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Part 7: Chapters 25 to 28
(MF, Mf, Ff, ff, mult, cons, reluc, les, het, humor, wife, inc, fath, dau, in-law, D/S, group, orgy, poly, harem, 1st, voy, WC, WM, WF, oral, anal, pett, BBR)
Written by Storysmith and Spacer X (paul_t_22@yahoo.com)


When Jack's climax ended, he didn't feel his usual energy crash and mental letdown. He was so pumped up by everything, including the fact that his wife was watching and fully approving, that he felt like running around the room like some kind of wildly panting rabid dog.

The Nicole and Linda looked at each other after his cum stopped flying. They both turned their entire bodies towards each other while remaining on their knees and giggling with glee all the while.

"Ohmigod! Look at you!" Nicole exclaimed. She stared at Linda's pearly jugs, which were still hefted up.

"Me?! Look at you!" Linda retorted. "He totally came MORE on you! Girl, you look HOT!" She stared just as hungrily as Nicole's raised melons.

Nicole glanced at her father to make sure he was watching. Then she said, "Did I get more? I think it's pretty close. But let's even it out just to be fair." She scooted forward a couple of inches until her jutting rack made contact with Linda's.

The two girls began rubbing their huge tit together in the most erotic way possible. But they spent more time looking at Jack than at each other, because they were doing it for him.

Belatedly remembering the role-play, Nicole said, "Uh, Mr. Bigcock, we're uh... This is important to your therapy and recovery."

"It is? How?" He wanted to see how clever they were with the role-playing.

But Nicole was stumped, so she protested, "It just is!"

He liked that. He liked it even more when they started French kissing each other too.

Jack's penis had started to go down some, but seeing all that tit rubbing and kissing inspired him back to a full hard-on in a matter of just a minute or two. He loved it, but he worried that Alison would get jealous. He couldn't ever remember recovering so quickly with her. Plus, he knew she didn't like bodily fluids, and might have issues with the girl-to-girl kissing.

There were a few specks of cum that had splattered on the girls' faces. They took turns lasciviously licking them off each other between kisses, while moaning like bitches in heat.

Seeing her father holding a fully stiff boner, Nicole stopped her licking and stared his way. She quipped, "Nurse Lovecock, it looks like our patient has made a full recovery."

Linda asked back, "But, Nurse Knockers, aren't we trying to cure Daddy from having a raging erection all the time?"

Nicole replied, "It depends on how you define a cure. I think instead of trying to cure him of his satyriasis, we should help him cope with it. We should help him cum over and over and over again!"

Linda showed she in full agreement with that idea by pulling her top off altogether. That left her only in her short white skirt, her stocking and garters, and her high heels. She got down on all fours and pushed her skirt up so it hung around her waist, covering nothing important at all.

Seeing that she had Jack's full attention at the moment, she said huskily, "So what you're saying is that we should dedicate ourselves to serving Daddy's cock every day!"

Nicole didn't want Linda to steal all the spotlight, so she quickly stripped down in the exact same way (they'd agreed in advance to try to look like twins as much as possible, so he could have a fantasy about that as well as the nurse one). She also got on all fours with her skirt bunched up around her waist too. But while Linda had chosen a side profile, allowing Jack to visually inspect her entire hard body from head to toe, Nicole knew her best assets were her jaw-dropping double D's, so she faced him with more of a front on angle.

She wiggled her dangling rack a little bit as she replied, "That's right! I got into nursing to help others. Who needs our help more than Daddy?" She started to crawl right past him. "A big cock like his needs lots of help!"

"No," Linda corrected, "a big cock like his DEMANDS lots of help!" She started to crawl too, but it only took her a couple of steps until she was between his legs. He was sitting on the floor, so she had to bend way over to get her tongue on his revived boner. Her cum-covered melons scraped against the carpet some as she reached out and held it with both hands too.

She made sure to keep her ass way up in the air. It looked just like she was prostrate in front of him, more worshipping his stiff penis than merely licking it.

Nicole was tempted to immediately join her friend, but she saw the lusty look in Jack's eyes as he watched her every move, so she decided to continue crawling around the room. She wanted to make sure he got to see her at every angle and especially get a good long look at her soaked pussy.

Jack's cell phone rang four times again.

Nicole looked at the phone. It was up on the sofa on the other side of the room, but she was thinking that answering it could give her a good excuse to crawl across the room.

However, Jack broke his silence to say, "Let it ring! Whoever is calling, don't let 'em disturb us!"

So Nicole decided to crawl in the other direction. She wanted to end up right in front of Jack so he could enjoy the sight of her naked body and Linda's bare ass at the same time. Because Linda's ass was up high and her head was down low, her skirt had slid even further down, nearly to her boobs. The tanned blonde's entire body was wiggling a little bit as she constantly tilted her head this way and that to come at his cock from new angles.

As Nicole crawled, she asked her best friend, "What about our boyfriends? If we dedicate ourselves to serving Daddy's cock, then what will become of them?" Of course they didn't have any real life boyfriends, but she was trying to keep the role-play going.

Linda said as she licked, "Who cares? Either they accept our cunts are owned by Daddy now, or their asses hit the street! Hell, it's not like I'll let my boyfriend touch me again anyway. Not when I've got THIS!" She licked her way up and down Jack's boner, from tip to root.

Nicole replied, "Good point! I'm not even gonna let my boyfriend kiss me. And if he tries, my mouth will taste just like Daddy's cock, since I'll be slurping on it so many hours a day!"

The fit and firm brunette had reached her prized spot in front of Jack, but a few feet to the side so Linda's wiggling ass wouldn't get in the way. She remained on all fours in a side profile to her father, but she stretched and preened, showing off just how athletic her body was. She even managed to stretch one leg way up in the air, so high that it was like the move of a trained gymnast. But she was careful not to let her huge breasts touch the carpet. Unlike Linda, she didn't want to lose the cum still on her by rubbing it against the carpet (even though she knew her erect nipples would love the friction).

The cell phone rang four times again.

Jack had to laugh out loud at that. It was almost like Nicole was participating in some kind of sex Olympics and she was being rated by the judges after finishing her routine.

She bent her body in a dexterous way Jack could never manage. Her shoulders and ass remained high up, but the torso in between bent like a bow, with her tummy curving down towards the carpet.

WOW! was all her horny father could think. But then he added, I can't believe these hard bodied total BABES are interested in an old fart like me. Nicky could be a gymnast!

Linda's tireless licking efforts were making his arousal soar. But his thoughts were more on Nicole, given the way she was practically twisting herself into a pretzel in front of him, she was preening and stretching so much. He suddenly cried out, "God, Nicky, you're so fucking... everything! Hot! Sexy! Perfect!"

Nicole beamed with the compliments, but she teased, "That's Nurse Knockers to you, Daddy." She started to hump her ass into the air, but she abruptly changed her mind and crawled closer. "Oh God! I need cock! Linda, please give me some room!"

Linda moved over, but at the same time she joked, "That's Nurse Lovecock to you."

The girls giggled and happily French kissed each other again. Then they focused all their energies on Jack's cock. This time, they both wanted to bob on him, and that was one thing they couldn't do at the same time. So one would hold and stroke while the other bobbed, and then they would switch about half a minute later. Since Jack was still sitting on his ass, their noses practically wound up in the carpet a lot of the time, they were bending over so much.

Nicole's efforts to preserve the cum on her big tits was forgotten, and she wound up sliding her melons against the carpet quite a lot in her efforts to find new angles and approaches to pleasuring her father's cock.

The cell phone rang again.

Then, after a couple more minutes, it rang yet again. But by that time, Jack was so over the moon with lusty need that he hardly noticed. His hands were balled into fists and his teeth were clenched as he struggled with all his might to make the extreme joy last a little bit longer.

The way the girls were trading off was so arousing that he knew he wouldn't hold out for long. It was much, much more arousing than one mouth steadily bobbing on his penis non-stop, even though that actually involved more constant direct penile stimulation.

As much as he loved their sliding lips and probing tongues, it was the time between the bobbing that mentally aroused him even more. Nearly every time, the girls would look at each other and smile, looking like they were having the greatest time of their lives. Sometimes they kissed, but only briefly, since they were keen to get back to more cocksucking. They handed his penis back and forth like they were handing off a priceless artifact. Long lines of saliva often dangled between their lips and the tip of his dick, and pre-cum drooled everywhere. But the thing he loved the most is the way they would impatiently tap each other while they waited for the other one to finish, hoping to get their next turn a few seconds faster.

Jack fought valiantly, but it was a losing battle. He heard his cell phone ringing even more now, but it seemed like the phone was miles away.

He'd wanted to cum on both of their faces, but Linda happened to be bobbing on him when he lost all control. He didn't even think to say anything, and only managed to let out an extra loud grunt.

"HEY!" Nicole complained as she saw the repeated gulping motions in Linda's neck. She demanded, "Let me have some too!" But, uncertain if the aggressive approach would work, she added pleadingly, "Please?!"

Jack's orgasm was well over half-way done when Linda felt her mouth filling up with his seed so quickly that she felt she wouldn't be able to manage it all. She suddenly jerked her head back, pulling off his hot boner with a loud pop.

Nicole acted with astonishing speed, bringing her lips into place. There was no time for intense bobbing, but she nursed on the tip of his cockhead, coaxing out even more cum with her eager lips and powerful suction.

Even now, after his second orgasm, Jack was still surprised by how much energy he had. True, he sat back for a minute to recover, but then he managed to stand up and stagger through the room, towards the stairs.

The girls were lying down on the carpet with their eyes closed. They were both naked except for their garters, stockings, heels, and useless skirts up over their waists. He was hoping they'd fallen asleep and he could sneak away without them noticing.

But they'd just been resting. They sat up at the same time. Nicole complained, "Hey! Daddy, where are you going?!"

Linda added, "Yeah! We're just getting started! Alison won't be home for another hour!'

Nicole added to that, "We haven't even started with the titfucking yet!"

Jack paused and looked back at them. "Sorry. I'm all wiped out. Unlike you, I'm not a teenager! I'm gonna go take a nap."

"Awwwwww," the girls moaned in stereo. Linda added, "Come on, Daddy! We can make you hard again, I promise!"

Nicole nodded emphatically. "Besides, we need to take your temperature again."

Jack grinned at that. "I don't doubt that you could get me going again. But just because you can, doesn't mean you should. I loved that. I loved everything about it. The whole nurse thing was incredible. I love both of you so much. But I need to rest for a while. I'm so tired that I'm not even sure I'll make it upstairs."

Linda patted the bed she happened to be sitting near. "So rest here with us. We'll make it super comfy for you."

"That's what I'm afraid of," he said as he stood there naked, trying to regain some energy. "I don't trust myself near you. In fact, I'm ordering you both not to go upstairs for any reason, not even to your own room, Nicky. Not until I come back downstairs. That way, you won't be tempted and I won't be tempted either." That was part of the reason, but he also wanted to make sure they wouldn't get close enough to overhear Alison upstairs.

"Awwwww!" the girls complained again. Then Nicole asked, "What about my bed?"

Jack looked at the mattress and the bed frame in the living room. "Oh shit! We can't allow Alison to come home and see that. Okay, let's all bring that stuff back upstairs together. Then you two work hard to remove all the evidence in the living room, okay? And that includes vacuuming. I think a lot of cum wound up on the floor." He looked at the spots where they'd repeatedly rubbed their tits against the carpet.

The girls nodded. They sat up on their heels side by side, trying to demonstrate the depth of their loyalty and obedience by their physical position as well as their eagerness to obey even a command about cleaning up.

But Nicole couldn't help but ask, "Daddy?" She jokingly added, "Mr. Bigcock?" After the three of them had a good laugh at that, she got to her question. "Can we do this again tomorrow? Maybe another role-play? We have so many ideas!"

He smiled and said enigmatically, "We'll see." He didn't want to make promises without talking to Alison first.

"Awwww! Daaaaaddddeeee!" the girls complained, as he came back to help move the bed.


Jack managed to move the bed frame and mattress back to Nicole's bedroom and then get them back downstairs before they could cause any mischief. In particular, he'd worried that they would entangle him in more sexual fun as his energy level rebounded. But he resisted, despite the fact that they stripped off the last of their remaining clothes (supposedly because it was easier to move the bed that way).

With them well out of hearing range downstairs, he walked to the master bedroom and knocked on the door. "Honey? It's me."

"Come in, dear!" Alison cried out.

To his surprise, he found the door was open. He walked into the room and closed and locked the door behind him. As he did that, he asked, "Why'd you leave the door unlocked? I thought you..."

His voice trailed off because by that time he turned around and saw his wife.

She was lying naked in bed, on top of the sheets. She had a very arousing "just fucked" look, although in her case it could more accurately be called a "just nearly masturbated to death" look. Her face was flushed and her red hair was tussled and tangled in a sexy way. She held her arms out for him without getting up or even lifting her head. She growled, "Forget the fucking door! Come over here and fuck me!"

The video monitor and control board was on the table right next to her bed, but that was forgotten now since there was no one left in the living room to watch. Still, he was pleased to see that his purchases and set up had obviously worked just as he had hoped they would.

He had been annoyed about having to move the bed back upstairs when he was feeling dog tired, but he was happy about it now, because it had given is penis a couple of extra minutes to recover. Even so, he would have had trouble getting hard again except for the fact that his nude wife looked so astoundingly beautiful. His penis started to engorge quickly as he crossed the room.

Alison gasped, "Just, just.... just slide right in me! I'm so hot, I need you now!"

He was quite surprised, since Alison always needed extensive foreplay before she was ready for sex. Even though her masturbation obviously served as the foreplay, he loved that he was able to just slide into her, for once. He hopped up on the bed and crawled in between her legs. Since she was lying on top of the sheets, it was only a matter of moments before he guided his dick into her wet pussy. It all happened so fast that he was still a bit soft when he entered her, but he hardened up after he slid all the way in and bottomed out balls-deep in her.

Alison had become much more sexually liberated in the last two weeks. In fact, it was like day and night compared to how she had been before. But she still had some hang-ups. One of them was she was too self-conscious to make any kind of arousing sexy talk during sex, and precious little before and after. She even felt constrained not to sound too obscene by panting and moaning too loudly. This was the exact opposite of Nicole and Linda, who were so at ease with their sexuality when with him that they constantly said the most arousing and naughty things that popped into their minds. Even when they were too preoccupied to speak, they never hesitated to show just how aroused they were by panting and moaning as loud as they wanted.

As a result, Jack found the relative quiet a bit disconcerting considering that he'd just been with the girls a few minutes before. The silence was especially noticeable since they had much to discuss about what happened downstairs. He was patient though, as he knew that vocal women like his girls were common in erotic stories but rare in real life.

Still, Alison wasn't totally silent. After a minute or two of Jack's steady thrusting, a thought came to her and she suddenly blurted out, "Oh shit! Jack, your penis was already so wet because it was still covered in the girls' saliva! That's really HOT!"

He tensed up a bit, suddenly worried that the girls might hear. But then he remembered how far away they were, and relaxed. But the brief panic made him realize there were advantages to silent sex.

Although Alison was quiet, she certainly didn't just lie there like a dead fish anymore. Jack had been teaching her how to hump back and especially how to churn her hips. When she was fully aroused, like she was now, she churned and humped back so much that he had a hard time keeping any kind of steady rhythm of his own. But he didn't mind at all, because the mixture of rhythms more than doubled the pleasure for the both of them.

There was no doubt that Alison had hit a peak of arousal before he had entered the room. As a result, she hit a climax after only a couple minutes of fucking. And while she still had a deep seated inhibition to crying out during sex, she could only restrain herself so much. She let out a pretty loud wail.

Jack had a fear the girls might hear and come to investigate and then find out he wasn't really taking a nap after all. He knew they'd have to be clued in about what Alison knew, and soon. But he didn't want it to happen in that way, and especially not now. Still, he was pretty sure they would be safe with their fucking, just so long as Alison didn't yet out much louder. It was a big house, and the closed doors trapped most of the noise from escaping.

He wasn't in the mood for anything fancy or drawn out; he just wanted to fuck. And thinking about what had happened in the living room and his wife's apparent full approval filled him with such an energy and enthusiasm that he practically fucked Alison half to death.

Alison typically had great difficulty getting fully aroused, and an even harder time having a climax. She didn't have many orgasms in one sex session. But the upside was that once she did climax, it always was a very powerful one. So, when Jack sensed she was coming up on her second orgasm, he decided that was a good time for him to let go as well. The two of them came hard in a fantastic and perfectly timed mutual climax.

This time, they both screamed out, but Jack guessed it still hadn't been much louder than the last time. He figured they were safe from discovery.

After it was over, he scooted up the bed and laid down right next to her. He cuddled up with an arm around her.

The two of them were happy to just cuddle and kiss and rest for a while.

As he lay there, he held a huge tit in one hand and an ass cheek in the other. He thought, I can't get over how blessed I am. My wife is pretty much my ideal woman, physically. She's just so stacked, and fit, and her face takes my breath away. And her personality is great too! Now, to have all that, and she's getting turned on watching me get it on with the girls. Pinch me, I'm dreaming!

Eventually, Jack sat up against the headboard, propped up with some pillows, and Alison did the same. He asked her, "So, you want to talk about it?"

She looked at him, and asked, "The sex we just had? It was great! One of the best times yet!"

He chuckled. He loved watching her full and round boobs rise and fall a little with each breath, and he alternated between admiring her chest and making eye contact. "That's nice, but I was asking about your opinion on what you saw in the living room. I'm eager to hear your thoughts. I know you must like it from the number of times you called, but I want to hear exactly how you feel."

She chuckled too. "I called a lot, didn't I? At first, I just called once or twice to let you know I approved, so you wouldn't worry. But I started masturbating, and it was like I couldn't stop! Before long, I decided to call you each and every time I had a climax. So that's what most of the calls were. Well, all the ones after we talked on the other line."

He was very surprised, and he showed it. "Wait! That means you came, like, six times! Maybe even one or two more! To be honest, I kind of lost track of the calls near the end there. How many times did you cum?"

She was all smiles. "I think you're right. About six times alone, plus two more with you just now. That's about five more times than I've ever climaxed in a single day in my entire life! And all the other times have been in the last few weeks."

"Wow!" he replied, still amazed. "SIX times?! Do you know how much that is for you? I have a hell of a time just getting you to climax twice in a single night."

"I know," she said sadly. "I'm sorry my body has these limitations. I'm just not built to cum at the drop of a hat, like some women. Plus, I have my hang-ups about sex that I still can't quite shake, and I'm sure that factors in. But maybe I'm better than we both thought if I'm given some extreme stimulation. And what I saw the girls do to you today is the most arousing thing I've ever seen in my life! Hands down!"

Jack smiled widely when he heard it. "Tell me! Tell me more!"

She said, "Well, at first I did feel terribly jealous. In retrospect, it would have been a lot better if you'd warmed me up with some pussy licking so I'd be in a more receptive mood. But it didn't matter too much in the end, because I got horny fast! Those girls are like... pure sex! I mean, I'm not at all attracted to women, as you know, but they have this unabashed joy and enthusiasm for sex with you that's downright intoxicating!"

He laughed. "Tell me about it."

She continued, "Now that I've seen them in action, I feel much less upset that you fooled around with them. Trying to resist them would be like trying to hold back a tidal wave with your hands. Especially with those nurse outfits and that whole act they did. That was so much FUN! It hit me like a hammer that sex is fun, and it's meant to be celebrated and enjoyed."

She turned sad. "To think of all the wasted years, where I actually thought I was being a good Christian by not having sex at all, or worse, reluctantly giving in and doing my best not to enjoy it. Yuck!"

He said, "Forget that. That's in the past now. You're only thirty-three. Hell, you're seven years younger than me, so you've got decades and decades of great sex ahead of you."

She smiled from ear to ear and pulled him closer. "That's true. With you."

He kissed her, and, as it seemingly always happened with her, his hands drifted to her great tits and cupped them from below. Then he asked, "So you don't mind sharing me with the girls?"

"Are you kidding me? I tell you, I've never been so aroused in my life! I had to restrain myself from going down there and joining you! If I had a halfway decent nurse outfit to put on I might just have done it too!"

"You're joking," he said. Once again, he could barely believe his great luck. He caressed the sensitive undersides of her globes as she cuddled into him and ran a hand through his hair.

"Okay, maybe not. I have to talk them and get some agreements in place first. But I am looking forward to this whole arrangement. I can learn so much from them! I want to be just like them; that really is my goal. I want to be that uninhibited and wanton in bed. Hell, I want to be that uninhibited in the middle of the living room!"

He said, "That's great news. I feel the need to play devil's advocate here though, because I want this to work in a lasting way. I worry that you're discovering the joys of sex right now, and you're so excited about that that you may not be thinking through all the consequences. For instance, did you hear the girls at the end, talking about how they want to 'serve' me? Yeah, it was all part of the over the top fun, but I think they're really serious about that part. Their passion for me is so intense that it's almost scary. It seems like they're gonna want to have sex with me aaaaaall the time, every day! But I'm not so young anymore, and I like having sex with you pretty much every night too. I'm guessing we're gonna have trouble soon enough trying to hold their passions down to reasonable levels."

Alison replied, "That all is true, but I'm sure we'll work it out. If we all can share you at the same time, that'll be better. That way, no one will feel left out."

He looked at her incredulously. He brushed some hair away from her eyes and then brought his hand back down to her comfy tit-pillows. "You're serious, aren't you?!"

"As serious as a heart attack," she replied earnestly. "I want THAT!" She pointed at the video monitor next to the bed, but it was clear that her intention was to refer to the sexual fun she'd seen. "I want to feel so free that I could wear an erotic nurse outfit too and call myself Double Decker Devoux and lick and suck your penis like it was the most amazing experience a person could possibly imagine. But I still have a long way to go. Heck, I just called your penis a 'penis' because I have trouble saying the word 'cock.'"

After a pause, she repeated it: "Cock. See? That didn't kill me. A bolt of lightning didn't strike me down. I imagine after a couple of weeks joining in when the girls sex you up, I'll be swearing like a sailor. It'll be 'cock' this and 'cock' that." She giggled.

He replied, "Perhaps. But what comes after that?"

Her eyes lit up. "More sex! Come on, you know it'll be great! You're gonna be the luckiest and most sexually satiated man alive. I can't believe I'm having to talk you into this." She dropped a hand down to his penis. It was semi-hard already, but she figured if she stroked it some, that might help convince him.

"You're not," he said while readjusting his position to give her stroking fingers better access. "I'm totally there already. With bells on! But I just want you to be sure and not have any regrets later. This is a huge step. Who knows where this will end up? They might even end up more like co-wives than anything."

Alison shrugged. After a brief pause, she resumed stroking his penis to full hardness. "Perhaps. And if so, then so be it. I want the four of us to be like family. The names of what we are to each other aren't so important as is the fact that we all love each other and are tightly bonded together. I can't tell you how excited I'll be if they open up to me and accept me as a mother, or older sister, or fellow cocksucker or whatever they want to call it. The bottom line is, I want them to feel like I'm one of the gang. A trusted friend! I have this vision of them running to me all excited, and then the three of us planning out our next sex role-play together."

"Like what?" he asked as he played with her erect nipples.

She shrugged. "I dunno." She kept slowly sliding her hand up and down his shaft as she thought something up. "Here's an idea. Let's say they and we are a small girl scout troop, and our normal den mother is out sick or something. You've been asked to fill in. Before long, we're all working with you on our cocksucking merit badges, if you know what I mean." She grinned almost wickedly.

He asked, "Do girl scouts have merit badges?"

"Who cares?" She'd stroked his dick to full erection by now, and she was having a fun time sliding her fingers all over it. "My point is, part of living my frigid, rigid life was I got in the habit of keeping everyone distant as part of trying to deny sexual intimacy. It was just easier to be a frigid bitch all around. I'm so tired of that! You're my savior. The girls are my savior. I have a second chance! If the cost is that I have to share you with them, then so be it. I actually see that as a plus. You know I trust my gut instinct, and it tells me this is right! After I share you with the girls in a few role-plays like the one I just saw, how could we not grow to be closer than sisters?"

Jack nodded. "Okay. And I agree. I just want to be sure you're walking into this with open eyes."

"I am," she replied firmly. "I know this is like riding a wild tiger, but I revel in the very danger of the ride. I've never felt so alive in my life! I know there will be trouble and side effects, but if we all love each other, we'll be able to overcome them. Now, I want you to go and fuck those cuties. Fuck their pussies!"

"Really?! Now?!"

She looked down at his dick and her fingers running over it, almost tickling it, and she smiled. "No, not now. You've climaxed three times already, and you're gonna need a fully loaded gun to do it right. But soon! Tomorrow, maybe. It's time you fuck your daughters!" Remembering the name he had in the role-play, she teasingly added, "Do it, Mr. Bigcock!"

They both laughed at that.

She suddenly rolled on top of him, but she kept right on stroking his boner. "I'm in love with you, Mr. Bigcock." She kissed him on his lips, but it was more of an affirming and loving kiss than a hot and passionate one.

He brought his hands down to her ass cheeks since her impressive melons were pressed into his chest. He squeezed and caressed her ass while they kissed a little more.

After a while, she continued, "And by the way, you do need to know they're your daughters, and they need to know that too. Before you fuck Linda, I want you to call her 'daughter' and mean it."

He squeezed Alison tightly. "I can do that. Did I mention you're the greatest wife ever?"

She laughed. "I know."

They continued to kiss with increasing heat. Then, as she nuzzled her face into his, she said, "Now, we've got to figure out what to do with this cheeky bastard." She squeezed his dick to let him know what she was referring to. "I could just keep on jacking you off, but we could come up with a better idea than that. You could fuck me, but we just did that. And I know how much you love to titfuck me, but I have an even better idea than that!"

She slid down his body until she was breathing directly on his cockhead. She licked a few stripe patterns around the ridge, and then said, "I know what you're thinking: a blowjob. That's not very original. But what if I get your cock nice and wet with my saliva, and then you rush over to the girls and stick it in THEIR mouths and THEIR cleavage? Doesn't that sound like fun?"

"Hell yeah!" he admitted. "That's a nice fantasy." He ran his hands through her hair, since her ass was far out of reach.

"Fantasy? Who's talking about a fantasy? This is reality. I want you to really do it!"

His heart skipped a beat, he was so surprised and excited. "You're kidding me!"

She nodded, and lapped his sweet spot. She smiled, and added, "I'm dead serious. The idea of them licking my saliva on your dick gets me strangely excited. Of course, I'll only let you do it if you can coax them into the living room so I get to watch!" Then she engulfed his cockhead and bobbed on it.

He knew that she liked licking his penis well enough, but she rarely actually sucked it, so she was making a strong point by doing that just then. Her plan was so exciting that he very nearly came in her mouth. (It was a good thing he didn't though - one big reason she didn't like sucking him so much was for fear that he'd cum before she could pull off.)

A few minutes later, after Alison very nearly brought him to climax with her mouth, he put on a robe and wandered back downstairs. His stiff dick was glistening and dripping with his wife's attentions. He didn't know where the girls were, but he just laid back on a sofa in the living room, opened his robe wide, and whistled loudly.

The girls hurried into the room. They looked at his boner with fire in their eyes. "Can we?" they asked him at the exact same time. They started taking their clothes off in anticipation of him saying yes.

Feeling like the king of the world, he said, "Tell you what. I'll make you a deal. You two can suck it if you work it non-stop together for at least half an hour." He pointedly looked at a clock on the wall to show he'd be keeping track of time. "But if you fail or make me cum before then, I'll have to punish you severely."

That idea excited them so much that they finished stripping so fast it was like their clothes were on fire. They didn't even bother answering, since their reply was a given.

As they dropped to their knees between his legs, Nicole said, "I love this so much! Half an hour? Heck, let's make it a full hour!"

Linda said, "Girl, I love the way you think! But Mr. Devoux, what will we get if we win?"

"You'll get my cum on your faces. Otherwise, I'm gonna cum in my hand."

Surprisingly, that was all the motivation they needed, and they both started licking.

However, Linda pointed out as she licked, "We'll have to make it half an hour after all, because otherwise we'll move into the danger zone."

They all knew she was referring to the time Alison was expected home.

Jack ran his hands through their hair, and said smugly, "Don't worry. I talked to her a little while ago, and I know for a fact she won't be coming home until later."

"YEAY!" The girls redoubled their tongue and lip assault.

He thought, I love the fact that my comment is technically correct: Alison can't come home if she's already home! I love the fact that she's sitting upstairs right now, watching us and masturbating up a storm. I only wish we could do the cell phone secret communication thing again, but that would be too suspicious to use that all the time. Man, life is great!


The next day, Linda was walking down the sidewalk in front of school when she saw Nicole walking her way. They'd each just come to school from different directions, but now they'd be joined at the hip for the rest of the school day. They hugged, and then walked to the middle of a nearby grass lawn so they could talk without being heard.

Linda said, "Boy, Nicky, you're looking happy today! If you were beaming any brighter I'd have to wear shades just to look at you. Still flying from yesterday afternoon, huh?"

Nicole smiled blissfully towards the sky. "Yeah, there's that. Can you believe we won the one hour bet? I swear, that's the most fun hour I ever had!"

"Me too," Linda replied, wistfully recalling how they'd double-teamed Jack for an hour plus.

"But I'm even happier about this morning! So much has happened!"

Linda bounced impatiently on the heels of her feet. "What?! Tell me already!"

"Well, for starters, Jack came into my bedroom and woke me with a kiss! And not just a peck on the cheek, but a real soul kiss! His hands were all over me, and of course that meant he played with my tits a lot as we necked, but he even fingered my pussy! Then, after I brushed my teeth and all that, I was in the middle of changing when he walked back into my bedroom and simply pulled his big cock out of his shorts!"


"YES! I was totally blown away because I knew my evil stepmom was somewhere in the house, but I wasn't gonna make him ask twice. In fact, he didn't ask once, or even say anything at all! He just stood there, all tall and manly, expecting that I would service his cock!"

"So cool!" Linda muttered in awe. She looked around furtively, making sure no one could hear them.

Nicole continued breathlessly, "I was wearing nothing but a robe since I'd just come from the bathroom, and I quickly stepped out of it and dropped to my knees! Totally naked, just like a good little cock slut! I bobbed my head up and down on his cock for, like, a good ten minutes until he came again! It was even better than before! It was like the greatest thing I had ever tasted; I just couldn't get enough of it! When he left, I just lay back on the bed, scooping his cum into my mouth, feeling the rich and salty flavor. Mmmm! So creamy and warm..."

"Wait, wait, wait!" Linda was bouncing up and down a little bit, she was so excited. "Where did he cum on you?"

"On my face! And he didn't ask me or even warn me in advance, he just blasted all over me like it was his god-given right! Which of course it is." She giggled. "It was like he was taking for granted that I was his slut. And then he stood there impatiently until I got the hint and licked his cock and balls clean. He was so masterful! Oh, and he didn't say a single word the entire time! Nor did I!"

Linda moaned, "Oh man! That is soooo cool! He didn't say a single word?"


Linda moaned even more erotically. "Oooh! Mmmm! That's REALLY hot! And Alison was home?"

"Yep! You have no idea how exciting it was, kneeling there in the nude with my face soaked with his spermy love, terrified that she could walk in on me at any moment!"

"Oh! OH! That is too intense!" Linda's ample chest was heaving up and down, and her pussy was getting wet. "Why didn't you call me right away and tell me?! Now you've got me so horny that I can barely see straight, and school is starting in a few minutes!"

"I know," Nicole replied. "And I'm really sorry, but there just wasn't time. After he left, I lay on my bed and licked my face clean until I got called down for breakfast. But then even MORE mind blowing things happened!"

"What?!" Linda leaned forward, as if she was trying to get the news to her ear that much faster.

"Well, when we ate breakfast, Da-, er, Jack sat next to me, and on the side facing away from the kitchen." She and Linda tried to refer to him as 'Jack' instead of 'Daddy' when talking about him anywhere outside the house, but there were occasional minor slip ups.


"And he totally ran his hand up and down my thigh, even though Alison was right there in the kitchen!"

Linda asked, "Well, did you take out his cock and stroke it, like a good daughter should? Or did you at least stroke him through his clothes?"

Nicole looked down sadly. "No, I didn't. I totally wanted to, but I was too scared with her right there. I did stroke his thigh though while he stroked mine."

Linda clutched both her fists in frustration. "LAME! You should have done more! He's your..." She'd been about to say "Daddy," and quite loudly too, but she caught herself just in time. She finished less forcefully, "He's your, well, you know what he is! It' your DUTY to service him. You totally should have done it and set a precedent."

"Don't I know it," Nicole said, still sounding bummed. "Still, we have to try not to get caught, right?"

Linda grudgingly admitted, "There is that. I guess you did the right thing."

Nicole nodded sadly. But then she brightened up considerably. "But that's not all! Right at the end of breakfast, Alison had some news that'll blow YOUR head right off! She started asking me all kinds of questions about you, like if you were happy living with your aunt. I told her you weren't, and she asked me if I thought you'd be happier living with us!"

Linda was so astounded by that, she very nearly fell over backwards. She wobbled around a bit like she was drunk, and finally pulled herself back together. She whispered in total awe, "NO!"


"Us, as in you, your dad, and her?"

"YES! Of course, I said you'd be WAY happier, that nothing on Earth could possibly make you any happier, or me either! Then she said she'd call your aunt and talk to her about it. And Daddy just nodded and said he approved, and he thanked her for her good idea."

"SHIT! NO! NO WAY! NO FUCKIN' WAY!" Linda literally started bouncing around on the lawn like she was riding a pogo stick. She tossed her backpack full of books down because it was getting in the way.

Her bouncing would have caused a scene, especially the way her big boobs were swinging up and down and side to side despite the valiant efforts of her bra and top to contain them, but it was nearly time for first period to start and everyone else was either in school already or hurrying towards it.

With Linda still bouncing, Nicole added, "Alison added that we would have a house meeting right after school to discuss it. All four of us!"

Just then, the school bell rang.

The two girls didn't care much at first, since this Earth-shaking news was much more important than being late. But Linda stopped her bouncing, picked up her books, and started briskly walking towards the school building. Linda said, "Pinch me, I think I'm dreaming."

"I know! Isn't it great? We'll be living together, and with you-know-who and his big cock right down the hall!"

Linda insisted, "No, I mean pinch me, really! I want to make sure this is real."

Nicole pinched her arm as they kept on quickly walking. "It's real. See? But you know one minor downer? If my evil stepmom is home after school, then I can't see how we can repeat something like we did yesterday."

Linda said, "True. But maybe you should stop calling her that. If this was her idea, maybe she's not so bad after all."

"True," Nicole agreed. She was surprised, since Linda was the one who had insisted on the "evil stepmom" name to begin with.


The girls met with Alison and Jack after school.

Alison led the brief meeting. (Jack wanted her to, and made it seem like it was mostly her idea, so she would get most of the credit.) She said, "Linda, I think we can all agree that you'd be happier living here with us. Your aunt tries her best, but she's a very busy woman and she isn't getting the job done. She knows that, and feels bad. I spoke to her at length today while you were at school, and she's willing to let you live here for as long as you want. As she put it, you already are living here most of your waking hours, so you might as well sleep here too."

Linda jumped up and screamed. "WOO-HOO!"

Nicole jumped up too. The two girls hugged, yelled, and high-fived each other while Jack and Alison watched with glee.

Alison sorely wished she could have been jumping and high-fiving them, but she knew it would have been awkward if she'd tried to join them since she was still considered too distant from them.

Sex was put on the backburner for the rest of the afternoon, because Linda immediately began planning her move in and then actually moved her stuff in, with the help from all the others. Alison suggested that there was an empty guest room right next to Nicole's bedroom, and that would be the natural place for Linda's room.

Not surprisingly, Linda thought that was about the best idea she'd ever heard.

Both Jack and Alison wanted to say more to Linda, to openly express their feelings and fully welcome her into the family. But they felt the time wasn't quite ripe for that yet. It was better that Linda move in and bask in new appreciation for Alison as a result of that move. Meanwhile, husband and wife were already planning the next steps to take to forge their new sexual family.


Nicole and Linda were quickly walking the short distance from Linda's aunt's house to Nicole's house. Another day of school had ended, and they were bursting at the seams to find out what lay in store for them this time.

Linda asked Nicole, and hardly for the first time that day, "So, what do you think will happen?"

Nicole said passionately, "I don't know for sure, but I sure hope it involves a lot of cocksucking!"

Linda had a good laugh at that. "Me too! But remember just a couple of days ago, how you thought cocksucking was morally wrong and a sin?"

"I still think it's wrong and a sin," Nicole replied. "It's just that I think it's a sin worth paying the price for. If I'm a good person and live an otherwise moral life, God will forgive me, right? Right!"

Linda just rolled her eyes. They hadn't discussed this delicate subject much at all, but she felt there was enough water under the bridge to finally talk to Nicole about it, and maybe even tease her a little about her previous beliefs. She was surprised her friend still felt that way.

Nicole hugged Linda, and said, "Thanks so much for talking me into that!" She let go and resumed walking with her friend. She continued, "I am so grateful you showed me how to please him, how to suck cock, and drink his sperm... Thank you, Linda."

Linda thought, Amazing! The pure Christian girl I used to know would NEVER have thanked someone for teaching her to suck cock and eat cum! Nicky's already getting to be quite the cute little cocksucker! I feel almost like a proud parent.

Nicole started to lean forward to kiss Linda on the lips, but then she remembered they were outside in a public place. Then she remembered that she wasn't supposed to kiss her best friend unless Jack was around. She was enjoying the kissing so much that it was easy to forget that she was supposed to be only doing it to make her father aroused.

The sin issue still bothered the busty blonde, so she asked, "It's still a sin, but you're willing to sin anyway? I don't get that."

Nicole said as she walked, "The way I figure, when we die, God will have to balance all our good deeds against all our bad ones, and then judge us. Personally, I don't believe in a Hell, but I think only good people get into Heaven. Now, normally, sucking the cock of one's father would be a pretty bad sin, but there can be special exceptions. For instance, Lot had sex with his daughters, but that was okay because they were all trapped in a cave together. It wasn't a normal situation. And Daddy, well, he obviously NEEDS to get his cock sucked a lot! The way Gabrielle just up and left him and me three years ago left a big hole in his heart, and my new evil stepmom hasn't managed to fill it."

Linda interrupted, "Um, you know, Alison has been pretty cool lately, especially about letting me move in and everything. Maybe we shouldn't keep calling her that."

Nicole bristled. She knew that was the second time Linda had suggested that. She was going to make a fuss about it, but in the end she just muttered, "Whatever." Then she continued her explanation. "Anyway, the way I figure, Daddy's been in a lot of pain, and I have been too. So if some cocksucking can make him feel better, is it really such a big sin after all? It's almost like God is giving me a special pass to help undo a terrible wrong. I can soothe his troubled soul with my tongue and lips."

Linda found that logic interesting. She found it significant that Nicole wasn't using Alison as an excuse to allow Nicole to give Jack the sexual satisfaction Alison had been denying him. Now that it was obvious Jack and Alison were having sex with each other pretty much every night, that excuse wouldn't hold water. So Nicole had to fall back on the wrongs of Jack's previous wife. But that was such a weak connection to giving Jack blowjobs now that Linda was surprised that Nicole even believed it herself. Jack was hardly a "troubled soul." In fact, he was living the life of Riley.

However, Linda figured this line of thinking was good news. Obviously, Nicky's moral resolve has greatly weakened, and she's only coming up with some rather lame excuses after the fact. I need to strike while the iron is hot! Today could be the perfect time to help her lose her cherry! Once it's a done deal and she realizes how much she loves getting fucked, she'll just make up some justifications after the fact for that too.

The crafty blonde said, "Oh Nicky! I'm so glad for you! But I think I still have some tricks to teach you, to help you make your dad even happier! Shall we try them out today?"

"Sure! He didn't get to squirt on us even once yesterday, what with all the moving and everything, so I can't wait to coax all that spermy love out of him!" Then she thought about fucking, and added uncertainly, "As long as it's not using some morally questionable method, that is. What are you thinking?"

"Let's keep it a surprise. We're almost there."


When the girls got home, Jack was still in his office (or at least they assumed that was the case - he worked so quietly they rarely could hear him in there). They changed into their micro-bikinis and went to their usual spots on their lawn chairs by the pool to wait for him, and work on their tans a little too.

Time passed, and there was still no sign of Jack. However, the girls didn't worry so much about it this time, because he had given both girls some quietly spoken yet heavy hints about afternoon fun while they were in the dining room and Alison was out of hearing range cooking in the kitchen (it was Linda's first night sleeping in her own bed in the Devoux house, so she had been thrilled to be there at breakfast too).

The girls talked about Jack, and sex, and most especially sex with Jack, to help pass the time. Linda was keen to steer the conversation around to whatever it would take to get Nicole to agree to get fucked.

The blonde teen started in with her suggestions. "Nicky, your father must be so happy! He totally loved our little nurse role-play. After that, I'm sure he'll want us to suck his cock all the time. Is that something you think you'd enjoy?"

Nicole looked at Linda like her friend had grown an extra head, because the question was such a no-brainer for her. Had she been at all sassy or sarcastic, she would have made some cutting jibe. But she was far too polite for that, and just said, "Of course! Why do you even need to ask me that?! I want to suck his cock all the time! Always with you, of course. And now that you're living here with me, it's my dream that never a single day goes by where we don't suck him off together at least once! We're a team."

Linda leaned forward and gave her friend a happy hug. "You're such a great friend! That's my dream too. And we can make it a reality! Can you just imagine slurping on Daddy's fat cock, running your tongue all over it, while I slather my tongue all over his balls!"

Nicole frowned, because it was such a no-brainer comment. "Of course I can imagine it, 'cos we've done that so much. Remember the hour long dare the day before yesterday, and how we took turns slurping-"

Linda interrupted, "I'm talking about doing that under the table while he's eating breakfast!"

"Oh! YES!" Nicole gasped. That certainly was an electrifying twist. She reached towards her pussy mound, but stopped her hand at the last second. She was a bit embarrassed to play with herself with Linda there.

Linda grinned knowingly. "That's what we'll be doing a lot of someday soon, I'm sure. But if you want to be a perfect daughter for him, it's not enough to be just a frequent cocksucker, or even a sharing cocksucker. You must be a great cocksucker! You need to treat it like an art form, a passionate hobby, and a professional job all in one. You need to practice and study until you're one of the best of the best!"

Nicole sighed longingly. "That sounds wonderful. Can we practice together?"

"Of course. It'll be fun!" Linda was still hugging her brunette friend, and she made a point to keep their big racks pressed together. She added, "In fact, we can start right now. It's not just the art of stroking, licking, and sucking we need to master, but also the art of inspiring him to pop lots of boners that we can then spend a nice long time draining dry. For instance, have you noticed how much he loves this?" She cupped the undersides of her hefty globes and firmly rubbed them against Nicole's even bigger ones.

Nicole immediately held hers in the same way, and since their micro-bikini tops were so flimsy and miniscule to begin with, the girls were rubbing totally bare boobs against each other in a matter of seconds.

This was all part of Linda's plan. Between their talk and their "practicing," she wanted Nicole totally horny to put her in a more receptive mood for the blonde's more daring ideas.

Nicole was getting into the tit rubbing, but she replied to Linda's question, "Oh yes! I adored the look in his eyes when we rubbed our cum-covered boobs together! Did you see that look? It was like he wanted to rape us on the spot!" Excited by her memory, she rubbed her rack against Linda's with even more vigor.

"Yes!" Linda agreed enthusiastically. She might have been cleverly leading the discussion in certain directions, but that didn't mean she wasn't fully passionate about these topics. "I'm sure he was imagining sliding his big fat cock into our tight little pussies!"

Nicole blushed a little at that, but didn't say anything. Actually, it was a combination of blushing from embarrassment and reddening from increased arousal.

Seeing Nicole's discomfort, Linda changed the topic a little bit. 'Tell me... Neither of us are great cocksuckers yet, obviously, but do you think you're a good cocksucker?"

Nicole shyly answered, "Y-yes, I think am."


Nicole dropped her head and stared at their tits mashing together. "I know I lack experience, but I hope I can make up for that with passion. And love! I give it my all!"

"That's a good answer," Linda pronounced. "So that makes you what?"

"A good cocksucker?" Nicole asked uncertainly.

"Right! You are what? Say it!" Her friend demanded.

"I'm a good cocksucker!" Her face lit up and her pussy tingled as she proudly basked in the truthfulness of that statement. She knew she truly was by the quantity and quality of her father's erotic moans whenever she did it to him.

She was so electrified by the talking and the tit rubbing that she tilted her head forward and necked with Linda for a while. She forgot that she was only supposed to do that when Jack was there.

When the kiss ended, Linda said, "That's progress, that you're a good cocksucker. But even if you're the best cocksucker in the world, that's not enough to fully satisfy your father. Men love to fuck!"

Nicole gasped, and pulled back from the tit rubbing. She dreaded this topic, especially since Linda had been bringing it up more frequently lately.

Linda let her pull back, but continued, "Men like to have their cocks stroked and licked and sucked, but they love to fuck a girl's pussy so much more! They are even more turned on by our butts. They crave the feeling of fucking our asses, and that's something you deny him too." Linda wanted Nicole to feel more ashamed of her supposed sexual shortcomings. "Well, since you don't let your father fuck you, then you must pray he'll be satisfied with just your sucking. He must be eager to put his hard dick inside you... but you deny yourself to him..."

"NO! I do what he wants. I'm a good and obedient daughter, and I use my body to serve him." She proudly thrust her bare chest out a little as she made that boast. "He doesn't seem to want it so bad... Does he?"

She grew increasingly confused and upset. "He's never even asked me about fucking. In fact, he's hardly even touched my pussy. That means I'm not denying him anything, right? I'm making Daddy happy."

"Don't be a fool, Nicky!" Linda barked with irritation. "Just because he hasn't attempted to fuck you yet doesn't mean he doesn't want to fuck you. You're denying him your body! It's just that he loves you and cares for you so much that he's not pressing the point... yet. He knows you have issues with treasuring your virginity. He must think you love your cherry more than you love your father. I'll bet it's breaking his heart."

"No!" Nicole cried out in anguish. "It's not like that! It's just that he is my father!"

"So?" Linda reached out and grabbed Nicole's nipples. She started twisting and turning them to keep her busty friend so erotically overheated that she'd have trouble thinking coherently. "If you're a good girl, you should fuck no one BUT your father! Or is there someone else you prefer?"

"No! No one! Never! My body is for Daddy only! It's just that he and I are cursed. Cursed to never go all the way. The terrible curse of incest!" She dropped her head sadly. She seemed to pay no mind to Linda's continued nipple manipulations. She shyly admitted, "Besides, I always thought I would save my virginity for my wedding day."

Linda tried a slightly different tack. "Do you love your father?"

"Yes! Of course I do!"

"And you love him in a 'special' way, we know that, don't we?"

"T-t-that's true, but..."

"But you can't marry him, Nicky! Your father IS your special man, the man you want to spend the rest of your life with. Isn't he?"

Nicole's face turned as red as a cherry tomato. "Well, yes, but... He's not going to want ME! After all, he's got Alison now. This is the cross I have to bear, the central tragedy of my life, that the love of my life is my married father!" She gasped, amazed that she'd just admitted that.

Linda insisted as she brazenly twisted Nicole's nipples, "You're being selfish again! You're making assumptions and decisions based on what you think he wants! Your duty as his busty sexpot daughter is simply to SERVE him! Serve his big fat cock! Let him use your body any way he wants, for as long as he wants! You were born and bred to be his perfect daughter, and anything less means only failure and disappointment."

Nicole stammered, "Bu-bu-but... but Alison! What about her?"

"Who cares about her? Real men like your daddy need more than one woman to keep his penis satisfied! We both can't deny that she's very buxom and beautiful, and it's great that he fucks her every night, but that's not enough for a virile man like him! Does she serve his cock in the morning? No! Or in the afternoon? No! That's when you and I come in. That's our role, to serve his cock whenever her back is turned! Do you deny it?"

"No. It sounds wonderful! But what if we get caught?!"

Linda growled, "You and all your questions! Your goal is not to question, it is to serve! Daddy is your right and proper MASTER! Let him worry about those things. You must obey and serve him without question!"

Nicole felt her pussy throbbing and gushing. Linda had never used the word "master" with her before, and hearing it made her so horny that she reached into her tiny bikini bottoms and started to finger her pussy lips. She didn't even consciously know what she was doing; it was just like unconsciously scratching a very needy itch. She also thrust her heavy tits forward, encouraging Linda's nipple play. (It wasn't that she had any amorous feelings towards Linda, but at the moment it just seemed like two more hands to help increase her arousal.)

Seeing how insanely horny Nicole was, Linda leaned forward and necked with her a while.

When their tongue-dueling ended, Nicole asked, "I thought we were only supposed to kiss to help his cock?"

"True, but we're practicing. We were just talking about the need to practice more, weren't we?"

Through her sex fog, Nicole vaguely remembered some talk like that. Dropping that query for now, she asked, "And what about you? Are you made to serve him too?"

Linda replied matter-of-factly, "Of course! Daughter or not, I've been pulled in by his wonderful charisma and sexual power. I have no choice but to serve him without question, in any way, for as long as he wants me."

She said this despite the fact that Jack still had some love handles, a bit of a belly, and a bald spot. True, he was working hard to improve his physique, but there was only so much he could do about his average looks, not to mention his "nice guy" persona that made for a good friend but rarely drove women wild. His penis length and width were only slightly above average, and his stamina was nothing extraordinary either. But the girls were so in love with him that they saw him as a charismatic hunk, and they wildly exaggerated the size and "power" of his penis in their minds.

Linda continued, "If he's standing there and whips out his big cock, I'll drop to my knees and start sucking or titfucking it without question."

Nicole interrupted, "Hey! It's like you're reading my mind! In fact, you know I did that already. Remember the morning incident I told you about? I didn't even say a word; I just engulfed his huge knob and started to bob all over it." She continued to finger her pussy and let her friend play with her nipples without really thinking about it. In fact, she was getting more aroused all the time, and thus more wanton with her fingerbanging.

"True," Linda conceded, "but you'd probably spent half your time worrying about where Alison was instead of totally trusting your daddy. You say you give your cocksucking your all, but how can you give it your all if you're always worried about things like that? And what if he pulls out his huge dick and says 'I'm going to fuck you now?' What would you do?"

Nicole turned her head away, trying to hide her lack of a good answer, as well as her arousal at the scenario.

Linda pressed on, "You'll never be able to marry your dad, and you won't marry anyone else, so you use marriage as an excuse to deny him your cunt! Yet you know he's the only one you'll ever love and serve, so do you plan on staying a virgin your entire life? The whole thing makes no sense. Just give in already! The perfect solution is to be one of his mistresses, along with me! He wants so much to lay you on the bed, open your legs and slide his manhood inside your hot and tight pussy! You want it too! And you know it! You know that I've had sex, and believe me, if you think you like blowjobs, just wait until he fucks you. Real intercourse is WAY better!"

"Really?" Nicole shyly asked. She had a hard time believing that because she loved cocksucking so much.

"Definitely! And I've never had anal sex, but I'm sure it's great too. And yet you deny him. It's crazy. You call yourself a good daughter, but you think you're too high and mighty and moral to let him stick his cock in your cunt!"

"No!" Nicole gasped with horror.

"But it's true! You don't allow it! You keep him frustrated, you tease him by sucking his cock, but you don't go all the way. You are being downright cruel with your daddy, Nicky, and that's a fact."

Nicole started to sob. She was suddenly too emotionally overcome to keep playing with her pussy, and she buried her face in her hands instead (ignoring the sticky fingers on one hand). "I... I never realized it! I'm torturing him!"

"That's right, you've been holding your silly notions about incest above his great sexual needs! You say blowing Daddy is a sin too, but you've overcome that. Why not do the same thing here? Even if fucking is a sin, which it is NOT, you can make up for it by doing other good deeds! You can make things right! You have to let him fuck you!"

Nicole wailed as she cried, "NO! I don't have the courage to do this! It's wrong! That's going too far! He's my father... I can't even imagine myself doing it with him!"

She's still resisting, thought Linda. And who knows when he'll get here? He's already late. I must force the issue now or he'll arrive before she's ready.

The wily blonde suddenly changed her approach. Even her tone switched suddenly to a gentle cooing. "Oh, but you can! Just close your eyes."

The confused brunette closed her tear-filled brown eyes.

Linda resumed playing with Nicole's boobs, but she gently massaged her tit-flesh and nipples instead of aggressively twisting and pulling the nipples. She wanted to get her friend in a dreamy, relaxed state.

The stacked blonde purred, "Now picture your daddy, you big strong daddy, lying nude in your bed. His cock is so stiff it points to the ceiling... He's smiling because he knows you are by his side, ready to serve him."

Nicole moaned contentedly. She felt her worries slipping away as she vividly pictured her father and his stiffness. She kept moaning while Linda halted in her speaking for some long moments.

Linda continued, even quieter, "You need that cock! You need to pleasure it, to serve it, to love it. Don't you?"

"Mmmm!" Nicole was growing so relaxed that it was like she was melting in her chair.

Linda started to playfully move a hand down towards Nicole's swampy crotch. She acted like her index and middle fingers were legs and she "walked" them down her friend's firm tummy.

She slowed down the "steps" as she got closer, but Nicole nonetheless tensed up when Linda's fingers reached the edge of where Nicole's dark brown bush used to be. "W-w-what are you doing?!" Nicole asked as she brought a hand over to cover her pussy mound.

Linda kept her wandering fingers still for the moment. "I'm planning on fingering your pussy."

"Don't!" Nicole objected. "It's one thing if Daddy's around, but he's not here!"

But Linda quickly and smoothly continued, "Now, now, there. Let me explain. You and I both know that we have no lesbian leanings. There's never been a special sexual spark between us. I'm doing this to give you at least a rough idea what real fucking is like. You lost your hymen a long time ago, so that's not a worry."

Nicole interrupted, "But I use my fingers down there all the time!" Then she blushed as she realized what she'd just admitted. "Well, I don't mean ALL the time, but... You know... It happens sometimes." She blushed and turned her head away.

Linda said softly and soothingly. "I know. I do too. There's nothing wrong with that. In fact, you were doing it to yourself just a few minutes ago."

"I was?!" The busty teen blushed more as that memory came to her. She raised the hand that had been covering her pussy to her face and struck a pondering pose as she stared at the stickiness webbing between her fingers.

But Linda just cooed, "Never mind. The thing is, you can masturbate all day long, and it's just not the same as someone else's fingers. Even a dildo doesn't compare, because you control it and know where it's gonna go. But that's a moot point since you've never owned one of those anyway." She started to wander her fingers a little further down, now that Nicole's hand was gone, but she was careful not to go too fast and spook her.

"How do you know what other fingers feel like in your pussy? That's never happened to you, has it?"

"Yes it has," Linda replied. "You're thinking only of female fingers. That hasn't happened to me, but male fingers have been down there, as well as cocks. So I know what I'm talking about."

"Oh yeah," Nicole said, bummed that her point had been undercut. But then another thought occurred to her. "Hey! You fingered me there already, remember that one time with Daddy? So there's no point in doing it now."

"True, I did, but I was mostly just rubbing your pussy lips and your clit. The one time I went inside, I only used one or two fingers. It's a totally different thing with three fingers or even four. That's a lot like getting fucked by your daddy's fat cock!"

Nicole gasped. Her naked tits heaved up and down with arousal.

"You really need to try this out before you make up your mind." Linda's fingers moved a fraction of an inch further down and "accidentally" brushed against Nicole's clit.

"Ooooh!" The curvy teen seized up briefly, but only briefly. She made no protest when Linda kept a finger on her clit.

Soon, the "accidental" clit tease became very deliberate and prolonged.

Linda French kissed her some more, and she kissed back just as passionately.

Then Linda continued soothingly, "Don't worry; you can trust me. Anyway, where were we? Ah yes, dreaming about Daddy lying on your bed naked, his big cock towering up in the air. You can't leave him like that, can you?"

Nicole giggled. "Heavens, no!"

Linda brought a finger to Nicole's pussy lips while continuing to work her clit. "So what does a good daughter and sex mistress do at a time like that?"

"We serve it! We serve Daddy's cock!"

"Very good." Linda was particularly pleased that Nicole had said "we" - it showed she was increasingly thinking of her as half of an inseparable cock-pleasuring team.

She rewarded her answer with another kiss on the lips.

The blonde fox continued to walk Nicole through some very explicit descriptions of what Nicole could do to Jack's erection, such as handjobs, blowjobs, and so forth. She wanted her friend hotter than an oven, and it also gave more time for Nicole to get used to Linda rubbing her pussy lips and clitoris. Linda's voice was so soothing that Nicole actually started to feel sleepy even though she was also incredibly aroused.

But then Linda changed the scenario. "A lot of those things could happen, but they won't, because Daddy suddenly rolls over and sits up on top of your legs! He spreads your legs wide and quickly brings his big cock to your pussy lips!"

"Oh no!" Nicole moaned. "Don't, Daddy, please! I'm still a virgin!"

Linda bunched four fingers together and rubbed them back and forth over Nicole's pussy lips like they were a thick cockhead. She said, "Daddy says you're selfish, prizing your meaningless virginity over his sexual needs!"

Nicole moaned and writhed her hips onto Linda's bunched up fingers a little bit. "Oh no, Daddy, it's not like that! The big problem is the incest! I would be proud to give up my virginity to you, if you weren't my father! It's all I can think about lately, when I'm not thinking about sucking or titfucking. But it's so wrong!"

That answer annoyed Linda because it suggested she had a lot more convincing to do. She still waited to push her four fingers into Nicole's tight slit, because that was supposed to represent the start of the simulated fucking. Instead, she kept rubbing over the swampy lips and argued against Nicole's latest comments.

At the same time, she kissed her again. That always seemed to ramp up Nicole's arousal. Plus, Linda loved the kissing and fondling in and of itself, and could tell Nicole did too, even though they both pretended there was no sexual spark between them.

What the girls didn't know was that Jack had been upstairs all this time instead of in his office. As they'd noticed occasionally in the recent past, he sometimes peeked in on them tanning or just hanging out in the backyard. In fact, the guest room that Linda had just moved into was an ideal spot to spy from, because it was directly above where the girls sat, but far back enough to provide a full view.

He'd gone there just to check if they'd come home. But then he realized the Venetian blinds were closed, and the angle of the sun was such that he could spy on them to his heart's content without them knowing, if he merely tilted the blinds open a little bit. Even so, he would have only stayed for a moment, because it was much more fun touching and playing with them than just looking at them from a medium distance.

Normally, he wasn't able to hear what they were talking about, mostly due to the ambient noises in the backyard. But he was extremely intrigued because it almost looked like Linda was seducing Nicole. That was a logical conclusion from the way they were tightly embracing and repeatedly kissing on the lips. Curiosity got the best of him, and for the first time ever, he got a glass from the bathroom, put it up against the window, and then put his ear to it.

The effect was remarkable. Before, he could only make out words if the girls were nearly shouting. But now, he could hear nearly every single word, unless they dropped into a whisper.

He'd wound up listening to nearly their entire discussion. Needles to say, he was fascinated. He'd heard some of their submissive talk when they were with him recently, especially their shared passion for "serving" his "big cock," but he thought that they were more exaggerating for erotic effect than really meaning it. Now he realized they well and truly meant it. He'd had no idea they were both this totally sexually devoted to him. He knew as a responsible adult he should be concerned, especially by Nicole's admission that she had no intention to marry or even have sex with anyone other than him, but their talk was all so arousing that it shattered his remaining willpower.

He was glad Alison wasn't here to listen in too, because the talk was so extreme. She'd actually been longing to spend another afternoon spying (and masturbating), but she'd been unable to. She had been missing hours of work in the afternoon for the past two days (first, to spy on the nurse role-play, and second, to talk to Linda about moving in and help her move in). Her boss wasn't happy about that, and he had demanded she stay extra late her next two work days in response.

Jack had had a raging erection even before he started listening in (since he'd been anticipating going out to join them shortly), and there was no let up in his stiffness as he overheard the discussion and watched them kiss and caress each other. That had given him a bad case of blue balls and he'd been sorely tempted to masturbate, but he didn't want to "use up" his penis when the girls were so willing.

He was particularly aroused and intrigued by how Linda had pushed Nicole on the issue of fucking. He knew of Nicole's moral objections, and although he was certain he would fuck both of them before long, he'd figured he'd just let it happen when it happened. (After all, he still got to fuck Alison most every night, and she was getting better at it all the time as her lingering frigid habits broke down.) But now, after what he'd heard, he thought, The time to fuck them is today! Right now! God, yes!

He could see that Linda was building up to fingerfucking Nicole with her clumped up fingers. He knew the girls enough to know that Linda's main desire was to break Nicole's resistance to fucking him and not some lesbian seduction attempt (although it seemed like some of that was happening too). However, given the ultra-aroused state he was in, he wanted Nicole's pussy all for his own.

So, although he would have loved to see what Linda would do to Nicole, he was more interested in having sex with his gorgeous girls, and the "threat" of Linda starting her fingerfucking snapped him out of his reverie.

He hustled to Nicole's room next door and opened the drapes on one of the windows. "Hey, cuties!" he shouted down to them. He had a great view of Linda rubbing her fingers up and down Nicole's pussy lips from this window too, but the girls suddenly froze, broke their latest kiss, and looked up at him.

They looked around and tried to get back to some "decent" and "normal" poses, but they didn't know what to do since they were both so naked and obviously busted. They were only wearing their micro-bikini bottoms, and those had been pushed to the side. After some uncertain seconds, both of them felt so embarrassed that they did the most instinctive thing and tried their best to cover their pussies and tits with their hands.

Knowing he had their total attention, he briefly gazed out past the pool, and joked, "Nice view from up here."

But the girls were still too terrified to laugh or giggle. They were wondering how much he'd seen or heard (and were too afraid to ask). But from the way he'd opened the drapes, they assumed he'd just got there. That made them relax some, especially Nicole. She would have been mortified if she knew that he'd heard what he'd heard, especially her confused feelings about getting fucked. They also figured the upstairs windows were just out of hearing range, and they didn't know about the glass trick.

Jack continued, "I just got home from a nice walk where I pondered some things. I've decided I'm game for more sexy fun now, and on other nice afternoons like this. So let's not waste time. Why don't you come up here, slip into something sexy, and then meet me in my bedroom in a couple of minutes?"

Even though the girls were still so shocked from being seen from above that they continued to cover their privates, they moved with blazing speed to get upstairs. It didn't make much sense, but they weren't thinking logically about it.

Jack realized he had to move soon too, or they'd wind up having their fun in Nicole's room instead of his preferred locale of his own bed. If he was going to fuck the girls for the first time, he thought it would be appropriate to do it there.

As the girls went up the stairs, Nicole whispered, "I'm so embarrassed that Daddy caught us kissing, and he wasn't even there! ... Well, you know what I mean."

Linda replied, "Like I told you, we were just practicing. The fact that he saw us is a bonus! That'll make him totally horny, thinking that we really mean it!"

Nicole asked, "But do we really mean it?" She was increasingly uncertain. She was enjoying kissing and fondling Linda far more than she was willing to admit, even to herself, and she didn't know how her friend felt about it.

"Well, we can enjoy it a little bit. That's no lesbian thing. That just means we'll be better cock servants for Daddy, if we kiss each other with genuine passion!"

"You think?"


Nicole frowned, because she still wasn't certain. However, she put the issue out of her mind for now, because there were too many other exciting things going on.


The girls rushed up to their rooms, quickly picked out the outfits they wanted, and starting putting them on and beautifying themselves with subtle touches of make-up, brushing their hair, and so on.

Linda changed in Nicole's room because they did most everything together, but also because she wanted to continue her persuasion attempts. As she wiped her soaked pussy clean, she said, "I'm sorry we didn't get to finish our little test, but no matter. I know you're gonna make me proud today just the same. Just imagine yourself bouncing up and down on his cock! Feel his huge cunt-splitter balls-deep in you! Can you imagine anything better? He'll be so happy! He'll finally be fulfilled... fucking his beloved daughter!"

"I don't know Linda..." she said unsure of her feelings. "I don't know if I have the courage! I-It's so sinful! I-I..." She also was cleaning her pussy area, and it took a lot of cleaning because she was so swampy with fresh pussy juice streaming out. She was extremely frustrated by the timing of her father's arousal, because she'd been on the brink of a great climax. She'd been holding out until Linda could plunge her four fingers in her, and then that never happened.

She was tempted to just masturbate herself instead of cleaning up, but her father had said he wanted to see them in "a couple of minutes," so she didn't have time. She wound up sort of half cleaning and half masturbating, and that left her unable to finish either task, not to mention extremely horny.

Linda asked, "You want to leave your dad frustrated?!"


"Do you prefer torturing him to giving him what he wants and needs?"

"NO, obviously not! I love him!"

"Then why are you torturing him? Why do you deny what he wishes for so intently? If you want to be a good daughter, you have to satisfy him in every way. If you don't let his manhood inside your pussy and your ass you'll be failing him. Do you want to fail him?"

"NO! I don't want to fail Daddy! But..." She was torn with indecision.

"Tell me you'll try it... If you can't go through with it, then it's okay, you tried your best."

Nicole still looked uncertain.

Linda pressed, "I'm only asking for one try!"

"O-okay... I'll think about it... But I'm not sure I can do this! It's just so sinful!"

"I trust you, Nicky, I just know you won't let your dad down when the time comes."

Satisfied that that was the best she could do with time running out, Linda helped Nicole finish dressing. She whispered in her ear, "Daddy's gonna fuck you today. He really will. Get ready to be speared by his big cock!"

Nicole shivered all over. She was so nervous that her hands shook.


Jack took off all his clothes and laid back on his bed. He'd lost enough weight recently that he could finally take his shirt off and not feel self-conscious about it. He knew he still had some slight love handles, but he figured he was only about ten pounds overweight, and that wasn't bad at all. The problem was how that compared to his centerfold-worthy girls, and his possibly even more physically perfect wife, but they accepted him as he was, and that was what mattered most.

He was chomping at the bit to get started. He closed his eyes and fantasized about the kinds of clothes the girls would wear. After the nurse role-play, he had high expectations.

"Hi, Professor Devoux," Linda said.

He opened his eyes and stared at the sexy teens as they stood at the door to his room. His expectations were not disappointed in the least. They were wearing the same conservative uniforms they wore to school all year. That meant red pleated skirts and a white blouse (the uniform also included a jacket that matched the skirt, for cold days, but they weren't wearing those now.) They had their backpacks full of books slung over their backs, but done in a way that thrust their huge tits forward.

Just seeing them in those uniforms was arousing at most any time for him, because he'd gone to the same school when he was their age and he had many memories and fantasies involving girls wearing that exact style of uniform. But what made their outfits special was the way that they had adjusted them to be much sexier. Their blouses were unbuttoned all the way down their fronts, and they'd tied knots just below their bosoms. In addition to showing off all their sexy tummies, and pushing their big tits tightly together, they'd left the blouses so wide open above the knot that their nipples were peeking out a little bit.

The skirts were similarly seductive, except they'd been arranged slightly differently. They'd folded them partly inside out so they were only half as long as usual. Linda wore her greatly shortened skirt ridiculously low, so most of her bush would have been showing if she hadn't have shaved it off already. Nicole wore her equally short skirt way up high, so a glimpse of pink from the bottom of her pussy lips could be seen.

Needless to say, it was obvious they weren't wearing bras or panties.

They also wore stockings, garters, and five-inch high black heels to complete their outfit. It was a schoolgirl uniform that usually only existed in fantasies and porno movies.

"Wow!" was all Jack could say. "WOW!"

A wave of incredible arousal hit Nicole when she saw how Jack's penis responded to their outfits. He was already fully hard, but he was so inspired that his penis rose up all on its own to point straight up. It's just like Linda's fantasy she was telling me a little while ago! Exactly the same! This is the point where I have to decide which way I will serve Daddy's cock! No! It's his decision! A perfect daughter obeys her father in all ways, even when he wants to use my body for his perverted lusts. Especially then! And Linda said he'd sit up on me, spread my legs, and just... slide it in!

Oh God! Linda's so right. If I leave it up to him, and I should, that means I'm gonna get fucked today! Oh God! Please, Lord, please! Give me strength. Tell me this isn't wrong! Help me endure this terrible sin!

Her just finished efforts to dry her pussy were ruined in seconds, because she started to immediately gush, like she needed the lubrication for imminent fucking. She was torn between running out of the room or throwing herself on the bed, but she did neither and just stood there with her mouth open and her hands politely trying to cover her gaping maw.

Linda noticed her friend's wide open mouth and unexpected reaction, but then she saw Jack's boner pointing straight up. She slyly smiled, correctly guessing her friend's general thoughts on that.

But the horny blonde was eager to get a role-play started, so she tried to go on without Nicole for now, and said, "Professor Devoux? May we speak to you for a second?" She crossed her legs and slid her hands down her thighs in a shy pose, looking almost like she needed to pee. She also made sure to bend over so more of her big tits would spill out.

Jack was speechless. He hadn't expected something like this, since he'd only given them a couple of minutes to prepare (admittedly, they'd taken a little bit longer), and he knew they hadn't had any time since the nurse role-play to buy new outfits. But they'd obviously improvised with what they had in a very clever way.

He just nodded.

Linda said in a sultry purr, "Um, Professor, you see... We did pretty badly on our last test, and we're wondering if there's anything we can do to make up for it. ANYthing!" Her voice was full of sexual suggestion.

He knew that was the start to pretty much the oldest teacher-student fantasy in the book, but it was popular because it worked. Finding his voice, he said, "You two look so hot! TOO hot! I'd love to go through some big role-play, but some other day. Right now, I'm so insanely horny, I need your cute little tongues on my dick right now!"

At that, Nicole snapped out of her cock-focused daze, and both girls leaped into action - literally. They dropped their backpacks and leaped onto the bed.

But although they were eager to start licking and sucking his erection, they had a greater initial need to kiss and hug him. They cuddled up on either side, and one girl would French kiss him while the other would pepper kisses all over his face. But they didn't neglect his hard-on, and both of them stroked it at the same time. It took a few moments of hands bumping into each other, but soon enough Nicole claimed the top half and Linda the lower, and then ten fingers slid up and down like their two hands were one.

Jack loved their slutty school outfits, but he loved taking them off even more. He managed to undo the knots on their fronts, and once their blouses were opened wide, he freely kneaded their ample racks. He was an equal opportunity kneader, and kept one hand on each of their bosoms.

After a couple minutes of this, the girls' cock need grew too great, and they both started to slither and slide their mostly naked bodies down him so they could get started on cocksucking.

As he watched them do that, he said, "Girls, I gotta warn ya, I'm so excited already that I'm gonna blow real soon! In a minute or two, if you both suck me like you did before!"

That sounded just great to the girls, and they hurried their mouths to his throbbing boner. Delightful visions of cummy faces and tits, and tummies full of cum filled their heads.

Linda was so overcome as she started to kiss and lick Jack's cockhead (right along with Nicole), that she moaned huskily, "Oh! Mr. Devoux! It's so GOOD!"

Jack had been waiting for her to call him that, and he was pleased it had happened so quickly. He said, "Linda, you know I hate it when you call me that. I'll make you a deal: I'll call you 'Daughter' if you call me 'Daddy.'"

There was a dead silence, like the calm before the storm. Then Linda squealed and screamed so loud that Jack and Nicole had to plug their ears.

But the screaming cut off just as quickly, because Linda showed her full approval for that idea by engulfing his cockhead and then some, and then madly bobbing on it.

She thought, "Daughter!" He called me "Daughter!" For real! Oh! This is the best day of my life! And I've got his cock in my mouth! My DADDY'S cock! YES!

The girls were very good at sharing his cock, but Nicole could tell that Linda needed this much more than she did. She pulled back from Jack's privates altogether and let Linda go to town for as long as she wanted. While Nicole was out of the action, she took her blouse, skirt, and garters off. Then, seeing that Linda was still bobbing madly on Jack's big erection, she scooted back up and cuddled against her father's chest.

She ran her hands over him and kissed him here and there. She cooed, "Daddy, that makes me so happy too! Linda's gonna be my sister now, right?"

Jack was careening up towards a great climax, so he was in no condition to talk, but he managed a nod.

"Oh goody! We're gonna be your two sex mistress daughters!" Nicole made to kiss his lips, but then she realized he was so excited he was struggling just to get enough air to breathe, so she kissed her way along his neck and up to his right ear instead.

Linda heard that, deduced Jack's affirmative response, and then squealed all over again, even though she had all of Jack's cockhead in her mouth at the time.

Jack had been close to his guess that he'd only last a couple minutes of cocksucking. He held out about three minutes in all, but Linda was just so relentless and passionate that he didn't even think to give a warning. He just came in her mouth.

Linda had her eyes closed so she could fully concentrate on her thick task, and when he started to cum, her eyes opened very wide. But other than that, she hardly changed her behavior and just kept right on bobbing with great suction while his cum blasted into the back of her mouth.

It was even hard to tell when his climax ended (except for the look on his face), because she kept right on steadily licking and sucking until he was fully flaccid. Only then did she crawl up his body so she could look into his eyes to talk intimately.

However, she had to wait a little bit, because as soon as Nicole judged he could breathe well enough, she got busy kissing him on the lips. So the busty blonde bided her time by cuddling close and kissing as much of his face as she could without bumping into Nicole's head.

Finally, Linda remembered to speak, and the word "Daddy" popped out of her mouth. That made her so excited that she started breathlessly repeating it: "Daddy! Daddy, Daddy, Daddy, Daddy, Daddy, Daddy, Daddy, Daddy, Daddy! Oh my God! I can't wait to be part of this family!"

Jack broke the kissing with Nicole to say, "I think you are already family, Linda."

"Oh, thank you, Daddy!" She embraced him as best she could while remaining cuddled with her big tits mashed into his chest, and she brought her lips to his temporarily unoccupied ones. But she stopped just short, and said, "I'd kiss you forever, but I still have a lot of your cum on my tongue that I'm savoring."

"Oh! Kiss me, then!" Nicole said eagerly upon hearing that.

The two girls shared an electric kiss mere inches in front of Jack's face. He could clearly see his cum being snowballed back and forth, because they kept their mouths a little bit apart just so he could enjoy that sight. They also each mashed a tit into his chest, and groped for his penis at the exact same time. It was still flaccid and small, but they took turns holding and caressing it anyway.

Finally, the girls ended their kissing, and Linda gasped out, "I'm so happy! Oh Daddy! I'm so happy! Daddy, Daddy, Daddy! That's why I always called you 'Mr. Devoux,' you know; I was hoping that would someday inspire you to ask me to call you 'Daddy' instead. Oh, and did you know that you're going to fuck me today?"

He'd been feeling relaxed and happy, idly caressing their massive racks, but upon hearing that he jerked his head forward and bumped into Linda's head a little bit. "What?! What did you say?!"

Linda proudly repeated, "You're gonna fuck me! No, my DADDY is gonna fuck me! I always tell Nicky that a good daughter does EVERYTHING for her daddy... EVERYTHING! Now that I'm your daughter too, I've gotta let you fuck me anytime you want too!"

Nicole giggled. "Hoisted by your own petard!"

Linda quipped, "No, I'm gonna be hoisted by DADDY'S petard! And repeatedly impaled!"

This fucking talk was causing Jack's penis to rebound already. The fact the girls were already taking turns fondling it sped up the process, and soon it was engorged enough for both their hands to hold it and stroke it at once.

But Linda playfully poked at Nicole, sinking her finger deep into her busty friend's tanned tit-flesh. "But don't think YOU'RE off the hook, girl! You're gonna get fucked today too, if I have any say in it! And since you're his real flesh and blood daughter, I think it's only fair that you get first dibs!"

Nicole's mouth dropped and her eyes opened wide. She had just been thinking that she would be able to dodge that issue, at least for today, by Linda's declaration that she wanted to get fucked.

Linda playfully rubbed her nose against Jack's, and stared into his eyes from only an inch or two away. "Today, I'm gonna help my best friend and new sister become totally free! Today, you'll have everything from her, her and me. EVERYTHING! We wanna be your mistresses and fuck sluts forever and ever, Daddy!"

Jack was open mouthed again. Linda was always surprising him. Even though he'd heard some of these things while eavesdropping earlier, he hadn't expected either of them to brazenly say them to his face in a non-role-play situation.

Linda pulled the rest of her outfit off, including her stockings, garters, and heels. That inspired Nicole to take off her remaining items too. The ecstatic blonde said, "Somehow, it only seems right for Daddy to fuck us when we're all buck naked."

Then she whispered right into Nicky's ear, but loud enough for Jack to hear too since their heads were all close together, "Today you'll truly become your father's lover!"

Nicole was very worried, and looked it. "I don't know, Linda! I'm scared! I'm scared!"

Linda brushed that off. "Awww, you just need to calm down and get used to the idea." She necked with her again, hoping that would help calm her down, but it didn't have much effect this time.

Then Linda came up with another idea. "I know! Let's suck on his cock n' balls a little more! That perks you up every time!"

Both gorgeous teens scooted down his body and got back to licking his stiff dick together. Nicole swallowed his pole and bobbed over his sweet spot for nearly a minute while Linda jacked him off and licked his balls. Then it was Linda's turn to do the same. They switched back and forth frequently, rarely bobbing for even one solid minute before changing positions again.

At one point, Nicole commented while waiting her turn, "I love this! I mean not just loving your cock with my lips and tongue, but this trading back and forth with my sister! Linda, isn't this the BEST?! Sucking Daddy's cock with you makes me so happy that I almost want to cry. It's like it bonds the two of us into one. We need to do exactly this, with the taking turns bobbing and ball sucking, like, every day, three times a day! At a minimum!"

Linda giggled a little bit even though her lips were stretched wide over Jack's fat boner. She was unwilling to pull off in the middle of her turn to speak, but she managed to nod in emphatic agreement. She too felt it was a way she and Nicole bonded together, and that was a big part of the fun.

The talking quickly died out since both girls were so intently focusing on their cocksucking turns. Sometimes, especially while Nicole waited for her turns to come around, she pondered the morality of fucking. Her thoughts were skewed in favor of it considering she either had all of Jack's cockhead or one of his balls in her mouth while she was doing most of her thinking. It was hard to argue to herself that that was okay but fucking wasn't, especially when she was out of her mind horny.

However, Linda wanted to be absolutely sure Nicole was insanely aroused. So, now that Linda had recovered a bit from the great "daughter" surprise, she began playing with Nicole's clit and pussy lips.

It felt so good that Nicole forgot to protest.

A couple of minutes later, when it happened to be Linda's turn again, Nicole looked up at him from his crotch. She blushed as she started to speak. "Daddy... do you want to feel your cock inside me? Do you want to fuck me?" She desperately needed to hear his answer.

Despite all the cocksucking and stroking and licking going on down in his crotch, he knew this was crucial, so he focused his concentration on replying. "OF COURSE! To fuck both you and Linda would be a dream come true for me. I would be honored to be your first."

She saucily said, "And only!" Then she winked.

Linda pulled her lips off Jack's boner just then, partly because she was so pleasantly surprised by Nicole's comment that she wanted to say something.

Nicole immediately took over, engulfing his throbbing rod. Her arousal was off the charts as she thought about what her words implied, plus the joy of sliding over his most sensitive spot and hearing his nearly agonized moans of extreme pleasure. That was the most beautiful music to her ears, and Linda felt the same.

Linda had been panting hard, but she calmed down enough to say, "Me too! Daddy, if you'll have me, I want you to be the only man to fuck me for the rest of my life! I want you to own and control my body, forever!"

Jack gasped. He seriously felt like his heart stopped.

Nicole was too busy sucking to speak, but she nodded vigorously, trying to make clear that she fully agreed.

Jack gasped again. He felt like the room was spinning, he was so out of his mind with euphoria and arousal.

The talking and sucking was sending him reeling towards another great climax. He was having increasing difficult stringing his words together. He gasped out, "Oh my darling... Are you... are you going to...?" The man was simply mad with lust, thinking about fucking his two girls.

Linda had her mouth free, although she was licking up and down his lower shaft at the time. She said, "She is! We both are! Our cunts belong to you now! You and you alone!"

Nicole could actually feel the effect of those words on Jack's dick as it throbbed wildly inside her mouth. She was still wavering on the fucking question, but she knew in her heart that it was a done deal and she would love it.

She thought about her lips sliding up and down, providing great suction all the way. Not that long ago, I thought this was too weird and immoral to ever suck my own daddy's yummy cock. How stupid was that? Now it's my favorite thing to do in the whole wide world! Every afternoon from now on, Linda and I are gonna be right here with our mouths on Daddy's cock, loving it and worshipping it with our lips and tongues for hours and hours until Alison gets home!

But I would have missed out on that if I didn't trust Linda and take her advice. She says this is what good daughters have to do, and she's so right! My lips naturally belong wrapped around Daddy's big cock! And she says fucking is way better! I have to trust her on that too! Besides, how could my cunt NOT belong to Daddy? That would be wrong! I love it when he runs his hands over every inch of my body, and that includes my pussy. Especially my pussy! In my heart of hearts I know I was born and bred to be his fuck slut! Well, one of his fuck sluts, with my new sister!

The next time Nicole pulled off and Linda took over, Nicole asked as she jacked off the lower four inches of his shaft, "Y-you want to put it in... in my b-butt too?" She was ashamed just to ask this, but she needed the confirmation of Linda's words.

Jack replied, "Darling! I-if you'd let me do that, I... I'd be the happiest man in the world!" He thought, This is beyond my wildest dreams! Anal sex with Nicky, my own teen daughter! And if she does it, I'm sure Linda will too!

Seconds later, he shouted, "I'm about to cum! Can't hold back!"

Linda suddenly pulled her lips off and said, "Wait! Wait!" To Nicole, she added, "Pull back! Don't touch him!"

Nicole had been rolling one of his balls around inside her mouth, but she pulled away in confusion.

Linda was so insistent that Jack tried his best to hold back, even though he didn't understand why it was so important. But it was a losing battle; he'd already crossed the threshold. He cried out, "Can't do it! Gonna cum!"

Linda acted fast and squeezed his shaft right at the root. She'd had luck doing that to him once before, and since then she'd read up on how to do it properly.

Sure enough, his urge to climax passed. He marveled at his luck, and all the fun and extremely arousing times before him.

NOTE: Thanks to the suggestions and corrections of Wayac, BozotheClone, and Sam.I.am, and the reformatting of Sam.I.am.

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