arms under her huge bare boobs. She didn't remember the Bible saying anything on the sinfulness of handjobs versus blowjobs, and she was pretty sure it didn't get that specific. She bluffed, "It just is! I don't have to prove it to you, because I know it already in my heart."

Linda kept pressing, "I'll tell you what. I've been doing some research on the Internet just to disprove your silly notions, and nowhere in the Bible does it say oral sex is a sin! So there!" She actually didn't know that for sure, but she figured it was probably true. "Sometimes we have to make tough decisions. Do you want to be a good daughter?"

"Yes! Duuuuh!" Nicole said, indignant.

"Do you want to be an obedient daughter?"

"Of course I do!"

"Do you want to use your stacked, sexy body to please him?"

"You know I do." These questions were arousing her, and she resumed stroking the armrest. "Within reason, of course."

"Do you want to make him hard and happy every day, and have him squirt his yummy cum all over you whenever he feels the need?"

"Well, again, yes, but within reason."

"'Within reason!'" Linda scoffed. She snorted disparagingly. "Tell me: do you want to hurt your father?"

"Never! I want him to feel good, not to suffer."

"Nicky! Can't you see that to be a good and obedient girl and make your dad happy you have to commit incest?"

"WHAT?!" She was so shocked that she let go of the armrest.

"That's it. That's your choice! You have to choose between your father's love and happiness and the purity of your body. Don't be self-righteous! You know what he wants... and you know he will suffer a lot if you don't give him what he wants!"

Nicole protested, "But it's wrong! It's a sin!"

"Are you telling me that's it's a sin to make your daddy happy? To obey him? To serve him? Like a good daughter should?"

"That's not it, it's just that... I mean... I-I don't know, I'm so confused! And what about Alison? Now that they're all disgustingly lovey dovey, she's taking care of his needs. So he can live without my help all the time."

Linda said, "Gee then. You're right. I think you shouldn't touch him at all anymore. No handjobs, no tit fondles, not even a kiss on the lips. Wouldn't that be better? Let Alison take care of it all. And if he gets a huge raging boner while Alison is gone, let him suffer."

Nicole wailed, "I didn't mean that! Oh, Linda, why do you have to torture me like this? Why can't you just be happy with the status quo?"

Linda kept pushing, "Do you really want your evil stepmom to take care of ALL of his sexual needs? After all, she's his wife. That's the right and moral thing to want for everyone."

Nicole was silent for some long moments, and then she suddenly exclaimed, "No! I know it's wrong, but I don't care! I just want her to go away!" She was so passionate about this that she shook her clenched fists, making her hefty bare boobs jiggle like plates of Jell-O.

Linda let a small grin slip out. She knew she was making some headway. "Okay, let's change the subject. I really think you should change your clothes. Try to wear something more provocative."

Nicole was incredulous as she looked down at her miniscule red bikini bottoms. "MORE provocative?! But we're basically totally naked already!"

"I know, but I'm thinking we may be scaring him off like this. You know how he can see us out here from the upstairs windows. I'll bet he's taken a peek and seen us today, and got chicken. We should dress up a little, and then after he starts talking to us, THEN we take our clothes off!" She smiled wickedly.

Nicole smiled in the exact same way. Her pussy was moist and tingly as she thought about the possibilities.

Linda added, "Besides, sometimes more is less."

"I thought the expression is 'less is more.'"

"Yeah, but it works both ways, depending on the situation. When it comes to clothes, if you start off nearly naked, where can you go from there? It can be a lot better to start with an outfit that's all sexy and seductive, and work your way to nudity."

The shy girl thought about that. The truth was she wasn't shy anymore, at least when she was with Linda and/or Jack. In particular, she'd grown to love showing off her body to him. She grinned wolfishly. "Okay, let's do it!"

Both girls laughed with glee. They went upstairs to Nicole's room and started trying out different clothes. They knew that if Jack wanted to find them, it would take him only a few moments to find out they were up there instead. Still, they worked quickly, eager to get back to the pool area.

Linda had Nicole wear some lacy white panties that were so small they hardly covered her pussy lips.

Among her friend's skirts, she chose the smallest she had, which was a pleated one. Nicole rarely used it anymore because she'd outgrown it. The skirt nearly didn't fit her at all. Every movement produced the chance for a peek at her panties. Just sitting still was enough to make it ride up Nicole's legs, showing camel toe through the white-clad crotch.

Linda found a vastly oversized pink V-necked tank top that Nicole sometimes used as a nightgown of sorts. It seemed at least three sizes too big, even with Nicole's ample bosom. The bottom of her shoulder straps ended on the middle of her jugs, and the neckline went down so low that it ended below by the bottom slopes of her big boobs. In truth, it looked like a top that would fit some huge professional football player instead of a rather short teen.

Nicole experimented with it. She discovered that she only had to shrug in the right way and the straps would start to slide down her shoulders. Since she wasn't wearing a bra, her large hooters appeared eager to escape in most any direction, especially to the sides.

But Linda still wasn't satisfied, because the huge shirt hung far down Nicole's waist. She used scissors to cut the top to the middle of her friend's belly, so Nicole's belly button was showing. But Linda decided even that wasn't enough and cut a bit more so the bottom slopes of Nicole's huge globes were peeking out a little too.

When she finished, Linda said, "Okay, try walking around the room."

Nicole did so, but she walked in a perfectly normal way. It wasn't that arousing, except for the fact that her body had such remarkable proportions and so much of her skin was showing.

Linda said, "You know what? I think you were meant to be sexually dominated by your strong and handsome daddy. Your proper role is to serve and obey him! You should drop to your knees and serve his fat cock in every way, every day!"

Nicole stumbled with surprise and came to a stop. She stammered, "W-w-what? What made you say that?"

Linda grinned knowingly. "I don't know. Just a random brain fart. Pay it no mind."

Nicole gave her an unhappy look, but resumed walking around the room. Only this time, she moved like a graceful fashion model strutting her stuff on a catwalk. The difference was, erotic thoughts about being her father's mistress were filling her head.

When Nicole was done with her walk, Linda said, "Greatness! You look so sexy, it's crazy! You could seriously turn me gay if you keep walking around like that. Your boobs are peeking out in unexpected directions with each step, and sometimes an entire boob briefly bounces free! And I love how the skirt hangs down so low on your ass that it shows a bit of ass crack. Ass crack looks bad on fat plumbers, but it looks totally fuckable on you!"

Nicole beamed, but she complained, "I wish you wouldn't use that word."

Linda rolled her eyes. "You're a weird one. You dream about stroking your daddy's cock 24-7, and yet you won't drop the F-bomb. But never mind that. Now it's time to dress me!"

Linda went for a different look for herself. She was proud of her big boobs. At school, the boys (and some girls!) gawked at her chest with something approaching awe. But she knew they couldn't compete with Nicole's even bigger ones, especially since Nicole was Jack's flesh and blood daughter. So she covered up her rack to a surprising degree and instead made her pussy and ass the main attractions. She wore a black miniskirt that was so mini, it was more like a wide belt. And she wore no panties at all. As a result, she flashed her pussy with just about any move she made. Sitting, her entire crotch was totally exposed.

She felt good. She knew she'd get plenty of Jack's attention.

They were touching up subtle hints of make-up in a mirror when they heard steps plodding up the stairs.

Both of their eyes went wide, and their hearts seemed to pound at a thousand beats a minute.

Nicole gasped, "Ohmigod! He's coming!"

Linda was just as excited, so much so that she couldn't hide it. It was like they were about to be visited by a movie star, not just an ordinary suburban dad. "I know! Be cool! Be cool!" She looked around the room. "Quick! Let's both sit on the bed and strike sexy poses!"

The door to Nicole's room was open already, and as Jack stepped through it, he said, "Girls, we have to talk..." But he physically stumbled a bit and was struck mute when he saw what they were wearing and how they sat. Linda had been right that sometimes more could be less. He'd been secretly peeking on them sunbathing from the upstairs windows a lot lately, so he'd gotten somewhat used to their nude or near nude bodies. Seeing them in these revealing outfits was actually even more arousing for him. The outfits showed that they had dressed solely to please and arouse him.

The girls didn't even pretend to look casual or calm. Both held an arm over their heads, showing off an armpit in very sexy poses. Linda sat in a way that showed off her entire pussy. Their tits were heaving wildly, they were so breathless already.

Jack's mouth gaped open wide. His penis would have surged to full erection in seconds, except that he was already erect. He knew he'd see something sexy in Nicole's room, he just didn't know it would be this sexy.

"Hi, Mr. Devoux, why don't you sit here with us?" Linda made way, so that he would sit between her and Nicole.

Jack sat down there on the edge of the bed. He was wearing his usual casual T-shirt, shorts, and nothing else (not even shoes, socks, or underwear). He'd been planning on giving a speech about how the three of them shouldn't fool around anymore. But he was so half-hearted on the idea that he'd already given up on it after seeing them looking this tempting. He asked, "Linda what are you... Have Nicole told you about... about... what happened last night?" He was stuttering nervously, because he was ashamed about what he'd done the night before and just how weak his resolve was.

"Don't worry, Mr. Devoux, Nicky tells me everything. I think it's great how she helped you out last night. I'm here to help Nicky help you more, and to help you too." She took his hand. "I want you both to be happy. You love each other and you need each other. It's a beautiful thing to witness." The blue-eyed beauty leaned across Jack, reaching for her friend's hand. She made sure to press her boobs against his shoulders as she moved Nicole's hand to meet her father's, her own hand holding theirs.

They wound up in a sort of three-handed handshake right above Jack's crotch.

Linda purred assuredly, "Nicky's a bit confused right now, but she's basically a good girl. She knows that serving you is the most important thing." She gently guided their locked hands straight down until the hands wound up resting right on Jack's protruding boner.

Perturbed by that, Jack tried to pull the hands back up, but only his hand ended up going higher. That left Nicole's and Linda's hands right on top of his erection. Their fingers curled around it as best they could, given that his shorts were an annoying barrier.

Linda's hand overlapped on top of Nicole's some. She started sliding her hand back and forth, which made Nicole's hand underneath slide around too.

The prudish girl got all red-faced and wide-eyed as she stared at the moving hands, but she said nothing. This was what she'd been waiting for all day, and truth be told, the burn of shame was a part of why she got so excited and aroused.

Nicky said, "I'm sure she wants to be the best daughter you could have. Do you want to be a good daughter, Nicky?"

"Y-yes." Her stomach was doing flip-flops and her heart thudded like a big bass drum as she watched her sliding fingers like the hand belonged to someone else.

Linda said to Jack, "See? She loves you..."

The double-handed massage was having a visible effect on Jack. His penis was already as hard as it could get, but a lusty look spread across his face, replacing fear and uncertainty.

"I-I love you too, my little princess." Jack said to his daughter, caressing her hair. He was trying to pretend that he couldn't feel her fingers rubbing all over his stiff cock.

Linda helpfully pointed out, "Do you hear that? He loves you." She didn't consider herself bisexual, but sometimes she couldn't help but get aroused looking at her best friend, and this was one of those times. She loved watching the way Nicole's huge jugs swayed inside her vastly oversized pink tank top.

Nicole was emotionally overcome. Every single time Jack said that he loved her it had a profound impact on her feelings, even though he'd always said it frequently. She felt lighter and relieved. And her hand moving on Jack's boner gave her a sense of profound contentment, in addition to making her pussy tingle. Her heart soared as she thought about what a lucky daughter she was to have such a great and loving father who had such a wonderful penis.

Linda said to her busty best friend, "It's your time to show your love! Give him a little kiss!"

The prudish brunette found that suggestion harmless enough, and kissed his cheek.

But within seconds, she and Jack somehow wound up kissing on the lips. They started to passionately make out.

That's exactly what Linda had hoped would happen, mostly because she knew that would distract them both. She successfully yanked Jack's shorts down his legs even though he was sitting on them on the bed (she was quite insistent with her yanking). She was pleased that he wasn't wearing underwear, but it was a moot point because she would have pulled those down too. She kept on tugging his shorts down his legs until they were all the way off.

Then she brought her hand back to his now totally exposed erection and she put her hand on Nicole's to make sure that Nicole kept right on stroking it. Satisfied with the work of her foxy friend's slipping and sliding fingers, she moved her fingers down to jack off the lower half of his hard-on while generously ceding the more sensitive top half to Nicole. She also worked his balls.

Jack and his daughter kept right on French kissing. They were so busy dueling tongues that what was happening to his erect penis was almost a sideshow for them at the moment. They tilted their heads this way and that, as if searching for the right angle for the ultimate kiss.

Linda ran her free hand under Jack's T-shirt and caressed his chest. She knew he was sensitive about his weight and shape, but she was genuinely impressed as she felt how much his dieting and exercising had paid off already. He was still somewhat stocky, but he didn't have any real reason to be embarrassed anymore. True, he didn't have a muscular six-pack and he probably never would, but she enjoyed caressing him all the way up to his nipples just the same. Like Nicole, she would have loved him even if he was out of shape, and his improving physique was just a nice bonus.

Knowing he was sensitive about his looks, she cooed, "Boy, Jack, you've become a total HUNK! Nicky, you have to check this out. His chest has gotten all hard and muscular. Mmmm! Feels good!"

Linda continued to say encouraging things, and in fact she remained the only one talking at all. "That's it, Nicky! Keep kissing him. Can't you see how much he wants to feel your love for him? Prove with your lips and tongue how much you love him!"

"Mmmmpphf!" Nicole renewed her kissing like her life depended on it.

Jack kissed back just as passionately. His hands were caressing silky smooth skin, but he didn't even know which body parts he was touching since he was so focused on the kiss.

A few seconds later, Nicole withdrew her hand from Jack's boner.

This concerned Linda until she saw Nicole grasp it again near the root. She realized that Nicole was just trying to share, and didn't want to monopolize all the most sensitive parts. Pleased by the kind gesture, Linda moved he hand up and started to give Jack's sweet spot an extra attentive rubbing. She made a mental note to remember to keep switching hand positions with Nicole from time to time.

Eventually, Jack and Nicole broke their kiss.

Linda knew they were just taking a brief breather, but she surprised them both by quickly planting her lips on Jack's. She ceded the top half of his hard-on back to Nicole at the same time though, so her friend wouldn't feel so left out. Then after about a minute of kissing, she returned Jack's lips back to Nicole too.

She knew she'd made the point that she wanted to share with the kissing from now on. She was confident that Jack would be happy to swap. After all, Linda was well aware of the fact she wasn't Jack's real daughter and so she didn't have that forbidden fruit edge, but she also knew she was still a stone cold fox. Jack might be a bit reluctant due to his marriage, but he wasn't dead.

Father and daughter French kissed each other for a long time this time, while Nicole jacked him off too. (Linda mostly just played with his balls while she waited her turn.)

When they took another break from that, Linda directed Nicole's gaze back to Jack's crotch. "Look, Nicky! Look how hard and happy we've made him!"

Nicole felt a surge of lust flow through her. It felt great sliding her fingers all over father's slippery and thick pole, but seeing two hands from different girls sliding all over his privates gave her an extra rush. It reinforced her (rather biased) belief that her father was a sexually powerful and virile man who needed more than just his wife to keep his sexually satisfied.

She and Linda were getting better at sharing as time went on. They no longer had to divide his erection into upper and lower "spheres of influence," but instead slid their fingers all over his slicked up boner. True, sometimes their fingers bumped into each other, but not that much. They both knew that top to bottom strokes looked dramatic, but weren't nearly as arousing to him as honing in on and rubbing the most sensitive spots. Oftentimes, both of them managed to rub his sweet spot at the same time by massaging it applying varying levels of pressure instead of moving their fingers much.

For the longest time, Jack had been passive. He'd just sat there and "endured" their dual handjob while only stroking their legs and asses a little bit. But the passionate kissing started to make him a little more proactive. More importantly, he was getting incredibly aroused overall. As always, thoughts of Nicole's big breasts weren't far from his thoughts. Before long, he reached into her loose top and started playing with them.

The minutes passed, and soon Nicole found a moment to remove her top altogether. Her skirt soon followed, leaving her in nothing but a pair of white panties that were soaked and getting wetter all the time.

But Jack didn't neglect Linda's body either. She removed her top mere seconds after he started to paw at her chest, and her belt-like skirt quickly came off too. That left her wearing... nothing.

Jack was nothing if not considerate; he didn't want either girl to feel neglected. So he typically had one hand fondling each of them while their hands focused almost entirely on sliding all over his raging hard boner. They pressed their bodies closely into his, making them a very cozy and nearly totally nude threesome. His T-shirt remained the only significant item of clothing still on any of them, due to his continued insecurity about his physique.

The next time they took turns kissing, Linda surprised everyone by kissing Nicole instead of Jack. It wasn't a long kiss, but it raised the heat another notch for all three of them. It reminded them of what had happened during the cheerleader dancing incident.

As the lesbian kiss came to an end, and Jack and Nicole kissed instead, Linda looked back to Jack's crotch to see how things were going. "You're only massaging him, Nicky... making him relax... and he'll relax much more if he's more comfortable. Don't you want him to be comfortable while you help him relax?"

Linda was having a great time, just like the other two, but she was keen on furthering her agenda too. She could see that Jack still felt some moral reluctance about what was happening, so it was rare for him to take the lead and introduce new things. And Nicole had all her issues about incest and sin, and a generally shy temperament. She loved the handjob action, but she wasn't going to do anything new until she got a proverbial kick in the rear.

So the blonde babe knew it was up to her to take the next step.

Linda had been trading kisses and kissing Jack as much as Nicole was. But the next time Nicole started her kissing turn, Linda disengaged entirely from the other two. But she was only gone long enough to get off the bed and on her knees between Jack's legs.

Their bodies were all so closely packed together that Nicole immediately sensed the change. She looked down and wailed, "Oh no! Linda, what are you doing?! Don't suck him please! I'm not ready for that!"

Actually, that was Linda's immediate plan. She'd been patiently waiting weeks to slide her lips around Jack's thick dick, and she couldn't bear to wait anymore. But she knew better than to make Nicole too skittish by going into that directly. She said, "Don't worry, that's not what's on my mind right now. Why don't you give your hand a break for a minute and watch and learn?"

As soon as Nicole let go of her firm grip of her father's hard-on, Linda scooted forward until the tip of Jack's dick was poking right in the middle of her chest. She looked up and saw Jack caressing her busty friend's rack with both hands, and smiled. Then she looked up higher into Nicole's eyes and asked her, "Do you know what a titfuck is?"

"What's that exactly?" the still quite naive brunette asked back.

Linda sighed inwardly. She found it hard to believe that a girl as old as Nicole in this day and age still had never heard of a titfuck. Actually, she was sure that she'd mentioned them to her before, but she surmised that Nicole had only pretended to understand what she'd been talking about.

Linda explained, "It's not difficult to understand. First, you make sure there's enough lubrication. That's not a problem this time because Mr. Devoux's cock is so thoroughly covered with pre-cum and saliva. But other times, you might want to drool some saliva down into your deep cleavage."

'"Ewww!" That idea sounded really gross to the bashful brunette. Even with both her hands sticky with pre-cum from constant stroking, she couldn't imagine spitting on herself.

Jack asked, "Linda, really. Can you please call me Jack already? How much more intimate do we have to be before you call me that?" He'd asked her to call him that many times before, but she still resisted.

Linda just smiled knowingly. She looked up at her nearly nude friend, and continued to explain as she squeezed her tits around Jack's erection, "Next, you push your tits together like this. You want to make a tight and slippery fuck tunnel. Now, not all girls have enough up top to be able to do this, but that's not a problem for you or me, is it?" She winked saucily at Jack.

Jack wondered about the wisdom of starting a titfuck, since he was dangerously close to cumming. But the temptation was just too great, so he didn't put up a protest.

Nicole's huge melons were heaving up and down, just from the excitement of watching. She was terribly excited, and she didn't know what to do with herself. Jack's penis was occupied, and she didn't want to kiss or caress him because she'd miss out on this important lesson. She had to force herself to just sit there and watch as best she could.

Linda went on, "Now, a titfuck is much like a regular vaginal fuck. It's all about pleasuring your daddy's cock. You may feel horny too, and that's good, but always remember that his cock comes first. So while his cock rests there, it's up to you to move your tits up and down on either side, like this."

She slid her tits around, and not just for a few seconds. This wasn't just a brief demonstration, it was a full-on titfuck. She'd done this with some boys before, so she knew what she was doing (although their penises had been smaller, and her rack had been smaller then too). She already had a tried and true technique of sliding one boob up and the other one down at the same time, and going back and forth the like that for a few passes, and then shaking both of them very rapidly for a few seconds. She'd learned boys got a surge of pleasure during her quick shaking, and almost invariably came at that time.

Nicole asked Linda, "Do you feel horny, doing that?"

"Oh yes! Very much so!" Linda replied gaily. "I don't know about you, but my tits are quite sensitive, and they love the friction blast. The smell of his fat cock so close to my nose, the movement, the touch, the sight of it sliding in and out - it's all great! But more than all that is the mental part. Just knowing that he's using my tits for his pleasure gives me such a high! Do you know what I mean?"

Nicole nodded her head eagerly. Already, she could hardly wait to titfuck her father.

Linda was making sure the titfuck steadily progressed all the while. After another minute or so, she continued her explanation to Nicole, "See? Like this. Just repeat the process, over and over, and you'll be fine. But it's even better if you can vary your timing and your moves so he'll ever quite know what's going to happen next."

Nicole breathlessly asked as she watched, "What are some other moves I can do?"

Linda shrugged. "Watch me for a few more minutes and learn. Be creative. It's all good. For instance, I can do this." She took Jack's dick out of her cleavage and used his cockhead like the tip of a vibrator, rubbing it all over and around one of her erect nipples. Then she put in back into her tight tit tunnel.

"WOW!" Nicole was literally breathless. She asked her foxy friend, "Did that feel good?"

"Of course! I'm on the verge of climaxing from the nipple contact alone. But remember, it's not about your pleasure. HIS pleasure comes first! Keep him riding an erotic high as long as you can. If he enjoys it a lot, he's gonna wanna come back for more and more and more! Then, YOU'LL be the one to have his cum splatter all over your face!"

"Oh, wow," a clearly awed Nicole muttered.

After a couple minutes of raptly watching, the horny daughter was getting eager for her turn. She caressed Jack's arm and chest, and purred saucily, "How do you like that, Daddy? Do you like fucking her big tits?"

He just nodded.

"Are they nice and soft and creamy?"

He nodded again.

"Do you want to fuck mine too?"

He nodded even more. He was very worried about cumming, and was so busy trying to fight off his urge to cum that he didn't have any mental power left over to think or speak.

Nicole pulled his shirt up to his armpits and started sliding her huge tits against his bare chest, while kissing his neck. "Daddy, I can't wait! I want you to fuck my tits so bad! Gawwwd! I need it! I NEED to feel your cock pound my cleavage!"

He closed his eyes and prayed for strength.

Linda could see how close to the edge she was, and she didn't want him to cum for fear that he would get second thoughts afterwards. As a result, she took the titfuck easy, and tried to factor in what Nicole was doing so Jack wouldn't overheat and blow his load.

As a result, the titfucking went on for many minutes. Nicole paid close attention from very close up, hoping to learn for when she'd get her turn.

She eventually asked, "I'm so antsy. Can't I do something?"

Linda suggested, "Why don't you take turns kissing us?"

So Nicole did just that, although she had to switch positions each time she went from necking with Linda to necking with Jack.

But that only temporarily sated the panting daughter's raging lust. She wanted cock, and went back to closely staring at what it was doing.

After another minute of watching, she asked, "What if Daddy starts to move his cock around more?" Her face was so close, she inadvertently blew air onto the tip of his dick as she spoke.

Linda replied, "That's good! Like I told you, it's all good. He can even aggressively fuck your big tits like some kind of wild animal if he wants to."

That made Nicole so insanely aroused that she nearly came on the spot. She yelled, "My turn! My turn! Please?!" She pulled back and mauled her own boobs.

Linda grinned. "Sure." She was being quite altruistic now, but she knew it would pay off in spades soon enough, once all the barriers came down. She also knew that Jack was getting a better and better impression of what a kind and thoughtful person she was. That was helpful if she wanted to join the Devoux family as a de facto second daughter.

Jack had been rising closer and closer to a great climax, and he feared he wouldn't be able to hold out any longer. With Linda still giving him a few last tit shakes, he suddenly cried out, "'Linda, I love you like a second daughter!"

Nicole just smiled. She thought that was a sweet thing to say. (She loved Linda so much that she didn't have jealousy issues if in fact Linda became a second daughter. In fact, she loved that idea.)

But Jack wasn't trying to be complimentary; that was the code phrase Linda had previously told him to say when he was ready to cum.

However, Linda thought it was far better if he came on Nicole. She was trying to get her friend addicted to facials and pearl necklaces. So she squeezed him tightly at the base of his shaft. She'd never tried it before, but she'd heard it could fend off an imminent climax.

"I'll be damned!" she muttered after a few long moments. "It worked!" She made a mental note to use that with him a lot more in the future.

She thought, So cool! Nicky and I will be able to share his cock for hours, every afternoon! We can suck and stroke together and take turns getting fucked up our tight little cunts and asses! And every time he has to cum, we'll just use that trick! Ohmigod! By the time Alison comes home for dinner, he'll be too tired to stand!


But while the trick worked, there was a cost: Jack and his penis was temporarily overwhelmed. He was panting like he'd just run a 10K race, and his boner was in a painfully sensitive state.

Linda saw that, and so she tried to delay leaving her spot between his legs, but Nicole was so eager she practically had a hissy fit. The foxy, big-titted daughter was too cock hungry to see how physically wasted her father was.

As soon as Linda moved out of the way, Nicole moved right in. Had she been in a non-horny state, she would have had serious issues about the perceived sinfulness of titfucking her father. But Linda had cleverly avoided mentioning the idea for months, and then introduced it to Nicole when she was so horny that she didn't know up from down, so she didn't think about that at all. Linda wisely didn't bring up the issue, and Jack was too winded to say anything anyway.

Nicole followed Linda's instructions to the letter, and soon had Jack's boner smugly pointing up through her cleavage. She was beside herself with excitement.

She lifted her tits up experimentally in just the right way, and then exclaimed, "Look! I made Daddy's cock disappear!"

Sure enough, every last inch of his throbbing fat pole was covered with her tit-flesh.

Jack's eyes bugged out, despite his total exhaustion. HOLY SHIT! Look at that! The glory! I never thought I'd see that with my own eyes!

Linda was stalling for time until Jack could recover, so she tried to fill the time by lecturing Nicole a little more. "Girl, your tits are bigger than mine, as we both know. I'm not sure I can do that. Now, I want you to take this dead seriously. The bigger your tits, the greater your duty to use them to serve your daddy and his cock. Your tits are there for your daddy's pleasure. I expect you to become a titfucking expert. Can you do that?" She said this like she was a concerned parent lecturing her to do better with her algebra.

Nicole nodded gravely. "Wow! That's an awesome responsibility, but I'll try my best!"

"Good." Linda could see that Nicole was fit to burst, and she couldn't stall any longer. So she said, "Okay, I think you're ready to start the titfucking. Take it slow at first. Just slide your tits up and down a little bit like you're rubbing them together."

Nicole started doing just that. She asked, "Like this?"

Linda nodded. "Very good."

Nicole suddenly squealed erotically, "Holy Mother of God! It tingles! I'm getting the most delicious tingles where his cock is rubbing me!"

Jack looked down at his stiffness nearly totally engulfed in his daughter's tanned melons, and just groaned. It wasn't like Linda's little cock squeezing trick had totally reset his need to cum - he still was rather close. And the sight of his pole fully surrounded by his daughter's tanned, twin globes was just about the most arousing sight he'd ever seen.

And as if that wasn't enough, Linda stood right behind Nicole, bent over with her hands on her shoulders. Not only were Linda's big boobs hanging down, they were literally draped right on his daughter's head. He knew Linda had taken that position just to arouse and tease him, but it was working just the same.

Nicole had learned her titfucking lessons well, and soon she was doing it nearly as well as Linda had been. She even used the exact same basic repeated "slide, slide, slide, quick jiggle" style. She also had boundless energy, and absolutely no intention of stopping.

After a minute or two, Linda said, "Okay, you've got it so far. Now, while you keep doing all that, breathe on it."

Nicole took a couple of heavy breaths.

But Linda complained, "No, no, no. From close up. VERY close. Tilt your head and breathe on it from so close that you could touch it with your tongue."

Nicole tilted her head some, but said, "But I don't wanna touch it with my tongue. That would be wrong!"

"Well, just get close!" Linda harangued. "That way, you can not only drive him wild with your breathing, but you can take whiffs of his heady, masculine scent."

Nicole liked that idea, and got as close as she dared. She sighed happily as she sniffed.

Linda said encouragingly, "That's the smell of sperm. That's the smell of love!"

Nicole sighed dreamily, and kept on with her breathing, sniffing, and titfucking.

Linda made a point about the breathing because she wanted Nicole to get used to having her lips that close to Jack's dick. She assumed, correctly, that that would greatly weaken Nicole's resolve against cocksucking. Sure enough, after another couple of minutes, Nicole grew a bit careless and found the tip of his erection occasionally brushing against her face. Since she kept her mouth wide-open most of the time because of her constant breathing efforts, his dick usually bounced against her lips. It looked like it was ready to slide inside her warm mouth at any time.

She kept right on relentlessly for several more minutes until Jack was back at the cusp of climax. She didn't say a word, because she was intently listening to every sound coming from her father, trying to figure out from his grunts and pants which of her titfucking moves he liked the best. Plus, she was busy experimenting with her breathing, varying up the power, distance, and location of her breaths to add more stimulation to his excited pole.

Her mouth was usually only an inch or two from his cockhead, thanks to all her breathing efforts. As a result, she was constantly tempted to stick her tongue out and lick. It was becoming increasingly difficult for her to justify that what she was doing was morally okay, but if she simply got her tongue involved too, that was not okay. Since she didn't want to stop what she was doing for the world, her opposition to cocksucking was eroding by the second.

However, Jack gave in before her resolve on that could be truly tested.

He didn't have much time to warn her when the time came, because one of her quick jiggle moves suddenly took him past the point of no return. He was only able to say, "Cumming!"

But Linda, as usual, was right there, trying to push her friend into even more wanton sexual behavior. She shouted, "Quick! Pull back and stroke it, so he can cum all over your face!"

He'd already shot some cum up towards her neck and chin, but she moved fast and aimed his next squirts directly at her face.

Nicole still was squeamish when it came to most bodily fluids, but she didn't think of cum as a bodily fluid anymore. It was a physical manifestation of her father's love, and, as such, she couldn't get enough of it. She gladly tilted his penis this way and then to help make sure it covered her thoroughly.

Every second was precious, and Linda kept shouting, "And your tits! Make sure he cums all over your big tits too!"

Jack had a bad habit of thinking about his wife when he came, because he had to make a quick mental check to make sure she wasn't in hearing range. Realizing she wasn't, he let out a great guttural, animalistic cry. "AAAARRRRAAARRGH!" It sounded like he was being torn in two.

Totally dead to the world, he flopped back onto the bed as his climax petered out, since there was nothing holding his back up.


Jack's feet were still on the floor, and Nicole was still kneeling between his legs. She'd loved the titfuck so much that she didn't want it to end. She especially loved being thoroughly splattered with her daddy's cum, but she pushed that to the back of her mind because she had bigger fish to fry: she was absolutely determined to keep his dick hard so the fun didn't have to end.

Even though his penis was in a super sensitive state, she kept right on sliding her big globes all over it.

Jack just moaned helplessly. He was on the verge of crying mercy, because his penis was so sensitive that her continued attention to it actually hurt. But he thought that would be wimpy thing to say, so he just closed his eyes and waited for his dick to go flaccid. He figured she'd stop then.

Except that it stayed hard!

Linda noticed that, and acted immediately. She whispered in Nicole's ear, "Quick, let's kiss to keep him hard!"

So the two sexpots necked, even as Jack's dick remained wedged in between Nicole's fantastic boobs.

Linda wasn't sure how much she was kissing her best friend to help inspire Jack, and how much she was doing it simply because she liked to do it. Her lust for Nicole had been steadily growing for weeks, but she was in denial about it to herself, and certainly hadn't said anything about it to Nicole.

Nicole could feel that her father's penis was still erect, so she went right back to her happy titfucking, even as she kept making out with Linda. She paid no mind to the fact that her face was covered in his cum, and the cum on her tits soon worked as added lubrication in all the skin on skin action.

However, Linda certainly was aware of that, and tried to take advantage. Soon, she alternated between kissing and licking up cum from Nicole's face.

Nicole loved that, because Linda didn't swallow, but instead kept the cum on her tongue and then fed it into Nicole's mouth the next time they kissed.

Before long, the two girls were frequently snowballing the cum back and forth between their mouths, with Jack eagerly watching all the while.

Nicole's moral and religious objections slowly eroded, because she was having such great fun. At one point, while Linda's tongue searched out more cum by licking her way towards one of Nicole's nipples, Nicole cooed breathily, "Oh, Daddy! I just love your fat cock! I love serving it! Linda and I can take turns stroking and titfucking it every afternoon from now on, can't we? Alison doesn't need to know. Why should she care, 'cos she's at work. Let us serve your cock all afternoon, and then you can fuck her pussy at night. That way, everyone can be happy!" She was so deliriously happy and horny that she didn't realize she was using the word "fuck." She would have been appalled if she'd known.

Jack just whimpered and groaned. He thought, I feel like I'm being pleasured to death. Damn, it's great though. If I could choose how to die, it would be exactly like this!

He opened his eyes and peeked at Nicole's cummy face, but that was so overwhelmingly arousing that he had to shut his eyes again. What especially got to him was the way Linda licked up a long streak of cum that disappeared down into Nicole's deep and dark cleavage, and then fed it to his daughter's eager and open mouth.

Linda seconded Nicole's plan. "Yeah! Let us service your cocks all afternoon, every day! Mrs. Devoux usually has errands or meetings on Saturdays, and on Sundays we can do it while she's at church. Imagine that! You could take turns fucking our tits for two solid hours!"

He groaned some more at that especially wicked idea. Between ragged pants, he asked, "When do I have time to work?"

"When we're at school, of course!" Nicole said with a giggle. "Besides, you already have more money than you're gonna spend anyway, and you can set your own hours. You should spend more quality time with your two girls."

Linda's heart soared to be referred to as one of his "two girls." But she would have liked it much more if he'd been the one to say that.

Jack had been mentally reviving a bit. He sat back up and opened his eyes again because he didn't want to miss out on the sexy sight of his daughter using her tits to fuck his cock, not to mention the way the girls were still occasionally kissing and snowballing his cum.

Seeing that he was recovering, the sneaky Linda pretended just the opposite. "Oh no! Nicky, I think he's gonna get flaccid in a minute."

That was a catastrophe for the horny daughter. Gullible and trusting as usual, she gasped, "Oh no! What should I do?!"

"Do more! More to arouse him! Can you touch his cockhead with your tongue?"

Nicole did that with ease, since she was already breathing on it from an inch or two away. She realized this was bending her rule against cocksucking, if not breaking it, but she figured it was okay as a one-time thing, since this was a penis stimulation "emergency." She touched his piss-hole with the tip of her tongue and asked, "Okay. Now what?"

"Use your tongue more! Lick all around his crown, and for God's sake, don't stop your tit sliding!"

Nicole had stopped that, but she quickly rectified that situation. She stretched her neck, and soon was able to lick her way around the top inch or two of his cockhead while keeping the titfuck motion going.

About a minute later, she found herself thinking, This is fun! If cocksucking is anything like this, I think I'm gonna like that too. ... WAIT A MINUTE! This IS cocksucking! Isn't it?!

She lifted her chin back up and looked around for Linda. She wanted to give her a stern look and a piece of her mind. Linda had just deliberately moved directly behind her, watching right over Linda's shoulder and fingering her own pussy, so Nicole couldn't really look at her in the eyes. But she complained, "Hey! You tricked me! This is cocksucking, isn't it? Well, I'm not gonna do THAT! That's incest, and a sin! An incestuous sin!"

Linda could have tried to poke logical holes in that argument, but instead she said, "I can see why you might think that, but no, this is still titfucking. It's just titfucking with some extra tongue. So what's the problem?"

Nicole sat on her heels with her tits mostly still (at least, she was trying to hold them still, but she was breathing hard and heaving her tits up and down Jack's dick some just the same). She complained, "The tongue is the problem. That's too much like cocksucking for me. I've seen pictures!"

Linda secretly rolled her eyes. She said patiently, "Girl, you told me you were gonna be an expert titfucker. The best! That's what you promised. This is what talented titfuckers do, they use a little tongue too. And that's what good obedient daughters do to their daddy's cocks too."

Nicole grumbled, "Okay, but I'm only gonna use a little tongue. I don't want to go down some slippery slope." Then she resumed her titfucking and the licking of his cockhead.

But a slippery slope is exactly what happened. Nicole found the licking even more enjoyable and fascinating than the titfucking, and soon she was putting more of her effort into that. But her big tits kept getting in the way, and she could only crane her neck down so much with them doing their sliding.

It was a gradual process, and Nicole wasn't even consciously aware of how the transition happened, but eventually she found her hands holding and stroking Jack's shaft instead of her own tits. She was going to complain, but she'd started in on licking his sweet spot, and she really wanted to do a great job with that. Jack's happy, erotic moans were music to her ears. She figured she could complain a little bit later, but she forgot about that after a while.

Linda was extremely proud of herself. I managed to sneak Nicky right past her aversion to cocksucking, and now she's going at it with abandon! Actually, that isn't technically true, since she hasn't actually started sucking yet. She's just very keen on licking. Hmmm. I'll have to work on that next.

She knew that getting Nicole to slip Jack's cockhead in her mouth and learn to start sucking would be particularly tricky, since he had an extra thick one. Just fitting it in one's mouth was a daunting task.

But she had a clever idea. She'd been out of the center of action for a while, but now she nudged her way in between Jack's legs and knelt right next to Nicole. She didn't say anything, but she gave her friend a "Can I lick it for a while?" look.

Nicole nodded, and Linda took over.

Linda enjoyed the licking in and of itself. She knew this was something she'd be doing a lot of from now on, and that made her very happy. Of course, she'd done it to some boys already, but she felt a special tingle as she thought, I'm not just licking some boy's cock, I'm licking Jack Devoux! How do you like that, Daddy? Someday soon, I won't just be one of your mistresses, I'll be one of your daughters too! Then the three of us will live together happily ever after! With lots of daily cock licking, just like this! And even more cocksucking and fucking! She giggled to herself.

However, Linda was mindful that Nicole was watching from just inches away, so she used her best moves at angles that her busty friend could appreciate.

Eventually, Nicole felt she'd seen enough and needed more practice. So she leaned her head forward a bit and resumed licking, hoping to join in without a fuss being made about it.

Linda had no problem with that, and in fact, this had been one of her greatest dreams. I'm licking his cock with my best friend! YES! Everything is starting to come together. All my patience and nagging is paying off! Nicky, we're gonna do this soooo much! Oh God, this is so exciting! It's the start of a whole new life for the three of us!

There was much she wanted to say to her friend about that, but licking was her top priority now. Linda took pride in her cock licking skills. True, she had to compensate for Nicole's tongue. For instance, she couldn't just go to town on Jack's sweet spot with her fingers, lips, or tongue, because Nicole was quite busy on that spot most of the time too. But sharing Jack's cock with her best friend only doubled the fun. In fact, she hoped that, in the future, most every time she played with his cock, Nicole would be there too.

Jack was simply going out of his mind watching the girls lovingly slather his cock with their hot little tongues. Sometimes he would close his eyes so as to not be mentally overloaded, but then he'd feel he was missing out on some of the most erotic images of his life, and he'd have to open his eyes again. It wasn't just what they were doing with his dick; seeing four firm and tanned teen tits all lined up was incredibly inspiring too. The fact that Nicole's face and chest was still dripping with some of his cum was a great bonus. He vowed to shoot his next load on Linda so they could both be equally marked by his seed. But what he loved watching most of all were the passionate, sexy expressions on their faces.

Nicole was just using her tongue and hands. (In fact, there were too many fingers wanting the same space, so she was playing with his balls a lot.)

However, Linda started using her lips more. She slid them along like she was sucking the side of his shaft, but that was just to warm her buxom friend to the idea of using her lips more too.

Sure enough, Nicole began doing the same on the other side of his boner. Wet, smacking sounds filled the air as both girls slurped, sucked, and licked.

After a few minutes, Linda brought her mouth up to the tip of Jack's dick. She was going to take it bit by bit, and trade turns with Nicole, but suddenly passion overwhelmed her and she engulfed his entire cockhead.

Nicole paused in her licking and stroking. She knew something important had happened, and she stopped to watch. Oh no! There's no doubt: Linda's sucking Daddy's cock! Good God, she's bobbing all the way down to his sweet spot, and then some! Gawwwd, that looks so HOT! I know it's wrong, I know it's a sin, but I wanna do that! No, I NEED to do that! Sperm is love, and Daddy's cock is bulging with sperm. It's my duty as his obedient daughter to drain it out of him, even if I have to use my tongue and my lips!

Oh God Linda, hurry up so I can have my turn! My God, I've just gotta cram all that fat cock down my throat until I choke!

Normally, Nicole would have felt incredibly morally tortured by the decision to suck her father's cock or not. But she was simply so out of her mind with horny need that it wasn't even an issue. She realized in the back of her mind that she might feel bad about it later, but she didn't care. She still felt it was a terrible sin, but she didn't care. She needed that cock in her mouth, NOW!

Linda paused in her steady bobbing to glance at her brown-eyed friend. She could see the desperate desire in her eyes, so she pulled off. But before she handed over the precious cockhead area, she kept stroking it and asked Jack, "Mr. Devoux, how are you holding out?"

He growled, "Call me Jack! Please!"

She grinned like a mischievous cat. "No can do." Then, in a teasing mood, she added, "Mr. Devoux."

He sighed. "You're a case. But to answer your question, I'm having the fucking time of my life! This is better than any sex I've ever had! Better than anything! This is the pinnacle!"

Linda smiled knowingly at Nicole. "See? This is how a good girl treats the man she loves. The more times she sucks his cock per day, the more it shows she loves him."

Linda kissed Nicole's lips again, since their noses were practically touching already.

But Nicole didn't want that now, despite the wonderfully cummy taste of her best friend's mouth. She even tried to push Linda's stroking hands away. "I believe you! Now, let me show him my love!"

Linda laughed. "Okay. Mr. Devoux, your daughter is about to suck your cock! She's gonna fit as much of it in as she can, and then she's gonna love you with her lips and tongue! Do you think you can handle that?" She still held the vital area until she was sure Jack was ready.

He responded, "Good God, girls, I sure as hell am going to try! I just came a little while ago-"

"I know!" Nicole joked, making reference to all the cum dripping down her hot teen body. Since Linda was blocking her cock access, she sat up proudly, showing off her cummy tits in particular by hefting them up and thrusting them forward.

He laughed. "Uh, yeah. I can see that. God damn! Anyway, a guy usually lasts longer after he came once, but I don't know - things are pretty intense right now. I'll try."

Nicole didn't just look proud, she felt proud too. She thought, This is my calling! Serving Daddy's cock! It's so good and so right! Let my lips at it! I'm gonna suck... what's the expression? Fuck a fender right off a car? Whatever it is, I'm gonna do it! For my Daddy!

Linda finally slid her hand down towards the base of Jack's shaft. She was ready to give advice on how to suck cock.

Nicole felt her father's cockhead entering her mouth, and she suckled on the top inch or so. At first it was okay, but then it hit her what she was doing and who she was doing it to, and that nearly made her gag and throw up. Despite her great arousal, she couldn't completely deny the fact that she was doing something she had always thought as a dirty and degrading act, and even a terrible sin.

She tried to control herself, but it was too much for her. She pulled off, and wailed, "I-I'm sorry, but I can't do this!" She moaned unhappily, "Please, Daddy, I'm sorry... I wanted to be a good girl... I want to pleasure you so much, but I can't... I failed you..."

Linda saw Jack almost getting out of his bliss because of his daughter's distress. Realizing that Jack was about to tell Nicole to stop if she wanted to stop, the clever blonde tried to save the situation. "You're doing fine, Nicky... really! You're trying very hard..." She whispered directly in her ear, "Remember your evil stepmom! She does this to him all the time now. You've got to keep up, or fall behind!"

That stiffened Nicole's resolve a great deal.

Linda continued, out loud, "Now don't be sad. Can you just kiss the tip of his penis?"

Nicole was feeling insecure and was ashamed of her failure, so she leaned in and kissed it gently, being rewarded with a twitch. It swung away, and then back toward her face.

Linda brought her hand up and slowly stroked her way up from the root of the shaft to his cockhead and then back down again. Her fingers made lewd slurpy sounds as they went up and down repeatedly over the saliva and pre-cum soaked surface. She cooed, "Watch my fingers. Isn't that fun? Isn't that good? Isn't that what we need to do to his cock all the time?"

Nicole mumbled in the affirmative. She loved handjobs now; it was only blowjobs giving her trouble. She felt strangely soothed watching Linda's sliding fingers from inches away. She loved the fact that her father's penis was being properly taken care of, even if she wasn't the one doing it.

Linda leaned in and kissed her way around Jack's cockhead while stroking the rest. Then she said to Nicole, "Kiss it some more, just like this. There's nothing wrong with a little kissing."

Nicole kissed it again.

Linda pulled back a bit, making room for Nicole to kiss Jack's super sensitive sweet spot.

Nicole kissed him there, repeatedly, and was rewarded with a series of happy erotic moans from Jack.

Linda was relieved. She wished Jack would moan like that some more, because that was music to Nicole's ears and obviously inspired her to try harder. "Yes... just like that. Now rub it against your lips, like this." She demonstrated by kissing and rubbing the erection with her lips as if it were lipstick, while also slowly sliding her hand all over it further down.

She did that quite a while, until Nicole grew impatient and eager for her turn.

Soon, both of them were sliding their lips all over his cockhead, and Nicole resumed stroking it some more as well.

Linda prayed that Jack wouldn't cum from all the stimulation, as that could ruin their progress with Nicole. She tried not to actually do that much, and left all of the most sensitive parts to Nicole.

Nicole had convinced herself that merely kissing her father's penis was okay, since that wasn't so different from blowing on it from very close up. And then she'd convinced herself that sliding one's lips up and down it was also okay, since that was basically the same thing as kissing. She'd told herself that the "sin" was the use of her tongue. But after a couple of minutes sliding her lips everywhere, she started using her tongue without really consciously realizing it.

When she finally consciously realized what she was doing, she was too horny and too into it to stop. She felt mentally conflicted, but she nonetheless lapped against his sweet spot quite avidly.

Linda was licking by this time too, although she stayed down near the base of his shaft to give Nicole more room and also to hopefully prevent Jack from going over the edge. She looked up from time to time to what Nicole was doing, and she was very happy to see her licking. She decided not to say anything, as reminding Nicole what she was doing was more likely to ruin things than improve them.

After Jack emitted a loud moan, Linda said, "See how he loves your lips? Why don't you try to lick him a little, every man loves it!"

At first, Nicole tried to hide what she was doing with her tongue, since she'd told Linda many times that this was a sin and she'd never, ever do it. But as the minutes passed, her resolve crumbled and she wantonly licked with her tongue sticking out. She was extremely embarrassed that Jack and Linda knew what she was doing, but the burn of the embarrassment was like a fire that fed her raging lust.

Eventually, Linda licked her way up to Jack's sweet spot, and the two busty teens lapped it with their tongues frequently touching. Linda could tell from Jack's increasingly ragged breathing that he was going to blow his load shortly, and it would be almost cruel to expect him to hold out any longer, given the extreme stimulation he was enjoying. So she switched from taking it easy and leaving the best areas to Nicole to working with Nicole to give him the most intensely pleasurable climax possible.

She kept a hand gently fondling his balls, and when she felt them tighten up, she warned Nicole, "He's gonna cum now! Close your eyes and watch out!"

By then, Nicole could tell he was gonna blow since he was letting out a strangled impassioned moan. Like Linda, she pulled back a bit, closed her eyes tightly, and opened her mouth wide.

Then Linda yelled at Jack, "Hose her down! Hose her down with your cum!"

Jack cried out, "Oh fuck! FUUUUCK!" Streaks of cum blasted out of his dick like a rocket. He was too far gone to think where the cum was going; the pleasure was so great he couldn't really think of anything at all. Even though he kept his eyes closed, everything flashed white for a few moments because his erotic euphoria was that great.

However, Linda kept on holding and stroking his dick, and she made sure to aim it here and there so her face and Nicole's were thoroughly painted in his pearly cream by the time he was done. Even though Nicole's face was still somewhat cummy for the earlier titfucking and Linda's face wasn't cummy at all, Linda did her best to share this new load equally between them.


Then, even as he was still squirting out a few last weak dribbles, Linda said to Nicole, "Quick! If we keep licking it, maybe it'll stay hard again!"

Nicole winced a bit upon hearing this public acknowledgement that she was in fact licking, but that didn't stop her from lovingly lapping on his sweet spot all over again.

As Linda licked on the other side of his cockhead, she muttered, "See, Nicky? He's covered us in his spermy love. Doesn't that feel good? Don't you feel more loved, with his sticky goo all over your face?"

Nicole felt very loved indeed, and she was ecstatic about that. Her old revulsion about cum as a "yucky" bodily fluid was long gone, and she redoubled her licking efforts in the hopes that he could deposit another big, warm load on her face.

Jack's penis didn't go flaccid after his climax, not even a little bit. That rarely happened to him even when he was twenty years younger, and he was sure it had NEVER happened to him twice in a row in short order like this. Before today, he never would have imagined he could have managed such an endurance feat at his age, much less any age. But the two girls licked and stroked with such love and devotion that he wasn't even that surprised that he stayed erect. Alison was an extremely sexy and voluptuous woman, but she'd never inspired him like this.

The three of them settled into a happy groove. Since Jack had just climaxed, he was able to last much longer before cumming again. Linda knew that, so she didn't hold back. He was constantly "assaulted" by two very busy tongues, and two sets of loving lips, plus more hands than he could keep track of.

Linda realized that Nicole wasn't going to stop now, so she began giving tips. For instance, after Jack let out a particularly emphatic moan, Linda told Nicole, "OH! Your father liked that! Keeping doing that!" Linda had started licking his sweet spot with long slashing motions, like she was repeatedly licking the shape of a large 'X' over it. But Linda added, "Remember variety is good too. Try alternating doing that with swirling your tongue all around the very tip. The piss hole is another sensitive spot. He'll love that!"

The mention of "piss hole" grossed Nicole out a bit, since that reminded her of the fact that piss came out of there. But since Linda insisted he loved it, she steeled her willpower and forced herself to lick there too. She got into it soon enough though, after being rewarded with more of Jack's happy moans (although she couldn't know for sure if he was responding to what he was doing, or what Linda was doing, or both).

As time passed, Jack actually grew more relaxed, since his body grew more accustomed to such a high level of arousal and stimulation. For instance, his heart still pounded hard, but he didn't feel like he was on the verge of a heart attack. He kept his eyes open and enjoyed the sight of their passionate tongue and lip work. He even reached down and idly fondled their heavy, dangling boobs. He loved that he had four full and perfect globes to choose from, all lined up in a row.

Nicole was totally absorbed in her cock pleasuring task. She hardly knew where she was or that the outside world existed. All she cared about was making her father happy through servicing his dick. She was riding her own non-stop erotic buzz, and she looked forward to the even greater reward of more of his cum.

She was stirred from her happy licking reverie when she unexpectedly felt her father's hands cupping her big tits. She looked up and gave him a blissed out smile. "Hey, Daddy! Are you having a good time?"

He nodded emphatically.

Her smiled widened, but she closed her eyes and went right back to her licking. Her embarrassment burned again as she said, "Look at us. Looks like you've got two big-titted teenage cocksuckers now, don't you? I suppose we're your cock sluts."

Jack was wary of talking in case he said the wrong thing, so he just let out a long, happy moan. "Mmmmmmm!"

Now that they were talking, sort of, she licked her way all the way down to his pubic hair and then back, making eye contact with a sultry "come hither" stare the entire time. Then she asked him, "Am I doing it good, Daddy?"

"Yes, it's great, Darling!"

"Do you like my tongue on your cock?"

"YEAH! But there's one more thing you can do."

"What's that?" Her answer was delayed since she was so busy licking his sweet spot.

"Put your lips on the tip, my princess."

Hearing her father calling her 'princess' gave her the courage to do anything he wished. The bashful teen put her pouty and full lips on the top of his prick. She shot his another sultry stare as she gave his piss hole a long kiss with a lot of tongue.

Linda could guess what Jack wanted to happen next, and she was very pleased. She went down and started sucking on his balls, both to get out of the way and to have a good view of the next stage of Nicole's submission and dedication to serving her father's cock.

The man moved his hips, making the cockhead enter her lips, brushing against her closed teeth.

Jack suggested, "Open your mouth, my darling... Open it wide."

She opened wide.

He had been sitting back, fully relaxed, but now he pushed forward a little bit, carefully pushing his cockhead forward until her open mouth was full of it. Yet she still had a ways to go to fit all of it inside.

Nicole had been feeling mellow and nothing but happy, but her heart resumed pounding hard and her embarrassment came surging back. She pulled back, and asked, "Daddy, do you want me to be your cocksucker?"

He pointed out, "Yes I do. You already said that you are." His worries about his wife finding them out were long gone. That would have to wait for some other time. Right now, his lusts were in total control.

She frowned, realizing that she had just said that. She asked, "Couldn't I just be your slutty, big-titted cock licker and titfucker?" She looked down at Linda, who had all of one of Jack's testicles in her mouth. "And I could pleasure your balls like she's doing too."

He didn't want to get into an argument or negotiation about this, and he felt she was so horny that it wouldn't be necessary. He merely said, "Open wide, my princess. As wide as you can!"

Suddenly, she leaned forward, swallowing deeply with fear and desire. She strained to open her mouth as wide as possible, and engulfed all of his cockhead at once. Then she looked up at him with a puzzled expression. In truth, she was surprised that she'd managed to fit it all in, and that she wasn't choking or gagging on it.

"YES! Just like that... OH!" He was in heaven, The look of his rapturous pleasure assured her cooperation.

Linda was having fun sucking on Jack's balls, but she knew she was needed now for support and direction. She pulled her face out of Jack's crotch altogether and hugged Nicole from behind. "PERFECT! I knew you could do it, girl!" Her big boobs squashed against the brunette's shoulders and back. "You think he was enjoying this so far? Now you will start to REALLY give him pleasure! You're doing great! Remember what you were doing before, all the different ways you lapped and licked his sweet spot? Well, do that again, except from the inside of your mouth."

Nicole didn't have enough of Jack's boner in her mouth to reach his sweet spot with her tongue, so she slid another inch of it in. Then she closed her eyes and resumed her earlier licking techniques.

Linda squeezed Nicole in a tighter hug. "Great! You're doing great! Just like that! Are you breathing through your nose? Do you think you can keep it inside your mouth like that for a while?" Then, realizing that Nicole had no easy way to reply, she added, "Give me the thumbs up or thumbs down."

Nicole gave the thumbs up sign.

"Excellent!" Linda squeezed her with another encouraging hug from behind. "Look, Mr. Devoux! Nicky really is your cocksucker now!" Linda broke her hug and put her face back in Jack's crotch. "Look, Nicky. While you're doing that, I can do this, further down." She got back to licking the free inches of his stiffness.

After another minute or so, Linda said as she licked, "Nicky, you're doing great. There's only one more thing you need to do, and then you've be the PERFECT cocksucking daughter! Just slide your lips back and forth. If you can do something with your tongue at the same time, then great. But if not, don't worry about it, that'll come later. The main thing is, try sliding your lips back and forth over his sweet spot. He totally loves that!"

Nicole's eyes were bugging out from stress and concentration, but she soon managed a steady sucking rhythm.

Linda continued to give advice and encouragement. "Great! Great! Remember though, be careful with your teeth. ... Don't forget to breathe through your nose... Are you moving your tongue too?"

Nicole gave another thumbs up sign, because she was.

"You ARE?! WOW! Mr. Devoux! Your daughter is a natural cocksucker! Look at her go! Wow, she's sliding all over your great big cock like she was born and bred to serve it. Oh, and Nicky, they call it 'cocksucking' for a reason. Try tightening the seal and then REALLY go to town with your sucking, like your mouth is a vacuum cleaner!"

Nicole didn't understand how she could do that and keep licking on the inside at the same time. But she tried her best. Soon, she even managed to do that, although she tended to mostly lick for a while and then mostly suck for a while.

The minutes passed. Linda felt increasingly confident that Nicole was doing a good job, so she spent most of her time licking Jack's balls and the inches of cock not in Nicole's mouth, and she only gave advice every once in a while.

As Nicole grew accustomed to the act of cocksucking, she calmed down enough to think. I can't believe I'm giving head to my own father. It's so wrong! But it's so right too! He's feeling such great pleasure. Linda's right: this is much better than just licking, because I can do so much with my tongue and lips at the same time. But it's still a sin! I'm his daughter. He's my father!

God, why do sins have to feel so good? I love this! I love feeling my mouth stretched as wide as it can get with Daddy's cock! I love how WRONG it is! I love how shameful it is! I love seeing Daddy watch me, watching my sliding lips. God help me, I'm sliding into debauchery and sin, and I totally love it!

She tilted her head and pushed Jack's cockhead to the side of her mouth so it created a large protrusion in one of her cheeks. She held that position, and looked him in the eyes as she thought, Look, Daddy! That's your big cock, all the way inside my mouth! And I'm licking the hell out of it, and sliding my lips up and down it too! Do you like that? Does it make you horny? 'Cos it makes me so damn horny, I can't even stand it! My pussy is gushing like a river!

Time passed. Eventually, Jack said with surprising calmness, "You know, you girls are gonna have to take a break really soon, or I'm gonna cum all over you again."

Nicole relished the idea of being cummed on again, and in fact her face was still soaked with Jack's cum, as was Linda's. But she had a growing need to pee that was cutting in on her fun. So she pulled off and rushed off to the bathroom.

Linda knew that this was Nicole's special time. It was important to get Nicole fully hooked, so they could do this a lot more in the future without Nicole waffling or feeling conflicted. So Linda pulled off too and simply sat in Jack's lap. She made sure to leave his dick alone, and instead enjoyed making out with him while he played with her big tits and occasionally caressed her ass or pussy.

After Nicole used the toilet, she went to the sink to wash her hands. She did that, but she could hardly take her eyes off the sight of herself in the mirror. She loved her cummy look, and even lingered for an extra minute or so just to admire the sight and take a mental picture of it. He'd deposited parts of two loads on her face, and more and more of his cum was dripping down her cheeks and chin and landing on the upper slopes of her great rack, adding to the cum already splattered there. She loved watching the cum fall.

But then she realized with a start, What the heck am I doing here, wasting time, when there's a great big Daddy cock needing lots more sucking and loving? She giggled with glee and then ran full speed back to Jack and Linda.

Nicole loved the sight of Linda sitting in Jack's lap, getting thoroughly kissed and fondled. She especially loved that Jack was kissing Linda with little worry about all the cum on her face. But she also felt frustrated that there seemed no place for her in the scene.

Happily, Linda heard the sound of Nicole running through the house, and she quickly dropped back to her knees between Jack's legs. She patted at a spot in the air next to her. "Good timing, Nicky. I've been giving his cock a nice rest. It's ready for your mouth again."

Nicole took her spot next to Linda. She held the upper half of her father's erection with both hands and engulfed his entire cockhead with one fell swoop. But she didn't stop to savor the moment, or to wonder how she'd managed that. Her need to fellate the man she loved was too strong to be denied. She went right back to her happy bobbing.

After just a few bobs down, she reached his sweet spot with her lips. That made her feel much, much better. It was like all worry fled out of her mind, because she knew she was making her father as aroused as he could get. She started steadily and relentlessly bobbing right over his spot while flicking at it with her tongue, like she'd been doing it for years.

She even thought that very idea. This feels so perfect, it's like I've been doing it for years! Oh God! What a hot idea! I may not have done it for years yet, but I will! But I will! I'm gonna be Daddy's perfect little cocksucker! If my evil stepmom so much as steps out of the room for a minute, I'll be there on my knees, bobbing like mad on my daddy's fat cock! Just like I am now! Oh, this is the best!

Then she pretty much turned her conscious mind off and became an unstoppable cocksucking machine. She bobbed with a desperate passion that astounded both Jack and Linda.

There was no expertise or trickery involved, just a relentless bobbing right over Jack's sweet spot. She slid her lips up and down, up and down, up and down, as if that one spot was the key to his entire happiness.

And at that moment, at least, that was close to the truth for him. His mind all but shut down and he did nothing but luxuriate in the endless waves of pleasure washing through him.

Time passed. At first, Linda felt like she'd only be getting in between something magical if she got involved, and she just watched. But she started to feel jealous. Crap! It's her first time, and she's already doing better than me. Oh well. I guess there's a special spark between daughter and father that just can't be matched. I can't even begin to imagine how crazy they'll go off when he starts to fuck her cunt.

But hey, I knew this coming in. I knew I'd always be second place. But I'm okay with that. Jack is the man I love, and second place with him is way better than first place with anyone else. Besides, I love Nicky so much that I can't get mad. She needed this. God, did she ever need this. It was like there was a huge hole in her life, and now we know what it takes to make her happy: sucking Daddy's cock! Seeing passion like that is so beautiful! Honestly, look at her go! She's on fire! Gaawwwd, that's making me wet!

Linda fingered herself to climax watching Nicky's greedy and feverish cocksucking. But afterwards, her desire to be involved was too great to resist. Since Nicky was ably handling the best part of Jack's cock with her mouth and using her slippery fingers on the rest, Linda had no choice but to suck on his balls for a while.

Jack was doing his damnedest to hang on for dear life. He was clutching the bed sheets so tightly that he felt he'd rip them in two. But it was a losing battle. Every time he looked down to his lap, he'd see his daughter's face. True, her eyes were closed so she could fully concentrate of her jaw-straining task, but her intense passion showed through just the same. And seeing his cum splattered all over her face and her lips stretched wide and just sliding and sliding and sliding... it truly tested the strength of his heart. He was glad he'd been getting in shape lately, because his heart was beating so hard.

He caught a bit of a break because he wasn't able to see her huge cum-covered tits swaying forward and back in time to her bobbing, but he could picture it in his mind. And the only reason he couldn't see it was because Linda's head was in the way as she eagerly devoured his balls, popping all of one and then the other in her mouth repeatedly.

He actually prayed, even though he wasn't a religious man. Dear God, please, please! Let this joy, this great, great joy, may it never end! Pleeeeaaaase give me the strength to hold this magic moment a little longer! It's my daughter's very first blowjob and it's just SO FUCKING GOOD! And Linda! Going to town on my balls some more! Shit! Somebody help me, I'm gonna die of sheer pleasure!

He used all his willpower, but it wasn't enough. Nicole in particular simply would not be denied. Worse (for his stamina), she sensed he was getting close and so she slid her lips along even faster than before. He looked down again, and the sight of her lips stretched obscenely around his shaft and speeding along in a near blur was the final straw.

But he had one last conscious thought as he gazed at her cum-soaked face. Her lips were moving so fast that specks of cum were flying off her cummy face in every direction. He cried out, "Gonna cum! Darling, pull off so I can come on you, and Linda too!"

Even though Nicole was brand new at this, she could somehow sense already that to have his cum shoot straight down her throat would be a bit of a waste. She wouldn't get to enjoy the taste very much. Besides, the longer she sucked him, the more she desired to obey his every command. It was like the act was submissively bonding her to him even more than before. So she pulled back and held his boner from about six inches away. She closed her eyes tightly and waited for a great cum bath.

She certainly wasn't disappointed. It was such a great and prolonged cocksucking that it inspired an even greater load out of him than the last big load. The busty daughter felt like a fire hose was dousing her from inches away.

But she was ever mindful of how much her best friend had helped her. Now that she knew how great the joys of cocksucking were, not to mention the joys of handjobs and titfucks, she felt like she owed Linda a great debt, one so great that she might never be able to repay it. Linda had changed her life! It wasn't much to ask to repay her in cum, even though the sperm was visible proof of Jack's love. She knew Jack loved Linda a lot too, so it was all good.

Thus, after just a few seconds, she aimed his spurting erection at her friend.

Linda had heard Jack's cry, so she was ready and willing. Like Nicole, she closed her eyes and opened her mouth wide.

Nicole opened her eyes at the same time. As much fun it was to feel the cum blasting on her own face, she realized it was very nearly as much fun to watch Linda get sprayed. She silently cheered for both her father and her best friend when Linda hefted up her tits. She was still controlling the aim of her father's cock, so she pointed it right at Linda's deep cleavage. Since Jack's dick was wildly twitching and bucking, most of Linda's rack got a nice pearly glaze even though Nicole had just pointed it at one spot in the middle.

Then, when she sensed his pole only had a couple of increasingly weak jets of cum left to fire, she scooted up close and aimed the tip at her own cleavage. His very last dribbles helped coat her deep tit valley, adding to the plentiful amount already there from his two earlier climaxes.

Finally, she took it back in her mouth and lovingly sucked it some more. She knew it would surely go flaccid after all that, but she loved it so much that she wanted to pleasure it a little more before it finally went soft. She was surprised that she was able to coax a few more dribbles out.

After a minute or two, Linda chuckled. "Okay, girl, I think you're done now."

Nicole looked at her friend and pouted playfully. "Oh, shoot! That was too much fun! What do we have to do to recharge that thing? I wanna do that some more. Right away!"

Jack groaned upon hearing that. He'd fallen back to the bed, and he felt even more dead than last time. He'd just climaxed three times in a row. He knew he was all done, at least until long after Alison was back home.

Linda giggled. "Girl, I think you're a natural cocksucker!"

Nicole giggled too. "I think you're right! But one thing I'm not is lesbian. Because I'm totally, totally hot for you right now, but only because you're covered in Daddy's sperm! That's the hottest thing I've ever seen! I totally want to lick you clean!"

Linda retorted, "You should see yourself! You look seriously smokin' hot too. I just want to lick you clean from head to toe. I think there's even more on you. Wait! You can!" She nodded to a full-length mirror elsewhere in the room.

The two of them were up in a flash. There was enough room for them to both stand in front of the mirror and check themselves and each other out. The gazed in amazement, like they were admiring incredible wedding dresses. They babbled excitedly about their cummy looks, and how much fun they'd just had.

There was more cum on Nicole's face because when he came the first time, he came on her alone. Linda pointed out, "Girl, he came on your face THREE times! Do you know how incredible that is, or how lucky you are? Don't expect that every day from now on. Not even close!"

"We'll see about that," Nicole giggled with a devilish twinkle in her eye. "It's all a matter of how much we inspire him, right?"

Linda replied, "If he inspires you any more, your entire face will be one solid mask of pure sperm! It's in your hair, it's on your neck, it's everywhere."

Nicole bounced excitedly. "I know! Isn't it awesome?! I'm never gonna wash up!"

Linda knew Nicole would have to wash up soon, certainly before Alison came home, but she didn't say anything because she didn't want to ruin Nicole's moment.

Eventually, Nicole's eyes wandered down enough to check out her pussy and Linda's too. She didn't have any real lesbian desire for her best friend, but she loved how soaked and sticky Linda's crotch and thighs looked. Then she looked at her own crotch, and quickly pulled her micro-bikini bottoms down her legs. She muttered, "Why the fuck am I still wearing THAT?" Then she tossed them aside. There were so wet that when they hit the floor they made a lewd squishy sound.

She exhaled heavily. "Ah, that's better! Now I'm totally nude, totally happy, and totally horny!" She giggled.

Amused, Linda noted, "Girl, I do believe you just said the word 'fuck.'"

Nicole's eyes widened. "I did, didn't I? Oh well. So what? I'm my Daddy's cock slut now, and I guess cock sluts talk like that. I'll get used to it."

Linda was pleasantly surprised. "Good attitude!"

Nicole turned around and looked at her bed, where her father was sprawled out. She teased, "Hey Daddy! Are you still alive?"

He moaned, "Barely."

But Nicole was still full of energy. "Hey Daddy, sit up. You won't want to miss this."

Even though he was half-dead, curiosity got the best of him. He somehow propped his head up enough to see.

Nicole still felt bold, thanks to the wild erotic feelings pulsing through her body. She grabbed Linda's shoulders and repositioned their bodies so Jack had a great view of their profiles. Then she stepped forward and pressed her tits into Linda's. Their chests were so cummy that they smeared the cummy glaze into each other and gave it a thorough rubbing.

"Holy fuck!" Jack said, sitting up and quickly reviving. His heart pounded hard all over again as he ate up the sexy sight, but unfortunately his penis was still down for the count.

As if that wasn't enough, they shared another long, passionate kiss.

Jack groaned again as he watched the girls grope each other's magnificent asses.

After necking for a couple of minutes, Nicole asked Linda as their nipples continued to rub together, "Honestly, do you feel any desire for me?"

Linda shrugged. She lied to herself and Nicole too, "To be fully honest, not really. I just don't swing that way."

"Good. Neither do I." Actually, Nicole wasn't being honest with herself either. "I'm glad we got that out of the way. But this is pretty hot and fun, don't you think?" She licked some cum off Linda's chin and fed it into her mouth with another kiss.

"Yeah," Linda agreed, while she also took a turn licking cum off Nicole's face. "But that's only because we're so hot for Mr. Devoux's cum. It's all about sloshing around in his cum. I totally want to lick every last drop off cum off you."

"Oooh! Me too, off you!" Nicole agreed.

"Yeah, and we should!" Linda said as she writhed against her best friend. "But that doesn't make us lesbians. We're just hungry for Daddy sperm. And we love our man and want to do anything to please him. I'd totally kiss you on the lips, especially if I can swap his cum with you, but only if Mr. Devoux is watching."

"Great idea!"

Jack cried out as he watched them eagerly French kiss each other again, "Linda, for the love of God! Please, call me Jack! That's my name! What's it gonna take to get you to call me that? I'll give you money! Seriously!"

Linda was disappointed. She broke the kiss to explain, "It's not about money." She quickly changed the topic. "I don't know about you two, but I'm kind of peckish, and there's not nearly enough cum here to fill me. I say we go downstairs and scrape up something to eat."

"Good idea," Jack agreed. "And I've got to pee. But I need to somehow scrape myself off the bed first. I'm too old for this."

Linda turned to him, breaking the tit-to-tit contact. "Nonsense! Don't say you're too old. In fact, you're looking better than I've seen you in years. Once we've sucked your cock every day for ten years straight, THEN you can call yourself old. But not a day sooner."

He moaned. "Man, you two are gonna kill me. Death by cocksucking. What a fate!"

Nicole giggled. "Yep!" She giggled some more.


The three of them went downstairs as they were, which meant Jack's T-shirt was the only item of clothes among them. They literally were more covered in cum than in clothes.

When they reached the kitchen, Nicole surprised them by saying, "Daddy, I've got a request. No, make that a demand. Take that silly shirt off already."

"Why?" He looked at his shirt. It had cum stains here and there from where Linda's boobs had been pressing into him when they'd necked while Nicole was in the bathroom.

Nicole said, exasperated, "Because I want to run my hands over every inch of your naked body, that's why! And I know Linda does too. Don't worry about your looks. Besides, we think you're VERY handsome."

"I'm not," he said glumly.

She continued, "I disagree. But in any case, look at us! Look at our faces! Look at our chests! We're, like, marinating in your sticky cum! Do you really think we'll be thrown off by your looks if you take off your shirt? We're in this for the long haul!"

The other two were very surprised. Nicole simply never asserted herself like that. But her sexual awakening was changing her. She was leaving her shyness behind, at least when she was with her two favorite people.

He looked down glumly. "No. But I'm just... I'm not worthy. I know I'm losing weight and looking better, but it's not enough. Given the way you two look, if I don't look like some action movie hero, I'll feel inadequate."

Surprisingly, Linda was the one who stepped forward and said, "Bullshit! You're MY action movie hero, and I'm sure you're Nicky's too. It just so happens the action involves your cock sliding down our throats instead of fighting."

"Yeah!" Nicole agreed with that wholeheartedly.

Linda added, "Don't you get it? We adore you! Besides, you're starting to look pretty damn hunky, like I keep saying. So take that fucking shirt off already!"

He chuckled. "'Hunky.' Right." But he took the shirt off and put it on the kitchen counter. He was feeling pretty darn good about himself after their compliments, not to mention the long cocksucking session.

The girls raided the kitchen for food and drink while he used the bathroom.

They downed their drinks and ate some finger food in relative silence. Nicole wasn't really feeling regrets, at least not yet, but she was taking the time to absorb all that had happened.

Then Jack moved over to a love seat in the living room, just to rest and relax.

The girls followed him and squeezed in on either side of him, even though the love seat was only meant to hold two. It worked, but it was very cozy.

Linda asked him anxiously, "Mr. Devoux, I think you know where we stand after what happened today. We love you and want to be your lovers for as long as you'll have us. The big question is, what do you think?"

He was silent a long while, thinking heavily. Finally, he said, "I've never been so happy and yet so sad at the same time. I'm happy - well I think that part is obvious." He reached out and playfully pinched their nearest nipples. Then he put his arms around them. "I feel like a king!"

The girls happily cuddled into him (although they were careful not to let any more of the cum on their faces rub off).

He continued in a sadder tone, "But I'm sad too, and the problem is Alison. You gotta understand, girls, I love her! I really do love her. Okay, maybe I was more in lust with her when I married her, but we've really connected lately. Yes, part of that is sexual, but we just click in a really great way. I want our marriage to work. I feel like such a cad, doing all this sexual stuff with you two. If she found out she'd hate me, and with good reason! But I can't give you two up. I love this too much. It would be like going without food or water."

The girls listened closely, but gave him time to keep talking.

He continued, "So, basically, I'm screwed. I don't see any good endgame here. If we keep this up, it's just a matter before she catches us. She's a smart cookie, and very observant. I think she suspects something already. At the very least, she knows you two are in love with me. And if she does catch us, she could make our lives hell. Nicky, you'd probably be sent away, and I'd go to jail."

Nicky clutched to him closely. A jolt of fear ran through her.

He went on, "Maybe we could delay that day for a while if we're very, very careful. In two years you'll both be legal, so I won't be QUITE as screwed if we get caught after that, although it'll still be incest and I may still go to jail."

Nicky cut in, "It's not really incest if we don't actually... you know... right?" She wasn't as horny now, so she was unwilling to say "fuck" again. She was almost like a different person: a shy, demure, and slightly prudish girl most of the time, and a wild, uninhibited slut when she really got going. She was naked, covered in cum, and pressed up against her dad, yet she also was tired and needing a break. So she was somewhat horny, and thus her mood was somewhere in between her extremes.

Jack replied, "Different people will argue difficult things. I'll have to look up the law in this state. It would be a big scandal with all our friends and family, at the very least. Believe me, you do NOT want to get caught on purpose to get Alison out of the picture. Our lives will become a living hell, and we won't be able to see each other like this again."

The girls had already been thinking getting caught might be a solution, although a painful one, as a way to get rid of Alison so the three of them could stay together with interference. But his comments killed off that idea.

He said, "Furthermore, I worry how us playing around could affect your development. Frankly, I worry you're both too submissive towards me. The more we do this, the more engrained those submissive habits are likely to be."

Linda brushed her blonde hair back and looked at him in disbelief. "Are you serious? Like that's some kind of BAD thing?!"

"Yes. You two are living a fantasy. Luckily, I'm a pretty nice guy. But what if, further down the road, you get involved with someone who's not so nice? They could take advantage. The more submissive you get, the more they could exploit you. I shudder to even think about it."

Linda said defiantly, "That is so NOT an issue! For one thing, we let go like this because we're with YOU, and we know you're safe! Look, admittedly, Nicky is still a virgin, but I'm not. I know this may shock you, but I've been with lots of guys already. I behaved TOTALLY differently with them. I didn't show off any submissive tendencies, nor would I unless I was absolutely sure he was someone I could trust, just like you."

Nicole wanted to nip these concerns in the bud, so she spoke with very uncharacteristic forcefulness. "Yeah! Frankly, Daddy, I'm insulted! You act like we're helpless little lambs, easy prey for pimps and lowlifes, just because we love serving your cock. That is SO not true! I'm a TOTALLY different person with you than other guys. There's no connection at all. We can take care of ourselves, thank you very much!"

He protested, "But Nicky! Maybe Linda can. She has other sexual experiences. But you, you are as pure as a lamb when it comes to other guys. There's no telling-"

Nicole cut him off. "There is telling! Okay, maybe I am naive when it comes to guys. But Linda and I are practically joined at the hip. I wouldn't make a move without her expert advice. Heck, we go everywhere together, so no guy is gonna be able to even get close to me if she doesn't approve. So I appreciate your concern, but it's totally unfounded."

"Yeah!" Linda agreed. "In fact, I hate to say this, but I think your comment is sexist. You act like we can't handle anything, just because we're female!"

"Yeah!" Nicole seconded that.

Jack was taken aback. The girls were never this assertive with him. Their very assertiveness was shocking, but also encouraging to him, because it suggested they weren't submissive pushovers after all. He replied, "No, it's not that you're female, it's that you're so young. Don't call me sexist, call me ageist, maybe. But age DOES matter. I've seen and done a lot of things. I think I have good reason to worry."

Linda said hotly, "Of course you have good reason to worry. Every day Nicky goes to school, you have good reason to worry that she'll get hit by a car, or come down with pneumonia, or get killed by a falling meteor, or who knows what! Life is full of risk. As a parent, you're gonna worry, and that's good. If you didn't, that would mean you don't care. But don't paralyze us with your worries. Give us a chance to show that we can handle this. Otherwise, how will we ever get a chance to mature?"

He was impressed by these arguments, and the passion with which they were expressed. He asked, "So, what do you recommend I do?"

Nicole spoke up, but it just as easily could have been Linda, since they were thinking the same thing. "Give us a chance to show you that we can handle this. Let us love you OUR way, our fully submissive way. Give us a trial period. A month, maybe. See if it starts to change us or not. If it does, then fine, we'll tone things down."

"Yeah!" Linda agreed. "Don't treat us like babies. All this submissive talk, it's mostly just a way for us to express how much we love you and want to make your happy. Don't take it all literally. Sheesh!"

Actually, Nicole meant most of it literally, if not all of it. She knew Linda felt the same. But she played along so he'd stop worrying. "Yeah, really! There's bedroom sexy talk, and there's reality. We know you're just a guy, but this kind of talk makes us all horny, so what's wrong with it? You can't deny it arouses you."

"It does," he admitted. "I guess... as long as you understand it's just bedroom talk and not reality, it should be okay." He frowned with uncertainty. "We can try your trial period idea, I guess..."

"Yeay! Yeay!" The girls cheered wildly. They took turns kissing him, and then kissing each other.

However, they both realized that they were skating on thin ice. They sensed they'd need to be careful not to get carried away with their language for fear of scaring him off.

After all the kissing ended, he added, "But within reason, okay? I don't want you calling me your 'master' or anything like that, because that's just ridiculous."

Both girls were so happy over their avoidance of disaster in the discussion that they independently decided to slide down his body to partake in more cocksucking. They giggled and laughed when they met on their knees between his legs.

Jack hadn't been expecting that at all, since he was in a mellow mood, just enjoying the nude cuddling with his hands on their asses. He asked, "Hey, what do you two think you're doing?!"

"Isn't it obvious?" Linda responded while lapping her tongue against his sweet spot. Her tongue occasionally brushed against Nicole's, since they were both honing in on that same super sensitive spot.

"There's no way I'm gonna get hard again," he said. "I just came three times in the last hour!"

The girls didn't reply, but just kept on licking for another minute or two until he was fully erect. Then Linda, who was always the more cheeky of the two, asked triumphantly, "You were saying something?"

He could hardly believe it, but there was no denying the reality of their busy tongues lapping against the sides of his stiff penis. "But what about Alison?" he complained. "She could come home at any time."

"Oh, hush," Linda said firmly. "She's not gonna be home for an hour at the very least, and you know it."

He knew she was right, so he didn't put up any more fuss. He kicked back and enjoyed a joyous blur of kissing, fondling, titfucking, handjobs, and blowjobs for the next half hour. Mostly, they gave him a dual blowjob until he came again and his penis was just too wiped out to get hard anymore.

All that activity helped lock in Nicole's participation in cocksucking. She could hardly claim that it was morally wrong when she'd done it so much, and obviously loved it.

The guilt didn't hit him until Alison came home about an hour after that. Then the guilt hit him very hard indeed.

Later, he thought, I must be certifiably insane. This is a classic example of a bird in the hand being worth two in the bush. Literally! Here I have Alison. She's my wife! That's such a fucking mind-blowing thought, because she's way out of my league. I should get down on my knees every day and pray that she'll never leave me, because she's just that great. God, and she's fucking gorgeous! Any man should be more than satisfied with her in every way.

But no. What do I do? I go and fuck it all up. I simply can't keep my hands off my two girls. I'm gonna lose my "bird in the hand" and not get the "two in the bush" either, because total disaster will befall me once it gets out what I'm doing with them. Especially Nicky.

He sighed heavily. My own daughter!

When I see Alison's smiling, loving face, and I think about losing her, it breaks my heart. I feel terrible! She's way out of my league in many ways, and I'd be an absolute fool to lose her. And yet I know that my resistance is basically broken. I just can't resist those two! I swear, I feel like I'm cursed by beautiful women. I'm drowning in pleasure and joy now, but the shit is gonna hit the fan in a big way. Alison's just too smart and perceptive, for one thing. I can tell that she sees there's something off about me today. I can't hide my guilt!

NOTE: Thanks to the suggestions and corrections of Wayac, BozotheClone, YamiBoy, and Sam.I.am, and the reformatting of Sam.I.am.

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