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Kyle and Julie didn't know it, but Julie's husband Jim had come home early! He was still wearing his business suit and tie.

Jim knew full well that there was a chance that his wife and son might be having one of their fuck sessions upstairs. Even though he figured he was getting some kind of karmic payback due to the way he'd been cheating on his wife, he couldn't help but feel absolute rage at the fact that his cocky teenage son was dicking the wife he so dearly loved. And even worse, that the two of them were making a baby together, something he should have been capable of doing, but wasn't.

Shortly after coming through the front door, Jim heard his wife let out a loud and sensual moan all the way from upstairs. He carefully crept up the steps and down the hallway to the door of his own master bedroom. He could hear Julie panting and moaning erotically as she rode their son's young yet oversized cock.

He'd been bracing himself to hear something like that. What he was completely unprepared for was hearing his wife's attempt to get their son to cum.

"Oh Kyle, baby, feel my pussy surrounding your big cock, lover! It feels so gooooood! Oh, that's it! Suck my big titties, baby!" She moaned like she was cumming again, even though she wasn't yet.

Jim's stomach sunk as he listened to the two of them. There was a rhythmic "thump, thump, thump" that was driving him mad.

"Come on, stud! Pump a baby into your mother, lover! Oh my God, I think I'm gonna cum again!" Julie moaned with unrestrained passion.

Jim's timing couldn't have been worse. His mouth fell open as he listened to his wife's obscene words, even as she started to loudly experience another epic orgasm.


Jim backed down the hallway. He was feeling sick and looking pale. As his wife reached the peak of her climax, her unrestrained and generally wordless screams filled the entire house.


Jim jogged down the stairs and into the kitchen, but try as he might, he couldn't hide from his wife's voice.

He thought, I've never heard more heartfelt and intense sexual ecstasy in my entire life! But it's my wife getting fucked by my SON! I've been betrayed!

"OOOHHHHH! OOOHHHHH!" Julie wailed.

Upstairs, Kyle's face was buried in twin pillows of towering tit-flesh. He licked and sucked his mother's stiff and needy nipples.

Julie continued to grunt and groan as the orgasmic contractions kept shaking her.

Kyle felt the rush of his mother's hot orgasmic fluid soak his big balls, and kept on thrusting.

Jim sat in the kitchen, which was about as far from the master bedroom as he could get while staying in the house. His head was in his hands, and he'd slung his business jacket off and loosened his tie. He felt utterly miserable and defeated. But at the same time, he also felt great confusion and embarrassment, because he was experiencing a raging erection that just wouldn't quit!

Ten minutes of glorious incestuous fucking later, Kyle felt a torrent of semen rocket up his shaft. "Oh, Mom... I'm cumming!" he proudly announced.

Julie worked her coital wall with intense force, coaxing the milk from her young partner's beefy wand. She yelled to encourage him, "That's it, Son! Cum for me! Cum for Mommy! Mommy loves your big cock so very, very much!"

She suddenly felt thick ropes of jism explode into her cervical chamber. She hadn't been expecting to experience another orgasm herself just then, because she was still fairly wiped out from her last really epic one. But she felt a pretty good one race through her body just the same. It was mostly triggered by the feeling of her son blasting his cum load into her, while she had dizzying thoughts of getting successfully bred by him.

Strand after thick potent strand of creamy sperm filled her insides. She knew that the billions of sperm were well on their way to finding and penetrating her precious egg. The race was on to see which lucky spermatozoa was the winner.

Jim was still sitting at the kitchen table, just staring off into space, when Julie came down the stairs a half an hour later. His embarrassing erection had thankfully faded away right when he heard his wife and son had finished fucking. He tried hard not to think about his arousal and what it might mean for his future sex life.

She looked freshly showered and wore a yellow sundress and red high-heeled slippers. Once again, she was going sans underwear. She paused in the kitchen doorway when she saw her husband.

She hadn't been expecting him at all, so she was secretly shocked. It was a lucky thing she was even wearing clothes.

Jim glanced her way and saw her, so it was too late for her to try to sneak off.

She immediately tried to switch gears and act like she was fine with him being there. "Honey! What a nice surprise. Um... you're home early. Is everything okay?"

"No... not really," he answered, with a stormy look in his eyes.

A nervousness swept over Julie's face. She suddenly felt naked and ashamed, despite the thin sundress. "How long have you been home?"

"Long enough to hear my wife's latest orgasm. 'Number ten,' huh?" he asked disappointedly.

"Jim, I... We didn't really..." She was at a loss for words. She knew she'd been caught red-handed.

"I can't believe you'd do this to me! Jesus, Julie, the things you were saying to him!" Jim complained indignantly.

But Julie didn't really feel that guilty, because the pleasure she'd felt had been so very prolonged and incredible. She asked, "Hold on a minute. If this is such a problem, then why the hell did you give us the okay to make a baby in the first place?"

"I gave our SON the okay to get you pregnant, not to fondle your breasts and whatever the hell else he was doing in there! You're my wife, not his shameless little fuck toy, for Christ's sakes! And he's got so many gorgeous girlfriends already. That little bastard has some nerve!" Jim spouted.


But Jim wasn't easily cowed, since he felt so wronged. "You promised me that your sessions would be quick and unrevealing. But I heard you call him 'your lover' and an 'amazing little motherfucker.' How the hell am I supposed to take that?!" he asked incredulously.

Julie shook her head as she sat down in a chair. "I don't know what to tell you... but if you're expecting an apology, you can go fuck yourself! Kyle and I are doing what we have to do to make this baby," she said angrily and defiantly.

"Ten orgasms. Is that what it takes to get pregnant these days?" Jim asked in a smart-ass tone.

"What seems to be the problem, Dad?" Kyle asked as he entered the kitchen from the hallway. He had been naked, but he'd heard his father's voice so he'd quickly thrown on a T-shirt and his boxers.

Jim jumped up from his chair to accuse his son. "The problem is she's your mother and a married woman! I know what I agreed to allow happen. A big mistake in my opinion, though too late to take back. That's bad enough. But from what I heard, the two of you were getting into it much too hot and heavy!" He was getting increasingly angry as he talked.

"I thought we had a deal, Dad," Kyle said sternly.

That gave Jim pause, because it was a not-so-subtle hint about how Kyle knew of his father's adulterous activities.

Jim continued, but in more restrained and careful tones, "We do, but this funny business isn't part of the deal."

Kyle thundered, quietly but forcefully, "Don't talk to me about funny business! I have some photos I haven't told you about yet that show some REAL funny business!"

Julie had no idea what her son was talking about, and the conversation was moving too fast for her to ask. She certainly didn't suspect a veiled reference to her husband committing adultery.

But Jim guessed exactly what he was talking about, that he'd taken some photos of him getting it on with Dora. That seemed highly probable, and it took the wind of his indignant sails.

Kyle went on, "The deal is that I get Mom pregnant. Period! I don't think you're really in a position to tell us how we can or can't make that happen, do you?" he asked, staring his father down.

Julie looked up at her son, who had now moved to stand next to her where she sat. She then looked at her husband, awaiting his answer.

"WELL... DO YOU? DO YOU?!" Kyle shouted with surprising authority and force, as if he suddenly had become a Marine drill sergeant. It was all the more shocking, because he was known for being an easy-going guy with no temper at all.

"No, I don't." Jim answered, looking at the floor like a scolded child. He was still reeling over the reference to the photos.

Kyle took charge of the situation. "Then here's what's gonna happen. Mom and I are gonna make this baby, OUR WAY, and you're gonna keep your fucking mouth shut about it! Understand?" The good son also never, ever cursed at his parents.

Julie looked up at her young hero. Her eyes traveled down his muscular body and it struck her, Kyle is a complete stud, in every possible way! At the tender age of 18, he's more of a man than my husband could ever be. And he fucks me like a human sex machine too!

She suddenly felt a complete awe and respect for this handsome stud of a teenage boy. The middle-aged mother gazed up at her son like a submissive teenage virgin at the feet of an aggressive, charismatic, dominant, and well-hung football player who was about to take her cherry. It was pure puppy-love, except with a heaping helping of hot, incestuous lust added to it.

Kyle threatened Jim, "Now, how 'bout you get the fuck out of here before I decide to call this deal off?!"

Jim was fuming mad, but he knew that his son held a secret that would completely destroy his marriage, especially with the photos. "Fine! But this is not over!" He stormed out of the kitchen and clear out of the house, leaving his business jacket behind.

Julie listened to the sound of Jim's car driving away with a slight smirk on her face. Her heart was racing and her pussy was newly throbbing and wet. She couldn't believe how much power her son had over her husband. She stood up so she could be face to face with her new "hero."

"Are you okay?" Kyle asked her with tender concern.

"Yeah... I'm fine. Sugar, that was... so brave of you!"

"I just had to set him straight, that's all," he said with lots of emotion. "He can't say, 'Okay, Son, go ahead and breed my wife,' and then turn around and say, 'On second thought, you're not allowed to enjoy yourself having sex with her.' That makes no sense!"

Julie took Kyle's hands into hers and stared into his eyes. "You're so brave! Like a knight in shining armor... And I'm like the princess... the princess who's falling for him," she said lovingly. Her heart was beating fast, and her immense globes were rising and falling with excitement.

"What do you mean?" he asked, his heart suddenly surging with love, hope, and lust.

"What I mean is what I said," she answered as she moved in close to him. "You'd better be careful, 'cause right or wrong... YOUR MOTHER'S FALLING FOR YOU... BIG TIME!" she squealed excitedly and wickedly.

She gave him a loving peck on the forehead, but she longed to madly kiss his lips instead. Her "clinical" rule still held her back from doing that, especially since they weren't in the middle of another "breeding session" where she might be able to justify that to herself.

Then both of them stared into each other's eyes for a good ten seconds, like two lovers sharing a silent look of lust and longing.

For the first time, Kyle had no doubt that Julie was hungering for his cock, and not just for the purpose of making a baby. His "long game" strategy was already working better than expected.

On a rash impulse, she reached around to her back and unzipped her yellow sundress halfway down her back. Then she dramatically slipped one shoulder strap down her arm, and then the other one down the other arm. That left nothing holding the dress up. It slowly slid down her body, fully exposing her massive boobs as it did so. It wound up getting stuck bunched up around her waist.

He took that for the open invitation it so clearly was, and gleefully cupped her huge tits with both hands. Normally, he was cool and in control with his girlfriends, but he felt like a shy total virgin again, with his cock trembling with need and his heart threatening to thump right out of his chest.

She smiled lovingly and approvingly at the way he held her bare breasts, even though that was against her rules too. "Mmmm! Son, I guess there's no stopping you from your boob-focused insanity. So I'm not going to even try anymore. But, uh… as long as we're like this… and since we were making out a little bit upstairs earlier… Do you think it would be okay if we bend the rules just one more time? Because I'd really like for you to kiss me again. On the lips!"

He smiled from ear to ear. "I think that'll be just fine." He leaned his head in and planted his lips on hers.

At first, the kiss was tentative, almost like it was their very first true kiss, despite what they'd done upstairs a short while earlier. But it gradually gained strength and passion as the seconds passed by. All the while, he continued to freely fondle his mother's tremendous jugs, and even pinch and twist her nipples.

Julie thought, This is bad! This is NOT dispassionate! In fact, it's the exact opposite! I almost feel like I'm falling for my own son, head over heels! But I just HAVE to let him kiss me this one time, because he's my knight in shining armor. Of course he gets to kiss the princess, because he saved me from the bad, bad man, the evil villain!

She realized with a start that the "evil villain" was in fact her husband who she was supposedly happily married to.

But that didn't really bother her much, since she was on such a high of lust and love for her hunky son. Okay. Jim's not an 'evil villain' per se. He's just confused because he came home and listened in on something that it was best he didn't know about. Kyle's right: you can't have sex without at least some passion. This whole "clinical" approach just isn't going to work. Jim either needs to be cool with that, or stay the hell away until we're done!

Even as she thought all that, their kiss kept going and kept getting hotter and hotter. It was turning into a five-alarm scorcher! And her pussy was absolutely gushing and throbbing, thanks in part to the expert way he handled her massive melons.

Julie's thoughts grew increasingly erotic and heated. And speaking of getting things done, my big strong hero needs to get rewarded even more for being so brave! It's not enough for him to just kiss the fair princess; he needs to give her a good fucking too! A serious fucking! A "royal" fucking, even! Hee! He needs to drill me deep and hard and long!

She'd had her hands wrapped around the middle of his back. But as they continued to kiss while he played with her tits, she used her hands to push her sundress further down her waist and writhed her hips to slowly wiggle out of it. After a minute, she managed to slide it down her long sleek legs and then step out of it entirely.

That left her completely naked once again, except for her red high-heeled slippers, which helped firm up her legs and ass just like real high heels did.

Then, as if that latest move wasn't bold enough, now that she had her hands free, she brought them to her son's crotch and boldly gripped his enormous erection. Within seconds, all ten of her fingers began slipping and sliding up and down his thick shaft.

She hadn't planned on even touching him there, but she simply couldn't help herself. Her desire for his cock was too great to resist!

He was so pleasantly surprised by this that he broke the kiss to ask what was going on.

But before he could speak, she said, in a playful tease, "Don't get any big ideas! I am NOT giving you a handjob here."

He was secretly amused, because it was so clear that she already was doing exactly that. As he continued to aggressively fondle her massive globes, he asked with seeming cluelessness, "You're not?"

"Of course not. That's against the rules." Her enormous bare tits were bouncing in his hands while her entire body was on the move thanks to her vigorous two-fisted handjob motion. She was less teasing him with those words and more in denial about what she was doing.

She added, "But the way I figure, there's no time like now for you to fuck me again! There's something about the way you sent Jim packing that's really got me hot to trot! Son, you're becoming a MAN, right before my very eyes!"

"Thanks, Mom!" He briefly kissed her lips again. He slipped his hands down to fondle her bare ass cheeks for a while, since she was completely naked.

She savored the sweet kiss while still stroking his hot cock-meat. Then she said, "So, no, this isn't a handjob. I'm just getting you warmed up so we can continue our breeding activities upstairs shortly. Does that sound agreeable to you?"


He kissed her lips again. It was such a heartfelt kiss that they just couldn't stop.

They wound up necking off and on for the next ten minutes, at least. And all the while, he alternatively played with her tits, ass, and pussy like he owned her entire body, while she steadily jacked his big fat cock in a way that supposedly somehow wasn't a handjob.

Sometimes, he even fingerfucked her needy slit.

At one point, she briefly broke the kiss to complain about that. "What do you think you're doing, mister?"

He pointed out, "Mom, you've got it all wrong. I'm not really fingerfucking her, I'm just 'warming you up' to help get the fucking started."

She couldn't disagree with that, even to herself, since she'd used that exact same logic to justify the handjob she was still giving him. As her fingers sloshed all over his pre-cum soaked boner, she chided him, "Don't get too clever, buster"

They went right back to their necking and fondling, with even more cock stroking and fingerbanging.

When their lusts finally rose to "unbearable" levels, they managed to disengage, but only so they could rush back upstairs to the master bedroom.

Just a minute or two after that, Kyle was balls-deep in his mother again, fucking her missionary style.

And only a few minutes later, Julie was screaming her head off yet again, as her epic orgasm number eleven shook her entire body. (She wasn't counting all the little ones she had too.)

Her husband Jim was totally forgotten, except for some vague annoying idea that he was bound to come home again after a while. She hoped that he would have the good sense to stay away for a few more hours, at least, so a lot more "breeding" could get done.

Thankfully for everyone involved, he did exactly that.