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Part 6: Chapters 21 to 24
(MF, Mf, Ff, ff, mult, cons, reluc, les, het, humor, wife, inc, fath, dau, in-law, D/S, group, orgy, poly, harem, 1st, voy, WC, WM, WF, oral, anal, pett, BBR)
Written by Storysmith and Spacer X (paul_t_22@yahoo.com)


One day later, Nicole and Linda were dying of worry and anticipation as they returned to Nicole's home after their day at school.

As they walked inside, Nicole whispered, "I'm so freaked out that I think I'm gonna pass out! I'm trembling all over!" Her worry was that Jack would somehow reject her. The two girls had been talking about it in private moments all day.

Nicole had been going through wild mood swings all day long. Sometimes she would think back to the fun they'd had the afternoon before and she'd feel so good that it was like walking on air. But other times, she thought about Jack telling them they'd have to stop, and she'd look crestfallen. Her classmates were quite puzzled.

Linda said, "Chill. I keep telling you, everything is gonna be all right." She wasn't nearly as worried. She felt like the ice had been broken and there was no going back now. She was much more experienced in sexual matters, and she knew what an irresistible team she and Nicole made. Besides, since she wasn't related to Jack in any way, the incest issue didn't bother or worry her nearly as much. She figured that she, at least, would be able to go all the way with Jack even if he got skittish over incest with Nicole.

Nicole hugged herself, like she was chilled. "Keep telling me that!"

Linda reassured her. "Don't worry. We'll just go out back, slip into our bikinis, and wait. He'll be out soon."

Nicole looked panicky. "I can't wait! I need to know now!"

Linda realized with alarm that Nicole was headed straight for Jack's office. As the bosomy blonde followed, she complained, "Don't go in there! You know how he values his privacy!"

But Nicole kept on, rapidly shedding clothes along the way. She knocked at his door, but walked in before Jack had any time to respond. Because it was a nice sunny day, she was down to just her bra and panties by the time she walked in.

Jack swiveled around in his office chair. He was going to say something irritable about being disturbed, but the desperate and worried look on Nicole's face gave him pause.

Linda came in a moment later, still fully dressed. She looked worried too, but more about how he'd react to the sudden intrusion. She started to say, "I'm so sorry, Mr. Devoux. I tried to warn her..." Her voice trailed off, because she saw Nicole drop to her knees and fumble with Jack's belt and zipper.

However, Nicole was so nervous that her hands were trembling and so she couldn't make much progress.

Jack said in a quiet, comforting voice, "Nicky? Nicky baby, what's wrong?"

Undoing a belt and zipper wasn't that tough, even with shaking hands, and Nicole managed to get Jack's penis in her hands after some long and awkwardly quiet moments. He had been taken by surprise, so his penis wasn't hard, but Nicole tilted her head down and started sucking on it anyway.

"Whoa!" Jack exclaimed. "Hold your horses there. What are you doing? We need to stop and talk, and think things through!"

But his words said one thing and his penis said quite another. It grew hard in a matter of seconds, filling up so quickly in Nicole's mouth that she had to pull her head back a bit in surprise. The confirmation of his arousal only fired her lusts, and she began sucking back and forth over his sweet spot with great suction.

Jack put both of his hands on his head and sucked in his breath through his teeth, just as if he was getting a cold freeze from eating ice cream too quickly. But it was a great surge of arousal, not cold, that overwhelmed him.

Linda smiled upon seeing that. She undid Nicole's bra and made sure it fell to the floor. Then, just to make sure he wouldn't make any more objections, she sat on one of his thighs and started French kissing him.

He could feel his resistance fading like the last inch of bath water rushing down the bathtub drain. Fuck! I'm so fucked! I knew this was gonna happen. I thought I'd at least try to put up a fight, but I couldn't even do that. I'm so sorry, Alison!

He tenderly ran his hands through Nicole's hair, because he could tell she was still anxious and nervous. He felt her mouth and hands shaking, which made for some interesting vibrations on his erection, but he didn't want to get pleasure from her suffering.

Linda had been taking her clothes off while kissing him, but she finally reached a point where it helped a lot to stand up so she could take off her skirt and panties. That meant breaking the kiss. As she did that, and exposed her pussy, she said to him, "Nicky's all worried."

"I can see that," he replied, nodding at Nicole's visibly trembling body.

Linda continued, "I think she'd feel a lot better if you told her this doesn't have to stop." Hoping to influence his thinking, now that she was also naked she took his hand and brought it to her crotch. She guided his fingers until he was cupping her pussy mound with one finger poking into her slit.

Jack thought, Here I go again! I can actually feel my willpower leaving me, like it's some physical thing exiting my body. How can I resist these two sexy young vixens? How could anyone?! If only I could come up with some kind of strategy with Alison. There has to be a way so I won't lose my marriage, but how?!

He closed his eyes, as if that would remove him from the scene, but he kept on fingering Linda's pussy while enjoying Nicole's great suction.

Linda noticed that Nicole was still wearing her panties, since she hadn't had time to fully undress when she came into the room. Linda quickly took care of that, and pulled the panties all the way off Nicole's legs. Then she slid her hand between her best friend's legs and felt the moisture in her slit. "I see you're having a good time, Nicky!"

"LINDA!" The brunette was shocked to feel her friend's hand on her most intimate parts. Even with all their lesbian kissing and fondling, pussy touching had been an unspoken taboo until now.

Linda said, "Sorry, just checking." But her hand continued there, and she kept on rubbing Nicole's pussy lips without sticking any fingers in.

Nicole didn't want to spoil this magic moment, so she decided not to complain. Besides, she was so busy with her cocksucking that she didn't want to pull off to talk. Plus, it helped that it felt pretty good.

"Tell me, Nicky, are you liking it? Sucking your dad, I mean?" Linda asked while she played with Nicole's clit a little bit.

Nicole nodded emphatically without breaking from her sucking movements. It was hard to tell she was nodding though, since she was bobbing up and down on his erection so vigorously already. Her hooters were making a show of their own as they bounced and slapped against his thighs.

"Your daddy seems to like your big tits, girl..." Linda let go of Nicole's pussy and brought both her hands up to cup her friend's large bosom. The blonde teen started to wobble her friend's knockers in an obscene way.

But Nicole never stopped her lips or tongue. She was determined to have all of her father's love, which meant having all of his sperm.

As Linda hefted Nicole's full globes up and down repeatedly, she said, "Your little princess is not so little anymore, Mr. Devoux! Look at her big fat tits! What a rack. I wish I was that stacked. Nicky has the best rack in school! Do you like her big boobs?"

He opened his eyes and gaped at the sight of Linda playing with Nicole's perfect globes, not to mention Nicole's sliding lips. "Oh yes... I love 'em!"

"You hear that, Nicky? he loves your big fat boobies." Linda spoke as she brushed Nicole's dark hair out of the way so Jack could have an even better view of them.

Jack was breathless as he admired his daughter's generous chest. Her tits bounced freely in time to her bobbing head. Even though he'd seen and felt them a lot lately, they always were a breathtaking sight.

Linda suddenly exclaimed to Jack, "I think you need to fuck them!" She added, "And I want to try a new way, so I can have fun too."

The foxy blonde helped move Nicole into a good titfucking position. As Nicole enveloped her father's erection with her round tit-pillows, Linda said to Nicole, "There! That feels good, doesn't it? How do you feel now, girl?"

Nicole moaned. "Mmmm! Soooo good!" Her head was tilted down and she licked his piss hole. "Just feeling Daddy's cock in between my tits is nearly making me cum! Heck, just KNOWING that it's there totally makes me want to cum!" She moaned some more, showing she wasn't just saying that.

Linda encouraged, "Do it! Jack him off with your big tits! And don't stop licking him either!"

Nicole came hard. She kept his shaft fully sheathed by her soft globes all through her trembling orgasm, but she had to take a breather from licking while she recovered from her climax.

Linda saw her chance to try out the "new way" that she'd mentioned. With Nicole's head tilted back, she moved in closely, pressing her rack tightly into Nicole's, and then tilted her head down and started licking the part of Jack's erection that was poking out of Nicole's cleavage.

Nicole didn't mind that, since she figured there was plenty of cock to go around. Once she recovered, she titled her head at an angle and licked his cockhead a little bit without interfering with Linda's licking on the other side of his mushroomy head. But mostly she focused on moving her tits around. She couldn't slide them around as freely as she would have had Linda not had her head in close, but she made up for that by doing a lot of squeezing.

After a while, Linda resumed lightly fingering Nicole's pussy lips.

Nicole immediately complained. "What are you doing?!"

Linda said, "Trust me, this is NOT any kind of lesbian thing. I'm not even gonna poke a finger inside you. But I figure the more aroused you get, the more you'll get into servicing his cock."

Nicole pointed out, "I'm sooo into it! I can't possibly get any more into it!"

"Yes you can. Trust me on this. Have I steered you wrong yet?"

So Nicole let Linda finger her some more. She realized that it did make her more aroused, and thus more hungry for her father's cock. In fact, she liked it so much that she even considered returning the favor, but her hands were occupied squeezing and sliding her big tits around Jack's boner.

Linda's fingers certainly helped Nicole cum more often and more intensely. As Nicole's second climax arrived, Linda poked two fingers inside her. That helped cause such an intense rush of pleasure that Nicole couldn't help but scream like a banshee as she gushed all over Linda's fingers.

Nicole had been noticeably quiet on the topic of cocksucking ever since she started doing it the previous afternoon. She was in a tough position, because she'd been so vocal against it, and yet her actions showed that she'd completely changed her feelings on it. Linda had wisely resisted the urge to say, "I told you so," and just acted as if they'd always been sucking Jack's penis together. Nicole also still had a deep sense of unease that what she was doing was a serious sin, and she felt uncomfortable talking or even thinking about that.

But after this latest great orgasm, her uncertainty was gone. She was sure that she was doing the right thing, because it didn't make sense to her that the greatest pleasures she'd ever felt could be something God didn't want her to do. Her idea of what constituted incest suddenly shifted, so cocksucking was put with handjobs and titfucks as almost, but not quite, sinful.

She loved that she was obeying and pleasuring her father. A new naughty feeling was taking hold of the religious girl - she was ready to do almost anything to be the perfect lover for him. It made her even hornier just to think of the fact that she was obeying him.

She took his cock out of her mouth and started to talk dirty, "Are you ready to cum for me, Daddy? Please, squirt me with your cum! Hose me down! I want you to cake my face with loads and loads of your spermy love, just like you did yesterday! Didn't think your little girl would suck her daddy's cock, did you?"

"N-n-no, I didn't," he confessed in a dazed stutter as she engulfed his cock in her mouth again.

She swallowed as much as she could of his boner, and returned to licking just the tip, and then back down again.

Linda had to give way, and the titfucking had to come to an end for now, but Nicole was so overcome with a great need to suck and bob on her father's dick that it was like she had no choice in the matter.

Once again, Linda didn't mind that much, since she still had her eyes on the larger goal of fully sexually converting Nicole. Besides, there was always something else for her to do. For instance, she'd never really stopped fingerbanging Nicole's pussy once she started during Nicole's last orgasm, and she was fingering her own pussy at the same time.

The three of them continued on in this fashion for another fifteen minutes. The girls took turns doing different things to Jack's erection. For instance, it took some careful positioning, but at one point, Linda sucked hard on his cockhead while Nicole managed to titfuck the rest of his shaft.

However, Jack could only last for so long, and the girls were getting good at sensing when he was ready to shoot. Knowing the end was drawing near, the girls both started slowly licking his hard-on from tip to base. They could see that he was looking at them, so they were keen on making a good visual display to help push him over the edge.

"Do you like it? Do I do it good, Daddy?" Nicole asked as she made one loving swirl around his cockhead before returning to a long swipe down to his pubic hair.

He gasped, "Yes! It's the best blowjob of my life! Oh god, I love it!"

Linda spoke up while she made her latest long swipe upwards. "Mr. Devoux, I must confess, I totally love licking and sucking your cock! Nicky, can you think of anything else you'd rather do than this, every day of the week?"

"Definitely NOT! This is IT!" The buxom daughter spoke in an extra sexy voice while looking right at his face. "Daddy, are you ready to shoot your load down your cute little Nicky's throat? Is that what you want, Daddy? You want to cum in your daughter's hot, sperm-hungry mouth? Not just today, but every day from now on?" Nicole had never said such perverted things before, but she felt extra tingles of pleasure all the way down to her pussy just from talking like this.

Jack was flying over the moon with erotic euphoria. He tried to hold on a little longer, but his daughter's nasty words sent him over the edge. His hard cock started to swell, and he started ejaculating what seemed like gallons of cum in her mouth.

Nicole was still new at this, and she was overcome by the flood of cum. She had to pull back. Besides, she thought it was only fair to share in the creamy bounty with Linda. They were an inseperable team.

Hot jets of cum hit Nicole full in the face, leaving large lines and blobs of cum everywhere. As she leaned farther, long ropes hit her neck and her huge breasts. She came again just from the glorious feel of the sticky goo seemingly covering her everywhere.

Her orgasm slowed her down a bit, but as soon as she could manage, she pointed her father's spurting dick at Linda's face and chest. In the end, Nicole got more of it, but Linda still got a substantial amount.

Jack slumped backwards and closed his eyes. He was going through the usual post-orgasmic crash, but it was particularly strong this time, since he'd had a particularly strong climax.

But he hardly had a moment to rest when Linda said, "Mr. Devoux, please open your eyes. I don't think you want to miss this."

He thought, Good God. What now? These two are gonna kill me! But he opened his eyes, and he was propped up enough to see.

Linda started licking Nicole's ample cum-covered boobs.

Nicole feebly tried to push Linda's head away, but her heart wasn't in it. Her face turned up towards Jack. "Daddy, do you find this arousing to watch?"

"Oh God, hell yes!" he replied emphatically, even though he still felt half-dead.

That mollified Nicole a lot, but still she asked Linda, "Do you have to hold me like that? It feels more like fondling than holding."

Linda mumbled, "Yes I do."

In truth, Nicole had a good point: Linda wasn't just holding her tits in place, she was squeezing them, sliding them against each other, and generally running her hands all over them. She wasn't even being particularly subtle about it. Nicole was concerned that Linda's actions were getting increasingly lesbian in nature. But Nicole was still extremely horny, and what Linda's hands and mouth were doing felt so good that she didn't register any more complaints.

In fact, mindful that Jack was watching, Nicole got busy playing with Linda's tits too.

But Linda was far more enthusiastic, and this still worried Nicole. About five minutes later, Linda was busy suckling on one of Nicole's nipples, and then the other, when Nicole complained, "Aren't you done already? You've been suckling on me like a baby the past couple of minutes, and there can't be any of Daddy's sperm still there."

Linda pulled back, and said, "That's true. But my goal isn't just to clean you up, it's to get his big cock nice and stiff again. And he gets off on this kind of thing, 'cos all guys do. Right, Mr. Devoux?"

Jack had mostly gotten his energy back by now (although his penis was still flaccid). He was still up and raptly watching the show. He nodded, and said, "Absolutely! I love it! If you two keep this up, I may even get hard again before long."

Nicole's eyes went wide upon hearing that. "Oh! That's different. By all means, Linda, please continue! Suckle on me as long as you like."

That sounded pretty good to Linda, but she had an even better idea for now. "Hey! You know what'll really get him stiff? If we lick each other's pussies!"

Nicole immediately complained, "No way!"

Linda scooted closer and whispered in Nicole's ear. "Remember Alison! What can we offer him that she can't? This is one thing. Or do you want to lose him to her?"

Nicole whispered back. "I don't know... I don't want to lose, but not that, please? It seems unseemly. Unnatural, even."

Linda rolled her eyes. "Oh please." She was about to say more to talk Nicole into it, but she came up with a quicker solution. She said to Jack, "Mr. Devoux, please, tell her to get with the program."

Jack didn't want to be forceful, but he could also see that Nicole was extremely uncomfortable about pussy licking. So he said to Nicole, "My princess, I'd really love to see you lick Linda completely clean of my cum."

Nicole took that as a direct order. That was hardly the case, but the idea that her father was ordering here to lick up his cum from her naked best friend really turned her on. She bent down and started licking, cleaning the steep slopes between Linda's left nipple and her deep cleavage.

The foxy brunette soon was eating his sperm with glee. She also found herself fondling Linda's big breasts in much the same way Linda had been fondling hers. In fact, after a while, Linda resumed fondling Nicole's tits, since she wasn't doing anything with her hands anyway.

Once the cum was almost gone, Linda gently guided Nicole's head to one of her nipples, and Nicole started suckling.

To Nicole's surprise, she found that she enjoyed doing that, although not as much as how she liked Linda suckling on her nipples.

After more than five minutes suckling on both of Linda's nipples, Nicole looked up to Linda's face and licked her lips. There was still a lot of cum on her friend's face (and even more on her own).

Linda laughed, and said, "You're still hungry, aren't you? I'm sure your father will feed you more cum very soon! And probably every day too!" She playfully yanked on Nicole's nipples, making her squeal with delight.

Nicole turned to Jack and said, "Yes, Daddy, if you want, I can suck you every day... Well, Linda and I, together." She looked him with a sexy and inviting face, even as she kept fondling Linda's rack while Linda fondled hers. "Please, can we suck on your cock a lot?"

"Yes, my princess," he answered with a broad and satisfied smile. "That sounds wonderful. You are the best daughter a man could have. And Linda, I love you just like a daughter."

Both girls beamed and gleamed with happiness at his words. They wanted to lick each other's faces clean of cum, but before they did, Linda had them both sit on Jack's lap. Each one sat on a thigh, and they pressed their big tits into his chest as they cleaned each other's faces only a few inches away from his.

He periodically leaned forward and kissed their mouths. But mostly, he kept his hands busy exploring their voluptuous nude bodies. He spent a lot of time playing with their pussies in particular. He'd never really done that before, and he soon learned Nicole had already lost her hymen to masturbation. (he was aware Linda had lost her hymen since she'd fucked some boys already.)

Nicole was distressed about this new pussy fondling at first, since it seemed like a gateway activity to fucking, and she said so. "Daddy, please! If you keep doing that to my pussy, won't you want to do other things with it?"

Jack replied with two fingers pumping in Nicole's slit and two on his other hand pumping in Linda's. "Darling, a finger is not a penis. In fact, if I do this, maybe I'll be LESS tempted to fuck your cute little pussy, because I get to enjoy it this way. You do want to preserve your virginity, don't you?"

Nicole nodded.

"Well then, you should let me play with your pussy as much as possible then."

Nicole didn't really understand that logic at all, but what he was doing felt really good, and it was rapidly bringing her to another climax.

Linda said confidently, "He's right. Besides, doesn't it get you hot to know that every last inch of your body is fair game to his hands or mouth? To know that, basically, your entire body belongs to him now?"

Nicole bit her lip as she nodded. These ideas excited her so much that she had to constrain herself from squealing out loud.

Linda went on, "It makes me really hot too! Come on, look at his big, manly fingers plunging in and out of my burning hot slit and tell me that doesn't make you hot!"

Nicole just kept biting her lip. It looked really hot to her too.

Linda added, "Besides, the main thing is, look how it's affecting him!" She'd been holding and stroking Jack's flaccid penis for the past few minutes. She nodded towards his crotch and showed that his penis wasn't flaccid anymore.

"Oh, COOL!" Nicole exclaimed. She immediately got on all fours on the floor right in front of him. That forced Jack to pull his fingers out of her pussy, but she was okay with that because her total focus was on sucking cock now.

Jack had cum four times in a relatively short time the previous afternoon, but that had been a very special circumstance, and he could hardly repeat it every day. He'd had a hell of a time even getting erect for his bedtime sex with Alison that evening, and twenty-four hours later it had taken fifteen minutes of the most insanely arousing lesbian interplay between the girls for him to get hard a second time. His penis was still recovering from yesterday.

So he was determined to make this time last, and enjoy it for all it was worth. He shielded his penis with both hands before either girl could swallow his cockhead, and said, "Hold on, girls. I don't know how all of this got started in my office, but this room should be off limits for sexy games. Let's go up to my room where we can use the bed and make a proper afternoon out of this."

"Yeay!" both girls shrieked happily.

He smiled, but then a thought came to him. "No, on second thought, Nicky, let's use your bed. Alison's just too sharp; she's gonna notice the smell of sex. But she never goes in your room, and even if she does, she'll just think you were masturbating in there."

"Which I do, all the time," Nicole said. "Thinking of you!" She was so excited about the going upstairs plan that she was bouncing a little and pulling on his arm, trying to get him to hurry up.

Both girls would have loved to run all the way upstairs, just so they could get started that much faster. But they didn't want to be parted from Jack, so the three of them walked there at his pace, with Jack holding their hands.

Soon, the three of them were busy exchanging tender kisses and gentle touches. They knew they had lots of time, maybe two more hours, before they had to start worrying about Alison coming home, so there was no rush. They lay in the bed for some minutes lazily caressing each other, with the girls generally taking turns stroking his erection to make sure it stayed fully erect.

Jack's face was pressed against Nicole's chest, and he found himself happily suckling on her nipples.

Linda's body was turned the other way, with her face buried in Jack's ass crack. As she licked his anus and jacked him off, a thought came to her. "Hey, Mr. Devoux, when we first got here, remember how Nicky was feeling all nervous?"

He grunted in the affirmative. He didn't want to stop his suckling.

Linda continued, "I said to you that she'd calm down if you could assure her that this kind of fun between us didn't have to stop, ever. I guess you got kind of distracted, but can you tell us that now? It would make me feel really good."

He sighed, and switched to just licking and fondling Nicole's big round tits, so he could talk. "I wish I could, but I can't predict the future. Who knows? Maybe Alison is spying on us already and is gonna bust up our fun in the next five minutes."

"Don't say that!" Nicole poutily protested. She was so distressed, she reached down and started jacking him off, as a kind of reassurance. (Linda didn't mind, and brought her hand down to his balls instead.)

He sighed again. "I wish I could control reality and say that's impossible, but I can't. What I can say is that I'm fully hooked now. I'm gonna try my damnedest to make sure we can keep doing this, every day, for as long as we can. And I'm gonna do all I can to be prudent and make sure we don't get caught. I know that's reckless and crazy and immoral and stupid and everything else, but frankly my dear, I don't give a fuck! I'm willing to risk everything to be with you two. Each of you is irresistible one on one, but put together, you're like an unstoppable force! I swear to God, there is no married man in the world who could resist the temptation."

Nicole ended up kissing and licking her dad's flaccid prick while she masturbated herself, and Linda got on her hands and knees, her firm big mounds hanging down on Jack's sucking mouth.

Linda had been spearing her tongue into his anus, but she pulled it out to say, "I don't know. What do you think, Nicky? That makes me happy, but I'm also really worried too. I don't want this to end, ever!"

Nicole agreed. "I know! I'm so happy right now that I could just DIE! I mean that! Feeling Daddy suck on my titties is so great, it's almost as good as cocksucking!" She growled, "That Alison. God, I hate her!"

Jack quickly interjected, "Don't say that. She's not to blame for anything. We're the deviant ones here, breaking all the rules. Don't you ever put her down, even when I'm not around."

Nicole sighed heavily. "I suppose you're right. But I'm getting all worried now, the more I think about getting caught. She started to scoot down the bed. "Linda, I'm gonna suck Daddy's cock now. That seems to calm my nerves."

"Oooh!" Linda also moved into position for more cocksucking. "Good idea. I need a lot of calming too."

Nicole giggled. "Now that you mention it, I'm so traumatized, I'm going to need a LOT of calming! An hour and a half of non-stop cocksucking, at the very least!"

The two girls got up on all fours, because they knew the sight of their big tits swaying down as they sucked would inspire and arouse Jack even more.

The girls looked at each other and shared a special smile. Then they got to work, licking and stroking all over his firm and throbbing boner.

While it was true that Jack's penis wasn't as eager and constantly hard as it had been yesterday, he did a lot better than he ever expected. The girls knew he wasn't an endless cum fountain, so they were very careful. They sucked, stroked, and titfucked him for over an hour before he finally (and unexpectedly) came. That was made possible only because they gave his penis lots of breaks. But Jack didn't get much of a rest during these breaks, since there was so much kissing and fondling going on as well.

Jack was so tired out by all this non-stop and highly arousing fun that he immediately fell asleep after his climax.

The girls let him be, and cleaned up the room to remove any trace of sex before Alison came home. But cleaning up the evidence reminded them of the danger of Alison catching them, and that put them in worried and pensive moods. Like Jack, they could see no solution other than trying to be extremely careful.

They put candles all around the room and lit them. They figured Nicole could claim it was a decorative thing if Alison asked about all the candles, but the smell of smoke and fire would overwhelm any sex smell.

While they were doing that, they talked.

Jack opened his eyes and looked around. He saw Linda climb up onto a chair to place a candle up high on a bookshelf. He got such a great view of her pussy between her perfect and perfectly tanned ass cheeks that he felt his penis stir a little bit. But then his attention went to Nicole elsewhere in the room, since she was speaking already.

She was saying, "Linda, if Alison catches us, I just... I just don't know what! I can't even conceive how horrible that would be! You were so right! You're right about everything. This IS what a good daughter does. Good daughters serve their daddy's cocks! It's so true, but how could Alison ever understand?"

"She won't." Linda sighed.

Nicole turned around and bent over to pick up another candle out of a box (inadvertently giving Jack a great view of her dangling and swaying tits). "And blowjobs! God, were you right about that! I had NO IDEA they're so much fun! If I don't get to suck Daddy's cock at least once a day, I don't know what I'll do!"

Linda asked, "What do you like most about them? The physical or the mental?"

"What do you mean?"

"The physical is obvious. You know, feeling his thick cock sliding between your lips, guzzling down his yummy cum, slathering your tongue all over it, and all the rest. By the mental, I mean thinking about what you're doing. Knowing that you're his big-titted cock slut, and that your purpose is to serve him. Knowing that you wear his cum on your face like a badge of pride, as well as a mark that he owns you. Knowing that your proper place is on your knees, serving him with your best friend at your side, whenever he wants it. Knowing that the big fat cock in your mouth shows that you-"

Nicole cut her off. "Shut up! Okay, I get it already! If you keep talking like that, I'm gonna cum again!" She was panting so hard, she had to clutch at her huge orbs to keep them from bouncing too much.

But Linda took care of that problem by stepping up and pressing her big rack into Nicole's even bigger one. She wrapped an arm around Nicole's back, and then brought her free hand to Nicole's pussy and ran a finger up and down it. She purred, "So, what's the answer? Which excites you the most, the mental or the physical? I'm guessing it's the mental."

"Not necessarily," Nicole replied as she held her tits with both hands pressing them into Linda's and rubbing their nipples together. "I think it's easier to get me excited talking about the mental, because talking about how it feels to have his great big cock totally crammed in my mouth, practically making me choke or gag, well, it sounds good, but it doesn't compare to actually FEELING it, you know? Besides, how can you separate the two things? For instance, talking about how our proper role is to serve him naked on our knees sounds great now, but it sounds way better while we're actually doing it! Especially if my lips are busy sliding all over his yummy cock."

"Mmmm, so true," Linda muttered. She was a bit distracted, because she was getting into rubbing her body against Nicole's and especially into pumping Nicole's pussy with two fingers.

Nicole frowned, and said, "Um, Linda? I'm getting kind of concerned about some of the ways you've been touching me today. I mean, neither of us have any lesbian tendencies, right? We only do this kind of touching because it gets Daddy even hornier. But he's asleep, and you're touching me in some very intimate areas, and even though it feels soooo good, it's not right!" Even as she said this, she kept rubbing her nipples with Linda's.

Linda smirked, and said, "No, he's not."


"I said, 'no, he's not.' Meaning that he's not asleep. I noticed that he's been up and watching us for a couple of minutes."

Nicole gasped, and turned. "Oh my GOD!" She saw that Linda was right. Furthermore, she noticed the state of his penis. "Daddy! You're hard? Again?! Wow!"

He grinned widely. "What can I say? I can barely believe it myself, but eavesdropping on you two talking about how much you love sucking my cock, well, let's just say it got the little guy's attention."

A matter of seconds later, Nicole was on all fours on the bed, with Jack's cockhead fully inside her mouth.

Linda chuckled as she watched Nicole start her happy bobbing. She was happy at how well things were turning out. But she just kept placing the candles here and there around the room.

After a minute or two, Nicole pulled off and looked around. "Hey! Linda, what are you doing over there?"

Linda held up one of the short, wide candles. "I thought I'd finish this first."

Nicole was incredulous. "What?! Are you kidding me? Sucking Daddy's cock is a TWO girl operation. It just doesn't feel right to me, doing this and not feeling your body pressed against my side and 'battling' your tongue for room around his cockhead. Why, it's downright distracting bobbing on Daddy's cock without the assurance that you're at least taking care of his balls." She patted a spot on the bed. "Come on. I need you here."

Linda said, "I'll tell you what I'm going to do. I think you two need some special father-daughter time alone. Or, more specifically, some father's cock and daughter's mouth time." She flashed a wicked smile.

Nicole was even more aghast. "What? NO! Linda, I'm not just saying that. I really LOVE sharing his cock with you. I feel like we're a team. You go high and I go low. You take the back and I take the front. Or both our tongues swirling on the same spot together. I know this sounds corny, and maybe even a bit queer, but when we make love to his cock together, it's like you and I are making love too. Without you, it's only half as good."

Linda was touched, and tempted. "Thanks. That means a lot to me, and I completely agree. But we're entering the window of time when Alison could come home. Mr. Devoux has a nice big boner there, and it's our duty to take care of it. But I don't even want to take a fraction of a percent of a chance that she'll catch us."

Nicole said, "You're right. It's OUR duty, as in the both of us. Get your ass over here!"

Linda smiled at Nicole's unusual assertiveness, but she merely told her best friend, "Your cell phone is right there." She nodded to the phone lying on top of Nicole's computer desk. "And I've got my phone downstairs with my clothes. I'm gonna go downstairs and sit right by one of the front windows. I'll be able to see Alison's car driving up well before she even gets to the driveway. Nicky, I've got you on speed dial, and if you don't answer quickly, I'll give a holler or even run upstairs. Basically, I've got your back. You'll have plenty of time to dress and make yourself presentable. I can even chat with her when she comes in to stall her."

Nicole said, "Thanks! You're so nice!" She looked at the plan for flaws, and asked, "But what about the smell? My room is gonna smell like sex! The candle thing will only work if we have time to light them afterwards."

Linda grinned. "First off, Alison's not gonna go into your room unless you give her a reason to. But more importantly, your room already does smell like sex! And I'm not just talking about today. Girl, you've been masturbating here so much in recent weeks that your entire room smells like your cunt, twenty-four seven. Alison comes in here when you're not around to do the laundry, so she's well aware. She'll think that's normal."

Nicole blushed. "It does?! Oh God! I'm so embarrassed! I must be so used to it that I don't even notice."

Linda said, "Why be embarrassed? That's good. We can play in here all the time and not have to worry about the smell. The candles are just an extra precaution to make sure no Daddy smell lingers. Now, you two are wasting precious time. I want to see more cocksucking!" She grinned.

Jack asked, "Linda, that's really nice of you. Why are you being so nice to my daughter? And I don't mean just this, I mean... everything. Especially sexually. I noticed you always give way and give her first dibs, not to mention constant encouragement."

Nicole said proudly, "Linda's just a very nice person." She gave Linda a loving look as she added, "That's one of the reasons I feel honored to have you as my best friend! We're gonna be cocksucking sisters forever!"

Linda smiled. "Thanks, Nicky. I'm not really all that, but it's nice that you think so. But Mr. Devoux, to answer your question, I've gotta admit that self-interest guides a lot of my thinking. I want the three of us to be lovers forever and ever. Well, not Nicky and me; neither of us are bisexual. But both of us want to be your permanent mistresses." She smiled at Nicole, and added, "And cocksucking sisters forever, endlessly sharing your cock with loving double blowjobs."

Nicole smiled back. She invitingly patted a spot on the bed again.

Linda continued, "And I know Nicky's prudish issues are the biggest barriers. The faster I can knock those down, the sooner we all can have lots of fun."

"Wow." Jack was flabbergasted. "That's quite some plan. What do you think about that, Nicky?"

"Daddy, it's only my greatest dream! Nothing else matters! I want to serve you, and serve your cock especially! Forever! And Linda does too. I want to be the perfect daughter for you, my perfect daddy. We've got it all worked out." She realized that she'd been ignoring his dick, and she resumed stroking it and blowing air on it.

He looked back and forth between the two naked busty girls. "Wow again! That's a pretty tempting future, I've gotta admit. But what about Alison? How does she fit in?"

Linda shrugged. "I don't really know. That's up to you to work out. I just know that Nicky and I are so determined to do this that we won't stop for anything, not even if you and Alison are surgically attached at the hip."

Nicole joked, "If she was, we'd slip her sleeping pills and play with you in the middle of the night."

Jack shook his head in wonder. "Wow. Just... wow! I'm not worthy. Honestly!"

Linda nodded at his erection. "Girl, why don't you get your lips and tongue and fingers busy again and prove to him just how worthy we think he is?"

Nicole responded with a playful salute. "Yes, ma'am!" She giggled. Then she bent over, engulfed his cockhead, and resumed her happy bobbing.

Linda smiled, blew them both a kiss, and then strolled out on out of the room to keep watch.


"Honey, I need to talk to you." Jack stared at Allison with a haunted intensity. It was after dinner, and Nicole had gone to Linda's house. Jack figured that they wanted to talk at length about their latest great cocksucking adventure without having to worry about the "evil stepmother" overhearing. But that was fine with him, because he had much to say to his wife in private.

"Sure," Alison said. "What's up?"

They had finished cleaning up after dinner, and they were sitting at the back patio, sharing drinks and staring at the stars. Jack stared up into the sky for a minute or two before he got the willpower to go on.

He closed his eyes, and said, "What I'm about to tell you is probably the most difficult thing I've ever had to tell anyone in my life. I'm taking a huge leap of faith to tell you this, but I think it's the only way we have any chance of saving our marriage."

Alison was floored by the suggestion their marriage was in grave danger. "Jack! You're scaring me!"

He just nodded a little, which wasn't reassuring at all. "Promise me two things: one, let me talk without interruption until I've finished explaining, and two, you won't take any drastic action without thinking it over carefully and discussing it with me first."

She nodded. She was very frightened now. But seeing that his eyes were closed (for shame of making eye contact), she said, "I promise."

He nodded, and let out a heavy sigh. "I've been thinking about this for a while, tying to find the right words... I don't know of any good way to sweeten the bitter pill, so I'm just gonna come out and say it: I've started to get... sexually involved with... Linda... and Nicole." He winced as he said the name of his daughter. He wouldn't have been surprised if Alison had reached over and punched him.

But when she didn't say or do anything, he continued, "Now, I've gotta tell you, it's NOT something I wanted to have happen! They've been like succubae or sirens or something, constantly tempting and teasing me whenever you're not around. My willpower has been slowly breaking down. I haven't had full-on sex with them yet, but they've pretty much destroyed my resistance, and I figure that won't be long in coming. This is like my hail Mary pass to stop that from happening and save our marriage!"

He opened his eyes and looked at Alison. She had a puzzled expression, but she wasn't aghast. It was more like she'd misplaced something and was thinking hard trying to figure out where she'd put it.

He got down on his knees and bowed down before her. "I'm literally throwing myself at your mercy! I love you, and I'll do whatever it takes to save our marriage! If you still think it's worth saving, that is. You're just about the best thing that's ever happened to me, and I don't want to lose you. I know the first six months of our marriage have been rough, but these recent weeks have been magical, and things are only getting better! Is there any way you can forgive me and figure out how we can fix this?"

He was bent down too low to see her face. After a long pause, he heard her ask, "Do you want to keep fooling around with them?"

He raised his head up enough to make eye contact again, and admitted, "My mind says no, but my body says yes! That's the problem. I obviously don't want to be separated from my daughter, and I've come to love Linda almost like a daughter too. But I simply can't trust myself to be alone with them, not even for a minute. Not after what happened today. Or, uh, yesterday. I'm thinking maybe I need to go away for a month or two, maybe longer. Get my head back on straight. And then... I don't know! See them only under supervised circumstances, maybe. Whatever you want! Seriously! I don't want to cheat. I hate cheaters. This has been eating away at me something terrible. It started with just some flirting and teasing, and the next thing I knew... God, I'm so ashamed!"

Alison asked, "What happened today? Or yesterday?"

He dropped his head even lower, breaking eye contact again. "It's so terrible! I can't even tell you. I've never been so ashamed in my life. They, uh, they both used their hands and, uh, mouths on me." He winced yet again, as if expecting a kick to the head.

After a long pause, Alison said, "Sit back at the table, please. This groveling doesn't become you. And if you're a man, look me in the face."

He quickly sat all the way back up and made eye contact, even though that only doubled his humiliation.

He still didn't see much emotion from her. He found that surprising, because he knew she could be a very passionate woman. It was like she was trying to hide her reaction.

Unable to bear the tension of not knowing if his marriage or even his life had just been ruined, he asked, "Well?"

Alison rubbed her chin and looked up at the stars. "You know, it's funny. I kind of suspected this. I'm not surprised at all."

"What?! You're kidding me!"

She stared at him. "I'm dead serious. Hell, I suspected this kind of problem would come up even before we got married. I just didn't know what to do about it. I've seen how those girls look at you - they worship the ground you walk on! But it's not always just a loving and adoring look; sometimes they slip and I see the fire of lust in their eyes. And you were acting especially strange last night. It was like you were trying too hard to be normal."

Jack complained, "If you saw all that, why didn't you say something to me?!"

She shrugged. "I didn't know what to say. I know it took a lot of courage for you to come to me about this tonight. It's just too awkward a topic to bring up. I didn't know what to do about it either. I must admit that was a big reason why I was spending so much time away from the house. I had a gut feeling they were trying to seduce you, but I had no clue how to fight it, so I just tried to run away and pretend it wasn't happening. You gotta remember that I considered myself frigid and nearly sexless, so how could I compete? I felt utterly helpless! About the only thing I could come up with was to have sex with you every night, hopefully to keep you too sexually satiated to give in to their charms. Add in the fact that not only wasn't Nicole accepting me as her new mother, she could barely stand to be in the same room with me, even though she's basically a sweet thing who would never hurt a fly. It was easier to escape. I was weak."

Jack sighed. "My God. That must have been horrible. What a tangled web we weave. But I've been far too weak too. Can you ever forgive me? Is there any hope for us?"

She raised an eyebrow and stared at him even more intently. "If you think I'm gonna let you go that easily, you've got another thing coming! You're the best thing that's ever happened to me too! You've uncovered my sexual side, and for that alone I'll be forever grateful. You've made me feel like a whole, normal woman for the first time since the start of puberty. More than that, you're a good and loving man who I'd be proud to grow old with. We just have to figure out what to do about this."

He asked with dread, "I know you're a very moral and religious woman, regardless of how much time you spend at church. Do you think it's necessary for me to go to prison or otherwise pay for my crimes?"

She laughed. "Prison? No! Not hardly. Now, what can you do to 'otherwise pay for your crimes?' You can work harder to be a better husband, and make love to me more often." She winked playfully.

He said, "I must admit, I'm astounded! You're taking this so well! I thought there would be tears and hateful words and much more. But you just winked at me!"

She continued more seriously, "Keep in mind that when I say I felt you were already intimate with them, that wasn't just some vague foreboding feeling. I felt it in my bones, but I couldn't bear to gather the evidence so I would have the confirmation. I mean, they're gorgeous! They honestly both could be Playboy centerfolds or porn stars. And they're both exactly your type, especially since you're such a tit man. I knew you couldn't resist them for long, especially if they ganged up on you. I don't think any man could resist them, put together. That's why I felt so helpless."

He felt like nodding. He felt like it just wasn't fair - they were irresistible. No father should have to bear that level of temptation.

She continued, "So I'm actually feeling a great sense of relief right now. For one, I am delighted beyond words that you found the courage to tell me this, and you felt you could trust me with this shameful secret. And two, I'm even happier that you chose me and chose to save our marriage. Up until we connected sexually recently, I was nearly certain our marriage was doomed and I was slowly losing you to them. Even since our pivotal weekend getaway, I still had this feeling of foreboding, that you would leave me soon. I know I'm considered busty and beautiful, but so are they, and they're half my age. Plus, there's two of them and there's just one of me! That's a big reason why I've not only been pretty much demanding to have sex with you every night lately, but I've been forcing myself to do new sexual things with you. You don't know how tough it's been for me to throw off my prudish beliefs in such a short time, but it seemed like a do or die situation. I feel like I've been fighting a losing battle just to keep you!"

Jack was sitting so close to Alison that he was able to move his chair a bit, lean forward, and give her a good hug. "Don't worry, you're not going to lose me. Even before our recent sexual connection, I've really wanted to make this marriage work. You're not going to get rid of me so easily either!"

They both laughed at that.

Then Alison sighed happily. "God, this is such a relief! I know I should be upset with you, but compared to my fears, this actually seems great news in comparison. For one thing, the fact you've confessed just confirms to me that I've married a basically good man. We both know you should have said something earlier, but nobody's perfect, and we both made mistakes. Plus, I can't tell you how surprised I am that you've only started to have oral sex with them and haven't had intercourse with them at all so far. I suppose I've been mulling over worst case scenarios, but I'd been guessing you three were doing just about everything physically possible to each other every afternoon."

He asked, "And you were just going to let that keep happening?!"

Now it was her turn to wince as she thought back to her behavior. "I took a kind of 'don't ask, don't tell,' position. As long as I didn't know for SURE, I could just pretend it wasn't happening. Dumb, I know."

"And you don't have moral issues about this? I'd half expected you to lecture me on how Nicky and I are gonna go to Hell for what we've done."

She shook her head. "If you'd confessed even just a week ago, I probably would have done just that. But I'm realizing that I was wearing my religious beliefs like a set of armor, trying to hide my frigidness and even justify it. I'm pretty mad at the church right now, in fact. They were like my enablers, encouraging me to think that sex was basically a bad and sinful thing. Some people in the church seem to think that sex should only be for procreation, and even that much is bad, and for Heaven's sake please don't enjoy it!"

She grimaced. "And that was reassuring to me. But now I don't need to live my life that way. It never fit with my real beliefs anyway. The god I believe in is a loving and understanding god. I'm sure He sees sex as a beautiful celebration of life and not something to be feared. Otherwise, why would He make us have the capacity to enjoy great sexual pleasure if we're never supposed to use it? That doesn't make any sense."

Jack nodded in complete agreement.

She continued, "I know Christianity says incest is wrong, and I'm sure that most of the time it is. But the god I believe in is more about the spirit of the law than being a stickler for every last little rule. I have some issues with you having sex with the girls. I don't want their adoration of you to screw up their development. But that doesn't mean that what you're doing is wrong, as long as we're all above board and honest with each other."

Jack was floored. "Wait! It sounds like you're not only condoning what's happened; you're implying it still could continue!"

She pondered that, and then said, "Yeah, I suppose that's what I'm doing."

He felt his penis suddenly grew erect, because of the implications of her answer. But he successfully hid that, and said, "You don't have to do this. Even a couple of hours ago, I thought I was just going to keep going with them and hide it all from you. It was the most difficult decision of my life, but I decided I had to put an end to sexual contact with them so I could save my marriage with you and the rest of my relationship with them. I'm willing to make that sacrifice!"

She stared at him intently, with a grave look. "I understand what you said. And I'm going to need some time to make up my mind on this, but my gut instinct tells me I should find a way to let it continue."

His hopes soared, and his penis grew even stiffer, if that was possible. "Really?! I never expected you'd say that in a million years! I don't want to look a gift horse in the mouth, but for God's sake, why?"

She said, "Since I've all but assumed you three have been having sex for some time now, I've given a lot of thought about what I should do about it. For instance, I considered coming home early and catching you in the act. I didn't do that because I thought you'd just leave me and run off with them. But I foresaw other problems too. I don't know if you believe this, but I honestly like Nicole a lot. I'd love nothing better for her to think of me as her real mother. You know that I can't have children of my own, so she'll probably be the closest I'll ever come to that. I want to be a real mom so very much! Hell, I'd kill if she'd let me just call her Nicky instead of Nicole, because that would show she's starting to like me. But if I were to catch you in the act, she would hate me even more than she does already. She'd resent me and curse my name until her dying breath, because her desire for you is so strong."

He couldn't deny any of that assessment.

She continued, "And I've given a lot to the question of what I could do to make her love me even just a tiny fraction of how much she loves you. And the answer is: nothing! I can't hope to match the long history she shares with you, and I'm not a man with a penis, so she can't fall in love with me. I just thank the Lord she's such a sweet and shy child instead of a hellcat, or she would have made my life a living hell. I can tell that she genuinely tries to at least tolerate me, but deep down she sees me as her chief competitor for your affection. We've both been dancing around it and trying to deny it, but we're natural enemies in that respect, at least as things stand now. I'm convinced there's nothing I can say or do to make her warm up to me more than just a little bit before she graduates from high school. Then she'll probably move away, and I'll never be able to change things much after that." She looked and felt very sad.

Jack's high hopes were crashing as he thought about that sad situation. He asked, "And what about Linda?"

"Same deal. We're all dancing around that issue too, but she's slowly but surely becoming a member of this family. You know her aunt barely tolerates her, and only feeds and houses her out of a grudging family obligation. She has nobody else, and no love in her life, except for her love for Nicole and you. My heart goes out to her, and I sincerely wish I could mother her too, but she dislikes me as much as Nicole does. What do you think? Do you see her as family?"

He replied, "I do. I know it makes what I've allowed happen doubly despicable, but I keep thinking of them as 'my girls.' I would love it if she moved in with us. Certainly money is no object, and God knows we've got the room in this house. I've never brought up the idea though, since I know you and she don't get along, and I don't want you to feel like they're ganging up on you all the time."

Alison nodded, and then continued, "I would gladly accept that. I would even eagerly ask for it, if only they didn't hate me so much. So that's the unfortunate situation we're in. At least that's how I thought the situation was until just now. But thanks to your confession tonight, I see a chance for hope! What if I go to the girls and make a deal? They could keep having sex with you, if, in return, they make a sincere effort to let me be their real mom. They could agree to spend so many hours per week in quality time with just me."

Jack was shocked, yet pleasantly intrigued. "Do you think that would work?"

"I think so. Just the fact that they wouldn't have to hide their lust and love for you from me would totally change things. Or at least I hope it would! I see a lot of common ground and similar interests if they'd only give me half a chance. Actually, I'd like to be more like an older sister instead of a mom. A friend! The main thing is, if I let them have their way with you, they're going to be extremely grateful, AND they won't see me as their chief competitor anymore. Or at least they'll see me as less of one, especially after the passage of time and they realize my tolerance is a real and permanent thing. I've given some thought to how the girls treat each other. Most girls their age with the feelings they have for you would see each other as serious threats too, but they don't. They act as a team, don't they? I mean, I obviously haven't seen them intimate with you, but I assume that's how it is because their relationship is so harmonious the rest of the time."

Jack nodded. He tried to hide his arousal while he thought about just what a great cocksucking team they made. "It's tough for me to talk about, but yeah. It's like they're one mind and two bodies."

Alison flashed him a naughty grin. "Two very sexy and voluptuous bodies."

His eyes went wide. "Damn, honey, it sounds like you're practically approving of the idea, if not aroused!"

She shrugged. "To be honest, I'm trying to be. I think the more they can think of me as 'one of the team,' the Jack loving team, the more they'll fully accept me into their world and into the family. I could be wrong, I don't know. I'll need to sleep on this. But that's my gut instinct, that we should try that out."

Jack asked incredulously, "Wait. So not only are you not upset with me and you'll tolerate what's happening, but you actually WANT this to continue?! And you'd even encourage it?!"

She replied, "Encourage it? Hell, I'd like to be in the same bed as them! Not because of any sexual feelings for them, mind you. I have no sexual interest in other women, and I'm pretty confident it's the same with them. Let's put false modesty aside and be honest: I'm considered an exceptionally beautiful woman. Women who swing that way have great difficulty hiding their carnal lust for my body, even if they may not like me as a person, or even only seen a picture of me, for that matter!" She chuckled a little bit, thinking back to some incidents of unwanted attention. "But I've never had any hint of that vibe from them towards me, or between the girls for that matter. What I mean is, if I'm in bed with them and you, then I think they'll see me as part of the Jack pleasing team, and maybe they'll start to see me like they see each other. Another ally, not an enemy. Am I crazy for thinking that?"

"No! Not at all. It makes sense," Jack said sincerely, although he might have been influenced by how much that line of thinking benefitted him. His imagination was running riot picturing his busty and beautiful wife lying naked in the same bed with his two girls. He forced himself to speak in a calm, even tone. "It's just so... startlingly bold. Few women would consider that as a solution. Even if it makes psychological sense, most women would have too many moral and emotional hang-ups to seriously give it a try."

Alison nodded. "That is true. But you talk about hail Marys; I'm already in hail Mary mode. Something like giving you a blowjob or titfuck does NOT come easy for me. Even now, I'm getting more into it as each day passes, but I have to let you get me hot and bothered before I can let go and really enjoy myself. I have three decades' worth of indoctrination against enjoying any kind of sex to fight. But I'm throwing caution to the wind in a desperate attempt to keep you, and the funny thing is, the more I try that wild sexual stuff, the more I actually like it! Maybe I'm being hopelessly optimistic here, but I can see a day where keeping you sexually satisfied could be one of the main things binding the girls and me together. We could say, 'Hey, Linda, isn't it your turn to suck him off?' as easily as 'Please pass the potatoes.'"

"Whoa!" Jack exclaimed. "You realize just the thought of that possibility is starting to make me horny?" That was the understatement of the year, but he was still doing a good job of hiding it.

She chuckled. "I should hope so! And if this works out like I hope it will, you're gonna need all the sexual energy and excitement you can muster." She winked playfully.

He looked down at her impressive cleavage, and nearly groaned out loud. Even though her clothes didn't show that much, he could imagine his dick poking up between her massive breasts and Nicole and Linda leaning in and licking his protruding cockhead.

But then she grew much more serious. "That's not to say that I don't have more problems with this. Cheating is bad and a sin, and there's no denying you've been cheating on me. How long has this been going on, by the way?"

He frowned. "Oh, geez. In terms of activity I didn't want you to know about, a couple of months. But a lot of it was just naked or near naked bodies rubbing against each other until recently. You know how they are, always running around in their tiny bikinis. They just love going topless and hugging and kissing me whenever you're not around. There were a few crazy incidents, but lately, as I said, it's gotten more serious. Yesterday and today, well, let's just say they've both developed a big fondness for giving me blowjobs. Together."

She nodded. "It hurts to hear that, to hear any detail confirmed. I'm not saying I'm gonna have an easy time with this. We're gonna have a lot of issues to work through. But there's a potential big upside for me, and an even bigger one for you. Hell, you'll be facing almost unimaginable sexual pleasure on a daily basis. You'll pretty much be living with three beautiful women, since Linda's here all the time, and you'll be able to fuck any of us at will. And what's the alternative? To have you go away for a while and then come back and only see the girls under supervised circumstances? To be frank, that would SUCK! It would be like we're still married, but with all the tension of a bitter divorce there too. You'd feel lots of resentment towards me, and your relationship with them would remain permanently awkward."

She continued, "Heck, I'd bet they'd just up and seduce you anyway the first chance they got, and you'd still be unable to resist. I have eyes to see, and I have to be realistic. It would be like throwing two horny and naked Playboy Playmates into your bed, locking the door for the weekend, and expect no sex to take place. They're just too sexy and determined."

He muttered, "You're probably right about that." He was still having a hell of time hiding his raging erection and trying to look thoughtful. He wanted to literally jump for joy.

She was silent for a minute as she pondered all this. Then she said, "The more I think about this, this is not just my best option, it's my only option. I know you'd try your best to stay loyal to me, but you're not willing to completely cut them out of your life. You say you'd try, but I don't think you could for long. And it would be cruel to completely separate you from them. They need and depend on you. As long as they're around, they're gonna keep coming after you relentlessly. I can either accept reality, jump ahead of it, and earn their gratitude and friendship, or fight it tooth and nail and lose in the end anyway."

He was trying his best to be serious and honest, despite his surging arousal. He asked, "If I can play devil's advocate here, what about just talking them out of wanting to have sex with me?"

She shook her head. "That would be like trying to talk the sun out of rising and setting each day. I'm sure they'd be scared off for a while at first after being caught, but they'll keep coming back and back. I don't really understand it, probably because I've been in denial about the whole issue, but you obviously fulfill some kind of deep psychological need for them. It's not just some temporary crush or passing phase. I've seen they've been hot for you since the first time I met them and saw them looking at you."

Jack asked, "Is it that obvious? That's not good." That certainly was true. He didn't want outsiders to know.

Alison clarified, "It's easy to see their adoring looks as just very loving daughters. Or, in Linda's case, a very loving would-be daughter. Plus, I consider myself pretty perceptive. I doubt anyone else has had enough of an exposure to them with you to begin to suspect anything."

"Well, that's a relief!" he admitted. "And you are perceptive. In fact, I must admit that's a big reason why I confessed. I might have been tempted to keep on cheating with them if I thought I had a good chance of getting away with it in the long term. Unfortunately, that's what human nature is; we usually take the easiest way out. But I knew you were just too smart and observant. In fact, I suspected you already had some suspicions. I just didn't know how much."

She replied, "Yeah, well, you have no idea. Remember some days back, when they were gone for the evening and I gave you a blowjob in the living room, in front of the fire? Turns out they weren't gone at all! Get this: I saw them spying on us from WITHIN the living room! They were hiding behind some chairs just a few feet away from us!"

He was shocked yet again. "You're kidding me!"

"No I'm not. I didn't actually see them at the time, but I heard some funny noises, and when I confronted Nicole about it later, her face told me everything. There were a few things like that that made me realize just how determined they were, and still would be. I wish you would have come to me sooner, but I can't really blame you for not resisting them. They're like an unstoppable force of nature."

"That they are," he agreed. Then he whistled, and looked back up at the stars. "Phew! This conversation did NOT go like I expected, AT ALL! They have no idea I was going to talk to you about this. They're gonna be shocked half to death. Where do we stand now?"

She asked, "I assume you approve of the idea of continuing to have sex with them."

"Are you kidding me?! Hell yeah! I know I should try to hide my enthusiasm, but I can't. I want to say 'pinch me, I'm dreaming!'"

She smirked a little bit. "Yeah, well, don't get your hopes too high just yet. Let me sleep on this at least one night to make sure I'm not making a horrible mistake. And we should talk about this some more. But this is what my gut instinct tells me is the right thing to do, and my instinct is rarely wrong. It's when I get all chicken and refuse to listen to it that I screw things up. You're right that we usually take the easy way out, and I've done my share of that. I'm emotionally worn out right now. Let's both be alone for a while and think. Oh, and please don't let on with the girls just yet, okay? Not a word, or that'll force my hand. And please do avoid them until we've got this all worked out. There's just no telling what might happen when you're alone with them."

He nodded, and then said, "That's the truth. I know it hurts you to hear any details, but I feel like I'm this close to going all the way with both of them." He held his hand up and showed a fraction of an inch between his thumb and index finger. "That's probably what would have happened tomorrow if I hadn't decided to fess up with you."

She nodded. "Thank you for being honest with me, and trusting me with the truth even though it was really painful. If both of us can keep doing that, we're going to have a very successful marriage, despite our rocky start."

They kissed briefly, and then Jack wandered off so they both could be alone with their thoughts.

But Jack didn't have much to ponder now. He already felt like he was the luckiest guy in the world. He was beyond ecstatic that he'd changed his mind and chose to be honest with his wife.

He resisted the urge to masturbate once he was alone. But later that night, he fucked Alison over and over until the both of them were practically too exhausted to raise their arms. It was glorious. It didn't matter that he'd climaxed three times that afternoon; he was so excited about the results of his confession that he felt like a sexual super man.


The next two days were surprisingly uneventful while Alison made sure what she wanted to do. But Jack saw the signs were good, so his enthusiasm seemingly grew by the hour. The girls had no idea what was going on, and they were miffed that he was deliberately avoiding them (including staying away from the house when Alison wasn't there), but he hinted that very good things were coming if they were patient, so they bided their time.

Alison quickly confirmed to Jack that she had decided to trust her instinct and see if she could work out a deal to share him with the girls.

However, Jack knew it wouldn't be that easy. When they discussed the issue again in private in their bedroom a night later, he pointed out, "You say you want to share, and you want to fully share. Even to the point of being in the same room when the sexual fun is going on. But are you sure you can handle that? What if you feel a surge of jealousy? You very well may not be able to stand the sight."

"That is true," she agreed. "But I've pushed myself to perform sexual acts I was sure I would hate, and I've grown to love them. Well, most of them, anyway. I still have some issues, like a general aversion to bodily fluids. But all in all, I've discovered the power of sex! Sex is good! More sex is better!"

Jack laughed, "Generally true, I agree, but it's not that easy. I know that if I saw you have sex with someone else, I'd see red and my whole world would be torn apart. I've really come to love you. You might want to do this deal at a distance."

"What do you mean?" she asked.

"Well, you say that you were living a 'don't ask, don't tell' life about what I might be up to with the girls for the six months of our marriage. What if you continue with a variant of that? Sort of a 'tell, but don't see.' Meaning you would know in a general way what the girls are doing with me, but the details would stay private."

She asked with some surprise, "But wouldn't you prefer to do it the other way? Who knows, maybe the three of us girls could even work on you all at the same time."

"Of course I'd love that!" he said enthusiastically. "That would be great! That would be a dream come true. But I'm just looking out for you. I know if I was in your shoes, I wouldn't be able to bear to see that."

She looked at him inscrutably. "Well, each person is different, and I've been discovering that all my preconceived notions of sex are wrong. The more I'm pushing myself, the more I'm being rewarded with greater pleasures. For instance, last night I finally got the courage to let you finger my asshole, and it was great!"

"You hated it at first," Jack pointed out. "You kept saying how weird it was."

"True," she agreed smugly, "but that just proves my point. When it comes to sex, my instincts are usually wrong. No, that's not true, it's not instinct. It's social indoctrination that's so deep seated that it seems like natural instinct in my mind. For instance, anything anal seems terribly WRONG to me. I imagine it'll take months if not years before I'm ready for anal sex, I'm sorry to say. I could even say I'm brainwashed about things like that. You'll probably never fully understand just how difficult it was for me to overcome all my indoctrination that sex is bad to be able to let go and enjoy it for the first time in my life. But I discovered one unexpected bonus to all the bullshit I've been fed over the years: breaking taboos is incredibly fun! And even more arousing!"

She let out a surprising sexy and playful roar, like a cat in heat. "It's grrrrrrrreat! Like last night with your finger up my butt. I probably would have loved it even if I didn't like the physical feel to it, just because it's so WRONG! You know what I mean? I mean, that's the hole I use to take a poop! And you put a finger up there! Just thinking about it right now is making me all horny!"

He laughed. "Okay, hold your horses. We're having a very important discussion. Don't worry, I'm gonna do my best to drive you crazy later tonight."

"Rrrrawr!" She acted like she was a tigress in heat, playfully pawing in his direction as she roared.

He laughed some more.

She pulled her top off over her head and then undid her bra. "I don't know about you, but I think it's 'later' already, don't you?"

Like her, he'd been reading a book in bed before they started this discussion. He put his book down and stared in awe at her bare boobs. They were lightly bouncing from being suddenly freed, and they were simply humongous and awesome. He reached out and cupped them.

She liked that, and cooed happily.

But then, as if he'd been spooked, he pulled his hands away. "Wait, no. We can't do this. Nicky's still up, and you know how she is. She's liable to come running in here at any moment to ask me something or another. We'll just have to wait."

Alison frowned, but she didn't cover up. "You know, I think she does that just to make sure that you and I aren't taking part in any hanky panky. She knows she can't stop you and me from having sex altogether, but she tries her best to keep it to a minimum. Lately, she's been barging in on us more often, and with increasingly feeble excuses."

He sighed. "True. And I'm sure you're reasoning about why is right. But hopefully that's the kind of thing we can stop with honesty."

Growing serious again, she said, "I might hate seeing you with the girls. I'll probably detest it at first, just like with the anal fingering, until I can get used to it. But there's a chance I could really love it, if I think of it as another exciting taboo I can use to spice up my own sex life. I hear a lot of people get very aroused from voyeurism." Seeing how she was topless already, she briefly raised a hand behind her head and struck a sexy pose.

He pantomimed a heart attack, gasping for air and clutching at his chest.

She chuckled at that, and then hastened to add, "It would be a totally different thing if I knew you were cheating on me, but since you have my permission, and I know how much you love the girls and they love you, I'd like to think I'll look on it in a positive and exciting way."

Jack said, "That would be great for everyone involved, but there's no way to know in advance. I have a suggestion: what if I fool around with them a bit, and you watch from a secret place? We can arrange it so they'll never know you're there, yet you can have a great view. If it gets too much for you, you can just stop watching. I can have my phone nearby so you can call me if you want me to stop too. And then based on that, you can decide if you want to dive in to the total sharing plan, or the more restrained 'don't let me see or hear the details' sharing plan, or maybe even scrap the sharing idea altogether."

She considered that, and then decided, "That's a very good idea. But I have two conditions. One, you can't let them know I'm watching, or whisper to them not to say this or do that. Let them be themselves without any restraint. And two, don't allow them to do anything they haven't done before."

"Okay, fair enough," he agreed. He could scarcely believe his luck.

"From what I understand, they've used their hands, breasts, and mouths on you."

"That's right." However he tried to think the idea through, and commented, "I should warn you though, the girls tend to be really enthusiastic about it."

"You told me that already." He'd divulged some more details of what he'd done with the girls since his confession. He didn't lie about it, but he did tend to hold back the lurid and embarrassing details.

He nodded, but noted, "Yeah, but I mean REALLY enthusiastic. They talk about it like it's the greatest thing since sliced bread. And they mean it too. Mere hours before my confession to you, they licked my dick for over an hour, only taking some breaks so we could rest. I mean, they're REALLY into it!"

"Oh." She wasn't pleased with that. She enjoyed giving him a blowjob, but only if she was in a really horny mood. And she couldn't see doing it anywhere nearly that long.

He continued, "And I should also warn you that they say some pretty wild things."

She leaned closer, suddenly all ears. "Really? Like what?"

He looked down at the way her huge tits were swelling forward. He definitely had a boner. Since a blanket covered him to his waist, he reached underneath and stroked it a little through his boxers. "Well, lately, they seem to really get off on the idea of being my mistresses. Pretty much permanently, actually. And Linda often likes to encourage Nicky to be a good daughter, or even a 'perfect daughter,' and she says the way to do that is to serve and pleasure my penis without question. Only they never use the word penis, they use the word 'cock.'"

"Oooh!" Alison purred. "I'm getting excited already! That sounds so... wanton and depraved!"

"Do you like that?" It seemed his wife was nothing but surprises lately. Amongst other things, he was surprised she was just sitting there topless despite the risk of Nicole coming in. Just to be sure, he asked, "You're not offended or concerned?"

"Well, I don't know if 'like' is the right word. In fact, I'm sure it's not. I'm disgusted, outraged, and ashamed. And yet... it does something to me. I feel something in my chest, a burning, almost like heartburn. It hurts, and yet I somehow crave it. It's like... feeling alive! To be slutty is so wrong, and yet so arousing! The more wrong it is, the more arousing it is! Up to a point, of course. There are many things I'd never have any interest in doing because they're just TOO disgusting."

She looked uncertain, and asked, "Does that make any sense? Dear, I fear that all my years of sexual frigidness and repression have left me rather mixed up. I fear I'm going to run a little wild for a while."

"That's fine with me, as long as you only run with me," Jack replied. He was still secretly rubbing his erection through his boxers. "It sounds like you're starting to get addicted to sexual excitement, and, like any addiction, it could easily get out of hand."

"True, but we're both going to have to watch for that. I'm sure you could go overboard having sex with me AND the girls. We'll just have to be careful and have each other's backs. But as to your plan, that sounds like a good one. I'll tell you what. I should be able to leave work a couple of hours early tomorrow if I stay late for the same amount of time the next day. Do you think you could set things up that quickly?"


They both smiled at each other.

After a long pause, Alison asked him, "So... What now? Should we go back to reading our books?"

"Um... That would be the prudent thing to do. Nicky could burst in here at any moment."

Alison's voice took on an extra husky and sultry tone as she asked, "And would that be such a bad thing?"

"What do you mean?"

"Well, if we're gonna break down the barriers, this is one way to start."

He raised an eyebrow. "Oh boy, you really are changing, you know that? Does the idea of Nicky watching us have sex excite you?"

"Damn straight it does! And it excites you too, I can see. Or is there some other reason you're sneakily stroking your penis under the covers like that?"

He looked down at his lap. He didn't see any tell-tale signs of his masturbation, but he remembered that Alison was very perceptive. "Uh-oh. Busted. But actually, it was mostly your bare breasts that inspired me. They always do, bare or not."

She sat up a little more proudly, thrusting her round tits forward. "I'm glad that these heavy weights are good for something other than hurting my back." She dramatically yanked the sheet and blanket down his legs. "Pull your boxers off so we can see what we have to work with here."

He gladly did so.

She looked at his stiff erection, and then took it in her hands. "I wish I was like normal women. I'd just sit on your lap, slip this inside me, and we'd be off to the races. But even though I'm horny as hell, my vagina is still dry. You're gonna need to warm me up, like usual."

He knew what that meant, since he did it every night. It involved lots and lots of foreplay, including pussy licking. Sometimes, it would take half an hour of fooling around before she was ready to be mounted.

They quickly got rid of the rest of their clothes, and he rolled on top of her. He said, "Warming you up is one of my favorite things to do."

"You're just saying that," she protested.

"Are you kidding me? Do you know how much I love playing with these puppies?" He thought to himself for seemingly the millionth time, They're just so fucking BIG! And perfectly shaped! He slid down her a bit so he could lick one of her nipples while rolling the other between his fingers.

She smiled, because she knew that was true. She reached down and started to jack him off (his penis got lots of stimulation during their long foreplay sessions). She said happily, "Good news for you: you're gonna be seeing a lot more of them from now on. Ever since your freed me from my mental prisons about sex, I've still been dressing rather conservatively around the house. There are several reasons for that. Partly, I still can't totally shake off my conditioning that says a woman who shows too much skin is a shameless hussy. But I also didn't want the girls to see me as any more of a sexual threat than they already did. Now though, the nature of my relationship with them is going to totally change. When the weekend comes, I'm going to prance around all day in a skimpy bikini."

"Oh God!" he moaned lustily.

She squeezed his boner extra tightly, and then resumed stroking it. "Looks like your pal down here likes that idea, doesn't he?" She giggled gaily.

He moaned again, and kept right on suckling and playing with her nipples.

Ten minutes later, Alison was sitting up against the headboard, playing with her huge tits, her legs straight and spread far apart. Jack was lying between those fantastic legs, his tongue lapping against her pussy lips. Alison's eyes were closed and her head was tilted back in ecstasy. Without consciously realizing it, she whispered over and over, "So good! So good!"

Suddenly, the door burst open and Nicole came rushing in. "Hey, Dad! I've got a question about my... OH SHIT!" She was halfway into the room before she realized her parents weren't reading or watching TV as they usually did at this time of night. It took a few stunned seconds for her to realize what exactly they were doing together. Inertia and habit carried her nearly to the bed before she came to a complete stop.

Alison opened her eyes and smiled at Nicole. "What is it, dear? Jack's mouth is a bit busy at the moment, as you can see. Maybe I can answer your question?"

Nicole stood there, utterly blown away by what she saw. There wasn't much to see of Jack, since his head was mostly obscured by his position and Alison's sleek and firm legs in the way. She did appreciate the sight of his bare back and cute bare butt, but it was what she knew he was doing with his mouth that left her speechless. She was particularly stunned by the fact that he and Alison had to know she was standing there, yet neither of them seemed bothered in the slightest, or even tried to cover up or stop what they were doing.

Then there was the sight of Alison sitting naked. If Nicole weren't so beautiful herself, she would have fallen to her knees and wept at Alison's sheer beauty, because of the impossibility of trying to compete with that for Jack's attention. As it was, Nicole still was quite intimidated, especially by the size of Alison's breasts. They weren't that much larger than her own in terms of cup size, but cup sizes didn't tell the whole story. Alison's tits were simply massive. Nicole felt like they were twice the size of her own (although that was a great exaggeration). And, as Jack always noted to himself, they were perfectly shaped and showed no signs of age.

Nicole was glad for once that she was fully clothed and even wearing a bra, since she didn't want to have to make a direct bust to bust comparison. She still didn't know what to say, so she stood there with her mouth agape.

Jack pulled his face back a couple of inches, but he kept it facing Alison's pussy. He didn't want to shock Nicole any more than she already was by showing her the pussy juice on his face. He said, "My princess, you kind of interrupted us here. You should knock first. But what was your question?"

The teen fox finally found her voice, sort of. "Um... It was nothing. Uh, later!" She rushed out of the room, although she was mindful enough to close the door as she left.

Before he went back to his pussy licking, he asked, "So, what good did that do?"

Alison replied, "She's shocked. Confused. Rethinking her assumptions about me. That'll make her more receptive when I drop the bomb on her tomorrow."

"I can't wait." Her pussy was quite wet and she seemed ready for fucking, but he went back to licking her because he was having fun doing it.


Jack was so full of anticipation that he had trouble sleeping that night.

The next morning, just before Nicole was to depart for school, he took her aside and whispered in her ear, because Alison was standing nearby. "Nicky, I have a message for you and Linda. We can have some fun when you two finish school today, as long as we limit it just to blowjobs and no more. Think you can handle that?"

Nicole wanted to leap ten feet in the air, she was so ecstatic, but she played it cool and managed to just nod her head.

He smiled as he noticed her nipples grow fully erect in seconds. It was easy to see through her top and bra. He continued, "Maybe we could make a game of it, like you could wear some sexy costumes and we could have a role-play or something. We could make up different names for ourselves and do the entire thing in character, from start to finish." He added that part about coming up with new name and remaining in character because he worried too much of the girls' submissive "perfect daughter" and "cock slut" kind of talk would disturb Alison and ruin her mood. Sometimes it even disturbed him (although only after the fact - it aroused him incredibly at the time). He figured they wouldn't be able to talk like that much, or even at all, during a role-play, and if they did it would seem like part of the acting.

His busty bombshell daughter nodded again, but she whispered back, "Sure, but we don't have any sexy costumes!"

He said, "Well, maybe not then; it was just an idea. When you two come home, knock on the door to my office and then I'll meet you in the living room, okay?"

She nodded once more, and then seeing he was done, she took off like a rocket out of the house. She couldn't wait to get to the school and tell Linda the good news. In fact, she was calling her on her cell phone just a few seconds after she left the house to give her the basics. They had a lot of planning to do and not much time to do it in.

Once Nicole was gone, Alison walked up to him and asked, "Well?"

"I told her what I told you I would, and she was all over it, like white on rice. I also told her to see if they could come up with some sexy costumes for some kind of role-play. We've never done that before, but I was thinking it might be easier for you. In case you have trouble thinking of them as them, you can pretend they're someone else."

Alison tilted her head as she pondered that. "Hmmm. Could be a good idea. Do you like role-plays? Maybe you and I could do that together too sometime."

"Honestly, I don't know." He thought back to his first marriage. "It sounds like fun, but Gabrielle was never into that kind of thing. She was good in bed and taught me pretty much all I know about sex, but she was very no nonsense. Sex was serious and intense for her. But thanks to you and the girls, I'm finding it can be playful and fun too."

Alison asked, "Speaking of outfits, how do you like my look?" She preened a bit. She was showing off more cleavage than ever before. She added a bit anxiously, "I'd show more, much more, except that I have to go to work, and I know how jealous you get."

He said, "Let me show you what I think of that." He buried his nose in her deep valley, and then pulled back and lifted her body off the ground.

She squealed and hit his back with her fists, but in a playful way. "Put me down, you brute! Where are you taking me?" Again, she was just pretending distress.

He replied, "Nicky's left for school. I'm gonna see if I can get you to cum before you have to go!"


After Alison left for work (and had a nice orgasm, thanks to Jack's tongue), Jack set about devising a way for Alison to spy on the fun and games without having to worry about being caught. He'd already decided having her in the room was too risky since she was liable to pant and even cry out if she got very aroused, and he was hoping she would. He'd specifically mentioned the living room to Nicole so he could prepare to monitor that room.

Then, since money was no object for him on this important project, he rushed to the store and bought some expensive video monitoring equipment. He bought several battery powered secret cameras and hid them in various spots inside the living room. The cameras had zoom functions and could even adjust their angle and focus to a limited degree. A single control panel and video monitor controlled them all, and he set that up in the master bedroom, so Alison could enjoy the action from the comfort of her own bed.

He also came up with a limited communication system. Alison was to have her cell phone near her, and if she didn't like what was going on, she could call the house line. He would answer the phone and listen to her without letting on who he was talking to or what they were talking about. If she wanted him to stop, he'd do that, or if she wanted him to tone it down in some way, he'd do that too. Additionally, he told Alison that he would have his cell phone nearby as well. If she called that line, he wouldn't answer it, but her calling that phone would let him know that she was having fun. She could call that line as many as times as she wanted to register her approval. If she called his cell phone and then the land line immediately after, he would answer the land line but know that she wanted to say something positive instead of negative.

Alison came home before the girls did. She was terribly nervous, and had doubts about the wisdom of the plan she'd agreed to. She locked herself in the bedroom and tried to psych herself up to look upon this in a positive and arousing way. The house was large enough so that she knew she would have to cry out very loudly indeed before the girls heard her. One reason the living room and master bedroom had been chosen was because they were quite distant from each other.


Setting things up went surprisingly quickly, and Jack found he still had several hours to do some "real" work. But he was so anxious and eager that he hardly got anything done. His eagerness more than doubled when the time came for the girls to return home and yet there was still no sign of them. Then he heard them arrive half an hour later, but they didn't come quickly to his office. He practically turned into a basket case for fifteen minutes wondering what they were up to and what they were wearing before he finally heard a single knock on the door.

He stood up, ready to bolt to the door.

But Nicole said through it, "Daddy?"


"Please don't come out yet! We have a good role-play worked up. Sorry we took so long, but we had to scrounge up some costumes and props on the fly. It wasn't easy! Can you put on a bathrobe and meet us in my room? You should lie in my bed. You're a very sick patient, and we're the nurses to help you." She giggled.

He replied through the door, "Um, sounds good, except it has to be in the living room. Frankly, I don't trust you near any bedroom. You two are just too tempting, and I'm serious about not going too far. I'm conflicted about this. Don't even think about going further if you want to do this again."

Nicole sighed, sounding very put out. "Okay. Boy, you're making it tough on us, but we'll see what we can do. Give us five more minutes to turn the living room into a hospital, okay? Lie in the bed there, and we'll act like your new nurses."

"Okay." After they left, he wondered what she meant by "lie in the bed there," since there obviously wasn't a bed in the living room, but it was too late to ask.

Jack knew that Alison had to be wondering what the hell was going on, so he called her up and quietly informed her of the latest developments. Since he often worked in a bathrobe, he happened to have one in his office, so he put that on and nothing else, not even socks. He made sure to keep his cell phone in the pocket of the robe though.

Exactly five minutes after Nicole walked away, Jack left his office and bee-lined to the living room. To his great shock, he saw that the girls had cleared out the furniture from the middle of the room and brought Nicole's mattress and bed frame from her bedroom and set a bed up in the cleared out spot! They'd hung up some sheets here and there to hide the piano and a few other things that definitely had no place in a hospital. That blocked one of the secret cameras, but he could see that three others still had good views.

He laid down on top of the sheets on the bed in his robe and prepared to wait. He noticed they'd left a clipboard at the foot of the bed, but he didn't stop to see what was written on it. He still couldn't wait to see their delectable, voluptuous bodies, costumes or no.

Mere seconds later, he heard what sounded like an announcement though a megaphone: "Paging nurses Knockers and Lovecock, Knockers and Lovecock! You are needed immediately in Room 38D." The voice was distorted, but he was pretty sure it was Linda's.

Then the two girls came in from the hallway. They didn't just walk in, they sashayed and sauntered with the sexiest walks they could muster.

Jack sat up and stared with awe. He'd been so anxious that his penis wasn't erect yet, but that changed in seconds as he stared at the two bombshell teens and the way they expertly moved their hips.

They both wore high-quality erotic parodies of real professional nurse outfits. Their outfits were white, with red Red Cross symbols on their arm sleeves, chests, and hats. But what caught his eyes was how much skin was showing. Their tops were similar, and open in front all the way down to their belly buttons. But the fabric pressed their tits together, creating a very tight crack of tanned cleavage on both of them. They wore dark stockings and black garters which stood out in contrast to their white uniforms. The skirts they wore were ridiculously short, allowing the very bottoms of their pussies to be seen. When they bent over, the skirts rode up, showing off most of their fine asses. There was no sign of any bra or panties whatsoever.

They also both wore stethoscopes around their necks. Linda also carried a small nurse bag.

When his gaze finally made it all the way down to their feet, he was surprised to see they both were wearing high heels. He hadn't even known either girl owned shoes with heels that high. But they walked in them like they'd been permanently attached to their feet for years.

He wanted to compliment them for their excellent and extremely arousing matching outfits, but he didn't want to get out of character for even one moment. He smiled, but just laid there quietly like he figured a patient would.

The girls walked to the foot of his bed. They were trying to hide their smirks and grins, but not succeeding too well. Linda bent over under the pretense of putting her bag down, but she was angled to show off her pussy peeking between her round ass cheeks. Her pussy lips already were visibly moist.

Nicole spoke first. "Hello, mister. My name is Nicole Knockers, and my partner here is Linda Lovecock. And I see your name is..." She picked up the clipboard and looked at it with surprise. "Oooh! 'Daddy!' 'Bigcock Daddy!' But which is your first name and which is your last? 'Bigcock Daddy,' or 'Daddy Bigcock?'"

Jack laughed at the silly names. He liked the alliteration in their names. "Actually, it's uh, 'Daddy Bigcock.'"

Nicole pretended to read the clipboard as she commented, "Hmmm, that would make sense, since it says your middle name is 'Witha." She pointedly gazed at the lewd bulge in his robe.

He laughed at that. He wondered what the sexy joke would have been if he'd given the other answer.

Linda him asked in a sultry tone, "May I call you 'Daddy?'"

Jack suddenly realized how clever the girls had been. He knew Linda longed to call him 'Daddy' but was unable to due to the formalities that remained between them. But by giving his character that name, she was free to call him that as much as she desired. He smiled widely. "You certainly may. You can call me that anytime you like."

Linda visibly shivered all over, like the thought of that nearly made her climax. She whispered reverently, "Daddy... Daddy... Daddy!"

Nicole smiled, understanding the joy her best friend was feeling over merely saying that word. She said, "Very well, Daddy. That's an unusual last name you have there. Is it French?"

He laughed again. "Yes. It's French." Then he joked back, "In French, it means 'large penis.'"

The girls had a good giggle-fest over that. The both started to high five him, but stopped themselves, since it wasn't supposed to be a joke and they weren't supposed to know him well.

As an encore, he added, "And curiously enough, my middle name 'Witha' means 'oversized phallus' in German."

The girls laughed even harder at that. Their tops were so tight and revealing that the mere act of hearty laughing caused a couple of buttons to pop open on both of them, exposing their nipples and then some. But they pretended not to notice.

Nicole had trouble getting serious again, so Linda took the clipboard from her. She looked down at him, and said, "Hmmm. Daddy, it says here that you are suffering from satyriasis. From what I understand, that means you are suffering from excessive and often uncontrollable sexual desire. It says on your chart that you were admitted to this hospital after reportedly 'boning' the entire visiting Swedish female volleyball team. Is that true?"

She pulled his robe open a little bit, causing his erect penis to poke up and open. She stared at it and licked her lips.

He grinned. "I'm afraid so." He thought, Holy fucking hell! My girls are so sexy! And stacked! God, I love those nurse outfits! This is totally like a cheesy porno movie, even down to the cheesy names, but it's really happening to me!

Linda nodded at Nicole. "Nurse Knockers, why don't you take his temperature while I figure out an appropriate treatment."

"Yes, Nurse Lovecock," Nicole replied, with excessive officiousness. Then, wasting no time, she crawled up the bed and in between Jack's legs, opened his robe even wider, held his boner and pointed it straight up, and started licking it!

He was so surprised by that, he exclaimed, "Whoa!"

Nicole continued in a professional tone, "Yes, it's a new technique. Apparently it's even more effective than even the latest digital thermometers."

Jack chuckled some, and quipped, "That's scientific progress for you."

Then he gasped, because Nicole opened her mouth wide and engulfed his cockhead. She immediately started happily bobbing on it.

Linda bent way over the side of the bed, pretending to check on Nicole. But in fact it was obvious that was just an excuse for her to show off her big breasts. Bending over like that caused another button to pop open, exposing nearly all of her hefty boobs. She still held the clipboard, and she glanced at it as she remained bent over and showed off her erect nipples. "Hmmm. It would seem that the best cure for your condition is simply draining your balls dry. Nurse Knockers and I will have to set up some kind of program of continual penile stimulation and sperm drainage, just as soon as she finishes taking your temperature."

The foxy blonde leaned over even further, and the act caused her big tits to suddenly spill completely free of her nurse outfit. But the top was still on tightly underneath, helping to push them up and out. She pretended not to notice what she was showing, or not care.

Then she sighed, pretending to be annoyed at Nicole. "Nurse Knockers, that's not how you do it!" She glanced patiently up at Jack's face. "Excuse us, Daddy, but she's new here. I'll have to show her the proper technique myself."

Linda crawled onto the bed, but remained kneeling to one side of one of Jack's legs. She sat on her lower legs and bent over obscenely until her mouth was at the same low level as Nicole's.

Nicole saw her there, pulled her lips off his cock, and then held the base of his shaft, aiming it so Linda was able to quickly swallow his cockhead and then some.

Nicole had been steadily bobbing over his sweet spot while stroking the lower shaft, trying to make him as aroused as she possibly could. Linda immediately started bobbing on him in the exact same way, except that Nicole was the one still stroking his shaft while also licking the remaining inches below Linda's constantly moving head.

This went on for a couple of minutes. All talking came to a halt in favor of non-stop cocksucking. Nicole's nurse outfit hadn't burst open nearly as much as Linda's had, so she somehow managed to unbutton enough buttons to free her boobs, even as she kept on licking without any pause.

He loved the way the two of them continually moaned in the most erotic manner, like they were having an endless series of orgasms just from licking him. Between that and the way they seemed to revel in loudly slurping and smacking, he thought any man would get hard from just listening to them go.

Failing to get him to quickly cum, they started varying their technique. There was less bobbing and more licking, so both of them could have access to his sensitive cockhead region at the same time. Their hands remained busy too. There wasn't much room after all the licking was taken into account, but they generally traded turns either stroking near his root or fondling his balls.

Then Jack's cell phone rang.

Jack had been so transfixed by the girls' outrageous nurse outfits that he'd put the fact that his wife was secretly watching out of his mind. And once they started both licking and bobbing on his cock, he pretty much forgot that he even had a wife! So he was quite startled by the sound of his cell phone, especially since it came from the pocket of the robe he was still loosely wearing.

It took him some long moments to remember about the ringing phone system he had devised. But he felt great relief when he remembered a call to the cell phone meant Alison approved while a call to the land line elsewhere in the room meant she disapproved and wanted him to answer it so she could speak to him immediately.

He had no intention of answering it (since that was the plan he'd worked out with Alison), and he didn't want the girls trying to answer it either (as unlikely as that was at the moment, given their total mental focus on pleasuring his throbbing cock). So he pulled it out of his pocket and tossed it across the room, but he was careful to toss it into some throw pillows resting on a sofa so it wouldn't break. Now, the phone could ring and ring, and he'd have the excuse of not wanting to interrupt things to cross the room and get it.

As he tossed the phone, he muttered, "Let it go to voice mail." He knew the girls had noticed him toss the phone away, and that comment helped explain why he tossed it instead of just turning it off. He didn't need to excuse why he didn't simply answer the phone, because who would want to take a call instead of enjoying an incredible dual blowjob?

Interrupted a bit by the ringing phone, Linda paused in her licking and asked Nicole, "How's the temperature reading going?"

"Good!" Nicole replied as she lovingly swirled her tongue just above his thick crown while Linda did the same move in the opposite direction right underneath it. "We should get a good reading in, oh, an hour or two." She somehow smirked and smiled as she licked.

"Why so long?" Linda asked.

"I dunno, he's got good genes, I guess." Nicole licked from the cockhead all the way down to her father's pubic hair and then all the way back again to make clear which length she was referring to.

Linda laughed. "I don't mean THAT length, Nurse Knockers. I meant the time." Then, liking the move she'd just seen Nicole make, she also licked all the way down and back again, except she went to his balls and licked around there some too before heading back up.

Jack didn't have an exceptionally large penis. True, it was quite thick, but it was only six and a half inches long, which he knew was just above average. Still, to hear the girls talk, and especially the way they worshipped his stiff pole with their tongues and lips, one would have thought he was hung like a porn star. It made him feel really good, even though he knew they were hopelessly biased by their love for him.

Nicole went back to bobbing on his cock for a while, so she forgot to answer the question about time.

Linda was having fun with the conversation though, and after she took a turn bobbing on him, she said, "Uh, sorry, Daddy. Nurse Knockers didn't explain why it would take a couple of hours to get a good reading, but rest assured that we'll suck and lick and stroke you until we discover just how hot you are. Frankly, I'm worried you're getting a fever, Daddy, because your cock is already quite hot and wet!" She tilted her head at an angle to get at his sweet spot a little bit, even though Nicole's sliding lips were rubbing over it most of the time.

Nicole somehow managed to speak even though her mouth was stuffed full with Jack's boner. "Dath's why we shou lick it, ta coo it."

Linda giggled. "Yep, it's a good thing we're already licking it." Then she continued, "Once we get a good reading, we'll have to do it again, oh, about every hour or two. But don't worry, we'll also try to find some time to work on penile stimulation to help you with your satyriasis problem. Just as soon as we stop sucking on your cock!"

He had a good chuckle over that.

Seconds later, Nicole stopped her bobbing and pulled off, allowing Linda to engulf his cockhead a mere second or two later. It was such a fast transition that he might not have noticed if he hadn't been looking down at them.

He was steadily working his way up to a very nice climax a minute later when his cell phone rang again. Even though it was on the sofa across the room, it jolted him out of his erotic reverie a little bit, and made him remember his wife. He wondered what she was up to. He hoped she was masturbating in bed while watching the video monitor he'd set up on the end table right next to her side of the bed.

The phone rang the maximum four times it could ring until an automated answer kicked in. Then, just a few seconds later, it rang four times again. He'd told his wife that she could effectively vote her approval by how many times she let it ring. Four was the highest rating possible, since the phone went to the answer machine after that.

Jack was very pleased. He figured that Alison had to be very okay with things, if she'd called in her approval twice in a row like that. He relaxed and decided to stop struggling to hold out and just enjoy a great orgasm. But before he did that, he considered whether he could cum on one or both of the girls, or in one of their mouths, given that Alison was watching.

Shit! I'm about to cum, maybe in my daughter's mouth, and my wife is okay with it! How cool is that?! She must be watching right now while Nicky bobs and slobbers her way all over my dick with such passion that she's forgetting to leave any cock for Linda. My wife is watching that, and she's OKAY with it! Holy FUCK! Life is good!

These thoughts brought him even closer to the brink, but before he came he still needed to figure out where his cum would go.

Then, his cell phone rang again, ringing all four times.

He was going to ignore that. He was so close to cumming that he wasn't even going to take time to think about that good news until after he'd unloaded.

But then the OTHER phone rang, the land line located on a coffee table across the room.

He quickly said, "Hold on, girls, er, I mean nurses, I really need to get that. Someone must be trying hard to reach me." He tried his best to extricate himself without cumming in the process. Even a few more seconds of licking would probably have triggered his climax.

Somehow, he got up and staggered across the room despite a raging and throbbing boner demanding immediate satisfaction. He was panting hard when he picked up the phone and answered it. "Uh-huh?" He was so out of his mind horny that he couldn't come up with anything better to say than that.

Alison said through the phone line, "Jack! Dear! Oh my gosh! I am seriously LOVING this! I must admit that I had problems at first, but the whole nurse role-play is just so much FUN! How could anyone not like that?"

He looked over at the bed and saw Nicole and Linda looking back at him impatiently. Remembering he needed to keep up at least some kind of pretense that he was having a normal phone conversation, he grunted, "Uh-huh."

Alison continued excitedly, "I wish I could be taking part! I'm trying to think of a good porn star name that's alliterative like theirs, but I can't think of any suggestive words that start with 'A.' So I'm thinking of maybe something with my last name, like 'Double Decker Devoux.' Do you like that?"

He grunted again, "Uh-huh." Most of the time he held the speaking end of the receiver as far from his face as he could, so he wouldn't sound like some kind of panting obscene phone caller if it had been a real serious call. It wasn't like Alison would have minded, but he thought the girls might notice and wonder about that kind of thing.

He was having a very, very hard time thinking. With what little cognitive brain power he had at the moment, he wondered why Alison was talking about silly names, of all things. He was much more interested in what she was doing to herself, and especially if she was naked and masturbating. But he couldn't just up and ask that, since the girls were listening. But then he realized he could at least ask in a general way, and hope she took the hint. So, trying his best to sound normal, he briefly put the speaking end of the receiver near his mouth, and asked, "And what are you doing lately?"

He was very pleased with that question. He thought it made it sound like he was really in the middle of a genuine phone call, but one that the other person was monopolizing.

Alison replied, "Oh, I'm knee deep in stroking fingers! You know I'm still not comfortable with this sex talk stuff, but let's just say that I am going to town on my pussy, if you know what I mean! Oh! Turn around! You're missing out!"

Jack turned around, back towards his girls.

He was astounded to see that they were both standing now, facing his way. They were starting a sexy striptease for him. It wasn't so much what they were doing that astounded him as it was that his wife had told him to turn around and watch. That made it really hit home for him that she was seeing everything happening in the room practically as well as he was, and in real time.

The girls were just starting their sexy dancing. Linda was already effectively topless from the way her outfit had literally burst open when she'd bent over, but she was improving on that a little so her breasts were completely free of any covering whatsoever. That only took a few seconds though, and then she bent over and started showing off her ass, and peeks of her pussy lips in between.

Nicole by contrast had the bigger rack, and she knew it, so she was trying her best to keep his attention on her chest. She bent forward and wiggled her dangling melons while slowly unbuttoning the last few buttons of her nurse's outfit.

Jack had already been on a hair trigger, and he knew he was going to cum soon even if no one was touching his dick, not even himself. He was that close, and seeing the two girls strip for him like this was that exciting. He muttered into the phone, "Gotta go. Something has come up suddenly. Talk to you later!" Then he hung up the phone.

He wished there as some way he could ask Alison where he could cum. He knew that she was still squeamish about bodily fluids, so he was worried about freaking her out about that. But they hadn't worked out any kind of code in advance on that, and in his insanely aroused state he couldn't think about any way to bring it up through some clever double meaning.

Besides, he realized, My balls are tightening already and the girls are still across the room! Shit, I'll be lucky to cum even NEAR them at this rate!

He somehow rushed across the room with lightening speed while shouting "CUUUUMMING!"

His intention was to cum in one of their mouths, as that would be the least offensive method for Alison's delicate sensibilities on the matter. But the issue was decided for him with the girls dropped to their knees in response to his cry, and hefted their big tits up. Not only that, but they tilted their heads back, closed their eyes, and opened their mouths in eager anticipation.

He started to let loose by squirting cum in their general direction. He was still a couple of feet away when he began, so his first ropes hit Nicole lower down, landing streaks of cum on her bare leg and then on her uniform over her tummy. But from then on his aim was better, and he blasted her tits like hitting a bull's-eye. However, he didn't neglect Linda, and he spent the second half of his climax painting her tits too. He concentrated on giving them pearl necklaces instead of facials, because in the back of his mind he was still worried about what Alison would think and her squeamishness about bodily fluids, and he figured she'd be slightly less offended by that.

Unloading on his girls while knowing his wife was watching was such an intense and arousing experience that the room seemed to spin and sway. He was a bit surprised he didn't pass out. Then he reeled as he realized the fun had just begun.

NOTE: Thanks to the suggestions and corrections of Wayac, BozotheClone, YamiBoy, and Sam.I.am, and the reformatting of Sam.I.am.

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