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As Kyle lay there, basking in the afterglow, he thought, I seriously can't believe it. That was the greatest experience of my life, by several orders of magnitude! It makes sex with anyone else seem like a waste of time. This was a PROFOUND and MOVING experience! SO INTENSE! It's like our bodies were specifically made to fuck each other!

But I can't forget that this is just the first of many such fucks we're going to enjoy in the coming days! It can only get better and better! I'm a true motherfucker now. She doesn't know it yet, but I'm never going to give this up!

Not only that, but as they rested, as if half-dead, he realized that at the height of his orgasm, he'd clutched at her huge tits. In the ensuing writhing and excitement, her T-shirt had rode up all the way to her armpits. That left his hands on her magnificent bare boobs! He even was able to rest his head against her "tit pillows" while he recovered.

It was heaven all over again for him, but of a different and more mellow kind.

Julie had been totally out of it, due to the extremity of her excitement and arousal. As she slowly came back to reality, she sensed with alarm that her massive knockers were fully exposed, and her son had his hands and his head resting on them. Worse, his hands were gently caressing and exploring her soft and silky smooth tit-flesh there.

She felt a shiver of arousal from his wandering fingers, not to mention the naughty thrill of knowing her son was finally realizing his dream of playing with her enormous tits.

But she also felt a sharp pang of guilt as she recalled that she was married and they were supposed to be doing this just to make a baby. She reminded herself, "Clinical." "Dispassionate." I have to keep my T-shirt on with him. Breast play isn't going to get me pregnant.

She wanted to be polite, so she reluctantly told him, "Um, Sugar? Can you do me a favor and tug my T-shirt back into place?"

He was secretly crushed to hear that, but he reminded himself, I'm playing a long game. Sometimes that means two steps forward, one step back.

So he just said, "Um, sure." He pulled her T-shirt down to about the middle of her tummy. But then he continued to rest his head in the valley between her two massive mounds, and his hands stayed on her tits, holding them through her shirt.

She was feeling exhausted from her epic orgasms, as well as all her non-stop pleasure when she wasn't cumming. She decided to let that "forbidden" contact slide, for now.

After a few more minutes, she began to wiggle uncomfortably, indicating she wanted him to move.

He rolled off of his bombshell mother. He was still tripping out about the fact that he'd just dumped a huge load of spunk deep within her cunt. He didn't even get to go bareback with any of his girlfriends.

The sheet had slid all the way off their bodies during their fuck session, since it was a warm summer day and the only reason for even a single sheet was modesty. So he could see everything when she propped a pillow under her bare ass as she stayed lying on her back.

"What are you doing, Mom?" he asked with genuine curiosity.

"I have to elevate my hips to let as much of your sperm as possible into my cervix."

"Did I do okay?" he asked. He tried to sound casual, but the question was like life and death for him.

"Okay? You were... You did wonderfully," she said, stroking her son's cheek. She added with chagrin in her own mind, TOO good! Way too good! How am I ever going to go back to normal, after that?! Jesus!

He breathed a sigh of relief. He longed to make her cum hard, because he loved her and he naturally rejoiced in seeing her happy. But he also felt it was imperative to rock her world so they'd fuck some more. Not only that, but he was extremely eager to be able to move beyond her "clinical" fucking method as soon as possible.

"All that screaming you did, I felt like I was hurting you," he said. He didn't actually think that, but he was fishing for a reaction.

"Hurting me? Oh, Sugar, no. It... It was a different type of screaming," she said with embarrassment. She still was incredulous at the intensity of her orgasms, not to mention how great getting fucked by him felt the rest of the time.

"What do you mean?" he asked, still playing dumb.

She didn't want to admit that she'd felt great pleasure, but she felt it would be blatantly dishonest not to at least say something. "Well, lots of women scream when they have really powerful orgasms. You should know that since everyone says you're the 'cocksman' of your entire school. Mom was just feeling really good, that's all," she said bashfully.

"I like to make you feel good," Kyle said, this time with total sincerity. In fact, he longed to make her cum hard many times a day, for years to come. But he didn't dare express that to her yet.

She smiled at him warmly. "I know you do, my love, but we need to remember that making each other feel good isn't really our purpose here. Never forget that we have to make this as clinical as we can, like a medical procedure. Our sole goal is to make you a little brother or sister, okay?"

"Okay," he answered without protest. Again, he vehemently disagreed in his own mind, but he was playing a long game.

She suggested, "I'm gonna lay here for a little while. It was a pretty uh, intense, er, I mean… energetic experience, so I'd kind of like to rest and recover for a while. Why don't you go play some video games or something for a bit?"

"All right," he said.

Kyle went to his room for an hour. There was no way in hell he was going to play video games or do anything else but think about what had just happened. He couldn't get the amazing experience of fucking his mother and making her cum twice out of his mind. He felt tired too, but strangely energized at the same time. He wanted to call up everyone he knew to share what had just happened, but he knew that he could never, ever tell another soul.

It was a frustrating wait. He was chomping at the bit for more, but he didn't want to scare her off by appearing to be too eager.

Eventually, he could hear his mother's shower come on and knew she was getting cleaned up. Enough time had passed that he was easily able to get erect again. All he had to do was think about how her naked body would look in the shower. He was raring for more fucking!

A few minutes later, Julie called from her bedroom. "Kyle, Sugar? Can you come back here, please?"

He leaped off his bed and was back into his parents' room in a flash. He'd never bothered to put any clothes on since the fuck ended, so his turgid pecker bounced wildly with every step he took.

He froze when he saw his gorgeous tanned mother standing in front of her mirror, brushing her long brown hair, which was still wet from her shower. She wore a blue tank top undershirt which hugged her enormous boobs - and no bra underneath. She also wore a skimpy pair of almost transparent white panties, which were cut so low that nearly a third of the crack of her shapely ass was exposed. She also wore a tiny pair of glass-like slippers, with a four-inch heel that firmed up her already very firm thighs and ass and made her look even more like a sex goddess than usual.

She turned to him and smiled warmly. "Ready to have another go at it?" She had to do a double take when she saw him standing there in the nude, his gigantic boner sticking out towards her like a divining rod. Her heart immediately leapt to her throat.

"Hell, yeah!" he said with wild enthusiasm. He leaped back into his mother's bed. He'd been trying not to appear to be too eager, but he'd used up all his restraint during the long wait.

She giggled at his eagerness. "You're so cute," she said lovingly.

She added in her mind, But you also have a damn tree trunk between your legs! Mercy! That fuck session was way too intense! He just about split me in two. I sure as hell hope I'll get used to his size, or else I'll be screaming my voice hoarse before my ovulation is done!

She stood there with a hand on a hip, striking a sexy pose. "I hope you don't mind, but I thought I'd try wearing something else, since that big T-shirt had trouble staying on."

He pretended nonchalance. "Hey, whatever works for you. I'm a kid in a candy store no matter what."

She chuckled. "I don't doubt that!"

Kyle watched his mother round the bed. Her huge tits rolled from side to side with every step, like big milk-sacks, with very stiff nipples poking through the fabric.

Julie sat on the bed. She looked at her son with a smile as she slipped out of her panties.

For a brief moment, he was able to see her exposed pussy mound, and even her pussy lips. They were red and swollen from the recent fucking. He already knew she'd shaved her bush off years ago, but it was startling to see how bare her skin was there just the same.

He thought, I'm gonna smash that pussy even harder this time! Fuck, yeah!

After just a few seconds, she moved under the sheet next to him. She was trying hard to stick with the clinical approach, but she couldn't resist teasing him a little bit by asking, "Shall we plant some more seeds, mister?"

He smiled from ear to ear. "Oh boy! I'm going to plant enough seeds to forest the entire Sahara Desert!"

She laughed. However, she felt obliged to point out, "You can't grow a forest there. No water."

He joked, "No worries. I have enough cum churning in my balls from thinking about you to keep the entire place soaking wet for years!"

She laughed some more. "I'll bet you do!"

This was getting easier for her. She wasn't nearly as nervous and excited as the first time.

Kyle felt much better, and more relaxed too. He figured it was all going to be one incredible joy ride after another from now on, so there was no reason to stress out. Plus, he'd managed to hold out a very long time before cumming. If he could do it then, he could do it again.

His mother silently directed him to lie on top of her.

He quietly complied, still brimming with enthusiasm.

Her long legs parted.

Kyle's dick found its target and slowly but surely sunk back into the warm softness of his mother's cunt.

Julie thought, Mercy! Here we go again! Already I know that first time was no fluke. He's so handsome, and yet so hung! If only he wasn't my son, and I wasn't married! Gaaaawwwwd, he fits me like a glove! SO TIGHT!

But, uh, "clinical." Stay clinical. I'm a married woman! I can't get too carried away. I can't do much about making the thrusting less pleasurable. But at the very least, I need to keep my breasts covered from now on, and his hands off them. We have to stick to a simple in-and-out, with nothing else to increase the pleasure still further.

It wasn't long before he was deeply impaled inside her again. Soon, he started to hump and thrust in earnest.

But she stopped him. "Wait! I've got an idea. We need deeper penetration this time. That'll make impregnation easier. Let's throw my legs back and rest my ankles on your shoulders."

He couldn't believe his ears. Is she serious?! That's the position I've dreamed about fucking her the most! What a great day! Thanks again, Dad! Cheaters never win. I've got official permission here, so there's no cheating going on. I hope Dora was worth it.

Julie kicked her legs back with ease. She worried that this might increase her own pleasure too much, but she told herself that this position would be more conducive to baby making. Plus, it was still just a strict in-and-out motion.

Kyle pinned them down so that his head was now between his mother's pretty little feet. Her fat cunt splayed wide open, allowing her baby boy's thick young dick to quickly stuff it full.

His absurdly thick cock sunk deeper and deeper inside her, all the way to his balls. His cockhead wound up smashed against the lips of her cervix.

The two of them were absolutely over the moon! Even before the fucking really got going, just completely stuffing her cunt full was an intense pleasure for both of them.

Like a pro, he started fucking his mother with long hard stokes. His earlier nervousness was gone, so he went at it with a surprising amount of confidence and experience for his age. Plus, she didn't realize it yet, but his energy for fucking was seemingly boundless.

They were face to face. Julie stared into her son's eyes as she felt the enormous girth of his cock fuck her harder and deeper than she'd ever been fucked. At first, she was humiliated to make eye contact with him, because she was his mother and she was willingly letting him fuck her in this obscene position.

Despite all her "dispassionate" talk and resolve, she couldn't resist letting her lust and love flow freely. The emotional bond between them was too strong. She found herself even more emotionally transported whenever they stared lovingly into each other's eyes, which soon became most of the time.

She thought, I need to remember that it would be better if he fucks me doggy-style next time, because the eye contact on top of the deep thrusting is too emotionally intense for me. It's not "clinical" at all. Heck, I almost feel like I'm gradually falling in love with him, in a way a mother never should! How can I not?! When the pleasure is this great, it's like there's some kind of profound imprinting that I can't control. I just have to, uh, ignore it the best I can.

He noticed her mouth was partially open, since she was lightly panting with each thrust. The sight of her feet on his shoulders with her pretty little toes pointed was driving him nuts. Like a steam-engine, he pumped her cunt with a relentless, steady rhythm.

He thought, My plan is much more than just fucking a baby into my beautiful mother. I'm gonna make her cum harder than she ever had before, again and again, all day long, until she's hopelessly addicted to our incestuous rutting! And not just today, either. How cool is it that I have three days to accomplish that instead of an hour or two? There's no way she can resist, now that we've made it this far!

It didn't take the virile and fit 18 year old very long to reach his immediate goal of giving Julie her next big climax. After about ten minutes of pussy-pounding, she started panting heavily. She was still staring into his eyes, but now it was like a helpless little puppy-dog at the mercy of its master.

She was so far gone that she was only dimly aware of the fact that he'd subtly tugged her tank top up until it was bunched up at her armpits, just like the T-shirt wound up last time. His weight was on her, causing her huge tits to mash underneath him, but they were so immense that he still had plenty of tit-flesh to play with, especially from the sides.

At one point, she realized that she probably should remind him to not play with her breasts, but they were so far into their fucking euphoria that it seemed petty to bring it up. She made a mental note to talk to him about it afterwards. Besides, his wandering hands felt divine.

She thought, This is bad, because it feels way too good! What would Jim think, if he knew the extreme ecstasy I'm feeling right now?! My boy has a huge cock and he knows exactly how to use it. That's a fact! Mother or not, I can't help but respect that. In fact, I fucking love it!

Oh no! Here it comes again! He's gonna make me cum and lose my mind!

"OH MY GOD!" she wailed, as she felt her body losing all control again.

Kyle's dick went into overdrive, fucking Julie's tight yet sopping wet cunt like a wild man.


She stiffened and her entire body started to convulse as an even greater orgasm hit her than the last two from the previous fuck session.

He held her legs down and just kept feeding his fat cock in and out of her needy mommy-cunt. For a full two minutes, she shook and screamed, growling through gritted teeth as she rode through one incredible orgasmic contraction after another. There was no doubt this was the greatest orgasm she'd ever experienced in her life, at least so far.

He smiled confidently. Now that he'd gotten over the initial wild roller coaster ride of fucking her for the first time, he knew that he could practically go on forever. He had amazing stamina and was determined to keep his mother cumming in buckets. He rested his full weight down on her and worked his cock into a nice full-stroked rhythm. He could feel great gobs of spongy boob-flesh quivering against his chest, and more in his hands, while she continued to cum and cum and cum.

The next three days were his and he was going to savor every fucking second of it.