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Jim gazed over at his wife as they lay in bed together that night. She looked especially beautiful lying there on her back, staring up at the ceiling, even though he couldn't see much of her body due to her usual full length pajamas she was wearing (just as he was). The look on her face was like that of a love-struck and lusty girl who'd just gotten laid for the very first time. The problem was that Jim knew it wasn't his penis or his fucking skills she was lying there thinking about.

"I'm sorry I blew up at you earlier," he said to her.

Julie didn't answer, because she didn't even hear him. She was off in her own little world. It was a world dominated by a handsome young face with sparkling brown eyes, a strong and curiously thick teenage pecker, and big plump balls full of potent cum-cream.

She thought about her son, Mmmm! I've never forget how he fucked me for the very first time this morning. It was soooo great! He totally rocked my world. But who could have known that he was just getting warmed up?! Each time got better and better! The last few hours were total bliss - once I got completely naked and stayed that way, and all that silly "clinical" crap was in the past.

I'll admit that it's important that I don't get TOO carried away by my son and his incredible cock. I'm going to have to go back to my boring, normal married life eventually, which is sad. But it's impossible to get fucked without experiencing SOME pleasure, so why try to resist that so much?

Especially given the way Kyle fucks me! Good Lord, there's no way to resist that at all! He's a sexual superman! The last hour we fucked, especially, is a memory to last a lifetime, all by itself! The way he churned his hips on me… and then his thrusting! Ungh! And his impaling! The impaling is the best! Oh, and the kissing! Such kissing! He's a natural at that too! God, and the way his hands roam all over my naked body! I feel so free and alive! But at the same time, he's possessing me in such a sexy way. Such natural confidence. He's even bewitching me!

Mmmm! I can't wait until tomorrow! I wish my ovulation period would last for three weeks, not three days! But it's probably for the best to end this soon, because my poor battered pussy is gonna have to cry uncle and tap out in any case! Hee!

"Julie!" Jim finally called to her, with a much louder voice. He'd been saying her name a couple more times in his usual voice, to no effect.

"What?!" She snapped at him as she was jarred back to reality.

Once Jim saw he actually had her attention, he confessed, "I just wanted to apologize for blowing up at you and Kyle. I overreacted I guess and I'm sorry, Dear. This whole thing is just... uncomfortable for me."

"Then, Honey, why did you agree to it?" Julie asked.

She was genuinely puzzled by his permission, especially now that it was becoming clear the "deal" was going so very badly for him. It was another mystery to her why he hadn't called the deal off, after seeing how passionate she obviously was getting with all the incestuous fucking.

He replied, "I just know how much you want this baby and... well, I want you to be happy."

That much was true, though of course he didn't mention how Kyle had caught him committing adultery with Dora, leaving him no choice but to keep the deal going.

Julie smiled as she scooted over and hugged her husband. It was a warm yet chaste hug, especially since they were both in their pajamas.

She thought, Isn't that sweet? It's not his fault that his son is ten times the man in bed he'll ever be. I should be more appreciative of his love, because he's my one and only husband. What Kyle and I are enjoying… it's fantastic, but it's like a temporary time-out from the real world. It can't last. My future is with my hubby right here.

She said with renewed emotional effort and concern, "Honey, I know this hasn't been easy for you. I'm so sorry. That's why he and I are only copulating during the day while you're at work. No husband should have to hear some of the things you heard today. That was very unfortunate."

Earlier in the evening, she'd explained to him about how she'd been "forced" to resort to "extreme measures" due to the difficulty of getting their son to cum inside her cervix. That had helped soften the blow to Jim's ego in some ways, but it made him more jealous in other ways.

"It was pretty shocking," Jim admitted. And yet, even as he thought back on that painful time of listening to them fuck, he felt his penis suddenly surge to a full erection!

He tried to pretend that wasn't happening, and keep it hidden, because it made no sense to him. It was only a further frustration and humiliation. Luckily for him, it was hidden in his pajamas and under the sheet and blanket for good measure.

Julie suggested, "Maybe you should stay at your parents' house for a few days. It'll get your mind off all this and give Kyle and me a chance to really focus on making this baby."

Jim frowned. "You and he are here all day. How much more time do you think you need?"

It was hard for her not to break into a big smile as she contemplated getting fucked all over the house, both day and night. She was secretly very annoyed that she felt obliged to sleep with her husband as usual, when her son was just down the hall with big balls that were constantly producing more cum that could help successfully breed her.

She idly wondered if it would be possible for her to fall asleep and spend hours with his cock fully sheathed inside her.

She said, "You remember when we were trying to get me pregnant with Kyle. You remember how much time and effort it took?"

"Yeah, I remember," Jim said, thinking back on the week full of non-stop sex. In retrospect, he felt those had been his glory days.

Julie tried to sound calm and reasonable, even as her heart was doing joyous backflips about the idea of getting to be her son's fuck-socket for 24 hours a day, if only for a short time. "Besides, you should spend some more time with your parents. You told me recently how you don't visit them enough. It'll be good for you. With any luck, when you come back we'll have a little son or daughter already starting to grow in my womb. Won't that be exciting?"

"Of course," Jim said, forcing a smile. He bitterly thought, But I won't be the father! My SON will be! UGH!

Despite the pain of that line of thinking, his erection lurched in his pants with renewed heat and urgency.

"So, what do you think?" Her pussy was getting wet again just thinking about having Kyle all to herself for so much time.

Jim vaguely commented, "We'll see. I'll think about it."

He thought, What the fuck?! Am I getting turned on by thoughts of my son fucking my wife?! It can't be! I won't let it. That's all kinds of messed up!

A short time later, Jim gave his wife a goodnight kiss - on the cheek, and she did the same. He turned out the light, and the two of them settled in to go to sleep.

Julie was able to go to sleep straight away, because she felt so tired out and sexually satiated from all the athletic, incestuous fucking.

Jim, though, tossed and turned for quite a while before finally getting to sleep. He felt he was caught in a trap, with no way out. He had no idea what to do except play along with the role Kyle had forced him into and hope against hope that things would somehow turn out okay eventually. The adulterous photos especially that his son had alluded to were playing a key part in keeping him in line.