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Part 8: Chapters 29 to 33
(MF, Mf, Ff, ff, mult, cons, reluc, les, het, humor, wife, inc, fath, dau, in-law, D/S, group, orgy, poly, harem, 1st, voy, WC, WM, WF, oral, anal, pett, BBR)
Written by Storysmith and Spacer X (paul_t_22@yahoo.com)


Jack gasped, "Amazing! ... But why did you do that? I LIKE to cum."

Linda let go of his throbbing pole, sat up, and explained, "Daddy, I know you're not a sexual superman, but who is? We have to take into account you're not a teenager anymore. We've got a LOT of fun stuff still to do today, and we're gonna need your hard cock! For starters, you need to cum in my cunt at least once, and in Nicky's cunt at least once!"

Just hearing that sent chills down his spine. He chuckled. He was glad that yesterday had basically been a moving day, giving his penis a chance to rest. "Oh man! You're really gonna put me through my paces today. Well, can I take a rest first?"

Linda surprised even herself by shouting, "NO!" She sat up on him and quickly straddled herself over his crotch. She held his dick straight up and impaled herself down on it. She let out a great long sigh until he was in her balls-deep.

"Holy fuck!" Jack exclaimed, finally reacting to what had just happened. He sat up in shock. Hooooly FUCK! Fuck, fuck, fuck! I can't believe it! I'm actually inside Linda! My new daughter! I'm fucking her! Whoa, that was fast! And INTENSE! It feels sooooo good! Ugh! TIGHT!

Linda threw her arms around him. She held him, but lost her balance in the process and drove him back to the bed. But her arms remained tight around him and his hard-on stayed fully impaled in her.

As if he wasn't surprised enough by all that, he was even more astounded when Linda started to cry without restraint.

He stroked Linda's long blonde hair. "What's wrong, Daughter? What's wrong?"

But his mention of the word "daughter" only doubled the intensity of her sobbing, making it impossible for her to speak.

Nicole, meanwhile, was burning with jealousy. She thought, What's wrong with me?! I don't begrudge the fact that Linda's impaled on Daddy's cock. That's not only her right, it's her duty, especially now that he's made her his second daughter. Good daughters are always ready and willing to spread their legs for their daddies. But dammit, I wanted to be first!

She realized with some chagrin, Well, there goes the last of my resistance to the idea. I want Daddy to fuck me so bad that I can taste it! More than I've ever wanted anything ever before! I can almost feel him splitting my pussy wide open. I know it's wrong and a sin, but I don't care! I have no choice but to live a life of sin now, because I can't resist giving in to the power of Daddy's big cock! Heck, I even feel bad for Alison, especially since she let Linda move in with us. But nothing can stop me! I belong underneath Daddy, with his big cock pumping into me! That's my fate!

Hurry up, Linda! If you're gonna be first, at least be quick about it!

Jack was confused. He thought, Linda's very upset at something, but I can't figure out for my life what it could be. She was over the moon a minute ago. If it's the fact that we've started to fuck, then why is she keeping my dick in her? He tried to wiggle out of her, but she'd clenched down with her pussy muscles and put a stop to that.

Finally, Linda's crying lessened enough for her to explain. "I'm sorry I'm crying, but I'm just so happy! These are tears of joy! I have you and Nicky, and you're cock is in me and my best friend is by my side, sharing you! This is my dream! And then you went and called me 'Daughter' again! It's all too much! I love you! I love you, Daddy, so much! More than life itself!"

So far, Jack's penis had remained still while being fully sheathed to the back of Linda's vagina. But now she started to demonstrate her love for him by thrusting her hips up and down some.

But he was so emotionally moved that the great pleasure surrounding his dick wasn't even the top thing on his mind. He started to cry tears of joy too.

And so did Nicole. Her surge of jealousy passed as she realized how happy this had made her best friend and new sister. As the tears streaked down her face, she reached out and caressed Linda's bare ass cheeks. There was sexual desire, but it was their mutual desire for Jack, not any lesbian desire for each other. She just wanted to encourage Linda to be a great fuck.

Her hands soon slipped down, and she ran her fingers all over Linda's clit and pussy lips, as well as Jack's shaft whenever some of it was exposed. She purred to Linda, "Girl, make me proud! Make us all proud. Give your body to him, give it all to him! Give your cunt to him, now and forever! You always tell me about how I can be his perfect daughter, but now you can be his perfect daughter too!"

These words inspired Linda. Soon she was riding hard on his dick. Ironically, her "perfect daughter" encouragements had been designed to overcome Nicole's prudish barriers, but on some deep level she'd come to internalize her own propaganda. She loved the idea of being one of his perfect daughters, and now she believed that came with important, and near constant, cock-pleasuring duties.

Jack was inspired too, and he started to thrust up and down, putting as much energy into the fucking as Linda was.

Before long, Linda stopped her crying and sat up on him so she could ride him cowgirl style. They made loud slapping sounds as their bodies fucked each other. Linda's big boobs bounced around wildly, and she threw back her head like she was a real cowgirl riding a wild, bucking bronco. Her long blonde hair flew in every direction.

Nicole was wide eyed as she watched the energetic fucking from close up. She felt her jealousy rising again, especially when Jack reached up and cupped Linda's globes and gave them some nice squeezes as the fuck went on. She knew how good his tit-squeezes felt, and wished he at least was doing that to her.

Linda arched her back, her torso turning while still sitting and bouncing on Jack's erection. Now that she was sitting up, she was doing nearly all the work, bouncing energetically while he mostly just laid back and enjoyed it.

But then she reached out and held Nicole's head with both her hands. She repositioned Nicole, forcing her to look closely into her face even as she kept bouncing on Jack's pole.

Linda said, "Don't be jealous! I know you must be feeling jealous, but don't be! Daddy's cock belongs to both of us now, and I suppose to Alison too. He'll fuck you so much that your cunt will always be leaking his sperm!"

Nicole said in a small, shy voice, "I know. I just wanted to be first."

Linda said, "I know. And I'm sorry about that too. I tried so hard to make sure you were first in everything because I love you so much and you deserve it, but I lost my way right before the finish line. My need to get fucked by Daddy was too strong! Forgive me? Please?"

Nicole's face lit up with genuine happiness. "Of course! We're best friends forever!"

Linda said, "Tell you what. I promise you he'll take your anal cherry first."

"Oh, wow!" Nicole wasn't sure what to think about that. Anal sex sounded very scary. But she appreciated the thought.

Still holding Nicole's face, Linda leaned in and kissed her on the lips. It was a passionate kiss, full of dueling tongues.

Linda stopped her bouncing completely to focus on the kiss; they could hardly kiss at all as long as one of them was wildly bouncing. She still squeezed her pussy muscles around Jack's erection from time to time though, so he wouldn't be too deprived.

Both girls enjoyed the kissing a lot. Now that they had dedicated themselves to sexually serving him for their entire lives, they knew they would probably kiss each other like this a lot, and even do more intimate things with each other. On one level, it was all about visually pleasing him, and that was still the technical excuse, but more and more, they were enjoying kissing each other because they were in love with each other too and it felt good.

When the kiss ended, both girls whispered a heartfelt "I love you" to each other. They stared lovingly in each other's eyes.

Then Nicole remembered that Linda was still fully impaled on Jack's erection. Curious, she ran her fingers down and explored where the other two were joined. She whispered in awe, "He's fucking you!"

Linda let go of Nicole's head, and said, "He is, and it's the BEST! This can be a good learning experience for you. I like how you run your fingers all over our joining, but I want you to get back down there and lick us! Lick Daddy's cock even as it's deep inside my cunt!"

Of course, Nicole couldn't have licked Jack's dick if it was fully inside Linda. But the bouncing had come to a stop for now due to the talking and kissing, and Linda sat up enough so there were at least a few inches exposed. Then she resumed a very light bouncing back and forth over the next couple of inches, so there would always be a few inches for Nicole's tongue to explore.

Nicole shifted positions and got busy licking. She made sure she licked Linda's stretched out pussy lips nearly as much as Jack's thick sliding inches. She wasn't sure if it was a lesbian thing, but that question was fading in importance anyway. She knew it would bring even more delirious pleasure to her friend, and she hoped Linda would do the same thing to her when she was getting fucked by Jack in the future.

Eventually though, the speed of the thrusting grew, and the depth of each thrust did too.

As a result, Nicole had to give up her licking.

Linda rode Jack by churning her hips in ways that even a professional belly dancer would be surprised to see.

Nicole felt envious, because she knew she didn't have the skills to do that. She wondered if it was even something one could learn, or if some bodies were just double jointed everywhere, or naturally flexible or something. She desperately wanted to be a great fuck for her daddy.

But her thoughts were interrupted when Linda said, "Come here, Nicky!" Linda gyrated her hips one way while the rest of her upper body moved in a different way. "I want you to hear your father!"

Nicky had been sitting between Jack's and Linda's legs, but she crawled around the fucking hip action and sat up next to her father's left side, close to his chest.

She could hear his erotic moans as Linda churned back and forth over his stiff pole.

Linda asked, "Do you like it, Daddy? Do you like to fuck my sixteen year old schoolgirl cunt?"

"YES! I love it!"

"Can you hear it, Nicky? He LOVES it!"

As if to prove that point, Jack deeply gripped Linda's ass cheeks and started to move his hips more vigorously, fucking the foxy schoolgirl back just as much as she was fucking him.

Linda gasped out to her new sister, "He's gonna love fucking you this much, or more! He will! You'll see!"

That was music to Nicole's ears, even more than the sounds of Jack's aroused moaning.

Linda's comment also reminded Jack of fucking Nicole. He obviously couldn't start doing that just yet, but he suddenly reached out and grasped her big firm teen tits. Despite all the bouncing and thrusting, he somehow managed to knead her ample tit-flesh too.

Nicole loved that. Not only did it make her buzz and tingle with pleasure all over, but she appreciated that she was being included.

Linda looked down at Jack. Her big tits were swinging around in circles. "Do you like to fuck my teen pussy?"

"Y-y-yes!" He could hardly speak, the fucking was so intense.

"Do you want to put your cock inside Nicky too?"

"Oh my God! YES! I need it!"

Linda concluded triumphantly, "See, Nicky? He NEEDS to put his dick inside you! Will you deny him his needs?"

"No, Daddy, never!" Nicole said passionately. She arched her back and thrust her tits forward, making it easier for him to play with them. "My body belongs to you and you alone, Daddy! ALL of it!"

Linda asked, "What do you love most, Nicky? Your daddy or your cherry?"

"My daddy! Daddy, I want you to take my virginity! Take my cherry!" Nicole was fingering her pussy now. Between the sounds of bodies slapping together, her father's hands mauling her bouncy boobs, and Linda's arousing question, she felt she was losing her mind to uncontrollable lust.

Linda pressed, "You want to be the perfect daughter? A good and obedient daughter?"

Two fingers were pumping frantically in and out of her hot box as she watched Linda bouncing around like a rag doll. "YES! Daddy, I want to be the BEST daughter ever! I want to serve your cock! I want you to make me your sex slave! Until I die!"

That "sex slave" comment hit all three of them like a powerful electric shock. Even Nicole was stunned despite the fact that she'd been the one who had said it, since didn't know she would say it until the words slipped out of her mouth.

Linda was so floored that she forgot to keep up her bouncing. But a great orgasmic surge ran through her, and she suddenly started bouncing even more intensely than before. In fact, it was less bouncing, and more long and deep impalements every single time. She shouted out, "Yes! Yes! Daddy, make her your sex slave! And me too! Oh God! To serve you as a SLAVE! That's what I really want! I love this so much!"

She started to cum hard.

That was the final straw that triggered Jack's climax too.

Linda sank down on him and stayed with his thickness fully sheathed in her, so she could feel every last throb and twitch as he flooded the back of her vagina with his seed.

Nicole would have cum at any second as well, but seeing the other two cumming made her orgasm hit her that much sooner and harder. She was particularly staggered by the fact that Linda was getting her pussy filled with her daddy's cum. She wondered what that felt like, and how long it would take before she could find out firsthand.

As Jack's cum kept firing, a thought came to him. Oh SHIT! Condoms! What about condoms?! Oh no! It's too late! I could knock her up!

But that thought was even more arousing to him than disturbing, given how incredibly aroused he was already. By the time he was finished cumming in Linda, he was half-convinced he'd impregnated her.

The three of them laid there, panting hard. Linda had fallen back down onto Jack's chest, but his dick remained inside her as they rested.


Their orgasms had been so great that it took a while for them to recover. They simply cuddled together and breathed.

But as the minutes passed and Jack's orgasmic urge died down, his feelings about impregnating Linda went from euphoric to worried. Finally, he muttered, "Uh, I didn't think about a condom, until..."

Linda had her head resting against one side of his neck while Nicole's head was resting against the other side. Both of their voluptuous bodies were sprawled all over his in a lazy tangle. Linda was unable to look him in the eyes without moving, and she was too tired to do that. She said, "No problem. I've been on the pill for ages now." She kissed and licked his neck reassuringly.

"Oh." He had mixed feelings about that, but he decided that on balance it was for the best. He wasn't ready to be a father again.

Linda continued, "And before you ask, Nicole's covered too. I've been having her take the pill for the past month. The timing couldn't be better, since you need a month to be on the safe side."

Nicole asked, "You have?! But I haven't taken any pills!"

Linda smirked. "Sure you have. Remember how I had you take that amazing vitamin supplement starting last month? Those weren't vitamins! I could see things were heating up with Mr. Devoux, er, sorry, Daddy! Boy, I hate to make that mistake, but old habits die hard. Anyway, I just put some of my contraceptives in a generic bottle."

"Oh." The brunette teen thought about that for a little bit. Then she said, "I suppose I could be mad at you for tricking me, but I can't be, because you had my best interests at heart. You knew me better than I did! You knew it was just a matter of time before I became my daddy's willing sex slave. Well, one of them. Thanks!"

The sexpot girls lifted their heads enough from Jack's neck to make eye contact with each other, and they clasped hands together across his chest.

Jack got a sinking feeling when he heard them use the words "sex slave" again. It wasn't that he disliked the idea; in fact, it was an incredible turn-on for him. But there were complications. For starters, he remembered that he'd used his recently purchased spying equipment to record this entire session, and they were still being recorded. Alison had been very disappointed to find out she wouldn't be able to watch live this afternoon in the exact same way as they'd done two days ago, and he'd offered the consolation of recording it so she could watch later.

He thought, When I'd done that, I'd assumed we would just play around with more role-plays and dual blowjobs and such. I hadn't expected I'd get to fuck both my daughters! Alison might freak to see that. And shit, that's another thing. I've pronounced Linda to be my daughter. Now, I know Alison fully approves, but the plan was that she would be there when we made the announcement. I let my passion get the best of me again.

But the biggest problem is all this "sex slave" talk. I know Alison gets off on how submissive they are to me, but within reason! If she hears that, she's likely to sober up, and maybe even reconsider the entire sharing idea. I think I'm gonna have to pretend I forgot to record this. Or, at the very least, save the tape until she's is ready to see it, after we've all been fucking for a while. I know I'll treasure it forever, and we're not even close to being done. What a day!

Still, the "forgot to record it" excuse can only work once or twice. I need to get them to tone down their language, or I won't be able to record anything for my wife at all. Besides, it probably isn't healthy for them to think of themselves as my sex slaves. Heck, none of this is really healthy for any kind of normal maturity process, but we're all too addicted to stop now. Still, I can try to get them to tone it down a notch.

He cleared his throat, and said, "Girls, I must say, I love the devotion you both have shown to me. I don't deserve it."

"Nonsense!" Linda said adamantly. "When my parents died, I thought my world was effectively over. But you took me in, from that very first night, and took care of anything. I was so sad when my aunt agreed to take me in, because I knew my proper place was here with you and Nicky. You saved my life! You make me so happy, every single day. I want to reward you by permanently enslaving myself to your cock."

He had an arm wrapped around her, and he took that hand and brought it to one of her breasts. Once he had his fingers fully sunken into her soft tit-flesh, she sighed contentedly and cuddled into him a little more. His penis was still in her pussy, even though it was only half-hard at best, but she used her pussy muscles to give it a few squeezes.

Not to be outdone, Nicole also moved the arm he had wrapped around her and pulled his hand to one of her breasts. Then she said just as adamantly, "Ditto! I agree with everything my sister just said." She said to Linda, "Ooh! That sends shivers down my spine, calling you 'sister.'"

The two girls shared another long, loving French kiss across Jack's chest.

Then Nicole pulled back, and said to Jack, "Of course, you know my story is a little different. I felt torn apart when Gabrielle left us, Daddy. It wasn't just that she left us, it was how she did it, and how she's had no place for me in her life since the divorce. But you were there for me and loved me more than any two parents could, combined. And I know you weren't driven by some kind of lust, because my body hadn't developed much yet. Heck, my tits had only just started to come in."

Linda reached across Jack's chest and pinched one of Nicole's nipples. "Well, they certainly made up for lost time since then!" She giggled. "It almost scares me when I think you're not even done growing yet. By the time you're eighteen, you're gonna be nothing but tits for Daddy to play with!"

Nicole lifted up her head so she could look down at the way Linda was molded into Jack's chest. Then she said, "What about you? You're gonna be as stacked as Alison, even, before long!" She reached across and pinched one of Linda's nipples.

Linda teased back, "Yeah, but you, you're gonna need a wheelbarrow just to carry them around!"

The girls started a playful nipple pinching war. Jack had been content to just caress and knead their ample tit-flesh, but soon he got into the nipple pinching too.

They responded by pinching his nipples as well, and generally giggling up a storm.

He was surprised at how good that felt. Of course, it helped that Linda's pussy was continuing to squeeze his dick from time to time, slowly restoring it to full hardness.

But when the three of them had more or less settled down, Jack said, "Girls, I love that you both love me so much. But this 'sex slave' talk is a bit much for me. It's arousing, yes, but it makes me uncomfortable. Remember a few days ago when I told you to tone down the submissive talk? Remember how I said you shouldn't call me 'Master' or anything like that?"

Linda pouted, "But Daddy! That was then, and this is now. Everything's changed."

Nicole added, "And what's the harm? Besides, it's what I feel in my heart. I love the idea of being your slave."

He winced, and said, "I'm gonna pretend I didn't hear that. Words matter. I'm ordering you not to use any master or slave talk, or even think it. I love that you want to be so devoted to me in bed, but you should remain proud, independent women out of bed. So maybe you could call yourselves something else? Like, how 'bout 'pet?'"

The girls loved that. Their eyes lit up, and they both started babbling about how great it was to be his "sex pet."

When Linda made a comment about how pets needed leashes, and Nicole nodded emphatically, Jack chuckled with some chagrin. Hmmm. Not my brightest idea. I think that's almost as bad as "sex slave!" I fear this kind of talk still isn't gonna be toned down enough for Alison's viewing. Oh well. I'll deal with that later. Call me a terrible person, but I like the sound of "sex pet." No, hell, who am I kidding? I love it!

Linda sat back up and resumed churning her hips like before. "Guess what, Nicky? We have ignition!"

"What do you mean?"

"I mean, it's your turn now! Daddy's cock is as hard as it's ever gonna get. I could be selfish and grind on it for a while, but I'm gonna stop while I still have the willpower." She raised her hips higher, emptied her cunt, and moved to his side.

Nicole stared at Jack's fully exposed stiffness. She loved how it was soaked with his own cum, and even more so with Linda's pussy juices. She felt a strong desire to lick it clean, but an even stronger desire to feel it inside her own pussy.

Linda also looked at it. She sat off to the side, and held it straight up. "Nicky, if you want to be the perfect daughter and be one of your daddy's treasured sex pets, do it! Come here and sit on this fat fuckstick! Tell her what you want, Daddy!"

Jack also looked down at his erection as he spoke. "Nicole, my princess, I want you! I need to feel my cock inside your pussy, Darling! God help me, but I... I just need it!"

The voluptuous teen crawled in between his legs. But his passing mention of God brought back all her fears about the sinfulness of this incestuous deed at the worst possible time. She was having a fresh wave of doubts now that she was getting so close to really doing it. She sincerely worried she might not go to Heaven if she went through with this.

Rather than get into position to get fucked, she got on all fours between his legs and bent her head down. She started to lick his cock clean while Linda continued to hold it and even jack it a little bit.

Linda was disappointed. "Nicky, you look like a totally wanton Daddy-loving slut! I love the way your big tits lightly brush against the sheets and how you wiggle your ass back and forth like it's connected to your licking tongue somehow. But now's not the time! You know you're just delaying the inevitable!"

Jack, thinking that she'd chickened out and was trying to compensate by giving him a good slurpy licking instead, said, "I love you my princess... but if y-you can't... can't do it, it's okay. I... I can understand..."

Nicole's heart soared. Daddy loves me so much that he's willing to make this great sacrifice! He's denying his own needs, so I don't have to feel bad! What a perfect daddy!

She felt more shame than ever before. As she kept licking her way around his cockhead, she thought, I'm betraying and failing my loving father! I'm being selfish and cruel! He's such a great and handsome man! The least I can do is give him my virginity, and be one of his permanent sex pets! I'm gonna be Daddy's perfect lover, and that's all there is to it!

She stopped licking and sat up. "Daddy, I'm so sorry. I love you! I'll never fail you again!" She crawled up his body and embraced him as he continued to lie there. She squashed her double D-cups against his chest. "Daddy, fuck me! Fuck me now! Make me your bitch, your whore, your slut, your slave! I'll do anything you want, you'll see! Let me be the perfect daughter!"

She suddenly rolled over until she was flat on her back. Somehow, it seemed best that she get fucked in the missionary position for her first time. She wanted to see and feel her father on top of her, dominating her.

This left Linda some ways away, on the other side of Jack. She asked, "Are you ready to be your father's lover, Nicky?"

"YES!" Nicole was practically manic with fuck-lust. Her conscience had been defeated and she was ready to obey all of his orders in full. She thought, The old me, that prudish and bashful girl is no more! I've become Daddy's teen slut and sex pet. My reason to live is to give him pleasure. I'm not just saying that; I feel it with every fiber of my being, and it feels great! She was hornier than she had ever been in her life.

Jack suddenly rolled on top of Nicole. He held his stiff penis and pushed it against her soaked pussy lips.

Linda cheered him on. "Do it! Do it, Daddy! Pop her cherry! Take her! Bone her! Now!"

Inspired, he pressed his entire body forward, forcing his erection into her tight gash.

"YEEEESSS!" Nicole screamed without restraint. "I love you, Daddy! UGH!" She felt her pussy stretching open as half the tip entered her.

He kept on pushing down and in.

"AAAAEEEEAAAAIIIIEEE!" she yelled again.

The crown of his penis was completely inside her now. Her inner walls hugged it like a glove. It hurt a little bit in the beginning, but she quickly got used to it. She felt complete. It was like her purpose in life had been fulfilled. He'd only just started to enter her, and she already knew that her greatest joy in life would be getting fucked frequently as one of her father's sex pets.

With a loud grunt, he pushed in deeper. She was so tight that it was very slow going.

He felt Linda's hands on his hips, pushing him down. "What are you waiting for? FUCK HER!" she ordered.

He laughed a bit at that, but he pushed down some more. He was about half way inside her by now.

She felt like she'd truly been split it two! The good daughter felt totally immobilized by this shaft of meat impaling her. She could feel the living rod of flesh stretching her, a living thing inside her body. She was being well and truly fucked.

Linda also reached down and grabbed at one of Nicole's ass cheeks as best she could, given that Nicole was trapped between her father and the bed. "Hey, you! What do you think you're doing? I know it feels incredible, but don't just lie there! Now is your time to shine and prove your worth as a good sex pet and daughter. Fuck him back for all you're worth!"

The formerly prudish teen orgasmed as she started moving her hips up and down. She felt her father's stiff manhood slowly disappearing even deeper inside her. It was very difficult for the teen to accept all of his manhood inside her. It was just so thick, too thick! She'd never felt this full.

"All the way down, girl! You've got to take it all in!" Linda urged her. She kept pushing on Jack's ass cheeks with both hands.

Nicole looked at Jack's eyes as his cockhead slid deeper inside her teen pussy. She didn't know it, but his thick rod had just slipped past her cervix and was headed to the very back of her vagina. His hands grabbed her hips, and he thrust in with more vigor.

The look of satisfaction and pleasure on his face gave her a renewed energy and she worked with him until he was full impaled in her, balls-deep. She moaned with both pain and pleasure.

The panting girl soon felt his balls hitting her slit.

Her father just moaned in lust, unable to say anything. Now that he had a moment to reflect, he wondered, What would Alison think if she could be watching right now? Would she still be so enthusiastic about her sharing plan? Somehow, I doubt it. This isn't just sexy fun and games, like with the nurse role-play, this is emotionally intense! How could she not be jealous about the closeness we're sharing, and how could she not worry about being left out?

He pulled back and rammed home again, making Nicole cry out as she felt the joy of total impalement all over again.

"See how he loves it?" Linda continued to encourage her new sister. "You are his teen slut!"

"Yes! I'm his teen slut!" Nicole was totally overtaken by mad lust now.

The dirty words were turning Nicole on even more. (And, needless to say, Jack's admonition to tone down their language was forgotten in the heat of the moment, although at least they avoided 'master' and 'slave.') Nicole had no idea how to be a good fucker, but she had seen Linda bouncing on his dick, and so she tried to imitate the rhythm she'd observed. But her efforts were feeble at best. Jack was in charge, and he was thrusting in and out so deeply and steadily now that it was all she could do to hold on for dear life. It felt so good that she thought she was really losing her mind.

She cried out, "I'm your sex pet, Daddy! Your sex pet!"

"Good!" Linda said. "As am I! But that's not all. Tell him what else you are!"

Nicole gasped, "I'm your perfect daughter, Daddy! I'll do anything you want! I'll suck your dick, I'll swallow your cum, I'll fuck your cock! Anything! Anytime! Daddy, let me live to serve you!"

Jack's body was over hers at an angle now, just like he was doing push-ups on top of her. And that was more or less exactly what he was doing, except that his dick slid in and out of his daughter with each push-up. The space below his chest allowed her big jugs to bounce wildly, but only briefly, because his chest would mash against them the next time he pressed his body down.

He thought, I should go to Hell for being a terrible father. She says stuff like that, and I love it!

Unfortunately, Jack's recent exercise program had helped him lose a lot of weigh lately, but he still wasn't as buff as he wanted to be. He was getting tired fucking in this position.

Luckily, Nicole saw his problem. She arched her back and put her hands onto his chest. Then she started pushing his upper body after he finished each thrust.

That allowed him to keep going longer.

However, the position wasn't sustainable for long, so he rolled over and let her ride him cowgirl style.

Nicole had loved watching Linda in that position, and she did her best to imitate Linda's sexy moves. She soon found a rhythm that allowed her to repeatedly bounce from the tip of his cock-head to his balls. Her large, fulsome breasts bounced up and down, and her long dark brown hair sailed forward and back as she rode him relentlessly.

She had no idea about orgasms anymore, because it was all one endless orgasm now. Technically, she was experiencing a series of multiple orgasms, but to her it felt like one big climax.

The new position allowed Linda to get more involved. She pinned herself to Nicole's back side and ran her hands all over her new sister's curvy body, caressing her everywhere. Such touching aroused herself and Nicole, but that wasn't the main point. She was doing it to take Jack to even higher heights. As she stroked Nicole's breasts, she said, "Look, Daddy! Aren't you a lucky father? God, just LOOK at these fuckin' HUGE tits! They're gigantic! So firm and high, and they're all yours now! You can fuck 'em anytime you want! Well, at least when your wife isn't looking!" She chuckled at that.

Watching a nude Linda run her hands all over an equally nude and very bouncy Nicole aroused Jack so much that he didn't understand why he didn't have to cum already. He guessed that fact that he'd climaxed twice relatively recently helped, but even so, he was enduring though the most arousing conditions imaginable. He felt like a total stud.

After a couple minutes, Linda slipped a finger inside Nicole's anus. She knew Nicole had never felt that before. She was sure her sister would have no chance to resist it, or even think about it much, because the double D-cupped girl was so busy getting royally fucked by her father. After a little while, she even aggressively wiggled her finger back and forth.

Nicole was about as receptive as she'd ever be to this kind of anal play, because she was flying and soaring on endless waves of pleasure already, and the fingering only made her feel even better. In fact, she loved it so much that she found herself pushing her ass back against her friend's hand.

She groaned with disappointment when she felt Linda pull out the finger and speak. "On all fours you teen slut, your father will fuck you doggy style! Do you want to fuck her doggy style, Daddy?"

He was barely capable of breathing in enough oxygen by this point, much less speaking, but he managed to gasp out, "Yes!"

Nicole wasn't sure why Linda was so insistent they switch to doggy-style, but it sounded like a great idea in any case. She swiftly got into the new position, kneeling in the middle of the big bed. She looked to her dad over her shoulder, her eyes burning in desire. She wiggled her entire body, sending her huge tits wobbling wildly underneath her. "Come on, Daddy! Fuck your little girl some more. I want to feel your big adult cock inside my tight teen pussy! Fuck your virgin child some more!"

Jack knelt behind her. "My princess! I love you! I cannot believe this is happening. It's all just a dream!" He guided his engorged and purple cockhead back to her needy slit.

She was dripping juice on his dick as she orgasmed just from his words. She was cumming so constantly that she had an orgasm when he wasn't even touching her!

He grabbed her hips and took a deep breath.

With that, Nicole felt him move his dick against her pussy from behind. Once again, she could feel his throbbing manhood as it spread the lips of her opening.

He grunted as he shoved his dick into the youngster's tight hole.

The sexpot teen moaned lustily, and came yet again.

Her passionate reaction thrilled him, inspiring him to slide his cock back out, only to immediately thrust back in again. Then he thrust in and out again, and again, and again. Each time, she panted, moaned, or squealed. She loved loudly expressing just how much she approved of every last move he was making.

Jack felt like he was getting too close to a climax, so he slowed his pace considerably. However, both of them enjoyed it just as much as before.

Nicole's jugs continually swayed below her, and the thought of that aroused her so much that she practically came from that alone. Total nudity felt like total freedom, total wantonness, and total liberation.

His stiff member throbbed with endless arousal as she kept saying things such as, "Fuck me, Daddy!" and "Fuck your little sex pet, Daddy!''

Linda moved to Jack's back and held him tightly. She whispered in his ear as she pressed her large boobs against his backside. "Daddy, you've got not one but two sex pets now. We're your actual pets! You should put us on leashes and order us around. 'Bark!' 'Roll over!' 'Strip, and suck my cock!' 'Sit up on your knees and beg for more cock!' 'Get on all fours, you slutty naked bitch so I can fuck you doggy-style!' Those are the kinds of commands we expect you to give us on a regular basis, right Nicky?"

Nicky had heard every word, even though Linda was whispering, because their bodies were so close together. "Yes! Daddy, I think you need to train us to totally obey your big cock! You should make us beg for it every time!"

Linda panted excitedly as she slid her entire body up and down Jack's backside. Everyone was so sweaty that her body glided against his. "Yes! Make us beg! We're your slutty little sex pets and we need to be shown our place!"

Jack had still been fucking at a slow pace, but this kind of talk flipped a switch in his brain and he suddenly started pounding Nicole like a jackhammer. It was so intense and violent that Linda soon had to get off his back or she would have been shaken off.

With Linda off him, he sped up his wild thrusting even more. But he wasn't just pistoning in and out; even at this fast pace he used a circular churning motion that drove Nicole absolutely wild.

The centerfold worthy teen rammed her ass back at him in perfect time, as if she was an experienced veteran at this type of thing. She wasn't, obviously, but she was learning that much of fucking was purely instinctual.

As a busty girl, Linda knew that wildly swinging tits could hurt after a while. So she repositioned herself and reached under Nicole to hold her new sister's even bigger boobs. She couldn't stop them moving altogether in the face of such an all-out fuck assault, but she provided some support, and even squeezed them in ways that she knew would arouse her friend that much more.

Jack loved fucking doggy-style. He didn't get tired like he did in the missionary position, and yet he felt he was achieving even deeper penetration with greater ease. He felt like he could fuck this way indefinitely. But unfortunately, his penis didn't feel the same way, because the situation was simply too arousing.

"CUUUMMING!" he cried out.

As the first ropes of his cum flew out of his piss hole, he reveled in the fact that he was fucking his flesh and blood daughter bareback, and now he was flooding her pussy with cum. He'd always felt some guilt over the incest, but in his current state incestuous thoughts were only arousing.

Nicole had never really stopped cumming. Or, if she had, she hadn't noticed, because it all felt like one endless orgasm to her. But now her arousal soared up to an even higher level. Nothing in her life ever made her feel this good, not even licking and sucking Jack's cock with Linda, which up until now had been her very most favorite thing to do.

She was particularly amazed at how good it felt to feel the cum gushing into the back of her vagina. She felt a sense of fulfillment and contentment that was impossible to put into words, as well as a similarly indescribable feeling of oneness with her father. She immediately knew it was a feeling she would walk over broken glass to feel again and again. As much as she loved having his cum blast all over her face and tits, this was even better!

The only thing missing was that she didn't feel a connection with Linda too. She waved a hand around frantically, searching for one of Linda's hands. Finally, their hands squeezed together, and she let out a happy sigh. It seemed like life was perfect for her now.

Jack had had so many amazing orgasms lately that it was hard to say this one was any better on a purely physical level. He was sure he'd already maxed out on how much arousal one man could feel with some previous climaxes, and this one was at that same peak. But mentally, nothing could top fucking his very own genetic offspring, and cumming in her bareback. The sheer wrongness of it all was a rush of pure euphoria.

Linda had started fingering her pussy after she'd gotten off Jack's back, and she timed her climax to match the other's. She loved the fact that she was holding Nicole's hand too.

So all three wound up sprawled on their backs, half-dead from total exhaustion.

Except Linda wasn't quite as wiped out as the other two since she had mostly been an observer this time. She was the first to stir. "Wow! That was something, wasn't it?"

The other two didn't reply. Either they were passed out, or sleeping, or drifting in and out of consciousness. She guessed it was the latter because they both made some kind of "mmmm" sound in response to her comment. But it was clear she wasn't going to get any more of a response out of them.

Another couple minutes passed and she started to feel pretty good, but the other two were still dead to the world. So she crawled down to Jack's crotch and inspected the situation. His penis had pulled out when he'd rolled away to find his own pillow to crash on. His penis was totally flaccid now, and very wet with sticky juices.

Linda looked over to Nicole's crotch and saw it was even wetter. Occasionally, some fresh cum would drool out of her gash that looked like Jack's, and Linda found that incredibly arousing. She would have been glad to lick her sister's pussy clean, but she feared that would be seen as too "lesbian," so she bent over and licked Jack's penis and balls instead.

Jack's penis had been tingling and buzzing with pleasure for so long, that it took him some moments after he achieved full consciousness to realize he was still being stimulated somehow. It took some more moments to look around and realize Linda's tongue was the cause.

"Jesus!" he panted with exhaustion. "Daughter, you don't have to do that. Really!"

Linda kept on licking, even though he was still flaccid and that showed no sign of changing soon. "Uh-oh! Daddy, you just called me 'Daughter' again! Just for that, my mouth is gonna be surgically attached to your cock for a couple more hours at least. I'm sorry, but I just can't help it!" She giggled.

Then, seeing he was awake enough to appreciate it, she went to work on licking his balls for a while instead.

He groaned, and muttered, "Oh man! That feels so good!"

"Mmmm, Daddy, that's just what I'm thinking."

Jack turned his head with surprise, because that was Nicole's voice. She was stirring too.

She opened her eyes and stared lovingly up at Jack. They were both lying down, but his head was propped up on a pillow and hers wasn't. She'd been too fucked out to bother getting comfy. "Hi, Dad."

"Hi, Darling." He reached out and ran his hand through her hair, even though his arms felt like limp noodles.

"Mmmm." Nicole closed her eyes. Just knowing her father was lying there next to her made her feel totally content. She felt no need to say anything, because it had all been said by how they'd fucked.

Jack also closed his eyes. He was happy to run his hands through Nicole's hair while Linda kept on sucking and licking his balls.

Finally, Linda had enough of that (after realizing he wasn't going to get erect again anytime soon), and she crawled back up so she was cuddled against him on one side and Nicole stayed cuddled against his other side.

She said, "Nicky, isn't this just perfect? Lying here, feeling thoroughly fucked, with each of us on either side of our big strong daddy?"

"Mmmm!" Nicole agreed, still keeping her eyes closed. "This is how it should always be. Two sex pets and their loving master."

"Um, girls," Jack said uncomfortably, "I hate to repeat myself, but it's probably better if you don't use the 'master' word. It kind of makes me feel weird."

Nicole opened her eyes and even sat up a bit. She needed to get this straightened out. "But Daddy! Everybody knows that you can't have a pet without a master."

Linda chimed in, "Not unless the pet is a stray, and you don't want us to be strays, do you?"

"Yeah!" Nicole agreed emphatically, figuring that took care of the matter.

Jack replied, "Maybe so, but I don't want you to use that word, okay? It'll give me a big head."

"Can we use it in our own thoughts?" Linda asked.

Jack furrowed his brow. He sighed. "I don't see how I can control what you can think, but I'd rather that you didn't."

The girls weren't too happy about that, but they accepted it (for now, at least).

Linda asked Nicole, "So, are you still uncertain about this whole fucking thing?"

Nicole laughed and laughed, and then laughed some more. She hadn't heard anything that funny in ages. Finally, she said, "I think it's safe to say I've made up my mind! Why I ever doubt you, girl, I'll never understand. You said it was even better than blowjobs, and you were right!"

She looked back up to Jack. "By the way, Daddy, thank you SO much for fucking me and taking my virginity! I know I only have one virginity to give, and I'm so glad that I gave it to you that it almost makes me cry more tears of joy. Now that you've popped my cherry, I hope you'll use my cunt for your pleasure whenever the mood strikes you." Her hands started to wander over his body.

"Same here!" Linda agreed. "Thank you, thank you, thank you! Not just for calling me 'daughter,' but for fucking me long and hard like I really am one of your daughters. You've made me such a happy sex pet. All I want to do it serve your cock!" She also started to explore his upper torso with her hands.

"Me too!" Nicole agreed to that. "Being Daddy's sex pet is the BEST!" She pouted as her hand drifted down to his crotch, "You know what makes me sad though? You haven't painted our faces yet with your daddy goo."

Jack suddenly sat up, and quickly crawled all the way off the bed. He didn't stop until he stood a good ways from it. He could tell the girls were getting hornier by the second.

He looked at his girls, holding his hands out defensively. "Now, hold on. You two, stay right there, and that's an order!"

"Awwww," Nicole purred as she rolled over and struck a sexy pose.

Linda also moved into classic cheesecake pose, and quipped, "Bummer, but I like the fact that he's ordering us around!"

"Yeah! Give us another order, Daddy!" Nicole agreed. "Make us roll over and beg!"

Jack said, "Stop it, please! Look, girls, I'm only human. The fact is, I just came three times, and each time it was so intense it was practically like giving birth. I can guarantee I'm done. I won't be able to get it up until Alison gets home."

"But she's not gonna get home until late," Nicole pointed out.

"True, but you never know. I don't want her to walk in on us. Besides, we've got work to do to clean up all the evidence, including doing the laundry." He nodded at the wet bed sheets. "And don't even ask me how we're gonna get rid of the sex smell. Needless to say, we don't have a fireplace in this room to cover our tracks, like we did before. We might have to try the candle thing again, or something."

"Awww, you're no fun," Linda complained, giving up on her sexy pose.

"Maybe so," Jack said, "but I'm a married man. We have to be careful. I can't handle the intensity of you two acting like sex pets twenty-four hours a day. I hope you can just be my loving daughters most of the time, and only kick into 'sex pet' mode when we're all in the mood, okay?"

The girls nodded.

Normally, he would have made a bigger issue about having to be careful not to get caught, but it was rather pointless since Alison already knew most everything. She was on the verge of unleashing her "deal" on them at any time. But he had to at least go through the motions so as to maintain the surprise.

Jack put on a T-shirt and shorts and the girls put on their bikinis, and they worked together to clean up.


"How would you like to sexually share Jack with me?"

Those were the stunning opening words from Alison to Nicole and Linda once the three of them gathered in the pool patio area after breakfast the next day. It was the start of the weekend, so no one had to go anywhere any time soon. They all were wearing bikinis in anticipation of working on their tans. The girls were wearing standard bikinis just like Alison's, since they had to restrain themselves with Alison there.

Jack remained in his office, because he wanted the meeting to be all about bringing Alison and the girls closer together.

The girls were so taken aback that they literally couldn't believe their ears. Linda asked, "Excuse me?!"

Alison repeated to the both of them, "How would you like to sexually share Jack with me? I'm not talking about any sexual interaction between you and me; I don't swing that way and I don't think you do either. What I'm talking about is the three of us working together to pleasure his penis and keep him sexually satisfied on a daily basis. Me as his wife, obviously, and you two as his mistresses, or sexual servants, or whatever you want to call it."

The girls looked at each other; they still couldn't believe what they were hearing.

Nicole asked with worry, "Is this some kind of trick?"

"No trick," Alison replied. "Jack has told me everything, and I do mean EVERYTHING. I've known for a while now, actually. I've even seen some things. Nice nurse outfits the other day, by the way." She winked. "And instead of mistresses, maybe it's better to call you his sex pets?"

The girls totally freaked out upon hearing that. Linda's face nearly turned white, and Nicole started breathing so fast that she was in danger of hyperventilating.

Alison spoke quickly before either or both girls had a panic attack. "Hey! Listen to me! I know everything, and I approve! You're not in trouble, and this is not a trick!"

That helped a bit, but still, Nicole gasped, "Bu-bu-bu-but, that's not possible!"

Alison said, "I know. It's weird, but it's true. I know everything, and I approve! I WANT you to have sex with Jack, and as much as you want! Or, I should say, have more sex with him. He and I had a big talk in bed last night, and he told me in great detail how he fucked you both yesterday afternoon. Now, if you two will calm down and listen to me, I can explain everything."

The busty mother proceeded to explain Jack's recent confession to her and her own suspicions prior to that. She gave a rather long-winded explanation to give the girls a chance to calm down somewhat.

Then she explained her reasoning as to why she was open to the idea of sharing. She focused on her frigid past, and her desire to become as sexually uninhibited as the girls were, and her desire to become emotionally closer to them as a "real mom" or older sister type friend instead of someone the girls merely tolerated or even secretly considered an enemy. In short, she gave a somewhat edited version of the reasons she'd already detailed to her husband.

Once the girls more or less recovered from their panic and had a few more minutes to absorb that, she finished up with her main pitch.

She concluded, "The way I look at it, things could go one of two ways, now that everything is out in the open. We could continue more or less like we are now. I'm not going to try to stop you from having sexual fun with Jack, but I won't be excited or encouraging either. And Jack will feel guilty and bad anytime he's with you. He'll feel like his family is torn in two."

She went on, "OR, you two and I could join forces as allies! Bring down all the barriers! If you would try to open your hearts to me, I would do my best to be your 'cool mom' and your good friend too. I'm hoping we could spend a lot of time together, just the three of us. Shopping, working on our tans, cooking dinner, hanging out, and that kind of thing. Having fun!"

She turned her gaze to the blonde teen. "And Linda, you've been a de facto part of this family for a while. Jack told me how he's started to call you 'daughter,' and I think that's wonderful. I would be honored if you would let me call you that too. But even so, I think it's time to take the next step. We're happy to have you live here, but we'd be even happier if you become part of the family in a formal way. Up to and including official adoption."

"No!" Linda gasped in wonder. This was too good to be true.

Alison nodded. "Yes! That's what I want to see happen. Linda, you've lost your mother and your father, and you need new parents. I want to be your new mother. I would be honored if you someday called me 'Mom.'"

Linda just sat there, but she was so happy that tears started to roll down her face.

Nicole's hand found Linda's on the table and she gave it a reassuring squeeze. Then she looked at her best friend. She was so happy that she started crying too.

Linda suddenly exclaimed, "YES! YES! YES! A thousand times yes! Mom!"

Alison shivered all over to be called that. She pressed on, "Wait! That's not all. It gets better. The three of us will all freely share Jack sexually. I'll remain his wife, of course, and get first dibs. He and I will continue to sleep every night in the master bedroom. I'll have other certain demands like that, I'm sure. But, if he's feeling up for, say, a blowjob, he could simply walk up to one of you or both of you and pull out his dick so you can get sucking. Basically, whatever he wants to do with you, he has my permission to do. You are his sex pets after all, so it's pretty much your duty to keep his penis satisfied, isn't it?"

The girls sat and stared at Alison like they were witnessing space aliens landing in their backyard. They were so ecstatic they could barely stay in their seats.

Alison went on, "Now, I know this is a pretty wild idea, so I'm thinking we can mostly keep things like they are for now. We all need some time to adjust. You two can have fun with him in the afternoon while I'm at work, and I can have fun with him in the evening when we go to bed. But we wouldn't have to limit it to that, and hopefully as time goes on we can break down the barriers. For instance, maybe I'll want to watch you two taking turns blowing him, or I might even want to join in and add my tongue to the rotation. Or, you might want to come in our bedroom when he's fucking me and watch, or even tongue his asshole, or whatever. Eventually, I'd like to see us all living a totally free, nudist, orgy lifestyle. We could spend entire weekends in bed, taking turns sucking and fucking him! All of us, together! Wouldn't that be great?"

After a very long pause, Nicole said, "You realize we're having a hard time believing all this. This is so out of the blue!"

Linda added, "You could say that again! And way, way, WAY too good to be true!"

Nicole honestly admitted, "I can't help but think of you as the frigid gold digger who's stealing my daddy away. I still can't help but think this is some kind of trick or something! I mean, I'm committing INCEST with my dad! Doesn't that freak you out? Don't you want to throw us all in jail or something?! Send me very far away, at the least!"

Alison brought her fingers to her lips and whistled loudly.

The girls felt their hearts pounding wildly as they heard the door to Jack's office opening and then the sound of him walking through the house. They braced themselves for some kind of total shit storm. They couldn't really believe he was in on this too.

He stopped at the open sliding door and smiled. "Hi girls. How's it going, honey? How are they taking your speech?"

Alison frowned a bit. "Well, okay I think, but they're having trouble believing me."

He said, "Oh, well, girls, believe it: the sexual sharing, Linda joining our family in every way, and all the rest. Alison and I have been talking about this for a while, and we speak with one voice."

Linda was so excited that she looked like she was about to bounce higher than the roof to the house. She was a bundle of energy on the verge of exploding.

Nicole just stared with wide eyes until Jack finished making that comment. Then she slumped in her chair and passed out from the shock of it all.


Nicole stretched lazily as she slowly woke up. She felt wonderfully relaxed. But even before she opened her eyes, she realized something was wrong because she was curled up in something that didn't feel like her bed at all. She opened her eyes and realized the problem: she was lying on the love seat in the dining room.

The she sat up, and she remembered the stunning words Alison had said. In fact, she had been so stunned that she had passed out. Obviously, someone had picked her up and moved her to this spot, as it was the nearest comfortable place to sleep from where they'd been talking on the patio.

The busty brunette looked down at herself. She still wore her bikini. She looked around and wondered where everyone else had gone.

She stood up and walked around, but the first floor and the backyard appeared deserted. She looked at a clock and realized she'd been sleeping for a half an hour or so. She was a bit miffed no one was there to orient her after she woke up.

Upon closer inspection, she discovered a note written by Alison on the kitchen counter. It read:

Linda and I have gone shopping. Jack is taking a nap in bed. He and I were up very late last night. He told me every last detail about how he'd fucked you two, while I was busy sucking his cock! Then we had a reenactment of his story, if you know what I mean, that kept us up until the wee hours. So you might want to let him sleep a little while. But if you remember all I said before you passed out and you fully approve, then you might want to wake him in a special way that does your sex pet status proud.

In other words, suck his cock and let him fuck the shit out of you! :)

And yes, this is for real and there's no trick. I love you and Linda, and I fully approve of you two being Jack's sex pets. So have fun! We should be back in an hour or two.

Your mom

Nicole was so happy after reading the note that she ran through the halls of the first floor several times. But, mindful of not waking her father, she was careful not to scream. Then she quietly went upstairs and tip-toed into the master bedroom.

Jack was sleeping on top of the sheets, completely nude.

That made her even happier. She rushed downstairs just so she could run around some more. The fact that she had a golden opportunity for one-on-one sex time with her father was fantastic, but what excited her even more was that Alison knew everything and fully approved. The fact that he was lying there helped confirm that the note and all the rest were really real. The future that suggested was so bright that it practically blinded her just to think about it.

After she finally calmed down, she went to her room and quietly masturbated herself to a nice orgasm. Then, since she had some time before Jack woke up, she wanted to make herself pretty for him.

She selected a sheer pink teddy. She'd looked over all her clothes, but choosing this one had been a no-brainer. She loved it the most out of all her clothes because Jack had given it to her as a gift just the day before. It was see-through and very revealing, very low necked and with a short hemline. The garment was held in place by thin straps, held in a bow on her shoulders. She didn't wear any kind of underwear underneath it. Her pinkish nipples were clearly visible through the sheer fabric, and her teen pussy and most of her ass showed below the teddy as she walked.

She bent down to put on her high heeled shoes. Mmmm! I love the feel of my big boobs swinging down when I bend over. It reminds me of how they dangle and sway when Daddy fucks me doggy-style!

An exciting thought hit her like a punch to her tummy. And now, I'm gonna get to feel that all the time! Daddy's gonna fuck the HELL out of me. He might even fuck me daily! But as good as that feels, the feeling of fullness as he's sheathed balls-deep inside me is even better. Mmmm!

She stood back up and began brushing her long dark brown hair in front of her mirror. It's ironic. I've been thinking all these nasty thoughts about Alison, but she turns out to be pretty cool after all. Maybe she really does love Daddy. If she was only after his money, she could have gathered all the evidence of incest she needed and gone to the police already. We'd be so screwed! And even if she didn't do that, it's not like she has to share him with us. That's so above and beyond the call of duty! Wow! I'm gonna have to try to be a lot nicer to her from now on.

She put her brush down and looked at herself intently through the mirror. Look at you, Nicky, you're a sex pet! You're one of Daddy's two sex pets! You've given your virginity and your body to Daddy. He OWNS us now. Wow! And Mom approves! Whoa, is that the first time I've thought of her as "Mom?" Weird. But with her approving, everything is gonna be so awesome. No need to hide anything anymore!

Shoot. I know I should let Daddy sleep a little longer, but I'm too excited to stand it! His big fat cock is waiting there in the other room, waiting for my eager mouth, and my even more eager pussy!

Less than a minute later, she stepped lightly into her father's room. She was careful not to wake him as she entered, or as she climbed onto his bed. Her hands carefully cradled his penis. She was very pleased to see and feel that he was hard already. She hoped he was having a nice erotic dream involving her and Linda (she really thought of the two of them as an inseparable team).

The beautiful girl gazed adoringly at his fuck organ for some long moments. Then she finally lowered her head to engulf it between her lips. She sucked and licked it, but lightly and gently, so as to not suddenly wake him. She was also careful when she rested her big melons lightly on his chest.

She thought as she slowly sucked, Waking Daddy with a blowjob is such fun! I wish he wasn't married, so Linda and I could sleep with him every night and wake him like this every morning. Nothing but the best for Daddy. He deserves to wake up with my lips sliding up and down his hard cock, while Linda does his balls, or vice versa. It's only right!

No, I can't think that, not after Alison's been so nice. Heck, I'll bet she even timed her shopping just so I could do this right now. THAT is a nice stepmom!

As she kept on sucking, she thought, Besides, I'm sure Linda and I will get plenty of chances to wake Daddy with a nice cocksuck. Heck, the more I think about it, the more likely it seems that Alison totally arranged this right now. I need to think about working with her, not against her.

Jack started to wake up. He kept his eyes closed, but she knew he was awake from the way he yawned and stretched his arms out.

Nicole accelerated her bobbing movements and received an extra loud moan from him as her reward.

She raised her head from his hard prick. "Good morning, Daddy! Will you feed me my morning milk now?" She smiled with her best cute and innocent young girl face.

"Yes my darling. Just keep on sucking like that and I'll give you my sperm soon enough."

She returned to give head to him, happy to be both his daughter and lover. Now that he was fully awake she didn't have to hold back, so she didn't. Her mouth was soon madly bobbing up and down his erect member, her long dark brown hair a mess hanging and swinging in front of her face.

She was in seventh heaven. The only thing that disappointed her was that Linda wasn't there too. She truly would have preferred to share than have her father's cock all to herself.

After a while, he asked, "Did you get Alison's note?"

She was a bit surprised he knew about the note, but then figured it wasn't so surprising if he hadn't gone to sleep straight away. She was too busy bobbing with tremendous suction to speak, but she nodded her head vigorously.

"Good." He dreamily stared at her red lips sliding up and down his cock, leaving a trail of wet sticky saliva.

The buxom teen loved to suck her father's prick, and the taste of his pre-cum was wonderful. In truth, she was enjoying it as much as he did, and that meant she enjoyed it a very, very great deal.

She was constantly doing different things with her lips and tongue to keep him pleasantly surprised. She stopped sucking after a while and went back to licking. Holding his big adult cock in her hands, she ran her clever tongue all over the head and its length, making him moan in pleasure.

He stared at her, dressed in her lingerie and sucking his cock. "My daughter really is a dedicated cocksucking slut now, isn't she, Nicky? You like me to fuck your mouth, don't you, my princess?" He was only stating the obvious, but such words aroused them both.

In fact, Nicole was so excited, she immediately engulfed him again and went back to a steady bobbing, with an added corkscrew twist sometimes.

She felt his hands grabbing her hair. At first, he just guided her up and down a while, which she really liked, but eventually he pulled her all the way off his boner.

She still held it and jacked it off. "What's wrong?"

He grunted, "The only problem is that my cock isn't inside your hot cunt yet! I don't want to cum before I can bone you."

"OH! Why didn't you say so?" She giggled. She immediately lay back on the bed on her back.

He climbed atop his panting daughter; positioning the swollen purple head of his prick between the glistening wet folds of her labia.

Nicole was very hot as she looked at him in anticipation. Her mind recognized the fact that he was her father, not a stranger. My sweet daddy is fucking me! This still gave her some strange sensations. Incest girl! Father fucker! The words were meaningless and at the same time wonderfully true, making her hornier as she thought about them.

Then he filled her. His cock drilled hard into her.

The big-busted schoolgirl felt him begin to fuck her, pumping his cock in and out of her trembling slit. He kissed her mouth and arched his back to suck her nipples as he fucked her. Before long, her pink teddy was bunched up around her waist, covering little more than her belly button.

In a matter of minutes, she came twice as his hard meat moved back and forth inside her throbbing pussy. He didn't try to support most of his weight with his arms this time, and rested his body against hers instead. It meant he couldn't pound as deep as when he'd done her "push-up" style, but he could last much, much longer in that position.

She was lost in pure happiness, both physical and mental. She felt as if she was the luckiest daughter in the world as she reached another climax.

Then he said, "Oh, howdy. What's up?"

Those words didn't make any sense to her. The more she thought about it, the more puzzled she got. It bothered her so much that even though he was steadily drilling her, she looked all around the room as best she could (considering he was lying on top of her).

She saw a pair of legs, and then another pair of legs. She wiggled her head out from underneath him a little bit (while letting him continue to fuck her), and gasped.

Alison and Linda were standing on the other side of the room, watching.


Nicole froze and panicked, because she momentarily forgot what Alison already knew and approved of. She stammered, "It's, it's not what it looks like!"

Alison laughed good-naturedly. "It's not? What is it then?" But she wanted to get on Nicole's good side, not torture her, so she said, "Don't worry! Remember what I told you before you passed out? I'm cool with this."

"Oh yeah." Nicole sighed with relief, but she was still totally freaked out, thanks to her initial panic, plus the fact that Jack was still thrusting deep inside her. "Daddy, please! Stop fucking me for a minute. I'm about to have a panic attack here!"

He stopped, but he remained on top of her and fully impaled in her. He pointed out, "There's nothing to be afraid of, Darling. We're all friends here."

Nicole said, "Yeah, but it's one thing for the mind to know that, and it's another for the body to get the message. I'm totally freaking out! My heart is racing like wild!" She closed her eyes to cut down on her embarrassment.

Seeing that nobody was going to say anything just yet, she asked Alison and Linda, "How much did you see?"

Alison replied, "Pretty much everything. We caught your blowjob and pretty much the whole nine yards."

Nicole felt hands on her. She opened her eyes and realized it was just Linda helping her take her pink teddy off. Linda was already naked.

The frightened teen looked to Alison, and saw her smiling placidly like she was watching a good TV show. It freaked out Nicole even more, but in more of a weird way and much less of a frightening way. She noticed Alison was still wearing the same bikini she'd worn at their meeting earlier. "Hey! You two never went shopping in the first place, did you?"

"Nope!" Linda proudly admitted as she took her clothes off. "We parked Alison's car down the street and then hid out in the back yard for a little while. You're so easy to fool. It almost makes it no fun." She giggled.

Jack explained to Nicole, "Darling, this was my idea. After it became clear you'd passed out and wouldn't wake up soon, I tried to think how we could take advantage of that. Last night, I regaled Alison with vivid stories about fucking you and Linda, and they excited her so much that she wanted to see things for herself in the flesh. So here we are."

Nicole grumbled, "Are you all trying to get me to have a heart attack or something? Sheesh!" But she couldn't get that upset, especially since her father's dick was still fully impaled in her.

An awkward moment settled between them. Jack looked at Alison, and asked her, "So, what should we do now? Are you okay with what you're seeing?"

The girls held their breath as they waited for the crucial response.

Alison replied, "I must admit that I feel hurt and very jealous, seeing your penis inside her. I feel a pain in my chest, and in my heart. It's almost like a burning sensation. It hurts!"

The girls were crestfallen, and Jack was terribly disappointed too.

But then Alison continued, "But it's strange, because it hurts, but I kind of like it. I guess that's what the expression 'hurts so good' means. Even though I'm in pain, I'm really horny too, and the pain somehow heightens the pleasure. It's confusing. Not to mention, I feel terribly embarrassed too. Almost humiliated. I mean, what's wrong with me? Why am I allowing this? I must be totally depraved! And yet somehow that makes me feel even MORE horny! I don't understand it." She shook her head in confusion.

Linda held her arms out and gave Alison a great big, heartfelt hug. She said, "We understand! We understand! We really do. Don't we, Nicky?"

"Boy, do we ever!" Nicole fully agreed. "Actually, what you said sent chills down my spine, because it's EXACTLY how I feel, pretty much all the time!"

"Really?" Alison held her hands in the air, because she felt terribly awkward being hugged by Linda, and didn't know where to put her hands. She loved the idea of the hug, but the problem was Linda was totally nude, and she only had her tiny bikini on.

"Really!" Linda answered. "Nicky and I talk about 'the burn' all the time. It's gotten to the point where we're not only used to it, we actually crave it."

"Really?" Alison asked again.

Nicole answered this time. "Really! I mean, look at me right now. I'm lying here underneath Daddy, and I know that from where you stand you've got a perfect view of his big fat cock in my pussy. I can see that you're staring at how he's splitting my pussy lips wide with his thick invasion. And it makes my chest burn. God, does it burn! Plus, we all know that I'm his flesh and blood daughter, and this is a terrible sin. I'm the ultimate SLUT, eagerly spreading my legs for my own daddy. That burns so much, I'm on fire from head to toe! And I love it! Good Lord, I do love it!"

Alison asked, "So you don't mind if I watch?" She still didn't know what to do with her hands since Linda seemed permanently attached to her, but she finally put a hand on Linda's head and kindly stroked her hair.

Nicole replied, "Of course I mind! I hate it! I've never been so humiliated in all my life! But I love it too! Just having you there, it's like all my emotions are multiplied by ten. Every nerve in my body is tingling. It's out of control. Don't stop!"

Alison chuckled. "Um, okay then." She looked down at Linda who had her face buried into her neck, and realized there were tears rolling down her face. She asked hesitantly, "Linda? Are you crying?"

Linda sniffed, "A little bit. It's just that the way you described your feelings was so beautiful. It went straight to my heart. And it kinda makes me feel bad, because we've thought badly of you. We've even called you the 'evil stepmom.' And yet you're so giving and sharing! You're the one who's making our dreams with Daddy come true. And I feel even worse because I realize you're one of us."

Alison heard Nicole gasp, and noticed that Jack had resumed thrusting in and out of her a little bit. She asked Linda, "What do you mean?"

Linda kept on hugging Alison for dear life. "I mean just that. I thought you were this kind of scary work obsessed, Bible-thumping prude. But it turns out you're a dirty little slut at heart, just like us! It's so great! I feel like I've found a new friend. Can I kiss you?"

Alison suspected she meant a lip to lip kiss, and her first instinct was to say no. But that would only suggest that Linda's new assessment was wrong, and she still was a "prude." She shuddered nervously, but said, "Um, I guess."

"Cool!" Linda got up on her tip-toes since Alison was taller, and kissed her right on the lips. And it wasn't just a quick close-mouthed kiss, either - it was a full-on lip-lock with lots of tongue.

At first, Alison just waved her hands in the air helplessly, uncertain about what to do with them (or what to do in general). But she was so extremely horny from everything that her defenses crumbled. She wrapped her arms around Linda's bare back and kissed back with a passion. She spread her legs wide so Linda wouldn't have to struggle to reach up to her lips.

It so happened that Alison was facing the bed, so she was able to watch the action there from time to time, when Linda's head wasn't tilting in the way. (It was the kind of thing Linda would have liked to have thought up, but for once it was coincidence.) Watching her husband steadily fuck Nicole kept Alison's "burn" going like a raging inferno. She was so aroused that her pussy juices flowed freely, and she would have climaxed on the spot if only her clit was able to get any stimulation. This was highly unusual for her, if not totally unprecedented, because it normally took her so long to get warmed up.

Linda could tell that Alison was sort of stunned into acquiescence, and she took advantage of that fact to kiss her to her heart's desire.

Linda hadn't actually fondled Alison yet, since her arms had been wrapped around Alison's back. But when the kissing resumed, she pulled Alison's bikini top off and let it fall to the ground. Then she cupped her new mother's huge tits from underneath, in the same way that Jack always loved to do.

She broke the kiss after a couple of minutes, and said as she kept kneading her massive mammaries, "Alison, don't get me wrong. I'm not bisexual or lesbian or anything like that, and Nicky is even less so."

That part wasn't exactly honest. But the rest was much more sincere. "But kissing you right now really makes me hot and horny! A part of it is bonding, but it's also about feeling the burn. Can you feel it?"

"I can!" Alison's eyes were glazed over, she was so blissed out on total lust.

Linda explained, "It's all about Daddy over there. You know he's watching us, even as he's drilling his way clear through Nicky with his big cock, and you know he's thinking his wife is some kind of crazy lesbo slut! It's totally humiliating, but in the very best way, if you know what I mean."

"I do." Alison was in such a daze, she felt like she was rip roaring drunk and the room was swaying under her feet. Her entire body was tingling with such erotic pleasure that she hardly even noticed the way Linda was playing with her nipples.

Linda continued, "That's why I get off on kissing and fondling you." She went back to French kissing and groping the hapless, horny Alison.

The foxy teen was so inspired by the sheer size of Alison's rack that she broke the kissing again to say, "Boy, Alison, you're amazing! Daddy's so lucky to have you as a wife. You're not only a dirty little slut, you're a gorgeous, big-titted slut! Hell, 'big' doesn't even describe it." She hefted her own boobs up. "These are big." Then she hefted up Alison's. "These are MASSIVE! I can't wait to watch Daddy fuck the SHIT out of these babies!" She lifted them up and down a couple of times, and then planted her lips on Alison's lips again.

Their impressive racks mashed into each other as they kissed and kissed, and kissed some more. Their tongues repeatedly dueled and entwined together in rampant lust. Linda's hands went down to Alison's ass, and since Alison was acting so defenseless, Linda pulled Alison's bikini bottoms far down her thighs before she began fondling and kneading her firm and perfect ass cheeks.

Alison not only let that happen without a peep of protest, she fondled Linda's bare ass cheeks in return.

The horny wife knew that anyone looking at them would assume they were lesbian lovers really getting it on, but she didn't feel that way at all. She knew Linda was extremely beautiful, especially for her age, but she wasn't worried about getting any sexual feelings for her. She figured this kissing and fondling was a means to an end. It kept the "burn" in her and in Linda burning, which meant they remained so horny they could barely tell up from down. If she could have gotten the same effect from doing something else like crawling around the room on all fours, she might do that instead.

After a couple more minutes, Linda broke the kissing again to comment, "Alison, you're got a really cool ass crack. I love how deep it is, and how far your silky smooth ass cheeks jut out. I can practically hide my entire hand in there!" Of course, that last comment was a wild exaggeration, but she did have her fingers stroking deeply in Alison's crack as she said this.

Strangely, after everything that had happened to Alison, it was that comment about her ass crack that finally made her blush and have some doubts about what she was doing with Linda. In particular, she worried that she was enjoying it too much. But she was still off the charts horny, and soon they were back to kissing and fondling each other. They were so into it that Alison almost forgot about her husband fucking on the bed, and only looked that way when Nicole let out particularly loud orgasmic cries.

The one area Linda had generally avoided so far was Alison's pussy, since she had worries that could cause Alison to come out of her erotic fog and disengage. This was probably a wise move, since Alison was right at her limit of how much weirdness she could handle. But one result of this was Alison kept getting more and more aroused without actually cumming, since it was unusually hard for her to cum and it generally only happened after a lot of clitoral stimulation.

At first, Alison appreciated this boundary, and she reciprocated by not touching anywhere near Linda's pussy either. But as time went on, Alison got so out of control aroused that her body simply couldn't stand it anymore. Without thinking about it, she had her legs on either side of one of Linda's legs, and she found herself grinding her pussy mound into that thigh. It wasn't a very effective way to stimulate one's clitoris, but she kept on rubbing her pussy against that thigh like a cat in heat rubbing against a post, and she was finally rewarded with a great climax.

She cried out with great joy. Then she shoved her tongue back into Linda's mouth and kissed her madly until her last orgasmic tremors passed.

Then guilt and shame set in. Or, to be more accurate, she'd been feeling guilty and ashamed all along, but now those feelings took priority because her arousal suddenly dropped in comparison. She was too embarrassed to look into Linda's eyes or say anything as she pulled away and sat down on a nearby chair.

Linda wasn't dissuaded much at all. She sat down on the chair next to Alison and put an arm around her nude body. But she was understanding. She whispered, "That was fun! But you need a rest. Let's chill here and watch the fucking for a while."

It hit Alison like a blast of arctic wind just what a bizarre situation she was in. She had to remember her purpose in this, to try to bring the four of them together as a family (and have lots of great sex in the bargain). She had a strong urge to bolt, but she forced herself to nod in reply and keep sitting there.

With nothing else to do, she turned her focus to watching the fucking, just as Linda was doing.

Their timing was good. Jack had mostly been taking things slowly, and more tenderly making love to Nicole than wildly fucking her. In part, he wanted the others to watch, so he'd been stalling for time until they did. But time had passed, and he'd given up on them breaking their kiss enough to seriously pay attention. Besides, the fucking had its own natural rhythm and progress, and things had been heating up for a while. As a result, Alison and Linda got to watch right as Jack and Nicole reached an orgasmic fever pitch.

Jack and Nicole had tried out several different positions while the other two were busy kissing; they were still learning which ones worked best between them. At the moment, Jack was sitting up in bed, and Nicole was sitting in his lap, impaled on his cock. It was a poor position for achieving deep penetration, but it had its advantages. They could kiss and look into each other's eyes, and Jack loved playing with Nicole's breasts and especially her nipples. Besides, Nicole was getting Jack's dick in her surprisingly deep thanks to her very determined churning and hip gyrations.

Alison was feeling skittish over all she'd done with Linda. She hadn't expected that in a million years, and she still could scarcely believe that had really happened. She'd never really explored the body of another woman before, and it felt disturbingly good. But her worries faded away as her fascination watching her husband fuck Nicole grew and grew.

She was particularly intrigued and aroused by Nicole's hip movements. Wow, look at her go! Jack just sits there and plays with her titties, and she grinds up and down on his dick with moves that would impress a flexible belly dancer! Whoa. And she was a virgin a couple of days ago? Hard to believe!

She leaned forward, she was so interested. Wow! Sometimes she goes up, sometimes down, sometimes to one side, sometimes to the other, sometimes forward, sometimes back. There's just no telling. It's kind of like a bucking bronco in reverse, with the rider moving unexpectedly in every direction, and the bull staying still. Damn, that must feel great! I almost wish I could be a man, to feel what that's like.

The thing is though, she puts me to shame. I thought I was doing so good, getting more actively involved in Jack's fucking instead of just lying there like I used to, but compared to Nicole, I'm still a cold corpse! I can learn to do that though, I'm in great shape. She started experimentally shifting her ass in her seat.

Linda saw and felt that, and gave Alison a puzzled look.

Alison whispered to her, "Jack is a bull. Did you know that?"

It so happened that Alison wasn't making much sense or thinking logically since she was so horny; she was still thinking of the rider and bull analogy. But Linda loved the comment, because bulls were big, strong, and domineering. So Linda enthused, "Oh yeah! He IS a bull! He's a bull, and he's gonna ride herd over all of us! He's a STUD bull! Look at the way he's using his sex pet! Look at the way he's pulling on her nipples."

Alison loved every word of that. She wasn't used to verbal stimulation during fucking, since she was usually very quiet and Jack mostly just panted and grunted in time to his thrusting. It was like Alison was a fire burning strong, and Linda's words were like gallons of gasoline sending her flame up into the sky.

With no other obvious outlet for her surge of lust, she suddenly grabbed the back of Linda's head and pulled her in for a nuclear kiss.

It was Linda's turn to be surprised, but she loved it and kissed back with nearly as much intense emotion. Since they were both buck naked, the kissing quickly turned into much more.

Jack saw that, and he in turn had his flames of lust stoked. Suddenly, the sex position he and Nicole were in wasn't good enough. At his insistence, they quickly rearranged themselves back to doggy style. Nicole kneeled against the bed with her lower legs on the floor, and Jack knelt behind her. Holding her tits or her shoulders, he plowed her hard and deep. He couldn't see Alison or Linda anymore from this position, and that was a disappointment, but his need to fuck every last inch of his daughter's pussy was overwhelming.

Soon, his moans were practically turning into screams, and his body showed the signs of imminent orgasm.

With a great yell, his started to cum inside Nicole.

Nicole started cumming too, and screaming even louder than him. She was mostly incoherent, but a few cries of "Daddy!" could be made out.

Alison and Nicole had both been watching while kissing through peripheral vision, but now they stopped and devoted their full attention to the intense fuck taking place a few feet before them.

Alison was so excited watching that she didn't mind at all when Linda reached out and fiddled with her clit until she came. It didn't take much at all. Linda also touched herself in the same way, so the four of them came at the same time.

Nicole's climax seemed to just surge higher and higher as she felt the warm liquid penetrating her insides. It was such a joy feeling him squirt inside her that she simply couldn't believe it (even though it had happened to her already). And it was deeply emotionally fulfilling to her in a way that even his cumming on her face was not. She felt like her father's incestuous cum was shooting straight inside her waiting womb and knocking her up (even though in reality she was on the pill).

He stiffened his body as she held him tightly and pushed up to meet his final thrusts.

When he was drained of all of his hot cum inside of his daughter, she took his still swollen manhood out of her and moved his body up to lick his cum-covered penis. She started cleaning it with zeal.

Then he lay on his back, exhausted at the sexual effort.

Linda had been kissing and fondling Alison some more, including fingering her clit and the outside of her pussy lips since she'd starting doing that to bring her to climax, and Alison hadn't objected since. But she suddenly disengaged and hurried to the bed. "Sorry, Alison, I love ya, but there's a yummy mess to clean up!" Within seconds, she was lying right beside Nicole, lapping away, just like her. They had lots to discuss, but this was top priority for the both of them.

Jack finally raised his head enough to look at his wife. "So. What do you think?"

Alison was still in an erotic la-la land, playing with her pussy and breasts while watching the girls eagerly licking her husband's still flaccid penis. But she realized he was looking at and talking to her, and so she forced herself out of her reverie. She blushed a little at what she'd been caught doing, even though she knew he'd been looking at her from time and time, and what she'd been doing with Linda was far "worse." She dropped her hands to her sides and did a lousy job of trying not to look guilty. "Um, what did you ask?"

He chuckled. "I said, what do you think? You know, about everything that's happened here."

"I've never been so incredibly aroused in my life, that's for sure!" Her eyes went wide to emphasize how surprised she was over that. "Please don't take offense, but I swear I was twice as aroused just watching you fuck Nicole than when you've actually fucked me! No, make that MORE than twice as much. I kept thinking I was just gonna pass out. Literally!"

He chuckled some more. "You weren't JUST watching though, were you?"

Her blush turned a deep red. "Um, no. Uh..."

He kept on chuckling. "Don't worry, I understand. It's cool. It's like... sometimes, a person gets in such a sexually arousing situation that it's like a cauldron or an inferno. It's like you're thrown into fires so hot that your body burns with need to such a degree that you can't control yourself and you barely even have an idea of what you're doing until it's over."

Her face showed great relief that he understood. "Exactly! How... how do you know?"

He looked down at the girls still lapping at his penis and balls. "I've been experiencing that kind of thing a lot lately, thanks to these two. They're like little inferno creators. They're naughty little trollops who deserve good spankings!" Seeing them look up at him, he scowled and swiped his hand through the air, but in a playful way.

The girls giggled with glee. Nicole crawled up him and cuddled happily against his chest. She closed her eyes and purred, "Is that a promise?"

"What, that I'm going to spank you? Certainly!" Now that she was in range, he gave her top ass cheek a good whack.

She opened her eyes in surprise. But the spank only inspired her lusts even more. She pulled herself up higher and breathed passionately, "Oh, Daddy! I love you so much!" Then she French kissed him.

Linda took advantage of Nicole's absence to fit nearly all of Jack's flaccid penis in her mouth. Between her suckling on it and Nicole kissing and generally playing with him up above, his penis didn't stay flaccid for long, and she was forced to pull back some as it grew in her mouth.

But Jack was mindful of his wife's feelings, so after a couple of minutes without any talking, he broke off kissing Nicole to look past her and see how Alison was doing again.

She was masturbating again, and she froze and looked guilty again when she realized he was looking at her. But then she said, "Fuck it! So I'm masturbating. Big fucking deal." She defiantly went back to fingering her pussy, even though he kept watching.

He noted, "We were talking about a sexual inferno, but who says we were talking about it in the past tense? It still feels pretty damn hot in here."

She said emphatically as she kept on fingerbanging herself, "You're telling me! Geez! It's crazy! Look at you." She waved a hand in his general direction. "You've got one girl kissing you while you play with her big tits, and another girl on your cock! And judging from the way she's steadily bobbing up and down, I'm thinking you're probably hard again already!"

"Yep!" Linda confirmed without taking Jack's erection out of her mouth, or even pausing in her bobbing.

"Good God!" Alison cried out. "I try my best to be a good Christian and not take the Lord's name in vain, but I just want to curse a blue streak to express how FUCKIN' HOT everything is!"

Jack chuckled. "So you're not mad?"

"Mad? It depends. If you mean crazy, then probably yes. If you mean upset, then no. Hell, no! We're gonna have to do this ALL THE TIME from now on! Every single fucking DAY!"

Both girls stopped what they were doing to exclaim, "Yeay!" A lot of general cheering ensued.

Before Linda went back to her cocksucking, an idea occurred to her. She pulled back and looked at Alison, and said to her, "There's just one problem."

"What's that?" Alison asked.

"You're over there and not over here! Come on, move your sweet ass and help me lick! There's a lot of cock that needs a lot of love and affection."

Alison thought about that. Her first reaction was a definite no. But then she thought, Why the hell not? In for a penny, in for a pound! She smiled and got up.

That led to more cheers. Even Jack cheered, before Nicole silenced him with another passionate lip-lock.

Linda held Jack's dick and gave it a few licks while Alison settled in the spot Nicole had been in a few minutes earlier.

The foxy blonde said to her, "This is so great! I'll admit that I'm still having trouble thinking of you on the side of good and massive cock tending instead of, well, not evil exactly, but someone to hide things from. But I already feel a good bond with you after all that kissing and stuff, and some double blowjobs will bond us together even closer."

Alison was all grins as she warmed up to the situation. "'Massive cock tending?' Are you referring to the size of my husband's penis, or something else? It's big, but not THAT big."

Linda explained, "I guess I was thinking both. But mainly, I was thinking 'constant' and 'intense,' and just, well, massive! It's gonna be a MASSIVE undertaking to keep this cock well tended from now on, but between the three of us, we should be okay."

She took a few more licks, mostly right on his sweet spot. "Now, Nicky and I have been doing this a lot, and sharing's not a problem at all. In fact, it's really the only way to go." She licked it a little more, and then said, "Sharing can be a bit tricky. Nicky and I have worked out a whole system of signals between us that we'll teach you later. For starters, you take that side and I'll take this one. Okay?"

Alison nodded, and soon the two of them were happily licking away.

Nicole kept on kissing Jack, but she couldn't help overhearing the loud slurping sounds, and she felt like she was missing out. Finally, she couldn't stand it anymore, and she sat up. She said to the other two, "Hey, looks like you gals are doing a really great job. I can see you're both seriously into it. But you know what's missing here?"

Neither Alison nor Linda replied. Nicole was right that they were really into it, so much so that they didn't want to stop for a second.

So Nicole continued, "A third tongue! Think about it. It'll be so symbolic that we're all coming together. One master-"

Jack cut her off with an upset cough.

"Er, I mean, one, uh, man, and his three women! One wife, and two sex pets!"

"And daughters," Linda pointed out as she licked. That was very important to her.

"Yes," Nicole agreed. "The three of us united in serving our man, and his great cock! Coming together, and CUMMING together. Let's show our unity by pleasuring him with three tongues, six lips, and sixty fingers, all at once!"

The other two women liked that, and made some room.

Nicole lay down over Jack's chest, so her pussy was over his face. That enabled her, Linda, and Alison to be nearly equidistant from each other, with Jack's erection in the center.

Jack warned while Nicole got in position, "I'm already on the verge of cumming. If you do that, I'm gonna cum in a minute or two, for sure."

"So, cum!" Nicole replied. "Cum a lot! Make sure you cum over all of our faces too. That'll be another great bonding thing."

The three of them lapped at his cockhead. Each came from different angles, but even so, tongues brushed against each other from time to time.

It only took a minute or two before Jack cried out and began to shoot his load.

Linda took charge, and aimed his erection like a gun. She fired it at Nicole's face, and then Alison's. She kept swiveling it around like a gun turret and shot the last squirts at her own face.

A lot of heavy panting ensued.

Finally, Jack said, "Fuck. Intense. That was amazing!"

Alison sat up. "Okay, girls, now it's time."

The girls looked worried, thinking she meant the time had come for a serious talk.

But Alison explained, "It's time to figure out who he should fuck next. Maybe we can do rock paper scissors for it or something. But if you ask me, I don't want to be greedy, but I'd really like it to be me. And then Linda. Then Nicole, since he just fucked you. By then, he'll probably be tired, so we can all eat a meal or something, and then start all over again!"

The girls cheered. "Yeay! Yeay! Great plan!"

Jack whimpered as he remained lying on the bed, feeling half dead. He looked around at the three nude bombshells. "As if I could do all that. Lord, have mercy on me!"

Alison playfully slapped his thigh. "Oh, come on. You know you love it."

The huge grin on his face and the twinkle in his eyes showed that he did.


"What the hell is going on?" Alison stood at the door of Nicole's bedroom. She wore a sexy see-through nightie, but she looked very cross.

Jack was sitting up nude in Nicole's bed, looking at Alison like a kid caught with his hand in the cookie jar. His erection was half impaled in Nicole's ass. Linda was sitting right next to him, licking the few inches that weren't in Nicole already.

Nicole was the only one who didn't seem even a little bit guilty. She said, "Daddy's about to fuck my ass!"

Alison sighed and walked further into the room. "Again? Geez, honey, you've been fucking her ass nearly every day, for weeks now. Is it that much better than my ass, or Linda's?"

He replied, "No, it's just that... well, she seems to enjoy it a bit more. Besides, you were asleep already, and I got the urge for a little late night ass fucking. I didn't want to disturb you since you have to work tomorrow and all."

Alison rolled her eyes and folded her arms under her huge tits. "You didn't want to disturb me, and yet you chose to fuck her ass instead of her cunt or just settle for a nice long double blowjob. You know how she screams like a stuck pig every time. Why, she's hardly started and you already woke me with her usual uncontrollable wailing."

Nicole turned her head and said with genuine contriteness, "Sorry, Mom. It's my fault. He was gonna go for the usual titfuck and double blowjob combo with his sex pets," - she winked playfully - "but then Linda pointed out that we did a triple blowjob TWICE today already. And my ass was really itchy for Daddy cock. I promised up and down that I'd be really quiet this time."

Alison sighed heavily, and said to Jack, "And you believed her."


Alison couldn't help but smile a little, despite her pretense at being upset. She loved it every time Nicole or Linda called her 'Mom,' even after all these months. But still maintaining her pouty stance, she said, "You know what really bothers me? Whenever you fuck one of the girls' asses, there's no cock left for me to play with. Look at Linda."

Linda wasn't speaking because she was busy licking Jack's shaft while there still were a few inches left to lick.

The buxom mother pointed out, "She's gonna run out of yummy cock in a minute, and once you get going, there's no way for her to even lick your balls without having her head knocked off."

Linda stopped her licking and sat up on the bed. She held her arms open. "Come here, Mom, and I'll find something for you to do."

Alison peeled off her nightie as she grinned widely. "You just want me to lick your pussy again, you dirty little slut!"

Linda grinned back just as much. "Guilty as charged! But since you licked mine after dinner, it's my turn to do you. Or, we can do a sixty-nine."

Alison crawled on the bed, and carefully crawled past Jack and Nicole to get to Linda. "I vote for a sixty-nine. You know I just can't keep my face out of your sweet pussy, or out of Nicky's."

Needless to say, things had changed since the four of them wound up in bed together for the first time. Alison had been fully accepted by the girls, and the girls had been fully accepted by her. Alison being allowed to call Nicole 'Nicky' was only one small sign of this. Linda had been fully accepted into the family, and not only were words like 'Daddy,' 'Mom,' and 'Daughter' used, but everyone really meant them.

In short, all four people were deliriously happy with each other, and the joy never seemed to end. The only problem was still having to go to school or work, but they needed some downtime or they would have all fucked each other to death.

It turned out that Alison, Linda, and Nicole weren't as against lesbian fun with each other as they all had previously thought. Linda led the way, but even she didn't really mean for things to go as far as they did, until they did. The three of them were still overwhelmingly in favor of sex with Jack, and it was significant that the girls each slept in the own bedrooms instead of with each other (on nights one or both of them weren't in bed with Jack and Alison). But since there was only one of him and three of them, they didn't always get their first choice. And it often made sense for two of them to pair up while Jack fucked the third.

Jack had been slowly pushing in all the while, and he finally pushed in the last inch, leaving him fully impaled in Nicole's ass. He grunted and panted in satisfaction. It never was easy, since Nicole's ass was quite tight. It always took five minutes at a minimum and lots of lube just to get this far, but it was always worth it.

Alison had been right that Jack was on an assfucking kick lately, especially Nicole's ass. So Nicole had the routine down pat, and she knew it was best to wait a couple of minutes at this point so her ass could adjust to the large invasion.

As she waited she said, "Mom, I have a confession to make. Daddy didn't just happen to wake up to go to the bathroom or something like that. I was the one who woke up, and I couldn't get back to sleep. I started thinking about Daddy's big fat cock, just lying there, and all that yummy cum building up in his balls, cum that properly belonged on my face!"

Alison had her face buried in Linda's pussy, just as Linda had her face buried in Alison's. But Alison was still free to talk, and she said, "Now, Nicky, what have I told you about sharing?"

It turned out that all three women were submissive to various degrees, but Linda often times liked to play the dominant role with the other two sex pets (Alison had won the title of third sex pet a couple of months back, showing the girls' full acceptance of her as one of their own).

So it was no surprise that Linda decided it was time for Jack to start fucking, even though she couldn't see what was going on due to Alison's pussy in her face. She said, "Nicole, tell Daddy how deeply you love him. Show him by letting him plunder your ass yet again."

Nicole replied, "Sister, I don't LET him do anything. My body belongs to him. He TAKES it whenever it suits his whim!"

Linda giggled at Nicole's unusual assertiveness. "I stand corrected. But he still needs a sign to know when you're ready. Tell him you want him in your ass! Tell him you can't wait another minute for him to assert his ownership over you yet again!"

The E-cupped brunette didn't even hesitate (yes, her tits had grown a bra cup size in the last six months, as had Linda's, although Alison's were still just a little bit larger). "Please, Daddy, fuck my tiny asshole... put your big grown-up dick inside my little girl's butt!"

Jack tried pulling back so he could push forward again, but it was very slow going. Her ass was just too deliciously tight. As he had for months now, he wondered how he even managed to get this far inside her ass, and doubted it would be possible for him to get a good rhythm going. His thick dick just didn't fit. It was like trying to fit a four-inch wide screw in a two-inch wide hole. But his daughter kept talking, making him too horny to think.

"Come on, Daddy! This is when you always chicken out on me and get gentle when you need to get all medieval on my ass instead. Take what belongs to you! Assfuck your little princess! Shove your big adult cock in and out, over and over!"

Alison growled, "I love it! And to think you girls would have had me sleep through this. Grrr!" Feeling inspired, she redoubled her pussy licking efforts.

He had managed to pull all the way back, and now he tried hard to push forward with all of his might. Even so, it was still slow going.

Nicole felt pain sweeping throughout her body, but also great pleasure as her resistance slowly broke down. She sobbed and whimpered, leaking a few tears down her face, but she resisted the urge to make him leave her body. Instead she spoke weakly, "D-deeper, Daddy! Don't stop now!" She knew from experience that it would get better and better the longer he plowed in and out of her.

Linda spoke again, goading Nicole some more. "Move your ass, sex pet! Don't make him do all the work. Fuck back! Churn your hips! Are you or are you not a perfect daughter?"

"I am!" Nicole said proudly. She felt that was a title that she truly deserved, and one that she was won over and over on a daily basis. In fact, ever since Alison joined them, there hadn't been a single day that had gone by where she and Linda didn't get at least part of one of Jack's cum loads deposited on their faces and tits. They were fully dedicated to serving their father's penis, and it was rare for even a few hours to go by where the girls were with Jack without them both licking his boner.

At first, Jack had a hard time keeping up with three lusty women. But his body had adjusted to meet the demand, and now he had more sex each day than he ever would have thought possible, especially considering his age. It helped that he'd continued to lose weight until he reached his target, and now he exercised regularly (on top of all the exercise he got through lots of vigorous sex!). Even the balding medication had worked, and he had a full head of hair again.

Linda growled demandingly, "Prove it! You have to prove you're a perfect daughter every single day, just like I do! Move your butt back and forth on his big adult dick!"

Nicole did as she was told (and she loved being ordered around). She couldn't go fast at first due to her tight resistance, but the minutes passed and her asshole continued to relax and open up, moving very timidly at first.

A few minutes later, she could feel his balls repeatedly slapping against her as he fucked her ass hard. The feelings were indescribable; a terrible pain from his fierce thrusting was overshadowed by an incredible pleasure; the pleasure of total submission to her father.

Linda sat up, taking a brief break from her lesbian sixty nine to "supervise" the assfucking. "You are a dirty little assfucking daughter-slut! Do you like it, Nicky?"

"YES! I love it! I love it when Daddy takes me in every hole! Even my ass!"

"You are your father's teen whore! His sex pet! Are you satisfied with that?"

"Yes! I love it! Mom is his wife, and I'm one of his sex pets! It's how it should be!"

"And you, Daddy? Are you satisfied with your daughter? Is she behaving like a good teen fuck toy? Your schoolgirl daughter big-titted sex pet?"

"YES! So good! I love it!"

Linda was getting hot and bothered by her own words, not to mention watching the anal pounding from close up. "I know you do, you pervert! Fuck her ass, Daddy! Fuck her perfect ass harder!"

He was thrusting in and out of his daughter with frantic abandon, and Nicole pushed back against each thrust in an almost reflex action. It was a race to see who would climax first.

Alison had forgotten about the pussy licking for now, because she was transfixed by the push and pull between Jack and Nicole. She put a hand on Nicole's ass. "Do it, girl! Do it for Mom! Show Mom that you're a good sex pet for Daddy! Show us all that you live to be fucked by your natural Master!"

The 'M' word was still mostly taboo in the Devoux household because of Jack's continued concerns, but in lusty moments like this it sometimes slipped out. Even Alison used it, since it made sense that pets had a master.

The use of that word pushed Nicole over the edge, and her ass started spasmodically clenching around Jack's boner as she came hard.

Jack was terribly aroused by the word too (although he would never admit it), plus the extra stimulation of Nicole's orgasmic cries and movements. His dick trembled and squirted deep inside his own daughter.

Nicole felt the wonderful heat of his cum splattering the inner walls of her ass. She had arguments with Alison and Linda on this topic all the time, but she felt that a cum load in one's ass felt even better than one in one's pussy.

She had a simply mind-bending orgasm. She nearly collapsed and passed out from sheer pleasure.

Alison and Linda helped her lie down on the bed. They showered her with loving kisses, showing that they fully approved of her job well done.

Jack also wound up lying on the bed, right next to Nicole. All the beds in the house had been "supersized" in recent months, but even so, it was quite cozy with four bodies lying together. Soon, Alison and Linda were kissing and caressing him just as much as they were Nicole.

As they rested, Jack asked Alison, "So, my love, it's been just over six months now. Looking back, do you have any regrets over how we handled the girls falling in love with me situation?"

"Are you kidding me?" She was incredulous, because the answer was so obvious.

"I'm serious! I mean, obviously, we all love it more than words can say. But there are downsides, right? Minuses and pluses?"

She thought hard. "Well, there is the worry about getting caught. And there are times when your dick is down for the count and I have to wait for my turn. But those are so minor that they're hardly worth mentioning. I mean, it's been months and nobody has a fucking clue. It's ALL upside, and that's no lie! I love the sex. It's far beyond any best case scenario I ever envisioned, in both quality and quantity. You know how I get horny and cum at the drop of a hat these days, instead of taking half an hour or more. But more than that, I love how it's brought all of us together."

She grew more serious, and looked at Nicole and Linda. "I've wanted to be your real mom so very badly. I feel like you've fully accepted me. You're not just my daughters or my sex partners, or even my fellow sex pets - you're my best friends."

Nicole was still weary from her latest big orgasm, but she sat up and smiled widely. "Mom, you ARE our mom, AND our best friend! We love you so much!"

Linda nodded, but then she suddenly leapt at Alison. "TICKLE ATTACK!"

Nicole joined in, and screamed "TICKLE ATTACK!" too.

Jack just lay there, grateful for a chance to rest. He let the tickle attack go on above him and all around him. (They could see he was tired, and tried to leave him alone.) He muttered, "Looks like none of us are gonna get much sleep tonight."

He had almost fallen asleep by the time the tickle attack ended. (It had morphed into an all out lesbian kiss and fondle frenzy on the bed next to him, until their energies flagged.)

But then he was repeatedly tapped on the chest until he cracked open his eyes a little bit. He looked up to see Alison smiling down at him. Her huge tits were dangling down, practically touching his chin.

She said, "Okay girls. That was a nice assfuck, Nicky. But now the question is: who gets to fuck him next?"

"Oh! Me! Me, me, me!" Both girls raised their hands and scooted closer as they eagerly shouted. Alison joined right in, even raising her hand just like them.

Jack looked at the three of them, their big breasts all swaying as they repeatedly thrust their hands in the air, and he shook his head as he smiled.

"Oh man! It IS gonna be a long night."


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