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The next morning, Kyle strolled into the kitchen dressed in only his boxers. He was proud of his body and wanted to show it off. His big semi-erection wobbled as he moved.

Julie was sitting alone and sipping from her morning coffee. She greeted him with a smile while checking out his muscular bare chest and especially the outrageous phallic shape tenting his boxers. Oh boy! Just look at all that thick cock-meat! Today could easily end up being the best day of my life! I'll bet that's true. My son is going to fuck me silly, all day long! And he's going to BREED me!

Her heart started beating fast and her pussy was already lubing up in anticipation.

But all she said was, "Morning, Sugar."

"Hey, Mom," he answered casually, while he also tried to hide how excited he really was.

As far as he knew, his mother owned two skimpy robes, a red one and a blue one. He'd had a lot of great memories with each of them in recent days. So he was pleasantly surprised to see her in a previously unseen orange robe that was even more revealing than either of the other two!

Or maybe it wasn't the size of the robe but how she was wearing it - it was hard for him to tell due to the way she was sitting. The robe was already dramatically open in front. He could see her huge tits nearly to her nipples, which were surprisingly stiff already. (She'd been getting hot and bothered waiting for him to show up.) He could see bare skin clear down to the sash, which was slung low just above her pussy mound.

"Guess what?" she asked with an even bigger smile.

"You're pregnant?!" he asked back excitedly.

"No, not yet, you silly boy!" She chuckled. "Dad's gonna stay with Grandma and Grandpa for a few days," she said with a lusty fire in her eyes. Jim had told her of that decision a little while earlier, shortly after both he and she had woken up.

"So we'll be alone all day?!" Kyle's heart thumped like a jackhammer, he was so thrilled by the news.

"All day AND all night! Better eat your Wheaties this morning." She grinned while running a finger along the open front of the robe. As she did that, she caused it to open a bit more, allowing one of her erect nipples to come into full view.

"Sweet," Kyle said, his semi-erect cock was so inspired by the news that it visibly lurched and twitched in his boxers until it was fully erect.

Julie giggled at how eager he was, and how stiff her words made his dick in a matter of seconds. She stood up. Rising on her tip-toes, she gave him a big tit-squasher of a hug.

With only the thin silk fabric of her robe separating her chest from his, Kyle sighed with joy as he felt the spongy softness of her immense mommy-boobs flatten against him.

But then the hug got much better, because her robe was mostly open in the front already and, after a little wiggling and readjusting between the two of them, it wound up completely open. Both of them reveled in the feel of her massive tits making skin-to-skin contact with his chest.

"Feels like someone's ready to get back to 'work,'" she said as his brick-hard boner came free from his boxers and rested against her tummy. She reached to it and lovingly caressed it from top to bottom. She subtly tugged his boxers down a couple of inches just to make sure they'd be out of the way.

"I'm ready for a long HARD day, Mom!" He smiled while reaching up to cup the undersides of her bare breasts with both hands.

"Good! I can tell you are." The way she was holding and caressing his rampant cock was starting to turn into a slow and tender handjob. Her heart raced faster and faster as her fingers explored every inch of his thick cock-meat. She mentally imagined how it would feel to have all of that "tree trunk" fully sheathed inside her cunt again. She panted fast, because it was such an incredible prospect.

Then her vivid imagination turned to what it would be like to take that much cock into her mouth! She felt goose-bumps all over just from thinking about the possibility of doing that.

But then she forced herself to pull her hands away from his crotch, since her thoughts drifted to Jim and she remembered that he was still somewhere in the house. She even took his hands off her great globes and tugged her robe partially closed in front for good measure. She didn't want to do anything that might get Jim to rethink his decision to go to his parents' house.

Kyle wasn't too concerned about her burst of restraint, because he could tell she was totally hot to trot. Temporarily foiled at her chest, he brought his hands down to her ass cheeks instead. Feeling the bothersome orange robe there, he just pushed it up and out of the way and began directly kneading her meaty ass flesh.

She sighed contentedly. She'd gotten very familiar with him playing with her firm bubble butt yesterday, including when his fingers roamed deep in her ass crack. So she didn't even think to get him to remove his hands, despite being mindful that Jim was somewhere nearby.

She said, "As soon as your father leaves, we'll go upstairs and put this big, thick, fleshy thing of yours somewhere tight and warm. This guy isn't gonna make a baby bobbing around out here." As she teasingly said "this guy," she couldn't resist holding Kyle's stiff cock again. Seconds later, her mere holding turned into more sensual stroking of his thick shaft.

"Did you mean what you said yesterday... that you're falling for me?" Kyle asked shyly. He brought both hands back up to her immense tits again. As he did so, he cleverly opened her orange robe even wider in front, causing it to slide off both of her shoulders.

But she felt the air on her newly bare shoulders and warned, "Watch it, young man. Not here, not now. I don't know if you understood what I just said, but your father is still in this house. We need to respect his feelings and not get too frisky." She pulled the robe back onto her shoulders, though she left it completely wide open in front.

"Oh." Kyle reluctantly let go of her magnificent tits, for now.

Again, he didn't mind the setback much. He knew he was going to be balls-deep inside her hot, tight cunt in a matter of minutes, and he'd get to enjoy her ridiculously sexy body all day long, so everything else was gravy. Besides, her robe was still partially open in front. Plus, one couldn't immediately see it due to the way their bodies were tightly pressed together, but his raging hard-on was directly resting against her bare skin and slightly rocking back and forth.

He correctly knew that contact alone would slowly drive her into a sexual frenzy, making her an even hotter fuck.

Julie grazed her long red nails across his chest as she chose her words carefully. "Yesterday, you may recall how I was insistent much of the day to keep things 'clinical' and 'dispassionate.' I'm not so worried about that today. I know we're doing all this to make me pregnant, but... well, it's just that you're so young and uh, well endowed. And to be honest I really didn't expect things to get as intense as they did yesterday."

"I hope things get even more intense today. Can we be naked again when we do it?" Kyle asked. He subtly rocked his hot cock-meat against her smooth skin just above her pussy mound to help influence her answer.

That was an easy question for her, especially since she was practically naked already. "Well, we'll do whatever we have to do to get all that sperm out of your balls and into my womb. If that means being a little more emotional and expressive, then so be it. And it if means being naked... well, then I guess we'll get naked."

"Sweet!" he said with a smile.

She giggled at the way her words had such an effect on him. She coiled her arms around his neck and moved her lips towards his face.

"Come here, you," she said in a sultry purr. Then she began giving her son gentle little kisses on his neck and along his jawline.

Jim came downstairs wearing his usual three-piece suit, with suitcase in hand. He already was dreading what he was likely to see. An even sicker feeling entered the pit of his stomach as he rounded the corner to the kitchen and saw his wife and son embracing while they were both half-naked. It confirmed all his worst fears.

Julie's face was buried in the crook of Kyle's neck, gently kissing his skin there over and over. One of her legs was bent at the knee, with her sexy little bare foot dragging up the back of Kyle's calf.

Kyle slid his hands down and dug his fingers into the meat of his mother's buttocks, right through the silky orange robe.

Jim was about to say something out loud to get their attention and force them to stop. But somehow he didn't. It was as if some force was compelling him not to.

Instead, he found himself just mutely staring in horror and fascination as the other two kissed and fondled with increasing passion. While he watched, his penis stirred. Soon, he had a raging erection to end all raging erections!

Within seconds of Jim starting to spy on them, Kyle flipped Julie's orange robe up and away from her ass again and resumed directly fondling her tanned ass cheeks.

Far from complaining, Jim's wife just moaned erotically and wiggled her bare ass in delight. She muttered, "You're so baaaad!"

That gave Jim some hope that she'd at least do something to limit their sexual contact.

But no. She followed up that comment by kissing her son on the lips! Within seconds, the two of them were making out like long-lost lovers!

To make matters worse for Jim, he saw Kyle bring his hands back up to his wife's awesome rack. He couldn't directly see much, due to the angle he was standing looking at them, plus the way their bodies were closely pressed together, but he could tell that her robe had already opened all the way in front and Kyle was freely playing with her huge orbs!

He thought, Shit! Even worse is what might be happening to my son's penis. I guess I should be thankful I can't see any sign of it, but I'm assuming it has to be fully erect, if only because the kissing and fondling is so very hot and needy. Plus, let's face it: his damn dick is seemingly permanently aroused anyway. With Julie's robe so open in front, how could that thick, long dick not be rubbing directly against her naked skin?!

Of course, that was exactly what was happening.

Jim thought, I hate what I'm seeing. I DESPISE it! Not only are my wife and son clearly extremely hot for each other, but they're showing love and intimacy that's even more concerning. Hell, Julie is acting exactly like she's head over heels in love and lust with our son!

Yet, despite such concern, and a sickening feeling in the pit of Jim's stomach, he had an erection that threatened to rip right through his slacks! He'd never felt so aroused in his life, even as jealousy threatened to completely consume him.

These conflicting emotions confused the hell out of him. He didn't know what to say or do. He was torn between rushing over and aggressively pulling their bodies apart or just… cumming on the spot!

He decided he needed to act somehow, regardless. He cleared his throat, making his presence known.

Julie quickly broke the very intimate embrace. She took a step or two back while also tugging her robe closed in front as fast as she could.

However, it wasn't fast enough for her to hide from Jim the way Kyle's big, fat, exposed cock had been resting up against her lower belly.

Jim's eyes bugged out, because for a few seconds he caught a glimpse of the sheer size of his son's equipment before Kyle was able to turn and stuff his monster back into his boxers.

Jim was utterly destroyed and emasculated. It was worse than a punch to his solar plexus. Holy mother of God! Is that his third leg?! Seriously! I knew he was endowed already, but... Jesus Christ! How the hell can I compete with THAT?!

Yet his bizarre arousal surged to even greater heights!

"Oh, Honey... I didn't hear you come downstairs," Julie said mildly. She felt slightly embarrassed, but only slightly. To be honest, she didn't care that much how her husband felt, because lust was coursing through her veins. She was moony and giddy towards her hunky son.

Jim was going to give both of them a piece of his mind. But his inexplicable arousal all but forced him to get out of there fast. He needed to leave in a hurry before he spontaneously orgasmed in his slacks and thus really embarrass himself!

He muttered, "Yeah, well, I'm off to work. I'll be over at my parents' house after that." He was blushing in shame and defeat, still reeling from the sight of his half-naked wife making out with his handsome son.

Julie walked her husband to the door to kiss him goodbye. At first, her robe was still dramatically showing off her cleavage and much of her tummy. But as she drew closer, she did her best to close her robe in front and look at least semi-presentable. Besides, she had a strange feeling of not wanting her husband to see her nudity, as if that was a prize only Kyle deserved.

"I'll call you later," she tenderly told Jim. "I worry about you and how you're coping with this." But she only gave him a chaste, brief peck on the cheek and no hug.

Jim just nodded. He wanted to be angry, but instead he felt woozy, almost like he was on the verge of passing out from too much arousal and excitement.

Julie stood there with her massive pendulous breasts protruding out, her nipples barely covered by her clearly undersized orange robe.

Kyle walked up behind her and put his hands on her shoulders. It was as if he was subtly laying claim to her body. Not only was Kyle's dick visibly erect, but most of it was poking through the slit on the front of his boxers, like a flagpole tilted forward and down!

Jim felt that was some kind of final indignity for him, further breaking his spirit. Just the part of his son's erection he could see was longer than his own erection ever was, and he knew there was even more of it inside Kyle's boxers.

He wanted to break down and cry.

Julie was already impatient to see her husband go, but that feeling doubled when she felt her son's cockhead poking her right at her ass crack. She told Jim, "Take care. I love you!"

Again, Jim could only nod. His mouth was dry, remarkably dry, and no words seemed able to come out.

Then he watched as Kyle casually slid a hand down Julie's back until he was cupping one of her ass cheeks. He noticed how her robe rose up a bit in back, making clear his son's hand was directly holding and slightly caressing her meaty bubble butt.

Still staring, Jim thought, Fuck me! So much for her trying to be unemotional about the whole thing. She's putty in his hands! It isn't an easy thing to look back at your beautiful wife and know she's about to be balled by your own son. Probably within minutes of me leaving! And I have to slave away at my boring desk job while they fuck like rabbits all over the house! MY house, that I paid for! Life is so damn unfair. And I have to leave with this fucking annoying erection that just won't quit! Dammit!

Jim took one more look. With Kyle standing directly behind Julie, he had to wonder where Kyle's stiff boner had gone to, given that half of it had been poking through the slit of the boxers mere seconds earlier. Given the sheer length of that erection, as well as how close Kyle was behind Julie, he didn't see how it could be anything but poking into his wife's fine ass.

That surmise was entirely correct. In fact, Kyle took advantage of the situation to rest his boner inside his mother's "ass cleavage," meaning between her firm ass cheeks, skin on skin. He knew that she couldn't say anything about it without causing a scene, given that Jim was right there.

Already, Jim was haunted by what he'd seen, especially the sight of Kyle's enormous hard-on poking through his boxers, taunting him with clear sexual superiority and impossible size. He silently sighed in defeat. He turned and walked towards his car.

Meanwhile, Julie's heart was racing due to the audacity of her son squeezing his huge pole between her ass cheeks. Obviously, her "ass cleavage" wasn't as deep or tight as her real cleavage, but still it was a highly sexual contact. Then, to make matters worse, she couldn't resist experimentally squeezing him there by repeatedly clenching her firm ass cheeks against his hot shaft.

It was unbelievably naughty to do that with Jim so close! But that's why she couldn't resist doing it.

He winced when he heard the front door close and lock behind him. Oh God! Dear God! Please! Let this nightmare end! Yet he was still stuck with a painful and needy hard-on, and he was so aroused that he wondered if he'd even be able to safely drive his car.

Back inside the house, impatience turned to unrestrained joy as soon as the front door was closed.

Within seconds, Kyle slipped her robe off her shoulders and grasped at her huge jugs from behind. He kept his exposed dick trapped in her ass crack, since it felt so snug there.

She felt like she had to chastise him for his brazen behavior. But all that came out of her mouth was, "You naughty, naughty boy!" It sounded much more like a tease than a warning.

But then, remembering that she was married and her hard-working husband had just left for work, she forced herself to disengage completely from her son. She turned around and also pulled her robe back up to her shoulders, while keeping it wide open in front.

Kyle gaped in awe. The robe was so open that he could see her wet pussy just as easily as her stiff nipples. He already was chomping at the bit to fuck her some more, but that suddenly became a completely uncontrollable urge.

"I'll race you upstairs, Mom," Kyle said to her with all the eagerness of youth.

"How about you be a gentlemen and carry me upstairs to the bed?" She smiled seductively, then brought her hands to her shoulders and dramatically pulled her robe all the way off.

Kyle just stood there, transfixed and amazed, as he watched the robe slip to the floor and puddle around her feet. He very nearly came on the spot as he ogled his mother's near physical perfection.

God DAMN! She's like a goddess, a naked goddess! Those tits! That ass! That sultry face! Fuck me! And today, she's all mine! I'm gonna fuck her like, like… a tornado! Like a hurricane! I'm gonna CRUSH her pussy! I'm going to absolutely DESTROY her with my deep thrusts until we're both half-dead and bathed in sweat!

In an instant, Kyle swept the buck naked, big-busted mother off her feet and into his arms.

The orange robe was left forgotten on the floor.

She felt goose bumps all over from the way he lifted her as if she weighed nothing at all. She ran her fingers across one of his broad shoulders, staring at him in awe. "Soooo strong," she said excitedly.

"Thanks." He smiled confidently.

She thought, Gaaaawwwwd! He's such a stud, in every way. If it came to a fight between my son and my hubby, it wouldn't even be close. Kyle would wipe poor Jim all over the floor like a broom! And look at him hold me like this. It's like he's claiming me, like Tarzan. And he IS claiming me! He's going to take me upstairs and fuck me within an inch of my life, and BREED his baby into me to boot! I feel so helpless, but it feels sooooo gooooood!

She was suddenly filled with resolve. Mommy's gonna be the best possible fuck she can be! Since he's constantly rocking my world, I'm gonna rock his world right back! I'm gonna churn and grind on his huge pole until he absolutely loses his mind! We only have a couple of days together as lovers, so we need to make the most of every moment. I want to make sure he never, ever forgets that his mother is one seriously HOT FUCK!

"Sugar," she said, her big gleaming brown eyes gazing into his very similar brown eyes. They were closely related, after all.

"Yeah, Mom?" he answered, while still holding her with ease.

"Let's go make a baby!" She said this in an erotic, wanton voice that sent shivers up and down his entire body.

The two of them giggled almost deliriously as he carried her up the stairs. They couldn't have been more overjoyed.

He carried her right next to the bed in the master bedroom, and gently let her down until her sexy little bare feet touched her bedroom carpet.

Kyle stood there for a moment in awe as he admired her remarkably fit yet soft and curvy nude body. He was so transported that he spoke his mind without thinking. "DAMN! Mom, I've wanted to fuck you so much for so long! For years! And today's the day! Yesterday was just the warm-up! Today, I'm literally going to fuck you to death!"

She gave him a sexy smile as she got down on all fours on top of the bed. She teased him, "Hmmm. Sounds dangerous!"

He just about passed out from too much lust, due to seeing her posing on all fours. Just the way her massive tits dangled below her torso made him delirious with fuck-lust. But her bare butt was equally enticing, especially after recalling how his boner had just been squeezed by her ass cheeks. And even her face was too sultry and flawless for him to comprehend.

She stretched and preened, like a cat. She gently swayed her entire body back and forth, as if he already had his hands on her firm butt and was slowly fucking her doggy-style. Clearly, she was lingering in that pose to drive him wild. It was working!

Then she moved on her hands and knees to crawl up the bed a little bit, towards the pillows. She made sure to make a dramatic show of it. Her huge hanging tits swung back and forth and her big bubbly buttocks stuck out, giving her son the perfect view of her swollen labial meat and her puckered butt-hole.

She loved being naked for him. With Jim, it had been different. She'd felt embarrassed whenever he looked at her nudity, and she always preferred having sex in the dark. But with Kyle, she loved the hunger and desire in his eyes. She wanted to be naked and wet for him literally all the time.

Gazing back at him, she giggled and finally lay down on the bed.

She rolled onto her side to face him. "You gonna stand there staring all day, goofball, or are you gonna get up here and help me make a baby? All that fertile baby-batter of yours can't get into my ovaries by itself, you know." She smiled.

For some reason, Kyle was still wearing his boxers, even though most of his thick cock had been poking out of the slit for the past few minutes. He peeled them down his body until he also was as naked as the day he was born.

He stood there, his heart racing out of control, with his big boner wobbling up and down on its own in anticipation. Good GOD! I'm so happy I could cry!

Then it dawned on him he could be fully sheathed in his mother's tight, hot cunt-furnace instead of just enjoying gawking at her nude hourglass figure. He moved with speed to get on the bed and on top of her.

Seconds later, Kyle sighed in utter blissful satisfaction. His eyes rolled back in their sockets as he felt his super-engorged cockhead slip through his mother's delicate pink folds. His strong blood-engorged pipe with its bulging blue veins sunk down deep inside her hot clutching birth canal.

"Oh, Son!" Julie cried out in ecstasy. She flexed her soft vaginal walls, clamping tightly against the large teenage phallus as it slipped back, then plowed forward, its big bulbous head sinking against the mouth of her cervix.

"OH Y-Y-YEAH!" she cried out. This is the best feeling ever! Some pain, but so much pleasure! I've died and gone to heaven! And we have ALL DAY! God help me!

Julie's marital bed rocked wildly as she and her son set into a nice steady rhythm. The busty mother's long, smooth legs curled up around the bucking teen.

His ass rose and fell, his big hairless balls thumping against her butt hole.

"Oh-h-h wow, Mom!" His voice trembled.

"Oh, Kyle! Oh, Sugar! You're doing so good!" she panted.

Like a well-lubed piston, the teenage fuck-pole glided through the smothering cavern of love, its bulging helmet and rock-hard shaft plowing along the sensitive glands of her soft yet tightly squeezing vaginal walls.

She thought, Now, THIS is what real fucking is! I don't know what the hell Jim thought he was doing to me all these years with his little thing, but it sure as hell wasn't this! This is how men and women are meant to mate. To breed! Oh, YES! To BREED! I'm just my son's helpless fuck-socket, and he's going to pound a baby into me at will!

"OH GOD!" She cried, announcing her impending orgasm. She was amazed and impressed that she could already feel another really big one coming on, only a couple of minutes after getting started. She'd lost count of all her really massive orgasms yesterday somewhere around twenty, and then she'd had many more after that. She wasn't even going to try to keep count today, since she knew it was going to be such a high number. Besides, it was all pretty much one endless orgasm whenever his cock was inside her anyway.

Kyle picked up the pace, going from bulb to balls on every stroke.

"OH, KYLE! OH, BABY! I LOVE YOU!" Julie shouted as her body began to convulse.

Seeing and feeling such a ravishing beauty grunting and crying while her big tits sloshed around beneath her young partner would have sent most boys over the edge. But not Kyle. He just kept fucking her, like a relentless, pistoning machine.

Ten, twenty, and then thirty minutes passed. Admittedly, it wasn't all non-stop fucking at the highest intensity. He did slow way down or even stop at times to re-gather his energies. But he was surprisingly relentless and energetic most of the time. It was as if he'd rested all night just to have the stamina to fuck her all the way into orbit!

Finally, the sex-mad teen felt a raging torrent of sperm rising from his balls. He wailed, "OH GOD, MOM! HERE COMES MY LOAD!"

"SQUIRT IT HARD FOR ME, SUGAR!" She cried back, even more deliriously. She'd already had several big climaxes, and she felt another one coming on.

It was getting to the point where she automatically came whenever he did, no matter what, because the mere thought of him squirting his virile baby-makers into her was too exciting for her to handle. And the feeling of him filling her up deep inside with his spermy cream without any condom was even better!

He groaned as he felt the long milky strands of jism pulsing out from his raging hard-on.

Flexing her coital walls, Julie's pouch became like a clutching fist, pulling all of the baby-making syrup from her son's quivering cock-rod. She hadn't been very talented at that sort of thing with Jim, but she was quickly learning. She felt she had to step up her efforts several notches in order to at least try to pay back her son for the way he repeatedly sent her soaring to the moon and back.

As his orgasm started to fade, she spoke some more inspiring words to coax more of his cum out into her needy cunt. "There you go, my love! Squirt it all out for me! Mommy's egg is waiting, Sugar!"

The "Mommy's egg is waiting" comment in particular made him swoon in excitement and caused him to squirt a few more times than he otherwise would have.

After the final dribble, he rolled off his mother. He was wiped out, and worried he'd overdone it a bit. He didn't want to tire out too soon, since he had a full day of fucking "work" ahead of him.

Julie quickly positioned the pillow under her ass.

She muttered, "Good God! That was intense! If that didn't fuck a baby into me, then I don't know what will do it. Especially since your orgasm theory turns out to be correct."

Last night, after Jim came home, she'd done some Googling to see if Kyle's claim was true. She'd been pleasantly surprised to find out that it was. Although she knew it didn't really matter, since he was going to give her one epic orgasm after another regardless.

Already, if she had to make a "thirty best sexual experiences of my life" list, all thirty would have been with her son, and none with her husband! Sometimes, she felt a crushing sadness from thinking she'd only get to be fucked by Kyle until her ovulation was done. She couldn't see how they could possibly stop because the pleasure was way too addictive, and yet she dearly loved Jim. She tried hard to push such vexing thoughts out of her mind. She had a feeling that somehow events would take their own course, and it was impossible to know the future at this point anyway.

He ran a hand down her tummy, all the way to her pussy. He playfully diddled her clit a little bit, making her shudder. "Mom, I wouldn't love this if I didn't think you were loving it too. My goal is to make you cum so hard and so often, that even the eggs your body hasn't created yet will get fertilized too!"

She laughed at that impossibility. "With you, and your relentless cock, I could believe it! I'm going to have triplets, at the very least!" She laughed some more.

After a couple of minutes, Kyle eyed the soft tit-sacks standing proudly on his mother's chest.

"Put your tongue back in your mouth, mister," she teased.

He teased back, "What if I put my tongue back in YOUR mouth?"

She tried to be strong. "Hush! You know we can't do that again."

However, she didn't stop him when he reached out to fondle her great globes. She figured that if he had the willpower to do that despite his post-orgasmic exhaustion, she didn't want to let him down. Besides, she remembered that today she was going to play a lot more fast and loose with her "rules" anyway.

But mere fondling wasn't enough to satiate his tit-hunger. "Can I suck on them... just for a few minutes?" he asked pleadingly.

"I don't know... Would that be considered a necessary part of getting your mom pregnant?" she asked, teasingly.

He didn't realize how much she was toying with him. He wasn't sure, because she had generally tried to limit him from doing that yesterday, though there had been several "slip-ups" where his lips on her nipples felt too good for her to put up much of a protest.

He attempted to argue his case. "Well, it would turn me on... like when you talked dirty to me yesterday. Then I'd probably get erect again. And I would get inspired to fuck you some more. And cum inside you. And breed you." He smiled, sensing his words were having a good effect.

"Nice bargaining skills, slick." She smiled back.

She felt giddy as she contemplated the repeating fuck cycle that always led to such unimaginable pleasure, and then more of his cum flooding his vagina. Again, the word "breed" made her heart race faster. She already felt proud that her baby-to-be would be created with his clearly superior seed.

He joked as he ran his hands all over her round melons, and also on her taut tummy, "What can I say? You inspire me."

Her smile grew even larger. "Well, I suppose if that's what it takes to get that cannon locked and loaded again, then so be it."

"So that's a 'yes?'" he asked excitedly, just to make sure.

"Go ahead, knock yourself out." She winked.

Kyle dove face first into her ample tit-pillows, latching onto one of her engorged nipples with his mouth while pinching and rolling her other nipple with his fingers.

He sucked like a hungry baby for what seemed like hours, though it was only a few minutes.

Julie rested with her eyes closed, luxuriating in the way he was continuing to suckle and generally have fun fondling her tits and whatever other parts of her nude body were in reach. Wouldn't it be lovely if I could enjoy this every single day? If my son was my actual husband?!

Oh God! Good Lord! What a thrilling thought THAT is! It could never be in reality, though. I made my vows with Jim, and those are for life. But I can imagine a fantasy world where it somehow was possible… And what a world that would be! I swear, I'd never get out of bed! And I definitely would never wear any clothes, except maybe some frilly, see-through thing to help get him erect sometimes. And I'm sure that would be ripped off my helpless body in a matter of minutes! Hee!

Living with a human sex machine would be pure paradise! Especially because he's the son I love with all my heart!

Well, that vision can never be in a long-term way. But it IS my reality for the next couple of days. So I damn well better make sure I savor the experience to the fullest, to create memories to last the rest of my life! I have no doubt this is going to be the greatest time of my life. It already is, by a mile!

Sorry, Jim, I'm going to put you completely out of my mind for a while. When this is all over, we can try to get our marriage back on track. Maybe raising the new baby together will help. But, for now, I belong to Kyle. I'm going to let my sexual desires run wild and be a wanton, sexy, big-titted fuck slut for my son!

"Are you hard?" She finally asked Kyle. It was an unnecessary question though, because her hand found his dick and her fingers were already exploring its full size as if for the first time.

"Umm-humm," he muttered, his mouth still stuffed full of tit-meat.

"Come back inside me," she cooed, bending her legs back. They'd been resting a good while, and they were both recharged and ready for more fucking.

Kyle was happy to oblige. He crawled between her heavenly legs. Both of them were on cloud nine as he crammed his fat cockhead back inside her and slowly pushed and pushed, until he thick shaft drove all the way home.