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Several days passed.

Kyle waited eagerly for the word from his mother. He longed to masturbate pretty much 24 hours a day, but he greatly restrained himself so he'd be at his full sexual powers when the time finally came. And though he didn't have a serious girlfriend at the time, he also could have easily called up one of his many "friends with benefits" for a "booty call," but he didn't do that either, for the exact same reason.

He and Jim avoided each other as much as possible. Clearly, every time Jim saw his son, he got a pained look on his face, no doubt from thinking about what he'd been forced into agreeing to. Kyle generally avoided Jim in return because he figured the less they were in the same room, the less something could be said or done to ruin his fantasy plans.

Julie noticed the tension, and guessed well enough what was going on. But she decided to stay out of it. She really wanted another new baby, not to mention the chance to fulfill some fantasies of her own. Like everyone else in the family, she tried to act nonchalant.

Finally, on a Thursday morning, Kyle was sitting at the breakfast table alone when Julie sat down next to him. She wore a big smile. She wore a red silk robe this time, but it was just as sexy and revealing as her blue one. And once again, she wasn't wearing anything underneath.

Her appearance didn't necessarily mean anything special in and of itself, however. Ever since their conversation confirming the impregnation plan, she'd been very flirty with him, and wore robes with no underwear more often than not. At least, she did that when Jim wasn't home. She had even "accidentally" flashed him a few times.

The bottom line was both of them were practically dying of anticipation, even though she kept telling herself the fucking was going to be "clinical" and "dispassionate."

"So... feel like making a baby today, mister?" She asked this casually, but her heart was already thumping like a big bass drum in her ample chest.

Kyle's eyes lit up and his heart started to wildly race too. "Seriously?!" His penis was fully erect in seconds.

"Seriously. I started my cycle. I hope you're not going anywhere for a while. I really need to know that I can count on you these next three days," she said earnestly.

"Of course you can, Mom! I won't go anywhere, that's for sure!" He was giddy, almost delirious. It was all he could do to stay relatively calm. "So we can start this morning?!"

Julie gave her son a warm smile. She paused dramatically, and then told him, "As soon as your father leaves for work."

Kyle's already stiff dick became as hard as steel. YESSSS! My great dream is finally about to come true! This is the day! Pinch me, I must be dreaming!

She got up and began doing errands near him, such as taking dirty dishes away to the kitchen and then coming back for other things. But in fact, she really was more interested in getting him further aroused by showing off her fabulous body for him. She kept to a strict exercise regimen, so there wasn't an ounce of fat on her... except on her breasts, which were soft and delightfully squeezable. She had plenty reason to be proud of her figure.

She told herself that she was going to stick to wearing clothes while they fucked, but she'd decided it was harmless if she built his anticipation some by letting her red robe slip open in front enough to show off a lot of cleavage. She figured he'd seen a lot of that part of her body in recent days anyway, since it seemed she couldn't stop flirting with him, whenever Jim wasn't around.

The verbal flirting between them had gotten pretty hot and heavy at times too. She kept acting coy and emphasizing the need to be "dispassionate," but it was hard to stick to that in flirty practice when she knew he was actually going to be fucking her soon!

It had helped that they could talk about practical matters relating to the upcoming "breeding session" (and "breeding" had suddenly become a very common word between them), such as which rooms they would use or what clothes they might wear. While such talk could remain seemingly "clinical" on the surface, both of them got hot as ovens thinking about all the actual fucking that was going to take place.

Kyle's tongue just about hung to the floor from seeing her huge tits bouncing around inside her robe, clearly unsupported by any bra. Although he'd seen her like that a lot in the past few days, it took on new meaning now that the green light had been given. As she continued to come and go from the room, there were times when he could almost see to her nipples.

He thought, Fuck this whole "dispassionate copulation" idea! I'm not going to be too pushy at first, or I'll blow this whole thing. I'll start out fucking her any way she wants, even if we're both wearing straightjackets. Jesus Christ, it'll be awesome enough just to fuck her, period! But I swear it won't be long before I'll have her screaming my name like a bitch in heat! And I'm gonna get my hands on her huge ta-ta's soon enough! I'm gonna get my mouth on her nipples too! Hell, I'm going do absolutely anything and everything with her, while I have the chance! I swear it!

Kyle was in his bedroom waiting with bated breath when he heard his father's car leave the driveway. The anticipation was so great that he was a total wreck.

A few minutes later, his mother stopped at his doorway on her way to her room. She was still wearing the revealing red robe. She tried not to show it, but she was dying of anticipation too. She'd had many, many dreams and fantasies of getting fucked by her son in the past couple of years, though she would never admit that to anyone.

"Ready, Sugar?" she asked casually, as if she was about to take him to soccer practice or something mundane like that. She appeared calm on the outside, but she was scared shitless on the inside.

Kyle's stomach sunk to his feet. This was the moment of truth and he was nervous as hell. His erection towered inside his boxers, since his arousal was off the charts. However, his body was frozen in the sitting position on his bed. He was a confident veteran "cocksman" with the gorgeous, busty girls at school, but when it came to his mother in that pivotal moment, he felt as nervous as a total virgin.

Julie just about swooned to see the size of his bulge again. But she tried her best to ignore that. She walked over and took his hand. "You're nervous. It's only natural. I am too. This is a big step, a big change in our lives. But please relax. You're gonna do fine, I'm sure. Remember that when this is all over, you'll have a baby brother or sister in nine months! Let's keep the focus on that. Isn't that exciting?" She forced a smile to cover her own nervousness.

"Yeah," Kyle said with genuine enthusiasm. The idea of knocking her up and seeing the resulting baby thrilled him greatly.

But as exciting as that was, both Kyle and Julie knew that he was even more excited that he would soon be sliding his young, thick pecker into her hot box.

"Come on," she said softly. With his hand in her, she guided him to her bedroom and closed the door.

The tension was so thick that one could have cut it with a knife.

After an awkward pause, she said, "I'm gonna go into the bathroom and get ready. I want you to go ahead and get undressed and get into bed, okay?"

Kyle nodded. He watched her go into the bathroom. Just seeing her ass cheeks undulate up and down as she walked away made him pant harder. Oh, God! Soon I'm gonna touch that ass! Clench it, even, as I'm thrusting in and out of her! This CAN'T be happening for real, but it IS! Ironically, Dad cheating is gonna be the best thing that ever happened to me!

He quickly undressed and crawled under the sheet on his parents' marital bed.

He loved how wicked it felt to be there taking his father's place. He had a "long game" in mind that involved him taking that spot in her bed permanently. But a lot of cards would have to fall his way before that could happen.

A few moments later, Julie came out of the bathroom. She wore a big white T-shirt that fell just below her waist. She had her brown hair pulled back into a ponytail. The whiteness of the shirt highlighted the fact that she was so richly tanned elsewhere, including everywhere underneath it.

Kyle could tell from the way her huge boobs were bouncing about as she walked that she was braless. Her erect nipples made their own little lewd tents in the shirt, and it was thin enough for him to see the darker areas of her areolae. He figured she was probably panty-less too.

He was so sexually aroused that he felt like he could cry like a baby, just from the anticipation! He told himself to buck up and keep his act together. It was vital that he impress her from the very start.

She set a tube of something on her nightstand.

Feeling naughty, she stood fairly away from the nightstand as she did that, "forcing" herself to bend way over. That caused her shirt to ride all the way up in back, briefly exposing her entire ass.

Kyle gasped at her bubble butt. He couldn't see how it could be any more flawless and sexy.

She slyly grinned. Already, she was having a great time.

He asked about the tube with genuine curiosity, "What's that?"

"It's lubrication, in case we need it," she said.

He was silent, but he thought, I swear to God, I'm gonna fuck her so good that she's NEVER going to need that!

Then it hit him, Hot damn! This is it! The years of waiting and wanting are over! I'm finally about to fuck Mom! Really honest-to-God fuck her! Holy fucking fuck! Best day of my life! Thank you, Dad, for cheating! Thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou!

Julie slid her cute little bare feet from their slippers and crawled under the sheet next to her son. She lay on her side and looked at him in a serious manner. "Are you sure you still want to do this for me?"

Kyle smiled. "Seriously?! You have to ask that?!"

She smiled widely. "Yes, I do."

"Hell, yeah! I'd do anything for you, Mom!"

She smiled teasingly. "I don't know about that. But I do think you'd do absolutely anything to be the one to get me pregnant!"

They both laughed. He couldn't deny that.

"Are you ready?" Julie asked warmly.

Kyle nodded. He gulped. He was so worked up that he worried he'd cum before they could get seriously started.

Julie lay on her back and put her hand on his shoulder. "Come over on top of me."

Their laughing had eased the tension some, but both of them were beyond excited, as if they'd just finished running a race. They were panting hard, and they hadn't even gotten going yet.

Kyle moved over. Just getting on top of her was a dream come true.

Julie spread her legs slightly as her son took position between them. She pulled her T-shirt up above her waist to her belly button. She felt Kyle's bare cock press against her pubic mound.

That frightened her slightly, and reminded her to say, "Remember, we're doing this to make a baby. No passion. Strictly a biological function."

He didn't even bother to nod to that. He was so focused on what was about to happen that he barely heard her words.

She sensed he was tentatively holding his body up above hers, like he was doing a push-up.

"It's okay, rest your full weight on me," she said, pulling her son down so that their chests met.

He sighed blissfully as he felt the huge mounds of spongy tit-flesh flatten out against his chest. He thought, Aaaah! Paradise already!

She placed her hands on her son's shoulders. With bended knees, she spread her long legs apart.

He laid his head on her right shoulder and started to nudge his stiff dick against his mother's sex, searching for that magic entrance.

"Lower!" she whispered into her son's ear. She didn't mean to, but her word came out with urgency and passion, because she was excited too. She warned herself, Clinical! Be more clinical. I'm a married woman, after all. But that didn't help calm her whatsoever.

Kyle felt the head of his cock enter the smooth creamy groove of Julie's matronly slit. His purple plumb split his mother's slit and popped into her steamy sheath.

She let out an audible sigh as her sex stretched tightly around the helmet of its new guest. OH GOD! We're actually starting to do it! This is literally unbelievable!

Already, this was a brand new experience for her. She'd had some other lovers before Jim, but none of them had been anywhere near her son's remarkable size, especially his girth.

Kyle pushed forward. His thick fuck-meat sunk inch by veiny inch into Julie's depths. He could feel his mother tense up. It was at that moment he knew that she had never experienced a penis anywhere near this large.

She was trying to stay silent and calm, but she felt so anxious and horny that she was on the verge of hyperventilating. Already, she was feeling a lot of pain as her vagina valiantly tried to stretch to accommodate the unfamiliar invader. She knew she was about to be worked hard in places she never knew existed.

She muttered through clenched teeth, "Remember... no... passion! Take it... take it... easy!"

Kyle began to take short, slow strokes, fucking his thick monster deeper and deeper into her with each thrust. He would have been deliriously overjoyed, but that was tempered by the fact that he already had to concentrate intensely simply not to cum already. The mere feeling of being partially impaled in his mother's cunt was more than enough to send him over the edge at any moment!

Julie drew in a sharp breath as her son's baby-making battering ram entered the unexplored depths of her most secret place. Her pussy walls molded around the spongy meat of her boy's cock, triggering sensitive nerve endings only touched once before, ironically during that same boy's birth. She felt the tip of his absurdly thick prick nudge against the opening to her cervix, bottoming out with another inch left to go.

Kyle's natural instincts took over. He started to fuck his big fat cock up and down his mother's love canal. He continued riding on the very edge of having to cum at any moment, but he was constantly squeezing his PC muscle for all he was worth to delay that time a little longer.

His face scrunched up as he thought, I can't let myself think about the fact that I'm actually fucking my mother, the woman of my dreams! That could tip me over the orgasmic edge at any moment. But how can I NOT think about that?! It's happening right now, and I can feel it with such glorious pleasure, but I still can't believe it!

Even though he avoided such thinking as much as possible, the general feeling that he was an actual motherfucker now was keeping him as high as a kite.

Julie held her baby boy against her, hanging on for the ride. She brought her sleek, muscular legs up and wrapped them around him. She was just as incredulous as he was, if not even more so, but she also was already even more overwhelmed by pleasure.

Mother and son began to moan as they continued and intensified their mating dance. Julie in particular didn't want to let on how worked up she was, but she couldn't help herself.

After only two minutes of steady humping and thrusting, Julie was struck with the most intense orgasm she'd had in a long, long time. Maybe it was even the best of her life so far. She was completely at its mercy. "OHHHHH... GOD!"

She'd previously told herself that she wasn't going to scream at all, because that wasn't "clinical" and "dispassionate." But that plan went out the window almost immediately. Her pleasure was so great that she felt like she was truly losing her mind! It was orders of magnitude greater than any pleasure she'd ever felt while getting fucked by her husband, or even any other previous lover.

Kyle kept fucking her hard and deep through her big climax. He watched as his mother gritted her teeth, her face red and contorted. He'd never felt so triumphant in his life! And yet he somehow hung on a little longer without cumming. At the very least, he wanted to make sure she finished enjoying a really big orgasm first.

Julie let out a series of grunting screams, like a woman during childbirth, as waves of orgasmic contractions ripped through her body, over and over and over again. She was incredulous at both the intensity and duration of her orgasm. Even as it kept going, she thought, When the hell is this ever going to stop?! Holy mother of God! Too intense!

She didn't realize it, but she and Jim were badly matched when it came to fucking. His penis had a decent, average length, but it was thin, whereas her pussy was unusually loose. Yet Kyle's cock was so exceptionally thick that her looseness was an ideal tightness for him. She'd had other lovers before Jim, but none of them with penises remotely as thick as her son's. As a result, the friction and feeling of fullness already felt better than she'd ever thought physically possible.

Kyle's thick young dick pistoned in and out of her 38-year-old cunt, his big floppy balls slapping against the already sweaty crack of her ass again and again and again. For ten remarkable dick-grinding minutes, he continued to hump his dream-pussy. It was everything he imagined it would be... and better!

It was a wonder even to him that he hadn't climaxed inside her yet. He wasn't a virgin by any means, and he'd developed unusual stamina and skill due to fucking lots of very sexy girls his own age. But it seemed all those fucks were just inadequate practice leading up to this momentous event. He made a superhuman effort to delay his orgasm in order to impress her, and also to prolong the greatest pleasure he'd ever experience in his life!

But then he suddenly felt his mother tense up again.

"OHHHHH MYYYY GOOODDDDD!" Julie wailed, in a crying tone. Once again, she simply couldn't believe how fantastic it felt as another climax started to rip through her entire body.

Somehow, right in the middle of cumming, she managed to think with amusement, Lord, have mercy on me! Getting fucked by my son is a five-course gourmet meal, and getting fucked by Jim is a stale and dry rice cracker!

Once again, Kyle picked up his pace as that second orgasm continued to course through his gorgeous mother. Sweat flew off his brow as he gave it his all. However, he sensed that he'd passed the point of no return, no matter what he did. It was just a matter of seconds before he finally shot out his load.

Julie nearly cried from tears of joy and intensity, because the climax hit her so hard. Her body shook and quivered from head to toe. She let out a long, passionate wordless wail, so loud that she worried the neighbors might hear it. And they lived on a large property, with the nearest neighbor quite a ways away.

Finally, he could hold out no more. Even as her own orgasm intensified still more, he felt his nuts tighten. A torrent of semen erupted from his cock. It was pure heaven!

Using her heels Julie drew him in, his cock knocked against the back of her tight fuck-sheath.

"Go deep! DEEP!" she commanded, delirious in her sexual rapture. "SON! Fuck me deeper!"

Julie felt the ropes of hot jism jetting against the mouth of her cervix. Billions of potent sperm would soon start their journey in search of her eggs.