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It was three o'clock in the afternoon. Kyle knew just the time to be at his father's office.

Jim had his cock buried deep in the tight young pussy of his sexy secretary Dora when his son barged into the room.

The partially naked blonde slut pulled up her panties and ran from the office into another private room, embarrassed as hell.

Jim just stood there in complete shock as his own son glared across the room at him. Then he remembered to hastily tuck his penis away and zip up his pants.

"Havin' fun, Dad?" Kyle asked. He'd already secretly taken some photos of the adulterous sex session, then put the camera away in a safe place so Jim wouldn't get the idea to try to steal it before he could make copies.

"Kyle, I... I was just..." Jim couldn't think of any excuses. He'd been caught red-handed.

It was the first time Kyle had seen his father's penis as it slowly went flaccid, before it had been tucked away. He silently chuckled at how small it was. He was anxious to see how his mother would react to having a cock over four inches longer than her husband's plowing her depths. Not only was his dick longer than his father's, it was a great deal thicker, with fat bulging veins and a huge purple knob.

"Relax, Dad. I've known for a long time now." Kyle lied by adding, "It's cool. I don't really mind that much. Sometimes, temptation gets to be more than one can resist, doesn't it?"

At least Kyle honestly understood the sentiment behind that last comment. His own temptation to fuck his mother had grown so great that he was driven to blackmail his own father. He didn't even feel that guilty about it, because it was as if he had no choice in the matter. His libido was in total control.

Jim felt miserable. The guilt was hitting him like a sledgehammer. "What about your mother?! Oh God, please tell me you haven't said anything about this to her!"

"Don't worry, Dad. Mom doesn't ever have to know about this, but in order for things to stay that way, you're gonna have to do a little something for me," Kyle said with a grin.

"Okay... what do you want?" Jim asked. He'd taken his tie and jacket off for the fucking, and started to put them back on.

"Your permission," Kyle said with a smile.

The horny son went on to explain the whole idea of how he could help Julie get pregnant.

Needless to say, that didn't go over very well. There was lots of yelling and cursing. But Kyle held all the cards, even without having to bring up the photos he'd secretly taken as insurance.

In the end, Jim felt he had no choice. Besides, he decided that he'd tried for seven years to impregnate his wife and it just wasn't happening. This was their last realistic chance, other than maybe adoption. So he figured that at least some good could come of this disaster.

Later that night, Kyle lay on his bed waiting. Jim had been home for a few hours and he and Julie were downstairs talking. Finally, at about 11 o'clock, Kyle heard a gentle tap at his door.

Julie poked her head in. "You still awake, Sugar?" she shyly asked.

"Yeah, I'm up." Kyle answered. He thought with a snicker, Of course I'm up, and in more ways than one! What teenage boy could sleep when he's finalizing the deal of a lifetime?! A chance to fuck a baby into my own beautiful mother!

Julie came in and closed the door. She was wearing the same silky blue robe and dainty high-heeled slippers she'd had on with him earlier.

He sat up in bed. He was wearing nothing but his boxers. The tenting at his crotch was obvious, and almost comical.

As she strode towards him, Kyle watched her enormous boobs sway beneath her robe in a way that proved she wasn't wearing a bra underneath. WHOA! Soon, I'm going to be able to freely feel her up! Not only that, but I'll be up to my ears in naked matronly tit-flesh as I pump my baby-makers into my mother's womb! WOW!

Julie nearly stumbled as she glanced at the sheer size of his erection in his boxers. That size took on a whole new meaning for her now. She sat at the edge of his bed with an odd expression.

There was a long silence. She nervously stared anywhere but at his crotch or his muscular bare chest. "Well... I don't know how you managed to do it, buster," she said with genuine amazement. "I just had quite possibly the strangest conversation with your father in my life!"

"Dad said 'Yes?!'" Kyle tried to act surprised. Also, even though he knew it was a foregone conclusion, his excitement soared anyway, from it coming closer to reality. He had to try to suppress his euphoria too.

Julie looked at him with wide, amazed eyes. "I can hardly believe it, but yeah, he did! Your father seemed to think you made a pretty convincing case," She was already panting hard from thinking about the incestuous fucking to come, which was causing her massive knockers to heave up and down inside her robe.

"Really?!" Kyle asked, still playing dumb. He was secretly pleased to note her stiff nipples pressing through her silk robe, as well as all her sexy and unsupported tit heaving.

He thought, She's totally into it! She wants me to fuck her!

Julie added, "Apparently, he's willing to allow anything if it'll get me pregnant. Even... that." She couldn't resist glancing at his bulge again. Holy mother of God! That thing is going to fit inside me?! For real?! Lord have mercy on me!

He muttered, "Wow! Cool!" He was off in la-la land.

Her stomach was doing backflips, and she felt downright dizzy. Her arousal was soaring, and her pussy was wet. But she did her best to try to appear outwardly calm. She gave him a warm motherly smile and looked into his eyes. "Really! Which means, Mr. Smooth-Talker, if you're still willing, and able, I think we should start our plans on making a baby together."

She thought, I can't believe I just said that! I can't believe any of this is really happening! But it is! I'm gonna get split-roasted and skewered for days on end! Gaawwwd, he's such a handsome stud! He goes through sexy girlfriends like he's Casanova, and I'm going to be his next conquest!

"Plans? You mean we can't start tonight?!" Kyle asked with severe disappointment.

She giggled, and stroked her son's dark brown hair. "You silly boy. You don't know too much about making babies, do you? It's a lot more complicated than just crawling between Mom's legs and doing your thing. It can only be done at a certain time, using certain techniques to ensure my pregnancy."

As her huge, bra-less tits kept heaving up and down from her heavy breathing, she went on to describe the ovulation process and how only during that certain window of time can a baby be created. It was a window which she was due for in a few days.

He knew all that already, but he'd been irrationally hoping they'd start fucking just as soon as Jim gave permission. He was secretly crushed, but tried hard not to show it. However, he wasn't so sad that his erection was in danger of going flaccid. The mere idea that he'd get to fuck his bombshell mother someday soon was keeping him almost permanently aroused, ever since the conversation he'd had with her about it earlier in the day.

She took her son's hand in hers and their eyes met. "Sugar, I realize this is a brand new experience for you. I think it's important for us to keep in mind throughout this whole process, who we are and why we're doing this. It's all about procreation, and giving you a new brother or sister. I think our sessions should be very cut and dry, without any... how shall I say this... unnecessary pleasure. Strictly clinical and dispassionate. Do you know what I mean?"

Kyle nodded, as if in agreement. He figured, She says that now! But once I have my nine-inch cock burrowing deep within her womb, all that "unnecessary pleasure" shit will fly out the window! I've fucked a lot of girls, the sexiest girls in school. They all go crazy for my pecker, and beg for more!

But he tried to look and sound innocent. "Okay, I get it. We can't fuck tonight."

She interrupted, "Can you not use such vulgar language, please? What if you say 'copulate' instead?"

"Okay, fine. 'Copulate.' Or what about 'breed?'"

"Um, I suppose that works too."

He resumed, "I get that I can't breed you tonight. But the fact is, I'm going to breed you soon."

She felt a secret thrill each time he used the word "breed," but she tried hard not to show it. Her heavy tits were still heaving up and down, and all that heaving had caused her robe to open in front, nearly to the edges of her nipples, and down to her belly button.

Her breasts were so large for her chest that they tended to touch each other even when completely unsupported. He stared with an intense lust at her deep cleavage. Soon, I'll have my hands right there! Hell, I'll have my dick right there, and get to titfuck her! Oh, man! I could pass out right now!

He tried to dial back his blatant desire, and managed to look back up into her eyes, despite all the sexy heaving. "You know this is a dream come true for me. To kind of celebrate what we're going to do, can we at least do something tonight, to sort of tide me over? Maybe a blowjob?"

She glared at him in extreme irritation. "Kyle! Just what do you think I am?! Some kind of wanton slut?! That will NOT be happening, now or ever! Have you not been listening to a word I've been saying?! Our goal here is procreation, not sexual pleasure! A blowjob doesn't get me pregnant, so that's right out!"

That seemed hypocritical given that she was sitting there nearly topless while obviously panting heavily with desire, but he let it slide.

He held his hands out in placating gesture. "Okay, okay! Sorry! But look at this from my point of view. I mean, is it really so evil of me to want to experience SOME sexual pleasure?! As the saying goes, I'm 'young, dumb, and full of cum.'"

She couldn't resist gazing at the outrageous bulge in his boxers. "You are that!" She giggled nervously.

She continued to examine his boxers. They were white and thin, allowing her to vaguely see the shape of a "snake" resting on one of his legs. Whoa! Have mercy! If he cums as much as his penis is large, 'full of cum' will be an understatement! I'm gonna drown in his sticky love!

He went on, "As you know, I've desired you for a long, long time. I know you're going to say that's wrong…"

"That IS wrong," she stated firmly.

He rolled his eyes. "Even so, this lust of mine is a necessary ingredient for the baby making to happen. We can't deny it's not there. You say I might have to wait for days. Days! Can't you at least throw me SOME kind of bone tonight, to get my hopes up?!"

She glanced at his crotch again, and said wryly, "I can see that your 'hopes' are way up already." She added in embarrassment, "Speaking of which, can you please, uh, tuck yourself in there?!"

He looked to his crotch and saw that several inches of his boner were sticking through the slit on the front of his boxers! He hadn't actually planned that "accident," but he was happy that it had happened. Still, he didn't want to push too hard, so he muttered, "Oh, sorry," and readjusted his boner so it was entirely covered again.

Julie's heart pounded like a hammer. She thought, Good Lord! Did I really just see that?! Even now, I can't believe my eyes. It's like he has a fleshy cucumber stuffed in there! I swear, the several inch section of it I just saw is bigger than all of Jim's penis, and that's just one part of my son's total endowment!

The thickness of that thing is INSANE! No wonder all the girls in school can't wait for their turn to ride him. I wonder how many cherries he's popped with that, that... deadly weapon! AND I'M NEXT!

Sweet Jesus! Julie, what are you getting yourself into?! Is that really going to fit inside me?! I tell myself that I'm doing this just for the baby, but… UNGH! I can't deny… I want it! I want him! Just once or twice, to see what it's really like! To have sex with my SON!

"Penny for your thoughts?"

Julie was startled out of her reverie. She realized with embarrassment that she'd been gawking at his erection without restraint. Even though it was tucked back in his boxers, she could still see its shape quite clearly, because it was tenting straight out, threatening to rip his boxers in two. There was a gap of several inches between the waistband of his boxers closest to his hard-on and his body, since his boxers were stretched out so much.

That allowed her to directly see his patch of pubic hair and the top inch or two of his remarkably thick pole again, since the fabric was being stretched forward so much.

She decided, I'd better not say anything about what he's showing this time. Why embarrass him again? After all, I'm going to see it all, very soon. And feel it all too! Oh, dear God!

She lamely muttered, "Um, nothing."

He knew that was a lie, and was secretly pleased that she was checking out his package. He could tell her heart had to be racing even faster, because her tit-heaving was increasing even more. Much of her areolae had come into view as a result. He could smell her wet pussy too.

He bit his lip. Dammit! I'm seriously tempted to simply up and fuck her right now! I figure she'd give in soon enough. But I couldn't. It's vital to my long term plan that she gets fucked willingly, and with Dad's full permission. I have to keep my eyes on the greater prize!

He resumed, "Anyway, like I was saying, can't you give me some sort of sexual treat tonight, just to hold me over?"

She was feeling exceptionally horny, and getting more so all the time. She'd repeatedly told herself that she was going to be "dispassionate" with him from now on, but she was the one who'd chosen to come into his room alone in just her silky robe, high heeled slippers, and nothing else.

For a moment, she was seriously tempted to at least give him a handjob. But then she thought, No, wait. Am I mad?! That's a slippery slope. I can never go down that path. How would that help get me pregnant? The very fact that I have lustful feelings for him that I can't deny means I'm going to have to redouble my effort to keep things clinical and unemotional. It sucks, but that's how it has to be!

She told him with a sad, sympathetic smile, "I'm sorry, but you know I can't do that either."

He asked with boundless hope, "Well, what about just standing naked for me then?! I don't even have to touch you. That would be a dream come true for me all by itself, and it'll keep me going for days! I promise!"

She was genuinely disappointed to say, "Sorry. Even that would be too much. You realize that when we, uh, do it…"

"When we breed," he helpfully clarified.

"Yes, when we do that, I'm going to have to remain clothed. Well, as clothed as possible. Otherwise, things could spiral out of control. YOU may get some sexual pleasure out of it. That can't be helped, or you won't ejaculate. But it's not necessary that I feel pleasure, and I don't want to upset my husband. So that's how it has to be. I'm sorry."

Surprisingly, Kyle just nodded, and stayed silent. He vehemently disagreed with the entire "dispassionate copulation" plan. But he figured now wasn't the time to have that argument with her. He didn't mind "losing" this discussion tonight, just so long as he got to fuck her like two wild and animalistic lovers before all was said and done.

He also figured that it wouldn't help him to point out that she was practically topless already. And with the way she was constantly panting and heaving with arousal, it was possibly a more titillating sight that actual toplessness.

He thought, I know what I'm going to be masturbating about when I go to sleep tonight! Not to mention just as soon as she leaves the room too!

Julie actually felt a little disappointed that he didn't try harder to talk her out of her robe. But she left his room a few minutes later without further incident. She was highly confused, because her lust for him was soaring and yet she was forced to deny those feelings as much as humanly possible.

Like him, she was masturbating and then cumming only a few minutes after she left his room. Luckily, Jim was still downstairs and didn't realize how eager she was for this "copulation" plan to get started.